Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 21, 1939 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, February 21, 1939
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kfHER « \ find. — Rather fre- .ation; temperatures normal. • Named Iowa's Best Weekly Newspaper 1938 by State University of Iowa—Member Casey's All-American Newspaper Eleven, 1927 ALGONA, IOWA, TUESDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 21, 1939 10 Pages 80 Columns Number 23 RGLARY MOTIVE IS A MYSTERY m ka Road Program Protested IS SAY EE HAD IGEDPLAN ^MHtHOH^M Group Says »d Program Id Stand. «««B_^^~ fcroup of farmers from Ip protested before oDonald, Fraser, ant lay that the road opted last week for |ip did not meet, the sent down by the _,rge a group was in |to oppose the first islst that the program Was adopted. group thought ;wo miles of gravel would be put in this summer on the north and east sides of section 30. The program as adopted last week instead had two miles of grading on miles of gravel or four miles of grading could be accomplished with Swea's allotment. The board' 6f supervisors has been In thej .. .. , . „ .. 1C practice of making requested; the north and east of section 15, ^ hangea in the written program at! n *• A l*,,m w\11 A«nf>rv*>r.f4i«n>nVl 4-Vin.° . ,. •.*•!' the annual trustees' meeting, ana, HUMBOLDTER SCALDED IN A TRAIN ACCIDENT SHORT COURSE AT LUVERNE A BIG SUCCESS JOHN GOEDERS, NOW EIGHTY-FIVE, STILL HALE AND DRIVES OWN CAR , , i U, XI, T¥ Jii".Cl »T M*J «» M, If »«. -.-.-.« about grading on argument to determine the *" HorBnn waatlam - l but yesterday afternoon had and 'two miles of grading on the south and east sides of section 1. Statement of the Case. The township trustees, Arthur E. Anderson, Roy Burgeson, and Axel Erickson, met in January, and agreed lo ask the board to gravel on section 30, and then try to get grading on section 1. Nothing was said, Burgeson and Erlckson stated yesterday section 15. Mr. ed delegate from the township to attend the meeting last week Wednesday which adopted the countywide program. When Swea township was under consideration at the county meeting last week, members of the board stated yesterday, Mr. Anderson asked for the grading on sections 1 and 15. The supervisors called his attention to the written request for gravel on section 30, but his reply was to eliminate the gravel and take the grading. Llvermore, Feb. 20—H. Scholtes, was in the belief that sentiment' engineer on the Rock Island, was in the township had changed opin- j killed and Clarence Green was ion between the filing of the writ- i sca i de d, i n a train accident Monten program and the meeting. , fl mornlng near Wa tertown, S. Such changes are usuaU for Scholtes was pinned under trustees always ask for more than son of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Green, Humboldt. His father was formerly superintendent on the Rock Island's Dakota division. Me is now retired. The lower- part of Olanence's body was badly scalded, and he was taken to a Clear Lake, S. D., trustees always as 1 * ior more iu«.» . h „„„,„they hope to receive, and changes cn °/ a "° nc e te a have to be made. County Attorney ( - larence te a Many Exhibitors Win Prizes in Two-Day Farm Event. L. A. Winkel waa drawn into that Funds are Limited. With present funds only two the law, not made a ruling when the groups went home. Action is Uncertain. A tentative meeting was scheduled today during the discussion yesterday, but one group had left for home before the meeting was scheduled, and whether it will be held was uncertain last night. Under the law the action of the trustees' meeting is final, and the members of the board yesterday were uncertain whether the program as adopted last Wednesday could now be changed. Lu Verne, Feb. 20—Lu Verne's "short course," which was originally set for February 10-11, had to, be postponed because of unfavorable weather, but it took place last week-end and was considered a great success. There was a large attendance and much competition for prizes. Such a "short course" here used to be an annual event, but in the ~ U m «.v,.