The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1954 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 15, 1954
Page 9
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 15, 1954 RI.YTHKVll.l.E (AKIO COURIER PAGE NIK! REVIEW -° FORECAST Just How Early Can You • Fertilize That Cotton Field? By H. H. CARTER, Assistant County Agent Many farmers are wondering just how early they can put their cotton fertilizer down. They would like to get that operation out of the way of planting. Because planting is such a critical operation, the possibility of applying fertilizer prior to planting deserves consideration. ^ .Too, farmers who plant on a bed and bed out on the fertilizer, real- lie th« importance of a well settle:, seedbed at planting time in getting a stand of cotton. iEarly placement of fertilizer deserves consideration to the extent that it does not seriously reduce efficiency and yields from the fertilizer. Just how early then, can fertilizer be put out for cotton without seriously reducing its efficiency? * Best »t Planting In discussing this question It should lirst be stated that, as a general principle, maximum efficiency of fertilizer for cotton is secured when the fertilizer is applied at or near the time of planting. Efficiency decreases with earlier placement to the extent that the applied fertilizer elements are Something ;' tO Think About By GERTRUDE B. HOLIMAN County . Hem* Demonstration Agent " Is My F»oo Redf ;I was in the Post Office a few days ago and Mr. Ross Stevens, the Postmaster, said that Green County had done a lot on mail box improvement and wished w« would •tart the same project. ,'H. went » far as to get measurement* of the standards from the home demonstration agent at Para- tbuld so we could start to work. '•' This was very nice of Mr. 6f,evens and a very thoughtful gesture but my face is red because the home demonstration clubs in North Mississippi County have been working on mail box improvement for the past several yeari. Much of the improvement has been done on the west side of the Lake. The communities improving the most mall bows and using standards alike are Boynton, Box Elder and B'lsckwatar. Much more work is predicted this year and we are going to try to keep the public informed on mall box and other community improvements. Community Projects Named The BlacEwater Community plans to do.special work with the 4-H Club in their community and also continue project* started on community parks and setting up road signs. Bettor gtoraf* Space for storing thinngs—clean- ing equipment, supplies, hobby equipment, and . clothes—is as important to the smooth running of » home as the equipment, supplies and clothes themselves. Many home, seem disorderly because of inadequate, poorly planned storage space, rather than poor housekeeping. Ample storage space not only encourages orderliness but it also Increases the speed of straightening rooms and of doing housework. Closet* lor .uppliei should have should be planned to hold complete equipment for doing a certain typo of household Job. Closet* for suplies should have shelves that are carfully planned as to width and height to fit the specific materials they art to hold. A bathroom supply closet, a linen closet, or a medicine chest are examples of this kind of specialized supply closet. This grouping of supplies makes It easier to know when some items are running low and also to avoid duplicate buying of articles. Closets for hobby equipment are important in simplifying housework and also in encouraging the pursuit of a hobby. Many times the lun o( following a hobby is lost in the work of getting things out or putting them away after a relatively short period of use. Having a (pecld closet for keep- tog the equipment used in a hobby will add to its pleasure and will encourage the hobbyist to do his part In helping to keep the house in order. Closets to hold sports equipment should also be a part of every home, because participation in sport* Is Important for the health, • happineia and normal living ol every member of the family. Some people find that a closet in the garage is ideal for storing large pieces of sport* equipment. The equipment then Is no longer a problem in the house and in the housekeeping activities. Closet* for clothes that are ample and carefully planned can hasten the Job of Itralghtentng up a bedroom. It is surprising to realize that 20 inches is ample depth for a wardrobe closet. Look around your bcd- rom for a space of that depth where a wsrdrobe could be built. Know Your T. V. For those who are becoming TV m.nded, these are terms yod'll want to know- Sensitivity—The ability of a TV <et to product a satisfactory pic- lost from the soil during the period between placement and planting. Losses occur primarily through (1) leaching, (2) weed growth, and in the case of nitrogen through (3) votilization (change to gaseous nitrogen). Nitrate nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, potash, and phosphorous are subject to leaching in the order named. Sandy soils with an Open porous subsoil are very subject to leaching, heavier soils less so. Loss of nitrogen by votilization, however, is likely to be greater on the more poorly drained, heavier soils. Mississippi Tests Results of tests conducted by the Mississippi State Experiment Station on the efefcts of time of placement of nitrogen on yields, have ture from a weak signal.' The sensitivity of a television is not the same for all channels. The high band (Channels 1-13) is likely to be less sensitive than the low band (Channels J to 6), and there is always come variation in sensitivity between channels in the same band. Freedom from snow — "Snow" is a flaky, shimmering disturbance in the picture. A set with good fr *dom from snow does not produce these disturbances, even at relatively low signal levels. Resolution — A measure of the ability to reproduce small picture details distinctly. Focus — The sharpness of picture in all parts of the screen area. Linearity — The ability of a set to reproduce a picture without displacement or distortion; that is, straight lines as straight lines, circles as circles. Contrast Control — The means of adjusting the range from light to dark tones. A set with good contrast control can be adjusted over a broad range. Synchronization — The property which enables a set to maintain a picture locked steadily in the frame, without slipping vertically ("roll" " ing"). A television receiver will work best with a well-installed roof antenna. Where a roof antenna is not feasible, and an indoor or window- mounted antenna must be used, you may need a set with fairly high sensitivity even in a strong signal area. When purchasing a television set, the consumer should insist that the picture be satisfactorily adjusted by the service technician if there are distortions. It's Time To — 1. Purchase white goods at January sales. 