Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 14, 1939 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 14, 1939
Page 7
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«r^ r , IF? '?VA i *i&te KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA PAGE B&Vfi>*: be, city P- tor b at ft Noon ^LOCALS MM. 1»« 1*< Smith was .a flu vie- ' ttm last week and was In bod for two or three days. fl. W« Anderson, employed with the flell Telephone Co., was sick last week with the "flu." Bather Q n i n b y, mathematics teacher, spent the week-end with , her parents at Cedar Falls. Mrs. ' Anton Anderson has sick with the flu been She Is better, but not yet up and around the house. i Mrs. II. H« Bryan, Marshall, Mo., „ Is expected Wednesday for a vlsll ..'.with her daughter, Mrs. W. D . „. Shlcrk will go to Dav- thls week Saturday to at convention til went to Sioux Rapids a year ago. Mrs. .lolin Anderson, of Fowler, Jolo., l a visiting friends here. She Mrs. Kunz's mother at had pictures taken at Brown's Studio Wednesday morning. The Fenton senior class of 20 had pictures taken Friday morning. Both classes were entertained at u ehdw at the Call theater afterwards. Mrs. M. J. Dnffy and Frances Duffy went to West Bend last evening to attend a shower honor- Ing Mrs. Leo Montag, the former Marian Jensen. Miss Duffy, assistant In the treasurer's office, is urer. » mm. JUIHIH ivuiix s motner ai ' — ~ ~ —,,—. Wesley. The Andersons formerly a sl3ter of M " J> Duffy> the treas " lived between Wesley and Sexton. '"''"' ^ Mr. nnd Mrs. Paul Clark, Mrs. -•--• i»..,i mint 4-tlUI \,t Ifl I IV, '1V11 O. Clara Walker, and the latter's son Mr. and Mrs. lAwrence ttansen, Wesley, and Mrs. May Harris, with her daughter Mary, were Sunday dinner guests of the Homer Andersons. They observed the birthdays of Mr. and Mrs. Hahseh and the Anderson son Richard. Mr. Hansen farms near Wesley, Mary is a telephone operator, and Mr. Anderson has the C. M. & St. Paul elevator. Mesdames W. €. Dnn, Mike Loss Jr., and Albert Hagg were at Whlt- temore last Thursday afternoon at- ternoon. Mrs. Burgess was there a week, and Mr. Burgess and the children were there three days. Mrs. Burgess's aunt, Mrs. A. N. Newby, Wall Lake, 'accompanied them home for a visit. Twelve Rotarlnns and two Rotary Anns attended an Inter-city Rotary banquet at Emmetsburg last week Tuesday night. The Rotarians were Jos. E. Lynch, Herman Rauberg, Helmuth Huenhold, A. L. Brown, W. H/ Godden, N. C. Rice, LGiiiUl C icM> I/ J. ii ui rauixj' ni LCI iivfwu cii' —.— ..-., . tending Lutheran Aid. They alsolL. P. nice, M. P. Weaver, F. fc. Norman Fried left yesterday morning for Minneapolis to attend a three-day convention of managers of S. & L. stores. States represented will be Minnesota, North and Sotlth Dakota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. 'Mr. Fried Is manager of the local store. Luclla Kupp, beauty operator at Woden, and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Matt Kapp here, went to Des Molnes Saturday to attend a beauty —.... tu ,. in 11 v, , emu LIIU icitLur n HUii David were Sunday visitors at S. J. Devine's, Corwith. Mrs. Walker Is a clerk at the Ben Franklin store. Arleno, daughter of Supervisor and Mrs. J. II. Fraser, spent weekend before last with her parents. She Is In New York Equitable Assurance Co. employ at De» Moines. -iTirs. II. n. JJcckcr and her muinus oaiuruiiy lu ununu u, ucau^j nephew, ^Duane Jensen, were sick convention. She was accompanied the flu. Duane, to Des Moines by Lyle Hughes Minneapolis, salesman for the visited the Victor. Daua, who are larents o£ a daughter Shirley Ann, >orn last week Tuesday. This Is .lielr second child, both being girls. Victor Is a cousin of Wra. C. Dau, and Mrs. Victor Dau is a cousin of Mrs. Hagg. Mr. and Mrs. Marlon Finnic, son Hilly, and Mrs. W. W. Finnie, all of Ames, will come Saturday for the last week with who makes his <. home with the — • — g —.....»