Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 21, 1939 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 21, 1939
Page 9
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E *' ^^^^^^_ ^^ gome-Times ' . ^at you pay for sometimes and Yo "i eg y OU do not if you get a if 75.00 Igometi Q0 y ou h ^ ve a bargain, but if I horSe !<UOO 00 for a $76.00 horse you are |yoiiP a "r Mnt. nianv women are buying ' nn Vint I? 26 ' 00 HW »«-- . Not many women are buying all the women are buying shoes, '•of them are paying $100.00 for a horse. T rnnsider Patricia Pat the snappiest i intp line of $4.00 slippers on the ! llp ""SISi market, and I know they are the Anie mtnE slippers I ever retailed at any [best ruu a know . that severa i merchants ,„ around us get $5.00 a pair for That is $100.00 for a $75.00 horse. WRECK OFFICE 55 YEARS OLD; WHITTEMORE WhIUcmnrc, Mar. 20—Work was, 'gun oneway last week on wreck-1 buildings in I KQSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALQONA. JOWA PAGE 'ARM H. KI,AtfP. Fl.ld town. This is the old lumber lice, for yours occupied by A. D. of- Urognn. The lumber hauled to West Bend. was being Wllcn we wcrc nt Wesley last' outdoor chimney, using small nig- Monday we called at 11.. C.' gorheada, and it stands outside the putting out machinery. Mr. Bauer Wednesday, 16 women attending. A lesson on Modern Trends In Bread- making was presented by the leaders, Mrs. Sim Bemls, Mrs. Eliza- slck with the flu, but proved. s now-lm* I • that his father was critically sick. When Mr. Taylor came back his father was improving. , _ - - — --• -- '. j ~'". jj •" •-"•"•"—• «"..".«~ ^..^ j 'Delia Boyd, Liscomb, has been .B.iuor s farm implement shop and hatchery. Lloyd told us that his visiting Mr. and Mrs. Herman .loumi nim and his men busy at brother Merle, who formerly had a Wise. Miss Boyd and Mrs. Wise popcorn field where he (Merle) arc former college classmates. Mrs. P. W. Hansen, south of town, who Is also having a visit fro'm her son, Harold Fitch, who suffered a sprained leg when he fell from thei---;; -_—. —..-—, ....«• —.— roof of his father's house here,! beth Sanders and Mrs. Wise. Host-, which he was helping to shingle.! f pssc , s we jl 0 M >l s - wlse ' Mrs. W. C.! W. C. Taylor returned Thursday ,^. y(1 . or ' Mrs ' °f ar Hamond, and, from Derby, where he had been l!y<llth Greenfield, since the preceding Sunday, when I Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Greenfield, he w,as called there by a message with the daughter Edith, spent last Thursday with Mr and Mrs. Lawrence Curran, near Lu Verne. Mr. Curran is a nephew of Mr. Greenfield. The Aid will meet this week Wednesday Vvith Mrs. Sarah Wise. , STOMACH DISTRESS OfllfVf THf DIV OMFOR1 Of A MFAVY K^FAI Will' DIA-BISMA ,., 0 , pll Patricia Pat for $2.98. By doing so W Sre we can sell two or three pairs at instead of one pair at the high pries. ifflfl a lady a chance to have two pairs lendid slippers for $6.00 instead of $6.00 for one pair. Our low price customers from other towns. It ,« easy selling. My clerks do not have ! dt on the fitting stool for an hour argu- 1 ir all they have to do is see that the lady a perfect fit and wrap them up. No part to heart talks or petting parties. 1 Small profits on standard shoes increases vlme and helps buying power. It makes 1,,,-iness The customer gets a bargain and v get turn-over. It helps the town. Everybody is satisfied and everybody happy. jimmie Neville ALGONA, IOWA rnt /•«» 1 i 11 i -..--- -• v "-•»--"/ UIUJ.UIIMC;! uwi JUftB uuiorsiiui LUrt, The office ,h«ul sold corn planters to farmers, now has an auto repair shop north A Farm Bureau woman's homo and he also handles a tractor of the fair grounds and on the west project meeting was held 'at the equipped with a new type of front of No. 169, produced at the rate of home of Mrs. Herman Wise last ago, across the present ,tirc which is worth looking at. 05 bushels an acre. This was a bf« yield. * * * * Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Heal,' , •, --- 1 •— j^ei.o tl ftu, and he also handles but was then located .struct, north of the Sclimitt & Hay,,,, garage. It was built on. stilts to keep it above a'i Lapt week Monday we called on I ughwater level at the west end of,,Mark Shaw, northwest of Wesley, 1 uic iniHincss district. C. C. Samp-,And