Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 7, 1939 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 7, 1939
Page 6
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\ PAGE SIX Ads WANTED—CARPET WEAVING.— Colonel Nelson, Wesley. 6p24-25 FOR SALE — COLLIE PUPS.— Jesse Waltman, Burt Rt. 1. 12p25 WANTED — PRACTICAL NURS- ing. — Mrs. J. E. Scribner, Lu Verne. 7p25 KosstiTtt COUNTY ADVANCE, ALQONA. IOWA MARCH KOHLHAAS FOR KILLING ROAD BILL AT D, M, My Eleanor Fraser. It would take 100 years to get 33 miles of farm-to-market roads through road funds to each township if the money were just diverted from primary to secondary roads by enactment of the present bill in the legislature, Representa- Ex-Algona Girl it Made Secretary of lowans in Arizona Mrs. Otis Paddock, the former Gladys Tribon, Algona, now of Glendale, Ariz., was elected treasurer of the. Iowa Society of Arizona at the society's annual picnic Wednesday. Approximately 300 former lowans and winter visitors attended the picnic held In Pheo- nlx Mountain park. Other officers elected were J. Irvin Burk, president; Mrs. M. A. Richardson, vice president; Warren E. Thomas, secretary. Talks were given by William Wiener, state legislator from Yu- LOST—WHITE SOW, weight 375- i/in 111 HJC JC&IO1UIU1 C, iXtJi-JI COCtlLU." ± --CJ »•*-• •-* wu» i u tive Kohlhaas, home for the week .T^iffi'o^wSfn^'n^ - ^«, iciticu, Ul VVilSllll r™""^ ""C,","i",T "', '""°r'™" n '~ tiurin s recess of the legislature,I and W. H. Jackson a •100.—Etna Mitchell, phone 5F33. _ sa id Saturday. ! fncturer of Pittsburgh. 1^° j "In voting against the bill I had | Mrs. Reimer, each 87 WANTED — ALFALFA Lone Rock vicinity CHURCH MERGER AT SWEA CITY IS CELEBRATED Union of 2 Churches Ten Years Ago is Recalled. MARKETS Swea City, Mar. 6—On Sunday, March 5, the Imninnuel Lutheran the! *" »ULl*l£, llg,cllllOL tile Ulll A IIUU ( -••"«. ilcllllul t CttUll O( jUtlrS U] IN no wish to appear as not in favor were the oldest persons present. ijone KOCK vicinity. — <. M. I of K° od roads for farmers, far| Plans were made for another Gross, Lone Rock.' 5 Ilp2 from It! Du t the bill under consid- meeting of the society sometime in HAY — C. eration would rob the- half of the state, the which LOST COIN PU RSE. 'LUll lllc- null. Ul me OLULU, W111UII ilila Ul- ater. Reward.—Cora Martin, Wil-1 ready assisted the southern half in Hams, St., Algona. !tp25 primary road construction, sinpe • i the northern half pays two-thirds FOR SALE—DROPLEAF enameled; of the gas tax and ' the northern table, cheap.—Write box 26, Lone counties have already constructed Rock, or call -JJ. g25-26 most of thejr seconda ,. y roada Dy | assessment on abutting property. Why Hill Opposed. northern the spring, has al-1 FOR SALE — USED TRAILER house Gxl3%ft, good condition. F. Lauden, Whittemore. 12p25 HAROLD COLWELL AND MARIE OHM WILL WED Irvington, Mar. 6—Harold Coli well, Irvington, and Marie Ohm, of On the other hand, the southern, Lone Rock, will be married at 6 counties have built most of their .this week Thursday at the home rnanii- church here commemorated Mr. and j tenth anniversary of the first wor- years old, j ship service after the merger of the Zion church in Swen township and David's in Swea City into the Immanuel Lutheran. Everett Bexell, one of the young men members now in training for the ministry, gave a short sermon in Swedish at 10 a. m. This was followed by communion at 10:45. At an anniversary service in the afternoon the Rev. Olof Wallin, ofj Comfrey, Minn., gave the message. Mr. Wallin was pastor of both churches before the merger. He is a singer of considerable ability. In the evening at 7:45 a confirm- WAW-T™ -..