Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 21, 1939 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 21, 1939
Page 9
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21, 1939. .KOSSUf ti COUNTY ADVANCES. ALQONA, IOWA ^Cream Separator ALE ONLY, starting February 14, ' a special sale of Iowa Cream Sep- ig this sale we will give a Special Swance for your old Cream Separa- ifcliase of a new Iowa Dairy Sep- advantage of this sale and save [County Implement Co. ALGONA, IOWA 5-6 TO FARM OWNERS SINCE 1855 LOW RATES 26 year repayment plan liberal prepayment privilege al Reserve Fund safety featuie mmission, appraisal, or title 1 lation costs to the borrower It is worth looking into We are their Authorized Representatives I |tchison & Hough leal Estate and Farm Loans fSecurity State Bank Building Algona, Iowa rm Sale \ south of Whittemore, on primary road 44 sday, Feb. 23 of well bred Shorthorns, of Duroc Jersey brood sows. Four horses. Farm machinery. 100 shocks fodder. BALGEMAN & SON COLWELL BROS., Aucts. STATE BANK, Whittemore, Clerk. PAGE Nttftt Chick Problems Discussed at Ledyard F. B. Meet TALKS GIVEN ON HATCHING AND DISEASE Lakota, Feb. 20 —The Ledyard township general ' Farm Bureau had an all-day meeting at Mr. and Mra. J. H. HoTcomb's Wednesday, 25 persons 1 attending. Dinner was served, 'and a program followed: group singing J scripture and pray- We called at Henry Anderson's, southwest of Titonka, 'Friday, and found the men feeding the cattle. There are 90 head on the place, and 50 of them are two-year-olds. There are aliso 44 Spotted Poland Gerrrfany, where she has brothers and sisters. She sailed in December and reached her destination at a happy time, Christmas eve. Her arrival was a joyful surprise, for her folks did not know she was hatchery, talk on chicken-hatching land raising; Charles j Charles City, care and diseases of : 'chicks; Ardette Skromme, Swea news, City, selection on xylophone; Myron Johnson, Looking Ahead in Her People live near'the ; - French frontier, and their prlncl- two fine sows disappeared recent- ThnrntXlT ' '>'• H « htts> advertised for them, 1 besides making inquires, but no and it begins to look as if they were stolen. * * + mvoe to the Chris Godfredsen farm, southeast of Bancroft. * * * + At Mrs. Bertha Dirksen's, south of Lakota, we found her boys doing the evening chores Wednesday. One of them is so tall that he can almost touch the kitchen celling. He is over six feet. The boys like to read about sports. . * * * * H. W. Sleper, north of the German Valley store, was at home alone Thursday. He said, "'I am batching it." Mrs. Sleper was in a hospital at Buffalo Center with a now daughter, born last week Sunday. The baby has been named Jean Roschel. The Slepers also have a boy, Gary Barton, now a year old. run juuuauu, .LJUUIVUIS .tLiicnu iu . .. *!,««« Rural Young People's Work; and! ,_£. C Hansen who ives three Mrs Jerrv renort of tho tion. Methodist Aid Has Meeting— Mesdames Guy Beemer, 'Walter Leslie, and J. H. Warburton entertained the Methodist Aid at the church Wednesday, and in spite of zero weather some 40 women attended. This was a monthly social meeting, and a short program was given, comprising group singing; burton; Radio Hash, read by Harry Warburton; and a humor- Apple, by Mrs. Emory Smith, was dressed to represent the little girl. Lunch was served. are all bu«y, and that the country fourths of a mile north of the sonms prosperous. She expects to church, was hauling corn get home late in March. * * * * Louis Bartlett, who lives southwest of Titonka, was at the Tyke theater in town when wo saw him Wednesday. The theater is owned by Bartlett Bros. Louis said it has had a good .patronage. This is partly because the 'boys give the patrons first-class 'pictures. * * * * John R. Meyer, southwest of Titonka, will soon move to the farm where William Meyer -now lives, northeast of Wesley. Mr. and Mrs. Meyer have three girls, and