Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 28, 1939 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 28, 1939
Page 7
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KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. AljQONA. IOWA PAGE SBVBN ^LOCALS AMMflPM^^VI ^Vta^^^ ^^BM^^^^^fc fl^MwrtHNHB^ 1^^^^^ ' Eleanor Frttser has been appointed Register and Tribune correspondent here. Mrs; Mcrlo Grlggs has been hav- an d Brought Up Living lived here 15 years, but went to her daughter's three years ago, after her husband died. Mr. anil Mrs. Charles Casey are Ing the flu since Thursday, but Is! parents of an 8-lb. daughter,'born ' and Audrey Fritz spent Sunday'Frank Ostrum. Edward and hla with Miss Fritz's parents, Mr. and family are moving this week to Mrs. Edward Fritz, farmers near Monona. Miss Fritz teaches at the Bryant school, and Charles is sales manager Co. for the Kent Motor London, Minn., where the former son have four other children 'in California: Mrs. Marvin Faith; San .Francisco; Lloyd, Mrs. W. J. Mr. nnd Mrs. Clarence Zeck, of Mallard, spent Sunday and Monday here with the latter's parents, Mr. •LJVM1UUI1) iT*llJlltf YT li^i \* t»»w f-vf **-.**- • — «.-..— , . . will be manager of a Botsfordi Jordan, and Mrs. M. G. Nelson, of lumberyard. He has had the yard Oroville. Mr. Collinson is janitor at Lyle, and" this is a promotion. | at the old First National bank Edward's aunt, Hilma Ostrum, Al- building. gona, is helping move. 0. 1, Solberg, who had been at Mrs, Eldon Shaw and her sis- a Rochester hospital a month, ler-in-law, Verla Shaw, northwest 1 was brought, home by ambulance JIU112 W I 111 LUG lUiLlGl fy l/Cll C llito | ATi» i i.^» i it. i »«, •• f , u . -— • „,.„,,, .. -- - — -- --- -- ---- .^ and Mrs. Oscar Norman. Mr. and of Wesley, attended a post-nuptial Saturday. He stood the trip well Mrs. Zeck have purchased a 180-' shower at Rolfe Wednesday honor-! and la recovering from an opera- acre improved farm near Rockford,, ing Mrs. Raymond Hudson, thejtion for brain tumor on February Many Take Part in the Day of Prayer Some 250 men and women, attended the World Day of Prayer observance Friday afternoon at the local Presbyterian church. Five local churches took part: Metho- Burt, chaperoned program were Di hte Revs. M. A. Pfeiffer, D. R. Martin, and E, Strong, E. A. Genrich, Ella Thompson, and Mesdan G. D. Brumlage, IBS Lura Sanders, W. Keith, P. C. dlst, First Lutheran, Nazarene.l Cullough, D. R. : at Sioux City. lived for . .. Ol n Kenneth **•«?.*! Sioux «'Jty « 98 |on m tak- there and ailment Snn- , , been called and with htm. ----- ............ ~ .. ....... „..„>,., „„. ... ,, . , Thursday at the Kossuth hospital.! la., and are taking possession this* former Beatrice Tulson, of Brad- ; 3. Mrs. Solberg was with him in j gate. Mr. Hudson, a cousin of El- his stay. When the Solbergs got reported 'improving. Mesdnmes D. C. Hutchison, T. C. i The baby has boon named Eliza-'week. ,o — , — —- Hutchison, and O. W. Stlllman j beth Ann. Mr. Casey Is in Norton | A note from the W. J. Bournes , don and Verla, is farming In part- j home, Mrs. Ole ^Allison and Mrs^. spent Friday at Dos Molnos. • •• - — The llcv. W. If. Lease, Rolfo, ex-Methodist superintendent here, was in town briefly Monday. The Millers and the Ken Is got ' under date ot February 24 asks' norahlp with his brother Roger, E. N. Huber had the house open ise i that their Advance be mailed to near