Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 7, 1939 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, March 7, 1939
Page 7
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School Tthe Bryan*- conserve- KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA PAGE 8EVSW REWRITES Hrfefs snmniari/,lng principal news In Tuesday's Up* per lies Molnes. K CANDIDATES for directors of the Chamber of Commerce were named 'by a nominating committee last week to take the pla :e of John Bieser, W. G. and ter.Joe Mc'CUllcugh, M. J. Pool, and A. E. Kresen.'ky, whoso terms expire. They aie Everett Anderson, Roy Chrlstefaen, J. W. Daw, W. A. Fos- Ogg, and Chris WalluUall at-, The annual meeting and election .hold this week Wednesday high school audltoriun the 1939 farm; will'be; 't. to complete at the jn by farmers'which'- In attendance.. Arthur Rockwell, the ventlon v l ho state committee, Agent A,L. Brown con- Chainbur of Commerce, will speak. ,TIIB home open ot the 1939 "to encourage solUm anagcmo , irnnd SOIK"' V 1 «nln<7 I'UUl <»U« UUIUUU UI1U UIB1 U WHS .n to aid tllflm ln jp a «„ some Damage to the rest of the H" _ . . .tttrr ATlfiFftLlOnS O** .^ mi TT — «_t.l M11...1 Cli •» ,1'rming operalionS the houge> planned. 0 »"•• "- ---- - , Viollovp ! B«'""i< ' i «*t»iuiuiiiB lu tiiu.ua iui- , as many people Deneve. mulat{d ]aat week Je££ Hanlfan to the law, enough m. a .jlng fflU st be grown to lc and export neeos pius . j-- I was , this in ord- eti the consumer, further explained.that L A. A. not fn FUNERAL SERVICES HELD SUNDAY FOR MRS, FRED ZEIGLER Funeral services were held Sunday at 2 o'clock at the Congregational church for Mrs. Fred Zeigler, Avlio (Hod Thursday at 4 p. m The Rev. D. R. Martin officiated, and burial was made in Iliverview. Mrs. Ina Zeigler was born Sept. 26, 1803, at Polo, 111., to Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson Yeakel. While she was still a child, the family moved to a farm near Corwith, whore they lived some years. Then they moved back to Polo, hut rettirn- Greenberg, Holmuth Ifuen- E. Kent, John Kohlhaas Dr. C. C. Shierk ^^••^BI^fl^^^Bf ^^fc^^^^ ^^BPPl^^^^^ m^^^^R^^^^^^^^^U ^^B^^^^ Itnymond Madson, Adel, visited with her parents at Webster City, here Sunday. He is the son of Mrs.; She is rooming at her brother Jos- Anna Madson. I eph Bohlen's. Mr. Bohlen Is em- Knunot Murtln, Emmeteburg, is 1 ployed at the local Gamble store, new assistant at the McCullough' Mrs. Wm. .T. Finn ia new office cliapcl. Ho began work last week.'nurse at Doctor Cretzmeyer's. She Itoger, 11-year-old son of Dr. and takes the place of Mrs. Gilbert Mrs. F. Earl Burgess, was abed Hargreaves, who has moved to the Saturday and Sunday with the flu. I Hargreaves farm at Hobarton. Mr. Koswell Taylor came Thursday' Finn ls employed at Wilson's bak- frora Bawsbn, Minn., for a few ( or y- days with his aunt, Mrs. 'C. C.' County Treasurer and Mrs. M, 3. Monday from Rochester, where' III rnpQ TPTITC UiO she had gone a week ago Sunday If Lorn Lu I A I L llAu with her husband, "Andy," as "*- Mfct " uu ' " ' fc "" w known to friends, who had a major operation Wednesday. He Is doing well and enjoying many letters from home friends. In two weeks he will have a second operation. David Smith, student at the Kemper Military school, Boonvllle, Mo., spent ^the week-end with his mother, Mrs. Neal Smith. He was SOLD THREE FARMS WriglH. Duffy attended funeral services for school last year and entered the Kemper school February 1. His sister Leona, Lakota City teacher, was at home last week, sick with the "flu." A clipping from a Phoenix, Ariz., Gazette sent by Mrs. Walter Fraser, who is spending the winter .loan Llnimn, of Maurice, near Joseph Eisele at Whittemore, Sat,.,, ^ ,,, v, ( if\i\, iv»l.lill|- ........ . j.imnitiij wi AFJC4.V*! I Vj*5j 11 Cat *• •« 1 1 1 J od to the Corwith farm later. Mrs. Sioux City, left Thursday, after two U1 ' d ay- Mr. Duffy formerly lived at Whittemore. and Mr. Eisele was lawn sprinkling system had been Two quarter sections and an 80 acre tract belonging to the Frank Weber estate, east of Irvlngton, were sold for March 1 settlement. The court entered an order Dec^ h «'' ™< ™*> A r, horlzl1n & the Weber executors, Alvin and Henry, sons of the deceased, to make the sales. Linnan and Lynch were attorneys. Mr. and Mrs. John F. Weber bought the old home place of 160 acres, where they have been living since Frank Weber's death. Frank was Mra. Weber's father, arid he died September 18, 1937. The farm, which Is highly improved, bought $20,000. The Other quarter section, also Improved, was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kraus'e, Lu Verne, for $18,400. The sales were considered elg- nificant, in that the prices represent fairly good values at present for the best farm lands in Kossuth. These farms have best type of soil, known as Webster silt clay loam. W. J. Frimml, Wesley, bought the 80-acre farm, which is not improved, at $81.25 an acre. RECORD BOOKS—BLANK books and hinders in durable duck hind- Jug.—See the Advance. 18tt for many years a prominent farm-! left °" «>e n) e ht before and as it j onvnvon 1 no I rnn fno wnrr»v tiiriinrl the EciKlers lived on a farm near •'• G. Clnpsaddlo'a, Burl., last night drove to Iowa' City Sunday to visit Burl, but from 1913 to 1D2S they (Monday). their daughter Isabel, university cnooi autitorlun r antlct i fivo mllcs WCRl of Algona Omar Kelly, student at Creigh- senior in dramatic art, and their nn«fi «, rBervo> | ' n Crosco township. They came to lo " university, Omaha, spent the son Harry, sophomore in com•,™,.o „*•,, „ """-1 Algona in 1!)2S. Mrs. Zciglm- was wnok-nnd with his mother, Mrs. J. merce. Mr. and Mrs. Greenberg re;a member of the Crcsco Mothers &! w - Kelly. . turiicd Monday. Brayton, secretary of con- of the 'PETER CALLIES farm vest of Tltonka was dam- il*« • Jiumo TY^OL \JL M. injiir».cv w cio uaiii™ discussion on tne d fe r fjre a weefe M onday \ Zcigler received her education in : weeks here at her brother rural ^hooKs near Corwith. | Linmm's. .-• ~ *««•«• - i»» — - j s prayed the tree the water turned On October •!, Hill, marriage Uoctors here attended a county er there - lo i cc Such low temneratures are I l"okj)laco at Brltt. For two years,'medical^ association meeting al D_r. Mr. and Mrs.; Jos. ^Greenberg! unnsu ' n] tnerei I Invln Mnluog, who drives a de-1 livery truck for the Anderson Jack Sprat store, was unable to work Friday and Saturday, being sick with the flu. Stanley Muckey, clerk at the store, was unable to work Saturday. Irwin is the son of Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Malueg, and Stanley the son of Mr. and Mrs. BURT LEGION HALL WEDNES. EVENING KELLYS KELLODIANS tne basementi Thc kitchen "floor was burned and there was The Harold Thul, St. Joe, farm Woihe was saved when a roof fire wis discovered In time, and not rmich damage was done. ' TEAMS will take part county baseball league this r, according to plans tor- Daughters club. Mrs. T. L. Larson, who was ser-, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Reid ac- Thc husband, two brothers, and iouwly sick last week with bron- companied the latter's father, N. E. five children survive. James Yeak- 1 chilis, is now much improved. She Bartlett, to Iowa City Friday, and el, Kanawha, and Maynard, Ren-! was able to be "out" of bed Monday. Mr. Bartlett entered the university wick, came for the funeral. A! Arthur