Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 14, 1939 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 14, 1939
Page 6
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FACE SIX J. G. Thaves Buried Feb. 10 CEMETERY AT BURT CHOSEN FOR BURIAL Bun, Feb. 13—Funeral services LVVERNE COUPLE OBSERVE 59th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY FEB. 1st Lii Verne, Feb. 1,T— To be able to c4lebrate their 5!)th -wedding an- nivfitery la a privilege granted 8on for Glen »edell«ia only] a small percent of married •* 3oa wa3 born to Mr. and Mrs,. coupilea, but such waa giren to Mr. Glen MeClellan, Corwlth, February last 4 at an Easle Orovp hoo.Tiifa.7 nion thp ,*„' " n , „ "^ t tfie second son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Hinz •fun, JGU. j.,j—Funeral services anu. mrs. rrore w. riinz ia»i for J. G. Thares, former editor of Wednesday. They have made their the Burt Monitor, were held last homtt in Lu Verne and vicinity for Thursday afternoon at the Prea^by-. man.f years, and are in excellent '- llnt MeClellan, Lu Verne, terian church, the Dev. J. M. Doma healrih. Mr. Hinz ha» reached the conducting, and burial was made j aar " W S- *- and Mrs. Hinz la 77. The in the Burt cemetery. ' celebration waa a homecoming for Pallbearers were J. A. Bargar, I "-U of the children except Mrs. L.U- Lafcota, J. A. Schwartz, Penton. '' lie HJesse, Dea Moines. Harold Clark, Bancroft, J. G. Me- 1 Thk other children are- Mrs. Donald. H. A. Thompson, and P.' Fred Schneider. Mra. Chester Stod- ^ P. Kriethe. Mr. Schwartz owna the dard,; and Fred Jr.. Lu Verne, and Other Ln Verne. ' Pr f'* 11 " e - 116 ^ a3 y lead- lesaoT1 ia nno « ncemeilt ADVANCE. ALOONA. I0WA ship was $3010(1' per acre;. Parcel Cecil McOfenfsv maraft, fee* . No*. 2' S$$. oil KB % Section IT Town- f. T. H«*n*y, mayo*- few + .jB lp. Iff Rang* aa a* set 6y tits Tros- W. H. Steward, eoitfrt. fe*» _* tee* of PTum Create Township' waa i» H. ashenclt wftn*»* fees _ f40i<10; par acre; Parcel No< 3 NE% e«ov P. Kawcott, wttn«M fee* SE.$t Section 1 ! 0 Township Ifffl Range -w, B. Steward const fees 30 aa set By tne trustee.* of Ettgte f~ r<5 Matheav sup* . _ Township was $45>jJ0 per acr_ now jSiSL JteftinLiL renal? s3sea£ THHR.BPOR.Br,. Be it resolved that Sj^ ^ p asaesa. the county Auditor Be testnicte* t» N smmeTs"Hardw¥r"e7a5p:":::: ""*" "' *"""" Mrs. Clotilda Hutchison; O, A. Invest. care _ a certified copy all 7I,S> Kowuth Hosettat, bosp. ear*. *».*» 8m£th Orocety; pfibf.'.^ S««? Meyert Grocery, pr»v. c"ud?ng action of^ownshrV Trustees Ham! TL Keen-,. Board of socftti Tj ,ni. '«j,,j ~ and price per acre which land had _ w ™ f 'ij e ..