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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, March 21, 1939
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' much near of above ,38 m BcSt Weekly Newspaper 1938 by State University Io«fc£"Methber Cflaey's All-American Newspaper Rleven, 1827 ALGONA, IOWA, TUESDAY EVENING, MARCH 21, 1939 10 Pages 80 Columns Number 27 0 GET $105.000 IN TAX REFUND ^^TwEEK FOR CONSERVATIONIST!! SMH. TO L^^^««y™S. TSSR .,., vn nce ° ' of i members of a conservation class at the I unit n 7 the county Conserva- at the P.re- Becker Clawson The aim of the National Wildlife lion." Announcement was made of cash prizes of $5, $3, and $2 for juniors Federation, in issuing these In a spring predator hunt sponsor- stamps, Is to attract the public's I cd by the Algona unit. The con- Wilson ha S Issued Wiiso ca mng .Iowa < bicturo_ wildlife Register purchasing stamps from attention to the need of conserving wild life, also to acquire funcks for the Federation's work. According to J. D. Lowe, president of the Iowa Federation, "The National Federation, of which the Iowa organization is a member, Is a servicing body with two aims— keeping the public informed as to what is doing politically in relation to wildlife, and building up an adequate program of education In the fundamentals of conserva- test, which started February 1, will end June 1. Ralph Meidke is chairman, and Gail F. Towne is on the predator hunt committee. Predators are to be turned in at the county auditor's office for payment of bounty and for scoring. Adult foxes will count 50 points; cubs, 25 points; crows, 10; crow eggs, 5. Fifteen points are offered for pocket gophers, 5 for starlings. Gail F. Towne spoke on pollution of streams, describing the de- terioration of the Shell Rock river. He formerly lived at Shell Rock, 60 miles south of Mason City, and said the river had changed in his lifetime from a clear stream bountifully supplied with fish to a condition of practically no fish. This is the result of dumping refuse from the sugar beet plants into the river at Mason City, also by removal of sand and gravel from the bed of the river. H. E. Rist, Kossuth pioneer, described wildlife conditions in the country in the seventies. J. D Lowe, who was scheduled to give a talk, was unable ito attend. An oyster stew followed the meeting PLEftD GUILTY HERE MONDAY an Sentences Pair Here Term Will Be [Opened Monday by Davidson. guilty to charges of driving while Intoxicated. Youngwirth was fined $300, of which he was to pay $75 yesterday, and the balance is to be paid In $20 per month Install. ments. In case he defaults in pay- I ments he is to serve time in jail. Summers was given a 90-day jail sentence, which he started 'serving yesterday. The driver's licenses of both men were suspended for a year. Judge Stillnmn is holding court at Spencer this week, and held the hearings before leaving for that town yesterday morn- I Joseph Youngwirth and A; A. miners pleaded guilty and were .ntenced by Judge G. W.Stillmaa sstcrday morning in a special ses- of court. Both men pleaded ing. More Damage Suits. !ii by Mr. Skaar, west of Armstrong. Injuries alleged dale include ar, collided north- rong. ged by Mrs. Stockier enHre left side, lock. Expenses stat- 5 medical treatment, ge, clothing $21, and ering she asks $5000. in Whlttemore. car came from behindhand tha there was an electric tail light anc reflector on the bicycle. The acci dent happened at 7 p. m. Persona injuries and medical bills make U] the $2500 claimed. Divorce Suit Begun. June Adele Reed, daughter o Mrs. Jessie Aman, has filed sui DEFENDS THE PROPOSAL FOHIRPORT Details Reasons Why Algonians Should Vote Bonds. Ily Leslie T. SauL An article appeared in this paper last week, signed by Glen Shore condemning the idea of an airport for Algona at this time. The entire article would indicate that the writer has not kept abreast of commercial air development of late Mr. Shore states that if Algona j, should find a need for an airport J waa elBlitcli t ,._. _. in the future'the land would still I(jwa assoclat | on of Rexall store be there. This statement is true, ln Iowa at a convention at, but in order to build a municipal Deg Moines - - --' airport the. approval of the civil d Friday aeronautics authority Is / required IN HOLING UP - D j^MES, Algona druggist, j w&g elected president of the Mr. Stockdale lists a fractured j for a _.. skull a torn ear Injury to his left former Algona salesman, on cnarg- bKUIl, d, IU111 bill, l"J"iJ "" . 