* ..- depression years the custom was in"the"Li'vermore vicmity7for"they abandoned. Now it has been taken had made this territory many tim- up again, and the intent is to es Their homes are now in South make the "short course' a year- Dakota, but they formerly lived. ly community enterprise again, at Estherville, which was former-1 Jfew Officers Named. hospital. Both men have been well known John Gocdcrs celebrated his 86th birthday last week Sunday. Friends called to congratulate him and share a birthday cuke. His wife will be 84 in March. Mr. Goeders was born In Luxembourg and was brought to Dnbnqiic county, Iowa, in 1864. His parents settled on a farm there, but in 18C9 they came to Rlverdalo township in this county. Mr. Goeders came to Algona in 1871 to clerk in the Chris- chllles store. After having been there four years, he clerked in the Hancock general store two years, then spent nine years at the Early general store, which stood on the site of the present Iowa State bank. After this long prreparntlon Mr. Goeders went into business for himself, opening a store next east of the Chrlschilles store. Two years later he bought the corner where he remained in business till 1930. Some 20 years ago, he erected the present building, in which the Kresensky store is now conducted. In 1878 Mr. Goeders and Jane Zigrang, the latter keeping lionse for her brother, a priest at St. Joseph, were married. Of five children, two survive: Dennis JL, Algona, and Kate, who is Mrs. C. T. Kennedy, St. PauL Mr. and Mrs. Goeders live by themselves In their own Spanish-style house, and are still in good health. At four score and five, air. Goeders still drives a car. ly a division point. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Green notified by Mr. Swanson, agent on the Rock Island at Liv- I At a meeting Friday evening wer6 Walter Fefti was chosen presi- depot dent; Gottlieb Hanselman, vice ermore. be to Lead Wildlife Session CUSSING THE WEATHER NOW IS THE GAME HANS TO OVATION IT AT AMES re to Preside rildlife Meet mrsday. pjwe, Algona, president of Welfare Wildlife Federate chairman at Thursday of a conservation short Ijich opened Monday at college, Amos, and will prt course is under aus- tie college, in cooperation Iowa conservation corn- he Iowa Wildlife Federa- Federated Garden Iowa. H conservation will be the _iursday. Reports on pf the work in Iowa will Slife research, wildlife work, wildlife needs aanagement, and the need fisheries survey. ss session of the federa- fbe held at 3 o'clock, and ibrielson, chief of the U teal Survey, Washington |l give an address at ft 6:15 p. m., with the "l of the State college Friley, as toastmaster r sessions will be devote* eration of the genera [Jon program; Wednes- Dll and water and fores on. Recreation spots ind highway beautifica- £ action programs in con|are to be the topics Fri- ille, Ambrose A. Call _ custodian, went to Ames to attend the sessions. M. |ver, Algona, Gottlieb |urt, and Arthur Priebe, plan to attend Thurse is president of the Conservation League, IY CLINIC FOR 'ERINARIANS HELD ?, Lee, poultry specialist ate college, Pr. K. W. " the extension depart- Pr. J. C. Wineinger, Pes f the federal Bureau of Industry, conducted a Aclinic Monday evening at ces of Doctors Fox and If or the veterinarians of tjr. : '•. i ; peakers discussed in par- diseases of young chicks. OPEN FORUM IDEA TO BE TRIED OUT HERE NEXT MONDAY NIGHT Judge Quarton, J. D. Lowe, Snpt. Otto IJ. Laing, Edson Attleson, speeeh.debate high school teacher, and Major Saul will discuss Foreign Relations and Rearmament