The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1954 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 15, 1954
Page 11
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1WDAT, JArtTTARY IB, 1WM BLTIBKYILLI CAKK.) counmn mm OUR WARDING HOUSE — with M.j.r HotfU OUt OUR WAY Ijr J. R. Willtamt NOTHM ) KIN v ON TH' FLOOR.' I SURPRISE YOU'LL HAVE 6VERV \ ME NO OLP FOSSIL AROUNP 1 MOR6 PCOPPW 6Y TO ASK \_ HA If WE'RE PUTnWMOCEn MA.' THIVW ««*•*•/ TK UKHt NEXT TO TH'VACAMT OK*. AM'THAT ours <s*e«N EC HE'D MEVBR GIVE 'EM ACHAMC* LIKS WELL, l"JS FOUND W A 308, STOCKMAN) IM A LUMBER YATO — Yai CHECK PILES OP WOOD TO ASSURE AN AMPLE- 50PPLV/— IT'LL, KeeP YOG /<fvCWIN6, COUNTIrlS gOARDS — JUST EMOOSK EXERCISE ,*>NCL> WON'T idAMETO COLW ft — FACT * I'M Ali*R6ICTt PlMe — IT 6N« MS A "JlOLE^T UAOSEA.' 1 —. MAEVHA RETUBN6 FROM 5HOPPIM5, I'LL TELL. HER CAL16D/ BABY GUARDS CM TH' MACHINES-THEME'S ONE MOW/ WYE BEEN M t»W«fi«.L,$)£ffl? ... AlAVBSVODl^W THINK OF >ttl IN JAIL) WITH A SOUFEP- PAPIOI See Our Junk Window Odds & End* Hubbard Furn. Co. NATURAL GAS H«»t!n( and mppliancei. In- italled by konded pipe fitter* »ni tnanied In SI monthlj pijmtnts. Imlitlin *r other home tm- pnnmentt incHile*. E. C. ROBINSON 1 LUMBER CO. SYCAMORE HOUSE at Ark-Mo. State Line Specializing in • CRAPPIE • STEAKS • COUNTRY HAM Operated hj .llmm.Y Robertson PHONE 9922 Complete Photo Supplies • FILM • MOVIE FILM • FLASH BULBS • COLOR FILM • POLAROID FILM BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W.Main Phone 3647 For Fine Foods, Choose PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET Nationally Advertised & Fancy Groeerie* We Deliver 2043 Call In Come In 1044 Chick. Television — Tonight, Tomorrow — WMCT Channel 5, & WHBQ, Channel 13 WMCT Channel S Friday Night, Jan. 15 6:00 Evening Serenade 8:15 News Reporter 6:30 Eddie Fisher 6:45 News Caravan 1:00 Dennis Day 7:30 Life of Rilej 8:00 Big Story 8:30 Hopalong Cassldy 8:00 Cavalcade of Sports 9:45 GrcRtest Fights 8:30 10:00 Letter to Loretta 10:00 10:30 News 10:30 10:40 Weather 10:45 Hit Parade . 11:00 11:15 Hollywood Movlt 12:00 ThefUre 12:30 12:15 Sign Off 1:30 Saturday, January 16 4:30 8:45 NRWS & MetiiU- St30 lion «:00 9:00 Tootsle Hippodrome Ed McConnell Cnptain Midnight Pride of the Southland Film Feature Cowboy-G-Men Super Circus To Be Announced TV Theatre My Little Margie Ramar or the Jungle 6:3(1 Lone Ranger 7:00 Spike Jones 7:30 Amateur Hour 8:00 Show of Shows 8:30 Pride of the Fan ny 10:00 Wrestling , 11:00 News &, Weather 11:10 Amateur Night i the Handy 12:05 Sign Off ^£* - ^' xm |7"AYZ"S capable brown hands took the car expertly around a sharp curve "1 understand perfectly." he said. "And 1 didn't mean to press vou But 1 felt that 1 had to know " , Miss Jonnson relaxed. Her ex- cusef would nave sounded oltifu! . to a five-year-old But this quiet ,kindly mtin wa? making it easier for ner bv appearing, at any rate, to acuepl them She found her- sell liking him more with every turn of the wheels Kaye said carelessly "1 suppose ihere's a hotel where 1 ran spend the night? And I'm nop- inR vou'll have dinner with me." She started, and suddenly felt as silly and jitterj as one o£ her own school girb She goodness, what was the matter with her? Why this unreasoning terror of being seen in that par. ticular town with Adrian Kaye or. indeed, any man? Because of Mrs Symcs and the questions Mrs. Symes would certainly nut? Well, partly The shadow of Mrs. Symes hung darkly