Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 7, 1939 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 7, 1939
Page 9
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KOSStfTH COUNTY ADVANCE, AL60NA, IOWA; delivery. PERMIT PRICES 816 44C per gallon tn 15 g allon lots or mofe ' lots AGAINST DECLINE gamble Stores Jos. Eisele, Whittemore, Dies Suddenly FARMER NEAR WHITTEMORE FOR 37 YEARS B. S, PANNKUK, 81, PASSES AT TITONKA f. II. KI.AWV. Field ttepresentntUe When we arrived a week ago i they milk 20 cows and feed 15 Thursday Dean Andrews, south of j callves. Their cows are all pure- Hurt on No. 160, and Mrs. Andrews [bred Guernseys, although' they yard. We asked whether he liked SECONDARY ItOAD » ail nersons whose names appear In the within eby Blven « ft"!^ the office o£ the County Auditor of < ?"/has beeI Lr! of the Boara of Apportionment, ahowlim •lowa. a rel *£i to be levied on all parcels of real estate sment proposea J° ' lot No . 4.17, which schedule oC proposed "jWH —U •ram — 1( W M 91 ••»» »l 94 M M 94 M 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 '29 29 29 29 29 39. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. iNamo of Owner Assessment Vivien and Marguerite Miller $ 8.0:! Vivien and Marguerite Miller 8.12 Vivien and MarRuerlet Miller B. S. Pannkuk, 81, died at 11:30 | Friday at his home hero, where he 1 had been abed with diabetes since early last tall. For many years Mr. Pannkuk Whittemore, Mar. 6—Joseph .Kis- was a stockbuycr hero," being a elc, west of Whittemore, died at his member of the Schram-Pannkuk homo Wednesday. He had suffered stock firm in the early days of Tia heart attack, but was apparently tonka. Prior to that time he was W0 re just ready to go to help the; have not kept up the pedigrees, recovering when a second and surt- a successful farmer in German | Loyail Youngs move, so did not '• They boys were setting up a new; den attack ended life. j township, whore he was one of the 1 , ] m ve much of a visit at the An-1 brooder house for they were ex-j Funeral services were conducted early settlers before the town of drews home. They built a fine pccting baby chicks, (it St. Michael's Catholic church Titonka was established. " brick house last season and have **** Saturday. Requiem high mass was ; At death, as for many years be- been enjoying it this winter. The! Frank Gahan, who lives the first sung by Rev. Edward Fandel, of fore, Mr. Pannkuk was president kitchen faces east, and Mrs. An-', place west of Wallace Donovans, Homscn, nephew of Mr. Eisele. The of the Titonka Savings bank. drews can see cars go by while 'on the south side of the road, was Rev. Father William Volt, local Funeral services will be con- B i 10 j s doing her kitchen-work. It I feeding his cattle Wednesday when pastor, was present in the sanctu- '. ducted this week Tuesday at 1 p. U s an old custom in the country to| We were there. He has 50 head of ary during mass and officiated at m. at the- home, with the Rev. wn tch traffic on the road. When j Shorthorns, and they are high the grave in the Catholic cemetery. Mr. Sclmlt-/., of the Titonka Lu-.^, 0 were a boy it was a rare team grade. He has a purebred Short- Friday. They are dandles, and maybe he would sell some of them. He also has a fine lot of Spotted Poland China fall pigs. Mr Waltman keeps enough stock to feed all the grain he raises. * * * * Russell Shlpler, southeast of Hurt, and his hired man were grinding corn fodder when we called Friday. T.hey had sharpened the knives on the mill, which was doing a good job. Mr. Shlpler likes to feed his stock well, and they show good care. He has a fine Kelgian stallion. * * * * We called at the Fred C. Tlgges home northwest of Hurt Friday and were met by a little boy in the PAGE! NltfB gum, and he said "Sure!" But .;n* also wanted a stick for little slaM* Alice and brother Edward, which shows that he Is tHoughtful and unselfish, like