Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 21, 1939 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 21, 1939
Page 5
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21, 1M9. ti iron SERVICE.. •MI \TY ADVANCE. CLOTHES DEVICE AS ?FAB _io keep their fastidiously dry 1'alwnys look ised. Start prac- this economy - we call and IDERN CLEANERS Phone 537 na • Iowa YOU TOO WILL BE PLEASED WITH THE MODERN WAY Former Algonian Writes of 14-Day Cruise in Caribbean on Dutch Liner WISE WIVES KNOW HOW— Always look smart and keep the family budget low. Wise wives know how, by using our dry cleaning. Satisfaction every time—low prices. FIRE DAMAGES THE KESSLER FARM HOME SOUTH OF LEDYARD FRIDAY Ledyard, Feb. 20—The fire siren attended an RUGA and AuxllUty was sounded Friday morning, when coun'ty party at L. H. SchenckS, the B. V. Kessler home, south of Burt, last week Tuesday. It was a Ledyard, caught fire. The firemen | valentine party, with lunch. Plans Uy l)r. Burl F. Dowel. R. M. S. Statendam, at Sea, Jan. 3—In the upper left-hand corner of the ship's letter paper on which them. \JL L11U Oil if/ " i^uv^» £.«!..—•- , I'm writing there is a green flag on i ^ gn rule. We find the natives proud of a COG camp and of WPA projects. They seem content under Amer- vhlch the letters N. A. S. M. ap- >ear. five bolivars for a dollar, as before we cut the dollar, one gets only a little more than three bolivars. To bo given what looked like two Doctor Dowel, an Evanston, 111- orthodontist, is the second son of .W. C. Bcwel and was reared and educated In Algona. quarters and a dime for our dollar made us realize at last what by money - tinkering their French couldn't understand me n ' ._ uej = «)„], -r. with my English, and vice- ,., , \ ?u , +,,, a versa. But some of them did speak In this case it meant that things. the letters N. A. S. M. ap- Martinique was interesting pri- lnE | ation If you have Dutch subscrib- marily because the natives, with meang _ i j._,.-.-...- .— AJuUjevIUi IstlUgllL All c. J. J-io ii*i3iijv»**. »-u,iw« ..-"•« J..M- «„ F • • - - — went to the rescue, an'd the blaze \ were laid for a district meeting at this hasn't been done as It should wag brought under control. It, Webster City this week Wednea- be. If I had .the time to organize started in an upstairs room, but --day. Mrs. Thompson to a district and rewrite I rould perhaps make the cause is not known. Consider-! officer, and Mr. Thompson is on a something interesting. East to Learn of L'S Acres Plan Corwith, Feb. 20-Donald Peter-| wasted ^ responding. ver-ia But some of them did speak in tnis case u meant uiai. UUIIB" <-«• «,...., *o.«. «v—^u,,o. u * <=,.<,. . Wren 13nB»ah Here again were cost more in American money in son, Fort Dodge photographer,' Brot he« are Party Hosts- iro'ten JJIIM'S". J _ 11 - 10 " 6al " " _ ,, ..„,„ ,.,„„ >„ «n,._ nn rta an tnnk MnthmHsf nirtnvAS hnrA last: T.I._ .1 -,,... T-V '_ tr era they might like to know that the letters stand for Nederlandsch- Amerlkaansche Stoomvart - Maat- schappij, which to you is 'Holland-American Steam Navigating Co." . "Statendam" is just the name or our ship. This is Monday, and we Avent aboard at Hoboken, N. J., Friday night at midnight, bound for a second winter cruise in the Caribbean, this \time as far as Venezuela. The other trip was made a year ago. Ship Liiie Resort Hotel. This is the vacation you .should be having. Imagine yourself sud denly transported to a great re sort hotel in which all the luxuries of life, as well as the necessities are provided for. This is life on a cruise liner. A well-trained staff provide all comforts, just as in a metro .oiltan hotel. The stewards, in ices, nar- Venezuela than in other ports, so IOOK. ivieuiiraisi pictures nure ™»u; John an(1 j, ay Don Knonor enter- hawkers, there were few passengers who week Sunday. He explained that' talned thelr Sunday school class at "of"whom are so persistent brought packages back to the boat, he had received a wire from the a va ,i ent jne party last week '.rues- one has ot be rude to get rid But Venezuela can stand it be- Farm Journal, Philadelphia com- day . Gueste were Beverly Bash- one nas 01 B causo the country has no debt and sissioning him to visit Corwith and ara Beverly atl( j Marilyn Zielske, LllC Ut* UQV lo 1AVJO AUU YT Ut vywii.k»n*\*«. ,«---— —•-* j able damage was done by smoke resolutions committee. home Wate ^efh r er K £ e e r r Su^^ ?