the eldest attends school at Titonka. The William Meyers family will pal town is Munchweiler, which has tlie largest shoo factory in Germany. Mrs. Kemper has writ- \ e^t'V Titonka, have had build™J f i H has(1be f" ha , vin f a i»gs wired for electric lights and wonderful time, that people there Henry Franzens Jr., north- fodder for his cattle when we saw him Friday. He said the fodder was hard to get out, for it has been frozen 'down badly In recent weeks. Mr. Hansen has 44 cattle. One day last week a cow dropped twin calves, but one of them died, though P. C. tried to save it. He thinks it died of pneumonia. # * * * Percy Brink, of the Doan neighborhood, and his boy were at Ted Hoover's Friday, repairing a windmill. Ted has of late 'been handicapped for that and some other kinds of work, for one of his hands j was hurt in a corn picker last fall, j and it is not well yet. # * * # i When we called at L. P. Brethorst's, northeast of Sexton, Fri- are expecting 1 arrival of high line men any day to hook them up. * * * * Herman Franzen, northeast of Titonka, was at Titonka Thursday, attending a farmers' elevator meeting. He is one of the directors. The Franzens have a new house, and Mrs. 'Franzen said they are enjoying it greatly. It is insulated, which keeps the heat even. It was built a year ago. * * * * When we saw Andrew Cebulka, .southwest of Titonka, Thursday he was about to let his cows into the barn. He has high grade Shorthorns and raises a fine lot of baby beeves each season. Andrew has 11 yearlings in his feed lot now, and they are in fine condition. Flaclngs in Theater Contest— ..„.„,,„, .. — , Placings in an amateur contest day" Mrs."BrethoVst"asked whether at the local theater Wednesday (we W anted some news, and when; night were: 1st, Lakota high we , sa id we did, she said, "WelU,| school boys' quartet, Paul Ukena, lthen) look! .. .Whereupon she step- James Ley, Bobby Beemer, and ped out of her w heel chair and I Bobby Powers; 2nd, Little Ger- man band, Burt; 3rd,. Bobby Thaves, Burt, singing; 4th, Forest Smith and Jack DeFries, Buffalo Center, amateur play; 5th, Ruth Olthoff, Lakota, accordion, Garret Gray, Buffalo Center, guitar; 6th, tap dancing by two girls from Buffalo Center. OVER IOWA has 1 BRIEFS: Iowa's 1940 auto lie- o for she has had to get about in a wheel chair for the last four years. an . d She .said she had visited a 'Russian Dakota, and that made hopes to j be on her feet by spring, and ev- i erybody who knows her joins Ra ' y heartily in the wish. * * * * We stopped at Henry Blomes, "ue on wh te The new , . *"" 1119 last year than did aut °«- nal's second string basketball team started out one evening last week to play what its members supposed was the Braddyville reserves, but when the final whistle had blown found they had defeated Braddyville's first team, 2827. It all resulted from a misun- m the coaches. Braddyville coach thought was to be only one game of course started his firs! team. Coach "Pop" Varner, of Dia- ered bridge, northeast of Carlisle. The road, however, will be routed over a new steel bridge. Some 60,300 lowans received unemployment relief during January, an Increase of 9,850 over December. Acorn Club Meets Thursday— Mesdames Ida Smith and Smith were hostesses to the Acorn i club Thursday evening. Following „„ 0 _ l , J .. „_...., „ , business, a citizenship program southwest of Elmore, last week! RFC Chairman Jesse Jones has _ j¥ _ = was given. Roll call was on cur-; Monday, and he was at the house, I said ne wlU give favorable consid- an d the Diagonal firsts, which lat- rent events. A paper on Lovable after having been busy with his' eration to a $5,000,000 loan for the ter had dressed for nothing. - ' " ' "'calves. He remarked about the Minneapolis —'«» *-'- —'- -- there were to be two games, s o ran his second team in for what he supposed was the curtainraiser. But it just seems Diagonal can play basketball no matter which