Rolfe. Mr. and Mrs. Hudson and dinner prepared. Little Billy machine shop employ. Donald Altre wan at the Ambrose ,. ._._ __ A. Call state park last week while! Gainsvllle, Fla., till further notice. Custodian Paul Willc, J. D. Lowe • They had for some time been nt and Game Warden E. V. Pierce at- ( Hollywood, Fla. According to lat- were married New Year's day. I Chrlstensen, who lives with Mr. Friends here have recently heard ! and Mrs. Solberg, spent last weeH ,-nm Hnrhfirt. iRncfltrom. former'. at E. N. Huber'a, and before that from Herbert lEngstrom, former, JL •• V Ji«.««»»j« fj Ulivt LJlVi « l^Jtl LO fcl'-'*' | ---—.... v> • . i». uv, 11 t-j, I. JL J\J1 VjJJ, C11.*J.V^11JVTV/V/V*( A' JU,. f\.\j\j\J I M * 11 fcj \,\J » ".* I, , ] ( (J J 11 J.i\jl LJVl V I.IJJ 1 I £,V3 C I VJ1J1) A.VIIJJ.1^1 . • home Tuesday from California.! tended a conservation meeting at est reports, Mr. Bourne has been ] Algona boy vacationing at Phoenix, ' Helen Kent, Wesely, was at tne ' .feeling a little better than usual i Ariz., at Dr. B. F. Sharp's. He and Solberg home. Mr. Solberg highly ' the world's fair at San'Fran- appreciated cards, letters, and They wore away about a month. thn State college, Ames. Congregational, Presbyterian. In addition the Rev. Jos. Doms, pastor of the Presbyterian church at NOTICE OF Xotlcc Is hereby slvpn to all persons whose names .schedule that there? has been filed In the office of the. kossuth County. Iowa, a report of the Board of A.ppcrtionment, showing the special assessment proposed to be levied on all par Included within Secondary Hoad District No. -HO, which i n(-:«i'ss>mt'nt is as follows: II. A. Tuttlfi went to Minneapolis Mr. nnd Mrs. W. H. Klamp were of late. inut-u nm wui.ur, mn «... ._><*.. *, ~,i -- AI i Friday to attend a Northwestern 1 guests at a 0:30 dinner party at; Mrs. Robert C. Larson went to| c isco, and he had called on Herb- flowers, received from Algona ana drug company sales convention, j the Howard Lovrien home at Hum-' Minneapolis Friday. : She met her' or t Potter and John Chrlstensen, t out-of-town friends while he was Albert Hngg, K, D. James, and' bolrlt Sunday evening. Mr. Lov- husband there, and they expected j[students at the University of Arl-' al lllc hospital. Edw. Walker spent Thursday ati 1 '' 0 -". a nephew of Mrs. Klamp, is to return early this week. Mr. Lar- /ona, Tucson. Herbert and his twin Fort Dodge on a business mission., a state creamery inspector. son, who travels for the Loose- brother, Howard Engstrom, were There will be a mid-week scr-j Uaymonil l&liilr, Fort Dodge, was Willes company, has been trans- graduated from the Algona high vice at the Nazarenc church tomor-1 a week-end guest of Jean Pollock, ferred to another territory, and the row (Wednesday) evening at 7:30. • employed at the Metropolitan of- Larsons will leave in a few days English Lenten services will be ffRe here. He is employed by a'for a new home. conducted at the Trinity Lutheran, Fort Dodge serum company. Miss Mr. and Mrs. A. E. church Wednesday evening at 7:30. j Pollock's home is at Rolfo. went to Rochester Sunday, the Dunne E. Dewel, as lieutenant- Ruth Ann Sigsbec, Fort Dodge, former to have a major operation «chool three years ago, and they have since been farming with their parents near Elmore. | Anderson ; Lnella Kanp, Woden, has reopen- j Knli-Dlvlslon Kec. Twp. [RnR. Acres HOSPITAL N,\VV1 S*\Vi,4 ____ 8 Ky NRV4 _ 20 N'Wi/j HK14 ____ 20 8VV1/I SRi/i - ^» NK14 SKi/ 4 ____ 20 SK14 SK14 ..... 