in the first of a series of pnblic forum meetings next Monday night at 8 o clock in the high school auditorium. Admission will be free. Though open forums originated from the formal debate idea, the plan is not to argue only two sides of a question, but to present it from as many viewpoints as possible and in as impartial a manner as possible. There will be no judges and no decision. This method of presentation Is intended to provide listener s with facts on which to base intelligent opinions of their own. Public open forum meetligs of this kind hare In late years been popular in many cities. In »es Molnes, the forums have been so well attended that speakers of national reputation have appeared. In small towns, such as Sac City, where monthly meetings are held, the inter- 1st has been so great that other activities give way to the for- urns. • • CHARITY BALL AIDS FIFTEEN SCHOOL CASES Sum of $204 is Paid Out in Correction of Defects. president; Dr. H. D. Meyer, sec- rotary-treasurer; Mrs. A. M. Genrich, chairman woman's division; directors—John Brink, Aaron Steu- sv. Frank Sanford, Adam Zweifel. Retiring officers were E. B. i Thomas president, and Paul Phillies vice president. Doctor Meyer was reelected. The retiring execu-, tive committee consisted of H. G.! pj rs f if SnOWS, Then French, Walter Hefti, and Phillip * lrsl> lt "'" ' Henderson. ThaWS, Followed by Winners on Exhibits. ' Winners in women's exhibits are given elsewhere in the regular Lu Verne fninmn. In other classes the listxfollowa: v- CORN. ' Amatuer Class, 10 ears — first, . Rome Robison; second, Martin i OWn; third, David Huff. i Single ear—Howard Dash, first; Mark Insko, Bode, second; Wayne S^nford, third. Marketable (shelled) Snnfnrd, first; August Pergande, second. :••••••••••••' "<••' 'OATS;-' • • ••.-•••••"•• •- Polar Cold. "Darn the weather!" This has of late been a popular expletive in Algona, but sometimes a stronger OVERSIGHT AS SCHOOL 'KIDS' VISIT ADVANCE First, Fred Bram; second, John Kubly, third, August Pergande. Fifteen school children received POULTRY, dental, surgical, medical, and op- Barred Rocks—cock, first Edw. \tometrical service at a cost of Martyj. second, Lewis Bram; ^hen, $204.64, "which is less than half Prtwin Fefti, M. M. " by a char- Bullets, Oscar Wyatt, - M. M. verb has been used. Alternate thaws and polar blasts have been the rule. It snows, then thaws, finally freez- w^vna es, only to repeat the process. The W ^ streets become clogged with snow, clare of .treacherous ice. A total of 39% inches of snow Lowmiller; amounting to 3.02 inches of rainfall has fallen In the last 2% months, or since December 1. Of t.h's. 13% inches snow, or .67 inch rainfall, fell in December; 8% inches snow, or .68 inch rainfall, in snow, or • in KIWANISCLUR HEARS A TALK BY A J, KLINE REMODELING WORK NEAR COMPLETION AT JAMES STORE Extensive remodeling is expected to be completed the middle of this week at the James drug store, oe'rloTtti" board,'whichTwas or-! hen. and pullet, Fred Bram K rt C tto'^ounT^'ftrt ganized to supervise expenditure White Rocks—first, pullet, C. C. | oW-d in the amounts of funds popularly raised^ are: Walters; ^cond, Howard Dash;,montn. president, H. W. Miller; secretary.; first cockerel., Phillip Hender son; £"' ™J£ "££* th * toboggan Theodore Hutchison; treasurer,; White Leghorns-hen, «»* md, but the mereuiy itt tne^BDOgsa M. G. Norton; Judge G. W. Still-1 second, A. L. Benschoter; Edwin and slid to 15 below •T°™"? at J man, and H. M. Hauberg. i Tr e ftl. pullet, Benschoter, Aaron hal inches «£«">£ "^™ f( £ The. board decided that such• Stpuwy.; cockerel, Aaron Steussy. .3 inch rainraii, reii Vinton Farmer Urges Parity Action for Agriculture. A. B. Kline, vice president of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation, was) ^^^"he^ore'bite fto speaker on the Kiwanis 'program | {he Thursday. He has a 440-acre farm near Vinton where he raises j i, in,, inina \<t years ago. 