—r-v ^w *• M._ Lflnjr. pftlrol ... been appraised' and if permission'be •*; =. Norton; & son., sup. —„ granted a date oE sale be set at the Alwtn Huenhold, m«. next regular sesaior. of the Board ». M. Harris, mtg. ot Supervisors. J. F. Ovennyer, ml%. Resolution declared adopted this W, E. ETawcott, mtg. „__ 2flth day ot January, 1333. Ayes: W. A. White, mts. all. Franlc Kohlftaas, mtg. B, 3. KIN3ET r Clarence Schuitfer,. mts. County Auditor. Chris Brandt, mts, Chairman w. P. Steniel, mtg:. E> P. Hansen,. mtg. . _ K. O. BWoldt, mtg. O. W, Btefcht mtg, P. F. Kriethe,. mtg.. a R. Woltz,. mtg. and post. . . . .. _ quar. 10.30 I. W. Elliott, labor P. M. Chriatenson. mtg. 4.W Will Reding, labor O. B. Johnson, mtg 4.00 Cartyle Johnson, labor Motion bv Helken tha^ Homestead Credit be allowed on the following parcels of tend in Kossuth County Iowa to-wlt- ' 1» dtfifofil fiofett**, patrot *S» M, 1* WetM 1 , p*trol .. ^^ 81 OS i^retl W. Miller, petrol „„..._ w.W Ann — Mt Ub.*.*^ ^* . „. I,. 41. II |i j if. •« Hft TTIl^tlMA ' .flv JrCfcBv JlHQViGKp pWvij • -i m— — - oii.8y Ji 1ICIII1H ,W l*ra StocBrtrelK, laiftor 1 „._.„.. U.W Flrttf Ofri 140 JF. Si SVOe, pUiCrett * W.«» Jtrft. El^^BrI*«« f ttUW ' l.W IMeB: Bttftjfei. latwt ».__.,. J ^. Kw Oettewl Hoipttat, A. X HiMteahv patrol „.«.... ,7S Ottyer Tounjt; patrot ..._.._ 3,38 WWlDDr A. Fisher, patrol „ !>mni Kaienenreuither, pfttnot — .._ . ZftW RoBett Wood, patrot ......^ 9SM W. .f, Pflcher, fttnv. *.. C, H. Coop«r r labor I9.9U R. A. Cterk, pror. ^ _.. . "" ." 75i3B S. & L-. Co.^ supi..,..^ . 2».5« Jar Ooddsn, patrot MJia Ollniot* Cow*ra«re Co., fuel. 40ff Metvfo R. HawSa, patrol . 77.00 Fanners Bxchamre, fuel _„„_ 4.00' Alton Pstttt, partoH L . TRflff P. 8, Norton & Sotv fuel ^.__. 4.0ft Chester Alms, patrol . _ 7SJ1S Farmer* JBWtrafor, faet ...„. 4.(» Raymond Bterstedt, patrol ... TSiSS V. V. Nfttrdalav fuel ,_.. 4.fl9 Merwin Martow, patrot Tt.75 Staftdara Oil Co., fuel _.. 4.00 Earl Earing, patrol 71.20 Sir*. Wro. Myers, care __._ . 4.00 Etoier Eiwing, patrof ,. S&W Kofetliraas & Sptllee, *tjp. . 4.00 Doyal Sanders^ labor . 30.80 Qrabam'*, sup, ... . ... 4.00 Hugh Butterfteld, patrol Kl«B I* M. Merrill, burial .... „ 4.00 J. H. Montgomery, patrot 79,80 W. O, McCuItough, ambt. set*. 4.00 Verne MoIInder, patrol 823S Harold Schmidt, rent ._ 4.(*> Roelf E, MWIer, pairof -. 79.60 W. J. Galbratth, rent . 4.00 Clyde Sanders v patrol _ - -. - tu tt.W ».w 6KM M* ° P smartness Aljjona lr.con>'No.. 100B to 10SB Incl."-^* ^ - Burt tncorp No. 107B to 109B inol. H - H l Dreyer, mgt. A. Wlttkel> agent, rent 1.50 A. M. Colllnson, rent ___„„ 7.60 Laura Vnndesr, rent Pt ' ° tlerins f ° the F. Kriethe. Mr. Schwartz owns the •lard.; and Fred Jr.. La Verne, and ";" e , ' ' °" e " n S tor the day of Fenton Reporter; Mr. Clark, the MM - H - B. Zentner. Monroe, Wis.. ? h tn «-n ^T, 6J . aa . b ^ ins more Bancroft Resistor. I who has been visitina- IIP™ sir,™ n * Lt " qhe rest ot the evening Bancroft Register. I who has been visiting here since . res>l: or tne eTenlng Mr. Thavea' siren names were' tllfi Holidays. There "are also 14 WJ ^ spent socially. John Gustave, and he was born STandrhildren and 1!) great grand- Evan ^J*^ nrea ?. nt ^ en J. he December 17, 1SSO, at Maswoda. children. ' ^In rtl,, f People's M«Wis.. son of Mr. and Mra. Godfred. ,. . . — . i "J ^ l'^^^ I^!