Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 28, 1939 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 28, 1939
Page 2
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PAGE TWO COttNTY ADVANCES. ALQOHA. IOWA Swea City Pupils Give Skit at Teachers' Meet PARLIAMENTARY DRILL GIVEN BY THE GROUP Swea City, Mar. 25 — Beulah Gladstone, Swea City, 5th grade teacher, appeared on the program at Mason City at the teachers' institute Friday afternoon. She was accompanied by seven of her pupils who gave a skit demonstrating work done this year in parliamentary usage poraneous speaking. The youngsters enjoy and extem- the drill, and Miss Gladstone is doing a fine work in familiarizing her pupils with this training. Pupils who took part in the skit at the teachers' meeting were Lucille Tish, Mary Jane Loeb, Eunice Johnson, Merlyn Berg, Shirley Ann Berg. Arzelle Peterson, and Donald Nelson. Mothcrs-Dautfhtfrs in Program— A large group enjoyed the mothers and daughters banquet served by the Methodist Aid Thursday I night. The Steps of Life was thej with Mrs. | CORWITH EX-GERMAN GLAD HE'S AN AMERICAN Corwith, Mar. 27 — Joe Klemm, who returned two weeks ago from a visit w,ith his parents In Germany, addressed the contemporary affairs class of the Corwith high school a week ago Monday afternoon. Mr. Klemm revealed many Interesting facts about the country and Adolph Hitler. Mr. Klemm was horn in Germany and was 12 years old at the time of the World war. He saw the country during the reign of the Kaiser and after the armistice. States, and, as he told his;people in Germany, "I'm proud of the fact that I'm a United States citizen." It has been 16 years since he made the eventful crossing. Now he returned to find an entirely different Germany, with a leader who has such perfect control of the situation that 'his party has grown from a mere handful to a power that the whole world menacing to peace. 'Mr. Klemm visited most interesting fact is there It a freedom of religious worship as long as the Nazi government Is upheld and not discussed in the pulpit. There are no unemployed in Germany, and everyone Is apparently working for one objective—a j greater state. In the minds of the common people of Germany, there is only one has found i man who can lead them, and Hit- his home j ler's picture hangs In all the that the people would believe nothing Mr. Klemm told them about the United States. They questioned him about our underworld gangsters and told him of the crimes and evils of this country. It is clear that their ideas are. rigidly formed from the exaggeration and propaganda entirely controlled by Nazi Minister Goebbles. ^=^ LAKOTA B, B, TEAMS GIVEN SCHOOL PARTY Lakota, Mar. 27— Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Trasaniar, school ousto- dians, the school .faculty, Mrs. i and Mrg . AUon A n- dmoll entertained the boys' and gMs < basketball teams and their Coache8( Luella Shaw and Alton Anderson a t an oyster supper at lhe school auditorium last week W ednesday evening with about 40 Mr. Klemm said that Hitler has , ent Je , lo and cake were complete control of the countiVJ served as dessert. A social even- country with one view In mind—to When he was 21 he planned a visit | really learn about the situation as to America, and finding the country progressive he was inspired to take out the necessary papers to become a citizen of the United it exists among ordinary people. The experiences Mr. Klemm related were Interesting, often exciting, and surprising. Among the .„. „ r— - ....... =- - — --. . rooms of every German home. He 1 and that at least 90 per cent of the mg fo ]] owed am i the music of the . _____ . . .. is pictured as a hero who has risen j German people seem back of him. to sublime heights, who promises Mr. Klemm says he is glad that w~ -j — ~ -- — .4;,---—, *--- i - Jit- I 1JI t»Vil.