Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 14, 1939 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 14, 1939
Page 9
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KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGOKA. IOWA PAGE MNfi ^ffcvingtonians" Back from St. Paul, Visiting Here I** 1 *' 4 ' 1 •»• MI , • ; ; ; M — . : — japer. Address your request to Dept. X, The Reader's Digest, f AMU r OF Cft LINE ' Paul "' the th|B _ again ' present are Mrs. »• r to. run uo ,v w , 8 o much. •* a s« fc •?."o.»'«"5 , for she When we called at Reuben 01- eon.'s, north o£ Bancroft, a week ago Saturday he was loading manure on the spreader, and we no- teed that he keeps his barn and barnyard clean. Reuben lias a really fine herd of cows, lie and three sisters do the farming, and the sister Agnes, who teaches in the Swea City schools, was at home that day. Another sister was help- Ing out at Mrs. D. O. Fricts' home, and Mrs. Friets herself Is still another sister.-The Friets family was having the flu. * * * * Richard Menke, who lives northeast of Bancroft, on one of the "Art" Murray farms, was feeding his cattle when wo arrived Satur day, March 4. He has 100 head aleo 150 hogs, and he said it kep both him and the hired man busj most of the time to care for sc iu i... much stock. But, after all, a fellow health gets some pleasure out of looking doctor j after such a fine lot. Butterfield, who lived on the J. M. Moore farm, northwest of Algona, lately moved to a farm he .„_ bought west of Bancroft. When vas not sold we called a week ago Saturday may do Mrs. Butterfield was just getting her rtime, for/She *± es Me tllles, Ramus, of Irvington, was helping. ..buyers, The Jaj so ine They had stopped a few minutes 1 -"'" " rranE ™ —' Ll made arrang 'ago to purcha )t complete^ «'• j?,?fSn d °move to Aigoim, • -Lnse has oeen rented. gSsi'WSi gd i Double '""""& o ' Weaver, Led-1 was to have windows facing the ?'-MVQ R v Thilges, of south and the east, which will give nnO Mrs. «• J „....__„ -.I__n_H« n Pnl^ n irlaur nf tlln Mn our, . to Eldora. for nuria toped tnc Officers Phone patrons on iklandR. J. SVilling. fed to levy an. 8 ually on each f upkeep andivprovemeni i P P en except the By a few days lip, Arvilla Hud , Miller were o her victims. acher for Hlvcrdale School— fcfrs. Helen Shore teach the rest of )• Sankeys movei Iclnlty. rprlse Honors i Lofing wa< lests. The parts lurch, and thc| bent at games. I Ralph, son of ahd 0. II. KLAMT, Field ItapreaentnUvc en or more, as a rule. * * * * We were at Walter Menke's lorlhcast of Bancroft, last week Monday. "Art" Murray is his landlord. Waller was a top-notch ball player, and now he is making !?ood as a farmer. We noticed hif horses showed up well. He wa. liaullng hay and driving a team o onk, showed us a new tractor \ "hursday. He was getting his machinery lined up for spring work.' * * t * Olaf Funnemark, northwest of Wesley, was doing some figuring >n conservation work when we called Thursday. He said he had lot been feeling his best for a few days, and so was staying in the louse. * * * * When we stopped at J. C. Skew's, northwest of Wesley, Thursday Mr. Skow was not at home, but the son Joseph had just come back from delivering a team of horses he had sold to John Boeckelman, north of the German Valley store. Joseph, SIX SWEA-EAGLE FARMERS GET MERIT CERTIF1CATES FOR CREAM who Is kept busy on the farm, i than showed us 110 little pigs, farrowed acidity, In two weeks, all purebred Hamp- shires. There are also 100 fall Swea-Eagle, Mar. 13 — R. H.| Walker and sons, William Krutnin, Harold V. Jones, William Thompson, Henry M. Larson, and Stuart Butterfield have received certificates of merit from Iowa State college, Ames, extension service. These farmers have been cooperating with the cream program. The cream sold last year was of very high quality, scoring not lesa pigs on the place gilt that was to He showed us a be shipped to fine blue roans. * * * * Edw. Marlow, northeast of Burt was doing chores about the yar when we contacted him last weeL „„ „ „ Monday. Ho has one of the fastest ( sa i e a t Colfax, and one of the sows greyhounds in these parte. The dog won " "~~ *"""" Is used in fox-hunting. * * * * 93, and on basis of flavor, richness, and cleanliness. South Dakota. 'He has sows that will weigh more than 600 pounds. He took three sows to a show and I one of the sows When the hogs ring this sow fifth place. were sold in the UI o . he ,: furniture Into place, and Mrs. the store however, for some coffee and transaction, lunch. [ \ Sh \lEona Godfrey Geilenfeld, who former- to AIB" .