Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 14, 1939 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 14, 1939
Page 6
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PAGE SIX COUNTY ADVANCE. AL60MA. IOWA ANDERSONS, OF LU VERNE, WED FOR 40 YEARS Lu Verne, Mar. 13—'Last week Wednesday was the 40th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Emil Anderson, farmers northeast of town, and the occasion was remembered in the afternoon and evening. The Andersons are the parents of three daughters and one son: Mrs. Arthur Carlson, Stratford; Mrs. George Wolf, Mrs. Elmer Kubly, and Orville Anderson, all of Lu Verne. The daughters and daughter-in-law invited relatives and friends for a 6 o'clock dinner, and neighbors and others came for the evening. A short program was given in the afternoon. Mrs. Harry Lichty sang two solos, accompanied by Mrs. Ray Stone, and Mrs. S. R. Baker gave two readings. The bride was presented with a basket of flowers from her grandchildren, and a purse was presented to Mr. and Mrs. Anderson. The Andersons, who have lived in the community 23 years, came here from Satford, and guests from there and from Stanhope were Mr. and Mrs. Andy Holt, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Westrum, Dalton and La- Jean, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kane, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Schnyder, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Jernquist, daughter Betty Jane, Mr. and Mrs. Eric Berglund, Mr. and Mrs. John Carlstedt, Peter Anderson, Mrs. Theodore Lundquist, Sophia and Josie Anderson, Mrs. Charles Bergren, Mrs. Lloyd Anderson, daughter Doris, and Almeda Holt. IF. S. Graduate to Coast:— Jacqueline Conoway left last week Tuesday night for Redlands, 'alif.. where she has employment and plans to attend college. She is the oldest daughter of Mrs. Pearl Conoway and a graduate of the Lu Verne high school in the class of 1938. Mrs. Conoway's mother and other relatives live at Redlands. Jackie had been bookkeeper at the local locker refrigerated plant, and Merle Eggleston has taken her place there. REWRITES Briefs summarizing principal news In Tuesday's Upper DCS Moines. F. E. KENT, C. C. Shierk, Roy Christensen, and John Kohlhaae were elected directors at the annual meeting of the Chamber of Commerce at the high school gymnasium and auditorium Wednesday evening. Nearly 300 persons attended the banquet, which was served by the Catholic women. President Kresensky introduced other members of the board and the city officials. Secretary Major Saul briefly reviewed Chamber activities of the past year, saying, among other things, that though Algona is only 52nd in population in the state, sales tax reports show it 21st as a business town. After the meeting was adjourned to the auditorium the high school band gave a short concert and Bernice Stock's tap dancers gave a program. Arthur H. Brayton, secre- here before serving in the army in larv of the convention bureau of the World war. He was In the ser- SON OF ROSEWALLS 'OUTSTANDING 1 IN BLUE EARTH'S N, S, Th'e saying that there Is always sunshine after rain proved true in the case of Charles Rosewall, 17- year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Hjalmar Rosewall, Blue Earth, grandson of Mrs. Marie Rosewell, Algona. Charles was recently released from the hospital where he had had an appendicitis operation, and the following Saturday he was awarded a medal and cash award as most outstanding senior boy In the Blue Earth high school. The youth also received "letters" for achievement at football, In a mixed chorus, and in a boys' oc- tette. The awards were given by the Blue Earth Legion post at an annual high school "activities" banquet. Charles's father, familiarly known here as "Katz," clerked at the local Misbach clothing store HOSPITALS KOSSUTH. (March 8—Harvey Banwart, Algona, surgery. 