20 NHU NAV% ____ 21 N\V% NWi/t ...21. SW14 NWi/ .21 21 meeting I noon. TIP had been failing years. lle • Iul .. ™_u_., n i CT ht J some ti h a vlor r °was born in Algona- ryCarson. Ml,V-»'Mr.aridMr a .P.! [Taylor. I ! schools. at Sac City Mayor nnd Mrs. C. ed her beauty shop there after two KOSSUTH. February 22 — Mrs. weeks of repairs. The Buns build- j Thompson, Algona, boy. ViggO governor, attended a Kiwanis club spent the week-end here with El- Last week he went through the i j n g rear, in which the shop Is lo-i February 23—Mrs. M. C. Bowie, •N1VVM SWi/4 ____ 31 SV/U .at . SWI4 SWy ____ 31 SR14 ....21 ____ 28 .1 IP and Friday night. spent Sunday at Forest City, the tim ' | guests of their daughter Mrs. liar- born yesterday vlc > daughter of Mr.' and Mrs., Mayo clinic, then returned to look! ca ied, was damaged In the recent, Bnrt, girl; Mrs. Charles Casey, Al| Frank Vera. Ruth Ann ' ' .... .. ..-.,.. .. ... „ . . . . , F. Specht daughter of Mr. and Mrs 1 Si&sbec, former Algonians. , . . _,_ n is the after business matters. -Mr.'Ander- j Woden fire. Miss Kapp had taken j gona, girl; Mrs 1 . John Preuschel, i's. W. J.' non is "Andy," the grain man who ; out Insurance on her equipment, St. Benedict, baby; Peter Miller, i has an office upstairs in the First Mrs. Jack Frost, Tama, called at. National bank block, the Fred Frost home here Sunday,! Dorothy Fox, Primghar teacher, just a day before. .She was giving Buffalo Center, medical; Bernard a, permanent when the fire started. Lencrtz, St. Joe, medical. at 3:30 p. m., and the customer,' February 25—Mrs. Robert Cal- NAV14 NW% —28 \VU NWU 33 - NIWU 2S XKi/ 4 ....29 \v>£ NISI/ IIIIii SKI4 N1E% 29 „„ . „ J. Good spent a few!"" nnv way to s P CTlc e' - - Sne is a came Thursday for the week-end wno wa s "blocked" and ready to n e s, Titonka, surgical. In'the Al- days last week at Spirit Lake with, daughter-in-law of the local Frosts' with Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Foster, be put under the steam, jumped FeDruarv 26—Mrs George Ste- ' . I. „ .. . ',....1 K.*il. ,.!,„ 1 1 1 1 .1 Ol-,« ,.,„„ In „« nutn nnnlrlnnt n Sinn. 1 J Al,~ «* t. n l« A -i. T ' At-LMUcU^ 6U iVIIO. VIUVJlfc,t3 ^LG her (ton Rice daughter of Mr. and his *" nnlC DanieTRlcerAigona pio-1 The Thorpe Home Grocery and George, the express agent, j !lll(1 1)otM Hlie and her husband are She was In an auto accident a cou- U p and ran down the street, strew-, . j wife. I in Register and Tribune employ. ! pie of weeks ago, with Mary 'Eliza- j ng rollers, pins, etc., all the way.' i,,,.!,,^'' <snn- Mre, Alfrptl ["here in 1898 were .mar- '.Bake Shop has been completely rc- Rice was n ty treasurer till shortly be„.., death, Wife's Mother Jfo. 98. , Rice family lived on what is [ho site ot the M. P. Haggard north Thorington street, ise on modeled, and the interior has been _ redocorated . Doris Lon)7, teacher at (Mason City, came Friday evening for the Thn KiiNsell Maxwells have mov- i beth Foster and Wesley Bartlett, Another customer under a dryer , ed into a downstairs apartment In when they were returning to Prlm- tho house on north Thorington re- : ghar from Algona, and she suf- eently purchased by L. A. C'opp. i fered a broken arm. Helbcrt Long has purchased the; Mr. nnd Mrs. Forbus Stiltz, ten- Rolfe, „ not wait to get dried. i ™ ru!i ™ 27 ~ Mrs ' Ed , w 5. rd , C1 ^ Olcnn, eldest of the A. M. Collin- I