his dad and his mother. Mr. Tigges had come la from a field -where he had spread manure from the barn. He goes out almost daily and keeps hte bartt clean. * * * * Herman Leek, who has moved to the Grant Fairbanks farm In Portland, was checking the bearings on his disk Friday. He Is thinfctng of seeding oats soon. What a "grand and glorious" feeling we shall all have when the snow, the Ice, and the chill winds are all only memories and spring opens up with sunny days and warm, winds. Acolytes serving at the mass theran church, officiating, and D a d and Mother could not in- wore Francis, Billy, and Ralph 1:30 p. m. at the Ramsey Reformed 'atantly identify, but it is not as Kollasch.; church, with the Rev. Calvin i casy noW) w ith so many cars ex- We ]'-f*i Fandel and Raymond , ,-.,-„ WUYUCI-I. 8.34 Pallbearers wore Henry Oeclan,! Schnucker, pastor in charge. The, act i y N" M" arid A. Weyclertl'III s!fl2 i Frank Burke, Frank Bostenlehncr, 1 Ramsey Reformed church is 4V2 N'.', M., and A. Weydert ll.BS Martin Puffy, Harry Dodo, and miles north of Titonka. Interment N./M., nnd A w ey( i ert "'Is I Charles Salz! I will be made in the churchyard *va"n k'Kohltaof " lUS Mr. • Eisolc was born March 19,! cemetery in Ramsey. Frank Kohlhaas ".I 3.02 i •Frank Kohlhaas S.34 Kohlhaas """III" 6.77 | and Yydwina Eisele. At 17 he omi-'dren. horn bull at the head of the herd. He bought this bull of Henry Goishecker. It iri a fine animal. Frank is batching at present and said he pflanned to hire some married couple for the summer work. one another. * * * * found Ira W. Hansen, the filling station'man west of Burt, I He remarked that he had 42 ap- ... servicing cars with gasoline and! plications from people who wanted 1867, at Neufrs,.Germany, youngest! Mr. Pannkuk was married twice, p u t h e i as t time we stopped there. ] work, of four children born to Jerome'and he was the father of 19 chll-|i' ra sa id business was good. Mr. There are 50 grandchildren ' an £ j^ rs _ Hanson have three chll- Just A Minute Here's Something That'll Interest Farmers Frank Kohlhaas Frank Kohlhaas 6.83 grated to America, first of his peo- , and n appear In the within schedule arc „„. come on for hearing before the Board Algona Iowa, on the 30th day oC March, hearing any of the above apportionments ?swHB»- fgr?«yiSr b^»^s~ « ; YnMWsed'V may 15°' ^tlons tp said report on or before noon eln cre !! m. written objectimiB^ been .. oonclus ivcly waived 16 great-grandchildren. Arthur D. Larson, east of Swea .. H1 s dren, one girl and two boys, and City, and his son-in-law, Wayne pie to seek fortune in a new land.' first wife and four of his children two ol( j er children attend school at, Fetters, were trying to get out o£ He located at Pontiac, 111., where'.are dead. Three brothers and Bul . t _ Iva has a pleasant situation the yard with a truck when we ar- on February 5, 1894, he was mar-: three sisters are living. | f or his station, and his equipment; rived last week Tuesday, rled to Elizabeth Kerker, Loudres, I Mr. Pannkuk's first wife was, keeps up with the times. | was drifting 111. Mr. and Mrs. Eisele eelebrat-1 Hilka Wiltfang, Wellsburg. They You and your family are invited to our ALLIS- OHALMERS Spring Opening Day to be held Wednesday, March 8th. ed'their -Mth wedding anniversary! were married Octobei 20, 1877, and had ten children: Mrs. Gertie 1 last month, all children and grand- Snow into the driveway * * * ] faster than it could be shoveled We called a week ago Saturday: out. The writer had to walk over on Henry Bahling, south of Burt, drifts to get to the house. Mr. Lar- children attending. In the spring of 1902 the family, Pannkuk, Applington; Mrs. moved to Whittemore. Mr. Eisele, Winters, Titonka, deceased; Everts, Titonka; the Rev. Henry 1 an(1 f oun( i him hauling straw to the sen, who had been sick, was much " " Alice barn . He uses It for bedding his Improved. Mrs - stock, which stock shows good, FREE LUNCH AT NOON! Moving Pictures Starting at 1:00 P. M. Showing factory and equipment in -operation Harry Keith, the farm imple- 1I1VJ VV;»t LU TT lIlLL^flfJl Vi, AIA 1 • JJM.IV.M w . - - ------ -• • • tJij"^"» ,.