Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 21, 1939 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 21, 1939
Page 5
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y.,» « Good Hope Farmers Study Insurance \' ,' • • : • ' E .^^ lotice flARCH 25 Everybody come. E, 7:80 P« M' SCHEME IS TO ORGANIZE AN IOWACOMPANY Good Hope, Mar. 20--A group of j Farm Bureau members met In the | Good Hope community room last| *c Monday evening to discuss a atice company within the F. U. organization similar to that of the Farm Bureau in Illinois. The plan | Is being simultaneously projected' throughout the state and is arousing general enthusiasm. It is inspired by the rising rates of the Illinois organization, In which a SCHOOL DIRECTORS ARE NAMED IN UNION TOWNSHIP ELECTION Union Twp., Mar. 20—The town-T ship rural school directors elected! last wcel< Monday are: District No. j J, Mclvln Rcikcu to replace Charles j Scott, who moved away; No. 2, | Louis Scott (brother of Charles); No. U, William Dodds (holdover, no election hold); No. 4, Alfred Schonck, to replace Walter Heerdt, who moved out of the district; No. 5, Earl Taylor, who has held the office five or six years; No. 6, no election, but DeLos Gardner, who; hns held the position in the past, | will no doubt be reappointed; No.. 7, John Sabln, who has held the' post for 12 years. Mrs. (Joiild Coming Homo— Mrs. Ben Gould is expected home BURGLARS ENTER WESLEUTATION tending: the Lawrence and Henry Dolfe's, the Leonard Andersons, Viola and Lulu Nettleton, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Carlson, and Margaret McGregor. terlained at six tables of 500 Frlr day evening. High was won by Mrs. Emil Stoffel and Robert Bode, and Martha Krieps and Knute Bo-1 lin were low. Travel was won by i Frank Thompson. Lunch included fresh strawberries frozen and preserved in a cooling locker. Cliild Has Ear Trouble— • .loan, 6-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bode, was absent | from school last week because o£ a gathering in her right ear. She had an operation for mastolditia on that side last October. The gathering broke outwardly; I Sickness In the Township— ! Sickness is prevalent. Mrs. - ' an Wesley, Mar. 20—Sheriff Casey Loss was called last week Tuesday morning to investigate an attempted theft at the K. & H. oil station. Entrance had been gained by breaking through the glass in one of the east windows. Loss could find no finger prints and smudges were blurred, indicating the party wore gloves. 'Pi-oof that the party was inside, even though nothing was disturbed was apparent .as there were footprints on the top of the desk and stool near the window. The same building was broken into an February 18, and $3.50 was stolen. Entrance at that time was gained by breaking one of the north office windows. NOTICE OF INCORPORATION TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notice is hereby given that the, undersigned havo associated them-j selves together under and by vir-j tue of Chapter 384, Title XIX, ofj the 1935 Code of Iowa, and the j laws amendatory thereto, as a cor-j Iporation and have adopted articles; 'of incorporation, which provides: as follows, to-wit: ' I (1) Tho name of such corpora-; jtlon is ALGONA SHOE COMPANY,: Inc., and its principal place of; transacting business is Algona, \ To manufacture, purchase or otherwise acquire, own, mortgage, pledge, sell, assign and transfer, or otherwise dispose of, to invest, trade, deal in and deal with boots, shoes, footwear and other goods, wares and merchandise and personal property of every class and de- (2) The general nature of-the: business to be transacted by such corporation Is: (3) The amount of capital stock) authorized by the articles of in-; corporation is Seven Thousand; Dollars ($7,000) which is to be^ paid as follows: j In Cash. 1 (4) The corporate existence of said corporation shall commence on the 9th day of March, 1939, and continue for twenty (20) years, uiilPHU sooner