Woden, baby; Mrs. L. F. Reed, Alson children, his v/ife, and four; S° lla ' S 1 '' 1 children left one day last week for • Maxwell home on north Minnesota. ' ants on. the J. M. Patterson farm, Oroville, Calif., where Glenn will | week-end with her parents, Mr. I Mr. nnd .Mrs. M. G-. Norton's son' south of Algona, are parents of a W ork in spinach fields. The f am-j and Mrs. A. L. Long. . . . Richard, a freshman at the un-!girl, born Wednesday night. Mr. n v had lived at Clear Lake, where na. Lone Rock, medical. ' ' GENERAL. February 20—Mrs. George Han The Albert Olsons'were Sunday ivcrsity, came home for the week-i and Mrs. Stiltz now have four chll- o'i om i had worked more than'sev- February 22—Mrs. E. M. Downs guests at J. T. Cherland's, farmers SPU11" U t_ jR lce has for some years been, noar Bun M) . ng with the Taylors. She is now chG1 . land are cousins . I years old arid has been blind Ifraylor and Ralph Laird L'had a Piano store for *ome L in the local opera house * n •--- '- Sioux City end, accompanied by his aunt, Mar- dren, two girls and two boys. Mrs. en yea rs' for 'Samuel Kennedy on , Wesley, girl. and Mr. I guerlte Oeiger, Tipton. First This is the tat • C I) Schaap with his daugh- ' atlon tnero two weelcs a so tor in-1 ID.-H-OZ. mis is me iusi. umm, Dia'ne'snent last week Sundav 1 ward K oi ter. It was successful, and he has been named Richard jjiane, spent last weeKbunuay rjpnro-P. Mrs. atnwnrt is the for- ,ck. Since going w -^^ --^ ter Diane, spent last week Sunday i wau *imui. "was a u^ e0 oiu., ,. Taylor had conducted a Job-| with the fol . mel ,. s paren(jSi Mr . and < and ho is now able to talk and ltl ng business. He was a mem- Mrf) _ Q C . Schaap, Sheldon. of the Sioux City Rotary club, Only One Child. . [j[r. Taylor la survived by his V. A. Vlgars was at Pocahontas last week Monday, Tuesday, and be up. Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Stephens, with the son Donald, have gone to Wednesday on business missions j Ovicdo ' Tln - to spend a month with . -c ' a brother of Mrs. Stephen's. Mr. George. Mrs. Stewart Is the former Josephine Dahlhauser, West Bend. The Stewanis a;-e living on the Robert Stewart farm, northwest of Algona. Dr. and Mrs. J. B. Winkel got i and the only child. Vesta who for the oca render ng works , g ™ « -» ; -- <<—. — ho ™ — ^ -j^^ mornin ,ow Airs. Paul Kettle, Sioux ttoland I,i ison, junioi cheniistiy, | opera- from Chicago, where Mrs. Winkel ; also by a brother, Floyd, a student at the State co ow Ames,, ^ ^ nochcater nnd will recu- had a major operation at the mnical engineer in the draft- spent the week-end with hi* par- '°" •« «ocni»iei bnKni.nl ' three weeks ago fchanlcal engineer department of an iron works , nii'tninRham, Ala. His sister, Lllic 0. Taylor, died some years JGuy grew up with many of the lesent Alsona oldsters and was, ildes, well known to others here ents, Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Larson. Itcprcsentjilivc Kohlhaas is at i perate. I Grant hoapltal ' three weeks ago Mrs. K. C. Hull. Titonka, with! Saturday. She is now doing well. ..or daughter Patricia, called on'; Doctor Winkel had been back and i , ,.rifi, tbn n,, vnu.m-.inv Tbn ' Mrs. V. K. Rising here Saturday, j forth during'Mrs. Winkel's stay in down with the flu ye.stciday. Iho M] , g Rlglng WM patr , cla>H te achcr Chicago. Ho went to'Chicago Wed- when the former taught at Titon- nesrtay nicht to bring her home. 94 94 Bt 94 94 91 9t M 9t 9-1 94 94 91 94 91 91 27 27 E7 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 2T 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 John Vaughn John Vaughn You and each of you whose names appear In the 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 87.44 18.43 87.01 39.10 40. 