Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 21, 1939 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 21, 1939
Page 7
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IY 21, 1&39. KOSStlTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALSONA. IOWA 'YOUTH BANQUET' THURSDAY NIGHT AT CHURCH HERE The Methodist Young People are Guests at Program. A Methodist "Youth Banquet" at the local church attended by some 150 persons Thursday evening was considered a great sue- cess. LOCALS Druggist and Mrs. George Free,' the latter's son Floyd to Ames Fri- Garner, called on friends here Frt- day for the day with her daughter Des Molnes Slunday morning to attend an Americanism and national defense conference that evening and a mid-TV ference Monlay. Doctor Fox took them down, James Dury turned with ternoon. Ten inemfo day. German Lenten services will be '' The men attended "farm and home nay lur iae uay wiui iiei uu.ugumi i ' Ila Mae, senior in the State college.; ems Athlet panlod by th cott, had a Monday afto held tmorrow n'lght at the Trinity, week" at the college. Mnnrinv nft^k- „!,„ i T> n T Lutheran church. Mrs. Samuel Medln, Mrs. H. W. * °" d *J « ft °L schq °;° L . R ° nald Jfen ' 13l8le llelmke, of the N. C. nice 1 Ciller Mrs. Stewart Ward, and " s LXb an'd team 0 anfc th^ >me, spent the week-end at Cy-, M ™- A1 ^, r t Gr an«>w wi " go t( ? " s fa"a merry ride on [hi :,der with a sister. Mason Cy Wednesday o attend- £ ^ »?'J '«* «m the home Under Mr. and Mrs. V. K, Rising drove a one o'clock luncheon given by: Mrs. Carl Medln, daughter-in-law to Mason City last week Monday i „. ?!_„ a _.,. i »»_,u on a business mission. i o£ ^ 1Bl f, am " el "!? ln James Dnryca, o£ Barry's was I MrR< *'• "• """cue returned town at. 6 o pl.'itiH to hav at tho high Mr. and not on the job Friday. He was. Thursday from two weeks at Sioux M g " c , t J _, "... . -. ,.,,,_ f'Uv with lior Hnllp'litni. Mfa n M *'"»"" '."".J'l nursing an attack of bronchitis, with her daughter, Mrs. B. M. before you a used car i facts before w at any price, experience, inkly—insure »n. It will pay |us and—now's ka, were Sunday guests of the for- Kresensky's. The Funks Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Neville went: to Minneapolis Sunday on a few j High school pupils and the' (lays' buying trip for the Neville' young and "elderly young" busl- ' store. I ness people were seated at seven - »'• «n««.Mrs. J. E. Wilson, THon-! long tables In the dining and the tables were with lighted white tapers centerpieces, sprigs of smilax here end at Amos" with" his children. He employed at the and there, and George Washing-, travels for a hardware company courthouse at Estherville. ton programs. j an a m ake his headquarters here.' Mrs. Glenn Swanson, Fairmont, After a three-course 6:30 din- if. w. Colwell will sell 25 or 30 came Friday to visit her parents, 1 ner served by the Centenary Sun- head of horses Saturday at the Col- 'Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Pommerening. day school class, the toastmaster. we ll pavilion. Farmers are to She is recuperating from a major PAGE SEVEN nter educational con- and William Fox and !a also went but re- Doctor Fox In the af- ;rs of tho high school c association, accom- sir teacher, Miss Pres- bob party last week' PROGRAMS FOR COUNTY FLOWER CLUB ARE OOT HYBRID 931 SEED CORN IS OO- ing fast, yields more at half the cost, 98 to 100 per cent germination, $3 to $4.50 bushel.—Double graded. — A. C. Carlisle. 24p23 ^ Organization t o Get Under Way for the 1939 Season. AMBER GLASS SET, FREE! Handsome 14-piece luncheon set, Rosemary pattern; 19 Sargent Feed-gift coupons. See us for Information. — Anderson Grain & C'o.al Co. E-S23 clock. The association i B a banquet March 1 school building. Irs. Clifford Dehnert, NEEDING MONEY? WE LOAN on auto or furniture. You can reorganize your finances. Pay off pressing bills. Prompt, confidential. Iowa Guarantee Inc., Shops Bldg., Des Moines. E-S23 Program booklets for tho 1939 A RR YOU MOVING MARCH 1st?