dissolved by a vote of the holders of a majority of the stock issued and outstanding. I (5) Tho affairs of such corpor-j atlon are to be conducted by four; (4) directors, and until the first an-1 nual meeting o£ stockholders the following named persons; to-Wlt: Fred W. Shllts, Edwin D. Pankau, T. R. Curtis and Stanley A. Tanner shall be the directors of such cor- l poration; the executive officers ot i the corporation shall be a president, a vice-president, a secretary, a treasurer, an assistant secretary and an assistant treasurer, who shall be chosen by the affirmative vote of a majority of the board at their first meeting after the annual meeting of stockholders. (6) There is no limitation in the amount of indebtedness to which said corporation may subject, itself. : (7) The private property or the 1 stockholders of such corporation shall be exempt from the debts of said corporation. , Dated this 6th day ot March, \ i <J 7 f EDWIN D. PANKAU. 2G-2!) STANJjEY A. TANNER. (Foot Special^) UlSStlllBltllJllUll U VUI LJIU lill ftU ftlllilo I " *•"' ..... --- ...-—.., ^ of money going out of the state for I Boring, Dos Moinos. Mrs. Gould this purpose which might remain accompanied her daughter Mrs. at home. HI, «11^<»u> •it ia planned that no I Ernest Rustrum, to Des be written till $10,000 i Mrs. Rustrum left there loooo Facts That Concern You | ~— J week Sunday; and Mrs. Frank Thompson was under the weather -policies win oe wriuen uu »iu,uuu ••••••• ——-••— —-- -— -/i nmmes Hammer ' paid applications' are on file at Des I home In Oklahoma a week ago 1< rift- CallOUSeS, ^ f J P^o?. oV B , e , ch| ^ R aj ^ FromDesMoin^Mrs. Gould Moines. for her i last week. litchlson phone 250-W. etc., are ofte president, and Wayne Keith, secre- of Diore SeriOUS ta ry, presented the matter hero jjptOfflS « ^^^ S erioU» and presided over the discussion. >Ub ! e 't«r nrotttpt attention. L om Reids to Algoim— milble uy V iv r . The Tom Re ida are moving this U't neglect your ieet. wcek to thell . Algona home> now K AlBOnO occupied by the Murl Potters (Mrs. Potter is the former Marjorie Reid.) The Harvey Reids will occupy the property vacated by the Torn Reids, already having farmed the land last year in connection with the Mrs. John Reid farm. The Tom Reids and the Potters will reside together, the former later driving to California, where they will spend an extended time with Mrs. William Barker and other relatives. Mrs. Engstrom Has Operation- Mrs. Henry Engstrom was rushed to the Kossuth hospital Sunday nignt for an emergency appendici- ,is' operation. She was operated on at midnight and is doing well. Mrs. R. F. TIawcott and Mrs. William Turner stayed with the Engstroms part of the time till regular help could be secured. Mrs. Engstrom brought home by Other Tin Ion News. Mrs. Goo. W. Boevers and/ went o oone an ccora or v- . . its. Mrs. Rostrum had-come here nie J. Coate, rte^latte^of Algona, because of the death of her father/. ARMSTRONG Five llnndred 1'nrty Given- Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Will en-i arm was bruised. were at Mason City Friday. Mrs. N. J. Krieps recently suffered a fall downstairs. Her right I HAVE THE BATH- room remodeled at present low prices. Estimates Kind* ff iven | Phone ING & MUCKEY Phono 404 Algona, Iowa nished ment. the evening's entertain- EVER THINK OF IT? One quart of clean oil added to one quart of ^lrty oil, makes two quarts of dirty oil! V let's change It! Johnson's D-ll SERVICE FOUR LUVERNE WOMAN'S US HAVE PROGRAMS Lu Verne, Mar. 20—All three of the Lu Verne woman's clubs met last week, and the Good Will club, of Sherman township, met in town the same day. Mrs. J. L. Lichty was hostess to. C!Ueu l)y nem-y awcum, •...