-.. — -- ------ ----- — — , converted a half section of undo- Anna Rike, Titonka; Anton Pann-j care< Mr> Bahling raises some fine - j_ velopod land into a fine farm. He ! kuk, Algona; Mrs. Maggie Brandt, ho and he now haa a span of ment deaJei i at the . vest . end of Ai ' . , lost heavily in the depression, but Titonka; Boyd Pannkuk, Titonka,' ell matched sorre l two-year-old gona - always has a lost Heavily in tne Depression, out iuuun.a, w?» *.«*............, "T', wen matuneu BUHCI i,wu-jBe»..-v,»- - th 1f i( . _ tnr , with high courage set out to re- deceased; Mrs. Hilka Oeiskiiig, Ti- colta- The Bahlings have been resl-, ^ e kTue_davSe showed cover himself and had the satisfac-l tonka; Mrs. Ella Brandt, Woden; den ts of the Burt neighborhood for week Tuesday he showed tion completely to straighten out Fred Pannkuk, Lakota, deceased. his affairs. Born on a small farm he had an inherent love for at least two generations. * * * * The second wife, who survives, was Rachel Smidt. Marriage took) When we were at Herman us a manure-spreader mounted on rubber tires. Harry says people are getting more and more particular , i NK14 ---- SEVi -— . swy 4 SW14 94 94 91 94 '94' 94 94 94 94 28 28 28 28 28 2S 28 28 28 28 as 28 ,28 28 28 41.4 40.92 40.39 36.37 40. • 40. • 37.30 40. '40. 40. 40. 40. 38.09 40. 40. Max Herbst — «-*j farmer. He "-«• Herbst •'• •«! i „„,.,(„,. lifp i Plathe 8.K>, eailiei lite, H E. Plathe IIIIIIIIIIIIII 6-37J managing the" farm 'to his son j Alice Warner, deceased. ?ohrf •and at Hen,-y-GeT S necUerI 1% \ Frank who remained at home and ; -. — John and Henry Qeishecker. 8.651 with his youngest sister Alice, John and Henry Gelsheckcr. S.3J! • W orkcd faithfully to insure their | John and Henry Geishecker. fi.OO, fatho) ,. s an(] mother's comfort. I j' G'. Plathe IIIIIIIIIIIIIII S.rral Mr. Eisele was devoted to family I St. BENEDICT Mevers north of Wesley ad b - Meyers, noun or wesiey, the soil the'ut- Place in March, 1902, and nine Bleich's, southwest of Burt, Satur-iyear by year, and even the way tne son, me ui , ^.^.^ were born . Antollp de J day February 25 , the family was manure is handled is getting to be rue'ceased; Evert, Laurens; Mindert,' packing up to move to a farm a job for which the best equipment wnrlcnrl hird in his 1 Titonka; Mrs. Agnes Stecker, Ti-: SO uth of Whittemore. These folks is wanted, ut in later years he : tonka; the Rev. John Pannkuk, lived in the John Long Jr. farm- of i Hopkington; Francis, Ben, and yard last year, for they had no farm to work, and they are now to get back to, ^ ^ ^ ^^ He nkeg tQ feed cattle and he spends most of his time caring for them. He informed „ 4 + * .us that Mrs. Myers was visiting We called at Oliver Mathson's, their daughter who lives at Spen- A FULL LINE OF TRACTORS AND IMPLEMENTS WILL BE ON DISPLAY Klassie Motor (South of Algona Hotel) Ml . and Mrs . Matt Kelly were j'. G. Plathe "IIIIIIIIIII— S.33 \ nm i h.j s church, and though in de-1 gues ts from a week ago Saturday j. G. Plathe Oi ; cllning health he retained to the .. tl jj Thursday of the J. A. Johnsons, near Algona. The Harvey Johnsons were guests .last week ,. the within schedule are j end a keen interest in local and hearing before the Board world affairs, the 30th day of March, Two-years ago Mr. Eisele purchased a house at Whittemore; but; he was never even inside it—ap- i ,£, O uisa Huschka got home Thurs- Sunday of Mrs. Dg White, who now at Titonka. KOAT) 4°4?, of parently too reluctant to make the •• da y f. rom a visit since Christmas final move. Then,, last fall, thej at Chicago with her aunt, Mrs farm was rented to a son-in-law, Francis Stephenson, and cousin Frank Kollasch, and plans were at