Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 14, 1939 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 14, 1939
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR KQSSUtH COUNTY ADVANCE). ALGONA, Want Ads- WANTED TO RENT— HOUSE BY March 1. — Inquire Advance. 9p22 ESTRAYED — SUNDAY NIGHT, bay mare, medium size. — Wm. FENTON'S F, B, LEADERSSTUDY FEEDING SICK Fenton, Feb. woman leaders Fenton township met Thursday at 13—Farm Bureau and chairmen of Mrs. Ruth Alex Kreuger's, and Mrs. Hodgepodge Webster—A stew of various ingredients) a mixture. AN INSPECTOR of buildings for fire insurance companies made the Algona rounds last week. He specified 15 or 20 amp. fuses in ordinary lighting circuits. With 30 amps, used by many Algonians, enough current can be carried so light wires become hot enough to erative last week Tuesday at. the HUMBOLDT RE'A HOLDS ANNUAL MEET FEB. 7TH Forty men from Kossuth attended an annual meeting of the Humboldt county rural electric coop- Q . *j. . » Tl T1 *'o« tl . "iito wc^uiuc liui, CUVU&11 Lu eicn,*Yw mai, r»ueix JL. ucoutlj «l. cue ,5 0 " at , 0 "; H '^ k ±l OU l tyf ^, D Js ta '-t."res. With 15 or 20 amp. fus- Legion hall, Humboldt. Henry Ei- THE .MOVIES- ByT. M. C. Durant. 9p22 tt S e T H^'° n » 1tortlnB «™^ ^« bl«« «nK "T. IB IS ^vington "^s^ ' Va's I £{£' the sick. In attendance also were ... on «• _._,,, „_. .,._ . _i-_i.j i _» .. , ' , -. vuiue. WANTED— CHEAP HORSES, good flesh. — Wm. expense. i the sick. In attendance also were | the township publicity and music chairmen. PARIS Paris Honeymoon belbngs to the class of pictures that I have often referred to as "cheaters," meaii- ing, not necessarily that the audience is not getting its money's worth, but that in relation to the possibilities of its stars the pro- j ducers are not getting their full Durant, phone my A recreational period consisted pu t j n 10—22 of a questionnaire on, Do you «inS^xl^L^?* °Ai?L ?'l^5 y ' A : «"«' '"«« SCHOOL graduates OFFICE SUPPLIES—FOR INDEX, 1 noon meal was prepared and files, loose-leaf binders, standard' e d, and four types of invalid forms. Come to the Advance. 18tf; we re demonstrated. The music-, vonl . s aftei . i listening numbers were; .played to WOI .{ C how many ' or 20 amp. fuse will not carry the I elected member of the board of load then there is something directors. wrong—or a new circuit should be I This cooperative operates electric distribution lines for members In Humboldt and Kossuth counties, and there are now some 316 miles now have one chance In three of of line. being married within the first five ' In Humboldt county, the cooper- after graduation. Girls who ative is serving over 400 members, immediately after leaving with every township in the county — BURT LEGION HALL Saturday evening. Good nnisic, p^ " u ™ '"'V'L f^'tv/^"?!"?!™ 1 "'K' 1 sch ° o1 will marry, on the av- included in the project, good time. Tickets, 25c. 12p21-22 son on Modern Ti4ndl in Bread" °? se ; at a later date than gll ' Is In Kossuth count y. 76 ml 'es Makinz whirl win hi WvoV V who flo not work ' and thc working'line in Sherman, Lu Verne, River- WANTED - MARRIED MAN TO » £"« ^ h ^ w"! *«„*'$" ai •. ^ runs a bigger chance of being'dale, Irvington, and Wesley town- work on farm by the year with Mr , s - B - c - Weisbrod's March? 9. own house. — Robert Keefe, Al- rwo Pnaees of this year's home p22 divorced later. Such stars as Blng Crosby, (regardless of what you • personally think of him), Franciska Gaal, Shirley.Ross, Edward Everett Horton, Aklm Tamiroff should be cast in productions which have more of a back-bone than this slender, emaciated skeleton called—for no good reason at all—Paris Honeymoon. Not that it Is not a fairly enjoyable show. Bing sings four vocal selections—I Have Eyes, You're a oon *°°" l posture I ing, and line and FOR SALE — PUREBRED AND were given at a follow-up meetin grade Poland China brood sows, at Mrs. Edw. Priebe's last r week These illuminating! ships have ben energized, and it Sweet Little Headache (a selection and highly "scientific" findings | is expected that the remainder of j which some Intrepid husband had ™i,™ t,,'ri „„„ 'Were reported at a convention of' the line in Prairie, Plum Creek,! the nerve to ask for on a request color in Uiess, soc i o i og | sts recently. "" - - ... . _ .. . _. »i... working after marriage for the Chances of .Buffalo, and Portland townships.' program over the radio the other Shorthorn bull, and four calves.