1 __J ;«V..i<nan trontmfltlt eye, chest, mouth and jaw, and , , nervous shock. Dislocation of an elbow is claimed to have resulted in an arthritic condition. The petition states he was in bed five weeks, and was unable to conduct his in- Two damage suits totaling $30,- surance and loan business for 000 were filed last week by L. E. and Aline M. Stockdale, of Esther- three months. Mr. Stockdale's petition asks for $25,000. yard. The claims arise from a crash last October when the Stockdale car, owned by Mrs. Stockdale and driven by Mr. Stockdale, and an International motor truck driv- es of cruel and inhuman treatment nonupport and desertion Custody WV< fci»v*». vf __,_-, ^ O WIl" I to ' " J.\J"C* ' but in order to build a_ municipal Deg Moines laat wee k Thursday The Rexall stores in! state are called "clubs," and! there are 350 stores in the Iowa 1 club. Several meetings are held. by statute. A representative of the Civil a Aeronautics Authority has assured durmg a year an d matters of in- the writer that if Spencer, Mason. teregj . tQ the store owners are dis- City, Fort Dodge, or Esthervillei UBgea at meetin g s . build such an airport, one will not be approved for Algona. Con- Any port In a storm proved the 'wrong answer for a transient who holed in for the night last week Tuesday in the cellar of a farmer's hous'e five miles cast.of town. On discovery the farmer' tried to talk the fellow into departure, bnt, failing, called on a friend for help, then resorted to forceful measures. The old fellow (about 60), protested. "I wouldn't hurt you. I ain't got a gun on inc. I wouldn't hurt a baby." In the meantime, an officer had been sent for, bnt before the officer arrived the Tag- rant had been dislodged. He was then brought to town and given a safe refuge la the county jalL Yesterday (Monday) the man, who gave his name as Thomas >V. Nelson, was sentenced to six days In jail (which he had already served) on charges of vagrancy and further given 24 hours in which to leave town and county. HOME OWNERS GET 25 MILLS GUT ON LEVY fo Be Deducted from Either First or Second Half. of Donna, weeks old, 2, and Sharon, Is asked, and she also more, is asking $2500 damages as the result of an alleged collision between a bicycle ridden by him, and a car driven by Theo Beach last October. The petition states the center of northern Iowa. If s? ss^sfsss rsi" s .™.\r,;Kr;m... *- i. V ~ *— i r***C nnA . onnnrntp.fi i OH.G 13,161*. metsburg DfiCGHibsr a. tn* *-/*** *«-•• i . - .. There are 33 cases on file for Mr . shore fails to see why Althe March term, which will open gona should furnish an airport for Monday with Judge F. C. Davidson, ope ration of one or more airlines, of Emmetsburg, presiding. There He compares it with building a are 11 suits in equity, 21 suits in ne ^ depo t for the Milwaukee rail- including seven damage cas- roadi At the time the Milwaukee NEWSPAPERS PICK THREE B,B, TEAMS es and two divorce petitions. kd ges Named tor City Election ^^ • • ' ••- — •--•-- _j _ ; : — ~ . TICKETS TO APPEAR ON CITYJALLOT fellow Ballots on the Airport Also to r* - i Be Given. j Judges and clerks for Algona's (tlty election next Monday were med last week, and indications i Hat they will have one of Alma's largest votes to count. The tat follows: . . . ;,: First ward—Lee Hopkins, Eve and Mrs. G. D..Brundage, ;es, and Hazel Lusby and Leora • John, clerks. "- ~: Second ward—Frank Geigel, Eva •5, and H. M, Harris,' Judge*, 1 Claire Keith and Ruth Guderi clerks. Third ward- Henrietta Huen- IJioW, Bertha Johnson and,' Linda lapsaddle, judges, and Oliver Pot** and Judy DeZellar, clerks. B Fourth ward—J. F. Overmyer, M. KOSSUTH FARM SELLS AT TOP $148.50 ACRE . Mike Hermann, two iniles north and a mile east 01 »t. Joe, has bought a 160-a«» Improved farm at $148.50 an acre. All cash