'March 12—-Mrs. C. D. Schaap, Algona, medical; Mrs. Henry Engstrom, Burt, medical. •March 18^-Mrs, Roy Thilges, of Bode, surgical; Mrs. Herbert Furst, Algona, surgical. March 6- GENERAL. -Mrs-. Walter Banwart, Rolfe, tonsillectomy; Anna Keller, West Bend, tonsillectomy. March 9—Ted Bakke, Ottosen, major surgery; Reynold Stenzel; Elmore, tonsillectomy. March 10—Mildred Bonnstettet, JARCH Sof tener P 1 a n t is Eyed at Whittemore Mayor Robert Whttlemore, Mar. 13 Ross Brady, Town Clerk Flnnell, and the counctlmen— J. B. Geelan, Gene Martini, Prank Bes- tenlehner, O. A. Polrot, and William Roeber— drove to Laurens, Underwood, and Glldden Thursday to investigate water - softener plants. Installation of a 'plant here Is under consideration. The group reutrned enthusiastic over the plants visited. Pastors Exchange Fnlplts. The Rev. P. J. Braner, pastor of the Trinity Lutheran church here, will preach at Lenten services at West Bend, tonsil and adenoidec- West Bend Wednesday evening, and the Rev. E. J. Otto, pastor of the church there, will conduct the services at the Algona Trinity Lutheran church. tomy. March 11—Ruby Sanderson, of Burt, medical. March 12—Homer Lindhorst, Algona, medical treatment; Rita Ray Higason, Algona, medical; Delores Beockholt, Swea' City, minor surgery. March 33—Mrs. Tony Thilges, Algona, medical. Wesley Pupil Suffers Fall. 'Wesley, Mar. 13—Stanley, eldest the Des Moines Chamber, gave the j vice IS months, and after he was son o f j^r. and Mrs. J. P, Studer, principal address, in which he em-; discharged he bought a men's'f e u on j ce ' a ( sc hool last week j phasized that though Algona has a; clothing store at Blue Earth and Tuesday and suffered a cut in the Wesley Sow Tops Sale. Wesley, Mar. 13—J. C. Skow and his son Joseph were at Colfax last week Tuesday for a Hampshire breeders promotion sale. One of the Skow Hampshire sows topped the sale for aged sows, and the received $8 In prize money. good record it should keep striving for better things. KKTINGS for the 1039 AAA; , r f. d °i"," ge /, on : has been there ever since. ! forehead 1 "'•« Rosewall, the former Mild-' stitches. which required three He was taken to a doc- . ? rlvate P. iano , tor at Algona, where an x-ray pic- ji 1.1.1 liiuri 101 me 1:10;; .ii/YA !-„„ i A i \- * . < v "*t>w»i«, »»i»cic on A-I«J< i;»u- setup began Friday and are contin- !'* ' S °™J\ [Algo " a bef ° re **™*B*- : ture revealed a cracked collar uing this week with a meeting to-; „ ,' *"* M 'j? Rosewa11 have one bone. He was able to attend school .Supper for Queen Esthers- Queen covered- it the Methodist Saul and Elizabeth day at Bancroft, one tomorrow at Lu Verne, two Thursday at 'St. Joe and Seneca respectively, and one: Friday at Swea City. Others are j for next Monday at Wesley; Tues-! day, Lakota; Wednesday, Titonka; i Thursday, Whittemore; Friday, | Burt. j INTEREST in Algona's plans for • an airport is spreading. Three air-; lines are now waiting to see, whether the proposed bond issue is j approved by the voters. Two lines j could extend terminals to Algona: to make east-west connections. i WILLIAM H. SCHUT.fER, only' Margaret Miller is president. 34, was found dead in bed on the i farm where he lived southeast of, Brotherhood Sees Slides— Titonka last week Tuesday, the re- i The Baptist Brotherhood met last suit of a heart attack in the night, i wcelc Monday evening at the Two children and Mrs. Schutjer church, with W.^ A. White, J_ohn survive. ' " ' ™ THE T. 0. SHERMANS have re- the next day. Aged Weslcyan Suffers Fall. Wesley, Mar. 13 — While Swen Manson was getting fuel Thursday, March 2, from his coal shed he fell. He will be 82 next Saturday, and the fall resulted from dizziness. His head and an arm wer4 hurt, but not seriously. -*Made Citizen of U. S. Whittemore, Mar. 13 — Emma mittee, and Eugenia Little had charge of the lesson. Mrs. V. K. Rising is the girls' leader, and • . S <?