team is on the floor When it was all over, nobody was disappointed except Braddyville 'ather's car after attending a birth- lay party. A car driven by a Kansas City man struck her and drag- ed her 30 feet. JACK CHASE, Ames youth, is to mve a chance in the movies, and ocal people are hoping he will be as lucky as another Iowa boy, Ronald (Dutch) Reagan. Chase, winner in the Nebraska-Iowa com-' ance commissioner, waived to ulous center. ' i 1 At Marshalltown a district court jury deliberated 24 hours before finding Earl C. Barber guilty of driving while intoxicated, and rec- commended leniency. At Newton» Roy White, 50-year-old mall carrier betwene Newton and Oskaloosa, was fined $300 for drunken driving, and at Mason City the same thing happened to 37-year- old Joseph McGowan, packing plant inspector. At Des Moines, Ray Tenter, former state insur- tha petition for the lead in a movie of j Polk grand jury on a charge of a Phil Strong story, had expected to compete with the winners of other midwest regional contests, driving while intoxicated. He was arrested following a collision with a truck. but along came a telegram from FLOYD WOOLLUMS, Ringgold Hollywood instructing him not to county man, wagered he could ivait but to take the next plane for \ walk from his Tingley home to the coast. Which handsome Jack. Mount Ayr, a distance of 11% mil- was glad to do. While Chase is in es, in two hours. With a proces- Ho'llywood, it is reported he will sion of cars following, Woollums 'eceive $125 a week and all ex-! won with 11 minutes to spare. Mr. lenses. .And maybe another Iowa | Woollums' speed was approximat- boy will make good in that fab- ely 6.31 miles per hour. Homes was 1 read by Mrs. I. E. Wortman, and one on Better Law Enforcement, by Mrs. Carl Gerzema. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Arthur 'Schissel this week Thursday. changeable weather, at times cold, again warm, and said that some of the calves had had bad colds. * # * * Henry W. Goeke, south of and St. Louis railway. Under reorganization plans, the main line would be between \ o___, e ? CHILDREN in the news: At 3-year-old Caroline Sue Minneapolis and Peoria, 904 miles j Baylor fell into a tub of scalding with branches, with another corn- Y asti ^ ater and died the next day oration owing the remaining 519 - ™ m burns Buffered. Farm Sale is Success— A J. M. Jones farm sale was successful event Wednesday. Everything was sold at a high price. Mrs. Jones died a few years ago, and Mr. Jones has now decided to quit farming. The farm is west of Gerled, near the paving turn to Bancroft. The Edw. Dontjes will be renters this' season, and the I William Trenarys will move to the farm vacated by the Dontjes. r While coasting near her Red Oak 13-yeaiv-old Leta Woods collided with the sled of another I more, was cleaning out his 'hog-j mil es, which the main line corpo- •, • house when we saw him last week; ration would lease on the basis of <i Mnnriiv Wo hnnio Viiu marmrn • what the 519 mile section might - - o'ut o?the l?nd HenThasiearn. If the plan goes through, it. S°™L™*Z* S _ dead_ the next of fine hogs. They are Sives good assurance the best part j ^ Hampshire and Black Poland ° f tne M - and st - L line will be Chinas saved and a strong hint that un» * * * profitable parts of the line will in When we arrived at Robert Weil- time be sold or junked. crs, south of Elmore Wednesday he AUTO DEATHS: ready to go to Lakota. He year-old Marilyn ' farms the William E. Flynn place, and Mr. Flynn is the lumberman at Ledyard. Robert has lived on this same farm five years, and he says it is such a good place that he wishes he owned it. Well, given health, Robert is the kind of fel- Pneumonia Patients Improved— James Bruer, who recently suffered an attack of pneumonia, is now able to be down town every day. He lost 26 pounds during his , low who some d wlu u on illness. The Bruer daughter, Mrs.' own f arm Odessa Rippentrop, west of El- 1 more, has been seriously Sick with double pneumonia, but was somewhat improved at last reports. S. S. Class Has u Party— The Berean Sunday school class of young people had a valentine party at Mr. and Mrs. J. H. War- Prank C. Foth, west of Bancroft, had just come home from Bancroft when we called on him Wednesday. 