™ 6 Hof ' a Thavea. When he waa a rear old r '°" ul terv Ass'n Entertains— hia parents moved to a farm near To^nshio tru^t.ee^ and families, Bancroft, and in 181)2 the family tlle Cemetery caretaker and wife, moved to Lnkota. where J. G. zrew members of the local school fac- U P- '" n'ty, and hiiabanda were guests When J. G. wasr only IB he start- when the Cemetery association ed work on what waa then the ccv i' w r| t ohiHcen r>i e atinner at the Germania Record, later and now Community hall Thursday evening, the Lafcota Record, and with the T h- a re were a few more than 100 exception of three years he had '" attendance when the cafeteria ever since beer, in newspaper work •'" ln FMl' was served. Following it. till ieaa than a year ago. Mra. Harry Lichty. as chairman of On June 5, 1912, marriage to r ' ll(? committee, announced the pro- Gertrude Legg took place at her -i'"™- Ntimhsrs innnrfed a s^nup' home af. Erie. III. They lived many of violin solos by DeRae Godfrey. last week Tuesday evening. . Coward infers and baby, of H - HKJUU. last with her lfl ™ " Archie Sanford several days on business. Gronbach visited rel- Sioux City last week. St BENEDICT r - alc< ita tncorp. No. HOB. Ledyard Incorp No. 4.00 Reuben Johnson* labor 14.9) Otto Nelson, rent . III." 4.00 Wchard__Anderson, labor 5iOO R. F. Donovan, rent .. 2 LuVerne Innorp. No. 115B, Wesley Incorp. No, I1TB. Wliittemore Incorp. No: USB. Burt Township No. 105B and 108B. Buffalo Township No. 108B - . . , . . , Jos. Sohailer, mtg. 4.00 V. V. Naudatn, suip. 32.IS Vic Johnson, rent R. B. Berninghaua, mtg. 4.00 Geo. Holtzbauer, sup. 11.91 Fred R Oenrlch. rent _~ Henry Schmidt, mtg.. ------- - — i W. C. Engatrom, mtg. _""" T.ownship No. 113B, Ely Anderson, mtg nip Jelt Tbwnstlp No.. 113B and Frank Jacoiba, mtg. Sherman Township No 114B S cl ^ rd -.t_And.non/mt5r~ 9wea City Incorp. No. 11«B. H. Tf. Harms mtg., IIZZ 4.00 Nemmers Hardware, supT""""""" Mike "Wagner, mtg. 4.00 Greenberg Aoto Supply, axqJ!" Ro'bert Kruae, mtg. 10.00 Arnold Motor Supply, sup. ..I 10.00 McCorml-ck 2.00 sup. Oeerfng Store, Ua$ Marcella Erdman, tent .. »>t.4S August Huenhold, rent 35.59 Cbas. Miller, rent ~ Harold Schmidt, rent 40.S4 Olstrict No. f . . Floyd O. Colwell, mtg.. III , . There being no further bualnesa at this time the Board motioned to ad------ journ. E. S. KINSET, County Auditor. W. E. MC DONALD, Chairman. J- n ' — IJ " —————— BrKr mts ' --------- mt f- ---------- mtg. -------- mtg. __________ Eacleld ' mtg. ---------------- m ' s " ---------- 2.00 Norton Machine WorfcaT'suJpTI 2.00 Norton Machine Works, suip. 6,56 Kossuth Co. tmpl. Co., sap. 3.00 Gardner Garage, sup. 3,00 Laing & Muckey,, sup. 3.00 O. P. McDonald & Co.,"supT 3.00 Pratt Electric Co., sup. 4.00 Staehle Hardware, sup. 4.00 A. C. Hench, sup. 21.33 Cut iRate Grocery, piov. . 36.77 Hood's I. G. A., prov. 4.M J. W. Neville, sup. 18.38 S. & I* Store, sop. ."" , * 1.32 Dr. W. D. Andrews, med. "I S.S5 General Hospital, hosp. car5 1.38 St. Joseph Mercy Hospital 7.ST hosp. care MM " -------- 2.00 10.00' 13,«0 5.20 3.77 30.00 50.00 53.00 . . . . 4.00 Hiram Bo«ckholt, sup. ~.