Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 28, 1939 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 28, 1939
Page 10
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IAGB TEN COUNTY ABVAHCB, ALQONA. IOWA ¥tm»AY, three linen handkerchiefs, sung alto In the church choir has for! Methodists Hare Colonial Party Wednesday Evening— The Methodist dining room was .•«-••••> -.c.o, emu one mow uiu^m. the scene Wednesday night oE an Sunday school classes. The corn- unusual Colonial party which j nilttoe in charge of the dinner con- ers southeast of town, were honor- ess at a farewell surprise party Sunday evening. Twenty-five relatives attended and furnished the eats. The evening was spent at cards, and Mr. and Mrs. Devine were presented with a 32-piece china dinner set. Mr. Devine has purchased a farm near Corwith, 'and he and his family are moving there this week. suiis aiio in .cue cnurcn cnoir lor „ , ~ , , , ,., .. , years here, and she also taught I r "J; ty , Celebrates «] r t.i,dny— „ was taken by surprise on her birthday Friday uuusuui ^uiuiiuu |mi iy wniuii ""n-^- »i v*iiu.i£,c ui tnu umiier con- . . . , . —• guests hope will he repeated next s^tod of Mrs. Ruth Guderian, Mrs. whcn s' x Sirs arrived for dinner year. The party was planned by! Norman Fried, and ,Atha Hard- MJ 11 " l \ e e ,I eni " g ' ^ he guest w , ere Mrs. J. F. Overrnyer, president of i Bi-ove. J?«"iotta Sterling Betty Scan an. .••_ . . i • , . , . . ~ Knt.lirvn Sr.nnnv Mnrv .1mm Mov- the Aid and wa*cVn ; icdour under ^ Kathryn Sclioby, Mary Jane Nev- hor dire on b? t' 1 o.tesso" \nd U<'"«""*< Aid (o Meet- »lo, Margaret Ann Beardsley, and [assistants Tll ° Methodist Aid will meet! ""'^ Turner. Dorothy, a senior in EacYhostess invited her husb-mri Thurstl ay for 1:15 luncheon at the hi sh school, is the eldest daugh- id two, otC Xles for her ta- i chl "' cI V £ book ™}™ "'" "e giv- tor of Mr. and_Mrs_Tom Dalley. and two other couples for her ta-i V , °' ble, making 12 persons at each of! f 11 ./ tllevo the 12 tables. Including guests who > ^ bo .several mus- Hostesses will be ^the program 152-Be^ns"weVe j Samef W "Z V£™ wi "g The ' room was decorated with ! £'" mp .' A . nt ° n .P.ldrlksen, W. red, white, and blue banners at' K0 " ei ts - A - 1<J doors and windows, and the chandeliers were festooned in red, white, and blue. Mrs. Overmyer and her hostess- r . Boevers, Fred Will, Jane Clark, A Sidney i Party Honors Schoolgirl- Mrs. R. 0. Bjustrom entertained 17 guests at a surprise birthday party Monday evening at the Chrome Cafe in honor of her daughter Dorothea. A seven clock dinner was served, and the ig was spent at dancing. Doris a senior in high school. bridge club Saturday evening at the former's home. Three tables were in play, Mrs. H. D. Hutchins winning high, Mrs. L. C. Hanson second high. Mrs. M. J. McCall and Mrs. Clinton Lighter were club guests. TWENTY YEARS AFTER 'MANAGER SUMNER had resigned at the North, American (Engine Fourteen members of' the SSSS Sffi/f E^tiulphy ™ *™ runrreErnHnnnl Snnrlnv arhnnl mat t(lKeU Dy J> . Mur P n y- Congregational Sunday school met Wednesday evening with Josephine Carr. Meredith Larson was assisting hostess. Mrs. E. W. Hansen is teacher, and the girls are of high (school age. Attorney and Mrs. Gaylord Shumway entertained three couples at an information party Saturdar evening. Guests were Messrs, and Mesdames Allen