Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 21, 1939 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 21, 1939
Page 7
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,, t : It .in.our BURIAL RITES SATURDAY FOR UNION FARMER *. Funeral is Held for Lou Jenkinson, Who Died Thursday. FOB , IffU. H° eck ' Iowa. 256, Union Twp. Mar. 20—Funeral EVENING,, eer.vlces • for Louis F. Jenkinson, ',—Burt ,1/egloii. wno ^i e) j Thursday at his half, 8p . 2 - "brother Glen Jenkinson's in Union township, were conducted Sal- year. — Phone iirday afternoon by the Rev. A. Ilp27( English at the McuCllough chapel. Follow members of tho local Odd Fellows lodge served as pall bearers, and Interment was made in KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCES. ALGONA, IOWA dLOCALS PAGE SfiVBN KgosdaH, who clerks M T S (ln ' S Bt0ro ' ' WC Monday sick wtih the flu , wf8 reports see ine whn i , , vod - wln sed blackbirds while driving in the country Sun- snth hospital to the farm on No. 169 vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Mike Loss Jr., and will farm both places. Hired help will be in charge at Sunny Slope. .lolmnnn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Erlckson, farmers south at i> , i i , ' "'"• *• • "*• ^riuiiBon, rarmers souin . £ <?, !n, day was celebrated of Algona, was at Rochester laat i, T- , rh , omas church with the I week, going through the Mayo cli- lfll ' lsl - Fr . - , , lfll ' lsl - Friday morning at There will |,c German Lenten services Wednesday evening ft t| 7:30 at the Trinity Lutheran' church. nic. She was graduated from the local high school In 1935, and now leaches in a rural school northeast of Algona. Mr. nnd Mrs. Donald Erickson I are parents of their second child phone *""*'• 12p27 good cook.- I the family lot in Riverview. 'Lou' .Was also a Woodman. Dr. Harry'Jenkinson, Iowa City, waa another half-brother, and half sisters were Mrs. Austin Gardner, Leonard Choice Plum Creek, and Mrs. clover, "alfalfa-.—J. Cruikshank, Union, i Verne phone. p27j ' Lost Mother Jn Infancy. .'Lou'.was born at"Webster City I DISC SHAKrwm'^jj- August 26, 1880, son of Frank and ftoy Con, 15n9( ,_ 27 ' Isabel Jenkinson. His mother Algona. brood old, and his father, then a railroad laborer, had him cared for [^WlisirWbiuemore. at Algona I. C. larns"., 14p27 rjage to<)k settled in Union township. CLOVER, "scarified. Priced Tlio KPT. M. A. Siostrand attend-' nn(1 scco "d boy, born Sunday at eel a Northern District mission ! thcir home - Mrs - Erlckson, the mooting at Cowrie Mondav -ind formei ' kornctta Bierstedt, is a '1'iiosday. ' I daughter of Fred Bierstedt, Whit- Mr, anil Mrs. Bert Muckey have 1 omorC| " ml tho Erlcksons farm moved hack to Algona, atter'a year' southwcst of A1 Eona. "I Davenport. Mr. Muckey i's aj Rachel Hccker, Advance book' keeper and reporter has been off duty since Thursday with an attack of intestinal flu. Her mother home at Ankeny tomorrow (Wednesday). Mrs. Allen has spent 'the winter here. Mr. Thompson is in Pioneer Hi-Bred employ. LOWE GIVES'A TALK BEFORE HIGH SCHOOL J. D. Lowe, president of the state unit of the National Wildlife^ •Federation, was speaker at the high school this morning at 9 o'clock on the national wildlife restoration week drive which is being observed all over the country this week, March 19-26. Mr. Lowe displayed wildlife stamps and stamp books which are being sold to raise funds to carry on restoration so that future generations shall have their rightful heritage of wildlife. The originals of the stamps were all painted by famous painters. They are beautifully done in colors and may be painter. Dr. und Mrs. 0. C. Buxton, Webster City, with two children, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Der-i took her home to Portland town- mand Sunday. ship Saturday afternoon. It was Mildred Rich, O f the W. C. Dewel expected that she would return to