'i'ne store room prop- 6 wTd d elyTnown d aTone *% *!Sa! « ™ Bended »»<* «-eral feet, most dynamic speakers. The agriculture committee the club, under chairmanship and the interior appearance of the store has been changed. The front cases on the west, including a candy, cigar and salted nut case have been taken out, and a new, specially built, wall case will be installed in this space today. Along the east wall from.about new shelving cases were installed to match cases installed in the front part some The store room prop- funds would be used only for the Buff Tinhorns — first, correction of physical defects of Henry Bram. pullet, school chldlren in the local public New Hampshire Reds— hens, first and parochial schools, and that and second, Edwin Hefti, Frank Miss Bonnstetter should adminls- v 0 ungwirth; pullet. Frank Young- ter expenditures subject to board; vrirth, A. A. Schunull; cockerel, A. approval; also that names of the, A. Se.hipull, Frank Youngwirth. chidlren treated should be pub-! Buff Orpingtons — first, cock, licvly reported by case number Mn^k Insko; only. - J ' :• Bram; first, Misses Mahin and Englnnd, of the high school building, brought down their English and citizenship classes for a tour of the Advance shop Monday morning. The pupils were shown the workings of all the machines, and questions were answered. In the excitement of the occasion, no one in the shop thought to show the children the type lice, but if any of them will call again the boys in the back shop will be glad to demonstrate. TWO WRESTLERS HERE TO ENTER FT, DODGE MEET Bakken, Neilsen,Only Locals to Survive District Meet. ACCOUNT SLIPS STOLEN FROM LEW STORE Box of Cookies the Only Other Thing Molested. A mystery burglary Sunday night or Monday morning at the Leasing grocery on south Dodge street has peace officers puzzled as to the motive. The only things 1 taken were a number of account slips from the account register, and a box of cookies. So far as can be ascertained nothing else in the store was molested, and the burglary might have been undiscovered for hours if the clerks had not noticed that one of the cookie boxes in the display rack was missing. Store Accounts Taken. Store accounts are kept on sales tickets in a combination file, with each account's tickets are kept to[ gether. There are several sections to this file, and the burglar took tickets from nearly two rows out of one section, and then skipped here and there through the other sections, apparently at random. Entrance to the building was gained through the front door, and the lock, when examined this morning by Sheriff Casey Loss, had be- coi\e loosened so merely turning the outside keyholder turned the, latch and opened the door. The keyholder and lock are normally bolted together, but the bolt was found loose inside the lock. After-Midnight Job. It is believed the burglary took place so'metime between midnight and 3 a. m.. Monday morning. The doors were tried at about 11:20 p. m. Sunday night, and were apparently locked at that time. Bread truck drivers and others are on duty shortly after 3 a. m., and would have noticed anything unusual; it Is .believed.;' :• No money had,,-.heen";left In the cash register, and it had not been examined as far as could .be told. Nothing on the desk or anywhere else In the store proper waa out of place. Sheriff Loss is discounting for, the present the supposition that people would burglarize a store to destroy their own account, for it could be remembered approximately, or remade from other sources. An attempt is being made to uncover the trail of the cookies as a possible solution of the burglary. first, hen, Jacob pullet, Mark Insko, second, A. L. Benschoter; first cockerel. Mark Insko. Buff Rocks—first, pullet, Oscar „„„ „„ ^ _ —„- Wvatt. second. Edw. Marty. county aid or the soldiers' relief | Rhode Island tteds —first cock between local rural and urban j groups. Some program of this sort has been an annual custom of the club. Each member may invite a farmer as guest, and there were 85 men altogether at this meeting. Parity Needed for Farmers, Mr, Kline stressed the need of balance between agriculture and| industry for any permanent solu-| tion of unemployment. He said! that to lend a lot of money to farmers or give them subsidies,, is, after all, only a temporary expedient. The aim of any effective program must be to .get'for agriculture its fair share .of the national income, this share proportionate to the part of the national wealth which it produces. and the prescription room now ap- ot pears as an "island" projecting O p into the main store. Other Improvements includes of'"'wall the west wall,; and' re- room is a lighted display alcove for "show globes" whcih in older days were used to Indicate a pharmacy much as today's barber pole indicates a barbershop. Mr. James has three of these globes, which now rate as valuable relics. — *— Infant is Found Dead by Father The" infant son of the Willima B. Greenes, of Humboldt, a great •?vandson of Mrs. J. E, Moulds, Al- Money from this fund is used only for so-called border-line cases, that is, children who can not be cared for either through _.• the soldiers' relief] Ttnorte island ueas— nrsi fund. The object is to assure bet-; and first hen, Mary Insko;. first ter health for underprivileged! millet, Oscar Wyatt; second, Mark children. Doctors, dentists, hospitals, and other instrumentalities of professional service . lowered fees tq make the fund go.as far as possible. ' ;«y i; •.:: •The secretary submitting his report, adds: • "The community owes to Miss | Bonnstetter a vote of thanks andj Isko. .CATTLE. Beef Calves—first, Donald Fett; sonohd, -Edw. Lenz; third, Alfred Fett. Dairy Heifers—first, Edwin Hefti; second, Earl Zimmerman; third, Donald Kraueo JUNIOR JUDGING CONTEST. Colt — frist, Lewis Block; tied lowing day. The weather was again mlloi Saturday, the mercury rising to 41 degrees above. A warm wind kept temperatures above freezing Saturday night, c-nrt it continued to thaw till noon Sunday. Then a frigid wind from the northwest started another downward dive and the mercury again slid below zero. Yesterday was still cold, with the mercury facing to rise beyond 10 above. The official records for the week follow: ' 13 1'. 35 16 Feb. '14'' 30 1 Feb. 15 13 -15 Feb. 16 14 2 .30 Feb. 17 31 Feb. 18 41 Two members of Algona's high school wrestling team will take part in a state tournament at Ft. Dodge next week Friday and Saturday. Orville Bakken, 85-pound- r, and Jerome ^eilsen, 105 Ibs. urvived the district meet at Fort Dodge Friday and Saturday. Bakken defeated Olson, of Eagle Grove, with a fall, Egle, of more City, with a decision, appreciation for her splendid work, tor second and. third, Everett Scht- and cooperation, as well as to all null| Jun i or jjuff, Kenneth Bockes, City; J. T, Waite, Weber, Bancroft; A. C. Jtonka; M, J. .Lichter, Burt; oodward, Wbittemore; H. This, Mr, Kline pointed 0^,^---^^ . Fone r B i,. W r^ce» would enable farmers to buy the to be held th1s afternoon at & season of J939 is Just This, Mr. Kline pointed out, on. The veterinarians had fdiseased chicks, and post' were, performed by Poo-? and Wineinger. larians attending were: P. feldt, Dakota; J. C, Sanft- the professional men who have an(1 A]vjn Gron b a ch. so ably assisted her in bringing D a } ry calves — first, Arlo Deh- health and happiness to our de- nert; B g Con a i R 0y Nygaard; tied serving boys and girls." « or t1llr(1 Everett Shipull and Before than balance of $243.42 still on deposit in Algona banks'" ~^ e&t calves—first, Neal Barton; in the name of the Algona Chari-1 