„„,„_. ,.. v ..„„„ counties have built most of their .this week Thursday at the home ln t"e evening at 7:45 a confirm- WANTED—MARRIED MAX WITH < primary roads out of the primary of the bride's parents Mr and ation reunl °n was held, and greet- trailer house to work on farm. • road fund Henc(J the bn , wou f d Mrs. Wm. Leininger, Lotts Creek ings from representatives of each —Charles Froehhch, Wesley. p2a i now enable them to heir, hnilrl The Rev. Mr. ntsrh-r wi,u (om ^o communion were given. Doctor OFFICE SUPPLIES D ATI NG' their sec °ndary roads, also, and j Lutheran pastor, will officiate, stamps, hand punches, files. Ev- i the northern half of the state! with only the immediate families rything you need!—Ask Advance. | w . ou , Id bce shorted on funds for both present. _. kinds of roads. We still hnvo n-nns Ihe bride will be attired in rose! erything FOR SALE — PUREBRED AND grade Poland China brood sows; four calves. — Herman Carlson, Wesley. 15-24utf j SUNDAY PAPERS—LATE MAGA-i Tne zines on display. They're full of i ., a tj on interest.—Algona News Stand. ' 12-23 eow kinds of roads. We still have gaps in the primary system to finish." H. R. Gross, WHO newscaster, recently complimented Mr. Kohlhaas over the air on this stand in opposing the bill. The consolidation and reorgani- Mr. Kohlhaas feels,' a communion were given. Doctor Johan Pearson, pastor from 1919 to 1922, was speaker. At the reorganization meeting ten years ago the present pastor, me oriae will Be attired in rose jr. ••*•"'•' "&" uic pieaem yasior, crepe with black accessories and I 'I 6 Rev ' P ' C.'Swanson, was call- wni K Q =»- ' after his ordinatio by be attended Helen'Ohm. tendant will 'be Round Lake, Minn.. ores an ., e y her sister I ' after his ordination. He was The bridegroom's at- j at ll ? at time f injs liing his last year be Dowell Hinton of n the Au S"stana theological sem- »-« — ' inar and he accepted the call, Immediately after the ceremony wedding dinner will be served. /.anon Dins, Mr. Koninans feels ' "»->"«"s, -unmet ivui ue seiveu. . T ~ — — ••—•" "•- ^"""cm have been drafted without suffi-'i Tne brid al couple will give a wed- " el Lutherans existence 212 mem- _..,,. - . _ [/^{narr?n*4nn n «.T •!..,.„._ TT»_ • _1 I DGl'S llflVP llPPTl VOnoll^Ofl K\r f\nv\ _ inary, and , coming here in the following July. During the ten years of Imman- FREE ENLARGEMENT AND rain- .,----„ „ .-. iature album with each roll film years without much change in developed and printed, 25c.—Lus- by's. cient time for necessary consideration. After going along for 40 the dance at Livermore Friday s have been recei ' ng. Invitation.« nr P nnt ho-! "rmation, letter, and evening. Invitations are not be-1 state government set-up, it would 14(2)25 snem wiser not to attempt a com| plete change, needed though many LOST—BASE OF MONARCH cook changes are. in this one session, stove, between Sexton and Algona. hut rather to do part of the work -. . —W. M. Hedrick, return to How- this time and more in the next at w hittemore, has for the ard Hardware, Irvington. 16p25 session, in the opinion of Mr. '• two alld a nafl years bean Kohlhaas. Already manv unfore- SMALL PIANO, ONLY $GS to pay. i scen problems have been encoun- Continue the payments. Can be tered. seen in Algona.