Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 28, 1939 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 28, 1939
Page 9
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ilCROFT FIVE 0, H. KI,AM!', Field nepresentntlvo KOSSUTH COUNTY AftVANC& ALftONA. IOWA PAGE NINE flew Scanty Shop Here— Burt Is to have a new beauty mT . a nu ana, i. w. nauocu cu- shop. Elda, daughter ot Mr. and tertained at three tables of cards Mrs. Tony Jandl, wtll open the Friday evening In honor of Mr. and Ilose Bowl Beauty shop. Surprise for Hurt Woman— A dozen women surprised Mrs. Mrs. Clalr Winkle, who are moving to a farm near THonka. H. A. Thompson went to Minn- cord handsome trop IO« City FARMERS TO OPERATE A TOURIST CAMP Hurl, Feb. 27—A gathering hon- oriiiR the Merwyn Holdings, who i are moving away this week, was held' at W. W. Boettcher's Thurs-1 , Tne j^mie uermuu uuuu. JJ.BJOU - —, r F B ce south" oV not 'at homo'wh'on" wo wero'there | (lay evening and In attendance and Bobby Thaves sang on the, Al- Mannis ™™^ ^ hb Burt which they bought a few i last week Tuesday, but Mrs. Flaig™ Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Holding, bent Lea radio broadcast Satur- " p ^, en ed to bed. Wars ago. They have built an ad- was there, caring for the children, 1 ^ and Mrs Ivan Long, daughter day . is confined "*«« to the house and have In- who had boon vcacinated against Violet, son Howard Mr. and Mm -i.....i- ii™i, ln M.. „„,!' atnniinnv Th n ,, ann \ nn t\~ n •,„.,„ I ^""Us Holding and Mr. and Mrs.. -Thuraddy'St. when we on ,, ed Thursday al c> bu , he waa do , ng cvel . yll , lng •- - • • ••• Slgsbee's, east of Burt on tho could to keep them warm. ho A f bllf'f'BSS' fc*»o""**»w—, — — — - , uw u .u- \.\j i» viv]/ i, j i v; 1.11 w til in• rd oi ?" Ijr^.: <3e6. D. Stone estate farm, thci **** :, Johns^oa ,j ajn jjy wag packing up, for they' Fred Flaig, of Lone Rock, was Jolden , . J W ui n ow live on a farm south of not at home when we wero there byterlan church Friday. Wednesday, to attend an eighth disrtlot rural letter carriers' meeting. Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Hansen en- ing, Luella Weiska and Ruby Kueck hostesses. •Maxlne Sehenck, employed at Chicago, spent last week-end with her parents and accompanied them to Des Molnes. Mrs. P. J. Kriethe went to Des Moines Friday for a day with her daughter Eugeii dent at Drake. Mr. and Mrs. Harold and Mr. and Mrs*. Ralph . were at Fairmont last wee! day. or twd a, stu- iiteward Steward Tuea- A dozen women surprised Mrs. H on a business mission last M, M. Chipman Thursday by going Th ' ui . sday . Alice Jensen, who had to her home to help her celebrate , f d at tho Thompson a birthday. spent a few days at the Thompson home went back with him. ?r AJ-aiSKr^- 1 s~ "r- 1 ™ --• "*• • •» i i „ mi _« t.t,~. A 1_ Mfltin S. iVirS. vj r nual Sl0 ux 01 y dl ° yen rs ago. They have built an ad- was there, caring for the children, P niwit .fiprl dition to the house and have in-1 who had boon vcacinated against Ptf! Meyer was. awniutu gta]led electrlc n g hts. Mr. and smallpox. Tho vaccination was t h L't'he best-coached teain, M ^ g)gsbee have boen top rcnt .; "working," so she waa keeping the Fat Tohns players ™ c ° 1 *°, , er s, for they have been on the children In bod. for they have they now live Holding and Mr. and Mrs. i Clifford Holding. The Otlu»r Hurt News. Mrs. Charles Kenning, who had IIa o — r, _ nf i siroilB - " —' ... . , , ,~ . liim ;i wpplt ntrn Rilllvrlav Tin OY n«t the bis a J! , ,._,, n( i Burt, and so will be kept plenty. " " ll ;-*'~ K " K0 »fuuiaay. lie ex- n -, in the first round ' I plained that, some of the silage had team" 1 vMa sD i v it ousy. ....... ...... ... the * * * * .spoiled. In our rounds this win- If If tp If i t.Ji'^r n\j-.