~~~ 3.1S Dr. P. V. Jansl,"med: -------2.78 Mrs. Mata Erdman, provl ------ 2-S7 Bonacker Food Market, proVT «H«tK||OLD •"npt. courteous service HOHTH IOWA FINAI ''• W> Mrs. Maurice Daily, son Wilbur, sister Mra. Anton Eiaenbarth'a ano Co. Tn the latter year the fam- P 1;1 >"ing bingo and chinker chek. fly came to Burt, where Mr. Thavea published t he Monitor 'till R "~ H » i '< Fonrth Brother— failing health compelled him to Waltera returned I A card party announced for last ; Thursday night had to be poat- ; poned Because of cold and snow hia wife and children, three sifters survive: Mrs-. Mary Roaenau and Emma an-d Louise Thaves, all af Lafcota: and three brothers. F. W. and Louis. La- fcota, and Edward. Burt. last Only aome admis Auditor's Office. Algona, Iowa, „ ™ ~ February 1, 1<B9. ihflfl O'clock a, m. met pursuant aill memibers ._ , tIpe f 1 " on -, 3U I > - -------& H ' hevrole ' Co-, ""P.— _ , , ' ^ — — — — — .«— - ..-.-. —. »..*...»._,. .j^r., dIULr. I Louis Hackbarth, mtg. 4.00 Peterson Garage, aup. i Martin Meyer, mtg. 4.00 Nelson Bros., sap. . lessen Shipler. mtg. 4.00 C. V. Schrader, sup7 present. US Otto Netunan, prov. 47.30 Kbuba's, prov. ~ g.OO 3.65 Mrs. Math. Erdman, provT 4 34 . „ «..^._ J ..._ prov _ __*• --- •»-« 4 W • 7.25 j "*' '" Uppt»r IV, UN,! Motion by Morris and seconded by Fraser that transfers be made from ALO en. toe following drains to the Secondary George Boad Maintenance Fund for mater- AR ials used on the drains but paid from S"--T the Road funds: Dr. No. 4 * Dr. No. 7 * Dr. No. 20 Dr. No. Dr. No. .. Dr. No. »t Dr. No. 157 mtg. mtg. _. . . --,- .37 T. P. Doerr, rent Hardware, sup. 68.58 District NoTT. Norton & Son, sup. l.oa J. W. Neville, sup - J "-—her Co., sup. 3.16 Kossuth Hospital, ' Serv., sup. 5.00 Graham's, sup. Auto Electric Co., aitg. and post, quar. Motion hy F" 3S er and *«* t were., , , ~ — " -."r ,,«.o >c-dated for this t or a brother. The death of 'i r eefc Thursday night. Brother makes a total of four A large number of' women from V«rh yi B ? 7 1 w n t ayear -T ainCC t ^" n «'^borhood attended™ March B. J.VV alters. Joiiet: shower at Corwith Thursday for "T, tftrs ' Slhiey; A. C. Wai- Florence Widen That evpnin^- t£l Out-of-town relatives and friends tm - Peori a; and Herman, Bloom- young men here were fJ att^J , attendin? the funeral included W. in™nj_ have died. Besides Chris, hardware shower at Corwith for Ayes: AJI. rl by ; be family. Froser and seconded hy O. j.k, ucuauil, mL}^, i" I. F. Ehgesser, mtg. ™ L. C. Oast,, mts. *» Chris Dahl, mtg. ._V H. .T. Kohlhaas, mtg. I'M Slme °n Leigh, mtg s - m Herman A. Warmbier.""mtir"I John P. Biormann, mtg John Byson, mtg. Tom Reid, mtg. 