*V«CVt L11U1I everyone happiness and a great; he is an Amerian citizen with »>J] class c contest. contest pupils was enjoyed as they practiced their numbers for the empire for his people. Hitler has unbelievable control of the press, even to the extent merican future to look forward to, especially since his visit to Ger- BANQUET FOR CORWITH B, B, TEAMS HELB Corwith, Mar. 27—About 250 lo- SURPRISE PARTY HONORS BIRTHDAY OF LONE ROCKER Lone Rock, Mar. 27—A surprise! party was held in honor of Lola | Marlow at her home Thursday BAND CONCERT DRAWS CROWD AT BANCROFT Bancroft, Mar. 27—A large crowd theme of the program, with Mrs., ca i peo ple attended the banquet i even i llg an d 500 was played. At-1 attended St. John's band concert Watson Herrald as toastmistress. | held at the high school last week; ten d mg . George Klssner, Fenton,| Thursday evening. The evening Numbers on the program were: ta-j Thursday evening to honor thej Mrs Merwin Marlow, Dorothy Me-j performance included 13 numbers, ble blessing, Aletha Ecklund; pep i school's two basketball teams. I .-i e | sni Mr. and Mrs. Pa'ii Olson,! Solos were played by John Hamil- Supt. J. M. Gehrt acted as toas.t-jji r an( j ji,. s L y i e Marlow, Mr. and ton, violin, Gerald Nurre, baritone; master, using as his theme, view-, Ml .' s "Dick"' O'Donnell, Ralph Elizabeth Inman, clar.inet; Dick points of sports in school. 1 Bierstedt, Robert Schmidt, Esther I Nurre, trombone, with band accom- Three minute talks were given! an ^, Marie Hutchinson, Harold, paniment; Edward Hamilton, cor- by the following: Budd Lawson, ] Marlow Leon Larson, Marjorie representing the Corwith school p et ' tit viola and Russe ii Bierle. songs; piano solo, Frances Dahl; babyhood, Mrs. Howard Hosier; poem, Doris Nelson; school age, Mrs. Gilles; vocal solo. Lucille Leland; professional age, Miss Miss Haafke; marriage, Miss Paulin; home. Mrs. Harold Jones; poem, Kathryn Haglund; motherhood. Mrs. Joe Hyler; poem. Beryl Hvler; grandmother. Mrs. Will net. The band played five march_, „ -- es a» d one overture. The girls' board; Coach J. F. Kee, represent- glee club sang The Bells of St. ing the boys' team; Coach Gert-! Farewell Party is Given—' Mary's,, and the school song, with rude Hurley, representing the| A farewell party was held j band accompaniment. The band is girls; Jeanette Wood, member of ] Thursday evening in honor of the! under direction of Sister 'Mary SEXTON Mrs. August Kirschbaum and family are enjoying a visit this week from her mother, Mrs. Eisen- Hammer Family in Visits— The Rev. Carl Hammer drove"*to Burt a week ago Monday morning to meet his daughter, Mrs, A. W. Hartman and little daughter Elinor, who came from their home at Batavia, 111., via train, for a two weeks visit with her parents. The following Wednesday they all went to Sioux City by car to visit at Elmer Hammer's, and a daughter Ellen, who is seriously 111 at home there. They returned last week. her late Attend Lake Mills Meeting— The Rev. Carl Hammer, Samuel Warburton, Charles Eggerth, Marlin Slater, and Henry Mitchell at- Christensen: reed quartette, Wil- : the girls' team; LuVerne Korleski, | Chester Almes, who recently moved | Georgine. man, of Britt. Mr. and Mrs. John Voss Sr., Lu Verne, scent Friday afternoon with their daughter, Mrs. Herman Wise. Jurgen Skow spent Friday afternoon at Blue Earth on business. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hamond and Darrell and Rhonda, spent last tended the Brotherhood meeting at week Tuesday at Mason City. Lake Mills a week ago Monday Mrs. A. L. Greenfield and daugh- evening. Mr. and Mrs. K. L. Fin- etr Edith and Mrs. W. C. Taylor, I ley. of Missouri, who are holding attended a party Tuesday after- revival services in Forest City, noon at Mrs. Eliza Richards', Al-1 gave the program, consisting of gona, where Edith was pianist for | music on various instruments, the program, following which a; singing, and a talk by Mr. Finley tray supper was served. Twenty- four attended. ma Preston, Dorothy Nelson, Grace Roba. Lucille Leland. TJirthdays are Honored— Mrs. Geo. K. Nelson entertained : player, at a G o'clock dinner Wednesday , Several member of the boys; Mrs. Don B. | to Ottosen. Bingo