•.*.. ». f wb) ) week . cnd guesta at their son, the Rev. M. A. Sjos- who has a beauty A"i m ';.«™ had ' 'Mrs., Walter Uolicrts, Mrs. Wil- tne i»" "Y ,1,1. nnp Ham Eaton, Mrs. George Smith, meeting before tnis one ^ M]g Clem Qadd wcre &t Fon wal Initiate dld »°USr! -Dodge Friday. jaaatot be Trf Klwan- Mrs. Herbert Furst had a major y jointly with the Kiwan ope) . atlon Monday mornin g at Ulc scnooi. . is a Bophomoro in high liert Eldlcii gave a demonstration on Allls-Chalmers tractors at Swoa City Saturday. Mrs. Eldien Saunders, Dennis Pratt, Gordon Dewel, and W. C. Dewel, and the Anns were Mesdames Brown anc Godden. Other clubs represented uncle, Wood Cowan, cartoonist. The j at points about the county Algonians fell in love with the Del- j also manufacture be-e supplies, ray weather. Mrs. Cowan says the' ..._„. temperautres were between 80 and 90 degrees most of the time. "One of the finest features," says Mrs. Cowan, "Is the oeautl't:! full moon at night." Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Cowan got bac^ Sunday from ten days at Do!ray Beach. II. F. Spnrks & Son have a closing out farm auction advertised for this week Thursday afternoon at one o'clock at Hobarton. For some years farming has been a sideline \vith the Sparks family. Mr. Sparks and his sdn took up the bee business and have developed It till now The* aso , ( keep two men, besides B. F.'s fath- 1 er, busy, along with other members of the family. Mr. Sparks ni.r hf. .". home at Hobarton, and ho also owns the old store building, where the r.upplies are manufactured. The sale will include three horses, three cattle, six hogs, and a line of farm machinery. Colwell brothers will be auctioneers, and the Iowa State bank will furnish the clerk. vjuuucii. vs,.i»,i ~.> --i- were Pocahontas, Spirit Lake, and they have some 2000 hives, includ- Emmetsburg. The chief speaker ing some 1200 at Hobarton, the rest was Alan Loth, Fort Dodge. L. J. Malucg was brought home Thursday from the Methodist hospital at Mitchell, S. D., where he FOR THE OFFICE — WE CARRY typewriter paper, ribbons', carbon, and other needed supplies/ The Advance. 18tf Beauticians Supply Co. Leona Stewart, of Marie's Beauty Calon, Gertrude Eclhenberger, o' the State Beauty Salon, and Irene ~L, .,.,.., „„,..,„„.,. mlo . i a , ulu , M Dragor, who operates Ire*o's accompanied him. The branch'Beauty Shop, went to Des Monies managers from Mason City were'Sunday to attend a beauty convention, They were expected to return today or tomorrow. Mrs. Ned 1'ortcr, Cedar Rapids, went home Wednesday, .after two in.ii.iu. mcy n i fl o cauca on Mrs. ***** h°™ wlth hc L mot *£ r 'K Dailey's mother, Mrs. Minnie Hect- | Charlotte Parsons. Mrs. Porter ia • - • i the former Opal Parsons. Mrs. .(vines, win come oaiuruay ior uie P 1 "" «*•• «»••.«•"-", — — •* ~ week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Har-', had been since a week ago Friday, old Walker. Marion Is a brother,! He Is a railway postal clerk on Mrs. W. W. Finnie mother, of Mrs. the Milwaukee. Mrs. Malueg went Walker, and the elder Mrs. Finnie j to Mitchell last week Sunday and will remain for a longer stay.! returned with her husband. Rutn Marion is steward at the Memor-1 Malueg, who teaches music^and ial Union, Ames, where he charge of a grill. also there. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dailey spent Sunday at Buffalo Center with the latter's cousins, Mr. and Mrs. K. They also called on Mrs. land, Lakota , p pastor of the oea ., .,. ,1 KoBBUth hospital. Her husband is a Kohcrtn Simpson, clerk at the S. ..... &L. store, was abBenl from work I „„„„ Co0P " r ' 'mineral salesman. u. c. Olson, of Pocahontas, at at Charles w j t jj i lcr son "Bud," wcre weck- the Joint ell ,i guests of the former's sister, l\(f lill\> ^" CI1U (jlAWQ t«S» »•»*. \.M\J i , at which Maj- jjrs. W. A. Vigars. iTBonar were pro-, County Recorder J. J. Dooley ••- was sick most of last week with T MM 'of Doctor Morgan's the f i U) an( i his daughter Imelda '' T Found Four Pearls. took charge of the office. • • ., lng w uh General Al- 3f r g. R. W. Anderson was a week i the World war and of be- guest of her mother, a Mrs. and she d " JUI- , *i4u*uur3i •• ••" " has! commerce in the Hansell schools spent from last week Tuesday till ! Sunday here. The basketball girls Mr. nnd Mrs. J. B. Passel navy • wujiw«j m,.^,. -..~ ~moved to Emmetsburg, whore the! at Hansell were playing in a tour- former has purchased a dry. nament, and there was no school *o Ann t nn . «i n «i njc« T> nnP .~i v*«,i Wpdno«rlnv tn Fridav. Wednesday to Friday. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Collinson's ....v, .v,v,c.. «».„„».„ . uu .. u ., u. uu . . u son Glenn, his wife, and children, being replaced by Harold Maas-|who recently left Clear Lake, are cleaning plant. Mr. Passel had managed the dry cleaning plant In the local Algona laundry and is dam, of Cleveland,,Ohio. He has three children, one being in school. His family.will move here as soon as they find a house. ' Dr. R. 31. Wallace left yesterday morning (Monday) for China, Thursday and Friday with the flu. j ls £ e Jf^l J £ ne 4 'o'eLano with ±r, i ,r zx£%* a. s: r f«* " e H? ~ to r%r«js, cS u*. SUH- £=-" s^r^'ias ed work last week at Irene's I clty - and were . now in California. Writing recently from Marysvlile, Calif., they said that after leaving Ileno, Nev., they climbed mountains 7135 feet high. In the Salt Lake City neighborhood they saw skliers, but in Beauty Shop. the son She ta a graduate of «» Tex., to visit his brother James, I California grass, was growing, who has been sick of late. He will j Vegetable and fruit prices there also stop at Shreveport, La., to | are much lower than in Iowa. Or- visit a nephew of Mrs. Wallace, '< anges were three dozen for only Lieutenant Luther Fairbanks, who! He, and three heads of lettuce farmed In Portland township be- " "' ' ^ '" ""'"' i-1 fore he went to Shreveport last aging a shop at Hampton. ilded to BgyP 1 - Wheeler, Webster City. Mr. And H v while the doctor was son \ s j n telephone employ here. 1 1 / hiw lie would be able to J5 a fl a jf. Bntler, employed in the if into' the white man's incom e tax division office at the Ion again, ho came to the a t a tehouse, Des Moines, spent the that faith, cooperation, wee k-end visiting relatives here. and character are the lour 5*. j,. Larson has been sick since necessary In remaking a last wee k Tuesday with the flu. L» must have faith in one's Mrs. Larson had bronchitis last nnltv one's nation, one's week> but ls now much Improved, today. Mrs. Rice made a visit at v hnr a community by it- Mr. and 3Irs. William Quarton, of \ Detroit and has also been in Roch- succeed cedaf Rapids, are expected for the! ester for medical treatment. ... - * ,-». _ i . . t_ ._ .. 1 '\ft* ii nil 'M*MU r\ v n»«nf t Tife YerFEaH Burgess went! th^-daughter, Betty Lou, got back to StorS C LaJ iwtetto?™^™^ 1 ™^ ^ S * ... . AT4nr»oonr\iiti Mr I nWT an officers executive meeting of wcre 5c. Glenn has a job in spin- of Mrs. Frieda Schu-1 fore ne v/ent to Shreveport last ach fields. Emmetsburg. Mr. DeLano year. The doctor expects to bo Editor .1. W. Hartinger, of the the DX oil company. back in a week or ten days. I Lu Verne News, had business in W. J. Becker, formerly of the Algona Monday. 