Iloivers, Osceola, was a i hospital for medical treatment. He daughter, Mrs. Arthur Gaines, and K\iG»i Friday at the Henry LaVrenz I has not been well and is having the lattor's husband came from! home. A former Algonian, he is St. Louis ten days ago. The other | now foreman in a garage at Osce- Hectlantls, of Lakota, . children r .Mrs. James, Plckbohnx ola Myrna, Miriam, and Willard are ''' ne at the Zeigler home. were Sunday dinner guests at the trouble with his eyes. Frances Romano, DCS Moines, Lloyd Muckey. Mrs. George MIIIIIIH, Burl, was a guest Friday of her sister, Mrs. L. W. Gillespie, and took Marlene, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gilles, - - __ -.-. Vill *»£> «i U^i \Ji. Alii, U11VL 4.TAJW, VJI I 1J ^ O~ was a week-end guest of Mrs. E. , to Burt for the wcek>end . Mr . V. Worley, former Des Moines girl., and Mrs Phul Puffe Corwith> MlM Romano is cashier for the i w]th the n Jer called Qn th Employes Mutual Casualty Co., and | Glllespies Sunday, and with the Mr. Worley is manager of the local Gllle8pieS) were dlnner guests at 1 ' empyme I tho Manus Mr. Manus man- is president, and Erick Se<gebarth, Lone Rock, secretary. Towns represented in the league will be Bancroft, Lotts Creek, Burt, Whittemore, Wesley, Tlton- ka, Svea City, and Ringstcd. Ban- Croft won the title last year. an effort] ALTHOUGH A TOTAL of 122 ( nerTciiiture a price par- new l:omes have been buill In AIM industry, so that Indus-| gona since 1933 there is still a -Lets may'have an adequate; shortf ge of homes, according to a and the farm population 1 survey conducted by the Chamber ft able to purchase industrial j of Commerce a few weeks ago. 1,1 with a dollar that is on a Many people in towns near Algo- Mrs. Zeigler's uncle, John Yea- A - Wi Behrends home. Mrs. Behr- kcl, his wife, Mrs. Zeigler's uncle, on(ls an( * Mr - Heetland are sister Lcroy Slater, his wife, and a cou- and brother. ,„.-,„- „ „ , ,-, , „ i <->^ « iuuu o ,^^. ™. sin, Arthur Stoner, all of Polo, 15ttlcl » youngest child of Edw. The Tom Dailey and Paul Drem-: ageg an Qll station 111., attended the funeral. Cousins McNelll, had an appendicitis oper- mel families were Sunday guests Mrs> j oscpn E< j jyn ch came to on both sides of the family from ation Sunday evening at the Kos-| at Jerry Schutters, West Bend. Mr. I Algona laat wcek Tuesday with Mr. Brltl and Corwith also were here, suth hospital. She is a sophomore Dailey and Mr. premmel are car-, Lync]]( when tne latter returne d Mr. and Mrs. Gaines left Monday in high school. ' renters for Botsfords. Mrs Schul- fl , om a week _ end vislt with hls for St. Louis. Mr. Zeigler and Wil- J '' llcen Alllnn te a new clerk at ' tm ' £ a sister of Mrs. Dailey, and, family at Herington, Kans. She lad took them to the train at Des tlle Darker drug store. She was i her husband is a mortician. i with a dollar j the dollar of industry. Ischool for Coiiimittceinen. Vthe Friday sessions the town- Lmmittetnen were instructed to explain to farmers the na wjuld like to move here, but are unable to find houses. TWIN DAUGHTERS born to the Wesley Behlmers at the Algona hospital died shortly after their Moines. MRS, DECKER DIES AT 76; FDNERAL IS DATED TOMORROW; graduated from St. Cecelia's acad-j Mr. nnd Mrs. P. M. Collins were j emy in 1938 and is a daughter of at Des Moines Saturday on a bus- Mrs. Jensie Aman. i iness mission, and from there they Mrs. Ellis McWhortcr, who suf- went to Menlo for Sunday with fered a stroke a week ago Friday,' Mrs. Collins' mother, Mrs. Edith is reported much improved. She Fritz. 