Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 28, 1939 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 28, 1939
Page 6
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PAGE six COEStT AM3OMA, IOWA BODE GIRL AND LIVERMORE BOY JOIN FORTUNES Livermore, Feb. 27 — Dorothy Wendt and Hartwick Jenson were married at the local ALL OVER IOWA OLD PEOPLE in the news Mrs., it. w. Adeline M. Shane of Coon Rapids, | vriie and daughter, is iciaiesta? who as a girl of 9 came to Iowa! Gr.indo Courts, San Aatonw. " by ox team from North Carolina. • write as follows under dsie will celebrate her 97th ~ SPRING BEGINS LOWE SPEAKER : AT SAN ANTONE! ON WILD LIFE MEET, AMES Lutheran 'this week. Back in the early '60's, ' young Mrs. Shane and her husband, living on Middle Coon river found hunting and trapping OSCAR BERGGRENS, EAGLE MARRIED TWENTY-FIVE YEARS Oscar birthday; February 11 ' We note thas you have beer, having some real coid weather is Io\|.-a. We listened in on Grv>*> night (February KH over er lounu nunung ana trapping .::.-• .— • more profitable than farming. Mrs.: ^ HO - and he Predicted north Io-.v 9 Shane has 22 grand chidlren, 22 tenperatures of 10 to 2>> b*!ow great-grand children and one great I ne . sll! ? »? shining brightly this great grand child. Last week' Hrnmsr in San Antonio, but it .* Tells the Rotarian* Official Interest Now Active. FWv ST— Mr. and j Sunday. ersSW'tt. Ea?le town-' Mrs. Edw. Bergeson and Mrs. « Sa3*a fey surprise on j Barney Hesvlg were hostesses to r we&JJos: "anniversary at tne Helping Hand society at the *l- Saturday. when W r*l- f Bethlenem Lutheran church Sat- parsonage Friday by the Rev. G. H. Schaeffer in a single-ring service. Attending were Lorna Jenson, sister of the bridegroom, and Lloyd Wendt, brother of the bride. n ,nmm«- n TTIO hrirlo iml nttpmlint worp blue great grand child. Last week iUL l rl1111 - ' The bride and attendant w01 e Diue Iowa , s oldest tw , ng were confincd a little cool here „»„_, m u« -- «traveling suite with matching ac-1 ^ Q j] le [ r Pulnski Davis county ' W1 1S - rom tne north and has coaserv;uioa nieetias st Arues cessories. At noon the bridal party i ], om es ns the result of accidents! ni: 1 de People here had dinner at an Algona cafe. The j They are Mrs. Jane Giles and Miss bride is the daughter of Albert, R ^.' Under. M. The former fell , . ° . .. ... land dislcoated her right shoulder, e»f°J"'s Wendt. south of Bode; the bride- wh ,, e 35, nn(]er tumbled down . haye groom the son of Mr. and Mrs. \ Mrs and , njuretl hcl . back _ John Jenson here. The couple will; John Gooders f A , gonn who rc _ farm eouth of Algona ' - - - T«ws a*v ^»vu t «v... •-."» - - •-- i Bethlehem Lutneran cnurcn sat- auves aad frwad* arrived to_help, ur(Jay eventng The Rev Mr ol . ;i.;Ba c«5-e^7x*t?v Tae Kev. K. ^ ^^ vras j n c j, arE , e o f tn e program, s^raasoa saw a short tain ana; ; Mrs c , ydo Snnborn ot Esthei- St John's Defeats the Local Academy St/ John's, Bancroft, defeated the St. dicella basketball qtilnt 15-12 the j.lr"-l« tile iisvui i»VfM\»vj»»»_j *•• w. Thursday evening in 'a close game. Algoiva lei 4-0 in the first (juart- „« tx*i»'n t\\A k«if fVifl "RiittWriff* er, but n led, era led, r-6. Capt. Leo. Johnson led St. John's with seven points. KnjewsUt wns Algona's high man, with six points. This was the locals' last home game this Beacon. Twu-lWT pull out utter ittu'iuMr rasw*— : ; r " „ V 1 : Frwads I«?r* have learned of the; Monda> " Esther Stems. \VWtte- week Tuesday. She Xo. 2 school some death rsore list fine here and has been the warm weather we ....