Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 21, 1939 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 21, 1939
Page 10
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TEN IT TAKES US JUST 32 seconds to test a tire, 30 to put on the guage and 2 to look at the indicator. Just a part of our service. • Get acquainted • 's D-X SERVICE UNION MOURNS THE DEATH OF BEN H, GOULD KOflfltfTtt COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA, IOWA Glach Is Tfcd Farmer Here for the M ° Tn . da >' *° ^ Llvermore, Feb. 20— Genevieve Last 44 Years is Dead at 68. Dinner for Birthday Cltb- , . Mrs. James Allen entertained the birthday club at 6:30 dinner Wednesday at Mrs. Nellie Van Allen's In honor of the latter's birthday, There are eight members in the club. Mrs. Van Allen, who received many gifts, is greatly im-i MANY WINNERS IN STATE CORN SHOW A. B, Scbenck, Union township, was ed his first birthday at the Solberg home last Thursday. Little geles early this week. guests were Jlmmle Jensen, Ron- oeivea many guis. IB BI-BULIJT iu» «• —.«,./.„„„j ov t rn m proved, after having been critic- returned Wednesday from ally ill since before Christmas, where he had been since last weeK Her daughter, Mrs. Lloyd Keith, Monday, aervlng as on» of the to leave for home at Los An- Judges at the annual state corn and" small grain show. He Judged in the north central district and was one of five Judges who picked lly Mrs. Louis Ilodo. Gisch and Raymond Neuroth" were \ aid Sjostrand, Kathleen and Chas.' Party Honors Mrs. Henry— ,...., ------ •-- d - d champ . married at St. Cecelia's church,' Huber, Gary Hackley, Donnle and Mesdames M. W. Jacobson, Clar- sweepstakes ana grana Algona, this (Monday) morning at I terry Cook, Larry Wolcott and ence Macumber, and Elmer Dob- Ion samples. exhibitors at 8:.,0. the Rev. J. M. Malllnger of- Naomi Brownell. j bins entertained 20 guests at a Awards to Kossuth exuioitois a ficiating. Attending the bride was Older guests were Blllle's fath-, Party Monday evening at the for- the* show wele. Luolla, younger sister, and Victor, er, Oliver Christiansen, Ottosen; nw'« Home honoring Mrs. Joseph Pen enia lough coin,, any 001 o , t' the Rev. and Mrs. M. A. Sjostrand; Henry. ^ evening was ..pent -2 Frank Meine, Whittemore, 5,, YOU'LL LIKE OUR 5ERVICL l PLUMB1N&I ENJOY HOT WATER when you want it. We can install a heater on short notice. LAING & MUGKEY In-other of the bridegroom.was best mourns the loss of another of her 1 The bride was attractive in white! MrsrToin'McM'ahonrWesToTr M7a" Macuniber. and Henry are former no'd Meine, Whlttemore; respected residents by the pass-' TOlvet - its onlv trim being pearl LeRoy Kloppe and Mrs. Mary | nurses at^the ^ Kossuth hospital, Gelgel, Irvington, 10, I'ranK ban ins- nf non rmiiH n 0 ,.i,r u< M ,/ oli » s - Sh e wore head dress-trailed | fackley, Ottosen; Mesdames Don-, and IV ing of Ben Gould early Friday ve il and carried an arm bouquet of aid Cook, Emry, Roy Brownell, ! there, morning at his homo here from Johanna Hill roses. The attendant' Arthur Jensen, D. D. Monlux, Ed-! dropsy and heart trouble. j wore dusty-rose-shaded taffeta, win Wolcott, George Sp'ongberg,' I'nrty for Llvermore Thoueh 'Mr. Gou'tl had not been' wilu trimmings of aqua .blue and and Ida Nickerson, also Marjorie Union Twp. Feb. 20 - Union'man. " ", ° Helen' Kent M* Lewis KcnUand Pjaytag ChlnfceMJr.lt. _Mesdames ' Ed^. Mawdsley, ™™g'>J'££ n, 10, Frai _ -LJGH.u,y iv i u £,» [I tJ tliiu IYII B. ivitiL y : -•%...' *.