40. 40. 40. S6.24 a group. On'tha F*. Earl Burgessj Sjostrand, C. W. Volzke, S. W. Meyer, W. G. Me- Martin, E. J. Mur- tngh, E. W. Lusby, M. G. Bourne, L. W. Glllcspie, ind H. R. Cowan. SECONDARY 110AD s.ppear Iti the within. County Auditor ot :els ot real eatato chedule ot proposed iNaine of Owner John Voss John Voss John Voss I. John Voss Wm. Schults 'Wm. Schultz . Kmma Voss ICmima Voss Kriultable Life Kqultable Life Equitable Life K(|uitable Life Adam C. Mart; Adam C. Adam C. Adam C. Mart]*'Huff Estate Huff Estate .1 Huff Estate Huff Estate J John Vaughn : John Vaughn hereby notified that said report will come on for hearing before the Board; )f Supervisors at their office In Algona, Iowa, on the 939, at two o'clock p. m. At said hearing any of the Assessment $ 7.92 B.SS 6.63 8.13 B.63 5.85 8.13 7.9B 6.86 7.98 8.13 5.63 E.63 R.13 7.92 4.92 1.17 130 1.19 .S3 2.77 1.22 .S3 .99 within schedule ara Ins. Co. Ins. co. Ins. Co. Ins. Co. 30th day of March, above apportionments may be increased or may be adopted without further i otlce. Unless you file written objections to said report on or before noon of said lay the same will be presumed to have been conclusively waived. All assessments may be paid In full without Interest) if paid within twenty days from date of assessment Is confirmed. * Dated at Algona, Iowa, this 24th day of February 1939. E. S. KTNSEY, County Auditor. „!,.,„- - „„.„„., -., Richard Stiltz Is the former Myrtle Fitch,! a truck farm. They came here a| February 25—August Gabel, El 'I Keen, Coc college, came with them.! daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray . wee k ago Saturday, then went to I more, tonsillectomy; Mrs. C. R ,. v i cca Harry Tliilges, of the Galbraith | Fitch, farmers near St. Joe. ! Omaha to visit a sister of Mrs. Col- Schoby, Algona, medical; Floy uuy evuuinu -it < >u -U. the neighborhood, Is being brought I Mr. nnd Mrs. George Stewart Jr. j Hnson. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Collin- Murray, West Bend, medical. Lutheran church ' The topic llomc £rom a Rochester hospital j are parents of a son, born Sunday e Redemption bv Blood. [today (Tuesday). He had an oper- , at the Kos_suth hospital, .weight 5- ^^ ^ ASSESSMENT ,,FOH, STIRFACINfi SECONDARY /ROAD . 441 Notice is hereby given to all persons whose names appear In the within schedule" that there has been Hied in the office of the County Auditor of Kosputh County, Iowa, a report of the Board of Apportionment, showing the snecial assessment proposed to be levied on all parcels of real estate included within Secondary Road District No. 411, which pchedulo of proposed asse.s.fment is as follows: Suib-DIvlsion SE% legislature is in recess this week. Mrs. LeRoy I'etcrson, Humboldt, was a week-end guest of her par- . sw% ____ 28 _..2S .1.28 ____ 28 S\VJ/ t _____ 28 __.2S Sec. Twp. IRng. Acres . SW% SF" V tlie 'result of more or less f re- j ents, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Light- visits to the old home town. | er. Her husband came for her Sun- teo. B. Koines, 50, i Passes; Burial Here (funeral services for George B. [olnes, 50, or thereabouts, who