*, BII.UIII 1 VJ II I IUO Lll 10 »TII1— m e .d Wo were at Sim Leigh's, south-' tcr , we hav ° heard of considerable battle with Sacred! J lrv , ngtoll| last week Mon- . " nolla f 0 - Some farmers claim that Boone- which was conslrt ea t b ,,,„ sl] too dry M Sny- 5ttie»oBt thrilling and aay glm can certainly toll,' 101 '' who takes great pride in good rnament. «"" «- • ' two carc nf hls slock ' has some young stock ™ n S \ ,*"' sows which weigh more than 400 Bck ' l Mr, and Mrs. Carl Bahling wenl to Des Moines early last week to ' qec Betty Walker. She was also i/iuiuru nuiumg. J-nu wiuivvju. Mrs. unanes n-emnne, wnu i.o.^ »«-•- . . u *. /-,„„„_,, cjplivnpriovn a Holdings will operate a filling sta- apent a few days here with her to visit the Geoige Schroedeis a tion and tourist camp two miles ynrents, left Friday for her home Ames. „,„„*„,, from Spencer. The John Helder- at Aitchlson, Kans. Her mother, ' »e Herman u Jei'ens aio movmi, Mr.s J. H. Schroeder, accomp'anied to a place ne«u wimtemoie, to 3 oV°them T SI*ia a r n aB M An 1 SI 1 wnS?e S™ thVnieichs a,•! vac at tag. ^urse 6 "^ R"V^Sleti* Whit-! «oS bttdafa^eek^o FrI COU1S6. MIS. n. A. uaiui-u, YVIIIL O nt 0 ,.t n |«lni? n rlnzp.n boy ;<%me3 of tlie luun—«••"• d H d ,, two p-<"« •" • i« »™™ , nas some young 6 t the final minute, St. some >. ,uu n, cv SOWR wmch wei K h more tha » 40 ° '^/a victory when Ca£ Joya ™g^J dB i? c fe ol ^S 1B , l &'' ou n« I « f?«*- He also has a few ««tnitte" Johnson eanK *»£i . , ., k *„„,.„ hull sows which already have young Among Ilic Hurt Movers nionR (e ur ovcrs- course. Mrs. R. A. Bartlett, - , Among farmers moving this temore, spent Wednesday with the , <lay by entertaining a dozen boys week are tho D. 0. Hbtaom, who | p ar ental Sohroedero. 1 go to the old Stfayer farm, on which the Millers have been wniuii LIIU iijfciri iviiiiurs iiuvu uccu ftii's. jviauue xlttnna viaituu uviio. in -, living. The Millers move to Port- ]j e Hanna, near Lone Rock, Thurs- j land township, on the farm vacat- ! j ay evening. Mrs. Tlllle Hanna' ed by the E. L. Dlckmeyers, who was recently brought home from . a ' T^P^ fn^ Jn W\°Wher league Mr . Bnd Mrfl . ;., H . Schenck and 1 The Lu theian ' Watth ei l League . Maude Hanna visited Mrs. Til- , met at the chuich Thuisday even hvae purchased the old Cooper farm. The farm, vacated by the Hobsons Avill be occupied by the Kossuth hospital. Mr , am i Mra. Jj. A. Boettcher, an( i Mrs. R. C. Dremmel, Hugh STOMACH stock shows good care. » * * * ,. an . . . , William Larsens, Ringsted, who McDonald, and Dorothy Smith en- aiso raises a tine lot ot sheep, ana """":.. ^".-i i-T as »K 1,0,^ «^^«'""; hn now has 40 young lambs. Mrs. bought it. The'C. E Sigsbees have tertMned «. ... . rvinirrtM frt tVioll' mwn Fn rTTl enllrn Hi ^^.nAtt.-.n' 3sd6y0 r ft b; a utifui presented to the w EL team received „ traveling trophy , ttie championship trophies Mrs. Quinn was at home when wo d he new J. W. He had been and But kept moved to their own farm, south of Burt. Bowies Have Second Son— at a monthly social meeting at. the Presbyterian church Friday evening. 