- « * - • •-- • ; clips. She wore head dress-trailed i fackley, Ottosen; Mesdames Don-! and Mrs. Dobbins is still a nurse ford. Lu Verne. '----— - - -- ' *' Ten ears, smooth — 5, I'ranK Meine; 7, Fred Geigel, Irvington; 8, Arnold Meine. Mrs. Lester Wilson entertained Vhone 404 Algona, Iowa Thirty ears, rough — 4, Frank Meine; 5, Arnold Meine; 6, Fred, accident while filling silo some JV tm ' ee course dinnnr was anrv-' ana ivirs. Allison. Mrs. Helena MU- UMUB mi-a. jcuuie ^ui>vcn, ^.TO. , Geicre1;7, Edw. Mawdsley; J, 1'ianc four years ago. Ills condition not cause his family alarm till two ^ ,, , , - - - - , . ^ wo"ks axo when he was stricken tending. A large wedding cake tap- his aunt and uncle. ~ — -„,.,,•• . „ wirtih£I'asrmness a ^fd had to' ^ d wlth a ml «tature bride and Mrs. Myron Guggisberg, Fort *er. M. Pfei-ffer, L. E. Fairbanks, | Eighty ears, rough-2 keep to his bed He w "a tenderlv S room was table centerpiece. j Dodge, and her daughter Maureen r - ^ -Snecht, and Hugh Colwell, Meine; 4, Sanford; 5, Gelgel; 6, Keep to ms oea. we was tenderly, The bHde fa ^ dau! f nter of B . ! were callers at the Solberg home also Miss Lowrey. The afternoon Mawdsley; 7, Arnold Meine. j Minimi ivir. troiru nail not Deen "•-** *.»*"."".•«»« w*. UH"<* '«^u.o o,n\* «..*- --« . ,. u ... u . U wii., u *^w «UU,*JVL*U !,„„ in the best of health followlng-m n shoulder corsage. , Brayton, Mrs. Albert Olson, Mr. six women Friday afternoon, hon- accident while milmr in" feme A *ree course dinner was serv- ! and Mrs. Allison, Mrs/Helena Hu- oring Mrs. Jennie Colwell, Liver- some gfl nt noon at the home o£ ^ ber _ Md Mrg _ B _ Hubor( all Qf mor£)) whQ , s spandlng some time. Sanford. f . bride's father, forty relatives at- Algona. BilHe makes his home with "ere at her son Hugh's. Other j Thirty ears, smooth—4, iranic guests were Mesdames C. W. Pfeif-: Sanford; 5, Arnold Meine. Frank cared for by wife and there was no hope fo.r recovery. Gisch, Irvington, but had been em- the same day in honor of Billie's wa s spent socially, ployed at Livermore, at the Town birthday. Mrs. Guggisberg was a In a family of nine children Mr. Tavern, for the last 14 months. Mr. sister Gould was the second child and Neuroth is the son of Mrs. William sen. eUlest son of Mr. and and Mrs. Neurotn ' A1 Sona. William Gould, both now deceased.' In l ! le ov e"ins a wedding dance Ho was born June 24, 1870, at was given at tlle Figueroa ball•Qt =83 OPTOMETRIST YOUR EYES ARE THE only ones you'll ever have. Take care of them. Guard them against strain. Have them examined. A. W. AMUtfSON Optometrist Above Borchard Drug Store OR, G. C. SHIERK PODIA THIS T (Foot Specialist) Hampton, and was G8 years eight months old at death. Married In 1895. •Mr. Gould's boyhood days were Forty-five women attended a "Jf room here, and a large number of Joint meet of Mi^. W. P. French's **HU. £.__; * _ _ n , l, . . ,. 1 1 _.. J •»«• -TfT TT1 T . t . -It . t 1 . _( of the late Mrs. Christian- Welfare Club Has Meeting— The newly organized Welfare club met Wednesday at Mrs. J. T. I Troutman's, 24 women attending. Cong'I Circles Have Parties— friends of the couple attended. and Mrs. W. E. Laird's circles at wpre M«>«dnm- George Peck and Alma Nelson. Eighty ears, smooth — 2, Edw. Mawdsley; 4, Arnold Meine. Shelled corn—3, Edw. Mawdsley; 4, Arnold Meine. •Sweet corn—3, Fred Gelgel. Sings by Itndio Tonight. Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Keen received . wo < rnen"held a questionnaire i a message this morning (Tuesday) The couple will live at Algona,' Congregational church Thursday. °n the life of George Washington, that their son Richard would sing where Mr. Neuroth operates a; Brooks Potter gave two piano sel- als ° a contest on national "hims" over WMT this evening at J:dU. truck. nnent around Hampton and Lu-| A shower was given Sunday for Play, The Futurist, was given by coin and Dewey. Verne. On growing to young man- ! the couple at the Academy hall, Al- seven women: Leola Zelgler and hoorl he went to the vicinity of. goiia. Friends at Livermore, St. Mesdames V. V. Naudain, Lee H. node, and there met Frances Bor-1 Joe, and Algona sponsored the ev- ing, to whom he was married on eiit, and ai -uiuiSHU J. \JI,1*V1 fciCt V G t'CU JJ.'.aiiU OC1 — *~ *~~ "flfltltlf B \. i^t 1 ections, and a humorous, one-act —other noted men, such as Lin- 'Dick 1 is a freshman at Coe col- Colonial Party Is Planned— The D. A. R.'s will hold their lege. day dinner Thursday evening at the B. A. Thorpe home honoring they started housekeeping. Lewinp; there, Mr. and '' '• annual colonial party tomorrow, Viola Heller, sister of the latter. """ - - - -- — • was spent playing will attend in Chinker-Chek. Guests we''e Mau| who served on the entertaining 'iad a valentine .party Thursday at« ',".;" i ~ -----Mrs.'committee were Mesdames Fred Mrs, Bert Palmer's, 20 women at- ™ 1 «"» 1 ? 11 .? 0 !?™- fl"™ 1 ^, °S!'^ ^ U U?.A.^I U . and ^ o'clock luncheon games will be Kohl, and Ruth Turner. Gould moved to Irvington, later Falb, George Lenertz, Henry Zei- tending. Ella Thompson read * . . _. . . ... , locating east of Algona on the old met, Sylvester Fuhrmann, Ernest valentine story "as part of the en-1 p . lay , Vl e s °cial committee con- St.vv farm on the east McGregor Boyd, Ted Jennings, and Kather- tertainment. slsts °J Mr ^- °- £• Smith, ^hair- rond. They resided there for nine ine Curran, also Misses Luella ' Farewells for Mrs. Bergfield— vp<ir=. then. 10 years ago. moved Gisch and Margaret Lentsch. to Union, after purchasing the Wm. j . Dearclw farm Here the children, r )lrcllt . Tc aclier Relation Studlefl- four gir s and two boys were The relatlon of parents and of rrrown to vnnne manhood and teacllers was the theme o£ a pro . Mrs. C. \V. Bergfield, who . left y °! l " g io« m M nho ^ < n ,^ M I Si'am at a meeting of the Woman's Saturday for a new home at Shel- In 1935 the elder Goulds retir-. club a week ago Fl . iday m the as _ don. The group had 6:30 dinner Mrs. T. T. Hugh Raney. The Bridgette club entertained at j Pnriv n«nnw T,ocnl Niirse- a farewell dinner Thursday even-1 M11dred Rice and Irene Heller mg honoring one of the members. were hostesses at a surprise birth-'Has Jesus Failed Us? to --The Woman's club will meet at 2:30 Friday at the library. Mrs. I Beatrice Hanser will give a mus-i ical reading, and the Rev. W. P. Clark, Fort Dodge, will speak on toi AlKona, and their son Al- sembly room at the librarv _ Mrs -_ at the Algona hotel, and Mrs. Bergt^ then managed the farm; but c H> cretzmeyer, president, pre- field wa s given a shower of hand- od lifii- n . _ ._ XJ. AA. Ul t LULll^J «J1 , IJ* CO1UC11L, IJ1 C~ " - •— ^j- . - or onlv one year of residence . idcdi with M ,. s D G Breda u p kerchiefs. The Kresensky store in town the parents returned to T A presldenti ln charge of ' tho ' force entertained at a party Fri- ^rymr fhi-5: t-rne on the former ( ni . OKram . Mrs . W alter Roberts ^ evening for Mrs. .Bergfield, u"hi«!nd nurl which is still 'amily home. Six Children Survive. Tlinre were eiclit children: Ppirl. now Mrs. Emest Rustrum, LaMont, Ari?..; Myrtle, now Mrs. , program. Mrs. Walter ^wan.