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 Keuffel & Esaer Co., supT 14.30 Concrete Motedals Co, sup 3.00 Iowa Public Serv. Co light 3.00 serv. 800 Central States""Eiecfrlc"""Co~ 8.00 light service 4.00 Interstate Power "co.T'TIsht 5.00 Central Sta?es"Sectfi<r~"Co" 5.00 light service 4.00 Titoraka Tel. CoTr"teT"serv 4.00 Globe Machine & Sup. ' Co." 6.00 5,00 10.00: 7.Mr St.EO .71' Dr. Schultz, medT" IIIH~~ SftOO Dr. Bohnson, med. ~ 20.09 Dr. Mueller, med. 11.93 Dr. Clapsaddle, med."" Mrs. Vlnaas, rent 1.53 Merrill Bros., prov7 Merrill Bros., prov. ~ 1.31 Smith Dept. Store, provv Kennedy Bros., prov. 11.57 Finn's Grocery, prov. 6,25 26.00 26.00 ».00 23.31 61.S8 12.50 5.00 8.00 W. A. Murray fuel ' ~~™ 3.00 1.02 O. P. McDonald, fuel 4.34 Mrs. Augusta BeKz, care Mrs. Martin Griese, rent 241.53 J. H. Sheridan, rent 8.50 J. D «-"-' " Ifrs. L. J. .Veedham. Lafcota: David , The Rev - Harvey N'elson. Meth- Mr. and Rodlt and Ella Schmidt. Albe;-:. odis , t P^tor. was- at Sioux City last spent of 3 Lea. Froehlich T. t . , Tntonsationa) Fellowship Tfta— f.em.tt'onnl fellowship tea Me:hodi=r. church last Tuesday. The dinin decorated with booths to represent thf- vTrinn; continents in the world, with the remainder of the roo~i rf;"tvy=?-nrini- America. T"hfi nroorram. in charge of Lar- er.a Wf:s=.el, Included music by Mra. B. K. Bahnson; A Message from Asia. Mra. M. M. Chipman; Greetings from Africa, Mra. Dean Andrews; vocal solo, Mrs. Vergil Sch-ader: C-reetings from South America, Mrs. G. H. McMullen; piano duet. FCatherine Manua a.nd Se'ina Clifton: A Mes-aage from Europe. Mrs. F. L. Hveraon; vocal ao'o. I.urena. Weasel; Answers from America, Mra. ,1. G. Sewir-fc. wr. Iowa Conference study of the Lawrence Lud'wi-^f r-ninw.de College and the hos- Mrs. Marie Simon with housekeeping. ""fheirreguUr -ou--pi.-ee-er is in noor health and here t the „ week " en!1aj ' Meyers Improved- room was firman Meyers, who has ill at Rochester follow—„ .-^,.,i it .^j t.r^i Luitu.v- ' n^- narochial schnnl h nis' an operation, was able to be dfemi^sed Frid'av Vnrm . sre waJ ! brought home la,t week Saturday, th , snowstl m " ^T ^^f.,?.' onr i .'.._ "I"",,"" ,'""" ^"•'•""•'^J'. i-Li" snowstorm. Only 14 andj. eemd to be much improved in turned out that morning! Board Proceedings pupils Auditor's Office, Als'ijna, Iowa January 26. 15.1!) 9:00 o'clock A. M. ot i-upervisora mrit pur- arijournment with all mem- f.'--nt. Morion by Heifcen and second by Mr,. G. .r. F. Vo,el, Lain "v^ ^^^^^L^^^l^ ror.t: vo^al quartet, Maxine and ?, 1Jr "' (or Planka uae.l in crib at the wo^iT'rLi'tTrJ? preaent loca «^ S'-slrSS EH^f R-ossuth counrw ^^ -l-.vr ce3aar y f °r tain aairl p r p to conti to nt cre>i/ OTT1-.; ^ Jl ~ «."inujr-» jriac Joe COE-IPV so f&sssTS r<?iH Bormann, mtg. _I_~~ Lnderson. quar. expT Hansen, weed comm. «d comm. assess, mtg". 3. mgt. assess., mtg. ~ 4.00 5.30 suip. ~ — — ~ —— — —— — Road Machine District No""5 Dr. Bourne, med. 655.44 Dr. Minkel, med. Ole T. Molan, care""" C. J. Schemmel, provT Sirs. Wm. Ukena, prov." _____ Co " sup — Machine &. Supply and on S« SEy, Sectio.i 27, To» uallil) %. P^inge 29, be cancelled on \s-=es=ed valuation of $2500.00. lyes- "AU" Motion by Heiken and "seconded hy Fraser that the following Roar] Petitions be placed on file: No «2 V- M.J, :No. -Km, and No. 464. AIL" P- -nn m ' S 38 ?? 30 !' ^ ni °n township! lh n° 0 ',£- J& <£*?