'Mr. Collins is namager of was seriously sick a few days, but the Pioneer Hi->Bred plant here, is now able to be up. | Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brothers, of The A. L. Greenfields an.1 Mrs. i Mason City, were last week Mon- Cleve Taylor, Sexton, were Sunday day guests of their daughter,. Mrs. afternoon callers on Mrs. A. D. __ | Richards. Mrs. Greenfield and Funeral services for Mrs. Louise Mrs - Richards are sisters. Docker, 76, who died early Monday Mr. nnd Mrs. Ray Miner, of Mal- morning, will be held Wednesday 'ard, with two children, spent Sun- morning at 10 o'clock at St. Ce- day with Mrs. L. E. Potler, molh- . Rev. Father er d| Mrs. Miner. Mr. Miner- has i;al died shortly after j which"may be made, the birth. They weighed only three | celia's "church'! the' i of each option and the praf-1 .pounds and were delicate. Mrs i needed to meet the soil- Behlifier was reported in a serious ( _ , goa i. , condition. They have a boy a year Mrs Decker had been living with reemployment i payments will be made! old. --,.-.- .. Edward Carney. Mr. Brothers is a visited at her brother A. H. Borchardt's, returning to Herington Sunday.' Mrs. Lynch and the children will come to Algona as soon i ' as they can find a house. Mr. i Lynch is L. E. Linnan's new law | partner. j Mr. and Mrs. John Nordstrom re! cently returned from Portland, Ore., where they had spent most of the winter. They have one son and To the Public We ivisli to announce that from now on we will give twenty-four hour service both at the cafe and service .station, corner of Highways 18 and 169. Your patronage will be appreciated. Chrome Cafe and Service Station MB. AND MRS. 0. A. ANDERSON retired Standard Oil employe, and! Mr. Carney is manager of the parts stove "t tho local Ford garage. three daughters there, none married. They had not expected to come back at all, but changed their minds, though they rather expect f 11 -wr J (t1-»*ll tt TT UJ.1J.IV1O, UliVJLlf-,!!, H1CJ 1U. 1,11121 dVJ/^^-l, Luella Kapp and _ Bill Hem- to return to the coast before long mingston, both of Woden, were Sunday guests of the former's par- i ents, Mr. and Mrs. Matt Kapp, Mrs. Ahmann officiating. Burial will be a produce station at Mallard. ! ents, Mr. and Mrs. Matt Kapp, ious al Corwith i Clcono Kosenbergcr, of the state j farmers west of Algona. Miss Kapp me of tho allotments are ex- and the soil-building goal Deductions will be THE OPUN FOUUM last week service substiluting proved to be a success and 125; since the holidays. Death iscrvco. ueuuiiuuiio ...... "-j a ttended Speakers wore L. j. caused by old age and complica- , for excess acreage of soli-, Dick U O n. W. B. Quarton, 0. B. tions. her daughter, Mrs. H. R. Gibson, Dodge, is' .. ,.-.„.., . , since November. She had been sick Esther Lavrenz, who is off duty, ploy. at Fort | has a beauty shop there, and Mr. here for j Hemmingston is in elevator em- was recovering from an operation. c uilILU11 , „. „. crops. But entire price 1 Attleson, and J. D. Lowe. t nnvniDnt nnmrnmm Tor r stmenl payment computed for will be lost if the allot- CLOY NESSEN, West Bend, land[ for such crop is exceeded, j ed In the Emmetsburg county jail map must be included in the for thirty days last, week :ation ,form this year, and ] char; the committeeman mer h a farmer the acreage 'of each | danc ;e of hitting a officer at West Bend. rOTAL OF 100 chickens were . , i ji. M. v M. Jiu \j i- j.uu vju JVvrvciin »c»« ........ « , willbeentered, except in the, gto]e r from the ArcMe Voignt well-digger; later he farmed near olnon-cooperatora in 1938. In | will be used. Every... farmer i measure before " planting. | name of the crop to be grown 19, or the soil-building prac- | to be carried out, will be en- 1 for each field. Deadline to Be Set. hange from the previous pro- i is that the landlord or ten| must declare his intention by tap out and signing the • farm D before a closing date not yet I by the state committee, prob- (April 1. New wee! on at Leo Frankl and "Bud" Dale got home Saturday from Delray Beach, . Fla!, where they had ben carpeh- Bentz July 7, 1863. at Croghan, N. tering with the Cowans. The other Y., and she received her schooling A \S°nians there are expected soon. In the' east. On January 12, 1886, *hc Philip J. Dorwellers Fort she married Nicholas Decker. Af- Dodge, were Sunday guests of ter living in the east two years County Treasurer and Mrs. M. J. they came west and settled at Cor- Duffy. Mr. Dorweiler is a sales- with. For a time, Mr. Decker was man for the Sprague-Warner Co. iMrs. Decker was born Louise Phyllis Good, clerk in the dress department at the S. & L. store, called on friends at Fort Dodge Wednesday evening. She was employed at Penney's there, and then was manager of the Price Hat Shop, Foi't Dodge, before coming to Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Lonergan, Schaller, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. "Bud" Zender. The a week ago Friday, while the. Corwith. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Little -were at Des Moines Wednesday, attend- were attending the funer-1 al ofj Esther Siems. LEDYARI) HAS a new dentist in W. G. Wright, formerly of ton, who moved there last Pratt Electric Co. at Work on Many Jobs T!ie Pratl Eleclric Co. last week signed contracts for wiring and a farmer refuses to particl- ] furi ishing fixtures in two new P. L. school jobs amounting to alt $11,000 each. One was for a or high school at Mason City other for a high school at Iowa s. -These will bring the tola' , number of. jobs on which Pratt'fl I are working to 13, the others be- ! ing postoffice buildings at Em- roetsburs; and Waukon, a dormi- tor/ at Iowa Cify, a municipal gynnasium at Forest City, and schools at Grundy Center, Hamp- mot , It will he impossible to join |theprogram later, in the event- i crops are ruined by the • r conditions. In other words, ] 3 un I must declare his intenlions In the Pal nesotans Still FlockHere to Wed licenses to wed have been three for Minnesola coup|'and a fourth to a couple from i Moines. The licenses were: 'd L. Mercer, Bluev Earth, i E. Cartwright, Winnebago; »lt W. Thoreson, Virginia Mae toy,both of Des Moines; Leon. ,"" ner > Algona, Evelyn Bier- I J I. Burt; Randolph Laabs, Gra- rfi M l nn " Stella Wilden, Blue rtt; Howard R. Maddans, Lor- "irtS'p M 1 ! ° f Weapons; ton Colwell, Irvingtou, Marie .Whittemore. i Girl Makes lous Fraternity • 6—Ila Loffert, Algo- science at Iowa State «6«, has been elected to Phi IL ' , natl °nal scholastic wy society. Election is based students one- In March, 1904, the Deckers ing an Oliver farm equipment sales moved to the St. Benedict neigh- meeting.. They attended a noon Corhood and lived there until five' dinner in a pew Oliver store there, years ago, when they retired to »«»«»• E Uiert is .now clerking with their four children. Mr. at the Neville shoe store. She » a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Elbert, farmers east of Algona and is a graduate of the local acad- on the way! Long's Decker died two years ago Mr. NordS'trom has for some years been afflicted with asthma, and he found great relief there. Bernlce Stock will take a group of her dancing students to Mason City Sunday to practice with students of James Fleming, dance instructor there. Going from, here will be Jerry Gronwall, Rex Tay- IOWA TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, MARCH 7 AND 8 GLORIOUS ENTERTAINMENT! 2—ACE HITS—2 lor, Dale Ehrhardt, Betty Court-! ney, Rosalie Swanson, Emma Jeanne Ringgenberg, and Shirley Elbert. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Swanson and Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Pierce will accompany the party. Mr. and Mrs. S. E. McMahon and i Mr. aud Mrs. M. C. McMahon, with! the last-named couple's little i LOMBARfcSTEWART MADE FOB. EACHOTHE^; Released thru United Artiste ^ Co-Hit, Bonita Granville in "Nancy Drew, Detective" women are sisters. Mr. Lonergan j dauglUel . Nancy, were at Cherokee still jias^ a drug store there^ and | Sunday to see Mrs . Rioha rd Schmidt, Storm Lake, and the latter's new daughter, born last week Tuesday at a Cherokee hospital. The Schmidts also have a son three years old. 'Mrs. Schmidt is father in the local Zender clothing store. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Richards, of Blue Earth, were here Sunday to Decker, Austin, Minn.; William H. emy sisters, Mrs. Peter Terrilion, and Mrs. Victoria Peffer, Lowville, N. Y. Slagle, farmer 1 north ton Wesley, Mar. 6—John Hutchison, cashier • of the Exchange State bai k, has announced that the bank hail-handled more than $90,000 in government corn loans. Rockwell, Graettinger. * Bank Makes Corn Loans. town. HOSPITAL of KOSSUTH. Harch 2—Mrs. Guy Carlson, Wesley, medical. 'Wac'rh 3—Mrs. Lawrence Burgman, Bancroft, girl; Mrs. Orville Albot, Algona, boy. ! helr class - Initiation u ' nd seuior students 4—Mrs. Olivia Wesley, medical; Helen Algona, medical; Olaf Norland, of Ft nton, appendectomy. Mrs. Stebritz Dies at Mason City and Funeral Held Here Funeral services for Mrs. Barbara Stebritz, 83, who died last wcek Tuesday at a Mason City hospital, after a lingering illness, were held here Friday morning at 9 a. m., with the Rev. Father Malllnger in charge. Burial was made in St. Cecelia s cemetery. John Ramer, Frank Skilling, Eugene Thornton, Lloyd Smith, Frank Thornton, and Francis Householder were pallbearers. Mrs. Stebritz had lived at Mason City 14 years. Her husband, a daughter, and one son are dead. She has three sons and three daughters living, Frank, Henry, Rudolph Stebritz, AlgQjia; Rose Householder, Mrs. B. R. Kubling, and Glen Thornton, Mason City. Till? JUNIOR Chamber of Commerce has obtained permission to build a roadside park in the north west part of the intersection of highways 18 aud 169 north of Algona. Plans are made by the highway commission. The park will have running water, a fireplace parking place, trees and shubbery _ , _ . e •+* T-t • L«tl\>C J V^Cti kJ UlUl 4.IJ.1 W. -KJ^^lAJUAUiV 'h> attend tha funera, of Mrs. Freo the fol . mej . MaHon McMahoni and Zeigler, Bister of Mrs. Hicharda, j her husband operates a lumber- 3Irs. Blanche Frazee returned to her home at Sutherland Thursday, after some weeks with her daughter, Mrs. Harold Johnson. Mr, Johnson is employed at the Klassie garage. Mrs. V. K. Blslng spent Friday at Titonka with her brother, J. E. Wilson, and with Dr. and Mrs. K. C. Ball. Mr. Wilson has a restaur- I ant there, and Doctor Bail is a vet- weeks K. D. ,-.-- « BB ,nor BiuaeuiB March 5—Eva Smith, Algona, »« held April 3. Election to midlcal; Ethel McNeill. Algona, aP- M!m ° ^l is one of the moat' ptndectomy, honors a college March 6—Wayne Colwell, Algo- vln. | nn, appendectomy; Honno Sever- PARAGRAPHS Wayne, three-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Colwell, had an appendicitis operation yesterday (Monday) at the Kossuth hospilal. His father Is a well known local auctioneer. Mrs. C. B. Kasby, daughter Judith, and June Decker arrived Friday from Omaha for two with Druggist and Mrs. James. Mrs. Nasby is the former Ruth James. Bussell Cave, Spooner, (Minn., was a guest Saturday and Sunday of the C. R. Pommerenings. Mr, Cave, who works for a seed company, is a brother-in-law of