— season of tho county Flower club j nemmcbcr the old address of ^iu> wiui iiBi vmuitiuer mra am wlth thelr children wore distributed at the first meet- j 5'our newspaper is as important as Ehrle. Mrs. Gillette lives hero with l ™*™< ^^- %?• ^d W,,- InB of lho year , 08t weok Monclay ; |^^V^^^L " y ° U ..^ nt to STJ-lff^ftJS^ ™x^^=-" ta the •"•""'* " oom OE the local S. and L. store. Nnoml Funk is a new clerk receive the Advance while , Clifford is E I and St. L. :.... ™ fi Dehnert, Boise, Ida., with two in u,o absence moved children, left Sunday, after a vis- tho Al- , news is news. the tf mail clerk on the M.' K01UI lihraii y. The first vicenpresi- rtr. and Mrs. Kenneth ilcnt, Mrs. T. IT. Holmcfi, presided CAMPAIGN IN CLASSIFIED!—We of the president,' can supply advertisers with cotn- plete campaigns on any Una oi merchandise or service. Ask about this unusual service. Pub. Co. Advance 20tt HOME LOANS — MONTHLY RE- ductlon or straight term. Title 2 FHA loans low Interest rates, ne commission. Loans for all pur- posea—Algona Federal Savings A Loan Ass'n. 26u8tf CLASSIFIED COPY — WE HAVE a library of classified copy on practically all lines of merchandise or service. Special copy prepared in campaign form without extra charge. Tell us what you wan.t We'll have it prepared.— Advance Pub. Co. 20tt MEN WANTED—TO SUPPLY HE- berling customers In E. -pt. Kossuth. No investment, but must have car—Business Established,— '• Big Expansion Program offers steady advancement to producers. —G. C. He'berling Co., Dept. 774, Bloomington, 111. 34u23-24 ig room, mo,-., parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. D.: hore recently from Estherville, and ] t s | nce Wednesday with the local ?! r', . decorated / Wilson, J. E. runs a restaurant, i Mr. Funk is employed at the Chev- Jiehnerts K&nneth another son of ft 'l r ° r " la - 3rs, fern: Virgil Cooper spent the week-' role t garage. Naomi was formerly William. Is in the saw mill trade ' Mcinbol ' a lilax bere O nd at Amos with his children. He employed at the Emmet county; v,... 7,1,, -i T i n U«i. • > mittee wcr Washing-, travels for a hardware company courthouse at Estherville. i,n. ^ 11 ,1 ^ accompanied Whittemorc ! „„/! „„!,„ t,l_ 1 •*,...„..* 1. ' Ul'C. ftlnilii Utrnnunn Wo!,™,,,,* 11C1 g r ant!S( 11, lljUgCnG HUtCflinS, In]-, nnfl Ml Mrs. W. H. ~ - ~ ' "—" •—; wun iiHviiiuu, farmers' aio LU ^"c I.T i uoujjui uuufe iiuui H umjui TV,,,.,^,..,, rt . Dr. F. Earl Burgess, called on two bring in any horses they care to "Deration performed recently at i" "^ r. T ° high school yell leaders, Ruby ae lT. Turner and Joan Stephenson, to ' Mrs. lead the high school group in yell. Homer Tuttle then .led group singing. Debate Enlivens Program. Roger Michel, who spoke Youth and the Church, caused end at A del. She is a daughter of much comment when he said he - Ml '- and Mrs - G - c - Yeoman, former thought young people should go to Algoiiians at Maquoketa, and is in church but not to Sunday school } °™* school employ. Rochester. Mr. Swanson is a mem- of I ho program committee wore Mrs. II. E. Woodward, accompanied Whittemoro, chairman, W. A. Foa- e Hutchins, icr, and Mrs. Glen Raney. to Cedar Rap- Members of the club expressed. to visit a daughter, appreciation of the progam Bailey till this week planned for tho year and of the at-1 Friday. Mr. and Mrs. tractive booklets. Burt high school chins went on to Chi- students did the work as part of .*.vuuAi^ui,v>i. , J.ij.1 * KJ YT U, HO IS IX 10 t* JJJClil~ rtrtrr * i4- 1 11 1 —„--.- ..„.., ^..