*£**•„ R * mSey wuu.uu, John Hartshorn, Schroeder. Flaig, assess, mtg. Ellis, assess, mtg. assess, m-tg. _ assess. mtg"I assess, mtg" mtgT mtg._ mtg. mtg. assess, mtg. i. mtg. 4.SO 6.00 7.00 6.90 5.60 ..... prov. Vrooman's Groc., prov. ~~~ Simser's, prov. ——-—-.— Jwaney Oil Co., sup H ' imS ;-rta«,,*t, /-ll, ^, ' ^"f" H^.CH 14.2S 15.50 10.00 18.00 10.00 9.00 13.50 4.50 7.00 17.55 2.73 32.00 15.00 4.00 24.00 9.60 7.91 20.00 M.7S Your Plumbing should be inspected f ery year. Phone 461 j have a careful i n tion. LAING & Phono 4fA Algona, Iowa 5-JS i°l u H M'-^-"-"--" »« I j • ^oodwSSST'. P el aM i'S v^ffX- £?~9P- Ou Co.. sup.. T^ri Mrs. AUw»n» n^J. P'_r ~ - — **• '-"-' •-'fc'. \-ril IJiJ., SUP 7 ' T J »>lrS. J 3 6.20 Peerless OH Co, sup. ;____ P _; ^ Henry ?'™ T k ^ rryman> brifJse work S12.S3 W. A. 5.00 J. D. Adams Co., sun 11-ts ?•> 6.20 Gtobs Cook Tractor Co7su"p" 5.:iO Standard Oil Co., sup 4.60 A. H. Borchardt, sup. '__' 173 Mrs. Albert Stand, rent ten Her,™ Kline, rent Smith, rent ~ General Poor! S.4& 30.00 10.00 20.00 for WO.OO. i Motion by Heifcen and seconded by Fraaer chat_Morri a make ' Si-H" ?" P-Wct Drain P..^ -, assess, mtg. Barsiou, assess, mgt. — r Prandle, assess mtz T4'^^/nl.^«„ '-«.— -. - -- ^ la .m jr. ^ K. L H TT,,ri.i ' " aeaa - m W >»o. l. Ayea: All T i, .^utchins, assess, mts Motion by Helken and econded by w H o rt ?» horn> asaeas - mtg!" Corrla that the fnlin^rin^ ;i!,°,_ D / 7-. H - Patterson, assess, mr-r 5-SO E. Br. Homer Nolle, labor D? h No E 4_ Chaibb ' en^neem: 7TO S!i, n0rete Products Corp., e.m 6.50 3.10 690 ^i° CK lsland Lumber" Co."; ..J) T'hri.rn.ncnw Vn ~.T~~ ~~~ T — ——— — — — John McEnroe, rent IVOSSIlth r*rt tf.n*. r^;~ -- ^~" -- — — — 65.« 15.00 D. or HERE IS BARGAll INSPECT IT X64—Gronewald 160 acres ll southwest of Hntchln,,a acres tillable, CO acres and alfalfa; Improved. Reasonable down papn ancc on long term contract f to sell See me at once. •JJP- „—,—--- .Hi:: =0.20 «»• Theo. Eib^ratar" -- £$ to "U- See me at once. n w Ba ade - labor 6160 *L ick Nemmersi labor gm £en?- S t^wel,, Ia sS P .- " %% SffoSre^rSSSr 1 ^~~~- "ft C T HAIIDTUU Rock Mand Lumber" Co" "* $** *^,™^=.l £% *>• »• HA Uf I Mil sssr ^rvaa?Sg i S-^rors-i^ iSS^wa^gF^ Trustees be approved: J-°wnsfclp Ed Chambers, asatss. mtg. " s.?0 El ™ ore Cement & Tile Co.. Christensen Bros., sun Trustees be approved": tr „. E k?d %%&*&>&<%*. — H m- Robinson, township Benschotei, Tuest the Honoi Highway C'oi Iowa retain la Pratt. Refreshments were served from booths by women in coatumea rep- .J^V-" 4m""*- reaentin? the continents. for Parmers Planned— The second in a series of ban- ^.^bf to quer.s which are bein<? ?iven by the Coa^rove that th Burt Community club will be held at the schoolhouse this week Thursday evening, when the farm- firs of Burt township will be guests. The Band Mothers club will p.erve. Ken. that a {JtiO.OO aaaesamenc tvrsi-jnal Property of R. Bjuat- tor lO:: 1 ! be abated: ia aaseaa^d in tiwea City I'ncurp. Ayes: all. Motion by Cuag-rove and asc.jnd by Fraaer that Koad Petition No. ReapVrtfu ly s: a11 ' and aub mlt- 5.SO 4.SO 5.60 5.30 5.30 6.50 5.10 16.00 4.00 15.00 12.00 .41 sup. Dr. No. Cement & Tile Co" ^ Christenser