*the Progressive Woman's club|p n imps drives one of the S Monday evening, and Mrs. Ray' Stone gave a review of Man, Bread, quet in early April, the time to depend on the date when a speaker could be secured. The committee in charge consists of A. C. Evans, Irvin Chapman, and H. G. French. A question and answer box fur- Mr. John Phillips and Mrs. William Bigings drove to Ames last week Tuesday to get Mrs. Phillips' son, who had been with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Van Pattens. The Phillips family now lives in 1 the house recently va- by Henry Zweifci; and Mr. •Donna McCreery, local girls' athletic coach, and Delpha Meythaler, high school teacher, took eight girls to the girls' state basketball tournament. The girls were Joyce Hanson, Barbara Smith, Marjorie Benton, Marilyn Knipe, Corene Miller, Frances Horswell, Marjorie , Caboth, Mavis Burgess, all of Armstrong, and Virginia McCreary, of Bradgate. Daisy Mardick accompanied her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Raymon Mardick, to Des Moines Saturday, March 11, to visit the Millard Nico- demuses. Mrs. Nicodemus is the. former Ethelyn Mardick, Arm-. strong. Daisy attended a state cos- j metologists' convention. Mr. and Mrs. J .A. Haisman were recently called to Des Moines by news of the critical cdndition of Mrs. Haisman's 'mother. At last , MR.FARMER. IS A BIC.NEW CUSTOMER! BEER BUYS THE PRODUCE OF 3 MILLION FARrVN ACRES THE BREWING INDUSTRY FOR ONE YEAR, ^ .Alt ^i/^. ANDHERE.MR.WORKMAH ARE A MILLION JOBS MADE BY BEE ii LIKE OUR SERVICE, ILOANS $50 and Up lo you need money to tony Into or truck license, paj I foes or for winter necessi- Us! I Our liberal credit plan per- Imits us to take care of the I htads of most every horrow- hr, married or single. Terms I arranged to conform to your 1 income. * * * *• • Loans made on Furniture, Livestock, or other personal property Autos refinanced—payments reduced Investigate our Quick MONEY CREDIT SERVICE without obligation. P.J.KOHLHAAS Algona - Phone 22 -General Insurance Agency- expects to be next week. Easter to Be Observed— Arrangements are going ahead for observation of Easter at the Good Hope church. Music and other special features are being prepared. The sacrament of baptism will be administered, and new members will be received into the church. Let anyone interested consult with the pastor. Aid Holds Hake Sale— The Good Hope Aid held a, bake sale at Algona in connection with a stove demonstration at the Howard hardware Saturday. The store served coffee and cookies prepared by the women with the stove company's eciuipment. Sickness Slows Activities— Activities have been slowed down at Good Hope in the last several weeks because of seasonal sicknesses. Almost every home has been afflicted with the flu, colds, rheumatism, vaccination, or what have you? and Destiny. Officers were elected: Mrs. J. L. Lichty, president; Mrs. Harvey Nelson, vice; Mrs. C. B. Huff, secretary; Consuelo Hanna, treasurer. Tuesday afternoon the Tuesday club met with Anna Woito, and the transfer trucks. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wermor- sen have moved to'the Wilson Legler farm, where Mr. Wermersen is employed this year. A trailer house was built, and the Wermersens are living in it in the Legler yard. Ervin Barton has returned from the veterans' hospital at report the patient was somewhat improved. .Many people in this vicinity have had the flu, among them David Hopland, Mrs. A. T. Whitlow, Mrs. Peter Gaarde, Marie Irmiter, Ervin Halvorson, Harlan Peterson, Nellie Offenstein, Bob Lux, and Bar- cu me w , e program consisted of a discussion Moines, where he was a patient of library facilities, led by Hulda | sev eral weeks. Victor Knary is at Frlt/emeler, and of a report on the j owa city, receiving treatment for bara Smith. Relatives and friends took the Tankard Carlsons by surprise last week Sunday night in honor of Alice Carlson's 13th birthday. At-; county federation at Titonka given by Mrs. Myra Peiizke, Miss Fritzemeier, and Mrs. Fred Merkle. Mrs. Lloyd Smith will be hostess at the next meeting March 28. an infection in the hand. Mr. and Mi's. Lee Williams, then- son, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Evans, the Evans