over her. making normal thought and action difficult, if not impossible. But to^some degree, she Knew, the terror, the near phobia, sprang from the fact that she hac. never been seen with a man. especially a stranger. And the town would talk, amusedly, gleefully even She could hear it in fancy. . "Now how about that? The schoolmarm. out with a fellow." ; "Think she's got herself a beau, at last?" •- "My dear you could have "knocked me down with a feather. •J simply couldn't believe it till 1 sow ii with my own eyes." Gossip, tinged with ridicule, •rising in her imagination like a bugbear. No. she wouldn't ha -e • peaceful moment. Yet she wanted • moment, many ol them ID truth, with Adrian Ktyt. But K v«i out of tbt quutloD. Somt- I how or other, she would ^iave to send him on his way "1 was asking about a hotel.' he reminded ner. "Oh!" She caught herself up. "Well, there's onlj one — the j Burgess House And *'s not very ! good Full of. 1 think you'd call . there 'drummers, i haven't been I there for ages, put I hear the food's terrible We're — well, a hick town, you see." He smiled. "I'm a hick myself n jwadays. And 1 don't mind drummers and bad food. The thing is. 1 want to spend this evening No. correction! 1 I want to spend this weekend, or as much as I can of it, with yo'i." Miss Johnson paled. The whole weekend! "B-But. of course," she faltered. "I want the same thing, i was only trying to think where you'd b n comfortable. Where I, w? " She stopped. TT was, far and away, the wildest idea she had ever had. Its magnitude, the implication Jt escapade and adventure and— yes. romance, rendered her momentarily speechless. That she, Cora Johnson, could so much as dream of such a thing virtually app&lled her. "Well?" Adrian said, In his gentle tone With the effort of her life, >he pulled herself together. "Adrian." she said carefully, "I'm going to suggest something that may sound perfectly outrageous. You mention the weekend. Well, luckilj. this is Friday and I've got the weekend free. So I-let's . spend it In the cityl" The last sentence came out In a kind of choking gulp. Regardless of the road. Kaye turned to stare at her And she felt warm scarlet rush to n*r che»k» Hetvtns! What * fool she wu to blurt Uki thatl Nat- urally the man would misunderstand. • • • VTISS CORA JOHNSONS tongue stumbled embarrassedly. "1 mean." she said. "I have a friend in the city—the woman 1 stay with in the summertime You could find a hotel and the city's only about two hours from here." "Why. that's a real inspiration," Adrian Kaye said quickly. "There are plenty of places to go there. And we can take m a show tomorrow IT] tell you what! We'll drive to your boarding house right now You throw what you'll need into a bag and we'll be off!" "Oh. dear!" Another hurdlt loomed "We can't do it that way. I'll have to take an evening train and meet you somewhere 1— well, you'll think me awfully silly. But maybe you know how small towns are?" He caught her meaning at onc«. "After Iberville. 