led at the veterans' hospital, Des (oines, last week Tuesday, Thursday afternoon at ick day. Mr. nnd Mrs. A. P. Nelson, Britt, were guests Thursday of the latter's sister, Mrs. H. C. Anderson. Mr. Nelson conducts a produce fitatlon. Mrs. Mny Harris, with her ka. Mrs Ball's husband is a well Mr. and Mrs. Le Roy McWhor- lown veterinarian. I ter received a message Friday NWi/t Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gaines, St. i evening saying that Mr. and Mrs. Louis, arrived one day last week, Ward McWhoretr, Rogers, Ark., for a visit with 1 her mother, Mrs. I are parents of an 8%-pound son. Fred Zeigler, who has been in poor' Ward, son of Mr. .McWhorter, is ' manager of a. ranch near Rogers, and his wife, the former Gladys Clayton, is the eldest daughter of A. E. Clayton, of Cresco township. Tn a recent letter from Ocala, _.39 28 29 _~~~29 29 "_29 29 "_ 23 29 29 95 Ha 95 95 95 95 95 !»5 95 95 95 95 95 95 95 95 23 2S 3S 2S 2S 2S 28 28 28 28 2S 2S 2S 28 28 2S 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. .Name of Owner Assessment Charles C. Egel -IS 7.30 'Charles c- EKe.l ».S8 10. W. Clark, Comm. of Ins. J0.li> E. W. Clark, Com'm. of Ins. 7.02 Kate iB'edell 7.02 Kate Bedell 10.14 Kate Bedell "••* ' Kate Bedell t-* Sarah A. Brass i-J Sarah A. Brass 7.02 Clara E. and Ella H. L,ew*i_ 9.S) Clara E. and Ella H. Lewis. 10.1- Jesse Bedell W.1- Jesse Bedell 7.0 Jesse Bedell '••• •Jesse Bedell J- 88 In the within schedule are for former Zeigler, who, before marriage, was' office girl for Dr. C. D. Schaap. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Pearson sri'T^r"£->", - a-sr^rs- t,awrence Hanson, near Wesley, Friday. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. A. Verbi;ugge, kre, the Rev. M. A. Sjostrand of- jciating, and short military ser- |ces were conducted at the grave the local Legion members. Bur- was made in Riverview. Mr. Mnes was in business here for a nc with Jesse Speraw, but later oved aWay. So far as known here, s lett only a daughter and a bro- |ier in Norway. * iirgess Tells How I Uncle Sam Got His Stars and Stripes farmers near Livermore, were Sunday callers at 0. T. Solberg's. Mrs. Verbrugge and Mrs. Solberg are cousins. Merlin Little was at Hastings, Neb., from Thursday till Sunday, on a business mission for the Algona Motor Sales, south of the Al- Mrs. C. K. La Barre entered the Kosfiiith hospital last week Tues- Wednesday, weight 8% Ibs, This Is the first child, and he has been named Perry Gene. Mr. Pearson is a beer salesman for C. W. Morck. Fla., Mrs. Frank Seeley, the former Bernice Skinner, wrote of having run across the E. D. Mc- Dades and the Paul Benjamins. The Benjamins make their home at Ocala, and Paul is in Swift em- Jrl:lv , J)r 'and Mrs. H. M. Olson came ploy. The McDades live at Orland"' home Thursday from the Twin Cities, where they had been since last week Sunday. Doctor Olson attended a tri-state dental convention there, and Mrs. Olson visited friends. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. F. Steele spent . do. Mr. McDade Is now in pool- health. His wife was Mary Benjamin. A monthly ihcetlng of the bishop's committee of the St. Thomas Kpiscopal church was held at the church last week Tuesday even- You and each of you whose names appear - -.hereby notified that said report will come on for hearing•before the Boarc of Supervisors at their office In Algona, Iowa, on the 30th day of March of Supervisors at their office in Algona, Iowa, on the 30th day of March '.139, at two o'clock p. m. At said hearing any of the above apportionment nay be increased or mny be - adopted without further notice. Unless you file written objections to said report on or before noon of sal day the same will be presumed to have been conclusively waived. 