sepondi Donald Bowman; tied for ties Board is expended, the board tV! j rdj Arlo D e h ner t, Robert San- Feb. 19 ___ ___________ 38 -4 25 12 GAR FANS FALLING FOR SPRING FEVER Prospects of spring just around the corner have apparently instilled new life into the local automo- Mie business, for new motor ve- bjo'es were sold last week, to bring total 'for the month so far to 'eels that plans should be made for raising more money, because of a crying need in the community for work of this kind. Attention is called to the fact that the obligation to raise funds to con- was found dead in its bed I tinue -the work rests not alone on yesterday morning at 5 a. m. by the father. The baby was only 10 weeks old, and a doctor, who was palled, said death resulted from a ey, Wesley; f, C. $ Bend; H. R. Gibson, L>. . jr. B. Wlakel, Algona; rail, $t&te representative pdge, ~an4 J. 0. F. Pri retired. {ederaj. yeterlnar- gona a&d Eurt products of industry in sufficient volume to provide employment for all now unemployed. In conclusion Mr. Kline declared that the American ideal of a job for every nmn, and pay commensurate with the work he does, is worth the concerted action of all groups in the population. New Members Introduced, v R,'R. Hutzell, manager of the local McCoVmlck - Peering store, a»4 Campbell Humphrey, of the 41gona Jce Cream and Candy Factory, were reeejyesi as new members, 'and ttwy brought the total of »ew members admitted so ter tWs yw te four- There is alao one restate*, ®eiifeer, and tbe are to be held this afternoon at he home, and burial will be made n the Humbofdt cemetery. William 3reen Sr., the baby's grandfather, was killed in an auto accident December 17, 1938, Mrs. Greene Sr. was Bernice Moulds before mar- riaee. The baby was the only child of the Wm. Greenes Jr. weeks due to illness. Previously his attendance record had been perfect ever since he became a char- member of the club in 192$ or Taylor was at ttM 1924. While Kossuth hospital, the club draftee a, resolution, wWch was sent to him, complimenting hjm O n his excellent club record and e?pres?iug sympathy because liged to ford, Jack Guy, and Roy Nygaard, HORSES. Six hitched teams competed in t*o horse division, with Carl Hanselman, first; Elmer Hunt, second; A. A. Snhipull. third, In draft geldings A. A. Schipull first; Elmer Hunt, second and he board, but also on sponsoring organizations. Gross receints from the charity third- „, . ™ ., * t , i. ball were $607.50, and besides the 1 Draft mare—first, Fred Zweifel; ixpend'Hures for the children.ibere j gecond, Edw. Lenz. 44. Giland Vfacek, of Fort Dodge, also with decision. Neilsen won decisions over Mertinson, Grinnell, Oldham, larion, and Tuel, Fort Dodge, Others competing were Kenneth Kabbeu, 95 pounds, who was de- eated by Barnard, Eagle Grove; Dugene Simpson, 115 pounds, who ost a fall to Thorsen, Gilmore City; Bob Deal, 125 pounds, downed by Larson, Fort Dodge; and John Holdren, who lost a decision to Blanchard, Gilmore City, Anderson Loses in Overtime. Bud Anderson, local 145 pound- er, had a bye in the first round, but won in a second round overtime period with a decision over Phillips, Eagle Grove. He lost the final bout to Carlson, Fort Dodge, however, This was also, an overtime bout. Ehrhardt, 165 pounds, won from Dultsch, of Clarion, with a decision, but lost to Bailey, Fort Dodge. There was no entry in the 155- Ib. class from Algona. Henry Geil- JAIL CHOSEN FORJ.AYOUTS Ivyl Gross, Aigona, was given a ten day aentence in the county jail by Justice Danson Thursday for a bad check for a dollar given to the Shipley Cafe, formerly Anderson's. Gross was caught by Marshal McGinnis only an hour after the check was written. He was given a chance to make the check good and pay costs, but chose the jail sentence instead. A charge of reckless driving filed by Eugene Dreyer against Fred