Vivian Stephenson. last made for retirement. But on I Folks gathered at the Halligan Baer, of Burt, is the country the first day of March, the very horrc a few evenings ago to help butcher in that part of the county vicinity will find them good neighbors. southwest of Burt, ten days go,, cer. but Mr. Mathson was at "the other place," as Mrs. Mathson put it. The farm is owned by an insurance company, and it has two sets of buildings on 160 acres. Oliver has some stock at each place. * * * * At M. S. Arend's, northeast of Burt, the men were butchering a beef Saturday, February 25. Mike ment Is as follows: Loivlslon Sec. Twp. Rng. Acres NW« .! ,NWK — ; NW14 —.28 K SW« ____28 K SW14 ...28 III SW« ..28 SW« 28 il W« ...29 £ ....29 % .—29 % . 29 HB5 29 - SE« . ..29 8E J ....29 ^ .29 x, as 28 28 28 28 95 95 95 95 95 96 D3 95 95 95 95 93 • 95 95 23 28 28 28 28 28 •JS 40. 40, 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. Name of Owner Charles C. Bgel * Charles C- Egel. vTnT B W. Clark, Comm. of Ins. E. W. Clark, Comm. of Ins. Kate Bedell Kate Bedell Kate Bedell Kate Bedell Sarah A, Brass Clara B. and Ella H. Lews!. Clara B. and Ella H. Lewis_ Jesse Bedell Jesse Bedell Assessment 7.30 9.S8 10.15 7.02 10.14 day set for moving to town, Mr. Eisele died. "~ The relatives nearest Mr. Eisele feel that the quiet departure for the eternal rest while still in the old home was an eloquent finale to a life nobly lived. Evidence of the esteem in which Mr. Eisele was held was attested by the large number of neighbors and friends who came to the home to pay last respects. . Two brothers of Mr. Eisele and one sister are dead. He is sur- 10.14 7.80 (notified that . Sarah A. Brass 7'$ vlved by his wife and six children: ..„». A n «« issJMra. Frank Kollasch and Mrs. James Bisenius, Whittemore; Mrs. Herman Bode, Corwith; Albert, Blue Earth; Frank and Alice, at home. There are 15 grandchildren. Two Birthdays Celebrated— Relatives helped Mr. and Mrs. Otto Bell celebrate the.blrthdays of the couple's daughters, Emma Roeder and Irene Bell a few nights ago at four tables of BOO and lunch. Mrs Lester Baas won high for women, and Mrs. Alfred Bell was high Jesse Bedell i'S Jesse Bedell »•* and each of you whose names appear In the within schedule^are sald_report will come on for hearingbrfme the ove apportio Ice. , wTme"writUn oWeotfonVtb said report on or before noon of said e a sa repor . vtors at their office in Algona, Iowa, on the 30th day °{. ,.two o'clock p, m. At said hearing any of the above apportionments 1 be Increased or may be adopted -without further notice. fl .Unless wu file written objections to said report on or before noon of sam I the same will be presumed to have been conclusively waived [All assessments may be paid in full without interest if paid within twenty Is from date of assessment Is confirmed. [Dated at Algona, Iowa, this 24th day of February, Evelyn Halligan celebrate a birthday. Lucy Arndorfer is visiting her sister, Mrs. Fehr. Lucy had been employed at Dominic Ziemet's, near West Bend, but he rented his farm to the Frank Zlemets, from near Galbraith, and moved to West Bend. John Kellner was taken to Rochester early last week for an'opera- tion. Mr. and Mrs. George Ama Titonka, are helping with the home work. The Fred Ericksons were last week Sunday visitors at Bancroft. The Floyd Ericksons were at Algona to call at Marcella Erdman's. Dan Froehllch and his daughter Ruth were both sick last week with the flu. One of the John Witte grandsons 193| ' County Audtor. 1 OF ASSESSJIENT to 444 persons whose SECONDARY KOA1) appear In the within low. Maynard Roeber was for men; Melviu .Roeber, low. Alfred Bell won a door prize. Others attending were Mr. and Mrs. Roeber, son Wilbur, the Mr. and Mrs. at Des Moines was recently hit by a car as he was crossing the street and suffered a fractured leg. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Bdw. and they say he is a fast worker. The beef had already been skinned when we arrived. Mr. Arend raises fine beef cattle. ' * * * * ; We had a good visit last week Monday with M. J. Melnzer, northeast of Burt. Mr. and Mrs. Meinzer have a new daughter who was a real Christmas gift, for she was born December 24. Her parents named her Joan-Marie, and she Is now the main attraction in ^he home, especially so because she is the first child. Mr. Meinzer built a crib for her, and we'll say he did a neat job. It even has a set or home-made wheels. M. J. must have a little more than a streak or cabinet-maker in him. * * * * Last week Monday P. P. Weber northeast of Burt, showed us Wilbur J. Stewart, northeast of Burt, farms the Doctor Clapsaddle farm. He also does the auctioneer- Ing In that neighborhood. He said there had been a great many farmers moving, but not many auctions. * * * * Earl Shlpler, southeast of Burt was' attending to his little pigs. He has more than 100 pigs littered in February. These pigs are doing fine.. 'Earl has a good place for them, and has mostly one-year-ol< sows. Some of these sows weigh more than 500 pounds they have strong litters. Jesse wll and * * * * Waltman, southeast of Burt, showed us .eight collie pups IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO sell list it in our want ads, and get results. Special Cream Separator SALE For two weeks ONLY, starting February 14, we are having a special sale of Iowa Cream Separators. During this sale we will give a Special Trade-In Allowance for your old Cream Separator on the purchase of a new Iowa Dairy Separator. Take advantage of this sale and save -yourself $$$$$$$$! Kossuth County Implement Co. ALGONA, IOWA pigs littered the night before.: we fixed up a warm place for them in the barn. Two of his sows' littered is me son ui «ir. anu. Him. *e"»". ".~ —r . ,.. , 4 t,^ ,,tv,£>i. oiirhf- r^tf&s mother ls the form - °p ne p av c s « p oTo s od the so°wsr r a?d gh « « within Secondary Road District No. 444, which schedule of proposed Mj . •nt Is as follows: •Dlvlsion Sec T w p tanB Acres (Name of Owner Assessment » ...JO - 10 —.10 . 10 . 10 so so 30 so 30 30 . Nwi "~ K nw# — M NW " 94 94 94 94 94 94 30 SO 30 30 30 80 30 40, 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40, 40. 40, 40. 40. Itorms, Jr and a daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Les- Assessment ter Baas> s on Charles, the Alfred > , ------ ilerstedts, Emma and August Roe- Fred Harms Jr ..... — ...... 771 her and Mrs. William Koehnecke, -------- ' er Betty Witte. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Matern. have moved to the Ben Studer farm near Wesley and are employed here this season. . Oscar Simmons has returned from Davenport, where he had worked on a government project since November. ,. There are some new families in town, and only one house Is vacant Chuok" Kerrlns, of Wesley, Harnis Jr. Fred Harms Jr. ----- . ...... Albert arid Henry Keller.... Albert and Henry Keer ---- - W.44 t*, u Sheldon. Present Play jo« temore 0.71 j... high school this week Kund Larson Kund Larson Kund Larson _._Charles Anliker Charles Anllker „,.. aljL010 , „„ , --. Equitable Life Ins. c°- i'~{ tne cast are Lyle Anderson, Bert Equitable Life Ins. Co 7>T1 1 L ne . oas ,, u i,,.._ -a^^^^orrt Hnrold w»l on y of — >«... uu , wl . u ,» to ; saia"repo r rt he on in o 0 r beforei noon of said presumed to have been conclusively waived .uv^-, evening at 8 o'clock at the , academy hall. There are ten char- acten, and only two are girls. In the cast are Lyle Anderson, Bert Seeley, Marilyn Woodward, Harold 1™ ">« each of you whose names appear In the within BCh . e . daulBo ^| Behnke, Roland Ostwald, Wayne I* notified totsaid.report will comTon for hcarinBBefore the^BoardI I ^ ^^ ^^ pfc „,„ v ud , Melvin Heinrich, and Wayne ueu. The Play is entitled Creaking oe presumed to have been conclusively T»«"ftt. ln tw ent v ' F1 °° IS ' may be paid In full without interest if paid within twenty -- of assessment is confirmed. .