he and his son were hauling northeast of Wesley, are the new •son iiivst used it, when he wflsWaw for bedding the stock. The couple on the farm where Bert manager here for the John Paul j road going by this 1 farm is plain (.umber Co. Later the rear room: i<"rt, and Mr. Shaw said it was 1m- wmt US ° d ils a ' )ar ' )cr Hll °P by Bert 'Passable going east from where he Wlllllima - !.lives. All unpaved and ungraveled M-inv r,,.,. f' ^— , !. v oads havtrbecn bad of late. .'i.in) ( onii> fur Funeral— * * * * Among persona who came for,!, Wo always find John C. Ward, the Giandnn tim,,, funeral were',northeast of Wesley, busy at some- Mrs. Charles Deibler ia at home from near Irvington, where she was caring for her mother, Mrs. Charles Egel, who was seriously An orttocld powditr on »n0 ng«»nt Tnlo it ofln 'riro*v»»f on abnor cidity In tri* ilom abU Unlino E. W. LUSBY YOUR PENSLAR DRUG STORE • Mr nmi vT ri'r"" M •'',"' Ml ; r " Ec ' wnrd w - "ah". of when we call. Last week Q7hnM,'T' 0 ," ; Ml '- nml Mrs ' no'Ph'(Monday he had loaded manure and corn-aged Mlshnon, Fairmont, son Billy " and Mrs. Otto "" Announcement Uisli to announce to the public that we will start [ell-drilling and wind mill business in Algonn. Wo |e had 26 years in the drilling business, having; i located in Belmoiul for the last IB years. handle the standard makes of mills, pumps, ks, and all kinds of well supplies and water sys- hs. Also we do a general line of repairing. |J. J. OLSEN & SON ALGONA PHONE 742. Are You Planning on Building a New HOME THIS .- home" 11 Spring iu with the planning of t t US help y ° u With tbe P lanning of a furnlBh yo«. with everything in the b!S ing de P a rtment will help you figure on any mn S f or home, business, or farm. to assist y° u in nmwAns anything iin e ., - ' We' £2 is the Pioneer yard of Kossuth county. line for tt ? erved tois community in the building r tnr generations. UIORTON & SON Pioneer Lumber Yard A1GONA Puts'tuck used to live. They came from hear Bloomington, 111. Kenneth's father owns the place. Kenneth said he had visited the farm a few times in summer, and he thinks this is a wonderful farming country. The moving here on March I, and the kind of weather we have since had, have rather dis-; him. The farm yard is 80 rods from tho highway, and it is impassable at present. The" place Is in Kossuth county, but on the line where the No. 60 road will pass if it is built north from Wesley. Kenneth is in hopes that the road will be built soon. * * * * We were at M. L. Honey's, east _, --.. , v IT ^it v^iujijini'Tuiuii^u nji vvcom^tlliM. we tli~ ^ 11VIII glO 111 PllQuy« 1V11 S. -LxOllGy Mr. and Mm. August Bierstedt, Mr. ways enjoy a talk with him. Mr. : has begun raising canaries, and and Mrs. Kmil Bierstedt, Mr. and Land Mrs. Hauptman liebe ein she has some mighty fine singers. Mrs. Ferdinand Mueller, all of .wenig Deutsch zu .sprechen, and H i-; interesting to see and hear they can tell a few good jokes| them. Some of the hens are bulld- ,This is a jolly family which it is a ing nests. They pick up a piece of pleasure to visit. * * * * , At George Cinlc's, southwest of . . Mr. ,teo that had accumulated on the _„.. .„ „ Wernli, Le Mars,'floor where he feeds his hogs, and sons Alien, Kenneth, Donald, and when we arrived he was just ready James Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hahn ,to haul it to tho field, and Helen Hahn, Cedar Hapids; the Bernard Halms, Elkader; Mr and Mrs. Kermit Misbach, Sher- Ho was us- ,ing a sled, as it would have been .too hard pulling for a spreader. We had a visit last week Monday buni, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Albright, Plum Creek; Mr. and! with Joe Hanptman, who writes Mrs. Reuben Lutter. Swea City;'insurance for Wesleyans. We al- ailU Mm. AlltrilSt Tllnrulaill AT,- ' uroi/a nnjnir „ and Penton. Looker I'Jmil Proposed— At. a recent meeting held at the town hall it was decided to proceed with organization of a stock i,Wesley, we found Mrs. Cink doing company to build and maintain a .the washing last week Monday, the meat locker plant here. A man from Sioux City who was to speak could not come, but an informal discussion took place, and Butter- maker R. A. Bartlett gave a talk in explanation of the iocker idea, how it works, etc. Members were added to