^ ^u, * u u^ 15. Hicks came home ber of a road-graveling crew. i ?. a ^° l ° . a . tUt l a . * national conven- school practice, and Mrs. Wooda Sunday from Des Moines, where m she had since Wednesday been a guest of her mother, Mrs. W. S. Scholes. on A dm Yeoman spent the week- i.ion at the companies, session this Gladys Stocber, Fenton, la a new stenographer at the Linnan and Lynch law offices. She is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Stoeber, ""'^. ^ mm and her father is a hardware Hutch lns w dealer. Phyllis Parsons is head stenographer for the law firm. Mrs. Will lain Dehnert spent last '' lr - an<1 Thursday and Friday at Mason ? en ' ler at Ceda home. of the The Halbcrt V. Longs recently City with her daughter, Helen Hed- have been after the ninth grade. , On. i no coii'ti'jtry uiclG ^^^i*y i "tiLip^iiL ^.. v ^. v »uwv*. +,*.^*^ HWJIM. < > — u ——d- --—-~» -.-.««. ( Cruikshank, with bright remarks : '' oom house on North Minnesota. Kenneth Larson, Mrs. Abe Lee k | Jlave a the Russell Maxwell 7- rick, her granddaughters, Mrs.| fo1 ' ' " rd Dlx. Tu- mileage >ldsmobile uilt i iter >rd Tudor, radio rd Fordor, |ow mileage >rd Tudor, *restone lord Tudor mileage IDlx. Tu- llt in trunk, lrdDlx.Tu- It in trunk, |prd Coupe, [clean as can Ige Dlx. real buy >rd Coupe sr low pric- I to choose >m FCKS iFord LWB luals Ige LWB luals •ord LWB, inel body Ihev., LWB, litock rack NT lor Co. ai^d "facts"' on youth an'd the Sun- Joel Herbst made the deal. Mr.: and Mrs. Velma Miller, and her , ^f week^rlday at the farm eight; Agent Brown_ was read, announcing day school, seemed to convince the L °"g is a city mail can-it ' -...-_ . . young people that after the ninth ''"'nine Lighter, Donald grade they still needed Sunday ' flon - Kathryn Schoby, school as much if not more than Douglass, and Dorothy j great-granddaughter, Kay Joyce. | mi 'es oast Willa- Mrs. Glen Cnlbcrtson gave birth; south. They Wayne to a stillborn daughter Monday as tenants Daileyi morning at the Kossuth hospital. | Th e farm Mrs. C. C. Smith, Burt, who is in NORTH IOWA'S BARGAIN THEATRE State farm insurance ward decorated the covers with Bloomington, 111., in colored prints cut from flower cat- week at the Stevens, alogs. | igo hotel. Mr. and Mrs. w. W. Gillespie, chaiman of the .11 pick up Mrs. Mink- schedule committee for the May i r Rapids on the way tulip show, reported completion of ' i tho work. Mrs. Paul Wille and Sirs. Andrew M. Han- Mrs. Raney were named to look Doan neighborhood, after tho printing. The Rev. A. i unable to find a farm English was named to find a judge ' TUES-WEDNES. FEB. 21-22 rent thjs season, and so will Tor the show. out public auction' A communication from County Second Feature of Burt and one mile ', a third roadside and shade-tree have been on this farm' short course at Ames this week 'or tho last eight years. Tuesday and Wednesday. Another they needed the church. Betty Geering and Donald Johnson played two trombone duets, accompanied at the piano by j t • ' .•>,« owned by an insur- ; nnnouncement made was that Pro- col- were at Eagle, Grove Saturday, at- i This was the first child. Mrs. Cul-' ance company, but has been sold fossor Wingert, of the State tomling .a wrestling tournament. I bertson is the former Doris to. Henry Baade, Titonka, who will , lege, will give a lecture here un- Mrs. George Kohl, Union town- Thompson, and Mr. Culbertson is live °" jt - Wr - alld Ml- s. Hansen , der auspices of the Farm Bureau ship, left Tuesday night for Peo- a trucker. They live near Algona. i would like , to buy a small acreage i on March 23 at the library, the v"k""nisinE "an'd" Elean'or "-Thm-nll ria^ 111., called by a message say-| Mr. nnd Mrsi C. W. Bergfield j near some good town. The Doan; subject to be annuals and peren- tnen'snoko on the advantages of s »e that_ her _ mother, who is 85 ; have_bought the Gray pr e ss_shop, ^d will_^rvejunoh at__the^ale_,, niols. the Epworth League, with its so- yeai ' s oltl , had bronchial pneumon-1 at Sheldon, and they left Satur- cial contacts, leadership training, ia '. «« ••-*- > «— « day to take possession. Mrs. Berg- opportunit/' for romance, ect. Buthman Gives Talk. beginning it 11 a. m. Mr. will offer Mrs. Charles DiiCliarinc II left field was a clerk at Kresensky's, eluding se j for her home at Detroit one day and Mr. Bergfield has been travel- J 9 Chester I last week, after a month here with ing for the Kennedy and Parsons , , Miss Thorpe-also told of a na- her parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. C. j Co. tional Epworth League conveu- Rice. Mrs. Rice accompanied tion_ which she attended last year for a visit. 