™! c ° m T *°eber, George. Meyer, Dr. J. W. McCreery, and Wilbur Roeber were t Fort . Dodge Wednesday, and j OFFICIAL PUBLICATION NOTICE OF LETTING — SEALED bids will be received at the office of the County Auditor of Kossuth county, at Algona, Iowa, until 2 p. m., March 24, 1939, for furnishing bridge and culvert material as follows; 115,000 bd. ft. 3 in. by 12 in. by 16 ft. Fir plank; 36,000 bd. ft. 3 in. by 12, in. by 18 ft. and 20 ft. creosoted Fir or Yellow Pine; 2 carloads Red Cedar piling; 2 carloads pressure treated Yellow Pine piling; 3 carloads corrugated metal culverts; 2000 lin. ft. concrete culvert pipe. Bidding blanks and additional information may be secured at the office of the County Engineer, Algona, Iowa. — March 6, 1939. E. S. Kinsey, County Auditor. 25-26 Miss Roeber was granted final papers admitting her to United States citizenship. Hancock G. 0. I'. Women Active. Hancock county has an active republican woman's club. It met at turned from a month in California j "Touring Through West China, with their son Richard, who is with R . G- R lchardson as "lectur- writing scenarios for the movies. I er .» They made a stop at El Paso, Tex., ' -where Mr. Sherman has a brother, j Prayer-Meetings Scheduled — JUSTICE COURTS in Algona! Met » odls t Cottage prayer groups were almost at a standvstill last!'?. 1 ' 13 meeti "S tomorrow (Wednesday) Jordan, Gordon Ogg, and R. Jen-1 Garner a week ago Saturday for a kins as hosts. A feature of the ev- | program and refreshments and ent was stereoptican slides on | will meet at Britt April 16. n " ^ .. topic will be foreign missions, and Mrs. Rhoda Blanchard will be leader. Helen Seeley and Myrtle Olson entertained the First Lutheran chori at an informal party Thurs- Kight to Federation Moot— Mesdames Bernard Wolf, Fred Merkle, S. R. Baker, F. I. Chap-j man, Myra Peitzke, Ray Stone, and Harvey Nelson, with Hulda Fritze-j raeier, attended a meeting of the Bounty federation ot" woman's clubs 1 "^'^ «»HHUOL c*u ^ oLdnuv-iLin iu^i.i» , „ , ^ ~ .... ^j w-.m. «,. tn* IULVIUICLI ^«i u,> Aiiuia- at Titonka last week Tuesday. | week. Justice Danson reported a!° el .V , \, t,, P- . m ' „ .,, ' B J ' dav evening at the former's home. j «-,„ ,,,.j „ ,,„ „ „ a _ •>«•! 1-tOttGl'S. All's. .bjISlP. I .fi n v R. fi 11 n ! "C^mmt- ,-..-..•, ,.„.,,, ~ i_ _AI _!_•» Pipe-Organ Concert Announced— | "A treat" for Lu Verne music lovers is announced for next Sun-1 day evening at the Zion Ev. Lutheran church. Frederic H. C'esand- er will give a program which he calls "just a musical evening." j NOTICE OP PUBLIC MEASURE TO BE SUBMITTED TO THE ELECTORS OP THE CITY OP ALGONA, IOWA. AT THE NEXT RiEOULAR MUNICIPAL ELECTION OP SAID CITY TO BE HELD ON THE 27TH DAY OP MARCH, 1939. To All Whom It May Concern: •Notice Is hereby given that whereas on the 23rd clay o£ February, 1939, at a regrular meeting of the City Council of the City of Algona, Iowa, the following Resolution was duly passed by the City Council of said City, to-wlt: RESOLUTION NO. 1 WHEREAS, on the 23rd day of February, 1939, there was filed In the office of the City Clerk of the City of Alsona, Iowa, and with the Council of said City a Petition petitioning the Mayor and City Council of the City of Algona, Iowa, to submit to the . __„ _ ...... o ..... ^ __ o uuu marriage ceremony for a Minne-' f, ottel . s ' 1 .? 1 .. , e , , y s> and ! Fourteen young people attended. I electors o£ the City o£,Algona, Iowa, sola couple: Elmer Orthoff, Glen- 1 , ' A ' R> '^ruikshank s respectiv- Mrs. R. G. Richardson and Mrs. at the next regular municipal elec- " theme this week is "That Extend coe, Lillian O'Hagan, Silver Lake.i?,' y -, „. ; God's Kingdom May CURTIS WARD, Algona, was | Around the World." lately awarded a $10 prize for a, model of a ship which can be seen Pancake Snpper is Served— from all sides by means of a set of! The Methodist S. S. class cleared, mirrors. Popular Mechanics of- some ?20 from a pancake supper i | fered the prize. JUXE COREY, vacationing Party Honors a Birthday— E. C. Meyer was honored on his i birthday last week Tuesday even-! ing, when 25 relatives and friends i gathered at B'ernhardt Meyer's to San Francisco. She has been vis- celebrate the occasion. The even-1 iting relatives in Nevada and Calling was spent at cards. ! fornia. THE PURDY STORE at Ottosen Saturday church. night A. at the Methodist F. C. Volske willl be hostesses at a Baptist mission circle meeting Thursday at the church. Mrs. Henry Furst will be leader. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hagg enter- at a card party Wednesday and Mrs. Ralph Harberts ,,,„ ,-,„ _. , ... , - . agent, is president of the class. J. the Coast, Has written home about! p Qvermyer and "Josh" Blossom as pancake consumers. Editor's Wife Visits Here— | Mrs. J. W. Hartinger came from! Des Moines for the week-end with j Lone R°ck, who is now in posses- Mr. Hartinger, who is again pub-!? 1 . 011 - Mr - p urdy, who operated it lishing the Lu Verne News. D. A. R. Luncheon Today— _ The D. A. R.'s, who were to have was recently sold to "Chester" Alme! i met wlth Mrs - Gertrude Oan . to _ day, will instead meet at Mrs. Horteuse Ferguson's for one o'clock Bands Plan Joint Concert- Plans are being laid for the local i •ugh school band to join with the Oivermore high school band in an indoor concert. 15 years, continues as postmaster. THE EUGEXE ZITTRITCHES in luncheon. Co-hostesses are Mesdames Leota Geigel, Lulu Raney, and Anna Fairbanks. Other Lu Verne. This will not be a heavy concert of music of the kind that one must •,tudy for years to understand and ippreciate, hut will be an explanation of the historical development if the organ, of its tonal families, md an illustration of talks, with •.elections on the organ to show its beauty and its .serviceableness Such melodies of harmony and iver living beauty as the Serenades of Schubert or Titl, the Largoes of Handel, or Dvorak will be heard. Mrs. Nellie Gregory, who had ieen at Wesley for some time, •ame home one day last week and ias since been sick. Addie Thompson, who had been with Mrs. Peter Thompson for some months, returned to her home at Morrison .ast week Tuesday. Anna Murray was confined to 'nome by sickness most of last ,veek. Union are in quarantine for scarlet fever. The oldest boy has a mild Cong'l Dinner Called Off- case. Mr. Zittritsch is staying with A Congregational St. Patrick's his mother. . dinner which was to have been F. E. KEXT and R. H. Miller, who recently returned from four weeks in California, found many Californians betting-mad on horse races. DUAXE 3IETZHER, Plum Creek, served at the church Wednesday has been postponed because of so much sickness. Other Society. The Baptist Loyal S. S. class met Thursday at the church, some recently suffered a broken leg 20 women attending. Mrs. F. C when his pony fell as he was rid- J " "'"" ' ~~ ing it. The leg is in a cast. HERBERT FREXCH was elected president of the Lu Verne Commercial club at a recent dinner and annual meeting. I'ATROXS OF THE Lakota telephone exchange are talking of the dial system. Life Insurance is Paid. The late Jane Stauffacher, of Lu Verne, held a $500 Royal Neighbors certificate, and the late Hazel D. Butterfield, Ringsted, held a $1,000 certificate. The Royal Neighbor magazine reports ment of both claims in January. pay- Volske and Mrs. Clifford Bjustrom gave two readings each. Hostesses were Mesdames Samuel Medin, Anna Bowman, and Nell Cook. Mrs. William Geering entertained the Carnation club last week Monday evening. Fourteen persons played rards. A shower was given for Mrs. Raymond Igou. Mrs. Ralph Valentine won the high score. Fifteen members of the girls' Oampfire group bad noon luncheon Saturday at Dorothy and Nancy Saull's. The gir\ls were to have made a hike, but weather conditions did not permit. There will be a mid-week prayer meeting at the Nazarene church Wednesday evening at 7:30. The - ~ . 7g26 j Whittemore. each. - A. C. Carlisle FOR SALE - 3 BRONZE GOB- _blers. -Ralph Albright, 22F4. p2G 16p26 WE DO rr<?Tmr Cl ™ Bristol /3 on fiun __ 10 P 26 - 29 MARRIED MAN WANTS WORK on i farm. Tractor experience— Call ! Advance. FOR SALE-REGISTERED milking Shorthorn bred heifers, bulls one to 12 months old.