'All assessments may be paid in full without interest if paid within twent days from date of assessment is confirmed. Dated at Algona, Iowa, this 24th day of February, 1939. E. S. IvJ.'N County TUES.-\VED3S T ES., FEBRUARY 28, MARCH 1 Continuous from 1 O'clock Daily ^ £.«Mo Auditor. IOWA '. w.— "'.i ^•""-•v Dr. P. Earl Burgess, Methodist j a h .V yln £ trip treatment. She was taken home late in the week. Mildred Dole, Irvingtou, clerked «t the Bloom 'Coast to Coast store last week while Mr. Bloom and Lulu Kohl were at Minneapolis on stor, gave an address on how the ' States got Its flag before he high school students Fridayj w I Alex Dcrmand and his son Leon- the week-end at Mason City with ing. The Rev. A. Linnell Schrook. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Lindgren. Mr.] priest in charge, and nine of the Liridgren is in John Deere employ there. Mrs. Steele and Mrs. Lindgren were college classmates at Denver University. The Major Saul family will move tomorrow (Wednesday) to the Thompson house at 518 east Call street, and H. B. Dobson, of the Swift and his family are „._,, i n *hp inst 'owui jimm. «"" "•" -" — - - . S ^nl moving 10»uU. Harlan, vacat- Mr. Demand e g scoo stuents ray: * t ,„ Ht , PP t <,outh side orning. The freshmen had chargei eonducts the Staestieet south side If the assembly program. Doctor cafe, formerly Pierces ..v.«wii auu uu U, iJtJXIUU ^UlltSlA- , i i-V.««rt animation program. He also spoke j Copley were also there. a the subject before the Kiwanis l ""' lll " <1 " s i few weeks UKO. Makes the Honor Roll. „ ,.. Toothnuin spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Toothman, near Burt. She is an operator at the local telephone exchange. Dubu qU e, Feb. 20-Shirley fito- "g^"^MaxTe We Grove. I w. Lone Rock, freshman in the fln d Mrs Harry Duryea, Mclntyre, Allege of Liberal Arts at the Un- ?L d "I'-nK^Iw days this week F. L. Tri• ij 01 ~v*«uviut;, w oe$ iiauicu Ije first semester honor roll of |ne university. To merit this rec- fgmtlon a student must have no piles lower than a "B", ° Mr! and Mrs. Thomas Eagen and Be'ss Birk, all of Exira, were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Del-. bert Eagen. Miss Birk is a sister of Mrs. Eagen, and the other two are parents of Delbert. Delbert is in Cowan & Son employ. • Judge Quarton, W. H. Bosworth and Loren and Carl Brown attended an annual meeting of the state dairy association at Ames Friday. After some years of farming elsewhere in .the county the Bosworths the _ _ — *»«*»o"fc Ilro Monday morning while bon, and brother, Fred Frost. lira. Sylvia Gunn suffered a catch in her hip last week Tuesday evening and was in bed the rest of the week. She planned to resume ten members of the committee attended. The warden, C. B. Matson, was unable to attend because ,o£ a fall on the ice in which a hip was injured. Irene Heller leaves today (Tuesday) for Albert Lea, to 'begin nurses' training at the Naeve hospital. She is a 1937 graduate of the Algona high school, and her elder sister Viola, R. N., office girl for Doctor Janse, Is a graduate of the same