7 head of livestock, in-j plant in Kossuth, and the best fen horses, 30 cattle,'winter protection for evergreens, White hogs, 25 ewes, a shrubs, and perennials took place, j The n.o\'t meeting -will be on p.t Boulder, Colo., and of the fel- A group from the Methodist Ep- ron Arnold, biology teacher in the ! sood Hoist lowshlp exhibited there between worth League attended the Algona local high school. A roomer at the' Bilking- G representatives of other nations, sub-district rally at Lu Verne Arnold home has been quarantined lin S bulls, including China and Japan, and by Sunday afternoon. The Rev. F. E. for smallpox, and Mr. Arnold will i Negroes and American whites. \ Burgess was one of the speakers have to stay out of school five A vocal quartet consisting of at the rally. i days. Donald Johnson, Mary Harris, and; .County Treasurer and Mrs. M. J. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Wallukalt at- Dorothy Reif, and James Logan, with Mrs. Rising at the piano, gave a number, and Dist. Supt. J. C. Discussion of the best flowers to THURS. THRU SATURDAY FEB. 23-25 buck, farrr machinery; poultry, etc. W. J. Stewart will be auction- | Monday, March 6, and roll call will her. Mrs. E. C. McMahon started sub-j eer : th e litonka Savings bank,-bo on "Fertilizers I Recommend."! I stituting today (Tuesday) for By-! clerk. Thjs offering includes . 14 A talk on soils will be given by at West Bend, guests the Josepr Buthman was then introduced. I whitteryore 'Mr. Buthman told the young Martin Duffy Sr. jin cows and one heavy Bruce Kilpatrlck, of the State col- ernsey, also two year- lege. 4 * Falls and -Breaks Hip. rutlenfs Condition Critical. j Bun, Feb. 20—"Kelly" Collins- Corwith,! Feb. 20—Howard Mas-j worth, 08, who had been working sion, who pad bee,n sick a month,! for E. E. Paine for some time, fell at the Mason City . on of for the former's brother Hans at ^ ,, 7. rp,moxi „ „ day and at ing. Hans is manager of the Iowa 1°,^ Public Service there, and Chris is also at the people what he would expect the Louise Smith, freshman at the 'manager., of the local Council Oak; treatment church to give him, and what he State Teachers college, spent the store, would give the church, if only he week-end here with friends. She were "18" again. He said he would is a daughter of Mrs. A. H. Stock, expect the church to give him' who was married spiritual, Intellectual, and social Marysville, Wash, guidance, and that in return would 'give the best service coul'd. recently at Address by Boadman. he | Mr. and airs. Craig .Smith have he • rented an apartment at Mrs. Chas. I Walter's. Mrs. Smith i is a stenographer for Linnan and Lynch, and The inspiring address of the evening was given by Dr. E. A. Roadman, president of Moruingside col- her husband is , employed at Dutch's Super-Service. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Brennan, Em- lege. He pointed out that the world metshur s. wi 'h their daughter My- In which we now find ourselves rna Jean> spent Sunda y at Vern is vastly different from that which ?, lark £; M , rs ' B ^ e 1 nen l * a niece ? £ our parents planned for us when i Mrs - Clar - k ' and Mr - B rennan is we were born. The economic con-1 employed at_a garage, dition today is worse, the liquor | Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Bohlen are temptation greater, and standards and faith lower. « 'Doctor Roadman wonders whether the young people of today will use this mechanical age to advan-, tage or to disadvantage. To be! specific, will airplanes in future be utfid for pleasure and comfort, or for war and destruction? He drew a vivid picture of the simple life led by his parents, and of the loneliness that his