>: been having. Thursday the temperature was S4. and it seem- almost like summer to us. Equality Club Has Party— A committee, Mesdames centiy celebrated his 85' birthday, "Some flowers are in bloom and alen f roal a practical " ro^t of the lawns are getting ,-ather than technical. i is in good health and still drives i -- — •= ^ a car. His wife, 84, does her own Ei'ten, antl Jhe crops in the coun-; J. P. Lowe $poke J>«xore tlw Hc;- Moaday noes on in their w - a ; c - n state ar.d federal representatives took part. Of special interest «.«iu -.wi^..™.*- «• .. E Haraer. son Lester. Mrs. Geo. to aim and low* *pcr:sm«n w «**•„„"""„., Mrs. Adolph Anderson that both state and national at!ea( j e< . t he funeral Friday. Giren— stasdpotn' N>isrhbors gathered at Vernon rears ayo. later teaching the Ledyard" consolidated school. Mrs. J. E. Haraer. son Lester "" ^~" Har"er. and Mrs. Adolf attended the funeral 1 leaders are showing increased in- . terest in the problems of sports- Farewell Parties art? it men from a practical standpoint Neighbors gathered narents of a son, born last week ^{^ "isurre".' The^St. Cecelia Monday. ^ i ,»^,,,rf. ,Lf,>o»«H Mm St. .Tnhn'a CHARLES HUTCHISON, 63, PASSES AT BOONE A rnmmlttpp Mosd'imcs Nellie a car - Hls wlfe ' 84 ' does n er own ^j-- «"" ."«= <-'"i'» '" uie couu- ; Tn^ meeting was Dulnnhv BcsTbevinc Ro4 sm _h ! ^u«ework. . . At his farm home t'^ are coming up The wheat and which the state cons £3™^™,. nmioihlrJ TJ,«: "car Akron last week, 100-year- ^.^'^^e looking good. _ : met with conservatu Charles Hutchison, 62. d 5 e d : Thursday nieht al the Lutheran i Home. Boone. He had been ser- Hutchinsoa-s foTa' recent' fareweli !• «<>usly sick three nionths with a .^....iiiu . ^ stomach anme.nt and had been bod- 'ad. "the fir-t in partv The Hutchinsotis are mov- fomacft anmem and had been MM-; 1 e . - w , ..." p r , n , tn-n-nshin Friend*' fas * * wo aionths. He TTJIS an uncle i rvation board log to trrant towatnip. menu, : , — . Maude Elder, Etta Underberg, Louise Gronbach, Ardis Hamm, Dorothy Davis, and Georgia Anderson, sponsored a party at the town hall for the Equality club and the husbands last woek Tuesday even- up be> k-HC * li iC- i, tvt f T.»« ••« - - — - ;tate conservation board ing to Grant township. " leuu "»l~_^_'; w ~~-._~;; r~ h^""kfld"a ., _._ , met with con?erva tion ieaders and gave another.farewell for Mr. ,and;o. ttonald and T. t, here and a j'Mrs. Ogren is now able to be discussions were carried oa open- Mrs. Frank Neilson last week Sun-! brother o. the late Archie Hutch, some every day and seems to u-. day evening. local Academy floor the half the '-6. Capt. Leo. Johnson , seconds defeated the St. John's | seconds ii n fast overtime game, I score 11-f. ,HAVE Y(j>U A ROOM TO RENT? Many vill be needing rooms soon. Trr an Advance For-Rent old Clem Hanke threw a coal shovel at one of three youthful ban- r 1 ." -•....• ««., a i, u OCITUIJ u« iy. , "a« ocu.^*.. »"^ dits who attempted to rob him and, be improving fast. The Hugh; The state and National leaders! moving to Amstrong. ... a hlred mnn wh ° arrived The Neilsons :'""< "* were held Hlis are here nuBUiuiun IHSI wuen i uuauit> BVBII- ... . , r - - . ,,, —"^ . ! Wolfpa hivo incf mi ing. Bridge and Five Hundred fli « ht - Hanke is still an active • V ;F^^ n «^ just rel ...r_, „!....?,, -ir.^ T -i.-u r.^!