was paid, and this Is the top price for farm land hereabouts In many years. Edward Capeslus, Aleona, made the sale. The tenant Is Nicholas Wagner, and Bormann, who assumes the lease, will next year farm the quarter with two other quarters he owns In same neighborhood. THE WEATHER AND CALENDAR AGREE TODAY the TWO LOCAL PUPILS TO BE ENTERED IN •v I ^^ ** fci^^H * ~ ^*" ' Betty Kohlhaas and Pauline Zen- and M. & St. L. came to Algona, Algona helped finance them. In the first place, airlines do not build and operate airports; they operate airplanes only. If Algona or any other city waits for an airline to build an airport, there will never be airline service. Secondly, mdflern communicar tions • are necessary to the health and prosperity of any community Think what happened to those early pioneer towns that failed to procure railroads. That aviation | already plays a large part speeding the nation's business attested by the fact that last year Name All-Conference Choice in 8 North Iowa Towns. Selections for an all-North Central Iowa conference basket ball team have been made by newspapers in the towns concerned, which are Algona, Clarion, Clear Lake, Hampton, Humboldt, Eagle Grove, Kossuth home owners will receive $105,434.84 in refunds on home owners taxes this year. This )ayment was. made possible by a transfer law passed by the general assembly now in session at Des Moines. Last fall, as one of the closing acts of the democratic government, it was announced that tax refunds this year would, not be possible because of a lack of money in the homestead exemption fund. The legislative act transfered sufficient money from the state general fund to complete the full 25 mill rebate to home owners. State Warrant Expected. Treasurer Duffy expects to receive a state warrant for $52,000 Saturday. Only half of the amount will be paid to the county at .thifl time, and the balance will be paid next fall when the second half of taxes become 'due. Taxpayers who have not yet paid their taxes will ,be credited on the first half of their taxes. Taxpayers who have already paid the first half will be credited on their eec- ««f ^nri i on d. Those who have paid taxes Peter J. Hennings was sentenced full recelve warrant for in Justice Danson's courtFHdayJo( the re£und _ $21,000 for Algona. orT'charges of assault and battery I Algona district No. 1 homeown- brought by Jack Craig. Hennings ers will receive the largest amount had already served one day in jail, from the refund, a total of and he elected to finish the sen- $20,507.23. The amount of the re- tence there. funds, by taxing districts, follows: The assault occurred on the Algona Dist. No. 1, $20,507.23; porch of the house where the Algona Dist. 2, $416.78; Bancroft Craigs had an apartment and Hen- incorp., $2473.10; Burt Inc., nings had a room. Hennings, after $2764.90; Fenton Inc., $2330.38; giving Craig a ride to the house, Fenton Inc., lands, $15.30; Lakota HENNINGS JAILED ON CHARGE OF ASSAULT in' Iowa Falls, and Webster City. Is! in choices made by the Advance members of the local team anc Coach Findley voted and in most stopped him on the porch and de- Inc., $2083.23; Ledyard Inc., manded that Craig pay his rent. $1166.13; Ledyard Inc., lands, Craig replied that he had no auth- j $101.88; 'Lone .Rock Inc., $716.55 1 ority to pay it to him. " " ~~ Thereupon, Hennings Lu Verne No. 1, $1574.73; Lu called Verne No. 2, $36.13; Lu Verne Inc., and were TWO ESCAPE HURTS WHEN AUTO HITS A BUMP IN PAVEMENT Ted Johnson, Bancroft, passen ger .to the front Beat, and an un cesan contest early in April. Speakers from Varina, Humboldt, Milford,, and Clare, Algona Both Officially a n d in Fact Spring is With Us. The weather man agrees with the l_ i. A Ili*tW4 U1OW L1AO -Ol***jw«v| •*-•«calendar that spring is here today. ftnd Thelr Workp Bernard Feany, In fact the past few days since ] Humboldt, spoke on The Horrors Sunday have been exceptionally, of war to Spain. James Doran^is- more than 1,250,000 passengers carried by airlines on reg-lcases the locals voted In accor- scheduled trips. An even dance what turned out to be all- were carried by newspaper results. Clarence Devine, Algona forward .was the only local named on one of three all-conference teams. snap last week Wednesday, Thurs day, and Friday which sent the mercury down to only 5 above Friday morning. It was below freezing all three days. The chill blow spread a layer of - - - •'-- riy- and der, of the local academy, rated au- » chart ered planes. perior in an extemporaneous con- si" 51 -" 1 » test at the academy Sunday after- Other ClUes Active. noon This rating entitled them to cities all over the United States enter finals of the Sioux City dio- a re determined not to be neglected •~ •- •--" ', D y this rapid means of transportation. Des Moines Is spending $1,000,000 on a new airport; Sioux Falls, $500,000; Washington, D. C., $5,000,000. The roll could be continued indefinitely. Mr. Shore apparently has forgotten the government subsidy paid the railroads to assist in their construction. One section of land in every township that a railroad passed through was given to the railroad to help pay c<Jst of con- competed. The winners were Pauline Zender, who spoke on Soviet Russia Is Dying.'Betty Kohl- drew the subject, Our Pastors unay a Craig abusive names, grabbed his lands, $127.20; Swea City Inc. No. do him 1, $3512.15; Swea City No. 2, $40; and wea City, lands, $50'; Titonka Inc., 2040.50; Wesley Inc., '$2037.70; Wesley Inc., lands, '$62.50; Whittemore Inc., $2437.70. Cresco Gets $1283. Buffalo Cons., $3376.43; Buffalo, 140.07; Buffalo, 8, $241.25; Bufalo, 9, $98.10; Burt twp., $1361.46; Jurt Ind., $369.15; Lone Rock Ind., $734; Cres'co, $1283.71; Algona arm, and threatened to bodily harm. Craig resisted Hennings then released him went into the house. * Corn x Loans Bring Million and Half Into Old Kossuth The other four speakers rated letructlon. good, but were eliminated on account of the low rating. The five winners will compete in the finals with five other young contestants from the western part of the diocese, is under This speech work ' Encourage Aviation, An airport in Algona would not be maintained only for the benefit of the airlines, important as that service would be. Special charter flights could be arranged. air to Iowa or Rochester Identified man driving the 1936 lueuiliic" . •— — — -MVa Chevrolet sedan belong ng to Mrs Anna Janssen, Bancroft, are won , _. dering how they escaped death in and Mrs, Vallle Trtbon,|aa accident Wednesday aftei noon. - Driving from Sexton to at end a a foot. Up to 63 Sunday. A warm sun Sunday sent the mercury up to an official high of 63, which was 14 degrees higher than any other reading so far this year. It was Almost asi warm again i u j o ;r ibeirithe ' I'P.m. nlacea Si afternoon, they the diocese. schools Father «,| « "^ b e'the means of sav- the teaching Sisters of L Jife ^ many lnsta nces. Pill-Chasers Feel Spring Blood Stir IWges, and May Harrington aadB.,. v .-, T .» b *.-- . . |E. Norton, clerks, ; cattle sale at Emmetsburg, in -.--, ;-";• ^ y The balmy " Bt nn No b?ou E ht many out for Sunday at- state bank to lay plans xor 'Some' 2S± Hdes'or hikes, and nearly, year, Work_on_recon f trUcUon the 25 Mr. Shore states there are no airplanes in Algona now to use Utility an airport. We would have no rail- city, road cars In Algona today If we had no tracks. A properly bui\t, airport is essential to the He was picked for forward on the third team. Honorable mention was given to Roger Michel and Junior Long. Members of the all-conference team (or teams?) will be guests of the newspapers at a banquet to be given soon, plans for which have not yet been rompleted. The team selections follow: FIRSTTEAM. Forwards—Harold Trickey, Iowa Falls; Bud Watkins, Eagle Grove Center—Bob Meyers, Humboidt. Guards— Joe Seger, Webster City; DeWayne Van Deelan, Eagle Grove. " . ' Utility— John Boeye, Webster City. SECOND TEAM. Forwards — John Seissenger, of Clear Lake; Bernie Bjornson, Humboldt. „ „ Center—Bob Green, Iowa Falls. Guards—Hyle bowman, Clear Lake; Bob Morris, Clarion. Bob Titsworth, Webster Of 3443 corn loan applications In the county so far this year, 2737 applications have been accepted, totaling 2,860,515'bushels, and $1,630,493.55 has'been paid out in the county. Some 600 applications are still on