a committee to sell shares, and it is reported that the committee expects shortly to place enough stock to insure erection and equipment of the plant. Party for Young People—. The St. Paul's young people's so- traditional day for such work. Mr. .Cink, who has been bothered some with rheumatism, said the changeable weather of late affected him considerably, yet he is much bet-, boxes, •ter than, he was some time ago. The son Joe is a musician and plans in the Wesley band. * * * * . L. A. Boleneus, northwest of paper and chop it to pieces with their bills, then put the small pieces into the nest. Mrs. Roney now has 16 females and 11 males, and she has one pair of what are called German white rollers. This pair now has a nest of young birds. Mr. Roney, who is handy with tools, made cages out of apple * * * * Edward Mawdsley, northeast of Irvington, had led his fine black Percheron stallion to the water tank for a daily drink just as we arrived Friday. Ed believes in raising good horses, and he now has ciaty had a party in the Lutheran brothers and two sisters near Dav- fiohool hall Thursday evening. Five enport, Wash. The brothers are Hundred was played at eight la-i wheat farmers, and they like it bios. Lnanna Dan won high, and! there. L. A. also saw a big dam Geraklino Mallory was low, for] that is even a larger dam than women, and Wilbur Roeber was I .Boulder (or Hoover) dam, but is high, and Howard Struecker was | not yet finished. He traveled by .Wesley, was at' home when we stopped at his place last week .Tuesday, and we had a good visit; 16 on the farm. -He showed us a •with him. Mr. Boleneus reported a fine time when he visited three low, for men. Dawn, Phyllis, 'Ruth, Clara, and August Vaudt, with Clarence, Howard, Rita, and Alice Struecker were hosts and hostesses. (iniiidsoiis Serve at Funeral— Pallbearers at Ihe, funeral last week Tuesday of Henry Hahn, Whittemore pioneer who died at 89 last week Sunday, were six grandsons: Allen and Kenneth Wernli, Le Mars; Kermit Misbach, Sherburn, Minn.; Paul Hahn, Cedar Rapids; Bernard Hahn, Elkader; and Arno Hahn, Whittemore. Treasurer Duffy's Sister Sick— Mrs. Herma'n Miller, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Duffy, Whittemore, and sister of County Treasurer M. J. Duffy, was seriously ! sick at an Emmetsburg hospital last week Pneumonia followed an attack of the flu. train and found the rail service wonderful. * # * # • The Sophus Nelson family, southeast of Titonka, is a new one there. Ir. and Mrs. Nelson have "one a ugh ter, Nayrl, five years old. Mr. s'elson had worked at Detroit ten ears. Mrs. Nelson is one of the ate George Schutjer's daughters, i sister of William Schutjer who i lied suddenly just a couple of i veeks ago. They have bought the iO-acre farm where they live. Sophus is one of Soren Nelson's boys. At one time the Soren Nel- fino suckling colt. 'The dam dropped twins, but one was stillborn. EA has one of the finest barns in the county. ! * * * * i George Wagner, southeast of Irvington, was at home Friday and he and his hired man were sawing wood with a tractor. George drives the tractor to wherever a tree is lo be cut down, and he saws the wood right there and then, after which he drives to another tree. NEW SPRING STYLES. . . . SUITS by Curlee, Marx & Haas, Bartlett With the snap, dash and smartness of a streamlined train. New Blue- Greens, Greys, Blues in Gabardines, Twists, Worsteds. Three button models, double-breasted, high waist band, all Talon fasteners. 19.50 24.50 27.50 SWEATERS New spring colors, new weaves, coat style and slipovers 3.85 SEXTON Two Among the Sick— Alice Eisele was sick last week with an infection in the throat Mrs. John U'hlenhake, wife of the Farmers State bank cashier, was seriously sick, but was reportec somewhat better by the week-end Helen Hath to Rochester- Mrs. Nell Farrell and her son Peter, accompanied the daughte Helen, Mason City, to Rocheste last week Tuesday, and Helen, wh has not been well for some time went through the Mayo clinic. IIi|) Hurt in Fall- Leo J. Elbert slipped and fell last week Tuesday evening while he was doing his chores and suffered a bruised hip. The accident caused him to use a cane. (iiiards Have New Hoy— Mr. and Mrs. Verne Gaard, Cy\- inder, are parents of a boy, born last week Tuesday at the