± ^SPfe ance has not been learned. Notice! Mr and Mrs Arthur Krai of the fire reached town at about j meterala ™ P rTl 0 i L B Jta1 Al- 10:30 o'clock, and no. time was Jom ^^4"^^ ' Theodore Green is driving a new V-8. Other Ledyard News. The Lars Skaars entertained the Samuel Links, Swea City, William flnnd at St. 1'lcrre. cause the country has no debt and sissioning him to visit Corwith and ar&i Beverly atl( j Marilyn Zielske, has a full treasury—due to rich take pictures of the pastor and Bar t, a ra and Peggy Mayer, Wai- oil fields. Venezuela, by the way, congregation In action. The pic- i a ce Mayne, and Ronald Schroeder. Payne, and Sydney Payne at a waffle supper Wednesday night, the occasion being Sydney's birth- on iicius. v eiiu/'UtJifci, uy LUU IT nji ««"o-« 0 ~.,.«** *.» »»„*»•>. * .*~ ,/.« lace Mayne, and jxonaia .ocnroeaer. »- jic w,v,«,oi^n i^me, wj^n^j-o • We got off the boat at St. Pierre, had the or i g i na l dictator, Gomez, tures will illustrate an article in A va i en t me hunt and games fur- day. e Pomrieii of this hemisphere. In who ,. uled for 2 7 years prior to the April number of the magazine , nislle<1 entertainment and lunch I Relatives gathered at L. A. ay, 1902, with no warning, the hlfl death in 1935 _ He saw to it on tho God's Acre program. j Wa3 served by the boys' mother, slou's Wednesday night to May, 1902, with no _. 111H „„„,,,„ llt ...„„„. „„ „„., .„ .. volcano Mt. Pelee, shot forth a that Venezuela was paid well for stream of molten lava which destroyed a busy port of 40,000 inhabitants. People who lived there were killed instantly. The crater is now inactive, but the course of the 37-year-old Ian a flow can still be seen from shipboard. A local museum preserves many pictures, etc., which give one her oil. The boat anchored at La Guaira, and the trip to Caracas, the capital, was made by car up 4,000 feet into the mountains, over a winding but modern highway, along steep precipices—20 miles as the road goes, but only five miles as the crow flies. Caracas is a modern mother, slou's Wednesday night to help Mrs. Barslou •celebrate a birthday. n.ii,\^\ji\.L> mjuivB—aijaiMis. DOOK.S : Latham Hagge, Elmore, has and binders in durable duck bind- Rural Carriers Have Meeting— bought a house-trailer from Jack ing.—See the Advance. 18tf Mr. and Mrs. George Thompso RECORD BOOKS-BLANK books MrS " BdW ' Kn ^l!Il Lynch. a definite idea of the destruction cityi wl( . h ' buildings that would do caused by the eruption. Not a building was saved, and every life was taken except that of a prisoner fortunate enough to be confined in the city jail. Even ships in the harbor were destroyed. From St. Pierre we went by car to Fort de France over a tropical, sr^-^sffVi r£ sSSrS s ssa"- — , ,stmyourw x ell-beingtbandosim- the eat or lome econ- lles . . . With Peerless feel assur- t you will Icomfortable Iwith your no higher frith a cheap- Be coal that Ires many the furnace |ou too will I PEERLESS ^.COL, PRO- SD COAL. M i-i 1 a c r G w -— 'om of getting you from port to nort, and a third group of five orulse directors, with professional -.ntertainers, keeps you amused nnd busy during your waking hours. One needs much less sleep on a vacation, by the way, than when at work. Well-Stocked Library. I am now in the library, which is well stocked with the better '••ooks. Other public rooms are the lounge (which would do credit to the largest hotel), a smoking