„„„ ""• l "" "• ath aay " "-"• "* is-sa-ig^r-S'ia^J.^ all her housework. Her son J. McCreery, Fonda,' with his .W ^"£^ \ St teeSrand^r^oeber /*213S I helped her_celebrate her Wrthgr where a three- state now. and the Mrs. Penton family, Lu Verne, are the new villagers. The Matt Beckers, St, Joe, and Calvin Bode, Algona, the Coadys, of Wesley, the Thills, of Whittemore, are new people in the neighborhood, and all will attend the local Catholic church. Some children will attend the parochial school. TO CLASSIFIED ADVERTISERS —This newspaper subscribes to a copy service, which provides carefully prepared campaigns on all lines of merchandise or service See us. — Advance Pub, Co. 20tf I Grandma Dalley Celebrates— ' Grandma Dailey, mother of Doctor Roai1 Strict No. 440, which' -„ , T G SKCON»AB¥ B« AD wife Seto .«rf. !?^ "S*3 la t weel Sunday at Mr. ' schedule of proposed msivv , S wnere BUY A GOOD USED CAR FROM THE ADS In This Newspaper they all litter this spring hejwil be a busy man. T.hey are Spottec Poland Chinas and average j 300 pounds. Mr. Weber remarked that he really had too many sows] and may have more pigs than he can are for. j At Wallace Donovan's, eaijit of Wesley on old No. 18, the jboys ilarence and Kenneth are running he ranch. Mr. and Mrs. Donovan are in California. Clarence) and i\s wife are at the Donovan home, and Mrs. Donovan keeps houqelfor he boys. Clarence goes back and Jorth. to care for his stock, fpr ne arms the first place west pf his 'ather on the north side of the •oad. The boys are kept busp for Closing-Out .-. • r . *^ AUCTION JTC. C, SHIEIJK MDiA TR/$ T (Foot Specialist) Corns,- Callouses, -Hayimer Toes, etc., are oftetnj the symptoms of more sejrious trouble. Avoid more serious trouble by prompt attention. Don't neglect your feet. Hutchison Bldg. • Algona Phone 250-W. We have decided to quit farming and will hold a public sale at Hobarton, la., two miles west of Algona, on old highway No. 18 on Thurs., March 16 SALE WILL BEGIN AT 1 O'CLOCK P. M, SHARP HEAD OF HORSES Brown mare 8 yrs. old, .sound; good work team. HEAD OF CATTLE Two good Holstein cows, milking, to freshen in May. One red Jersey cow, milking, to freshen in June. . HE AD OF HOGS 6 Two 2-year-old red sows, to farrow in April; 4 young Hampshire 'sows, farrow in May. " '...,..- :4 v 6 to 8.13 6.63 D.S5 8.13 « 5.85 1.17 'YVUUC «0 »»**« „„_,--, ._ , Imaa colleEe- dairy short course at Ames week R. A. Bartlett, Dutter- vow _„.:...--, _, ^>le Lite Ine. Go Equitable Life Ins, cp. „.. Equitable Utf>' Ira- go- *--~ ' ible I4fe In* e«.— C. Adam O. Marty *^&^! ::::::::::::: i: » —,—-~T— ; w :;:::::::::::: Q is=== 'S Within home by train, and Mrs. Bartlett met him at_Algona, Other Whlttepoi*. Koehnecke, !*«. *A~-. ,1 y. ~\}r ' iiiisL £c* kk,. : Snel- • • ' ~- s?. Hog Raiser Our improved Trinity Mixture is the Ideal protjein supplement. Minerals, vitamins, proteins, farther, costs less than tankage. a i r*. AndersonGr FARM MACHINERY McCormick-Deering Farmall tractor in No, 1 condition; 4-row McCormicH' Deering corn planter, with 160 rods of wire; tractor; 2-row new style McCoy-. mick-Deering com plow; IWn. 2-bottom McCormick-Deering plow; li-ft. McCormick-Deering tractor; disc; McCormick-Deering manure spreader; Emereqn 12- in eang Plow; 8-ft. John Deere binder; 6-ft. John Deere mower, with tong trucks; John Deere endgate seeder and cart; John Deere speed jack; John Deere 5-section flexible harrow; 3 wagons and boxes; hay rack; 2 setsJBpyt harness; press drill; blacksmith forge; hay silngs and fork; iy 2 b. P. Fairbanks- Morris gas engine; all steel pump jack; and other articles too numerous to mention. , or if terms are desired see Clerk before sale or at property tp be removed until settled for. . F. Sparks & UDAfl I.A^JI W& . .. IOWA & -^4.

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