file. According to Secretary Janvrin, few more are expected, since the closing date for completion of loan applications Is April 1. The loan figures are far above the 1938 figures. In 1938 on ly some 800 loans were completec on 750,000 bushels. The recorder's office has thl year reflected the big increase in loans. Last year 694 instruments were recorded in the first 18 day of March, but this year 1404 ha been recorded up to 5 o'clock Sai urday. This is a 1939 average of almost 88 a day. The figures on instruments filed included not only corn loans but deed, .releases, mortgages, etc. Ind. Cresco, $354.98; Eagle, >1065.06; Fenton twp., $1905.79; Pen ton Ind., $773.33; Lone Rock Ind. in Fenton, $675.83. Garfield, $1076.54; Ottosen Cons., $300.75; West Bend Cone., $1298.28; German, $3206.17; Grant Cons, twp., $1181.55; Greenwood, $793.90; Harrison Dist. 2, $219.94; Swea City Ind. Harrison, $1481.40; Ledyard Ind. Harrison, $353.43; Hebron, $1854.63; Irvlngton, $2187.11. Algona Ind. Irvington, $224; Ledyard twp., $561.25; Lakota Ind. Ledyard, $889.05; Ledyard Ind. of Ticket, on Ballot. JSt 2d A. ''s ballot has fpur tick- steering gear went out of commis- 18 People's, and two s i on ,. A A driver in a car behind, counted f times as the car rolled over in barrel fashion, then lost count, tbepace being too fast for him. the two men had been west, when they found tlcket & PP eaw Inf T' an * * tttm by ™ ty n °« Ici al8. ' Speont for and Alwlu H «e»hold , H< thmBelve still alive, after -the car OH- had brought up against the fence n u " men - aWarge - asfie8sor ' H- a r and H. N. SntheaouthBldeof the paving, com mlssloner. Al- they were headed east. Both driver and passenger caoed with only minor cuts and *SSU tat th/car was damaged . two of the re ens was started t operate from are £f t Such on- P two 01 mo 5 JCOUO ""* " v "-,"~: erat ion Is today, considered rooi- »^t^-FHSi < ^w?s- I s=2 ..?£,*, ?^.»r£ -i '««•»« ""-.«*- «"« riiicQ u* ii**«*»f *•**>• ~—' were at the Country club grounds Sunday afternoon. Little snow and ice are now,in evidence, except in protected plac- p<? and this is thawing rapidly, ine frost is reported as being nearly out of the ground. Graveled and dirt roads are the worse for wear. Shower Is Needed, Many song birds/ are' here. A light r&in wouiu uu room* v*yi***f4*n-^w» v* »•*»*«> »--—— «-•*-- T i UUU.JT vuw*>* **** «^>*w rf ——- — —**-* ---bring spring freshness to the avr lnted last f a n and are begin- profitable our present electric and wash off the winter dirt, turn njng tQ funct|pn for ^ big opening Uiant'has' proved to be. But exjer- larger quarters for the women Mr. Shore objects to the increas- members, also larger quarters for e d tax rates. Of course nobody can the pro-shop, lastly a different ar- tell In advance .what profit any 1 rangement for the men's locker business venture will produce. No.. Committees of the club were body could foresee years'ago, how THIRD TEAM. Forwards—John McGrath, Eagle Grove; Devine, Algona. Center — Willis Folkedal, Eagle Guards— Sam Ades, Webster City; Simcox, Iowa Falls. Utility—Don Bowman, Clarion. HONORABLE MENTION. Forwards— Smith, Clarion; Cahill, Hampton. Center—Shoemaker, Hampton. Guards—Looney, Humboldt; Mc- Gratb, Hampton; Vic Lowman, of Clear Lake; Bob Myers, Eagle Grove; Roger Michel, Algona; Jr. Long, Algona; Bob Allen, of Iowa Falls. Tricks Like These 'Stump* P. O. Force News of the death and 'funeral here of someone's mother could not be deliverad, because it was mailed without name of town or tate to which It was to be sent, postoffice officials tried to of the i card, March 13, by , ket are the var * tourth F The P. ! . and 6 ticket ap » ea « beyond Its value. There are other bumps h m tne the grass green, and cause the Ue ThVofficial temperatures for the March March 14 49 „ -------of pavement, caused b 15 . ...... . ---- 24 -::::: S March 17 March 18 March 19 3,1 24 9 10 30 .06 next month. '••• ience In other town? and cities has shown that municipal airports, pronerly inanaged, not only pay - - - a -handsome March Autp Sales are Now Up to 33 ••'. - '. In spite of the winter-like weath- lass of peop i e with steady employ- A large Industry hiring a good In «, 1 °"'» cu «' «cnei. conducted *T»UWJ "' fourtn ' " WICK also croft, Corwitb, Renwlck, W fl&mes. Eagle <?rove, and Bernard Speraw in Bad onTteft Caw * Danson but Watch for Grocery Thieves from Cars it Without Result Apparently nobody wanted er'Tast" week" ten new autompbiles j J^ 7 h ould" be "of inter est to' any) son^e^gbt^hoppers had complain-! Black""!!!!