room, a bar, a Palm Court cafe, a Sans Sousi beach club ("sans -ouci" is French for "without rare"), o Turkish bath, and a large formal dining room in which tables arc assigned to passengers other tropical disease. Statue of Josephine. Here the center of interest was the white graceful statue of Martinique's most famous daughter, credit to any European or American capital. La Guaira is more like the other ports' we visited, with streets scarcely as wide as an alley in Algona. The Latins Like Color. In all of these ports I rioted that the Latins have little conception of architectural or geometric design in laying out their towns, they certainly do have a highly developed sense of color. This was most apparent in La Guaira, where entire .streets are brilliant with buildings freshly painted in well matched warm pas- On leaving La Guaira we went LIKE A BOLT OUT OF THE BLUE umquu s muou j.ciiiivju.j uiv«o""^—» (jn leaving j-ia uuaiict ww wcm. the Empress Josephine, first wife to CuracaOi which the women had | of Napoleon. This statute, - with been walt j ng f or . it is the oppo- its flowing robes, is the only fash- gite of Venezuela, for, being a free ion plate for the native women, pol , t> pr j cea are ridiculously low. who still drape themselves as did p er f umeSi f me liquors, and yard Josephine more than one hundred goods se u at O ne-fourtl years ago. third what they bring HI um Barbados was the- next port or s tates and other goods likewise. ,n A M| « n ™ n «ntmn of nar- yo inflation at Curacao. ' ty $ _ ? j The big money-saying event you've waiting for! Thousands of independent I |* merchants throughout the nation have cooperated in making this America'r f greatest savings event of its kind. Bay NOW! Sale Starts Tuesday, Ends Saturday Night 9c call. Again a repetition of nar- Suit S booted, d d°eS .Going back to the boat was also tion and want. The isle is flatter different than in Venezuela. I m than ttie others, and is also the sure that most passengers had most easterly. It is in the path of more than their $100 duty-free al- .trade-winds, so such power as lotrnent of goods for U. S. customs ., ^ ,_. .. i? i „! 3 -U,, -,,,4,i A-m ! 11 a ITlSnfiP.t.lOTl. S.i ,'V 'V,, for the duration of the cruise. The food served in this dining room is excellent and varied. For breakfast alone one has the choice among more than 100 items. The evening dinner hour is formal, but sport clothes may be worn at other meals. Men must, however, wear coats, and women may not wear shorts or slacks in the dining room (Hodgepodge, please note). There are two settings for lunch and dinner; breakfast, anytime between 8 and 10. There are two (i'ning rooms besides this formal diner. Two Swimming Pools. I have also discovered two swimming pools, one at the rear of the _ , boat, on'the sporte deck, the other London, inside, next to the gymnasium, sport is going on LI elUi)- W lliuo, ou ou^ii !/•*! •• w «~ ( there is is furnished by windmills, inspection. . Labor-saving devices are discour- Curacao « Dutch, anc. MSr ° £ the deStUUti ° n ° £ SSi SSrT^ r bTfar Veir cane is the principal crop, the cleanest port of call that we TheNatives Vet 3Bc a day fo? T visited. Old Peter Stuyvesant, of Sor. Boats 3 are loaded, even coal, early New York ^me was once • governor of Curacao, and the leg SALE Blue ENAMELWARE Selection of the Following Pieces: ^^ 9c 12 o/. Handled Cnp Lipped Sauce Pan Largo Pudding Pan Wash Basin Pudding Pan Utility Pan Otherwise this island claims Dutch cent for pedestrians in bare fame because it is the only foreign feet> two cents for s hoes, but today island ever visited by George there JB 11O c h ar g e . They say too Washington. Another fact in which many American tourists took their pride is taken is that its statue of shoes O f£t (But that ought to be a Nelson, in its own Trafalgar Scotcll S t 0 ry.) square, is older than the one in x tTSFORD LUMBER COMPANY JEff