Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 14, 1939 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 14, 1939
Page 5
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KOSSUTH COUNTY AftVANCft ALQONA, In Township Home Project Women Study Bread -Making A Taxpayer on the Airport Ma?' ,kli final Trends Phase lesson In this woman's home ;; e "sented by Mrs. Vtw Thursday to U chairman, aerved In buffet on making bread was from dough' { od va i ue of Ed vStlons of the ons for schoo important bulletin were pointed , or Achlevent day, , n be May 2 at Burt, were . Fenton township's ex- Kt be on Tread-making. E tw illbeonu ^ we were brought them. lTme S eHng at Mrs. Carl Kern's ''""to The lesson was. given A H Meyers and Mrs. Mansager, anoV 151-women , nue d Mrs. Ernest Voetteler, I a leader, and her group were A and B in the project Tor" Independence township, 'Alto county, met Thursday ing at Mrs. Kern's to lay Plans an Achievement day exhibit rch 22 at the Kermore hotel, letsburg. They also practiced singing numbers, ana an •ds for the memory contest t played. Miss Dunkelberg, H. 4 was present, and others were " W P. Weisbrod, music firman, A. H. Meyers, Melvin Amer Cody, Ernest Iteler Denvood Kern, Helen Alfred Muir, and Arthur sters Club Has Meeting— i Independence (Palo Alto) ciub met at Lyndon and ie Kerber's last week Monday , 14 members and eight sts attending. County Agent demonstrated rope halters i gave a lesson in identification 1 judging of farm seeds and Officers are: president, i Kerber; vice, Milton secretary-treasurer, Robert (eland; publicity and historian, ne Kerber. Boys 10 to 21 are The next meeting will be |Mrs. Loretta Gif fin's April 6. |A Program is Given— j PTA met last week Tuesday ining in the high school auditor- n, and Mrs. Charles Newel was airman for the program: violin , Shirley Frank; songs by in- ledlate pupils; marionette , upper grades; address, The i of the P. T. A. and the Ad- ss of Affiliating With the |tlonal and State Organizations, Kushner, Emmetsburg; pi- i duet, La Vonne Newel, Betty i Schwartz. DOES ALGONA NEED THIS IMPROVEMENT NOW? Ily (Jinn J. Shorn. Both of the Algona papers are promoting the proposed airport and the publicity Is somewhat one-sided. Wo have heard quite a bit about "keeping in step with the times" and "the needs of the future", but the people who are promoting this project are very hazy about present needs. Does Algona really need an airport now? I have yet to hear a good argument for an airport as a present need. There are no planes owned by Algona people, and it is a pretty safe guess that there would not be many for some time even if we had a good landing field here. While there has been a great deal of technical improvement in aircraft during the past 20 years, there has been little basic change. No fool-proof plane has yet been devised, one that can be operated by the average person. In spite of all the ballyhoo by the air lines It must be admitted that airplane travel is still hazardous and very expensive. •There are about 4,500 people in Algona. All of these people will be taxed to pay for this $50,000 airport, but it Is evident that only a very small number of these people would use it or benefit in any way from it. , Air service is now available to any person who wishes to use it. Certainly any man who can afford to travel by air will have a good automobile, and with a good car one can drive to Des Moines, Rochester, or Minneapolis In only a few hours, and from any of those citlps ho can reach almost any point in the country by plane in 24 hours. For example, one can leave Des Moines at 5:43 p. m. and arrive in New York City at 2:09 ? m.; or one can leave Rochester at 8:55 a. m. and arrive at Seattle, Wash., at 6:40 p. in. the same day. That should be fast enough {Cor anyone. It is difficult for some of us to grasp the idea of