Brunson, andT. H. Chrischilles and Dr. and Mrs. M. G. Bourne. ROLAND D. PAINE, then a student at Coe, had been named one of eight on the college debate teams. * * * * T. P. HA.RRINOTON had been named chairmen of the judiciary committee of the House at Des Moines, following defeat for the speakership. The legislature had passed the national prohibition JII^KJOCVI LUG lltll.il/ll.CLl £J1U111L/1V*VJ** jouuruu. ! amendment In 55 minutes by both Mrs. Gusta Patterson observed j houses. In the senate the vote was I a birthday anniversary Sunday 42-7; in the house, 86-13. ' entertainine at one o'clock din- * * * * A two-course dinner was served in family style by the hostesses. n ff ' ° aw ' nnd Everett mingled with the guests upstairs i T ' , ..„.„ . ... ,. , _ till all were assembled, and then I""' 1« v in n r the 24 hostesses formed a double Lee ' also Nellie Burlln same. line to receive and escort guests to tables. A'.ixllliirj- to Meet — The Legion Auxiliary will meet Friday night at 8 o'clock at the Legion hall. The subject for study iri,, v i . j , ""-"-"•^•" -t-iu&iuu u,ui. me suo.iect tor study Jiach hostess decorated her fable this month is community service according to her own ideas. There | Musical selections will be given were old-fashioned napkin rings and Mrs. L. W. Fox, president made of silver paper, paper nap- and Eleanor Fraser, secretary, will' kins decorated with silhouettes of report on a department conference the Waslnnstons, cherry-tree place they attended at Des Moines last cards, candy filled glass hatrhets, U- e ek Sunday and Mondav. Mrs corsages, and wrist bouquets tied j Fern Hardgrove is chairman of with VPIVM ,.,hh n n= ™,, „„„.,,-, „.. , the entertalning committee) Mes . dames E. V. Pierce, Hugh Post, Glenn Raney, Walter E. Roberts, and R. M. Wallace assisting. The all the tables, and many pieces of old-fashioned silver, s uch as candlesticks and coffee-poarers. Mis. A. A. Bishop used a blue plate, meeting wilfbe folfowed' by re- more than 100 years old. freshments and bridge. A red color scheme was carried' throughout the dinner, which end- I'arty for Sunday School Class— Mrs. W. H. Klamp was honoree at a surprise birthday party Saturday, when ten women arrived for the afternoon. Out-of-town guests were Mrs. W. J. iSlgsbee, of Fort Dodge; Mrs. Fred Fleming, Humboldt; Mesdames Claude 'Sigsbee and M. L. Vlnaas, Burt. Mrs. Klamp was presented with gifts. Dancing Club Has Party— The young married people's dance club had a dance Thursday evening at the I. O. O. F. hall, the Algona Rythmn club playing. Mr. and Mrs. John Dreesman and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sorensen were the committee in charge. The club has a dance every other Thursday evening. Gourmet Club Has Session— Dr. C. D. Schaap entertained the select Gourmet (eating) club at his the C^egatiST O.TKS Sd^SSS SSTk^K H. W. Miller, and Dr. C. C. Shierk. ed with Washington cream p ! e decorated with red cherries. — ~»..t,.i. bu ,.i u iiui .u. u. A . ouuuay Between courses, patriotic songs ; school class at her home Thurs- were sung, led by Glenn Roland, j <lny evening. Mrs. Hortense Fergu- They preparedliTeir'me'a'l Mrs. Overmyer, as toastmistress,! son assisting, and 22 women at- Us and ate it whn^ ft Introduced Doctor F. Earl Burgess,! tended. Mrs. H. M. Potter gave a pastor, as George Washington,•! review of the book, All This and since he was so