2. Start work on refinishing walls and woodwork in the home. 3. Reorganize your kitchen storage space and put things used most often to the front. been variable. In some tests good results have been secured. from early application and in others, poor results. In one test running for nine years, calcium nitrate and cyani- mid was applied at two-week intervals from February 1 to May 1. There was little difference in cotton yields as a result of varying the time of application in this test. Another test running for 13 years, compared fall and spring application of 30 pounds of nitrogen' In three different sources — nitrate of soda, ammonium sulphate and cyanimid. On an average fall api 'icatlon produced about 90% as much increase in cotton yields as did spring application. This test was conducted on a sandy loam soil with a heavy subsoil layer, which probably contributed to the good results secured from fall application. In a two-year test, anhydrous ammonia and ammonium nitrate applied in December gave variable results, much poorer in some cases than May application. Corn Test In a test with corn, both anhydrous ammonia and ammonium nitrate applied in December produced eight bushels less corn than April application. The December application was only about 75% as efficient as the April application. In numerous tests with oats, fall application of nitrogen has given' much poorer results than February applications. W. B. Andrews of the Mississippi Experiment Station recommends that anhydrous ammonia and othr er forms of nitrogen be applied as close as possible to the time that it will be used by the plants. He does not recommend fall and winter applications. Conclusions To be more specific, the following conclusions, in regard to just MOO 3300 3200 3100 3000 2900 IMC JULT 1 AWWUil I scricmvEK I < Foncnt Ftnent Foncoit For«oit UPS AND DOWNS OF CORN CROP—Above Newsehart shows corn crop forecast during the growing season and the actual amount harvested In million busheli from 1851 through J»53. Production w»s lowest in 1951, with about 2940 million bushels produced. Hifhut wai 1952, with over 3300 million bushels. Cattle Raisers Get Break on '53 Taxes By TUB ASSOCIATED PRESS Cattle growers in at least seven Arkansas counties will get a helping hand this year from tax assessors who plan to cut the assessment value of beef cattle because of last year's drought and price declines. Tax assessors in Garland, Sevier, Arkansas, Craighead, Greene. Columbia, and Faulkner counties all said they planned reductions this year in the per head value placed on cattle for property tax assessments. No Char(e Her. However, assessors in Jefferson, Ouachlta, Washington, Union and Mississippi counties planned no change in their figures. There were no reports of an increase from any county in the state. "I fplt the assessed valuation should be reduced from $20 to $10 (per head) to help the farmers over the rough spots," said Oarland County Assessor H. C. Warren. He said the cut would reduce the total county assessment figure by J60.000, but the small amount by of last taxes wouldn't materially affect operation of the schools. Jefferson County Assessor Henry y. Williams said he also planned to cut the assessed valuation of cattle by $10 a head, while a $15 per head cut was made in Greene County, Another $5 drop Columbia Assessor Bob Dodson said the assessed valuation i» be- ing dropped $! per head in hU county, but pointed out th»t the drought didn't hurt farmers in his area as badly as It did those In other counties. Another $! cut was instituted In Arkansas County, where Assessor Bland Hurt says he's following the market. If cattle prices go up, the assessed valuation will be raised proportionately, he said. In Sevier County, the valuation was cut $6 a head on grade cattle, and $10 a head on pure bred stock. The smallest cut was scheduled in Faulkner County— about a dollar a head. Philadelphia Is a .Greek word meaning "brotherly love," and two ancient cities of Asia Minor once bore the same name. Call or Write For Full Particulars on JONES & LAUGHLIN STEEL CORP. All Aluminum Atlas Irrigation Systems Dealers MeCALLA - McMANUS CO. P.O. Box .154, Blythevllle, Arkansas, Phone 6832 J. F. McCalla 2600—Nile— A. H. McManus «747 how early cotton fertilizers can be placed seem justified: (1) .On most soils in North Mississippi County, nitrofen or complete fertilizers containing nitrogen probably should not be placed earlier than a month or six weeks prior to the anticipated time o! planting. Application this early is justiiied only in an attempt to ease the crltlca.1 operation of planting, or when the method of application makes necessary a period of time for proper settling of.the seedbed between fertilizer application and planting. ' (2) Potash alone, probaoly can safely be put out ft little earlier than nitrogen, possibly as early as two months prior to planting on most soils In the county. (3) On the more sandy soils withotu ft heavy subsoil, located for the most part west of Big Lake, fertilizer applications for cotton should "-- delayed to nearer planting time. Needs Lots of Air For proper combustion, each gallon of gasoline burned in an automobile engine requires an amount of air equal to that contained in a room 10 feet square and 12 feet high. FARMERS NOW IS THE TIME TO HAVE YOUR COTTON SEED DELINT- ED AND CERESAN M TREATED Blytheville Delinting Co. South Highway 61 Mr. Farmer If you are looking for a used Tractor We Have Tractors From smoo up And Tractors and Cultivators From Plenty to Choose From If You're Looking For A Good Deal—Come To MISSCO IMPLEMENT CO. S. Highway 61 MMIM 4434 ATTENTION MR. FARMER MASSEY-HARRIS \\ THE MOST POWERFUL ROW-CROP TRACTOR BUILT! Official Nebraska Test-45.85 Drawbar Horsepower. 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