^..,, man about the farm. .. At Colov<i-1 tup to Brownsville. were played. Mrs. Leith Opheim and Culvert Johnson won high at bridge, and Mrs. Ollie Smith won a- ; r . ----- ----- •• ---- -— =••-; me M«itc ituu .^aiiuuai iciiueio •."•-•••-=• — Ronip fl-nfl hiirinl -H-IKI innflp in; DTlH UllcrVl r,Tnv*c ,- t . * *_ I _^—^— . L>^C'.iC. J111U l^UJ in i n 112, 111U-UC 111 rerv dnv ThP ' G °' >V ? l - imfportance of . the i Retnra* from Caliioraia Trip- Riverview here Sunday, the Rev. i ^nrn^^rnJ^-. 0 !^ 1 ..??^!?.,. 0 ! ^l^^iHrotd Peterson got home last A. E^lis.h performing a short ser-! •unday froai California. He; vice at the cemetery. r__i Ar^ „ _. J XT—j-. \1_"nlf ^\T- \1 T- X3m ^•'Vi>s-, p \ i n r*mrr\ on the scene, put the scallawags to H?i,. n _; arl >" every ....... ai.-iu»i inaciice ut ..uu^tnaiiua. -••-•- ! \Vii)lfcB have just returned from a not mere theorizing, and more and Wolh i prove wildlife conditions are «d m- auu iiu uriu^t', aiiu .vir.*5. uiiie oniiiu \vou ! c ' ^— consolation. At 500 Mr. and Mrs. j f °™er state commander of the Iowa Grand Army of the Republic * thire." Frank Conley were high, and Mrs. , _ Elmer Knowlcs won consolation. I * nd a . D ?? Moines resident . . Turner A. Brown, 80-year-old man 1 who in pioneer days drove a stage Charles City and Club .Meets for Program— Ayesley B. B. Teams jWinners in 5 Games Wesley, Feb. 27—The girls' has- i ber college personnel is studying the problem along many lines and . W etrft. OULlU<i» LIUbtl v«liw.tl^*» -»-^ . • •* ^ ..... ™" i accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mr. Hutchison came to the L"n,."7" i Miehe. Armstrong, and their t wo* ne-d States some 40 years ago from ' ! children to Los Angeles late in De- Tyrone county. Ireland. He was viiiiUitrii t*J J-iV3 .•\iti»ci?:^ tatc *jt* *-t \* • ,- * i..*-. k ».'*••* 1*1.^. ^ i v,i.«n u . -..v. TIU." cember. The Miehes now live acronapaaij-d by his sister Rachel, liumlrc i$1.00 o srwsr,, ss«r-,^;E%^?i£?- »•• -,^^a=r^ i Mrs. Jacob Peterson. »ening AY! SATURDAY, MARCH 4th We will give a useful article to the drivers of the first one a num-1 Fare , Tell f or ttle R 0a ] son < conservation, Mv and Mrs . M erc in Roaisan The Eriuality club" met Thursday j c °ach between Charles City arid! ]^ e * le> '' Feb - 2 "—The girls' has-j ber of the wildlife conservation, Mv d Mr= Mertia Reason "s-fl n™fl nt ih P T mhjWi, Wnr at Mrs. Ernc-st Boyd's, the program Algona, died last week at his 'ko.ball team lost to Corwlth, 39-2S,!stamps, also a stamp book. A set; wpr t takl br'^urmSe^ 1«- wV*1,-,i T^i,tfl « T- ^^S ? ? n - - L - " "".y home. . . Mahaskai 1 " the ^emi finals of a sectional j of the stamps designed by famous ; Monda v evenfn^ when S?-hte- ^3^?,™ ^« .^f7?w ist practicing attorney,! tonrnament at Corwlth Friday! artists sells for a dollar; the stamp' £_?£_? .£ a L'reweH D--V T^- ; n-«Vv^^h^ n hnx ^f ?t Daniel D.nvi R rtipH tha • mifht. after swamping Renwick, i book, for 25c. Proceeds from the: ^llons are m™rtn" t^"" ' — • ?" ral - MS .^ hen a boj ' and " l I 16 ; lh ursday night in the first i stamps are used partly in the na-L n ,, rl r nf c wp , rirv^ T u-'c 1 ^ -r i2 U " d -. Lu Verne dented Wesley,! tional effort to conserve miera-! !°"«d br fhe ^'1' <i> 25-.1,, in a consolation game Sat-i tory wildfowl, partlv bv the state * e " eu °- cut = ue - 1 - 1(1~ 11f'Ho\*vii(Tl-i4- T>1, — l it. i !_ . ." " cti, ii* i »T. i.j» u (;*) L AJU_J U ^, LtlC jJlUj^litlll ! .-! — ..-») ^..