costumed. Mrs. j Heaven Too, written by Rachel Burgess was dressed as Martha, i Fields. Mrs. V. V. Naudain, presi- Former Senator L. J. Dickinson, i dc »t> lighted candles at the table guest speaker, gave an addross' nl ' d Presented birthday cards to along patriotic lines. Esther Quimby, Ella Thompson and Mrs. D. J. Bredall gave a mus- Jr ' - s. E. C. Dickinson, whose birth- leal reading, The Minuet, accom-i''<'O'?. fall in February, also to Mrs. panied by Mrs. Walter Rob-irrs. i E. J. Murtagh, who had a birthday This was followed by a minuet • in January. danced by Mrs. Burdette T. Agard „, , „ t —: and Mrs. Vaughn Rising dressed in' ' l ' iu '' !f ' rs T »'•<>• Hostesses- men's Colonial costumes and Mrs. ! „ Bel ' tllf i Godfrey and Antoinette Ralph Donovan and Miss Dilling j n: Go » na tetter entertained high school women's costumes. and grade teachers at two Bingo the women played bridge at the Shierk home. Talk by Algona Lawyer— The Delphians postponed a meeting last week Tuesday till today, when they are having one o'clock luncheon at the Algona hotel and will hear D. C. Hutchison give his ideas on what women should know about their husband's income and businesses. Past arntrons to Initiate- Mrs. Casey Loss, past worthy matron of the 0. E. S.. will be in- by entertaining at one o'clock dinner. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Neal Nealson, Spencer, Mrs. Sadie Frankl, Algona, and Mrs. Patterson's son, Stanley. Mrs. B. A. Thorpe entertained her Methodist school class of nine girls Friday. Each girl told an original story, and Mrs. Thorpe read two stories. All of the girls are In the fourth grade in school. 'Mrs. Fred Parks was hostess to the Dessert bridge club Thursday at two tables. Mrs. C. U. Pollard and Mrs. E. J. Eason won guest prizes. The club does not give a bridge prize. The Presbyterian Helping Hand society will meet Thursday afternoon at 2:30, and hostesses will be Mesdames Dennis Pratt, Homer Young, G. C. Stewart, and Marion Burbank, also Mary Lowrie. The Baptist Aid will meet Thursday at 2:30 at the church, and hostesses will be Mesdames F. C. Volzke, C. S. Johnson, Howard With- fim. Russell Cook, and Edward Telkamp. The W. C. T. U. will meet tomorrow (Wednesday) at -2:30 at Mrs. M. J. Young's and the program will feature the life and the work of Frances E. Willard. The Congregational Woman's association will have a one o'clock luncheon Thursday at the church. Mrs. H. D. Hutchins and Margaret Durant are on the program. The 0. E. S. Past Matrons will meet this afternoon for one o'clock luncheon at the Masonic Temple, with Mesdames Ray McWhorter and C. C. Chubb in charge. The Naomi Circle met Thursday * * * BOB SHERWOOD had CLAUDE E. 'SAMSON had been named delegate to the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Hawkeye Tire & Rubber Co. at Des Moines. There were other stock holders here. » * * * written from France to tell of his work there and of the welcome for President Wilson who had gone abroad to help make the peace treaty. Bob said it rained in France too much. * * * * A 10 j LB. son had been .born on January 22 to Mr. and .Mrs. C. R. La Barre. THE CORN*M*ARKET had 'been shot to pieces, the price falling nearly 16c a bushel in ten days. But corn was still $1.25 a bushel. * * * * , A G-IRL, Catherine Belon, Ames, was acting as cow-tester on the H. ,C. Adams and B. E. McCorkle farms. WILLIAM * * * » NUGENT had been .released from the army at Camp Wise, Can Antonio, Tex., and had come home. * * * * THE 22nd AND 23rd Kraft stores had been established, one in southern Minnesota, the other in southern Iowa. * * * THE MASONIC LODGE service flag showed that 20 of its 72 members were service men. * * * » " OTnGTl S COSTUT11GS. i ._.