'Mr. Hartinger Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Towne, with H. ii. jtvuker, loriueriy 01 me Algona iviouuuy. i«i. ijai Ln. b v,. Elk Pantatorium, lately returned i who owned and published the News the Okoboji institute. Plans were a ,-.- •-. ,. made for the Epworth League in-\^° vislrted , Mrs ; stitute at the lakes in July. f ls , ter( ^ ol: M ?' ? Mrs. N. C. Illce, with her daugh- »" '" fl1 " """' ° at Sr., Mr. Storck estate business there. to Algona after a year at Denver, and for the present he and his wife are guests at the daughter Mrs. Everett Anderson's. (Mr. Becker is now traveling for a haberdashery concern, with territory in Iowa ter, Mrs. Charles DuCharme II, the latter of Detroit, are expected here today. Mrs. Rice made a visit at Ino'r business can „ —...—, — - . 11 cooneratlon. I week-end with Mr. Quarton's par- IClaracter an Essential. ents, Judge and Mrs. W. B. Quar- juo anrvlcG Doctor Mor- ton. rarding Be " 10 ^°^ 01 . e Was Irene Brager went to . and Mrs. 0. K. Grefstad. of i slogan, to Algona. She had been living in an apartment at the Anton Anderson home since she and her son closing out farm sale from Holden, Mo., where they spent five weeks with relatives. The' weather there was J^f (*|1|* Mr I lit* 131- WU11L L*J 1./UO i •" "• «•--— .-- — —.-.-- — — — — , cneu « =•"»»»' ;;;~ 1nmle i a i n Moines .Sunday to attend a state | and the Lighters lived at Bode be[« Service. This P la « ue »-'{} beauty convention. She has Irene's fore coming to Algona last May. Idge's store, where Marshall ne ^ ^^ ^ ^ & ^ Jlr> an(1 Mrs< Mary , n clement 1 got his start. . ' i were at Des Moines .Sunday, and thins can succeed without BU • pij™],,,*], Foster teacher'Mrs. Clement remained to attend a lew behind . it, whether a ffl ^ ^ vacllllon j beauty convention till Wednesday., - ^i"^^- w Tnter sports there, business, or a nat on ^ t Mr .| She operates Marie's Beauty Salon ™ * , A1 a ^^^•S* « n *.^ *'^'*'- Bto te '^ contractors... „ . . ._._ i, lfew dayB.before the stock music cmp ioyed in the; visited Algona friends Sunday. Shej 11 "buim 6 Ty- Metropolitan Lite l™™^.™ n ^>™^™ rn ^ in 3,1 GSlalG DuolIlcoH Liici «• v "•"^* ••' " *"* v tw * ***,«» j *** ^.^ >* u JIII-H. A. J. Keen moved Saturday | and Minnesota, and he does not yet into the tenant house on the farm | know whether he will make his ' J home here again or somewhere in Minnesota. Five members of the Dennis Pratt family were down with the flu most of last week. Mr. and Mrs. Pratt, Esther, Betty Jean, and Mildred. The two sons,' Merle and Lloyd, have so far escaped, but say they are "crossing their fingers." Esther is employed in her father's electric shop, Betty Jean attends the Bryant school, and Mildred is local and society reporter for the Upper Des Moines. Sunday dinner guests at Martin Bonnstetter's were Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Bonnstetter, Garner, their sons Billy and Francis, Mr. and Mrs. E. some years ago, sold It to the late H. B. Coleman, taking back a chattel mortgage. On Mr. Coleman's recent death Mr. Hartinger resumed publication. For the preceding four years Mr. Hartinger had been in statehouse employ, mostly in the bureau of labor. He had a press breakdown and came up to have the Lu Verne school election ballots printed at the Advance shop, bringing the type with him. UL l^UlllUIL AJlgllLt:! O. '.Wll. VJJClS3l.au VPS T is in the insurance business there, a * j M G1 H t recent . - - • - i !'• * • !»»»