• i,.. llved on the D Urau t farm, north- to a a half mile west of Burt. Here a carpenter was re- I modeling part of the inside of the house, on March 4. The kitchen We called last week Tuesday on Jos. F. Ford, east of Bancroft, on the Mrs. Alfred Nelson farm. Mr. and Mrs. Ford have one girl, Jane Marie, age 2%, and she is a dandy. Mrs. Ford remarked that her hens were doing extra well. She has 150 ind had been gathering more than 80 eggs a day. The Fords are milk- n g seven cows. * * * * At the Gelhaus place at the north edge of iLedyard we found Chris and his hired man doing repair work on a manure spreader last, week Tuesday. Chris is a great joker, and every time this writer calls, he tries to hide out, but he always shows up In the end. We know him for a good farmer. Last season he built a big new corn crib with overhead grainblns, and this crib holds 7,000 bushels. # * * * William Fischer, north of Lone Rock, was fixing up the driveway brought the highest price, so Josept thinks that either the judge was wrong in the placing or the buyer was the better judge. The Skows do their farming with horses, and they raise all their cattle. They keep 30 shorthorn cows and a Hereford bull. Visit Madrid Aged Home- Mr, and Mrs. Oscar Berggren and Mrs. Anna Larson accompanied the Rev. R. C. Swanson and his mother, Mrs. B. O. Swanson, Swea City, to visit tht> Home of the Aged at Madrid last week Tuesday. The Rev. Mr. Swanson attended the board meeting held there during the day. Wesley Boy Scouts Plan Public Event Wesley, Mar. 13—The local Boy Scouts of Troop 45 will hold theii frist public ceremony this week Friday evening at 7:30 in the new high school auditorium. This wil be an Investiture ceremony ii which 22 scouts will be received a tenderfeet. The public Is not onl invited to attend but urged to d so. The ritual will be a candle light ceremony in which each scou will take part. L. L. Lease, chair man of the scout troop commii toe, will give a talk on scouting, and Bob Heath, Fort Dodge areaj director, will present moving pictures. Irvington J Pleasantville, N. Y.— The Editor. in his double corncrib when we were at his place Wednesday. He had some outside corn that he was going to store and seal In the driveway. Mr. Fischer likes to hunt * * * * Jesse Marlow, northeast of Banse-1 croft, was looking after his chick. Vhe'v lived ens when we saw him last week hnrtiM -were Monday. He and Mrs. Marlow raise DOUIBS V»ci .»._„ rpl,n,r ,,tn,.n ovnnpt- f. HU« — - -p y IllllgeO, UL ! 3UUL11 U.UU Lilt CrtOL, »>llloll ,« 1» t (-, 1 I V, UllVCWU.Y. 1*11. * InUllUl lllvtjf? t-w " j Mr. and Mrs. y Hammer, Mrs. Geilenfeld a view of the No. crow s, and he said that he and • joe, and wra. . gatur- 169 highway while preparing neighbor had shot 29 one evening 1 , fe»rBr«,£ u * &££&&"£ f attacks of the f •Missouri, but the Harry Thilges, who recently had an internal double goiter removed at Rochester, is much improved. He may return to Rochester soon for a check-up. Harvey Hewett, Granite Falls, Mnin., recently visited at Mrs. Clara Sankey's and at his sister Mrs. Anna Sankey's there. Mr. and Mrs. Keith Strayer recently took their 3-year-old son Sheridan to Fort Dodge for a tonsillectomy. Theresa Harlg, Algona, was a recent visitor at Mrs. Herman Becker's. Mr. and Mrs. N. Frideres are parents of a baby, born early last week. Student Is Honored- Lucille Bei'g, senior student at Buena Vista college, Storm Lake was recently presented a scholastic honor by Prof. Pauline Stimson. She had a "B" average in her studies for the first semester of 1938-39, She is a daughter of the Andrew Bergs. Taltcs Part in Church Program- Everett Bexell, student at Lutheran Seminary In St. Paul, visited a week ago Sunday with his parents, Bixbee. HENRY FORD HAS HAD MANY a good idea—Keeping ideas in circulation is certainly a worthy' public service for any community.; Henry Ford says that the only real j security that a man can have In the world is a reserve of knowledge,! experience, and ability, and that he| appreciates the way The Reader's; Digest presents a wide range of| current thinking. j He says that nothing is more profitable for all walks of life than nutritious ideas. But to find the BEST articles to read is an impossible job for one person. The editors of The Read- IF UIV U,(3\J fcJUilVlU.J »T*».