'He has a boy who attends school there, and Dad takes the lad to school and goes after him at night. The boy is an only child, and he' is a fine lad. His entertainment, and valentines werei exchanged, with the assistant] At E . j, Heidenwith's, south of At Tabor, 6- Rhode, when struck by a car''as she started across the street to meet her father. At Emmetsburg, Kenneth Johnson, 20-year-old Curlew youth, when his car struck a snowbank and overturned, pinning him be-, neath. At San Antonio, Tex., Mrs 1 . Lucy Childs, 69, of - Manchester, when the machine in which she was riding with her husband and grandchildren overtmfaed after j colliding with another machine, i At McGregor, Charles Knoebel, 511 year-old painter, when struck by; an auto whose driver police said did not stop. At Oskaloosa, 19 year old Roy Baker, who was struck by a hit-and-run driver as he was tie of milk. Six miles east of Cedar Raipids, Mrs. Byrd Chassis, 47, Ottumwa, the month-old daughter of the Jacob Jesaops smothered to death while sleeping with her parents. . At Tabor, 6-year-old Marilyn Rhode was killed as she darted across the street to climb in her ..Closing-Out Sale.. As I am quitting farming I will sell the following described property at public auction on the farm located four miles south of Titonka, eight miles east and one mile south of Burt, four miles west and seven miles north of Wesley, on Friday, February 24th Lunch by Doan Ladies' Aid Sale at 12 o'clock, lunch at 11. 7 7 Head Livestock 77 7 Head of Horses 7 One gray gelding, 8 yrs. old, wt. 1500 Ibs; bay mare, 8 yrs. old, wt. 1500 Ibs.; bay gelding 9 yrs. old, wt. 1500; 3 gray mares, smooth mouth, wt. 1400 Ibs.; sorrel mare, smooth mouth, wt. 1300 Ibs. Cattle 30 Fourteen Holstein cows, some fresh now, and rest soon; one roan cow with calf by side; Guernsey cow, heavy milker; 4 yearling coming 2-year heifers; one coming 2-year-old Holstein bull; 2 coming yearling Holstein bulls; 2 coming yearling Holstein heifers. Nineteen head of Chester White Hogs, ranging with 10 brood sows; one male hog, and 8 fall pigs. 25 Black Face Bred Ewes and 1 Buck Blackface. Complete line of machinery; 150 chickens; some turkeys and ducks. TERMS: Cash or make arrangements with your banker. No property to be removed until settled for. Andrew M. Hansen WEB STEWART, Auctioneer TITONKA SAVINGS BANK, Clerk SALE acting postmaster. Teacher Hostess to Pupils— Leila Hanson, teacher in District No, 5 in German township, surprised! her pupils with a valentine party last week Tuesday afternoon. Heart-shaped cookies 1 , with many kin'ds of decorations, were among the treats. Miss Hanson lives just east of Lakota. in the grove last week Tuesday. They were careful about felling i the trees, roping them to fall j where no damage to other trees would-be done. * * * * Last week Monday we called at Paul -J.. Dettman's south of Burt, and found Mrs. Dettman hanging a truck owned by the Standard Forwarding company of Moline, Illinois, and driven by Thomas Harper of Davenport. TWO CABINET MEMBERS in Iowa at one time, and a third one due a few days later! No bad, but what state Is more important in the nation's eyes today than Iowa? 0>vnor Away as House Burns— Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Gutknecht pent a few days last week at a ; iradware convention at Minneapo-j y' an were and own, occupied by the Hugh Lewis- es was burned down, with most of he contents. can clean up on Tuesday on tho*e items if ypu uie ITH COUNTY ADVANCE Phone 306 «r 307 /ii; ' ( - t -, wall paper, with Paul helping. We j Everybody in public life from the noticed that he seemed handy at; president down wants to know the work, as, in fact, he is at al- | what Iowa thinks, what she is do- jmost anything. Mr. and Mrs. Dett- j n g and will do. Yet only a dozen had electric lighting As we have decided to quit farming and have bought the Galbraith store we will sell all of our farm goods and livestock on the farm three miles east, three miles south of Algona, or iy 2 mile east and 1 mile north of Irvington this week 'i-•__»* Friday, February 24 SALE BEGINS AT ONE O'CLOCK HEAD OF HORSES One gray 4-yr.