- — ..^. ., m, L ,, VJ -uiut^ij 111 LLLUII JIILU UIIU J.~cUSU 1V1 Ji'Ll* 0IIS Cllltl Miss Dilling, still in costume, ' ! )arUe « last week, one Friday even- | this afternoon at the Masonic Tern- • - -• played two violin solos, accompan- " 1S> the otll er Saturday evening, j pie. Hostesses for one o'clock mann hostesses, led by Mrs. Roberts. Mrs. Risi-i^, rhe Parties were held at Miss God- luncheon will be Mesdames LoRnv •__ _i _•!,._ i. , , . ' rrOV l a1ftn-iinr.4-«^*i J J-.__.. i •»r_-irri . _ «**-u J-IWAI.W,; with Mrs. Marc Moore, Mesdames Myron Ludwig, Henry Lund, and Alma Nelson assisting. There were 32 women in attendance. The First Lutheran Aid will meet Thursday afternoon at. 2:30 with Mrs. August Huenhold, Mrs. D. J. Buss assisting. The Trinity Lutheran Aid meets iiiiiiruu 01 me u. w. s.. will be in- ^HUIL^ juuLiieriiu AIU meeui itiated into the Past Matrons club Tnursda y at two p. in., Mrs. Henry this afternoon nt thn Mnc^,,!^ T — I Wegener and Mrs. Henry Schfinn- led by Mrs. Roberts. Mrs. Rising,'" e , partios were held at Miss God- luncheon will be Mesdames LeRoy in an old-fashioned grandmother's £T ey s ' 1G Euests attending each one.! McWhorter, E. W. Lusby and C T costume, sang Grandmother's Tea Dor °thy Reif won high and Carrie ! Chubb. Party. ; Durant, was low at the Friday ev- Since Mrs. Burgess has a birth- ening Party ;Miss Christensen high, Farewell for Miss Heller— day only once in four years (she Margaret Fussel, low, Saturday ev- The Keyhole club gave a fare- was born in leap year on February enin S- A buffet-style luncheon was wcl1 -Party Saturday evening at Eu- 20) she was presented with red Rel- ved at each party, with Mrs. 0'- i senia Little's for Irene Heller, who carnations for the birthday she Conn ell, Ui Verne, and Burnetta 'oaves today for Albert Lea to take does not have this year. ' Bonnstetter, pouring. nurses' training. Irene is a daugh- _ The evening was closed with : ,,„„„„ n:^i^ xr..,._.. „..,_ ! 61 ' of Ml 3 Fl-ed Biorstedt, Whit- Wllh Cong'l Circle Makes Huts— temore. Mrs. May Harrington's Congre- gift. , She was presented with a gational Circle met Thursday at! , Mrs. T. L. Larson's, 25 women at- i SI ' a t»>f? Tarty nt Tltonka— '""'""" •'—••-"--- ' Thirty young people of the local Maxinc Hobinson is liride— Maxino Robinson, Algona, and. , — —....^..1 ut - , Donald Moore, Ainsworth, were' landing. Assisting hostesses were' married at 3 o'clock Wednesday | Mesdames H. T. Bunkofske and ^resoytenan Christian Endeavor afternoon at the Methodist parson- : August Slagle. Following business I sooie ty attended a roller skating age. Dr. F. Earl Burgess officiated the women indulged in a bit of fun Party at the Titonka rink Thursday in a single-ring ceremony. j—making odd-shaped hats out ofi evenin S- Members of the Lakota The bride wore a rust biege ! Pieces of velvet, old newspapers, I a . nd Bui 't Christian Endeavor socie- dress, with rust accessories, and > otc - After the hats were finished ' ties were also there, her attendant, Bulie Orton, Algo- j each woman had to don hers andk r . „, 7^—:—: na, wore a teal blue dress with! Parade before judges. Mrs. V. V. j '""""£ Ioa Urcle Meets- rust accessories. Best man was i Naudain who first prize for the ! T . " e - 1 rest) yterian Tea Circle met Orville Moore. Alirnmi. hrnMi«r nf "lost artistic hat. and Mrs. Bur,- L. ? day mol '«ing, 9 till 12, at Mrs. L. F. Rice's. Lunch consisting was'served" to "the bridal""parTy'"at k r ,,,..i, ir i ~L « . ?