^,«. in charge of Mrs. Nellie Dumphy,' Charles City .._ „..,>.,.,„ subject Argentina. A play, Mrs. county's oldest practicing attorney, Bixbv'.s Beauty Shop, was given by . 81 -.vear-old Daniel Davis, died the Mesdames Hoganson, Anderson, i other day of heart trouble. Boyd, Hamm, Wilson, Opheim, and, ftKi'UKSKXTIXG 18 Behounek. Alice Huestin, with Mr. Hutchison livp.d at "Wesley | ,. for a number of years, then at Al- olse «' gons. For almost three years he h-;d lived at the Lutheran Home, he had a life membership. with left partly blind. cnrs who purchase more in inerchan- D Dingom GON(GO PRODUCTS JITS SERVICE Phone 80S sang with Mrs. Hamm at the piano. There were guests other than members. A cafeteria lunch was served. pTafrStr^^ js.iciuu> v l HI hi] UC I. lOll inns Iinnfirrnnenmn T-»_ii- t i , - _ Accident Victim Home Apnin— Beverly, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Watts, south of town, has been brought home. A car in which she was riding at Humboldt rammed a parked car, and she suf- Lu,, ~* , .7- — "•• ""• «»>!'-•" i i f*rii(! nei'e last woek Tiip«;flnv nZ- WP( ,.^ ean - hi ' e ' Ho ^rd night, the girls, 16-13 the boys DIRIV, \\PA regional director for 44-22 .The Vernon consolidated teams played here Friday night, tint tv,« T™. '"-nra T . .—.."=- anfl the girls' game ended in a 31 pr, m • y -n" W ° rk " : tlc l but the local b °>' s defeated the nnnnn ™; ojocts will remain at | visitors, 35-26. 30.000 uiuil April 1, when a one- — '• — —• third horizontal cut will be made' for state conservation, and part lo- Swea 4-H Club 3Ieet>— cally in conservation efforts. j The Sw?a Spirit of Service 4-K 'Members of the club heard Mr.' girls meet at the leader Mrs. Brail Lowe with interest, and many pur- : Larson's last week Sanirxiy. E.DS chased the stamp books and the '• plans for this year's -s-cri were stamps. THE R,LirSEY township Re- discussed. Programs were also i made out. and lunch was served. .»•««' Al-.-Vill^TBj i. tU»ilOUly X\e~ : formed church was host last week; Attends Funeral of Friend— , fered a compound fracture of the jaw necessitating stay pital. She is gaining Her companion, George Underberg, less injured, suffered face gashes. _ „ _, ,,,11 tj ^ iiieiuc, unless congress appropriates the i in n hrvs ' ! " Uli!ional 15 ° mi ' ] ''°n dollars fast now" 1 ' esido " t Ilonsevel t "as asked for. SO-HK <•» PKKSOXS representing 10 Towa Quaker communities met in West Branch the other day and laid plans to convert Scatte'rgood rp.,... r . -' --:-" .school, abandoned Quaker board- Two Livermore students at Iowa , ing school two miles east of town have were represonta-; into a home for about 40 German refugees. "We don't expect to relieve the general situation," said a spokeman, "but we can make Two to Fraternity Meet lives of their fraternity (Delta Chi) at a midwest conclave at Champaign, 111., Saturday and Sun IT PAYS TO LISTEN Read The Ads rie; vre.re Sunday to the county council of j Mr. and Mrs. Christian education. Demonstrators, at Curlew Friday to were the Rev. J. M. Doms and F..J funeral of Kenneth L. Ryerson, Burt. Leta Olson, Ruth j who was killed in an ssio ai-cjaen: Schroeder, Robert Thaves. Ken-: near Emmetsburg. neth Graham, and Raymond Nel-' son. Burt and the Rev. Calvin' Other Swea Schnucker, Ramsey pastor. A spe- j Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hscrn and cial merit certificate was award-1 their daughter. Mrs. Rajpb Ises-' ed to this church by the State j residents here, cai'.c-a on iocai college department of education berg, all of Minneatolls, former and the Iowa Christian Rural Fel- friends early last -s-~k. They comc- lowship, of which Geo. W. God- j to attend the funeral o' " J. H. frey is a member. I Knutsen at Swea C;:y last veek day: Sidney, sou of the Sidneys life more comfortable for manv of i 2- here and Jerome, son of Mr. and the refugees. We are going to do* Mrs. Louis Hehounek. the things we would like to have;' Mrs. -Welter to Rochester— ?.