homo, went to Cooper, south Jefferson, Saturday for with her mother. of'work by this mid-week.' REWRITES Briefs summarizing principal news in Tuesday's Upper lies Molncs. PHILLIP AMAN, 68, Sexton, was killed instantly last week Tuesday evening, when his car collided with a truck driven by Arthur Askin, Titonka, at a point two miles east of Algona on No. 18. This was the first highway death in the county this year. Mist which froze on windshields was blamed for the accident. Mr. Aman's vision was impaired, and he was trying to wipe off his windshield at the time. Brief funeral services were held Friday at the McCullough chapel, fthen formal services at the St. Benedict church. Burial was made railroad viaduct north of Algona a week ago Saturday evening. The escaping driver, whose numbers could not be read, was not identified, CLAIRE ROEPKE, Livermore lad in the navy, will get a trip to Japan on the naval boat Astoria, which will carry home the body of the Japanese ambassador, who died recently at Washington, D. C. FUNERAL SERVICES for Wayne, 3-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Colwell, were held Wednesday at the Presbyterian church. OTTOSEJf voted 23-22 against dial telephones Wednesday. FURNITURE UPHOLSTERING AND REPAIRING First Class Work Guaranteed Sam Kaufman RICHARDSON FURNITURE STORE Phone 852 pasted in the booklets, where there j at St Bcncdict - M >'- Ama " had are accompanying details concern- j fal ' med neal> Sexton many years. Ing the habits of the animals, fish- FIVE YOUTHS were given re- es, flowers, trees, birds, etc., pic-, formatory terms by Judge F. C. *' '' j Davidson Wednesday, four of them Mr. on charges of larceny of automo- tured. The national federation, Carl Bnhllmiiscr, former sheriff, week been about town •Lowe explained, is attempting to biles, the fifth for breaking and en- coordinate many sportsmen's or- tering. Ray V. Gross was given | ganizations into one group, so that ten years on the breaking and en- a week Mr. nnd Mrs. Gaylord Sexe and a definite plan for restoration will 1 tering charge; Nels €hristensen, of Hazel Pate, Humboldt, were 6:30 be Possible with government help.i Estherville, Warren 'Hudson, Ha- dinner guests Thursday evening at a » d Mrs - Wallukalt's. ..n , , c - - . t again v f r some two months of Miss Pate and Mrs Sexe are sis- v, v, ». been ' oi Ml ' s> Wallukait . and Mr » 8c » hl « a1 Humboldt bronchial pneumonia, is ( Trust and Savings bank. will have to remain' Mrs. Herman Miller, of Mallard, a few more weeks. | sister of M. J, Duffy here, is con- Kate Skinner was a week-end sidercd much improved. She is )n spent much of his win- Court Jfext Week. warden, each five years, Joe Graff, Hospers, ten years, and Raymond fr ._ -.. , , f ,-. ,. : JTlUftlJUJ », l.«U J'Utlia, U.IIU IXclJ'lllUtlu The March term of -the district ; Dlcke y, Ashton, a suspended one^ar sentence, on the car theft r.'u a se, Judge F. C, Davidson, Emmetsburg, charges . Three of the youths were presiding. LB _10 GOOD HEALTHY ™A sows April farrow, OOU 3U"W| *»1 1(1 *•*•*•* »^"**« m.»vfv» vilVs vt*» J/VJ|1LI>1 1.1 tlUt each. — A. C. Carlisle,, spent S0 me 17 years at it. Ho lore. ters trapping fur-bearing animals. He learned the carpenter trade and 16p26, turne d to the farm to help his par- tnts in.their declining years. After the parents died 'Lou' continued to farm the home place in township which the CLOVER, ma „,.