hospital. Irene is also a sis•ter of Editor William Heller, Burt and Esther Heller, who operates a Ledyard beauty shop. The Edward Ostrums, of Lyle Minn,, were week-end guests o! Mr. Ostrum's parents, Mr. and Mrs NORTH IOWA'S BARGAIN THEATRE THURS. THRU SATURDAY March 2-1 Always 2 ace hits! [ WAR ON THE RANGE!!.. WITH HOPALONG CASSIDY OUT TO WIN! are again at the Quarton farm. Albert Hogg, who has been associated with Alex Ngilseu for many years painting and wailpa- announces this week that , e has gone into the business for himself His advertisement appears """° . . !^1« ...nnb-'o. ICOIIP the firemen was in the Kent garage. The were called by Night Marr Ito the IcWl rt n*»*DV* uy 11JK11L AU«l i pal Cecil McGlnnls, and the mat- ilr "° -vaa pulled out of doors, the fire was put out. The ; s was to have been taken dump the next day anyway, - damage was done, barring 16 andjvater in the garage. imem 0111 ?' 1 ^ C ««CKBB8 tourna- l m «it at Guttenberg proved a Ij^itTcKd 111 * First £rr^ly A r ea f ui t pa the semi-finals. HANDLE broke recent, of la Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Amfahr attended a Fuller brush branch meeting at the Cerro Gordo hotel, Mason City, Saturday evening. Mr. Amfahr is salesman in this teiri- t0 Mr, nnd Mrs. S. J. Dovtae, southeast of Algona, were Sunday din- n^ guests of Mrs. Clara Walker Algona, Mrs. Devine is a sister of gona, . Mrs. Walker, who is a clerk at the BUW u«»«> in this week's issue. Mrs. Clara Dalton returned last •from. Clear Lake, Mr. nnd Mrs, Barney Casler attended a district rural letter carriers' meeting at Webster City Wednesday. They accompanied Mr. and Mrs. George Thompson, Ledyard Mr. Thompson is a carrier, and Mr Casler is a retired carrier, ana mr. a^^ Andrew Lehman, Algona, son Chas. '/^ ;-'-:••• ? 14% tue WILLIAM SUN., MAR 5, AND 4 DAYS SENSATIONAL VALUE! All they asked— a chance to live! SWEETHEART WIFE AND MOTHER " did love last? Also Mcclmnix Illustrated Musical Comedy "DREAM OF LOVE" rife FRlfeDA INESCORT HENRY .WILCOXON SYBIL A Reput THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY 3 DAYS—IT'S TOPS 8 DA 1 Daily matinees, Thurs. mat. bargain, 16c HITTING A NEW HIGH..IN LAUGHS! JASON CLAIRE DODD !c Picture S, MARCH 2-8-1 'Charlotte Wynters 'bedfast lor the last month ING SECONDABY W>AD names aroear in the within &&23£^&M&&&&& 40.93 40.89 36.37 40. 40, 37.30 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. of Owner Ass | ssin5e .60 C. (B. Sample * 8.54 •Max Herfost r r 8 . 42 Max Herbst ^-— 5.30 Max Herbst g . M iH. B. Plathe 8 . 92 H. E. Plathe • • 6 37 H. B. Platbe — T - 8.55 I j Q. Plftthe _-..- gg J O. Plathe —.———- 1.3 3. Q. Plathe „.„—.--}' Q. Plath« .„,- are Co-Hit Helen Mack "GAMM/ING SHIP" The garments t you send us 1 for dry clean- \ ! ing get the best of cere; of fabric, col- , or and sixe. : Io^ can de* pend on us for economy. ^.Plus First Episode New Serial . and .RIDfS AGAIN CAROLE } LOMBARD „ JAMES STEWART THIS W1FK ,,.glorying In her love « , , facing the Jlother-ln*law problem ;THIS HUSBAKD.., married oyer^ night • f hang* i IB on to his Job. , . THIS BABY ,, his life hanging on a 3,000 nlle flight... Always 2 ace hits'. 'Second Feature •i !i P % m "A' -*s£v ^^» . < * ^^H^^^^^^^V^^B WCFIEIDS *i BERGEN VI i •ill Id ••»! CLYDE HJCAS <m<-f*t>w.i»<i« Plus •->,<< V "" '-f ' ItM .;. *, i ^*l; &3Ji?j,. r ,£.^£>."Li&s,& ^tf^v.tv ng?:?: ;^4»«j

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