—Write Critchettj T11 T _; n _ , ,, Piano Co., Des Moines. l!) P 25-26 ni-Intonned Iconomr. For example. It was found that ing issued, but all friends are invited. The coup'.o will leave Saturday for Batavia to spend a few days with Mr. and Mrs. B. 0. Davis. The bride, who attended school ... -_ last two and a hafl years bean employed at Mrs. Eugene Murtagh's, Algona. Harold, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. L. E Colwc'll here, attended the Livermore, schools, and since leaving sphool he has been farming with his father. The young people, both of whom have been active in the social af- received by con, and confession, and 104 members have been lost through death, transfer, and dismissal. At present the records show 375 confirmed members and 90 children. E, P. KEITH STILL HALE AT 86 YEARS HOGS Best light butch., 180-220 $7.50 Med. hvy.. 220-250 $7.40 Med. hvy., 250-270 *7.25 Med. hvy., 270-290 $7.10 Med. hvy., 290-325 $6.90 Best light butch., 325-350 $6.75 Butchers, 350-400 —$6.60 Packing sows, 275-350 ..$6.40 Packing sows, 350-425 $6.30 Packing sows. 425-550 -$6.20 Packing sows, 550-600 $6.20 CATTLE Canners and cutters $3.00-4.00 Stock steers $7.00-8.00 Fat yearlings $7.75-8;75 Fat steers $8.00-9.00 Fat cows $4.50-5.50 Veal calves $5.00-9.00 Bulls $5.00-6.00 CHAIN No. 2 yellow corn 34%c No. 2 white corn 37%c No. 2 white oats . 22MsC| No. 3 white oats 20c No. 2 rye 32c No. 2 yellw soy beans 70c EGGS Hennerys 15c No. 1 a 14c No. 2 •_ ... lie Cash cream— No. 1 24c No. 2 22c Sweet 25c POULTRY Hens, under 4 Ibs. Leghorn hens Cocks, under 4% Ibs. Cocks, over 4% Ibs. _. Geese, live Hens, 4 to 5 Ibs. BURIAL MADE HERE FOR MRS, M'NALl, FORMER ALGONIAN Mrs. Austa Cross McNall, 76, former Algonian, died Friday morning at Woodward. She had been critically sick a week, following a stroke, and she died In coma. Funeral services were held at| 2:30 yesterday afternoon (Monday) I at the McCullough chapel, with the Rev. C". W. Pfelffer, ptistor of the local Presbyterian church In charge. Pallbearers were local people: Messrs L. E. Fairbanks, Fred Oelgel, George ConkHn, Frank del gel, Delos Gardner, and Floyd' Gardner, • Mrs. McNall was born at Frank- vllle, January 20, 1864. At an early age three slaters and two brothers were left orphana. Mrs. MoNall then spent her girlhood daya In the vicinity of Algona, artd It was here in September, 1887, that she married Henry McNaD- . j Mr. and Mrs. MoNall made their] home here till Mr. McNall's death in March, 1898. Mrs. McNall then lived with a sister, Mrs. Ora Williamson, Algona, till November, 1!)17. Since then she lived at Woodward. Mrs. McNall was a member of the local Presbyterian church when she lived here, and she gave es, la M. H. O Olldden, a nephew Mervi,, Angeles, and several creamery at Whttte mo™ '""" purse of money wp re °° clehce against HolunS DecrLodge, Mont vl ches were found on him ey .was • gathered i,y r on his milk routo an i It in the crcnmo y up his horses. AfTa. found the money mi, ?' vards •the man leaving the bui Is being held in the ' 1 * -10c -10c ..Go -7c _-8c __12c Ducks, live, 4% Ibs 8c Ducks, live, under 4% Ibs. 6c Hens, over 5 Ibs. 13c Minnesotans Marry at Parsonage Here Stella Wildes, Blue Earth, and Randolyh Laabs, were married at IIUBAM SEED AXXUAL SWEET ; 90 per cent of the representatives, clover, recleaned and scarified after votinsr to abolish the Geolo- at Emmetsburg; $7.20 per bu.—E. • gical Survey, did not know what fairs of "the"young"set7n7heTr re-, - ^ C1C111US l<p2o-26 they had voted for. After it had spective communities, will for the! his sons > grandsons, and the fam- gassed the House and sone to the: present live with the L. E. Tol- " KU^X iiKUUiJUK SonntP. many found out that it. wells, and Harold will continue to . 0. Mann & Son, Burt. E. P. Keith reached his 86th birthday anniversary yesterday (Monday) and celebrated it quietly at his home. Saturday evening Granada, Minn., 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon at the Trinity Lutheran parsonage. The Rev. P. J. Braner officiated in a single-ring ceremony. Helen Bert and John Wildes, both of Blue Earth, the latter a brother of the bride, attended the couple. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Wildes, Blue Earth; the bridegroom, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Laabs, Granada. The bridegroom's grandparents live at Fenton. The newlyweds will live on a farm. i ilies ~ .in j --- x- / . , ---- . .".-linn-, in, m., luuiiu oui tnat u wells, and H: house. $43 and up. No freight to' wou ld cost the state twice as much run the farm pay. Trucked right to your door. n «, ihe small appropriation of $11-! On display at Hamilton Hatcher- , 500 a year for surveys if this de- panment were abolished and the state colleges tried to do the same Hatcheries, Bancroft and Titonka. 25 u tf -*- FOR SALE—HAY IN BARX; also brood sows, will farrow within i "r,i" , ,, . . ., , two weeks.—Philip Arndorfer, 7V-' r Ihat th ? Clty ° f . Algona alone,, miles east, 1 mile south Algona. i . r " r examtl1e - faved SI5.00ft. or more] O lp°o than a year s state appropriation' i for the Geological Survey, through' WE WISH TO EXPRESS OUR ; advice of one of the survey men, j thanks and appreciation for the';. wncn two wells were drilled below j M,E, JOHNSONS, (IF SWEA CITY, FIFTY YEARS WED FEB. 26 I Swea City, Mar. 6—Mr. and Mrs. and family. arrived as a surprise and a few hours with him. L. P. Rice also dropped in, and after a few remarks presented to Mi- Keith a birthday cake. In attendance were the sons Lynn and Harry, Algona; the grandsons, Stanley and Wayne Keith, farmers near Burt, with their families; and a granddaughter, Mrs. Ira Kohl, Algona, with her husband. Grandchildren unable to come for the event were Mrs. Robert Bailey (Ma'^oa Keith), PhiladeV Phia, and Kyle Keith, Golconda, Liittuns tuiu nypi eciauon 101 tne; "'"-" mi, v>enn \\cit? uiuieu ueiu kindness shown us during our re-jth e bill, is a little known fact. . -. cent bereavement. — Fred Zeiglerj When it is considered what that! M E ' Johnson celebrated their 50th P ni a, and Kyle Keith, Golconda, p25,'fimure multiplied by the 99 coun-1 weddln S anniversary at their home M>ev., daughter and son respectively ties would amount to. Mr. Kohlhaas' h "t last week Sund ay. ?/.'I 16 , Lynn Keiths : and Russell -- ' The four sons, Chas, K., Algona, < Keith, Montrose, Colo., and Lloyd ihort A DO P* —j ,-, i Keith, Glendale, Calif., sons of Harry Keith. Hollywood Styling Plus Clipper Craft Value! Doncgals - Tireods - Cheviots Shetlandg • Greens - Blue Greens Diamond Weaves - Blues- Tans Grays. . Drape Models Single and Double Breasteds ADVERTISING COPY -THE AD- j De ^e7t^^^^ vance office provides classified why the state shoul(J attempt to | Albert A., Bancroft, and George] lampaigna on all types of merch- save a mere $lli500 n ^ this )H., and Wm. 0., Swea City, with andise or service. —The Advance -No extra cost. 20tf FLOORS SANDED. REFINISHED with permanent floor finish. A new improved method guaranteeing satisfaction.—Cowan Building & Supply Co. 38tf CAMPAIGN IN CLASSIFIED!—We can supply advertisers with complete campaigns on any line of merchandise or service. Ask about service. — Advance this unusual Pub. Co. 20tf WHEN HYBRID CORN TAKES state high yield average six years, 1!)33 to 1938 it must be good. Iowa !)31 did that very thing; only $3.00 to $-1.50 bu.—A. C. Carlisle, Whittemore. 31p25 HOME LOANS — MONTHLY RE- duction or straight term. Title 3 FHA loans low interest rates, no commission. Loans for all purposes.