mother experienced on coming to Iowa in a covered wagon so many years ago. HAMPTON DROPS A BASKET GAME TO THEJ.OCALS Another thrilling last-minute win was checked up for the local .high school basketball team ' Friday night, when it won from Hampton j ? lrHH> w by a 2-point margin. The score ,,,,i moral f al ' en ts of a daughter, born Thursday at the Kossuth hospital. Mr. Bohlen is a clerk at Gambles. The Bohlens formerly lived at Webster ml'J 1 ™ s first child. a Cecil Benner, Anamosa, her mother Mrs. Walter Good. She is the former Virginia Good, and " the jcial -e on Bell telephone exchange there. Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Hossman, of Eagle Grove, with their son Francis, were Sunday dinner guests of the A. A. Sterlings. Mr. Hossman is a farmer, Mrs. Hossman, a sister of Frank and A. A. Sterling here, Mrs. Marie Bosewall received word Sunday that her grandson, Charles Rosewall, Blue Earth, eon of Mr. and Mrs. "Katz" Rosewall, had had an appendicitis operation late Saturday night and was doing well. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Weber, farmers near Algona, are parents of an 11-lb. 3 pz. son, born Sunday at the Kossuth hospital. This is the second child, the other also a boy. Mrs. Weber is the former Ella was 23-21. The visitors held the lead end by small one or two point margins ^ \ The HOY. M. A. Sjostrand, pastor of the First Lutheran church, right.up till the last few minutes. The scores by quarters were 5-4, first quarter; l}-9 at the half; and from afternoon Burnside. and Har- 16-15 the third quarter; Hampton's favor. all in permanent be^ rush at the pric§ of $2.00. Includes shampoo, haircut. Oth- puts at $3, $4, and finger- Mi shampoo and 75c. Manicure Devine, Algona, was high pointer of the game, with four baskets and two free throws 'for 10 points. Michel sank free throws. Hampton's scores were fairly evenly divided. W. McGrath was high/, with two goals and three free tosses. This game was the last on the regular schedule for the locals, and this was the second conference win, The Algonlans will go to Livermore next week Thursday to take part in a sectional tournament, and the first game will be against Corwith. West Bend and Burt are also in the Class A bracket. In Class B are Wesley, Livermore, Ploy,er, Bode, Gold'fleW, Renwlck, and Lu Verne. -It is certain that Corwith will put up a tough battle for the locals. Corwtib has lost only one game this season, and that was to Garner,, which won the county championship, lOi-l 1 ?, from, Corwith^ Corwi,tl]i i&as averaged 35 points a game aj against 18 for opponents. WorI4 Pliyer for Miiyitong, ^S^^W^PMVM^™^ MP J ^v court, where he served on the program at district mission meetings yesterday. Leoua Stewart spent the weekend at Alfred Peterson's, Buffalo Center. Miss Stewart roomed at the Peterson home when she worked "Week-end guests of the H. W. I Posts and Elbe Van Dorstons were Minnie Engqulst and Kathleen Morrow, both of Red Oak, Harold I Graham, Tarkio, Mo., Mr. and. Mrs. Robert Attwoll, Wally Johnson, and Gertrude Smith, all of Fort Dodge. Willis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Colwell, spent the week-end here. He is bookkeeper for the Iowa Pipe and Culvert Co., Des Moines. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Moan, Ruthven, with their daughter Mary, were also guests at the Colwell home. Mr. Moan is a farmer. • Mrs. E. C. McMahon reports that her father Charles Duhigg, Emmetsburg, is recovering rapidly from a recent major operation at a Fort Dodge hospital. He came here Thursday, and remained till yesterday (Monday), when he returned to Emmetsburg. Mrs. A. B. Counsel!, Syracuse, N. Y., is leaving today (Tuesday) after a \month with her mother, Mrs. Marie Rosewall. On the way she will visit friends at Fort Dodge and Des Moines, also a sister at Iowa City. Mr. Counsell is a cash register salesman. Joan Linnan, Maurice, Iowa, came a week agp Saturday for two weeks at her brother