daughter, Roberta Masterson, and John Evans, all of Cor- ;xt meeung iviaiuii ^o« j teraon, uiiu juim AKTW**^, «••* «- — Friday afternoon the J. J. club j w j t h, wcre guests at DeRae God- met with Mrs. Arthur Riley, and i £ rey ' s Wedneday evening. Mrs Bernard AVolf gave the report] Mrs. Pearl Conoway was called 1Y11 D« -UG1 11C*1 M. »»«»«. o—'~ - ! on the federation meeting. Mrs. J. A. Lindebak was program leader. Mrs. Harold Sorensen read an article on The Biography of St. Patrick, and St. Patrick's day games home from Des Moines Wednesday by word that her daughter Patricia was sick with the flu. Mrs. Conoway was attending a state cosmetologists' convention. 1 1CK ill 111 OL. J. evi*i AV**»- w "»-»!/ cj~ 1.UC LUi'-'t^ ww»*>*"-- : were played. The rest of the after- \ Eunice Frantz recently went to noon was spent at Chinker-Chek. Des Moines to find employment for The Good Will club met Thurs-. tne summer. Her parents, Mr. and day afternoon with Mrs. Otto, Mrs _ George Frantz.Jook her down Raraus, Mrs. Fred Miller assisting.' Bolan Couple Married Here— The Rev., E. R. Walter officiated Small Loans Up to $300 OH AUTOMOBILES LITE STOCK «>inWHOU> FFIWITUBE, ETC. Prompt, courteous, confidential service. NORTH IOWA FINANCE CO .1 hi Upper l>es Moines office , tee Aliroim. l«w§ DOLLARS A DAY IN TAXES GOOD crops at good prices . . . isn't that the kind of farm relief that farmers really want? Since 1933, the brewing industry has bought 15 billion pounds of American farm products . . . paying good prices, too. Add to that, the million jobs that Beer has made . . . and the fact that Beer pays a million dollars a day in taxes-.local, state, national. To safeguard these advantages, the brew- AND HERE.MR.TAXPAYER. ISA HUGESUMTO LIGHTEN YOUR TAX BURDEN! ing industry stands ready to cooperate fully with all law enforcement authorities. The brewers can enforce no laws . .. but they do insist that retail beer outlets should give no offense to anyone. Would you like a booklet that describes the brewers' program of direct action? Address: United Brewers Industrial Foundation, 19 East 40th St.. New York, N. Y. BEER... a beverage of moderation • • i j • ——.^_^^^__ i ^^^^^~^"^" Spelling Contest is Dated— The annual rural school spelling contest of the township will be held at the Good Hope church next week Wednesday under the usual 'sponsorship of the Union township OlJUlloUi a** 11* «- - ii, Mothers & Daughters club. Other Good Hope. The Aid met at Smith's Wednesday, Mrs. Mrs. Jacob Frank J3U11LJ-1 *> ** v.ui*w" — «w > , Crulkshank assisting. Though attendance was small, important business was transacted and plans perfected for'future activities. FORMETWESIEYAN'S TRANSPLANTED EYE S GIVINGJROUBLE -Wesley, Mar. 20—Stephen Dyyer, 23, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Dwyer, Hurnboldt, is to enter the University hospital at Iowa City this and visited Mrs. Frantz's sister, Mrs. Frank Jutte. The Lee Lichtys, Mr. and Mrs. si- uu.iuiai.t- Henry Kubly, Edwin Marty, Mr. at "a wedding at the Evangelical; and Mrs. Harry Christensen, and parsonage a week ago Saturday,: Adam Zweifel attended the Wayne when two of his former parishion-1 Colwell funeral at Algona Wednes- ers at Bolan came to be married day> ^ ^ here. They were Laverne Sherrard • and Claude West, and they were accompanied by members of their families, all of whom were members of the church at Bolani when Mr Walter was pastor there. Lunch was served after the ceremony, and the bride and bridegroom then left for a short wedding trip to Lohrville, former home of the Sherrard family. Newcomer in Sudden Death— The people of Lu Verne were much surprised Friday morning to hear of the death of Glen Gallo- SENECA Marjorie, daughter of Mrs. Mildred Simpson, was taken to the Kossuth hospital Thursday evening for an appendicitis operation. • Mrs. C, F. Nielsen died at her home here early Wednesday morning. She had been in poor health for some time. Her husband died February. 