the people of Algona providing airport facilities, and then trying to induce the officials of an nir line to slop planes here. If those officials .believe it would be profitable to make stops hero, why should .they not provide their own facilities? What would be the public reaction to a bond issue for the purpose of building a fine new station for the Milwaukee railroad? Or, perhaps, for the purpose of building a $50,000 home for the Northwestern Bell Telephone Co.? I would personally favor either of these proposals more than to provide an expensive landing field for an air line. Both of the corporations named are already doing business in our town, rendering good service, and paying taxes to keep up our schools. If we wish to make a present to a corporation with tax money, then why not give it to a company that is now doing something for us? Either of these companies is furnishing employment to more Algona people than an air line is likely to do for years to come. It may be true that future generations will need an airport at Algona. Well, then, let them build one when it is needed, I believe that we arc doing a lot of unnecessary worrying about "generations yet unborn." It Is hoped that they will be at least as intelligent as we are, and it is possible that they might appreciate it greatly if we would mind our own affairs and allow them the fun of solving their own problems. That is particularly true because of the fact that they will get the bills • for a lot of these grand things we are doing for them. In our own generation we have come to need good roads, and we have built them. We shall also have many of them paid for before they are worn out or obsolete. Why not do the same .with an airport? When we noert it it is certain the land will still be there. Certainly the land may cost more then, but if it does, that will only mean that the city will be better able to pay for it. (Let us hope that Iowa farm land is worth more in the future). One of the most attractive features of Algona is the low rate of taxation. We are certain to be faced with higher taxes •in the future, for there are improvements that are necessary, as, for example, a sewage disposal plant, better parks, and improved streets. These are Improvements that all our people will benefit from and enjoy. Algona, March 7. WHITTEMORE YOUTH FETED ON BIRTHDAY Quilting Bee Is Given— •Mrs. Herman Voigt gave a quilting bee Friday, and attending were Mesdames Arthur Heldenwlth, Herman Meyer, R. A. Behnke, George Meyer, Louisa Meyer, Mrs. Lester Baas, and Mrs. Christ Meyer. T.auckH Hay Haack Farm- Mr, and Mrs. William Lauck have bought the Gus Haack 80-acre farm and will get possession April 10. It has not been learned what the Haacks Intend to do.' Academy Grades Lose Game— The Presentation grade basketball team lost a game Friday on the public school floor to St. Ce- SENECA Whlttomore, Mar. 13—Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Heidenwith entertained for their son Ellsworth's 18th birthday In the Lutheran school auditorium Thursday evening, 'here were 32 guests. Cards were layed at eight tables, and Gertude Meyer won high for women, vlth Myrtle Barber low. Raymond teller was high, George Frost low, or boys. Evelyn Volgt won a door )rize. Ice cream, cake, and sandwiches were served. Ellsworth received many gifts. Attending: William and Ernest Meyer, Harold and Alvera Behnke, George and tenneth Frost, Bob Fleming, Rol- ^ o ^ and Ostwald, Harold, Evelyn, and| scnoo i auditorium ^Thursday, and Blenora Voigt, Esther, Lida Her- a ft er n short business session ;ha, and Paul Potratz, Myrtle Bar- i unc h was served by the hostess, jer, Maynard and Wilbur Roeber, w jj O -^re Medames Louia and Wer- Norma and Maxine Bell, Dorothy ne( j Braatz, Fred Bierstedt, and Wagner, Melvin Helnrich, Lyle An- Dietrich Cordefl. dcrson, Roland Esser, Clarence