«J- *«•" i [^v> i .j«j it. - --— Mr. and Mrs. Robert] er's Digest spend 625 eight-hour He took part in the pro-' gram of the tenth anniversary of the Immanuel Lutheran church In SAvea City. Other Swea John U. Nelson has been selected as a petit juror for the next term of court at Algona, which begins March 27. Edith, Alice, and Myrtle Mollnder visited last week' Tuesday with Florence Erickson. Lester Ferguson was very ill last, week with flu. days or_5,000 man hours reading through hundreds of publications. Thirty-five of the best articles selected each month from the thousands available, are condensed to the short, easy reading style of The Reader's Digest. The ideas, Information, and topics of conversation you find in this amazing little magazine will be a treat for you and your family. If you do not already know The Reader's Digest, you may have a sample copy free, through a spec lal arrangement made with this FOR SPRING AND SUMMER You are the handy man of the house and enjoy doing those little repair jobs we will be glad to furnish you with your needs. If its one board or a barn we assure you of satisfaction. IF You need new shingles, garage, or an entire remodeling job we will be glad to assist you from the planning, financing and building to the painting. You are one of Algona's many new families we will be glad to help you own a new home by paying for it as you are now paying rent. Houses are scarce in Algona. A home of your own will not only afford you comfort but a good investment as well. See us. F S. NORTON & SON PHONE 229 ALGONA recently. He knows every crow- roost in the county. Mr. and Mrs. Fischer are planning to move to I Lone Rock soon, and their son will i do the farming. • * * * * a lot of them. They were expect-1 rpi ic Wohnke hospital at Bancroft ing baby chicks this week. Jesse j nas D00n caring for a good many farms 80 acres, and he raUses his pn tients of late. Mr. and Mrs. Bert . «. nn Line 14 held I own horses. At present he has Kollasch have a new boy, born WH I»^» °" , meeting at more than he needs. Mr. and Mrs. Fcb ruary 25. He was a big baby, lr annual busme^ and Marlow have three girls and one weighing 9 Ibs. 7 ozs. The parents I filCVfltor O1I1LU uui*»**»*rf » _ | < ^ ( L ^_ — *« . _ .T i_; i-\«_,:^i T nn . . boy, none old enough yet to go to have named him David Lea. - It was $B Clarion Long, who lives north- lived northeast of Wesley, has •iyiai-iuu J-.UUB, wuu ...~.. moved to a farm south of Tltonka east of .Burt, was just ready to go where the late Herman Nordmans to the creamery with his cream j usec } to live. The Rotschafers had when we arrived last week Mon-1 round no farm to move to till this nt H re— I day He took time out to show us ono was i e ft without a tenant. Mrs. w-i* nbed last week a new baby girl who was sleeping. Nordman returned to her folks, ImonK others here This is certainly a fine baby. Clar-! wno live in Minnesota...... were Mr. and Ion keeps many cows. Last year * * * * in had illP dlSGflS wcio *«•» • •*•—i •**•• *•" ~ Forbus Stiltz end all the chil- he showed them to us. )aby daughter Carl He milks' L. E. Deibler, southwest of Ti. eld. Mrs. . on, and Betty has been hired the term at the ool just north cf Tony Becker's ( Riverdale. The school had been sed, but was reipened when the there from this Birthday— honoree at a .... irprise birthday party Saturday. school dassmates were was held at the afternoon was lph Kramer lit s Operation— and Mrs. Se- jastian Kramer, liad an appendec- py at the Kos.'uth hospital last leek Tuesday. GaV Arleen Other Iivington. [The E. R. Rushers, near Vaith, accompanied by ... tabier, reccn.ly visited a Des toines ttusher daughter whose lusband is com ected with the ffllO broadcast! ig station. It is ported that Bonnie Rusher will won enter WHO employ. i The Aid will meet this week pirsday at the church for an annul business rceeting. : You get a BETTER USED CAR from a BUICK DEALER ' TO SELL? ster Deluxe Coach A Ford CoocU 1 Model ' Chevrolet Coach Coupe Coach pad Coach Deluxe Sedan " 'Bulck jedan PROTECTING YOU A DEPENDABLE Merchant Experienced buyers will tell you the dealer you start out with is as important as the car you Iray. In addition to giving you "Top Value," we 'liack our better Used Cars with a broad, protective guarantee 50-50. That's our way of assuring you we make good on our promises. With a guarantee in writing, you buy in fullest safety. The car that never will require service hasn't been built. So don't buy a Used Car where you can't count.on gpod service. 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