— Aaron Steussy, Lu Verne. 12p26 17 EWES FOR SALE. Some have: lambs. — W. R. Smith, Burt,! phone 22F11, Wesley. 12p26| — - --- SALE—DROPLEAF enameled table, cheap.—Write box 26, Lone, Rock, or call 44. g25-26; FOR SALE OR RENT—160 A. well improved, good farm, Dodge county, Minn., on highway and school on farm.—0. B. Anderson, Forest City. Iowa. 22p26 NEWS SHOP—WHATEVER YOUR reading preferences, we have what you enjoy. Magazines and newspapers.—Algona News Stand. 16-21eow WANTED—GIRL FOR GENERAL housework and to care for children.—Inquire Advance. 12-2-26 FOR SALE —A FEW MORE PO- land China brood sows.—Herman Carlson, Wesley, la. 12u26 WILL DO DISC SHARPENING on! farm.—Call Roy Cook, 11F131.I Vesiey, 26F14. Algona. 13p26-27j SMALL PIANO, ONLY ?68 to pay. Continue the payments. Can be seen in Algona.—Write Critchett Piano Co., Des Moines. 19p25-26 HUBAM SEED ANNUAL SWEET clover, recleaned and scarified at Emmetsburg; $7.20 per bu.—E. O. Mann & Son, Burt. 17p25-26 ^R SALE — HUBAM CLOVER, cleaned and scarified. Priced -ight.—Herman Becker, Irvington. 12p26-27tf SAfLB — PUREBRED AND grade Poland China brood sows; ""- calvee. — Herman Carlson, 'our Vesley. 15-24utf SALE—10 GOOD HEAJLTHY Duroc brood sovre, April farrow, aew Improved method guarantee- Ing satisfaction.—Cowan Building & Supply Co. 38tf QUICK HEATING FURNACE— Green-Colonial is quickest heater known. Come in and we'll show you way.—-Laing & Muckey. E&S26 LAPEL WATCH FREE! ONLY 14 Sargent Feed gift coupons. No other cost. 10c coupon in every 100-lb. bag. See us at once for information. — Anderson Grain & Coal Co. E&S26 PERSONAL LOANS — WE HAVE helped thousands protect credit, meet current emergenies. Auto "or furniture as security.—Edward Capesius, new Heise building, Algona. E&S26 NEW 1939 KOZY BROODER house. $43 and up. No freight to pay. Trucked right to your door. On display at Hamilton Hatcheries, Bancroft and Titonka. 25 u tf | I ADVERTISING COPY —THE AD- vance office provides classified campaigns on all types of merchandise or service.—No extra cost. —The Advance. 20tf HOME LOANS — MONTHLY RE- duction or straight term. Title 2 FHA loans low interest rates, no commission. Loans for all purposes.—Algona Federal Savings & Loan Ass'n. 26u8tf F*LOORS SANDED. RBPINISHED with permanent floor finish. A RED CLOVER $7.50, ALFALFA $7.95, certified hybrid seed corn $3.50, all per bushel; also other bargains. Postal card us today for catalog and samples.— Hall Roberts' Son, Postvllle, Iowa. 29u23-36 WE WISH TO EX'PRESS OUR thanks for the many kindnesses shown us during the sickness and death of our mother. — Mrs. H. R. Gibson, Mrs. Stephen Loss. William Decker, Lawrence Decker, uft ner for men. The young women of the Nazarene church will meet Friday evening at the parsonage. The program will be in observance of St. Patrick's day. The Presbyterian missionary society will meet Thursday at Mrs. L. G. Willson's, Mrs. Dennis Pratt assisting. Mrs. Clarence Shilts will be leader. tlon of said City to be held on the 27th day of March, 1939, a public measure substantially as follows: "Shall the City of Alsona, Iowa, levy annually a special tax of not exceeding one and one-fourth mills per annum upon the taxable property within said City for a period of not more than twenty years, the collection of which Is to be anticipated by the issuance of airport bonds not exceeding Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000.00) for the | . purpose of acquiring, Improving and equipping a Municipal Airport, all as provided by Chapter 303-cl of the Code of Iowa?" AND WHEREAS, said petition was signed by 331 qualified electors of the City of Alsona, Iowa, equal In number to twenty-live per cent of those who voted at the last resular municipal election of said City of Algona, NOW THEREFORE, Be it resolved o A special tax of not exceeding , one-fourth mills Per annum upon the taxable property within said City for a period of not more than twenty vears, the collection of which is to be anticipated by the