1 certainly do. You'd nave a job explaining chasing off to the city with a guy nobody around here ever saw before. But we'll Hi it so there'll be no explaining. Now what's the next station down th« line?" "Somerset," she told him, feeling like a figure in a dark conspiracy. "About 10 miles away.' "And what time would your train leave?" "There's one at 7:18." "Good!" Kaye seemed to b« a practiced conspirator. "You just get oft at Somerset. Ill b* on the station platform." She was grateful for his quick perception. And he did not seem to think her behavior overly strange. Nor was his ego wounded by her manifest reluctance to display him here. It was as if he understood and sympathized witb that reluctance and wa> entering into this harmlessly-snide little arrangement enthusiastically, and uut of consideration for her. Miss Johnson decided that Adrian Kaye would always b« quietly considerate. Sensitive himself, h* would comprehend >nd respect the trait In othen. (I* WE BUY USED FURNITURE PHONE 3122 Wade Furn. Co. KHEDMATIC MTHWTIC WCTIMS WWW Fader ItMfnmfim •trwak tnm WIH nA niiawto. Reduce* urlo it rlvlnc qwfck, longer lasting rellrf to 4« "M«i pilnt. Get >tnuin A.H. P.ln IW Tibtoto. KIRBX DRUG STORES EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubbard Hardware Phone 2015 / DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 4507 Hoars: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. with bellrery to 7 p.m. WOODS DRUG STORE 221 West Main Si. RADIATOR WORK • Boiled Out • Repaired • Flo Tested • Re-cored ALL WORK G»rantee4 Grovers Body & Radiator Shop Sill Cl. Lake Ait Pho <M1 WRECKER SERVICE Tom Little Jr. For (ast dependable wrecker and tow •errlea please call CM I hi?« th* largest, best •quipped wrecker In this part *f the country . . No Job t*« lartt ... Na Job too small Phone 4422 Phone BLYTHEYILLE MOTOR CO. <n r3*»pii« th» look* of galo«h«»—if I do catch cold, I can get « f«w day* off »nd my apartment need* cltaning!" FRICKLN AND HIS PRIINDI NOW IF 1 CAM v THINK. OF A FIASH FINISH LINE, I'M ^/ COME ON.SMADYSIDE, Vld LET'S SKIN'EM, sx?i 5^, SPEAKING OF RWBURNS COU.ES6, MARTHA, LOOK WHO'S HERE.' STEP RISHT IN, PI?OF. DIXON...W^VE GOT QUESTIONS] £ 1DU WMJT TO PUT ON A\-_l... AS KK THE DIRECTOR, PUW TO RAISE MOXBV RORjRWBURNE COLLE6E PUTS ON/JUST POPPING THERTA.,I[X>/TTHINKNOJDV PLAVS FROM TIME TO TIME..AWITH IDEAS HANS WWTBOUBLE 66TTIN&'H THBV M«N BE ABLE TO SUSGEST/THIS MORNIN6, PEOPLE TO ACT IN IT. MM?THA. A-^_ SOMEONE. / THELMA.' WHY SHE'S LIABLE TO FALL IN AND SPOIL THE FISHING! HE-. HE-. HE'S WORRIED ABOUT MB" SETTER HERI PRISCILLA Hltt A6AIN/ HE AMP SOM6J X3U SHOULD HAVE SLUeeE? TH6 , MEANWHILE, CONTINUES quEKViNS MOTELS PUD PNEKS. SUV CAME TO THE HOU66. \ KIP, TOO. THAT GUV WAS WJB THE SUV WA6 WISE TO Ufr. I 06NTEPHI5 SKULL WITH 7 WE'RE 110 TROUBLE ASfAI7eHAS«7L6AM7LIT "S CAR BLANKET... AMP ">OUrX OUT. BUT HOW T THWfe MOr EMOlia'H! LUTHERS SWEEf AND ... BUT,,. WELL , HE w^wrs TO SEE w FACES EVERV PW.»TO IEM) OW A, POST ftNP TMK. TH' SAME OLD TMK1 HE'P BE LOST OUT OF SOPPS H0LWW. I CANT GROW OLD Y VOU'KE THE MOST HERB, WOMDEPWS I IMWTWOT THlWO WHW IT WOUIP'VE VIMTH& WORLD' 8EEW UKE TO REALLV K TO LUTHER! LWB...TO FEEL KIWP/K I WAUT TO SK A LITTLE Of- UFE, CAP- TWW! TO KMOW PEOPLE WHO DO WHY W YOU V TWNfiS.MOT 3U5T SEIL PlOWSMJP SA.V VOU WOP VFIX FLMS! PEOPLE VOU READ ABOUr! LUTHER BELONG IM DIFFEREMT WOKLPSLILV? TH' SPCTE'U. OPEN UP ON TH' COUNT OF THREE/ AWRIGHT, EVERYBOCV REACV? WITH MOST OF 'EM ASLEEP WEIL BE INTO THEIR /AND B^ THE WEU. HIT EM LIKE A THUNDER BOLT/ LINES AND AWAY TIME THEY CAN 'FORE THEY KNOW SADDLE Uf> WE'LL WHAT HIT EM/ 1 BE HALF WAY TO LONDON RIDE OUT OF HERE THROUGH THE WHOLE OF THE NORMAN ARMY/ rrS I ALIJEADV TOOK CARE 0' THAT HS DKOVE OFF, BUT DON'T WOBI?Y---I KNOW HIS LICENSE NUMBEB i SWSAT! SIVS IT TO M6 SO I CAN VWT6 IT DOWN! WtlV <SO rtQMT: Ni VvWSOVO

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