was played. Elbert, as a baskebtall fan; Edw. < They were presented an occasional Chambers, as a parent; R. E. \ table and a purse. The A. A. Bonnstetter, as a former basketball band numbers were i ! sen Friday morning. evening in honor of the birthdays j played by ,I. W. Miller and .his high' Students "Return to Ames— •Mr. and Mrs. Ray Webb are enjoying a visit this week from Mrs. Webb's aunt, Mrs. Bilsborough, Algona. Last Sunday visitors at W. J. i _ _ . , i Greene's were Mrs. Greene's broth| George Droessler, Martin Hamil-| ers and sisters, Henry, Francis, Fuchs; clarinets—Inez I Henrietta, and Marie Pfeffer. Members of the band are: cornets—Phil Nurre. Edward Hamil- Dorothy Droessler, Mary Kruegers took the Almes to Otto- j Frances Inma ' n) John Droessler, on personal evangelism. Mrs. Williams to Texas— Dr. R. J. Williams took his wife to Mason City Thursday evening, and she took a train lo San Antonio, Tex. She expects her mother, Mrs. Albert Ogren, to accompany her, via train, to Mason City next week, where they will be met of her husband and of Martin Christensen March 22 and 23 respectively. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Martin C'liristensen. Mr. and Mrs. William Christensen, Mrs. Ingmar Haugen. Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Jensen. Doris and Palmer school band, who wore the new band uniforms. Other musical numbers consisted of a mixed quartet, Esther Smith, Lucille Kraus.. J. Sadoff and J. W. Miller; a solo by Dean Marie Deitering. Bancroft, spent | * Ie " k . e ' Elizabeth Inman, James! Mrs." Sa'rali" Wise" entertained the j ^ an ambulance for the trip to her a few days last week at A. H. j ^^°^j-,^George^HamiUpn, Mary j Aid Wednesday afternoon with S4; i 10 ™ 0 , at Algona. Mr. Ogren will Hutchinson's. Mr. Hutchinson took his son Harlan and daughter Viola to school at the state college at Ames Thursday. Mary Ann and ophones—Robert Hamiltoi bone's—I • jii.lv* IT \suiluoua,y dLlGlllUUll Will! O1 ^ ' ~O' Lattimer; sax- attending. Mrs. Jurgen Skow held! drive the family car home. Foth, Harold Kennedy; trom- bible study, after which lunch was | served/ Out-of-town guests were Shower for Mrs. Daniels— , T „,, ^ •'•'"• vyui,-ui.-Luwii &uet>i.s were' -nr;,, nr , F *i -n i. , , ,. Nurre, Thomas Mrs. Charles Stratton, Britt and I Y' ves ° f the Presbyterian elders — :ii . «!..._ _, -_ n.w*j, j->* in, mi-j on rl triietrtnQ ««,1 +v,~ i. _ c Jensen, and Mr. Thorsen. and J. \V. .uilier; a SOlO DV iJean ^mes inurbua^. 'luar.v .rtjiu «" u TV.*!, r> u i TT -i ,7 «*•«. v,xiciiica oLiaiLuu, JDIUI, uiiu _..j *....„*„ „ i , u , « Thompson; . sextette of high| Florence Me.ver_accompanied them. £*; ™ ^amllZf "oa.-,'^ ^ *""* """.^ AlgO " a " Mrs. ££& Sund^ sS^ Taken to Rochester Clink'— Harry Hansen. who lives miles northwest of town, was tak- 1 class en to Rochester last week by am- : other bulance for examination and treat- ( staff. ment. Harry has been suffering' for several months with stomach! Surprise for Birthday- trouble, j .Airs. Harold Brown C'ecil; school girls; a saxophone duet by j Virginia W'uley aivi Evelyn \Vebe'-. | The banquet dinner was cooked 1 and served by Margaret Hanbury, two! home economics teacher, and her of girls, assisted by several members of the teaching Other Lone Rock. Mrs. Arthur Murray. Bancroft, | Gerald Nurre; sousaphone — Jo'hn Hamilton; bass drum — Edmund Walsh; snare drum — Vincent spent Tuesday and Thursday with j v WIT ^ *,'~~ hor niece. Dorothy McCleish. Helen j Nu ', le ' cymbala-Jane Bradley. Fox and Rosemary Welp .of Ban- lMa " ree » Wolfe also sang Once croft, were Friday guests there. | on a SummerJDayjmd Forgotten. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Weisbrod \ Underkofler is Graduated— were entertained at H. J. Henrik- Itoo/e Trade is Active. The Algona state liquor store j gave a 'Post-arrival stork shower for Mrs. Claus Daniels at her * ..._ ixifewiict otatt: liquor SIO1 e !,„.„ n • did a business of ?6!)86.99 in Feb-!