'Mrs. Lawrence Stainbrook entertained 20 women Thursday in hon- . in highway work 11 years. Mr Mrs. Quinn have three hoys and one girl and the two older boys attend school. <n>i«H JIJI.M; E3i;*;viiu »jui»— 'tainefu. zu women niuiauuj' m nun- continuing ns"a Kood"cook"and"thia lSu P l - and Mrs ' M ' C " Bowie are or of her moth-in-law, Mrs. P. L. w,i ,™w , a fo g rhehaddlnne at Parents of a son, born Thursday sta.nbrook The PL Stainhrooks ><nr table For example we ate the ' at the K ° ssu ' th hospital. The Bow- 1T)oved Monday to their farm near i or example we ate tne ^ ^^ me other gon Docto] . and wwtte :- ots 0 ,f I^L ?n Mrs. Bowie, Zearing, and Mrs. , Mr . and Mrs. L. H. Schenck ac-' . P e 0 p lc beautKul a our bhn'shall 111 team anu fcaptain Johnson [Dick Nnrrl, »-' „ + + # renders mny notice a great change _, . . . . » ! in our appearance in the next few Putzstuck, northeast ot won i._ JOWie, ^ticiiiiiB, anu aviio. , Mr ana ivirs. LI. n. auneium au- Marshalltown, came Thurs- companied Mr. and Mrs. Fred Genday to take the other little boy to r i c h, Lone Rock, to Wehster City stay with his maternal grandmoth- QJ. 4|^g U£W3™ -**w» w — — • V J. Mey- Wesley, was fixing up halters for, De- some colts when we were at his j i weeks. * * * * Tommy *"=- •• - < ••• A- N fi l s on. west of Titonka, ""' "•( Art Devine, Ger- place last week Monday. He told ( has been feeling better of late. :k iii nnrrinK Donald us he would move March 1 to a j Something unusual is that Mrs. IU u.!, Dona ltt > J " *' Tony farm a few miles northwest of Lu Nelson has a large number of can- ray ' j A M O MurDhy i Verne. This 160-acre place is his j n] .| os . Recently she sold and shipper and Aicme v n farm _- Mr> and , Mrs. Putzstuck n n d three birds the same day. It is . . dArchie Murpny. , ^^ ^^ .^^ ^ ^ Puf/.stuck | ,, n d three birds the same day. It is u HP tliirns— have eight children, four boys and j interesting , to watch them. Some of Ji flint * Mrg fom . glr]g T]le coup i e nve K0 od j the hens are now sotting, and the Quse _ farmerS) an d they havq been good male birds feed them. The birds were renters, for they have lived on the i are real singers, and the hens ev- , le farm home c iDoocy, and all I furniture and 1 'ire Saturday even- - - - JM ind nine o'clock, owns the place will move to a e8 arSs aS aveTwe 0 re°the himself, coming ^from Illinois. ., i. .11.. linlrl nn ntld t.hti _ ._-.«. it ly urum; 0 u**.w»- - - fcing the family ha'd on, and tne Uharies wuinn, o ; machine which was neai a( . L(me Rock ]ast ,or, Mr. Doocy was a one at -- 'at the time of the fire. Mrs We met Charles Quinn, of Ban- If you do not • * * * * Rdw. Hoppe.. who formerly livet m.sl of Burt, on one of the Geo . j D. Stone farms, has already mov week od to tho Bcirstedt estate farm know I northwest of Burt. This is Ml icond year at RtLIEVF THl DISCOMFORT.: •'' . OF A Hf AVV MEAL WITH... D1A-BISMA i : An onlocid powder ond,oll«alti ma 00*1' Take il aftat , ) «vhcn«vnr ar> abnotmal a _ acidity In lh« itomach bringi dn ( » uncomfortabU Utflina Sold only E. W. LUSBY YOUR PENSUAR DRUG STORE Guildwqy Horn* No. 1 in er. Mrs. 