I Bros.,^'^T ~ «« -. n.00 L w. Hof, ^ to vf: P."A: - OT Looft, labor Welch - Iabo '' -------Island Lumber"Co" Dr.To. J ------------------ Rock Authorized Eeprcs«ntatlJ Conrlth, Iowa or See yonr local Bealtor 740 Ditaworth, labor lr ' Lu «reH, labor --No. 60— ------Island Lumber Co., 4.70 D T J^Q'_ gjf; 5.20 ft, n ^"SR5!?a? & Co.. sup. i ancond by following appoint- Approved. Tracie Hoitz- i.lcrk. and Earl Grit- o? dS S? S ^oS 09aU " ft ~' Co «^Bo™rdAttested: E. S. KINSET. County Auditor CHAS. MORRIS w. E. MCDONALD ?- Mh - COSGROVE •|. H. FRASER HEIKEN Ayes: All. ^^ken^th^S S2Sd."g?1? ^F SS to 5»«V^ $%&% ^^!^^^^ S3 &Ji&£&£>£ .-«=;=Publishing Co., school T.hbsr Onartf-rs for . The William Helisrs have rented ronm= in the H. W. recently vacated b : IBf!^^-'"-' 1 " •-•-:::::: 11:^ 570.00 171.60 193.00 474. .(2 35.50 31.51 15.00 7.00 12.00 ipproviid; Fteporf of Delia Well- "usiiICA of Psacft of Al^or.a tov. n,-; Joe Heaney. Mayor's report for nouss Burt Incoi'jf; riAmi-Annual Report of recently vacated by the Ted C'oliin- M - - ! - fJ"ffy. Treasurer's Report of aon.i. Mr. Ffeller ia new publisher ~' i: ~f a -' 1i Tr ^ aau ' 1 =' ll = Annual Reo; the Monitor. " "" '"'Mor.o^ty^rrU and second by Blizzard the Schools nf "" t ^""\\'. ..... '"V — ar " ! ''''"'IS 1 '! work, County Trun o£ thft blizzard Friday r.or.al County roa.-l.i of H. M. Smith, ' by that the official report of Highway Engineer for roads '"'IS 1 '! work, County Trunk and the Fiurt schools and some rural achool., were closed for the day. . . , li ' aul:i ' <-ounty Engineer, from Jan- approved 1 . 93 A v^ :J t"i uary *' ^"^ ^' M.Jrri'-i ' tr.fct a' Pauper's N ? o't'ice be et-veil on the roliowing named per- Bnrt \>w«. Mr. and ^fr.•^ R F El'-iri" _ tertained at 500 last week Monday "H-"*--'. Tren'ary' and amiiyurwod evening. Guest-; were Me^srq and Lr ' ;n;il 'l-, Bob Jones and family, Har- SS-SrpV' hU-Htieft, P. tt. Fi'fi^h. Robert ^ an .-I family. Mra. John Bier!. Art IV.wi and family. Robert .Smith and •"•• tar.'iil/. Jim Thorn and family, Joe Roy -i.n.1 Geo. Heddlnger, George Moon 'family. A. B. Pankuk and fam- Harry Bornw and family, George odor. Iby Praaer and second by - ,j. rmm,erfaii Koll-ajch, R. Leas on, F. Kmeadorf, Je^e f>u2an Rinscadorf, L. Ff. Schenck, Charles Scott, and John I.on? Jr. Demon Thaves, who was called h-re last week Tuesday by news of th--: df-arh of hi.-i father, returned Saturday to Keosauo.ua, where he i-H a linotyne operator. Ths W. W. Eoettchera, the O. H. Kar" Or.ham*, and the M. M. Chlpmans Trar; were la.st week Sunday evening A™^ sur/ner guesta at F. A. Ringsdorf's. H. : The Fortnightly club met Friday fcon Nugent ... at Mra. j. T. Heaney'a, and the Roaeiia vvi'Af oewms? circle met the 3ame after-- Frances niiffy nonn with Mrs. Vergil Schrader l? or ?, t , hy s ^ a 'tto Mra. Maude Hanna, Mrs. J. O.| ^^a'h^is so per day' " McDonald, daughter Dorothy, and; Patrol fqreman— 40c per hour Viola Smith were Mason City vis- p a , rr ^ Wmk6._50c per hour. Itora last week Tuesday! i=W_•>-„ ^- u,.... Mrs. Fred Jennings epent sev- Holtzbauer $120.00 120.00 75.00 120.00 S7.50 books 32.38 S2.93 George Looft. labor Welch, ' Island man, be sup. Dr. No. by the Board of "- Charles Sons, school Supervisors-to sT.n ^c^tra^wi^ oK c ~-™---™ _:..?!