^? , "? town last week short receipts month I Wednesday afternoon. Mr. Daniels wprp' a church trustee, and Mrs. Dan" ele . iels is Other Swea City. : Mr. and Mrs. Fred Peterson were called to Marshalltown Thursday evening by the serious illness of Mrs. Peterson's grandfather, who is quite advanced in years. Donald Karser and Mrs. Henry r'rossby returned to Ames Sunday after spending a few (lays here following tlie funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth Barger. Hanker and Mrs. Bilsborough 1 drove to Algona Thursday evening to visit their son Donald, who is. in the hospital for medical treatment. Opal Mr.'Crary returned to Chicago Sunday evening after a few days with her mother. Mrs. Jennie McCrary. Esther Smith. Corwith music teacher, spent die week-end with lier parents. Hugh Marlow, A. H. Hutchinson, was antly surprised a week ago Sunday when 18 relatives came with two beautifully decorated cakes : attended a wrestling match at and well-filled baskets to remind i Fairmont Wednesday evening, her that it was her birthday. This : . Tne Ralph Thompsons drove was also the anniversary of Mar- i Fon Dodge Friday, and ian Brown's birthday. Guests were! daughter Carol Ann received the Harry Browns. Elmer Marrs,' check-up at the hospital. Lloyd Stroups, Kermit Enghs, Earl I rJeulah Gladstone and Browns, Lloyd Brockmans, Britt. Mrs. Brown was presented with an ice cream freezer and an apron. Richard Underkofler was graduated from the state college at Ames in exercises Saturday tnorn- H. A. Blanchard, and W. G. Flaig o^cheloT^- aWarded Ule degree i sen's, Ringsted, Friday evening, in pleas- i honor of Mr. Henrikson's birthday. ruary. which is a ! But the January ?7200.50. The Bancroft figures' "fl* " were:. February, .$336966- Janu-' ary, S4376.90. For hot,i month s to-JFonr Attend Garden School- a member of Mrs. Barger's ChSfles , .aid o, the garden school conducted by J. B. Wlngeft, Atoes, at Swea City Itotif 8d«y even ing. Colored slides were used to Illustrate the talk. •-. _• ' ! Ylslt Hospital Patksiit— The John Heetlandfl, George Heetlanda, and Hannah Heetland visited Mrs. Herbert Furst In the Kossuth hospital Sunday. She Underwent a major operation the preceding week. Mrs. Furat wafffdr* merly Elstona Heetland and ie recovering. ...... Snrprlse Party Is Chen— Mrs. A. F. Boese was given a, surprise party 1 at the' churcli a week ago Saturday in honor- of her birthday by the Lutltoran women, The evening was spent socially and lunch waa served. Other Lakota Neva. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Coleman, of MOST WORTHWHILE READING- of the month—Now the most essential reading of the month is yours In a single Inexpensive pocket-size magazine! Each month The Reader's Digest brings you the ,36 most stimulating, thought provoking articles skilfully selected and condensed from over 600 publications. More than three million busy people, including Lawrence Tibbett, Henry Ford, Paderewski, Cornelia Otis Skinner,'Zane Gray, Bernard Baruch, Rupert Hughes, George Ade, Helen Hayes, Emily Post, General Pershing, and Sin- wrong color-i COLOR PSYCHO -^ GIVES THE ANS' Post, General Pershing, and Sin- * r r\. f «__„,,. /- i r, " clair Lewis have found in The T -L ^i ° r P ^' Reader's Digest a quick and effort-! J X 8t W ho will be here soon —- O viii.*i vvurc visitors with M,, s tf " 8( Mr. Coleman i s ',! „; ^ nVtntlU. _ * «. . *' tl nlftn- of Lakoia, gona many ycar ' a ago. Questi, ? 'What colors w i]| j,, mance into yo w lif," Can wall colors " B tandout»...Iook y 0 « Are you a e 'gem" most vital articles of the day. you do not already know the Reader's Digest, you may Jiave a sample copy free, through a special arrangement made with this .paper. Address your request to Dept. X., The Reader's Digest, PleasantvUle, N. Y.—The Editor. 28 less way to read the brightest and! amazing color machine mnat trltal ni*M/ttAa f*t 1-VtA /1n*r Tf *.-.