POOL, Mgiv Wehave found that In a "black" -ntry **™ AU A ,, ont the S],I P I'll wind up with a few »S£ S com- r. . JONA ture was given by the staff cluster ln nniversaiy II *24 7S values ••••••••••^^••^••ii^BB^^** For limited time only! NOW Bional entertainers, who are sometimes aided by passengers, and EC. Wynn was on the last cruise, and a Chicago opera singer is on this one. After the night ehowa games are nlayed and there is dancing in the lounge, also in one of the cafes. There are two orchestras. A midnight lunch is served; also bouillon at 11 a. m., and tea at 4 p. m. Reach Tlrgin Islands. Later: Tuesday morning now, and we have just entered the harbor at St. Thomas in the Virgin Barbados, British West Indies, Jan. 25—Yesterday we were at Martinique, a French possession, and the day before we were at the Trinidad was discovered by Columbus on his third voyage to New World, and he named it after the Holy Trinity. The streets are wider here than in the other ports, and the islands is larger and more prosperous. There were no beggars, though the native hawkers were out in full force. Visit Tropical Gardens. er gentleman, and a short rolypoly sort, but to be stern. Most of the crew more than two languages. Tips on the Sea. Tips are the order of the day when the cruise closes. Since I had nearly taken a German cruise i ship, I was interested to learn that the German government requisitions all tips that Americans GLASS BERRY BOWLS 8 inch rose glass double handled bowl or 7^6 inch sparkling crystal glass bowl at the same low price! 9c RAYON PANTIES Women's medium size. Tailored styles in tea rose color. 9c BATON HOSIERY The best we've • seen at this low price! Dull finish, ringless! 9c ,OOK VHAT WILL BUY! Women's Print Handkerchiefs 2 for S Men's Dress Socks, pair —S 9-oz. Tumblers, 3 for 8 Earthenware Pitchers 9<i : }6-inch Earthenware Bowls ! Earthenware Custard Cups 9* Semi-Porcelain Jardin- ieres SweUsli Steel Razor Blades 10 for 9$ Cake Turner 9c 5-inch Bowl Strainer —-~9£ Can Opener 9£ "Cement-On" Eubber Soles, pair 9<i Spring Clothes Pins 24 for - 9£ Cleansing Tissues 9<t Krnnk's Kreem Lather 9<J Futura Crcme Nail Polish 9t AND MAJfY OTHER DESIRABLE ITEMS W. V. BUTLER, Owner ALGONA and the great number colorful flowers American ports. None of this control is exercised by the Dutch. The German cruise ship, the Columbus, had a small passenger list, incidentally, which probably indicates an American trend away from German chips. In C/rt/« 3752- ,«od.l 22«3- • It's particularly attractive to youth— this special offer we are making in recognition of Elgin's 75th anniversary. In fact young- thinking people of all ages' will welcome the chance to get a genuine Elgin "Anniver8ary"-a full $24.75 value— for only 119.75, They're perfect gifts, ideal for weddinge, graduations, . birthdays, gift occasions of all our complete stocks pi Elgin ''Anniversary" models •no*! The wlrwn'iyrjr low price of ?19,75 if ti»e pnjy, years ago. ' • Characteristic of all three ports is the downright poverty and primitive life of the people. The natives are all dark-skinned, most being descended from slaves brought from Africa. ' The usual tourist procedure, when reaching port, isi to hire a car with a native driver (who sneaks poor English) for a tour of the town. When the driver is dismissed one spends hours walking about in the narrow streets. Stops are made at the shops, which are filled with a.cross between junk and remarkable values. Everyone Has Cameras. Everyone carries a camera. The natives, "wise" to tourists, bedeck themselves in typical costumes and collect 10c for allowing - - .--.hots. i Children beg at every They even ask for clgarets. o.t every port, adults are out with dolls in costume, native baskets, and trinkets for sale to unwary tourists. . The St. Thomas Islands were purchased from Denmark for naval strategic purposes in protection ot the Panama canal. The navy would also like to get other Islands arther south. The Caribbean has become to the United States what he Meditteranean has always been o Italy—"Mare Nostrum" .