- scarified, ?4.80 per. I, Fr an k Youngwirth Lu Mr. Jenkinson purchased a i—IN EXCELLENT [years before he died. m be seen In A1-! Afflicted With Cancer. Lenten services Thursday evening at 7:30, and the sub.iect will be Sanctification Through the Blood. Cobvftll Bros, announce an auction at their sale pavilion Saturday. Some work horses, cows, machinery, etc., will be a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Duffy Sr. at Whittemore. Mr. and 3Irs. G. L. Vohs went to Hardy Sunday to attend the funeral of his state association, of an uncle of Mrs. Vohs, her father's brother, Samuel Olden. Mr. | H. M. VAN AUKEN, former com- i formerly at the CCC camp at Bancroft. SCHOOL ELECTIONS over the county were tame affairs, not many voting. The liveliest contests were at Lu Verne, Wesley, and Fenton. At Wesley 193 voted, Mrs. Myrtle Mullin succeeding herself and Doc- W A WENTWORTH ~ rml _ tv 'tor Richardson succeeding Charles, int ha* v, i » ;T i^ ? Kraus Sr. Walter Hefti, Dr. II. D. ^^ 1 been elected presidentk, eyep nd Chris Nygaard were *' TWENTY Years After LOOK! This smart new 5-Pas- scngcr 1939 Buick 4-Door Sedan only ___$1089 DELIVERED! Coupe ----------- $989 2-Door Sedan ____ $1049 ™ few Ion Can be seen lte Warden Piano Jity, la. • PAPERS—LATE |on display. They're full of -AlEona News Stand. 12-23 eow 1 'Lou'"'traveled extensively in the i west coast states and in war time, ' being over the draft age, ho filled a place in the Rock Island arsenal for several months. In 1935 it was discovered that i 'Lou' had cancer. Operations and 0. L. Volis and H. A. Tuttle spent Friday and Saturday 'at Minneapolis on business. Mr. Tuttle , the last of his genera- mercial club secretary here, had YO ed at familv - He was 88 in written from France about helping! Contest tion of January. In 1865 he settled !n Humboldt county, and he was one of the earliest settlers there. elected at Lu Verne, and Wilbur Holldorf and Harry Widdell are new directors at Fenton. Only 20 there was no . still travels for the Northwestern! Mrs. Alex Dcrnmnd drove to Ft, Drug Co. County Treasurer and Mrs. M. J, Duffy attended the funeral of John Frederick at Buffalo Center Dodge Wednesday to visit Mrs. Andrew Pappas, and Thursday the two women drove to Des Moines, picking up friends at Ames. The to put French factories destroyed in the war into operation again., „ ,, , ,_ TT _ ,. Before the war there had been 206 son o£ Mr - and Mrs - Hemme Troff, large factories in the occupied re- neal ' Ledyard, died last week Tues,*:' i...* __,_. „-. . -. rlnv mnrmiip-* whpn nlR r.lnthfiS Wednesday. Mr. Frederick was a! party saw the Alfred Lunt-Lynn retired farmer. Fontaine show, Amphytron 38, at Miiry Crouch spent Sunday and | the Shrine Auditorium, and Mrs. k-Dcering cream separ- lsepll Decker, St. V NEW treatment at Rochester failed to! Mo "dny at her parental home in | Dermand got home Friday night, i senar- check the disease. Ho then sold his Stewart, and Mrs. Walter Ewyi 0. T. Solberg, who has been in fni-mlnnr nnninmnnf itwl tvir.Hr, iii^ took her Tila.CP. Mnndnv ns wnitrfRs ' t.hfi St. Maw's hnsTiHnl. T?np.hpHffir_ r ._ARGEMENT AND MIN- Ulbum with each roll film FOUR-YEAK-OLD Robert Troff, gibn, but only 61 remained. ^ morning? when his clothes „ „ + # I caught in a tumbling rod as his \^TOVT • rvrT-,TiTT^o.T-,*T i f a tlier was trying to start a gaso- ANTON DI-DRIKSEN, present; ,, ne 0 , , RO _ W hen the motor start- Advance foreman, was m the a'rmy| e(l tne ollil(1 . s body was wound at Camp Raritan, near Metuchen. nd tne rod _ Bones were brok . N J and had been promoted to on ant] ])0 died almost at once . chief cook. He was buying all )Pour oUlel . children survive. fteffi* 'fai^ u * c te the Beauty!" -Olson Co. 401 East State St. Algona TUBS.-WED., MARCH 21-22 Continuous from 1 O'clock HE BET HIS FAITH on a BOY- his love on a woman* money on SATURDAY, MARCH 25 Special! ALL! farming equipment and made his home at Glen's. 'Lou'.was a quiet, genial, upright man of irreproachable character. His many friends showed and printed, 25c.—Lus-1 respect by calls in his last days. 14(2)27tf He had-been confined to his room — •— j since December, and two weeks -6 GOOD HEALTHY j a go he began to fail and sank rap- s'brood sows. April farrow. I idly till the end. 2.00 each.—A. C. Carlisle, I . • lore. 16P27' [WELL DRILLING MA| in your locality. Drilling wells—Guy Beemer, 602, Lakota. 