Mrs. Pommerening. Mrs. T. H. Robertson, the former Lulu Cheny, Bancroft, is reported in a St. Paul hospital and low with cancer, The Robertsons lived here in wartime, later moving to a point in Minnesota. Esther Bohlen, office girl for Dr. C. C. Shierk, spent the week-end and whi'.e tbey were here they were guests of their mothers respectively, Mrs. A. D. Richards- and Mrw. Mfcry Zeigltr. Mr. and Mrs; John Foth, the latter's mother, Mrs. Leonore Peck, and Mrs. Peck's grandson, Billy Stebritz, spent Sunday at Fairmont with Julius Blinkman. Mr. Blinkman, a son of Mrs. Peck, is in a Ford garage there. Mrs. F. Earl Burgess left Wednesday for Sac City to spend a week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.'W. H. Irwin, who celebrated their golden wedding Monday. Doctor Burgess and the children drove to Sac City Monday morning to join in the observance. G. M. Howard left yesterday (Monday) for a few days at Ottumwa on a business mission. He also planned to visit his mother, Mrs. F. N. Howard, and will be back Thursday. Mr, Howard has the local Howard hardware, formerly the L. J, Nelson store. Mrs. A. K. Anderson returned yard. d p H> Hargreaves, i for many years farming south of I Hobarton, moved last week to the home they recently purchased in Algona. It is the former Greenfield house, and is located oa Williams, near State street. Mr. Hargreaves has retired, and his son Gilbert is now tenant of the home farm. Mrs. Gilbert Hargreaves the former Mabel Olson, was office nurse for Dr. C. H. 'Cretzmeyer till March 1. AMERICA'S BEST BLADE ROYAL ft in n oft RAZOR BLADESH^lU^Zy FOR ALL PAZOfiS Sold by E. W. LUSBY THURS. THRU SATURDAY March 9-10 BOB BAKER "GHOST TOWN RIDERS" LEON AMES •—in— "CIPHER BUREAU" Plus "Lone Ranger Rides Again* The New Serial. SUNDAY THRU WEDNES. March 12-15 The Bumsted Family Blondie, Dagwood Baby Dumpling and Daisy —in— "BLONDIE MEETS THE BOSS" CO-HIT Extended Run SPENCER TRACY MYRNA LOY CLARK GABLE —in— "TEST PILOT" t.WMv B \ sraa11 daughter of . 8 * B00n «s the chtl- ou l h to tae Balley ' 8 ' '"^oyea at ai so work for ! ol to Fort -,,> .,i$p} 6J5* - ^f* ^li&rf coving to Algona and putting the lock out for a year till they can M possession of their farm near Eig-hth grade"-pupils of St. Ce- >lift'8 ftC44emy had a farewell par' £pr Ule»nor Wey4ert, memher o? tietr gra^e, %t the home of Ruth Cisch, la^t week Monday evening. After various gaines refreshments trpugbt by the pupils were served. The. Weyiierts ^e moving to Min- respta. BleaBor was presented ritft a Rpaiy,aji4 a compact as artlug 1 A TYKE THEATRE TITONKA, IOWA FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, MARCH 10-11 "OFF THE RECORD" PAT O'BRIEN JOAN BLONDELL FLYING G MEN XUv P****/ v * «w—------ - • • - ,- , FRBP **HUWUY, KAY 101^0, JPKE THAYI8 AND THURSDAY, MAECH U-1f THE FINEST REFRIGERATOR GENERAL ELECTRIC EVER BUILT TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY, MARCH 7 AND 8 Continuous from 1 O'clock Daily CHANQE OP PROGRAM Watch a Cosmetician show her rival how to keep the man they both love! LUCILLE BALL * PATRIC KNOWLES Men of Steel FRIEDA ENISCORT News THUR.-FRIDAY, MAR. 9-10 I Thursday Bargain Mat. j 2 P. M., 16fi Friday Mat., 2 P. M., 2«c CATURDAY, MARCH 11 Continuous show from ___ __ __ __ RUTHLESS KILLERVS.IAD v ooc fosi WITH SELECTIVE AIR CONDITIONS Svery thing you w*nt in » «or— best method lor convenient, economical and, practical food pio- tcctioa koowo to modern icienc*- -iu>4 *f «o4win» economy «ul- v«n»lly, jd?nti<ie<J with th« G-8 W(J<-nrif< Wwnnt. All thii if y«»r| wday 9im»l«, Silent, •Ml«d-I«<9t««l THRIFT UNIT Kablhaas &Snitte& m *?$ •' ^' ^y^lyy^ . SUNDAY A1TO MONDAY, JIAIM?H 1» A1TD U

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