^ C ° ffe °,' biscuits - hone y. marma- the homo nf ti, fi hvirl«'s ™routs Mnrdm_Maslnnfrton Tarty— lade and tomato juice was served to 37. OTHER SOCIETY. A weekly meeting of the Campfire girls was held Tuesday at a short busi- worked on Mrs. Alma Nelson entertained The D. A. R.'fi held their annual Martha Washington party Wednes- the home of the bride's parents. The bride, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Robinson, farmers 1 , . ,, V T ' J — *—;i ••*•""-•' east of Algona, is an Algona hlgh!?F at Mrs. Hortense Forguson'a. school craduate Mr Monrp is a ! ' women attending m colonial so o ^ed Moore BurllnEton -ind: COBtumeB - At one oclock lunch at he was gradinted''from^nf e ColTax a larsc t;ibl ° with a ^"terpiece of , the llbl ' a P r - ^ h?"h school Shce last^ June h«s h*s i Amerlcnn flaRS was served - The no » s f sl , on tlle ^ S worked- on been employed on tiie Ro bfnson I reflt of the afternoon was spent at sCra P books - Th e -TOUP will meet farm They-were?wed on the "5th ! brldKO and Chlnkor-Chok. Mrs. Fred , a S" n next Tuesday at the library. G *** a " d M ' s G B I M '' s - V ' , Rising entertained her T. hey wcic *> uu un Lilt: ^ULII r< • n i -\ r f, « ' — wedding anniversary of the mar-! \'*\ se ,. ^ nd . Mr . s ; G ' S - ^ uchanan riage of the bride's parents. , l vnn lush **• br l d / c ' and M '-«- P. V. The newlyweds are moving to ! ^»s° .^s low. Mrs. W. L. Whitney, the Floyd Bacon farm, four miles THE FILING WALL south of Burt. Jessie Smith Heads Wa-tan-vans ' A " L ' L ,°"K' and Mrs - almer won high at Chinker-Chek. f " " d 3 J? C '" R at Whlttemore- - , lle St : omas Episcopal Gui-ld The Wa-Tan-Ye business' girls' v - , le t : ^omas Episcopal Gui-ld ub held its annual election lst iV" '" eet at °" e P- m ' hu ™ dr at club held its annual election last week Tuesday evening at the Algona hotel. Jessie Smith was elected president to succeed Mrs. ' 1 "' s " "' E Woodward's. Whitte- h ° f ' m ° f three Lenten ssisting hostesses will sewing club Saturday evening. Other members are four local teachers — Dorothy Reif, Alice Chester, Irene Launsberry, and Alice Johnston. Mrs. Kermit Forbes was a club guest. Mrs. F. A. Corey and Mrs. G. D. Stokes entertained the 0. N. O. Eve L. Presnell GOl S. Dodge St. Photographer of Children Babies Confirmation Communion Violet Norman and Anna Buss res- i pectivcly. Darleen Stott was elect- ! ed to the board of directors for one year, Stella Mae Breen and Rose Lampe for two years. Fifteen members ate a chicken dinner. The next _ meeting will bo a party this evening (Tuesday) at Adah Curl-, son s, Amy Johnson assisting. Farewell for Mrs. Sanders- Members of the Prpsbvtnrrin cho^entenledt sev^f o'S dinner Thursday evening at the church as a courtesy for Mrs. Lura Sanders, who is leaving soon for California Twentv-one nersons nt fended and the tab^ were dlco- rated with hyacinths and spring colors. Mrs. Sanders, who was presented with a box of stationery and ni . be a charge ! ", ^ t ^ ° h mem ^er has been ask"' .f", ak ° a , BUest M .