12p27-34 1 at the hotel Algona. Monday as waitress ; the St. Mary's hospital, Rochester,' LE-2-WHEEL TRAILER I, complete with beds, lights, fHafm Ackerman, 1 mile n. 12 n. Lu Verne. 14p27-28 urnnn n n ,im Kobbli or wm goooiei, 01 win LOUIE GRONBACH, 14, OF IRVINGTON, DIES [or hen.—Andrew M. lone 18P11, Algona. Han- 18p'27 [SEED ANNUAL SWEET Ir, recleaned and scarified, |tm.-E. 0. Mann & Son,' 96, Burt. 20u27-28 ALL KINDS OP PET Registered Red Persian ston Bull at stud. Call any lay day.—Phone 531, Hugh 415 W. McGregor. 27p27 S1FIBD ADVERTISERS newspaper subscribes to 1 service, which provides Irvington, Mar. 20—Funeral services for Louie Gronbach, 14-year- old son of Mr. and Mrs. William Gronbach, will be held at the Ir- vir.^ton church this week Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, with the Rev, A. English in charge. A prayer service will be held at the McCullough chapel at Algona proceeding the services at Irvington. Louie died at an Iowa City hospital Sunday evening, after an illness of many months, the last several of which he had spent at Iowa City. He had also been a patient there on several other occasions and had had a series of operations, some for mastoiditls. ' The boy • had been gradually growing weaker. His parents were called to his bedside twice in win- Coiinr.y Treasurer Duffy went to i Sheldon Monday to meet Hils sister,! Xitn Duffy, Los Angeles, • who is visiting relatives here and at Whittemore. Miss Duffy is a nurse. Pclnr, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schmidt, Storm Lake, spent last week with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. S. E. MoMahon. Mrs. McMahon took him home Friday. Mrs. C. It. Xasby, daughter Jud- dith, and June Decker left Sunday for the Nasby home at Omaha, after two weeks at Mrs. Nasby's parents, Mr. and Mr. K. D. Jame. Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Anderson, with tire son Jerry, were Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Anderson's slater, Mrs. A. P. Nelson, Britt. Mr. Nelson run a produce station there. Esther Lavrenz is now at home from the Kossuth hospital, where she had a major operation recently. She is interviewer and stenographer at the reemployment office here. Representative Kohlhaas was at home for the week-end. His daughter Anita, who is secretary for her father and Representative Knippling spent the week-end with friends at Sioux City. Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Sheehan will go to Dos Moines tomorrow (Wednesday), and will spend three or four days there, after which Mrs, Sheehan will go to Cedar since a week ago Saturday, is re-] ported not doing as well as was ter,-because of critical conditions. Rapids to visit a sister. Besides the parents; there are prepared campaigns on brother and sisters, and many oth- s of merchandise or service, er relatives. Advance Pub. Co. 20tf I - MONTHLY RE- or straight term. Title interest rates, no Loans for all pur- a Federal Savings & 26u8tf iDAUTY SWEET CLOVER, Order now. Satisfaction Iteed. Get prices on alfalfa, nromus, etc. - Grimm Aln., Fargo, N. D, 500 co- growers. 25p27-28 W.5Q. ALFALFA hybrid seed corn 'Mr bushel; also other postal card us today for id samples.-Hall Rob• "atYille. Iowa. 29u23-36 rgent BY Peed s , rt cou . coupons pay for thta me '"• We'll ex- Grain & Coal Co. BS27 Auto or furniture "Payment pres- bldg., Al- ES37 cou ditioner of BS2: 1 standard, b: silt arflcie. I •wy folks ilk you win Othe Allen Brunson New Leader of Kossuth • Young Demo's Club Allen A, Brunson was elected resident of Kossuth Young dem- crats at a meeting in the court obm last week Tuesday. Mr. Brunson is associated with ,. J. VariNess in the practice of aw. He is the son of former sher- ff G. A. Brunson, now of Des olnes. His father has always been Strong republican, and his grand- ahter, "Ace" Brunson, an old sol- ier, once district