>• F 2 -" 1 ? Pertaining to th» .t." =l n fl & _ c °- school books __ «' A l" ea ; All. y H^en^h^ 038 ^ 76 and Bonded ^^^SSSffi 8 ^ Motion by Morris' and seconded by : 71.00 113.50 -r?.—-- 560-21 sup. Cement & Tile Co.. LOAN] fisiiii»^» "° $£££%&*£ - ™i£!L w V™ ck . license '' Dr. Bourne med 4 -°° taxe S OF for winter W ^al^aid 1 ' 6ak£r .'-^-.rden: 2 °- 0 ° «esl la™ °V r llberal credit plan; i.oo mits us to take care ofj «5.'oo U 66ds of most every born 8.00 er> mar ried or single. Tei "* B.70 6L 4 6 ISSSa %!££*•—. S« arran ^ to conform to; 1.S9 Roy cook, labor _ labor Welch, labor _™ 6. 40 - _ COUNTY FTJND ' ^_ ,. T I. G. sup. Dr. No Rock 2.58 Loans Livestock, or other property ( , Total u^HsV- 9 ^'""^'! E. S. KtNSEY, County Auditor. Motion by Cos-, 257.80 3.00 day of Treaa- ^^""izod County Auditor «« r SL u ™ t _°.. t ^«tate. HSPS'S on-ice of Tvossuth County, Aye, an W. W. age , 'Rock Island use tax City c P. M ., 4.00 Thompson Yards killed SUp - .10 Quick SERVICE! ' Center w. E. MCDONALD. County Aud "° r - **"»«• age ,' auu "»«. p - M.. 10.00 INSTITUTE Envelope C P. I* C. H. labor ^District No. l .13 2.56 Ann Duffy, sup , r .- Mkrv - Kossuth Co. ' - r ' R - u reas " session K 1 " y X, hands . salary C ° Sgrove ' =o^"'£5d -"•fiJSE5.-£5a-T^ 1Si45 prop — --=••-. ixoa u, ap- Ioa ^ a Pupils Reading' Circle, Allyn & Bacon sup"""""""*"""— _ Foliett Publishing CO.,"SUD — *7'« ^t" 1 Emst/'prov" Row Peterson & Co. lup' " J'ff ? lns ?J° & Son. prov' Lyons & Carnahat,, USD. ~ "'« J? 6 J? U 'P. »™v rat'T'fii /"*,..—_ .. _ ••——•• — 163.00 SO.OO 75.00 100.00 5 00 75.00 Patrol E«ra 111 L n v Clarfc a- •—35c per hour, ""c per hour. per hour. Swea Cityan Is Lead. Motion ii« 0c «f^ r Jif ur man an<3 team, -with ^ S / r ,°Xf. a 1 d 3e £P E d by Wednesday morning, following a stroke just a week ' " were to but were became been Postponed IjlESOLtTTION £ h 4 ?° n i' a A ! . e B 5 a >; d o' Super- Motion declared approved. Ayes: E. S. KINSEY. County Auditor W. E. MC DONALD, by 3 RESOLUTION WHPR "• A. Wiiikel, office exp $ t % 0 %>Sg?g'.$* a ^~~Perkins Broa Co., sup. ., Rate Grocery " OO(J s I. G A prov P tp r» ^ Co., SUp ~~~ -»^TdSi&oFi^, s s ?'«ssf iF : -= *«* "" sasr 95 SrS^S^;-::::: 2.40 46.08 11J.25 ea.oo 2.97 12.66 8.00 40.00 10.00 3.50 6.20 7.50 3.00 6.00 1.89 26.00 13.50 Chairman. out P. J. KOHLHAiS Algona . Phone i -Genera] Insurance Ag FOifH .87 .87 2«-«> 9 -«> 10 sup. V. V. Howard Hard"^arer s up: ^m Barrow Chemical Co., -— S' ^^K^^VedraTd: .1W. serV.--:... 3 .^.^^-, 3.50 10.00 10.00 6.00 16.00 69.75 1.00 4.1 LENDING TO ;ARM OWNERS SINCE .*„ LOW RATES A 26 unusual year rq> aymeilt Prepayment privUege Pl|nd Jr - labor aid Karl H. Hoffman."dental ate care X^lSuSS.-!^'"^ ^ A ± ra0nG ^ sup. CO.T T-wo, 14.28 6T.U 10.00 63.75 65.H M.50 . ,«*j-SiSw» tto i worth Hutchi

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