™' Woodward wl " K1VO a book '' evlcw - Hii<>nliold Hirthdav Celebrated- \n<ru.st Huonhol'd of the M"ona Greenhouses, reached another mile, ,10,10 Friday, and in the evening Mrs. Huenhold entertained four-' "' 1 " at "™ 0>clock d'™" honor. The son "Moody" "^ ^nre. taken this - A, v ?, reonhouses - also lke " atw Yellowstone nation' °* c ' Mr ' H«enhod'a age *' ' ' s e a secret - E ven his *£* ™* n ™ just what k is _ Farewell for the Devines— j Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Devine, farrn- JiQTlKK OF ASSESS - >n: SKCOiYDAttY ItO.U) i Notffie Is IIP rob y Klven to fill persons whose ' names appear In the within clifclule that tlierc- has been filed In the office of the County Auditor of Kuavuth County, Iowa, a report of the Board of Apportionment showing the special assessment proposed to be levied on all parcels of real estate ncluded within Secondary Road District No. 41-1, which schedule of proposed ssessment is as follows: i."»i-u Included wltlil a Sub-Division NWM SW14 10 10 10 10 10 11 _11 .ll 11 11 ____ 11 SW% ____ li NEi£ y NEV4 SW^ SfCVi SEy SEJ^ NW SWi SWy Sec. Twp. ..10 94 .10 95 .10 94 94 NW 94 M 94 94 94 94 94 94 94 94 94 Si Rng. 30 BO 30 BO 80 30 30 BO 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 Acres 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. Name of Owner Assessment Fred Harms Jr. $ jo.71 IIIII 7.41 6C7 1044 9.0.] 7.71 10.44 5 04 9.39 'Fred Harms Jr. Fred Harms Jr. I" ~~~ Fred Harms Jr. _~II"~" Albert and Henry Keller Albert and Henry Keller I Albert and Henry Keller _~ Albert and Renry Keller I Kund Larson ~ Kund Larson IIIIIII Kund Larson IIIII 10.44 Kund Larson ~ " 10.71 Charles Anllker 771 Charles Anllker 7.41 Equitable Life Ins. co. ~ 7.41 Equitable Life Ins. Co. 7.71 You and each of you whose names appear In the within schedule are hereby notified that said report will come on for hearing before the Board *;*. Supervisors at their office In Algona, Iowa, on the 30th day of March, ijj», at two oclock p. m. At said hearing any of the above apportionments may be increased or may be adopted without further notice. rt,,v /},f ss you fl m wrltten objections to said report on or before noon of saia . aay the bame will be presumed to have been conclusively waived. ' rtu«= u assessments may be paid in full without interest if paid within twenty y ^Lv^. F a J? ot assessment Is confirmed. Dated at Algona, Iowa, this 24th d.ay of February, 1939. B. S. KIlsr&fTY', County Auditor. These new Phoenix Personality shades have a way of glamour- izing your legs. The tones will grow on you . . . and glow on you! See INTRIGUE —an unusual toasted tan, and ELATION—a stunning copper bright. PHOENIX 6%£6z.-jfiAtmL HOSIERY PHOENIX fhades literally bloom with lovelinou because of the excluiivo VITA-BLOOM prec«u. Chrischilles Store THE FRANK J. Manns were in Texas, and Frank had sent home pictures of a bag of 17 ducks. But he said he didn't like Texas. * * * • CLARENCE GILLETTE had been indicted by the grand jury on a .charge of breaking and entering the Mann garage, where he stole .$20, also the Dr. C. H. Cretzmeyer coupe. He had driven the car as .farm as -Sexton before mud roads stopped him and compelled him to abandon it. He was arrested at Mason City and brought here for .trial. * * » * J. W. NEVILLE was advertising her Embroidery club yesterday fhJ l , W ' r, rt« , ™l advertisin S (Monday). There are 12 members * at ^ 1 , 1 * e 'J the , llog b " si "? ss and The Nazarene Missionary society '^ g ? m | to ,, close ° ut his shoe will meet Thursday afternoon with ?