24. Mr. and Mrs. Christiansen and Mrs. Mary Kennedy, all of Fair THE THE way manager o the Standard Oil Mrs. Mary Kennedy, all of Fair YnHn f He died Thursday night, mont, spent last week Tuesday at SI.cLLlUH* iiVJ v»**j« ji__.. •. T •«•_.•».«.1«>i-i Mi result of the lesuit 01 disease. He had tne result w- M.^**» * — Ijeen sick but a few hours, and had been at the station Thursday. Mr and Mrs. Galloway came to Lu Verne late last summer. Besides the widow, two sons survive: Em- erv a state patrolman stationed at Cherokee, and Kenneth, who lives at Charles City. Juniors uro Studying Play— The juniors Jiave begun work on Hold Mike and Jos. Kennedy's. The Maurice Jensens have moved to the house vacated by the Frank Woodbecks. ' Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Classon spent Thursday ' at Mallard, and Ivan LaWn came here with them. The high school seniors are practicing a play, Taming 'Tuffy, to be given soon. Itt IP- _ ^ For Service business to be swart about your appear^ ance, In otter words, let us keep your suits sple and span cleaned. won nation-wide publicity when on April 1. 1938, navy surgeons transplanted th sailor's ey< Pastor Injured In FaU- L. Wittenburg was Smart. that time, however, Dwyer has suffered impaired vision in the othei eye and hopes that the University of Iowa specialists may restore his vision. The Dwyer family lived in Wesley on the place now occupied the Alt Studers about seven ago. aay evem«6> »»«— • ,, •-. „.. ice in his yard and fell as he was doing chores. Other Lu Verne News. The Community club met at the hall last week Tuesday WEST BEND LOCALS ^ Mrs-Earl Sproug, who had for a few days been critically sick at an Emmetsburg hospital, was brought home Friday evening, and , and M and Mrs. Ray Barber have been having severe flu attacks. Mrs Mel Roune is about again, after a siege of the same disease Howard Beeder spent Tbuisaay with friends at Algona and Modern home. urday •••^ He drove to Rochester Sat- i.day with friends. ter s mu!.««>», •• --- • the infirmities of old age. . Percy Stone has bought the proper y wbe're he has lived during the; few years. This Is known as; ;i H Simmon nad R. J Campbell drove to Sioux Rapids Thurs day. Mr. Campbell's parents live tb james Barber came Friday even- He is a teacaw- H,rm»» wort Ol tto WrO . • Clothes will look smarter when tailored here. Get an individual fit that assures smart appearance at all times. You will he surprised at our ser». vice. CLOPTON the TAILOR AMERICA'S NUMBER ONE LINE UP OF MODERN TRUCKING FEATURES i ..,•••' Range of »ix>he*lbases and 3 angin* liies—60,85, and 9$ h.p. «.48 body typ«a.»Big hydraulic b»ke8...Full toiquo-tube diiv* IC ,^-Uoating teu wU* in commercial caw (full-floating in trucks)...H««vY.duty »»mi-cen- irifugal clutch.,, Cemfo*Ubla cabs,.. liiflt p»yle»d §P«C» ,.. ford low op«r«ting «?oiU...Foir4 low upk««p cosn< with Udory BILLION MILES of hauling under all sorts of conditions, prove that with a Ford V-8 Truck you can expect an all-round better hauling job—at all-round tower hauling costs. The V-8 engine, as Ford builds it, delivers the kind of modern performance that today's loads and roads and schedules call for—and delivers it economically, efficiently, dependably. It's a good engine on the job. An engine built to $tay on the job, out of the^ repair shop! r And the rest of the Ford Truck is just as well built. The rugged Ford truck chassis is quality built and time- tested in every part. It is made tough' to tackle tough jobs and whip them. The big, easy-acting new hydraulic brakes have been rigidly Ford-tested for safety and dependability, In variety, the present For4 line provides the just-right unit for mofe jobs than ever before. It ranges through 3 V-8 engine sizes, 6 wheelbases,, 43 body and chassis types. No matter what your trucking problem, chances are the be|t «m» eyer to it is—a For4 V-8! fEE YOUR rORP HEALER TOO AY I FORD V'8 TRUCKS AND

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