-old gelding; black 4-yr.-old gelding; mouth. > , . . -i;^] brown mare, smooth o from the States high line installed, and Paul did some of the wiring himself on outside buildings, doing a fine job too. * * * * Jakotan's Parents to Move- Mr, and Mrs. Walter Leslie and Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Baurn attend- 4 a farewell party for Mrs. Baum's parents, Mr- and Mrs. John Patterson, Grant township, last iveek Monday evening. The Pattersons are moving to Minnesota tfarch 1. 'arty Celebrates a Birthday— Relatives gathered a't Rempt Ennen's home last week Tuesday evening for a party honoring his birthday. Visiting furnished en- .ertainment, and lunch was served. Guests were present from Lone *ock, Stevens, Swea City, and La- iota. Other Lakotft News, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Loatsi, of Titonka, were visitors 1 at the C. JC Rippentrop's Wednesday. Mrs. Rippentrop,, who is Mr. Loats' mother, has been seripusly sick, but is now somewhat improved' and able to be up part bl the time. ; Mr, and Mrs. Gust Koppen left via automobile Thursday morning for Wisconsin, where they were to look after rentnlg a farm and attend to other business matters. They expected to return, about March 1. Jack Edwards bus a gathering to the bead, and was absent from school a few days last week. Some other children were ateo absent or so years back. Iowa was rated a leading "rube" state by nearly every pseudo-sophisticate in the east. The cabinet members were Henry Wallace, secretary of agriculture, who spoke at Des.Moines; Harry Bartelt, five miles north secretary of Labor Perkins, who west of Titonka, was doing his yisjted the Granger' homestead chores when we arrived Wednesday, but he took time out to renew his paper, Mr. and Mrs. Bartelt have three fine boys: Melvin, 4; HEAD OF CATTLE Three Holstein cows; 1 roan cow; 1 red cow; 1 roan steer. Keith, 2 (born on November 11, Armistice day); and the baby, Wayne, 5 months. * * * * When we were at his place Wednesday George Kemper, three miles uprth of Wesley, was doing , his chores. We learned that Mrs. 1 Kemper is spending the winter in project and other points of, inter-1 est; and Harry Hopkins, the neW| commerce secretary, who was to| arrive a few days later to visit his' old Grinne'll home and speak in Des Moines. The meeting of the National Farm institute held in Des Moines also attracted other prominent persons—federal economists, agricultural leaders, labor union heads and industrialists. LAUGH OP THE week: Diago- I Hog Raisers Our improved Trinity Mixture is the Ideal protein supplement. Minerals, vitamins, proteins. Goes farther, coats less than tankage. Anderson Grain & Coal Co. ALGONA, IOWA 20 HE AD OF HOGS 20 Ten brood sows, Durocs; 10 feeder pigs. CHICKENS—125 Leghorn pullets. FARM MACHINERY Model A John Deere tractor, 2 yrsT; John Deere tractor cultivator, 2 years; 10-ft. power binder, Case, new; Minnesota Mower; John Deere endgate seeder; 10-ft. McCormick-Deering disc; 19-ft. Osborn disc; John Deere corn planter; 4- section harrow; steel-wheel wagon with box; hay rack; bob sled; pump jack; hog feeder; 2 sets harness; 5 tons soy bean hay in stack; 20 bu. soy bean seed, Muyken; 150 bu.K 44 seed oats; about 150 bu. corn in crib. TEKMS—Cash, or make arrangements with your banker, roved until settled for. No property re* Joe W. Mettiile BROS.,

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