£™ %° C * sof he co ^ spend more Mrs. E. N. Taylor. - s farm ' The sale was The Laf-a-lot club will meet this afternoon (Tuesday) with Mrs. M. J. Duffy. .advertised for February. * * * * THE RIST BRYGOODS store was going out of business. * * * * IOWA WAS HAVING a mild Winter in 1919, and Algonians in .California and Florida were invited to come home. * * * * COUNTY ATTORNEY S. D. Quar- ,toii had issued a statement warning against the sale or purchase of cigarets in Iowa. The law then in Iowa prohibited sales of cigarets, jobbers in interstate business ex- .cepted. It was also against the A Limitless Wardrobe from a Limited Budget Pick 'N Pair. Mix 'N Wear. Not only is it fun to design your own costume from these colorful companion pieces by Bradley, but it's real economy as well. A jacket, sweater, and skirt adds up to two complete and different ensembles. Drop in and let us show you hpw it's done and how inexpensively too! Chrischilles Store • • ..... • Jaw for anyone under 21 to smoke or use a clgaret on the premise* The Cutest COTTON PRINT of1939 Annex of another, or In ptibllc In-'lhfe cd'tfii>«njr of Style 825 - lie-back style in I* pique print that buttons all-the- iwaydown the front - sizes 14 - 20.' In Navy, BUck or Wine back-' Sroundt. 98c For the Young Business Woman Buy aGossard Chrischilles Store 161 This attractive foundation garment "set" is made of a fine seamless knitted a-way stretch elastic. The combination has a dainty lace bra top and all three pieces are boneless. The Step-in, Model 161 ................... . .$ 1.50 The Combination, Model i8n..... ...... ...$2.50 ThcPantic, Model 160 ............. ........ $1.50 The bra shown with the girdle is a "Flair." It's of elastic satin with a net top. Model 1019. The bra shown with the pantie is also a "Flair" .design of elastic satin and net. Model 8008. Miss Rose Lampe, who last summer completed her course as a graduate cor- setiere in Chicago, will give you. the benefit of her training and will advise you as to the proper garment for your individual needs. Talk with Miss Lampe about your foundation garment problems. We fit all our corsets. When you buy a large-size package of DREFT This Gorgeous Many- Purppsi wide and 2 ..etc, SHOWN ABOVE I TO GET THIS SENSATIONAL BARGAIN FOR 1« Ask Your Dealer Today for a Large-Stze Package of DREFT,.. Most Amazing buds Improvement in 1,000 Years! " , i i Now—a real, honest-to-goodness bargam offer that needs no "bally? nes°s'"Iff hff f ° r 5 ' 0urself the ^vcU- ness of this many, purpose 2 piece fluted glass serving set 1 And it's yours >n a choice of either delicate rost £ sparkling crystal. . . FOR IUST A SINGLE PENNY' rult v U5T A - Made *° "nrfaceYou to Tnr This New Safe Way to Wash All Your Fine Fabrics Once you wash f a ••»«-** t.auuutgivei ** ?X?n N ° N ; ALKflLIH . E MIL DNESS 2. SUDS THAT NEVER LEAVE "SCUM" xna~.._ «""*O Slid anneolenra Dreft-once you sec how i t promises these fine fabrics a long W e of make this 3. RICH SUDS IN HAHDE^TwATEB •••nee time* more suds n,,— any toap you eperutedl fcSS^faJyf' ass- ^1 wMv^^g&ij**! »wc«uiewptfc tef-'i* 85 HURRY! OFFER GOOD ONLY WHILE to T.

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