>* -"•- "» ^ Mr. and Iv returned sides, t ibillty in the American peo- r the depression. I « I son City to do reporting, proofreading, etc., for the Globe-Ga- 1 ateu on last wees mouuay o.ur » ' " •"— »> —•• — *«.~. —. ! ruptured appendix, is reported to J. Anderegg, Britt, their daughter l " be improving. His condition was Harriett, and Postmaster J. T . Mrs. Harold Cowan, got Friday from Delray Beach, home Fla., where she had been since January 5, with her husband. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Kenyon drove to Mason City Saturday to meet her at the train. Mr. Cowan, with his crew of Algona carpenters, will return in two or three weeks. They have been building three houses for Harold's The new telephone directory will be printed soon. If you plan to have a telephone or want a changed or additional directory listing, please call the telephone Business Office or tell any telephone employee now. NORTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY YARD WINS IN Sirs. Alma Nelson left last week ze 'te. eight months old, is the sc Wednesday for Chadron, Nob., lo. SITS. II. Jt. DODSOn, witn ner new ^ Mrs. Hugh Colwell, th visit her daughter Anna a month. • daughter, Susan Jane.wasbrought 1(jcal auctloneer . Anna is a teacher in the teachers', home Sunday_ from the Iowa Meth- j Jfa> Her8chel Th considered serious all last week. Wayne, who is three years and eight months old, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Colwell, the former Bonnstetter, Corwith, brother _ Martin. Doctor Bonnstetter, who '. | is a veterinarian, is a son, and 1 Mrs. Anderegg a daughter of Mar- ' ~ Mr. Anderegg r STOMACH DISTRESS , SR.«a-,,.,».». **!ss ffi&^^^ir.s^-ifwS'^ir.Tr in the Shilts shoe store. Ho is the is manager of the local Swift eon of Mr. and Mrs. William Kol- local academy. evening visiting the Al- Kenvick, Emmetsburg,! phonse Bertes and making the ac- a daughter daughter of a: are farmers, and Albert is a local By L. 1). Prcwitt. Irest City, Mar. 13—The Led- 1 high school basketball • team high school, the '^Si^^'^^^irK^l^^SSli^'i-* ;,,»,« .1 Ib, dbtrlct tour- J~k •;.,S? 1 S,S l , l ~ 1 "' w jS. Sri! «er« w,ek-.n<l ga.rts of th« C. E. iting Dr. and Mrs. Marion Crawford, who recently moved there. Doctor Crawford is a chiropractor. The Algonians also visited friends at Hardy. Mr. Thompson Is in employ tin Bonnstetter. with 1 , farms near Britt. The Rev. and Mrs. F. Earl Bur- , gess got back Wednesday from Sac TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14 AND 15 Continuous shows from 1 O'clock The Show Boat's in Town! It's swingtiflM, lev«*l City, where they attended the golden wedding anniversary celebration of Mrs. Burgess's parents, Mr. j and Mrs. W. H. Irwin, a week ago Monday. More than 200 people at. tended the open house in the at- An onlQeid'po»<l<ir OH<ta|lialU- ,no agonl lake il qH«Wl>al> 01 \. W. LUSBY YOUR PENSLAR DRUG STORE . Roland white and 5 rouna 01 tne uusiriui ium- •• „.,; rirtriino-o. tat Webster City Thursday Mrs Milton Glddings . j win, 34-22. illard was leading 6-5 at the Giddings is in Rochester Pommerenings. Mrs. Gels is the former Esther Pommerening, and Clark, of the Ban- 1 her husband- IB a clerk in a groc- e start of the last period. The i follows: i- FG FT FTA PF 2 ' 0 mpson 6 new son . home hi The baby was itors here. Mr. and Mrs.. White visited Mrs. Mary Quinn, mother of te, and the VerVeers vis- and Mrs. P. P. Zerfass, "e «« ^ «— *»* to t Ames M5onday to spend _the__week parents of Mrs. VerVeer. Roland .he law college of Drake McDonald 1 ry .2 .4 1 2 1 2 4 Mildred Pratt, «iuu ». i at Moines staff, with the Sen attending a spring Ames college for county and home agents. Mrs. Ruth agent, went flu, and Duane E. Dewel, of t Advance, was also sick. 0 Charles Kuchynltn has leased the .