Herman Meyer, Alfred Bruhn, Struccker, Raymond Heller, and an( j Henry Frambach returned Oeraldine Mallory, all of Whittemore; Vera Dau, West Bend; Gertrude Meyer, Rosella Volgt, Mr. and ed Mayo specialists. A number of women attended a shower honoring Mrs. Alfred Peterson, formerly Florence Woodbeck, at Clem Dotson's Thursday afternoon. The afternoon was spent quilting. Ruby Paulson was at Forest Christensen's in Ringsted Wednesday and Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Irvln Classon spent Wednesday with relatives at Mallard. Ivan Larsen, who had spent ten days at the Classon home, returned with them. Mrs. Albert Cody and daughter Maxine spent Thursday and Friday at Minneapolis taking medical treatment. Mrs. Leon Looft, Armstrong, spent Friday at the parental Mike Kennedy's. The Frank Woodbeck family moved to Armstrong Monday. Mr. Woodbeck has been employed by Charles Jacobsen two years. celia's academy, Algona, score 20-3. Victor Dans are Parents— A girl was born last week Tuesday to Mr. and Mrs. Victor Dau. The Daus already had a boy. Other Whtttemore. The St. Paul's Lutheran Aid had a monthly meeting jta the Lutheran from Rochester Thursday. Mr. Bruhn and Mr. Frambach consult- Mrs. Lloyd Walker and daughter | Shari-Ann, Algona. ARMSTRONG Mr. and Mrs. Warren Barber are the parents of a son, born a week after several days with her sister, Mrs. John Laffey. The Armstrong girls' basketball team entertained the Ringsted girls at the Armstrong gymnasium Meyer IJtrtlulny is Observed- Relatives helped William Meyer, celebrate a birthday Thursday' vea " ! ' evening. The men played cards and the women visited. Lunch was served by Mrs. Meyer. Attending: Messrs, and Mesdames Hugo and Lenoard Meyer, the Albert Meyers, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Volgt, son Raymond, all Whittemore, the Edwin Liebs, Lotts Creek, and Mrs. Herman Behnke, Algona. Lutheran Schools are Inspected— H. P. C. Mueller, Fort Dodge, was recently here for two days. He is superintendent of Lutheran parochial schools in this synodical conference, and he spent a day in each room of the local Lutheran school, in which H. W. Behnke and P. L. Jessen are teachers. From here he went to Lotts Creek for a day with William Schmiel, paroch- 'ial teacher there. Woman's Birthday Celebrated- Mrs. Lester Baas had a birthday Thursday, and helping celebrate in the evening were Mr. and Mrs. William Roeber, son Melvin, Mr. and Mrs. William Hanover, son William Jr., August and Emma Roeber, and the Jack Ketelsons. Cards were played, and lunch was served. Installs Lnmbcryard Manager— L. H. Pertl, manager of the Fullerton lumber yard, spent last week Tuesday and Wednesday at Mrs. William Higgins and her brother, James 1 Bigley, drove to Sioux City Thursday to visit the former's daughter, .Mrs. Don Syl- ago Monday morning at the Cole- Wednesday evening. The evening man hospital in Estherville. He has been named Ronald Lee. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Gaarde and i Oil Co. to Meet- Tie annual meeting of the Fen- iHome Oil Co. will be held this Tuesday. Present officers : Dr. J. T. Waite, president; E. | Huskamp, vice; A. H. Hanna, ary; directors—A. H. Krause, ». Weisbrod, John Wegener. G, | Krause is manager. »Going to California— Huskamp, Chicago, ar- red last week Monday for a brief ill here before ahe and her moth- i, Mrs. E. A. Huskamp, leave for | extended visit with relatives In Ifornia. They plan to attend > "orld's fair at San Franciaco. wel1 [to Federation Meeting— lesdames E. C. Weisbrod, A, H. r ers, J. A. G. Smith, J. A. Muel- J. A. Schwartz, and E. A. |eiBDrod, the latter of Whitte, attended a county federated »u's club meeting at Titonka t Week Tuesday. tern Visitor Goes Home- Elmer Weisbrod returned lay from Klemme, where bad been since Sunday with Wves. Mrs. Carl Suckow, of ""'""i, U., sister of Mrs. Weia- -s gone home, after three *«« in Iowa. Other vere nominated; presi- Otterness; vice, B. G. llreinia n 81ecret a r y - treasurer, Kl^fiJ^^^wm at the April meeting, ^served by the faculty, and son, of Flint, Mich., are visiting at the parental P. A. Gaarde's. Mrs. Doland Gambel, of Forest City, Mrs. Harry Beck, of Estherville, daughters of the Gaardes, visited at the'parental home a few days] this week. Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Hansen returned home last week Tuesday from Cedar Falls, where they took their son Dale to resume college studies. They also visited their daughter, Mrs. John Sires. Kathleen Kennedy has returned home after two weeks with relatives In Minneapolis. Mrs. Carl Halvorson visited at her daughter Mrs. Arnold Le Maire's in Blue Earth, Minn., returning home Sunday. Mrs. Nate Jones is visiting her mother, Mrs. Burgess, in Pine River, Minn. Mrs. George Wlllson is recover- was spent playing basketball and socially, following which a lunch was served. Rolfe, "checking in" Chester Heckstrom, of Minnesota new manager there. -Mrs. Pertl attended a meeting of Fullerton representatives at Mason City Thursday. LOTTS CREEK The Andrew Elberts entertained at cards Tuesday night. Present were the Harvey and C. W. Elberts, the Joe Leiningers, John Kohlweses, Mrs. J. J. Will, the L. A. Hackbarths, Arthur Rusches, Nick Genglers, and^ Louis Schmel- 1 It-iP 1 YOU'RE NOT SLIPPING ...so long as you wear ing from a light stroke, and Is being cared for by Mrs. G. S. Hors- A surprise birthday party was held Friday evening at L. C. Le- Van'a for the son LeRoy. socially Rusch and C. W. Elbert won low, and Mrs. Harvey Elbert received travel. ._ . Mrs. Everett Dreyer, Mrs. Paul Eigler, and Mrs. Eigler, Fenton, were Wednesday afternoon visitors at the John Kohlwes home. The Aid met Friday afternoon with Mrs. Fuerstenau. Visitors, were Mr.s Henry Meyer, Lu Verne, Mrs. William Meyer and Mrs. William Schmiel, of Lotts Creek. Superintendent Mueller, of Fort The Dodge, was a -"isitor at the Lotts parochial school Thursday. KwoZ Vis SpTceV, BernTce ochial schools, Horswell, Rose Ellen Whitlow, Shirley Peterson, Ernest Laurltzen, Arden and Ellis Jongberg, and George Homsey, all of Armstrong; Robert Tvedte, Blanche Wilson, Maxiiie Johnson, Gayle ^Squires, Omar Na», and Wllma Irwin, all of Estherville. Sta*4tolO;AAAAtoD Mrs. Martha Chrlstensen has re- Pierce on Wesley Program, , Wesley, Mar. 13 — The Parent- Teacher association will meet next week Monday night in the school auditorium. The Wesley Farm Bureau will have a part in the pro-, gram, and E. V. Pierce, state game warden at Algona. will show slides. The girls' glee club will sing W. wp? v , if^jK'-SSfe: :tiy* Brldge club and Wels - 1 Crouch or women, low. r rthuejr - c ^ borne r^ y> after »* ew ' 8 wif e. who is at Oak- not doing well at pres- 1 *? Algona ss pictures taken s?4*«o ZWstf. r'&vV? afcsfi ;',;;&'*;£;'£ j^Jj^i&lg^ itft^fislifefe mm ft;*! y Lively pdl.rni in red ind blue on whiu background. harming little fashions that will bring Spring to your petite girl's wardrobe, now. Full, flaring skirts, sweet princess lines and darling dirndls in the new. est Spring colors and fabric*. Shop now! Spring OPENING Open House Wednes., 7:30 to 9 Plan to attend this gala event. Gifts for the children and a surprise for every adult. A CONTINUOUS STYLE SHOW ON BOTH FLOORS No merchandise will be sold, but our entire stock will be on display. See the season's smartest styles and greatest values. TWO FLOORS AND A BALCONY devoted exclusively to the sale of ready-to-wear for women and children. (By ready-to-wear we mean everything ready to wear from SHOES TO HATS. From corsets and to coats or rain coats if you need them.) A store for every woman. If its SOMETHING TO WEAR you can get it at Kresensky's. 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