°"!.. for u « .".we^vere very, very i Mrs. Emil Welter recently went to Rochester for observation and treatment, possibly an operation acre tract f also. She was accompanied by her daughtei-, Mrs. Fred Falb. -' Building and " ^ * FOR SALE—4 GOOD WORK hors- FATAL MISHAPS: At ChPmkP^ I es '~ A ' L " Baker ' Lone Roclc ' I>24 Other Livermore News. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Opheim railroad, was killed when caught between and Clara Malm drove to Cowrie ~V° rallroad cars. . . At Waterloo, Friday to attend a baskebtall game | Lllme ; r Johnson, 55, was kiMcd by between Kamrar and Bode. The ; ? , of coal he was loosening former home of Mrs. Opheim was i In elevator bin of a local fuel Kamrar, and Mr. Opheim lived at! co .mi> an y> loadjng yard. . . T\velve Bode before his marriage, so it is likely there was some difference in the family "rooting." Mrs. Fred Pooch, who had spent some time at Algona in a millinery store where she was formerly employed, has returned to her home ^employe j WANTED—CARPET WEAVING.— "" """' ' Colonel Nelson, Wesley. 6p24-25 FOR SALE—BALED STRAW.—A. CAMPAIGN IN CLASSIFIED!— We can supply advertisers with complete campaigns on any line of merchandise or service. Ask atout this unusual service. — Advance Pub. Co. 20tf J. Dittmer, Burt. west of Rockwell City, G. C. Kilborn, 30-year-old lineman for the local REA, met death when he came in contact with a line carrying 7,200 volts. He was cutting in a new line on the Otto Holm farm. TJIK GRIJfJfELL Herald-Regis_,, ..«. -,. w .^iu - *. ., \*»»iii j.1 jjivij JAtJl illU—J.XGK'S~ Mrs. John Youngs has re-, ter, having its share of libelous uu^tiuix ui ai.ia.iKUL LUrill. IJtlo 1 FOR SALE—EXTRA GOOD Guern-i 2 FHA loans low interest rates, no I oif—W fjey cows.—J. W. Johnson, Cor-1 commission. Loans for all pur- «j r( ] _.*" MEN AVANTED—TO SUPPLY HE- berling customers in E. pt. Kossuth. No inveEuaeni, bu: must have car—Business Established— Big Expansion Program offers steady advancement to producers. 111. U4U23-24 wiljh. 10p23-24 ! HOME LOANS — MONTHLY RE- duction or straight term. Title AHE SOW 1500KIKG •9p23":24 i Pose^-Algona-FeTerar'savi'ngr &l p"^" fw , ***»*&**•** 1 Loan Ass'n. 26u8tf i,J. e ^'"'V'J'lvttiua (Hi, 1'wiiut J lj1 '- ^pmal curiimd )>ulk price ! i_j<-i«u xi*3O 11. iUUoLl Ol/* t * l 1 -•«• AY AND STRAW BALING done ',, ' *V***'f «pl»ud bulk price af any time—Ralph Hurlburt WATERLESS COOKER, FREE! 25 ! ™ c P^f W"It>a 111 your container in lone 207, Lone Rock. 12p23-24 Sargent Feed gift coupons, one | lo , trall ° 11 tjuautitit'S. J'lac-e your 12p23-24 Sargent Feed gift coupons, one j 15 , u ' d * in every 100-lb. bag. Every house- ' order no>v .—.i.. .„,.,. ouun iL ,ua B « HUH re-, Ler, jiaviiig us snare of libelous vnma orett guts turned to_her_home at Clarion, af-; mother-in-law jokes, has started a!me|i, Ringsted. ter a Visit With hfr Knn« rirnmai- ! fnntnat tn fi«,l *!,„ :,i-_i ,._ _ . . 