*, - - — - —~ . tn ^ y i played a clarinet solo, accompan- and 6:3 ° dinner at Cook's Tavern tne ied by Mrs. Harold Walker. Mrs. T. wa s' served, followed by cards at C. Hutchison presented the par- tne Kresensky store. Mrs. Bergen Is 1 viewpoint and described the cield was Presented with a gift, lualities she would look for in teacher for her children. Mrs. 0. B. Laing, wife of Hrid«c Luncheon Given Saturday— the Mesdames El Falkenhainer and Union: Albert and school superintendent, discussed Merle Griggs, C. B. Murtagh, and nr,™Q Pnn^coc, -Wo™™^ Tr<111 n p th. Union; Capitola, now hte question from the standpoint w B. Quarton entertained at a L,orns,_ Callouses, _Mammer Mrs Ke , th strayeri ncar i rv l n g- of her experience as teacher, later bridge luncheon Saturday at the Toes, etc., are Oftetn the ton: Christene, now Mrs. Donald as the wife of a school administra- Ferguson home. Twelve tables Rvmntnm* nf mr,™ QPrimi« r ° ok ' A] ™ na '> two boys deceased tor, finally as a mother, and nam- were in play. Place card tallies symptoms or more serious in intancy ! otl tolerance as the most essential and favors were in Washington trouble. Avoid more serious Thirteen crrnndnhildren and one element. birthday colors, and the tables tronhlp hv nrnmnt iHpntirm I P''pat-rrrpndchild survive. The lat- Carrie Durant, presenting the were decorated with red roses, trouble by piompt attention. ter wng hovn recently to Ml . and • teachers' viewpoint said she had Mesdames M. H. Falkenhainer, Don't neglect your feet. Mrs. -Ralnri Rustrum, Ralph being been satisfied with the parents of Lee Nugent, G. D. Shumway, and Hutchison Bldg-. - Algona'rum. Phone 250-W. thp eldest son of Mrs. Ernest Rust- An antacid powder and alkani- ing ag«nl. Tak* [I aFtM mcali or whenevM an abnoimal amount of acidity in the itomach brings an uncomfortabl* feeling. E. W. LUSBY nnd surviving are: Mrs. Albert Butterfield. Un- ''011; Charles, Swan TMver, M'nn.; i\Trs. F' - ecl Rnmii!?, Wilmar, Minn.; Mrs. Herman Resum, Kingsman, nhildren she has taught long experience in the in her ^- w - Stillman won prizes. The Algona same hostesses will entertain at Ari-/..; Mrs. Lou Ma thews. Esther- land to teach them regular habits schools. She advised against ov- another bridge luncheon today erstimulation of children by par- (Tuesday). r»n b s t a ta< s,sr i ? Dp ssa ^ ^.^r^^.o^^\ 'can and wholesomely dressed, vil'e; Mrs. Corn. Boles. Boone. A sistPr. Bertha Gould, and a brother, Wm. Jr., are deceased. Itnrial at Irvinjrton. Funeral services were held Mon- dny afternoon at 2 p. m. at the of health, also for providing rf.active, nourishing lunches make the task of learning as easy as possible. Mr. and Mrs. Edw. A. Genrlch entertained at seven o'clock din._ ner Saturday evening honoring t ~ their week-end guests, Mr. and 666 SALVE relieves COLDS liquid. Tablets price Salve. Nose Drops 10c and 25c Drive Carefully and frofit By Low Cost Insurance FARMERS AUTOMOBILE Inter- INSURANCE Exchange Gives More Protection for Less Money Than Ordinary Insurance /Lsk for Quotation On Your Car DON'T DELAY L. S. 150HANNON Hutchison 1'lioni' 103. Mrs. C. E. Jones, Buffalo Center. Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Baker, of Lu- Verne, and Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Whittemore Girl is Bride— McFadden, Algona were other Last week Tuesday at St. Mich- »' ?»*«»" I}*?**"*™ funeral chapel, with aP - s church Whlttemore^Father tables - Mrs - Baker scorin S ncru^ i. „* *„„ n ^ ls cnuicn, wmttemoie, Father the Rev. A. English in charge. Mrs. Pasey Loss sang hymns. Casket- were Grant Sample, Frank Burial was made in the Irving- ;z; e 7,°!;T»,i •* as. PM -«'=:«^.«^.«.»»