—. •*! . * *'I answer these questions andi| more about you—with i able exactness! The color of your eyes, 1<wl your complexion... even von, J voice is considered. For youro being you should know the am 'Don't miss this opportunity, now to visit our store during L demonstration—sec dates bclo»l your friends ... make a "party'l FREE DEMONSTRAI April 10-11.) ^f IN FREE TO TO WORLD'S FAIR tal state sales exceeded $900,000. MRS, F, L, TRIBON will sell tlio furniture of Mrs. Cecil Nortlirnp at 304 West McGregor street At 8:30 a. m. Thursday Sehuimm piano and hencli, $3J>. Molialr living room suite, $10. Ice box, porcelain lined, $5. Fire-hole kerosene range, with a built-in oven, $8. !).\12 coiigolciini rug, $1.50. Other congoleum rugs. Garden tools, garden plow (new), 150 yards of garden liose. $1.00. Water softener (new), $8^0. Baby buggy, porch swings, vacuum cleaner, chairs, tables, lamps,, nigh chair, many other tilings., These must be sold on Thursday as j tor further BotsSoi Lumber Emma Gutknecht and Mesdames fclta-B«re^lnTtown^rf;y. llB iP'>oi«0 256 Culled to Xehmskn— Mr. and Mrs. Albert Marvin and Terry, left last week for Elmwood, Neb., to see Mrs. Johnson's father, Edw. Peuterman, who is very ill folio wins.' a stroke two weeks ago. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Johnson are caring for the two older boys and taking care of the work at the Johnson farm home during their absence. Adelaide 1 Harung, Swea City teacher, spent (lie week-end at the Rev. S. M. Gladstone's. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene and son, of Algona of science with a jor in chemistry. He is spending a' few days with Bancroft relatives; and friends and expects to visit his! , sister, Mrs. Frank Recker and faan-' a ily m New Hampton, and his fath- Marquette, here. The V. V. Fry es are the Eugene Pearson property. to Other Bancroft News. Mrs. Jesse Underkofler returned I Un- Mrs. Cletus Dietering. Mrs. derliofler lives at Belmond. Mrs. Elizabeth Le Conte spent Alironian's llnslmnd Honored. Dr. A. A. Theile. Emmetsbure ' several da >' s last "'eek visiting rel- dentist, husband of the former, nl ™ es "'Dubuque. |S Darling, once an Algona 1 ]l rK : A!hcrt McCarthy has been = suffering from a painful finger in-! ~ fection. Delia nurse, of the has Lakota The Rev. and Mrs. Harvey Nelson and little son Byron, of Lu Vt-rm.', aiu-nded a ministerial moi'ting at. Titonka a week ago Monday, iifior which tliey drove to Lakota for a visit with several friends. The Kev. Mr. Xel.son was pastor of i ho Methodist church here before being transferred to Lu Voriu- ii year ago last October. One of the series of meetings sponsored by the agricultural conservation group was held at Uie Tiro Suffer Kar Trouble— Cecil Wilhite, who has been ill at home four weeks, was taken to Mason City last week Tuesday, where it was found necessary to lance his ear drums. He is ma'king trips to Mason City since for furth- once an Algona been elected president Emmetsburg school board. Dr. C. H. Cretzmeyer's brother, Dr F. X. Cretzmeyer, and Mrs. Daniel Kelly, mother of Mrs. W. W. Sullivan, are members of the board. .Makes the Honor Roll. Phyllis Jacobson, Lakota, was of !I5 students whose scholar- ono ... lu -..u.juj, v ,1.^, aiiiut lur JUIUI- -h;,, ,^ i c , ~~*.~..ii treatment. Mrs. Melvin Severns , or the wi "ter quarter won places on the state teachers college honor roll. There were 35 men and CO women in the list. is also taking treatments from an ear specialist at Mason Citj for an oar infection. Woman's Clnl. l-ntc-rtaincd- i ' FI ^ FOLDERS—WE HAVE 500 Mrs. William Wood was hostess 1 o.n gal Slze Hie folders, off color, to the Corwith Woman's club last:?,?,., re f ulai ; ly at ? 2 - 50 Per 100. week Tuesdav. Mrs c B Mevers e thcy last at -^-50.—The Ad- New York Doctor Lowers gave a review of the book, New , by Richard Halliburton, and Mrs. Frances Ox- ey read a paper on Greece. Mrs. R. E. Fur.ne.son will be hostess to the club this week Tuesday. Auxiliary Has Anniversary— Members of the F.mer' Wilson post of the Legion Auxiliary celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Legion last week Wednesday evening at the Legion hall with ii __ ....... l )ot luck supper. Listening to an Charles : aliniv£1 rsar.v radio program was : part of the vance. sr-hoolhou.se a week ago Tuesday • Worlds to Conquer evening with about 50 farmers at-'"" " temlins.