Wallace, Titonka, was tried before Justice Danson Friday ev* ening, and Dreyer was found guilty and fined him $25. The charge originated last September, when Dreyer claimed Wallace backed out of a parking place on State street in a reckless manner, causing $16 damage to the/ Wallace automobile. The case had been continued several times pending settlement. Wallace chose to spend eight dayfi in the county jail rather than pay the fine and costs. In Mayor Specht's court Thomas Hoban, Fort Dodge, was fined $25 plus $2 costs on a charge of reek- were operating expenses amount- ng to $159.68. " Jimmie is 74 Now; Event Celebrated J. W. Neville celebrated his 74th birthday (which like Lincoln*, is February 18) on the 14th, St. Val T entine's day, by entertaining Roy Spencer, Richard Post, Memn r/and George Carmod7 at ner. "Jtanmie," as he ia knows , the reaujU of his unique advertise^ meats', ha* foi- some years given % UMbJto, biribday party i» his store. Iftst year wore than a thojusanj persons, attended. This time he sot attempt it, because who r«centjy fluttered Colts up to one year—first, Otto Westling; second, Tom Nelson; third, Ben Lanpboes. Colts one to two years—first, Omar Marland; second, Roy Mickel Fon; third, Ben Lanpheos. StalUoris — first, Belgian Colt club of Cforwith; second. Charles Young; third, T. L. Williams. Burglar* Enter Wetley Station Burglars too* *?.5Q In change from the. cash register of tlie K. »ud H, oil station at Wesley spnje- tlme during Satur0ay nlgijt Sunday inoralng. Esjran^e gained by breaking; a v Nothing .else w$9 taken, a BBrsy< s&<»- Vour sales were of trucks Hhevro'ets were bought by the Al rwna Rendering Works and Kei and Son. Titonka. Jens Sorensen Sn'Ra City, bought a Dodge truck and the International Harveste Co., Algona, an International. W a, MnCulloush, Algona undertak or bought a new hearse. Fords were sold /to Herman Goetz and Theo. Green, Ledyard; M. L. Johnson, Swea City; Chester Albrteht, Algona; Mabel and Clara Osland, Buff ado Center; Hf>. Snvderi TJt.onka; and F. C. Soderberg, Bancroft. D. A. Carpenter, Ledyard, Fred Meyer, Fenton, H. E. McMurray and C. A. Geilenfeld, Algona, Walter Meyer, Lakota, Chambers and Hof. Lu Verne, and Mrs. Theresa Droessler, Bancroft, bought Chevrolets, and Plymouths were to Ackermann, Burt, and Busene Hood, Algona. Spring, Tra la, Was Here. An Algonlan who entertains vi- aipn« ol unrtog reports that a red csrdtaftj J ~ , and the 6 een perched oa ft Rartan perrtjy ft W of thai* enefld, regular 135-pound contender, was sick and unable to take part. Standings of Teams. Conklin, heavyweight, won a fall from Collinson, Clarion, and a decision from Gangsted, Eagle Grove, but lost a fall to Keln, of Grinnell. Points won by the schools represented follow: 'ort Dodge 25 Grinnell 23 Gilmore City — 16 Algona -— 14 Marion : 13 Sagle Grove —-.- -T— 10 Silver Gray Still Leads the Bowlers The Silver Gray is still leading the bowling league, but with Titonka now close behind. The Junior Chamber is at the bottom. The standings follow: 1 Silver Gray —• 4« Titonka 4J Nick's 35 Farmer* r — |* Wesley f — |* Courthouse „„.-„—' . 27 L« yern* , r —'- , T ~~ 2? «? »# _-_ w ~~ e r?8 tf less driving filed by a state patrolman. Hoban pleaded guilty and paid the fine. Spelldown for the Annual Match Will Take Place Apr, The date for the annual cuonty , spelling match has been set for Wednesday, April 12, at the court-' house, with Dr. R. W. Eaton, o* Omaha, conducting, as he has dojW,,^ n previous years, TV; County Supt. Wm. Shirley sa.y» _ that the date was eet for a mpntk ; later than usual to enable 8Pftt<> ers to study longer and mp^ more words. / Spelling champions from town, parochial, cousolldatedj rural school the pupil is below. can, eater, tb$ pro? Pleaty pheasants, we ¥. Iff m Sjnftfc

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