Issuance of airport bSnds not exceeding Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000.00) for the purpose _ot acquiring, Improving and equipping a MtmlclpSi Airport, all as providedI by Chapter 303cl of the Code," be submitted as provided by law, and the Mayor and the Clerk of the City of Algona, Iowa, be and they are hereby authorized to publish notice pi said election as provided by law in the Algona Advance and the Algona Upper Des Molncs, newspapers printed In the English .language In the City of Algona, Iowa, and of general circulation In said City of Algona, Iowa, once each week for three consecutive weeks as provided by law. Adopted by the City Council of the City of Algona, Iowa, this 23rd day of February, A. D., 1939, at a regular meeting of said Council. Attest: ADAH CAiRltSON, City Clerk of the City of Algona, Iowa. • Approved by me this 23rd day of February, A. D., 1939^ ^ spECHTp Mayor of the city of Algon'o, Iowa. I, C. F. Specht, Mayor of the City of Algona, Iowa, hereby proclaim that at the next regular municipal election of the City of Algona, Iowa, to be held on the 27th day of March, 1939, between the hours of eight o'clock a. m. and eight o'clock p. m., there will be submitted to the voters of said City of Algona, Iowa, the following Public Measure: Shall the City of Algona, Iowa, levy, annually a special tax of not exceeding one and one-fourth mills per annum upon the taxable property within said City for a period of not more than twenty years, the collection of which Is to be anticipated by the Issuance of airport bonds not exceeding Fifty Thousand Dollars (SSO.000.00), for the purpose of acquiring, Improving and equipping a Municipal Airport, all as provided by Chapter 303-el of the code of Iowa? That said public measure will be submitted on ballots to be used at said election. (For an affirmative vote 'upon the rstWar e . „ Second Ward-Kent Motor Com- Ptt Thi'rd Ward-Third * Ward Behoof H Fo?.Hh Ward-City Hall. DANCE BURT LEGION HALL WEDNESDAY EVENING Ray's Silverbloom Orchestra Our 1st Big 1939 Sales Event! ^-O' March 1 SI-18 Thousands Save Un to lOc a Pound on Fine Fresh EIGHT O'CLOCK COFFEE ii Ib. »j SUNNYFIELD FLOUR 49-lb. bag EVAPORATED MILK, White House 4 tall IONA CORN, Hois No. 2 cans 69c 4 Xo. 2 cans' 99c 35c Armour's Corned BEEF, 2 12-o/. cans- Armour's Roast QQ ,* BEEF, 2 12-oz. cans_«5i7C Armour's Beef and. OQ/» Noodles, 2 IG-oz. cans^e/C Armour's Corned Beef HASH, np* 2 Ki-o/. cans ^tlC Armour's Potted FT _ MEATS, 2 3^-oz. cans / C 5-oz. can 5c .Ming Foy Bean 1 P SPROUTS 2 Xo.2 cans-* t) L Ming Foy Chop Suey -j Q ^ VKG'BLES, Xo. 2 can-* «^C Ming Foy Chop Suey SAUCE, 2-o/. bottle— Ming Foy Chow Meln XOODLES, 2 Xo. 2 cans Ming Foy Bead M.OLA.SSES, Q 8-oz. can *J C O/T« OOC Vegetable Shortening SPRIT, triple creamed, 8-lb. can __ ' Heinz KETCHUP, 2 U-oz. bots. Ann Page Tomato KETCHUP, 2 U-oz. bots Ann Page Salad DRESSIXG, Qt jar Angelas — Cello, pack MARSHMALLOWS, 2-lb. bag Upton's TEO— Green, }£-lb. __________ 29c Black, J6-1I). __________ 43c Cleanser , SUXBRITE, , 10/» 4 14-oz. cans _______ J- w \j. Gelatin Desserts, Puddings SPARKLE, -t A M 8 SM-oz. wkgs. _____ J.UC 1 K ** COCOA, 2-lb. can ...IDC Choc, or Vanilla Cream Sandwich •* /j COOKIES, Ib. ______ -IC/C Yukon Club Assorted BEVERAGES, 9K~ -1 24-oz. bojs _ ______ £O C Plus But, Deposit Disposable Tissues KLEENEX, -O/r^ 2 boxes ____________ £O C Campflre 3LARSHMALL01VS, 1 rr _ Mb. pkg. __________ JL i C White Eagle Soap CHIPS, 5-lb. bag ___ Win a trip to the New York World's Fair! Details on every pkg, NECTAR Green -j rr OUR OWN Black Of _ Tea, H-lb. pkg. J- 9 ^ Tea, ^-lb. pkg. 4J. C Boys' Girls! Given Away — Magic Tricks —with every loaf of A & P SOFT TWIST BREAD, o Mystify young friends 20-oz. loaf OC The Diversified Diet o /* RED HEART DOG FOOD 3 I 6 . oz . rans^tJC OHVILO TOILET S OAJ> " —- 4 cakes- Get lour Copy of the March ^Woiuoji's Day"—gc a cppyj A&P FOOD STORES 00 YOO LIKE TURKEY? 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