-. ItohiTi Loss and Garrett Wolhousen had nharge of tho meeting. Teachers went to Mason City Friday and Saturday 10 attend an Jiistiiutc held there. Mrs. Grabau and Mrs. Anderson also attended Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lewis Jr and little son, ] Jt . s Moiues, came last week to visit the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Sr. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Telkamp vis- mellt - ited recently with the Edw. camps, who recently moved farm near Woden. The cousins. The Marvin IStf i ire 22 out of 26 cases A well-known New York physician lowered blood presburein 2J out of 20 cased, uudin most cases relieved the accompanying symptoms of dizziness and headaches with ALLIMIN Es- Ecncu of Garlic-Parsley Tablets used according to directions on tho package. Thousands of high blood pressure suflercrs tho country over report the Bamo gnitifyinij relief. If you don't know the cause of your high blood pressure, Bee your doctor. ALLIMIN must definitely help you or your money will bo refunded. Lurce boXj 50c. Special economy size, SI.00. E. W.'LUSBY Druggist evening entertain- Tel- to a men are liaums drove to Rochester, Minn., a week ago Sunday to visit Mrs. Baum's parents, Air. and Mrs. John Patterson Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Holding and Mr. and Mrs. George Allen were a week ago Sunday at Elmer Kienitz's. visitors Martin Bobo and son Henry, of Produce Plant is Sold— A deal was closed last week whereby Louis Elgin, of Carpen- became owner of the Stark's ter, produce, which has been operated by Sam Stark for several years. Mr. Elgin is a married man and he and his wife will move to Corwith as soon as they can find a location. Alpha, Minn., were recei visitors • r , at the fomer'a daugh?er M« pr ] ? - uau snt« Mi t. Li- an in- man Hanson's. A son, the first child, was born to Mr. and Mrs. George Meyers recently. " Mrs. Gus Nelson is caring „..]„„ for them. <-iing. Mary Jane Smith, employed in AlKotm, was brought home las week Wednesday suffering with mumps. Charles Eggerth sold 90 Iambi last week in Minneapolis and they averaged 97 Ibs. each. Woman's Foot Injured- Mrs. Dick Studer last stepped on a wire frozen into the ground protruding just enough to pass through her shoe and into the bottom of her foot. She is recov- Other Corwith News. Aunabelle Oxley has returned home after several days at the Park hospital at Mason City, where , she was taken for examination and treatment for complications follow- incr an attack of the flu. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Olson entertained' the latter's sister, Mrs Sylva Nail and children, and Mr and Mrs. Floyd Masterson and children at dinner a week ago Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. John Germentz have returned to their home at Edlnburg, Tex., after having been called here by the death of the latter's father, Prank Schroeder. Mrs. Herbert Creek returned to her home at Eagle- Grove last Wednesday, after having snent several days visiting her mother, Mrs. Meda Swenson. i FOOTWEAR Is Conspicuous This Spring season Costumes for the bring your shoes out for inspection, and this well- tailored pump in black soft leather makes any outfit more stylish. The price $6.50 This open toe step-in with a moderate heel is very desirable to wear with the favored shades for the season. It's shown in Japonica tan and is selected from a great assortment, priced now at $4.95 Stocks are complete nowand we urge an early selection of your Easter Footwear. "Algona's Style Center" 1 Coats! Suits! • «,,.• BLOUSES, uiiNliKRIE, GLOVES. BAGS, HOSE | Wh,ch you'll wear i. a matter of personal preferenco-but all of the.e fashion, a,.| | equally new , equally , ma rt, and newly import ant, selected with an eye to quality. 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