..... Mv. Gnnid wnq a man of a quiet, all who gentle disposition, and Wm. Veit performed a ceremony [° T ^omen, Mr. Jones for men. of marriage for Elizabeth, daugh- *?"• Baak f ^ a si ^ er - ^ rs - Gen ' ter of Mr. and Mrs. Nick Mergen, ^ * n . d O , M ": 3 ^ A&m E1 ' e and Joseph, son of Mrs. Peter Red- Q augnteis, 01 Mr. Jones. in ?', ... „ , Shower for Harriet Baney— The bride wore a gown of white Harriet Raney was honoree at a pre-nuptial shower Friday at her wal ft-length home, hostesses being Mesdames Ben Nolle, Larson, Carl Wauge, Chantilly lace. Her veil was arranged in coronet .. , ^ ull ,, u , lc ^aiou.i him wore his friends. He was '""im^ hpearls ' f an * s ^ <*•*!£•>$ an& James' Piekbohm. "Games were wve ?.Jrd\vhKes 0 ian. 0llanna ^ P ' ayed ' and MrS ' LarSOn r ^ ad PHOENIX HOSIERY How gonous to slip-into hos.ery mi ,de to give you perfect fitl Not only « to length . . . but in ankle, calf, and thigh as well. Tall Average, or Small-we have a Phoenix stocking proportioned to f,t your own leg requirements. In 2-, 3-, 4-, and 6-thread weights. NEW PERSONALITY COLORS FLIRT ... a new warm pink. fLATION . . . delightful golden co^.r. PRUDENCE . . subtle dosp brownish beige. $1 ...$1.15 The Chrischilles Store a home-loving parent who hi" fnnliv the best in life. Out of town relatives and friends ot thp_fiiTieral were: the daughter a niece, il her husband Rapids, Minn.; Mrs. Fred HPTrniR. sister: Mr. and Lo^bach'jr! !\T V '". So ron Oidi'ilcsoTi. Thrift * l\Tr A C L A ~ ., ,. , paper aboat the neighbors in at- wnr n , Tff?"' . attendant - tendance. Miss Raney is to be mar- woie a peach chiffon dress with rled tomorrow noon (Wednesday) white accessories. Yellow daffo- to Newdon Hieter, farmer near formed Livermore. The ceremony will ! take place at the local Baptist par- was attended by Jos. s onage. white accessories, and orchid bouquet. •• and Mrs Willlim Mad son of Whittemorl: Mr. and M^i ? Joseph Metille, Galbraith. \ reception Mer een home, and Kossuth is Dead on Fenton, Feb. 20—0. J. Rauney! BLANK NOTES 25—in Pad—3gc —Also— Chattel Mtg. Note* Ad-rance Pub. Co. »••••••»»»»»»+ Party Honors local Mildred Rich and Irene Heller course dinner served. In the were hostesses at a surprise party evening a wedding dance was giv- Thursday evening at the B. A.: en at the Higglns hall, Whittemore. Thorpe residence for Irene's sis- ; Bride and bridegroom were edu- ter, Viola Heller, who was cele-1 cated in the Whittemore schools, brating a birthday. There were They will live on one of the farms four guests besides the hostesses i owned by the bridegroom's moth- and honoree: Lulu and Mabel Kohl, I er, north of Whittemore. . Marine McCullough and Ruth Tur- received a message Saturday an- J I»»b.y* BirthdaTls^bserved- I ^ j Va ' n °£. 'leven^ o^^Snlr nouncing the death of his mother. I Little Biliie Christiansen, neplr-'was served and the rest of the ev- Mrs Frank Ranney, who had died ew of Mrs. Olav Solberg, celebrat- ening was spent at Chinker-Chek. in sleep at her home at "nip-, • Calif., Friday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Ranney were Kossuth pioneers south of Lone Rock, where they owned a farm. When they retired they moved to Algona, later to California. They were progressive farmers .active in the re- lit'ious and social affairs of their communities. Mr. Ranney died some years ago. P. O. Will Observe Holiday Tomorrow This week Wednesday will be Washington's birthday, and it will be observed at the Algona postof- fi-c. according to announcement by Postmaster Sullivan. There will be no rural deliveries, also no city deliveries except one in the business section