—Algona Federal Savings & Loan Ass'n. 26u8tf EASY PAYMENT LOANS—Money save a mere $11,500 a year in this) 1 ?" and Wm - °- Swea City, with way. probably only to spend two! l he , famil i e ? came wlth well-filled way. probably only to spend two or three times as much for other agencies to do the same work. Change of Sentiment,Another service the Survey has performed for the state is discovery a year ago of rock in many quarries in Iowa now used in the manufacture of rock wool for insulation. This was formerly shipped in from other states, but many lowans now have employment through this one discovery by the Survey. Now that representatives who voted for the bill have gone more Mr. Keith is one of Algona's oldest citizens, having been here since the early 80's. He is still hale and hearty. . ~. *„. nm uin ijwyc feuuc mui c "wnuuni in j.oi7i. iiitjy Iirst lived thoroughly into the facts, they are j on farms near Algona and Irving- opposed to the bill and are work- ton. but in, 1920 came to Swea City. Mrs. Johnson has been sick two .months, but is now somewhat im- ing hard to persuade their senators against it. If amednments are attached in the Senate the bill will have to be sent back to the House. Kohlhaas Kept Busy. The Geological Survey is one of nine institutional appropriations in consideration of which Mr. Kohlhas has been appointed chairman. when you need it most. We loan ^ he others are: school for girls, i auto or furniture. Up to 20l™ itcnellville ; school for blind. Vin- on auto or furniture, months to repay.—Iowa tee, Ind., Shops Building, Moiues. E-S-25 Up to 20. Guaran- ton; school for Des school for deaf, boys, Eldora; Council Bluffs; state historical society; library commission; state library; and ATTENTION, MR. FARMER— superintendent of public instruc- We have 20 pair of 600x16 used; tion. tires in stock. This size will fit j The purpose of the week's recess wa s to give legislators a chance to catch up on committee work such as this, so they may be present at many tractor front wheels. They tre priced ut a real savings. — Gamble Stores. 30u25 UNDERSIZED AIR DUCTS—Your heating system may be handicapped. We will inspect, without obligation, and offer recommendations. — Laing & Muckey, Green- Colonial representative. E-S-25 baskets of food for a big dinner „, noon. A large wedding cake bearing 50 candles and two lovebirds adorned the table. Two daughters, Mrs. W. L. Carrel, Ogden, and Mrs. E. I. Hammond, Swea City, were unable to attend because of sickness, but Mrs. Carrel had a song via radio dedicated to her parents. A purse was presented to the couple by the children. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson were married at Evanston, Webster county, February 26, 1889, and moved to, , — -» Kossuth in 1892. They~first lived I emp ' oy a diff erent director. Karl -" " " Bohlen, Clear Lake, had been in charge since organization last September. Dr. L. L. Pfeffer, L. L. Lease, and Supt. RaVlin, with the officers of the band, were a committee to choose a successor. Mr. Miller will get ?6 a week, and either he or a son who is also a bandman will be available at almost anytime for special occasions here as well as for weekly concerts in summer. Name New Director for Wesley's Band Wesley, Mar. 6—J. W. Miller- school and town band director at Corwith, began duty here as band director last week Monday. He has been at Corwith several years. At a meeting of the band the week before it was unanimously decided to proved. Wesley Youth Wins an Honorary Award AVesley, Mar. 6—A. J. Hildman, youngest son of Mrs. Tillie Hildman, has been made eligible for membership in an international honor society for business education. He is a student at the American Institute of Business, at Des Moines. He won the honor by typing for ten minutes at the rate of 75 words a