1 contest to find the ideal mother-in- law. Six prizes are to be awarded, ter a visit with her sons Gramei and Morris Davis. Mrs. Albert Smith entertained and K o far it has been flooded with! -,--the Pinochle club Thursday, and ; entries from Grinnell, Malcom I forpis. Come to the Advance. Mrs. Frank Hoffman was high. | Kellogg, Brooklyn, Searsboro' Ouest-s other than members includ-1 Lynville, Oilman Newburg Ined Mrs. Lowell Cockrill, Lena Alt- ; dianola, De s Moines, Omaha' andi —i . m every 100-lb. bag. Every house- I oruer no>v a * we delimtely know- Foil SALE—20 SPOTTED Poland wife wants this cooker. 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Melavins, who from n John Frederick hou.sn shu-e rented tn Rasmus Olson. Ileta Murphy, local tr-nclier, has returned from the wedding of a . - , ... ~,.v SALE—TWO MACOMB AND P Vv. 6 1 °f le Tweet oil burnnig brooder ' Kio ? e *' no cried out and there gns of a struggle and in K0od AlB ° niL condition.—C. R. 38p24-25 HEATING ENGINEER — Through Green-Colonial, a competent fac-1 •-.- ~* -^^.,^1:^. ±u\\u, uo uereoy troy engineer will come to your notify the inuilifiod electors of the lintnp nnrfl mnlf/» r.nionf1Pi^ c.n...r.-... ~t swiri f'it,- ^.r Al...^..,. t- , -MAl'OJK'S I, C. F. Sjjecln, mayor of the City of Aljjona. Iowa, do hereby con- friend near De.s Moines. Margaret . Devine, Kmmotsbur the week-end with truiclier, .spent her mother, , Mrs. Nellie Dcvinp. south of town. Tuttle has returned Mrs. John froiri a visit daughter, Mrs. Pat. Gleason. Glenwoodf who accompanied her here for the week-end-. Mr. and Mrs. Kormit Shaw have had a visit from the former's par- - cluded she had died of heart attack. WANTED—JOB ON FARM _...„_.. njarried man by the year, two j & Muckey. chi|dren. Experienced hand. Ref- I^IH^UICJI. 1^A|J«1 ItJllUKU JJU11U. 1\C1~ IvDIl'On GRIFFITH, of the Man-j erences.— \f. J. Doocy, Bancroft, son Journal, last week signed an ! R f -.«_«. affidavit admitting that his story! *-- — ^ ***»j_3.i*v-w.i ii*** wwiuc LU JLIUJ •* -^ i -.»,• L,ii-.. v_vi(i.iiijt;_j tricfjiUrS OI T.JQ.6 ,-_,-x home and make scientific survey of said City of Alsoiia. Iowa, that the 1 your furnace requirements. No cost regular biennial municipal election BY or obligations.—Phone 464, Lain? "* the said City of Algona will be *"" ' * M ""''°" ES24 . hfcld on Monday, March 27, 1939. The officers to be elected are as 19p24 *or, Mavo, and six umuiMiL auiuuung tnat his story j ! of being slugged and robbed by a FLOORS SANDED. REFINISHEDI hitPh-hii™,. ,„„.. „ v,-... „„ ^ lth permanent _i oor finish. A r\o\r improved method guarantee- Ing' satisfaction.—Cowan Building fol fol- bitch-hiker wa.s a hoax. The young man was injured when his car ran into a ditch and struck a pole on highway 69, Feb. 6. Upon being taken to a Fort Dodge hospital he invented the attack yarn. SSupply Co 38tf AMOttDLVG TO a NEWS SHOP—WHATEVER YOUR _,... -. . VJ1 jj i i L, ^_( illgJi school principal and athletic coach here. J. H. Zigrang, Des Moines, was looking after business affairs here Wednesday and Thursday. He visited at his brother H. L. Zigrang's. Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Cockrill are having a visit from the former's father, of Greeley, Colo. DECLARERS WIN IN CONTESTJT SPENCER St. Cecelia Academy declamatory students, Gerald Frank], Betty Kohlhaas, and Rosaline Holtzbauer, won distinguished honors in a cor* test at Spencer Saturday. Gerald captured first in the oratorical division; Betty, first in the dramatic division; Rosanne. second in the humorous. This was the first contest in the rounds of the annual doicesan declamatory contests. Three competi- •ors each from Whlttemore, Carroll, Ashton, Cherokee, and Algo- iia were entered. The winners are now eligible for semi-finals to be held In the next three weeks. Father Ivis, diocesan •uperintendent, haa not yet tn> mounced the date and place. The Spencer cojjte&t WM judged by tkree pnblfc school teachers. .. peddler for 50 cents. TUP TV i reading preferences, we have illh Diagonal | wh J,t vn,, enjoy. Magazines and i.—Algona News Stand. 16-21eow from a When she . somewhat proudly told her husband about it, he said, "Woman, I made that preparation up for the peddler, charging hmi 35 cents a gallon!" THOUGH 3IR. AND Mrs. Kenneth Warnstadt, of Sioux City, have not lived together since their marriage more than three months ago, the husband has petitioned for a divorce on the ground of inhuman treatment. His health was endangered, he said. Three Women of the County Lose Mother Union Twp., Feb. 27— Mrs. Geo. Kohl was called to the bedside of her mother, Mrs. Mary Rohmann, of Illinois, who was seriously sick with bronchial pneumonia, leaving February 14. Mrs. Rohmann, who was 84, succumbed last week Sunday, and burial was made last week Tuesday at Metamora, 111., a small town 12 miles from Peoria. Mrs. Rohmann -was sick two weeks. Her husband died ten years ago. Mrs. KoM accompanied Her I WANTED—MARRIED MAN TO work on dairy farm. Must be good milker. — Nine miles south, one. miles west of Algona, M. T. McGuire, Bode. 23u24 , Mrs. George Fandel and Mrs.' Oeo. Elbert, Whittemore, and their husbands to Illinois. Lulu, Mabel, Ira, and William Kohl, Algona, were among grandchildren of Mrs, Rob- mauD. HO c Mir sen son NE h pay On ies, AR R you the reci new FO1 si Apt gelt goo ley. MO: P We goo low Ing, ^S MAKE QUICK GAINS when Dm is balanced with Sargent ral Meat Meal. Contains es- tial growing elements — Ander- Grain & Coal Co. 24 IV 1939 KOZY BROODER ouse. $43 and up. No freight to Trucked right to your door, display at Hamilton Hatcher- Bancroft and Titonka. 25 u tf 3 YOU MOVING MARCH 1st?— emmeber the old address of r newspaper is as important as new address, if you want to ive the Advance while the s is news. tf 1 SALE— PUREBRED HAMP- lire gilts, bred for March and il farrow; one team of bay ings, 5 and 7 years old, sound, 1 ones. — Joseph A. Skow, Wes, 24p24-24 TOY TO PAY YOUR BILIS— ressing needs for emergencies, loan on auto or household Is. No endorsers or red tape, a Guarantee, Inc., Shops Build- Des Molnw. E324 AVAILABLE AT ONCE — RAW- leigh route 800 families. Only rc- .,.,., liable men need apply. Experience lows' not iiecessary.-Write Ray Allen,; A wiuuwluwn from the 1st Ward Storm Lake, la., for particulars or ; a cuuneilumu from the ''nd Ward Rawlpisrh's Honf T4r'_in_ifi->« ,, .. " e - UQ w <llu, Rawleigh's, Dept. IAC-10-102A, a oouuc-iluutu froiu the 3rd Ward' ^^"'•t- "'• 27-23-24 i a councilman from the 4th Wa/d/ — :ajjd iwo uounciluien at' large- and CLASSIFIED COPY — WE HAVE U Wk coaimis.sioner for -1 a library of classified copy on term. practically all lines of merchan- " dise or service. Special copy pre-j .-.„„„ » a!l -,„_, pared in campaign form without • Ward. Kent Motor Co.- 3rd Ward OVtfO n^ln wn fP^ll -.. ~ ...1 t __!'-'. • fl \.l*.. .. J ... i i. «» «*I U, Polling places will be as follows- si Wai'd, Legion Hall; 2nd extra charge. Tell us what you Wai"d sclioollious ""=> wan.t We'll have it prepared.