L. E. Linnan's. The local Linnans and Joan spent part of last week with Mrs. Linnan's brother, Leo Wassenberg, at St. Paul. Mr. Wassenberg is a pilot for the Hanford airline. Mr. and Mrs. c. E. Jones, Buffa- to Center, were Saturday and Sunday guests of their local daughters, Mrs, E. A, Genrich and Mrs. Delmar McFadden. Mr, Jones, a fanner, lived many years in the Livermore neighborhood and was widely known for fine race horses. Mr. and Mrs, Arnold Horsford, Fort Dodge, spent the week-end here with Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cowan, and Mrs, Horsford stayed till Monday night. Mr. Horsford was employed at the Gamble store, and Mrs. Horsford at the Ben Franfelin store, when the Hors- fords lived here. Mr.-and Mrs, D. E. Dewel drove to Omaha Thursday, and Mr. Dewel 'attended a meeting of the Ki- last week Wednes- | of coal at the Paine home Thurs- last renorts was in ser-! day and suffered a broken hip. He 'or heart trouble. Kossuth hospital Mr. Col'linsworth has no relatives here. FOR SALE—,BALED STRAW.—A. interest.—Algona News Stand. J. Dittm WANTED mare, g FOR SALI sey . cow with. FOR REr. house, c — Call Ad FOR SAL stein co temore. FOR SAL roosters Inman, B HAY ANI at' any phone 201 FOR SAJ Wesley, News-Woi FOR SAI China men, Rin WANTED iwor-k. Rock, age FOR SA bulldog les 1 . — Edw sr, Burt. 10p23-2't — SHETLAND PONY, entle. — 'Inquire Advance. 7p23 )— EXTRA GOOD Guerns. — J. W. Johnson, Cor- 9p23-24 T — 7-ROOM MODERN lose in. Vacant March 1. ranee. 12(2)23 S— THREE FRESH Hol- vs.— 'A. C. Carlisle, Whit- 9p23 E— 80 HENS AND FIVE White Rocks. — C. C. incroft. 12p23 STRAW BALING done time. — Ralph Hurlburt, , Lone Rock. 12p23-24 vE— MODERN HOME IN reasonable. — Inquire Id, Wesley. Ilu23 E— 20 SPOTTED Poland bred gilts 1 .— Anton Vam- ;sted. 12p23-24 —A JOB DOING, house- Doris G.ehlhar, Lone 20. Good references. p23 L.E— TOY SCREWTAIL pups; also Shetland pon- Downs, Wesley. 12p23 12-23 eow PONY, I WANTED—CRIBBAGE PLAYERS at county tournament, Legion hall, Algona, Tuesday, February 28, 50c admission. 13p23 FOR SALE — PUREBRED AND grade Poland China brood sows. Shorthorn bull, and four calves.— Herman Carlson, Wesley. 19p22-23 FOR SALE—TWO MACOMB AND one Tweet oil burnnig brooder stoves, in good condition.—C. R. Schoby, Algona. 17p22-24 SUNDAY THRU WEDNES. FEB. 26-MAECH 1 2—TOPS—2 ; WHEN ISA DUKE A "PRINCE"? 2OOO men turned against him-but on* girl stood by. him-in this, melodrama of ', speedy sports . and lonely • -^ lives!. : Second Feature SABUE Ftatuiing JOHN WAY! I RAY CORRIGl MAX TERHUI Plus "Hawk Wilderness" Serial COMING SUNDAY—4 DAYS—MARCH 5-8 CAROLE LOMBARD in 'MADE FOR EACH OTHER' Co-Hit, Bonita Granville, "Nancy Drew, Detective". FLOORS SANDED. REPINISHED with permanent floor finish. A new improved method guaranteeing satisfaction.—Cowan Building & Supply Co. 38U FARROWING RATION — FEED Sargent Minral Meat Meal at j farrowing time. Stronger, thril I ier pigs. Try a trial bag on a I money back guarantee. ES21-23 INSTALL FURNACE NOW. PAY on easy monthly plan, 1 to 3 years, 5% interest. Get information at Laing & Muckey, Green- Lo'ue j Colonial representative. E-S33 TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, FEB. 21 AND 22 Continuous from 1 O'clock mm* - GLADYS =^ai\. SWARTHOUT 13. ^g&fAV Lloyd NOLAN in a beauty shop there. She is now I wanis governor . and lieutenant- an operator at Marie Clement's beauty salon. ' __It is reported at the meeting of the county Flower club last week Monday that Mrs. C. C. Smith, of Burt, president of the club who has been visiting eons in California, had been sick with the flu, but was recovering.- Mrs. L. W. Fox received a card Saturday from her sister, Mrs. Ralph Danspn-Greenwood, Tabor, who suffered a stroke two weeks ago, saying the latter was much improved. Mrs, Greenwood wrote the card herself. Yergbel Ulfers has been dismissed from the General hospital, where she had a major operation recently. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Ulfers, and is employed in the offices of Drs. Andrews and Meyer. Mr. and Mrs. John Lundstrom, Britt, with their children, -were' Sunday guests of the Andrew God-? . annual World flay pj Prayer will be observed at thg ]o.ca} Pres- efrpch thte :89. {teptes,en,t»tlyeap|-|iTO m MiMiouary The meejt- • — — fredsons. Mr. Lundstrom is a Otypist for the Britt Newa-Tribvwe, and Mrs. Lundstrom ia a daughter of Mrs. Godfredson. Mr. a»d Mrs, Arlo Larson home' Thuy§4ay froni their " wop'u "" City, here. 4rio is »IcJejiT »f &e and s,t Webster were w,arrje4 February tfee Methodist governors in the " Nebraska-Iowa district Friday. That evening there was a big banquet attended by the district officers and members of the Omaha club. Mr. and Mrs. August Romer, with their small daughter Beverly Ann, spent the week-end at Fort Dodge with Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Vincent. Mr. Romer and Mrs. Vincent are brother and sister, and Mr, Romer is with the . Modern Dry CJeanera here, while Mr. Vincent is manager of a brick and tile factory. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Funk, Humboldt, and Florenc Funk, of Fort Dodge, were Sunday guests of the Herman Funks here. Florence and JPred are children of the local Funka. Naoma Funk, ajaother daughter, who is employed at Kresensky's, spent the week-end at Spirit Lake with friends. Herman is employed at a Chevrolet garage. Mrs, M, J. Streit, with her children, drove to Emmetsburg Satui-T day to attend funeral services at the cemetery for Mrs, Dennis Mc- OFFICE SUPPLIES—iFOR INDEX files, lojse-leaf binders, standard forms. Cjme to the Advance. 18tf SUNDAY PAPERS—LATE MAGA- zines on display, They're full of NEW 1939 KOZY BROODER house, $43 and up. No freight to pay. Trucked right to your door. On display at Hamilton Hatcher-; ies, Bancroft and Titouka. 25 u tf j ONE MINUTE WASHER — HOME j demonstration, without cost orj obligation, 15-year service bond with each model purchased. Get information.—L. W. Swanson. E-S23 NO. 1 "YOUNG AMERICA" 1,000,000 Boy Scouts for Peace and Democracy TUESDAY EVENING BOY SOUTS FREE Added Attraction MARCH OF TIME on Release Date 2 GREAT SUBJECTS NO. 2 "MEXICO'S NEW CRISIS" Why did Mexico confiscate American oil wells? You get the answer. You should see this one. THURS., FRIDAY, SATURDAY, FEB. 28-25 vlllqn Tigue, Fort Podge- 'Mrs, who was SQ, IB survived, by eight sous, arid ah© was an Emmetsburg girj before. ina,rriage,. Mrs- ^tjeit, spent the rest of t£e day Tfftth ier mother. Mrs. Martin. Coonan, Algona Auction Co. are here to serve both the seller and buyer at our i>u- i Algonu every Saturday. Saturday, February 25 Don't forget, we will run our regular Saturday Sales the year iround. : Ye have listed a number of good brood sows. These sons are to farrow from the middle of March to the 1st of April. Also ;ould use some good springing cows. Bring in your good horses us we have buyers every day. . Bftve listed the following machinery for Saturday: 32-36 McrDoering tractor, 5 yrs. old; F-80 Mc-Deering tractor, 3 or i yrs, old} 10-30 Mc-Deerlng, in good shape, with cultivator. John Deere 9»» with 160 rods wire; 90 ft. Flex barrow} 15*ft. Mc-D wring disc; S-ft. Mc-Deerliug binder. lou't forge(; tb»t we handl? the full line of Massey-lfarris wach nery, Be sure and look at our 101 Twin-Power tractor with 30 In. draw bar-and 40 ia. belt. We will trade for horses, cattk> or anything that you waftt to trade. had a. good snappy*Cattle sale Lust Saturday. We sell by tfc» head or by tke ponjui. AN INNOVATION Tlmrsday, Ladles 16c 2 P. M. Matinee. BARGAINS EVERY THURSDAY The finest programs of the week. Educational — Dramatic — Costume — Musical (pea every d*y, Sale bam phoue 77, res, phone *F«lt OB st«ck at ItW p. seu Start ou itacfc at lt»M p. m. I O. RIDDLE & SON I ',, AMERICA'S AIR STPSTH REVEALED! NEVER FILMED BEFORE! WINGS OF THE GEORGE BRENT OLIVIA DiHAVILLANO JOHN PAYNE BiJj

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