-15 „. „ „..„ .._ sick most of last week with the flu. He was able to downtown yesterday (Monday), Mrs. Alvin Grelf and her daugh- ir Ann were Algona shoppers Saturday and were dinner guests at W. C. Dewel's. The Greifs are farmers in German township, and Ann teaches a German township rural school. Ann Rich, of the Dewol _ ^_ ^_ __ . , i r.fofir»t\ ntl liirtoL IJu uu>»*itwn*«. ^ •*-— - — " ' • ">. ? s r«.°H.t"t« i^ -;.!'r,,jrzrc,sr k /.w,! ^ n, rr FTA PP. S VT'K,™; .«"K ™i»l %$&££ S1SW n» n n -, n ji/»/,M «^ n ^t n « flif« VOnrR. \%U11 tllo uiact*^^ i.* 2 "66" station five years. ll Janie* Blshoi), Harlan Sigsbee, I ttUIIICft »«I!51."1', ""• " , 11 Esther Pratt, and Elaine Hilsteadt I were at Mason City Sunday, visit- 0 ing James Spencer, who is I1 ployed at the Hanford hotel. is now at home. Dr. and Mrs. F. E. Sawyer, with left this morn- Tex. „,.. , their son em-! ing (Tuesday) 10 r--v. Ledyard lost to Ells- P by one point, 27-26, in the f -final, and Ellsworth - in the •»i round defeated Livermore, loyCU uV LIJD ii**n*w« « « ----Archie aicBanel, Sioux Rapids, " rce can, beja" work- last week Tuesday a J poin s east. 1HK v i ucov*c*j t *«• . Thence they will travel along the Gulf coast to New Orleans and They expect to be weeks or more. bigli school seniors and Mildred home, were •LbH**!) *** v«v — •• * housemates two years ago at the state teachers' college. The Soren Dldrikscns are again Algona farmers. They have th John H. Seeman farm four mile east of Algona. Some years ag the Didriksens bought a place at the edge of Britt. Before that they had farmed in this territory. This farm was sold a year or so ago and they spent the winter m the Kutschara house at Sexton.. IO\VA TUES.-WED., MARCH 14-15 2 ACE ATTRACTIONS BIMSTEADSTRE HERE AGAIN! THURS. THRU SATUR. March 16-18 SWNNAY ENNI5 and Wi »and • A Columbia Pklur. Co-Hit FENCER TRACY MYRNA LOY CLARKE QABLE —in— "TEST PILOT" lew Directors are I Chosen at Lu Verne 1 Verne, ~M^~ 14 _ All-new' bws were elected for the Lu I 6 school board Monday after• A total of 196 votes was Walter Hefti was elected for » iears; Dr. H. D. Meyer and WsNygaard, for three years. Re\^ m are J - A - Wnlebak, w^been on the board 19 n Miller and Edward latter resigned in Members whose ot expired are Woyd| «• Irvin Chapman. ' PATRICK'S NIGHT at BALLROOM SPEED QUEEN WASHERS Itfo other Washer has all these fine features! l-Built by a company that has been operating over 30 years. 2-Steel chaais construction. 3-Oval bowl shaped twb» 4-Double wall to keep water hot. 5-Super Duty Safety Roll wringer. Co-Hit JAMES DUNN RALPH MORGAN —in— "SHADOWS OVER SHANGHAI" Plus Serial, "Lone Ranger Rides" EXTRA—ST. PATRICK'S DAY and SATUR., 17-18 School matinee 4:15 Friday. Mat. 1 and 3:30 Satur. World's Champion Dog Acrobatic Performers RONTO AND BINGO "German Shepherd Dogs Swinging trapeze, tight and slack wire, ladder climbing, limping, creeping. and Maxine Sullivan Cab Calloway's Colored Singer THURSDAY, MARCH 16 2 T). m. Mat., prices 10-26c. COLPS Foster furniture Co. ROYAL -NEIGHBOR BENEFIT BAY~SPECIAL FRIDAY AND SATUR., MARCH 17-18 All the thrills of "Hurricane" and "The Informer" rolled into one of the grandest outdoor pictures ever to reach the screen. Exciting journey into the Badlands of a wild and lawless era! 7 MEN! desperate new kind of adventure of the old west WALTER WANGER'S \GECOAO £-** JOHN WAYNE CLAIRE TREVOR Plus Important March of Time STo, 8 on Release Date. 1 What is behind Mu^solinin's demand for Tunis? i Will there be a "Mediterranean Munich," or war? To understand 1939 wajr eipuds you must eee MABUR ' t»

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