— > f 'ity Hall. Advance Pub. Co. 20if < J J olls will be open from 8 a. m. 'to % 11. in. Ooveni yourselves ac- OFFICE SUPPLIES, D A T I X G ! coi'diugly" stamps, hand punches, files. Ev-! erything you need!—Ask Advance. I C, F .SPECHT, Mayor. NOTICE OF ASSESS31EN ROAD schedule that there has been flfed'Tii'Th'e of the special assessment'proposed to tjVVvl'i'd Included within Secondary Road District" No ussessment is as follows: m 447 iment, showing of real estate ule o£ iJropost'tl Sub-Division NE% •ji vi l* Sec. Twp. iRnu. Acreu SW% ... s\v% ... s SW% ____ 9 SE% ____ 8 . 8 NE% NW14 * . SW14 ____ SE% ____ S ---- 17 ____ 17 ....17 NiE% ---- 17 NWW . 17 ___ 37 ___ 17 NW% ____ 17 94 94 M W &J 94 94 94 94 94 91 s. 94 94 40 20 55 29 29 29 29 29. 29 29 29 29 40. 29 40 .a JJ 29 40 . Vi. 40 W 40! 40. 40. 40 s'l r < ]] is 'is LN'ame of Owner S'ivk-n and Uxtrguerite \ ivk-i) and Marguerite Ml'lier VivJtn and Marguenct Miller J-'vltn and Marguerite Miller N., M., and A. Weydert N., M.. and A. Weydert s'o-'" N., M., and A. Weydert 11 » N.. M.. and A. Weydert TI'M 'Krauk Kohlhaas JHf Vrun kKohlhaas ;; \'% 'Krank Kohlhaas ] t'S Prank Kohlhaas J'?7 IFrank Kohlhaas """ ~ ,,-„ 'Prank Kohlhaas r'S Prank Kohlhaas r J, Frank Kohlhaas ,-)~ You and each of you whose names appear In the within „ >, i , • fth ""* *"•' •— will qon ?e P o^ for heinng th befor 8 e Ch t e h a e U 'loSS Algona. Iowa, nn the 5n?v, j... tn e_Board qome on or earin of Supervisors at their office in Algona, Iowa on th« v»h 1939, at two o'clock p. m. , « * 1939, at two o'clock p. m. At said hearing any ot the above ann °f, March ' may be increased or may be adopted without further notice apport 'onments Unless you file written objections to said report ; on or btr™ day the same will be presume* to have TbeeS oouclZvely w^v Pndoon ot All asseasments may be paid in full without iSSrMt Ti r. i?" , • » nter «t if paid i u wo days rrora date, ot assessment Js <K.nflmtfl , <K.nt Dated at AJgona, Iowa, this 24th flay fa February, 1939. r. i" , • if paid within twenty - 8. KIN83BTT. County Auditor. KRESENSKY'S Tfi e. Rollins Hosiery Club tends this special invi- tat on to you to become a member and to enjoy re- ding your free pair of sill: stockings every now and then. 28. ;•** The Loma Leads label brings! Paris and New York to you.ll See'our "Good Housekeeping"! featured dress ? . . and our! other...Lpma. Lead.; origina|ij| $8.00 Dress pictured—in Eli Crepe by Yale Fabrics in North American Rayon. Sizes 12 to 18. In colorful spring prints. IT TASTE IT IT'S TOP; 2t 02. LOAF SLICED 8 •< No. 2 cans Gorton's rOBFISH, 8.01. can A&P Fancy Whole DUETS, 2 No. 2 cans ... MILK, tall cans _. Size 80-UO - 0 53 C 10-lb. box loiia PEACHES, 2 No. 2H oaus _ . - CIUSl'O, ffk 8-lb. can 50C ~ Ann Page Macaroni or SPAGHETTI inent! Good economy! D 7-oz. -g n Y -i*gs. ..lac Ann Page Noodles, 8 4-oz, I8c 25c ,33c 36c P. & G. SOAP, 10 large bars' OXVDOL medium uize pkg. Toilet So»p 1'ALJM 01IVE, 4 cakes "•••» Scot TOWELS, 1 n 2 rolls "... 1&C Waldo TISSUE 6 rolls Soft-WeaTe National Cltru 8 Sale! A Producer . ORANGES, ,ize 288 GRAPEFRUIT, ~ 2 dozen 25c A*P FOOD STORES Tweed-time TEMPTINGLY 2.TONED in this MABY-LANE COAT of the MONTH Swing through spring i» this ull-purpose coat i'« turjug surface Interest »| white-nubbed Bust, Blue, or Black tweed. Cordag* is used for the neatly effective trim. Flatter!?! straight lines, adaptable | 7/8 length. with guarapt«e4 Style Famed fo> 9 Ftt •

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