between 9 and 9:30 a. m. At the postoffice the delivery windows will be onen from 9:30 till ten in the morning. All incoming and outgoing mail will be worked as usual. Change for Naomi Circle. The Naomi Circle will meet this week Thursday (instead of Friday) with Mrs. Marc Moore. The change is due to the World Day of Prayer observance Friday. Mesdames Henry Lund, Alma Nelson, and Myron Ludwlg will be assisting hostesses. •» . Oyster Supper Crcsco. The South Cresro Mothers and Daughters club will give an oyster supper Friday evening at the Cresco Community hall. The serving, will begin at 5:30 and continue tillj all are served. Last Call on Winter Coats Here is the short story on winter coats—quality garments at rock bottom prices. Only a few left— we're going to sell every last one of 'em. Size 15, raspberry belted, untrimmed sport $8.00 Size 16, green, racoon trim, sport coat, belt ___$S.(TO Size 16, royal blue, roundabout untrimmed $9.00 Size 16, grey ombre (stripe) pile fabric $8.00 Size 20, grey crushed plush pile $8.00 Size 20, dark breen dress coat, wolf collar $10.00 Size 20, dark wine dress coat, wolf collar $10.00 Size 20, dark green dress coat, wolf collar $10.00 Size 16, oxford grey, half belt, sport coat $8.98 Size 18, oxford grey, half belt, sport coat $8.98 Size 20, oxford grey, half belt, sport coat $8.98 Size 18, black dress coat, wolf collar $3.98 Size 40, plain black untrimmed dress coat $3,98 25 Fall dresses—all sizes and colors—values to $10.00—last clearance of the season ., $1.99 It's None Too Early to Buy Your Spring GOSSARD Chrischilles Store This is the time to select your new spring Uossard foundation garment, BEFORE you purchase your apparel. Our new Gossards are here and they conform to the silhouette now in vogue. This one - piece garment has the advantage of a lacing adjustment. The brassiere top is loose across the Front and hooks at the »de. The lace bust ,, *tyle. It's made of nrm peach coutil with elastic gores at bottom front for sitting ease and is well boned, excellent for fig, ure correction. Priced $5 garment. Come in and *'° n CUT RAT — GROCERY -.' BARGAINS CtALOIll! FOR • THUJISDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY* 1 Hard Yellow BANANAS Slbs. ___25c Large Texas ORANGES Will average near a glass of juice to each orange. Dozen 29c Orp.cn Top CARROTS!, Godosize ] bunches I Fresh and crisp Bunch __ ORANGES, small, sweet BUTTER, CREAMERY Country Roll — —EACH, t| -2 IBS. 51 Chase & Sanborn COFFEE Lb,24c Swans Down CAKE FLOUR Pkg., SPICES, Regular lOc, all kinds FOIll RAISINS, M 4. 'Thompson Seedless ; "I LBS.2! Corn or Gloss STARCH 2 Boxes 15c FLAF Serve Pip6 Hot MARSHMALLOWS, Pound SODA CRACKERS, 2-LB. Uox Breakfast Food BUY THREE GET ONE FREE 4 Pkgs. 33c Heinz BABY FOOD 3 cans 23c American TABLE SALT 5-lb. Bag 19c Northern Tiss BUY THREE GET 0]VE FOB lc| 4 Rolls _ _ Heinz SOUPS 2 large cans . Balloon SOAPI CHIPS! Giant Box 29c SALMON, 1-lb. cans __L. SANI FLUSH, Large can ___. Z FOR 1' 19 Crosso & Blackwell Date Nut Bread 2 cans 25c 8-oz. Buffet FRUIT Apricots - Grapefruit Peaches • Pineapple Pears - Fruit Cocktail Scans 25c Del Monte PUMPKIN 2 No. 2£ cans 19 NO. 10 FRUIT Prunes 2H Peaches 37i Pears R. Raspberries' PURE IVORY SOAP FLAKES |, ORYFLAKES Med. 9c KIRK'S • •••III V - CAIIIU WHOLEWHEAT cSr, H-oz. bottle 4c •• 5 LB, BAG 191 HEDIZ BILL PICKLES, 'SEAL OF MINN FL'UR 49-lb. . Bag $1.49 SUP'R SUDS Red - Box • for 25c Sliced Bacon Lb. Armour's Star 28c C n » ^» Spare Ribi..,14c Brick or Am. 2 CHEESE Sugar Bacon Sqn. Bologna

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