minute with only two errors. He is a graduate of the! Wesley parochial school and the! public high school, and while in school here he was interested in all sports, especially baseball, and was Why is HITT America's favorite shirt? No. 1 — The Collar! An . Atoset ... no starch in it, yet it stays trim as a starched collar from breakfast to bedtime. No. 2— The Fit! Hitt is cut in Arrow's form-fit Mitoga design. No- 3 — Sanforized-Shrunk! •••..If" Hitt ever shrinks, you get a new shirt free. ./•£": ZENDER'S f, ., \r > a, an the legislature. Mr. a leader in his class, serving ' ---• • - Kohlhaas had about four days work to do this week on these appropriations. There are 20 chairmen. The proposed change of the patrol system is another case in which Mr. Kohlhaas feels that a bill has been too hastily drafted. It ASHSTAND, FREE! SAVE 21 Sargent Peed gift coupons. Get this Kood-looking ashstand. Many -~ -"^ n handsome gifts available. Get de- i sess '°n to change it to conform, tails of this plan.—Anderson Grain | & Coal Co. . would rip the whole Code to pieces, and there wouldn't be time this RED CLOVER $7.50, ALFALFA $7.1)5, certified hybrid seed corn $3.50, all per bushel; also other bargains. Postal card us today for catalog and samples.— Hall Roberts' Son, Postville, Iowa. 29u23-36 FOR SALE—HAMMER MILL AND motor, with endless belt drive, mounted on trailer, in good condition. Will sell mill separate. Sandwich 4-hole corn eheller with. 24'*-•'- ' M condition. -~, Ralph yfAXSON Bl&welliug, Household Automobile Insurance, feet your policy for of- icurs when insurance Suggestion About Letters. E1S-25] Mr. Kohlhaas agrees with state| nients in Saturday's Register made by Maurice Rawlings, Sioux City, president of the Iowa County Attorneys association. Rawlings' chief complaint is a provision taking all state agents from the attorney general and the governor and putting them under jurisdiction of a commissioner of public safety who would be appointed for six years instead of being responsible to the voters. NOTICE OF LETTING—SEALED "1 be received at the office anty Auditor of Kossuth ;ona, Iowa, until 2 ,939, for furnish- CS 0 UN TY ADVANCE Newspaper Founded in «red as Second - Class cember 31, 1908, at the at Algona, Iowa, Under : of March 2, 1879. ^$306-307 senior president. as the last RALPH VALENTINE won cribbage tournament held , 0 » t week Tuesday night. Mrs. Valentine won two years ago. Bruce Eckhart won second, Roy Roeder won third, Wm. Specht fourth, and Leo Aman fifth, FIFTY-THEEE farmers in the Algona area were given quality cream awards for scoring 93 in cream tests during the year Awards were made by the state college. ARRIVES AT PARTY SPARK- ling with information — Cornelia Otis Skinner says: — "As a child, I never learned the modern streamline method of absorbing an entire paragraph at a glance. It takes me a. week to read a novel, ten days for the average biography. This naturally narrows down ray selection of reading matter. "But now comes the Reader's Digest to keep me abreast of the times. The cutting and skipping has been done'in advance by the edit MR. MERCHANT *£•* The EYES of THE COMMUNITY WOULD BE ON YOUR AD- Tb,e ' pieces are of such even I can finish way to a party with Informa- and benefit , too. Every worth-while afford to this to Throw away that shabby old .piece of headgear, and face spring with a smart, new STETSON or LASALLE. LA SALLE, 2.95,3,95 STETSON, 5,00 "Go West,- Young Man," Clipper Craft told Dunbar Dixon, ace stylist: "Get a line on the breezy clothes the cinmea stars wear in private life—HSO we can give 'em to all America." 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