'Park, and Marjorle Baas accompanied the party to help take care of him. t the time of the fire. Mis. CnaTles you can it i cn tuy him when j and Mrs. Hoppe's s e anil the children hau gone you see Mm ^ fo) . hp wears a fine | r ;u . mingi a , ul Uley a ciehbor's home to a parij, ,, t T tl „ ,, lv d a y Sl f| nn i ni f O F I IOES . "M lloctnmiis at Short Course- Mrs. L. E, Roetman went to Ames Thursday evening to attend part of a dairy short course, in-' eluding a banquet. She returned with her husband, who had been there all week. Ruth: Schroeder \ stayed with the Roetman children. Clerk Resigns to Slurry- Evelyn Bierstedt, who had been employed at the Smith department store two years, has resigned, effective next Saturday. On March 10 she is to be married to Leonard Warner, Algona. Marie Carter will uiiu *— — - , you isuu nun, iui in: wctnn u iinu ; i. t u 111111^, .niu intj eighbor's home to a party , ^, oonskln coat In the carly days . flno lot of llogs . " r. Doocy remained at nome guch we] . e comnlon j bought another ho ., i neighbor I Mr. Dooc L had not been feeling well Doocy was asleep on tlie bed In the heat and smoke awak- him shortly after eight o'- already have a take her place at Smith's. bought another horse. * * * * said he had We called last week Tuesday on | _ Stephen Tjaden, northwest ./. I. Dodds, who lives within a ~" half mile of tho Good Hope church. Social Worker is Visitor— >Dr. and Mrs. J. G. Claps'addle of ,j rove to Fort Dodge Thursday ev- m snumj an.ci o. B "- - nair miie or LOO uoou riupu uuuiuu. He was fully dressed at the He was . ln tnc i, ousei sticking near n:. He grabbed a chair and tlle hot stovo> f or ho had not been [eked out a window to .make his f ee ij nK his best. He would c. Running around to the no j_ gtay j u Un ] ea8 he was "under hen door lie dragged the wash- the wea ther," for he is a hard machine out of the burning , His son William Jr. is at macne o ^,.^6,.. s son am r. s dlng and in so doing fell and ipresent looking after the work. red his back. The first car to M)% rj o dds has as fine a herd of live on the scene toolc him to a red p 0 ned cows as one will find in s office where he received tllig part ot tho coun tvy. Fourteen Li n «««l T>Vm T\r»rtmr Fomfl V Is * « .. ___ *ii ___ i „ t ,-,,^n ^.n f aiepnen ijauen, uui urweai UL drove to rort iJOQge mursuay ev- Tilonka, was firing up his tank en j ng to meet and bring up their heater when we arrived Friday, daughter Rachel, who is in social He gets the water just right for his serv ice work at Knoxville. She re-- Jil - mained for the rest of ithe week. Boy's Birthday Is Observed— . , , ,. \ In honor of Donald Macauley's Friday. He uses U to grind feed th(j M , on Meinzel . S( the for his cattle. Don has farmect only | Hnro]d ' and Rall)h stewards, and n few years, but already he has a fine lot of cattle, hogs, and sheep. fctment. The Doocy family with relatives until a home I .be built. lloria (Jodie Is llridc— cow s are being milked at present. A change in bulls has been made, and the present bull is a black polled fellow. Mr. Dodds and his son are also lovers of good settle. * -it * * Don McCarthy, northeast of Titonka, was repairing a grinder Friday. He uses it to grind feed BURT •mini uutuu m j»imi.— hjg. son are a j go lovers oi yuuu | pretty wedding was performed horses and tliey u ee p a fine Clyds- It week Tuesday morning at 8 d . tud lock at St. John's church when , ' * * * * ftoria 'jochc, daughter of Mr. | George Sonnenberp, northwest d Mrs, William Goche, became o f Titonka, was repairing a kero- j bride of Sereal DeGeeter. The , sene heater in his hog house [v. ,1. H. Schultes officiated. The Wednesday. He is expecting the liple was attended by Sylvia arr ival of pigs and had the sows in Jche and Arnold Weiler, cousins,' s t a lls. George has 12 fine