court clerk here, was a republican of the post-Civ- 1 war type. Casey Loss, sheriff, was elected irst vice-president; and Charles Quinn, Bancroft, second vice-pres- dont; Mrs. Clara Brims, Wesley bird vice president. James .Geean, Whittemore, is secretary; Leo mmerfall, St. Benedict, employed n the county auditor's office, reasurer. Mrs. Daniel Kelly and Mrs. Tom Kelly, both of Emmetsburg, were guests Thursday of Mrs. W. W. Sullivan. Mrs. Daniel Kelly is the mother, Mrs. Thomas Kelly a sister-in-law, of Mrs. Sullivan. Mrs. A. E. Anderson returned to Rochester last week Sunday to be with Mr. Anderson, who is recuperating from an operation. Word has )een received that he is feeling nuch 'better and is able to be up again. Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Carney are Owterbiiuer Home Sold. E. : J. Osterbauev, has sold the week Monday. Fluid was \ being j drained from a head tumor or ab-, scess last week. The doctors had not yet decided whether to operate. Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Jacobson have moved into the house at 110 south Blackford vacated by the H. A. Tuttle family. The Tuttles have purchased the Dr. H. M. Olson house on south Minnesota formerly occupied by the Harry Hulls, and have moved. Mr. Jacobson is jew-- eler at the Borchardt drug store. Mr. nnd Mrs. Vernon Spongberg, with the son Jack, will move soon to Marshalltown, where Mr. Spongberg is now working for the Rock Island arsenal. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Spongberg, parents of Vernon, "will move into Vernon's house and rent their own home on south Hall. Jack is in the fourth grade at school, The Jerry Schntters, West Bend, were Sunday dinner guests of the Tom Daileys. Mrs. Schutter and Mrs. Dailey are sisters. The Schut- ters also visited another local sister of Mrs. Schutter, Mrs. Herbert Furst, who is recovering from a major operation performed recently at the Kossuth hospital. Mr. Schutter is a mortician. The Rev. II. E. llntchinson, Sioux City, was here briefly Monday and made up Rotary attendance at noon. Mr. Hutchinson, who has long been a leader in Northern Iowa Methodist Conference circles, is now connected with the Methodist hospital at Sioux City and does not hold a pastorate. Many years ago he was pastor at Britt. Mr. and Mrs. Myron Hill, former Algonians who now live ' at Fort Dodge, and a granddaughter were here Sunday. The Hills have a place called Hill's Home<!ooked Meals two blocks north of the Wakonsa hotel. The daughter, Mrs. Robert Dailey, lives at Chicago, and a son, Darrell, is a land- - - ' " and .the KTSENIIACIIER, Lotts EFFORTS to organize a Wesley I Creek, was hit by the Herbert Po- croamery were being made at j tratz car last week Tuesday after- i noon, and was .unconscious for sev- ! eral hours... He didn't hear the Po* * * * tratz horn and ran across the road EVA PIXLER, freshmen in high { llst as the cal> reached him. No school, had represented Algona in! bones were broken, and the boy a district meet at Forest City and, was not seriously injured, had won in the humorous class.] THE AUGUST MEYER, Whitte- She was to take part in another i more, car was sideswiped by a hlt- contest at Rolfe. I and-run driver near the Milwaukee ;>'- ADOLPHEMENJOU* scapist at Fort Dodge. Mr. Mrs. Hill formerly lived in Tractor Chains Keep your tractor going even if it is wet. We carry a complete assortment of sizes. No waiting. Greenberg Auto Supply wi*. DOLORES COSTEU.O •OfiER DANIEL parents of a son, born Friday at the Kossuth hospital. The Carneys have two other chidlren, a tioy and a girl, both in school. Mr. Carney is employed at the local Ford garage. Mr. HHd Mrs. C. W. Bergfield spent Sunday and Monday here with their daughter Mrs.' Evart Eyre, and looked after business matters. The Bergfields went to Sheldon a month ago and opened a dress shop there. Chester Cook has, taken over management of tho Royal "400" station south of McGregor—No. 169 •^^b$£w££K- S" noon, then left toinspect other fers for next Saturday and the fol- college farms in northwest Iowa, Basket Ball HARLEM GLOBE TROTTERS of New York vs. JESSE OWEN'S OLYMPIC ALL STARS SATURDAY, MARCH 25 . 