^ flowers"and"the wild were sold In the county to custom- commun ity. £& airport would bring ."* . havinK unwittingly furnish-1 «-»—•> -* *^° «I«MOI. « n rt Water- era presumably convinced that Inore 8sed federal payroll into *« « W eek'se U p pl y f or a persoa or . 4..R«. nwmlTlH Tna nfirnfir. .^ «ra •]_«&.««» +LnwA nrmlln I cw ** " v»^** •* ^w* «•!•* » ocate the sender which was tna'.lad checking with the undertakers, but were unable to make Identification Only the first name of the writer was signed. The card read, "Mother passed away last night. Funeral Wednesday noon." Another card, received recently by the local postoffice, said, "Please forward my mail to Fair- bault, Minn., Gen. Del. Thank you." No name was signed. *- Ledyard twp., $1121.85; Lincoln $1968.81; Lakota Ind. Lincoln, $36.28; Lotts Creek, $2474.04; Lu Verne twp., $1192.07; Lu Verne Ind. Lu Verne twp., $300.15; Corwith Ind. Lu Verne, $62.50. Plum Creek $1170. Plhm Creek, $1170.02; Algona Ind. Plum Creek, $93.75; Portland, $1728.16; Burt Ind. Portland, $125; . Prairie, $1858.85; Corwith .Ind. Prairie, $62.50; Ramsey, $1333,52; Bancroft Ind. Ramsey, $360.33; Riverdale, $1786.23; Seneca twp. cons., $1891.68; Seneca, 7, $202.40; Seneca, 9, $395.15. Sherman, $2065.91; Springfield, $572.15; Ledyard Ind. Springfield, $794.40; Swea, $1357.82; Swea City Ind. Swea twp., $703.65; Union, $2038.59; Algona Ind. Union, $314.63; Wesley twp., $2374.52; Wesley Ind. Wesley, $232.18; Whittemore twp., $2021.53; Whittemore Ind., Whittemore, $680.85. Wildlife Week Display. *Farmers Signing Up in the A A A Program The county soil conservation setup has already made 481 contracts, and 467 farmers have signed for the 1939 program and accepted observance of National week, which opened Sunday continues till Saturday, tlon to a life spring was just around the corner, The total for March npw Is 38. New fords were bought by Percy Wat- nem, of tOtosen, M. P. Burllngame, Algona, and Verne Riebhoff and Leonard Lovstad, both of Bun. New Chevrolets were bought by John Johamiesen, Lone Rock, Raymond A. Winter, Lakota, Irvjn Hof, Lu Verne, and Oweu Nichote, Metropolitan Life, and Myrtle P. »l»t Algona. Algona. For'instance there would| >e five meteorological men. There would be additional postal em- ployes. With meghanics, flyers, and other specialists, there would be a arge s increase Jn income for Algo- Tuesday's Mai| late. Tuesday mornlng'.s mail from the ' 5 the building, ' east , did not arrive till 8 ttw afternoon. Operrttoa pontopn bridge 'on waukee trajfl na. persons unknown two weeks* ago Saturday, when groceries left la parked cars on side streets were taken, watches set a week again .ago flowers of the Glacier and Water town national parks. Eeserve Officers' School. The county Reserve Officers association had a 'school" at Ban- Monday night. R. J. Har- an d and 3443 contracts altogether will fn addl- be made. The greatest number of contacts so far made in any one township was 50 in Seneca, and cases sign ups were to last week-end no re; received from Eagle, Grant L Hebron, Riverdale, Spring' field, and Wesley townships. Burglary at Titxmka, Burglars who broke into 66 oil station at the Summary of the Case. . Mr. Shore suggests that aayoae desiring to take a trip l>y air can dq 90 by .driving to Des Moines or Minneapolis. Graated, bu{ is. "• ~ cpjjy;entent? 0»e can driv« to meeting, Major Saul the i. world armaments. watch will be continued, and thief or thieves may be "" " to lear^i that "bait" to There will be aq achool Friday. I George HQ&eaberger reacb^(| teachers will attead a distriptlgTth tfethday at Mason City. aad l*sl»"tW jona puul decide toi procure this wosld not be conjldejrej »ort aow, or not the best of service ture. 4a airpprt

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