sows, Ithe-Jbride. The bride wore a ' some 'spotted Poland Chinas, some lor length dress of white satin ci les ter Whites. The Sonnenbergs 4 a veil of white lace in cap ef- . ^^ & farming. George operated a t. She carried a bouquet o£ gen eral store at Titonka a few Jlianna Hill roses. The brides- ' yeavs , kid wore a gown of pink moire ' * * * * feta and a wreath of sweet peas J. W. Gross, southwest of Lone her hair. Her bouquet con- Rock, was building a tower for hulled of pink roses. A -wedding i windcharger when we saw him las per was served to immediate! week Tuesday. As we go about we Jlatives at the home of the bride's see a good many wind-chargers |vcnts at 11:30. Mr. Gross is' widely known for hi good horses, which he keeps in fine shape. He remarked that if he could not keep horses in the bes of condition he would not wan |el|is (io to California— [Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Welp left last fek for Stockton, Calif., to spend Iree or tour weeks visiting vela- res. They went the central route f d will return the southern way, pd visit relatives at Oklahoma. iemary Welp, who has spent i years in California, will Im home with them. them around. * * * * •Enko Smidt, northwest tonka, was fixing up stalls in of Ti th Other Bancroft News. , Mr. and Mrs. John McCarthy are. limna, wtto j..«."o -i- barn for his brood sows Wednes re- day. He has 13 sows, and one ha already littered. It takes a lot o care in the kind of weather w have been having to save newbor Harold and Ralph Stewards, , the Jack Hennings family, Algona, were supper guests last week Sun] day at Paul Ma'canley's. New Cars for Three— A few Burt people are driving new cars. The Earl Ackermans Special Cream Separator SALE For two weeks ONLY, starting February 14, we are having a special sale of Iowa Cream Separators. During this sale we will give a Special Trade-In Allowance for your old Cream Separator 011 the purchase of a new Iowa Dairy Separator. Take advantage of this sale and save yourself $$$$$$$$! Kossuth County Implement Co. ALGONA, IOWA ' (? /» NEW GUILDWAY PLAN PROVIDES EASY WAY TO BUILD A HOME • Today it's easier to own a home than ever before. Our "ine-stop" service relieves you of all details. We even arrange the finahcing. As members of the National Housing Guild we offer you the tombmed services of leading local contractors, architects, and all othir factors you usually have to deal with when you build—all through jjne headquarters and in one simple transaction. You pay monthly like rent. You eet a better home too than ever before. Comfortable the ydar round thanks to Johns-Manville Rock Wool Home Insulation. Other Johns- Manville quality products protect you against fire—minimise upkeep. Many attractive Guildway homes by foremost architects to choose from. Get the facts! ASK FOR PORTFOLIO OF PLANS AND FREE COPY OF "HOME IDEA BOOK" Thii is the popular 60-page book that makes home building a delight instead of a drudgery. Filled with helpful ideas and suggestions, an article on color, one on room arrangement, decorations, etc., housek and a ' floor plans by country's leading small home irchi- tects. Offered in Johns-Manville national advertisements at lOc a copy, we bring it to yoU free for limited time only. Phone, Write or Call for Free Book Miller Housing Guild Headquarters at MILLER LUMBER CO. Phone 198, Algona, la. DISTRIBUTORS OF JOHNS-MANVILLE'MATERULS GUiLDUinv HOITIES nno 8 Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Kollasch.and 1-ve a Plymouth. Druggist F. L Irs. William Heller attended a uneral at Whittemore Friday. er, Minn., Wednesday. The Fortnightly club met Friday flernoon with Mrs. 0. H. Graham. Pratt, a Pontiac; and Dr. B. Bahnson, a Plymouth. ,„., to Prayer Service— The Rev. and Mrs. J. M. Doms, Mrs. A. H. Meinzer, and Mrs. Lewis Larsen attended a world day of Mr' s F."L. Ryerson has been con- I Praym service at the Algonu Pres- ined to her bed a week. Fenton H. H. Dreyer and Harold Dreyev were in Hampton Thursday, where Ruth had a physical check-up and ixamination. St. John's Lutheran Aid meets Wednesday afternoon ' in the church basement. Hostesses are Mrs. Carl Priel>e and Mrs. Henry Reimers. Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Johnson and daughter Marjorie drove to Hampton last week Tuesday, and Marjorie remained in the hospital there for treatment. CHEVROLET Small Loans Up to $300 01* AUTOMOBILES LIVE STOCK HOUSEHOLD FDRNITUKE, KT<: •Prompt, courteous, confidential service. NORTH IOWA FINANCE CD t« Upper !><•* M<>li'-"» «•"'<•• 186 •— -. a son born February 15. is the first child and has been -ed James John. Mrs. J. Willtz and Albert McsCarthy were fe sponsors. Mrs. McCarthy was "ie foraer Agnes Schiltz. Calllsta tebecker was the nurse. , Mr. and Mrs. Frank Coyne and Mghter Catherine took Alta C»y'«to her home m Chicago Wednes!»y morning, Mr. and Mrs. Coyne •ntt Catherine will also visit rel- rivesjnjoliet, 111. SECURITY BOXES—ALL - STEEL \ Protect your valuable papers. lrfl W at the Advance: 18tf ***• **,* R H Peter, southeast of Lone Rock, was putting in some extra windows on the south side of his hog house last week Tuesday. He wanted his young pigs to get more Sunlight, Mr. Peter remarked on the chilly weather for young pigs SALVE relieves COLDS price lOc and 25< \ J/ r ^ / ff^ Ml v J}>e Advance cover* Ko«»uth county like the •uiuhine. Give yoiur advertw- ">K a chance »t all Kowuth in Tuesday. County Temptation! ' Adam was tempted to take a bite of apple and was chased out of the Garden of Eden. Served him right. There never would have been room enough for all of us in the Garden anyway. The last thirty days I have been tempted by jobbers and factories. They 'have loads of goods they want to turn into cash. Om> week it is a shoe deal, next a dress deal then a hosiery deal, and so on until I hive the store and basement filled to overflowing with bargains of all kinds, Men's corduroy pants $1.00, men's and boys' chambra shirts at 29c, boys good sturdy work shoe sizes 2 to 5% at. $1.26, SI i work oxfords cord soles all sizes at $1 25 men's $1.00 night shirts at 49c men's dress' £1 at 7c a pair, ladies' leather ««, fnrds with sponge rubber soles at $1.35, la- d°es'"Sort Sds wedge, heel black or hrown at 98c, $1.00 dresses at 49c, boys m lOc girls' skirts all sizes at 24c men s sweater coats at 69c, children's rubbers all sXes 24c^ladies' snap gaiters at 49c, wom ; en's and' girls' rubbers 35c. and so on all through the store and basement. It would take a whole newspaper to itemize all the bargains, Bring your mind and your money. The ^€«^«^, Jimmie N< 7 «* L« For 7 out the & 4* n--.. /CHEVROLET than any oth^make of car "CMEVROtfr's r|f CHO/CFJ- •" -* : ' -* ^j,,-: SEE YOUR LOCAL CHEVROLET DEALER iBp^BP ^B^ iKP wl^ ^^^p i**^S4r.»r-.n -^Pr>- ^f ^9^ ^^ • ^SfQHj^f ^W^JWff^ff^W V^^KP^raS iiB.i^isii"'** 16 * 1 ^&<bj.«i

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