(our sea). But $19 other islands are owned for th$ most part by. Great Britain, France, and the Netherlands. A few are independent. American Fleet at Games. Sf, Thomas has a fine harbor. M ; the American fleet is to Trinidad has some 100,000 Hindus from India who retain their native dress and customs. We stopped at their temple, and I was much taken with their impression of the Deity aa revealed in a five- minute informal talk by a priest. An Empty Temple. The temple was entirely empty! no seats, no statues, no symbols, no paintings. Evidently these Hindus believe God lives within themselves. So when they pray, all they need is a temple to pray In— a temple, by the way, which no one can _ _ and „„ to* catch"the air-mail' out of Trinidad; but life is just too easy on a boat like this, so I didn't get to be ln Ve « ezuela - sha11 se CuiaCaV ship, but two papers were issued daily, one for world news, one for cruise news. In addition menus were printed for each meal, and a passenger list in booklet form was distributed on the second day out. Drawbacks of .Cruising. Now that I've built up a trip like this, let me tell you of its drawbacks. It takes at least a day to get your "sea'legs." I was not seasick at any time, but the first day out I didn't feel active, nor did any one else. Another thing: the staterooms are small, beds smaller—unless you want to pay big And when you get away e rooms become unbear , in spite of an efficien system. Of course you heat only at night, for in the rooms during the (o)di[D)oooo Facts That Concern^fou HER1,MR.TAXPAYER is A MILLION DOLLARS A DAY To Lighten YourTaxBurd^ W. BEER CONTRIBUTES ANNUALLY IN LOCAL, FEPBRAL AND STATE TAXES AROUND 4OO MILLION DOLLARS riving night, February On the Way Home. At Sea, Feb. 1, 1939—Well, the last port has been made, and the weather is gradually turning colder as we draw closer to New York, where we are due to arrive tomorrow nooa. Tbe sky is no^, longer aa sunny. Where yesterday there were only one or two clouds, " for ^ week before none, now f are mawr, and $e SUB wan- to break through only 00,09 la „ ..jlle. Tbe passenger^ are no longer weartos summer clo^hea, and the sun deck and..the gwjmr ming pool are avoided, like jfhe plague, ' "* interest in Veue^ueljj woujld. w ,..„ on these large cruise ships more or less a "dress" affair ich doesn't appeal to many people. Tuxedos In colder climates, summer formals In wanner are required. Even sport clothes must be "smart." But some people glory in that sort if life. Finally, the Customs, And it all winds up with cue* toms inspection. After the boat docks it takes at least an hour to get all your baggage together—It's, brought off the boat by the stewards and placed under l?st name initiale. Then you wait ia line for a customs Inspector. When you finally get him It means, ppentog your baggage while he goes over When be is satisfied, he stamps everything, let you Vut the gates, but wel), 1 .fear HERE,MR.FARMER,IS AHUGT FARM SEE how many public benefits brewing has helped create in only five years! How ean the brewing industry preserve these benefits for the people and itself ? The answer, brewers realize, ties in with tbe distribution of their mild, wholesome beverage through responsible retail outlets. Obviously, $he brewers can enforce no laws,. Put they can a HE EE,MR .WORKMAN, ARE A MILLION JOBS CREATED* BY BEER — and will—cooperate with all law enforcement authorities to the end that retail beer outlets give no offense to anyone, / JUToy we tend yow a booklet giving inter* esting facts about beer, and discussing the, brewers' self-regulatory ptngraa* f 4Mb'! from Charlpttee AmaUe, where we ^^4£]n«$»j£j£ J*,-.^ • /v y'/ '*•'' '" ti ~ , *.

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