McCreery hospital here. The baby has been named Roger. Other Wluttemore. Frank J. Rochford, public school superintendent, took his basketball team tp Des Moines ^Sautrday to attend the state tournament at the Drake fieldhouse, including the state championship game Saturday evening. The boys were Ellsworth Heidenwiht, Melvin Heinrich, Harold Behnke, and George and Kenneth Frost. Mr. and Mrs. Frank .Spilles, with the .son Francis, spent week-end before last with Mrs. Mary Kleinfehn, New Hampton. sons lived on what is still called the Rice farm in Plum Creek :ownshlp, but they now live at Woodburn, Ore. * * * * Herbert Missal, northeast of the town, is a new man on the Wesley routes. His father owns the place and lives oni the next farm east, where Herbert still gets his meals. He did not say how soon he would j have a housekeeper, but we are keeping a weather eye on him. ^ * * * * Last week Tuesday we called on .Edmund Larson, who lives on the first farm west of the Doan church. This is the Louis Larson place. Edmund was- tending to his hogs. He has 14 fine sows. This is the first year that Mr. and Mrs. Larson have' farmed by themselves. They had been living on the Pratt farm with Edmund's mother. Mrs. Larson has redecorated some of the rooms in the house, and it looked to us that she had done a fine job. * * * * The George Batts, a mile north of Wesley, are a new family in that neighborhood. George already has the spring fever, for he was getting the grain seeder ready Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Batt have a boy and girl who attend the nearby country school. They all liked the new neighborhood. * * * * Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Neuhring north of AVesley, are a new couple who moved to the farm just lately Mr. Neuhring came from . neai Hutchins, and Mrs. Guehring is Mr and Mrs. George Ward's daughter She is teaching the Ward homi school, and will finish the term. . * * * * Lloyd Wellendorf, Algona chicli hatcher, was gathering eggs whei we called Thursday. Soon he wil have chicks, for his incubators ar in operation. Lloyd has his yar landscaped, and he has'a lot of fin trees and shrubbery. He built a Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Hughes and: Mrs. Ray Hughes, Des Moines, came last week Monday for the funeral of their aunt, Mrs. Elizabeth Yanser. Relatives at Marshalltown c\d Waverly could not attend because of illness. Little Bobby Fitch is spending a week or so with his grandmother, New Spring HATS AFTER WEALS TAKE DIA-BISMA CERTIFIED SEED COBN Iowa Hybrid 931 FLAT KERNELS, $4.00 PER BU, ROUND KERNELS, $8.00 PER BU. This is the Iowa Hybrid recommended as best for the northern two tiers of counties in Iowa; This seed tested better than 98% germination at Ames and is guaranteed to be satisfactory. Can ship if necessary. Farm 2 wiles »orth» 3 miles east, and % mile north of Reinvick. ' Oscar Engslrom REN WICK, IOWA PHONE 1F28 An ontocM powd« and alkali*. Inaogmt. %• » aft* Malt 01 whmwM an abnoraral anoint of acidity in Dm rtoMch MRW an vKoinloitafali hwllng. E.\W. LUSBY The new gray-greens, blue-green, fawn, blue, hemlock, sage. The smartest thing in town. LA SAULE 2.95 3.85 DUNL.APS 5.00 Holeproof Pacer SOX 50c Anklets 35c 3 for $1.00 Cooper's V-Front Shirts-shorts Nor-E'ast Non-Crush TIES Add that final "sparkj" your spring appearance. to 1.00 Misbach's CHEVROLET All That's Best at Lowes' The only low-priced car combining You can pay more you can't get more quality! -but r **«?Jfe* £.<2S** H 'eivf *'o. Stl Ust °m.T 0 :>S, r "/V« '0*41, : *yit '»**«•< "rig <or s * '*& r *P* "SP. ;S-a si /'? otf&Ls PKffiM^ ^umi^ - 'ield %%A Chevrolet brings you the outstanding quality features of the day—including Exclusive Vacuum Gearshift, Body by Fisher, Perfected Knee-Action Riding System*—at the lowest cost for purchase price, gas, oil and upkeepl Drive this car—be more comfortable physically—and be more comfortable mentally, too— because of the big savings! . *Avo;/obi« on Moii«r o»luxe weiion/x i ' Don't be satisfied with anything but the best^-BUY A CHEVROLET! biff '°Kc{ MOTORS VALUE SEE YOUR LOCAL CHEVROLET DEALER Kossuth Motor Co* CLARENCE MOBBALL, AlgQQft 8TBANP GABAGE, Ledyard FJSHEB GABAGE, A R R T S B ^^^WW ^^^^» ^^^^^^R ^^^^^^F

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