8:30 P.M. HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASIUM Preliminary Game—H. S. Seniors vs. Algona Merchants. Admission: 40-25c. house now occupied by Mrs. Button, Mr. Hill's sister. The Hills still own the house across- the street south of the W. C, Dau.'s. George W. Godfrey came up from Ames Sunday for a short visit with his sister Bertha. Next morning he went up to Grant township to look after a 130-acre unimproved farm owned by the State college. This place is rented to a farmer across the line in Minnesota. Returning, Mr. Godfrey made up Rotary here Plus On the Wing" Hunting Wild Game THURS.-FRL, MARCH 23-24 Plus "DOGS GO MODERN" "MAID TO ORDER" SUN.-MON., MARCH 26-27 Topping the show world! HE ICE, FOUIES * i/ 1939 *• Joan CRAWFORD Plus Walt Disney's Good Scouts IOWA lome property owned by the late Matt Osterbauer to Mrs. W. A Button, The place consists i and 6 in/block one of addition, a l »d the selling price was $1900. C. W, Nicoulin handled the deal, The Puttons plan to live in the property. •+" Men to Serve Supper. . Tho Cresco men are sponsoring a waffle supper for'Frldav evening between 6 and 9 o'clock. It will be served at-the community hall, formerly the South Cresco Methodist ohurnh. This will be a benefit supper, the proceeds to be used to nay for the newly installed electric lights, Correction of Error. Last week's paper spoke of H B- Dodson as manager of the Swift plant. Mr. Dpdson is assistant manager and foreman. Matt Lamuth Is manager. ft 8 he bas been * or years wore or fewer. sacked by tWeves early last week groceries and automobile accessories bei»g tafcen. pifleers are after fewer- lowing two Saturdays. Mr. and Sirs. D. H. Goeders drove to Mason City Monday morning for the day with their daughter, Mrs. Norman Walker. This morning Mr. Goeders left for s weeks in Nebraska. He travels for four lines of women's ;oods. „,. , Elbe Van Dorston started a Yel- ow Cab service here last week. He was away for two years,, working n California a year,, then at Des Moines and Red Oak for a year. He is giving. day . and night service and can-accommodate five passengers in life cab., Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Godfredson have moved from the Sunny Slope farm next south of the Kos- The college is not heavily involved in land, having only some 20 farms, all of which are for sale on easy terms, including interest at 4%. Eduard Thompson, junior at the State college, Am.es, and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Friesner, of Gilbert, with their daughter Lois, were week-end guests of the Herschel Thompsons. Eduard is a son, Mr6. Friesner a daughter, of the Thompsons, and Mr. Friesner is agriculture,' teacher in the -Gilbert schools. Everett, another son of the. Thompsons who has been working on a farm at Buffalo Center, came home Sunday. Mrs. Thompson will take her mother, Mrs. Anna Allen, to the latter's TUBS.-WED., MARCH 1»-20 THUKS. THRU SATURDAY Fun and Thrills! IN PERFECT TASTE "fcm CAND16/ "Delivered at Poniiac, Michigan. Prices subject to change without notice. Transportation, stale and local taxes (if any), optional equipment and accessories — extra. AND ONLY GREAT ENGINEEIllNG MAKES POSSIBLE THE PRICE PRICES KEDUCED AS MUCH Ah BELOW •^^^^ ^^j^P" flffl ^^Rff 1^^^^^ *|^^^^^^P» *^^^J^R ^(p|^^ MARCH 23-25 2 ACE FEATURES Cf If I *JU KOTO**' iri* IQWi If- FHICf D co, '•• CJo-Hit JED PBOUT¥ BYINGTON JONES FAMILY Serial "Lone Hunger Rides Again" Co-Hit GEO, HOUSTON - As Wild BW Hickok —In— "FBONTIjEB SCOW SUNDAY Tm^U WEPmeS, MARCH 90.89 IREDPIE BARTHOLOXW ! ? J H

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