—| Tuesday. Charts and figure'iFwere Herman Carlson, Wesley. 19p22-23 " R ed in demonstrating; phases of 1 the lessons. Attending were Mes- „„,,.., FOR SALE — TWO-ROW JOHN dames A. D. Bleckwenn, Derwood Deere cultivator, 6-volt Delco Kern, Walter Weisbrod, and Erwind charger.—Nick Kinsch, phone' nest Votteler, also Blanche Mayer. 30F22. 15p22 Turont-Toaoliw Program Given— NEWS SHOP—WHATEVER YOUR reading preferences, we have, Parent-Teacher association what you enjoy. Magazines and hel(1 in thc h , h newspapers.-Algona News Stand.; Iast woek Tues(W evolllllg| anQ - lii-Jleow ; the program, planned by a corn- after marriage are also more apt to end up in the divorce At the present time one of five marriages ends in a divorce. * * * * LAST YEAR'S (1937) tuberculosis stamps paid for 209 tests (In 1938) for school children out of will be weeks. energized within two FOR RALE— PUREBRED POLAND Algonian Who Had , Chicago Operation to Leave Hospital The Fphr.nrv monM™ .f n 1 " 00 ' lur Hl; " ao1 cmiaren out or , Mrs ' J - B - Winkel is recovering Lrent-^n"^ ™^ n ? , *! I 23S "'"apeets." The money raised ! f™m a major operation performed the sale of stamps is thus nt a Chicago hospital a week ago locally, and because of the Saturday. On the preceding Mon- 'seal campaign many dny Dr ' and'Mrs. Winkel, with the children will never have to face i lattor s Parents, Mr. and Mrs. day for his wife), The Funny Old Hills, and Joobalai. Shirley Ross shares honors (?) with Akim Tamiroff for the "goat" parts, towit, characters who acquit themselves villainously, while the quite lovely Franciska Gaal has the sympathy part as the poor, little abused "Queen" of the carnival wlth Mrs. Arthur Krause A 1 w n. i I/-VAJJ J A ^ IV 1U \Ji.\,LLI \J i VJUiVl^ J-* i . China gilts. Bred to a purebred 2? chairman, was furnished by the spotted Poland China boar. 0. E. ! f' ollt °n Forwards 4-H club, open- Ely, Wesley. 16 p 21 22 '" s ^ th , h X° S011BS by the S irls :Mrs. Ruth Seaton-'Hicks, county H. FOR SALE—3 YOUNG HORSES, D - A., spoke' on What 4-H Means black 4-5 years; 50 bred ewes,, to n Club Girl, to a Community, early death from that disease. # * # * OKLAHOMA ET), who must have Frank Capesius, drove as 1 far as Elgin, 111., whence they were obliged to leave their car and pro- lamb April 15; 35 spotted Poland and What the Uniform Stands for. fall pigs.—H .A. Nelson, Titonka. A violin solo was given by Shirlev -vr r ,1 , , ' 22p21-22 Frank, accompanied by her sis er, was tl ' h'- 'iT m ^ 1 ? ulde . d gent ' _ _ i Pauline. Mrs, H. E. Woodward of Waated ' lls Hfe : a life mis-spent, MARRIED MAN WANTS JOB ON Whittemore, spoke on HIP NPW By working hard and working late r_ 1 HI- 1_ -I /-»! . _ T . 1_ ._ I-,- . - _ "" t-iHj 1\C >Y I TTS'I-ITVI fi n 11-1 *!t 1 ,...-.., ,. J. _!_!_, n slight republican tendency, sends - oood hy tram > owing to a heavy an anonymous poem lambasting a " of snow. William Capesius, the wealth-without-work ideas of Frank's lawyer brother, lives at Winnetka, Chicago suburb. Doctor Winkel and Mr. and Mrs. Capesius returned Thursday, and the trip from Elgin required 12 present times. It reads: POOR DAD hours, because the road between -.~ •.^ii.^ it .»,.n ..^ti^j.^, uw.u *-"' YV iiiLlt,'UluI t!. SIJOKe O11 tllP Np\v T-, /. ^ --~..,.*,. to *in.~ / -o--.,,?,, j m i -.»,farm by March l.-Clayton John- York world's fair Follow ing bull l rom G n ' m - tin way V™t eight. | K°ckford. 111., and Waterloo was „ o ,,,n»., „„.,.!, _.-i _»• , . & lcU1 - lou o\\ing DUSI- Poor Dn ,,, He'd fuss and fret and | a slloet of ice ' They ran into snow son, 2 miles south, Sexton. References. mile west of 19p22 ness, lunch was served. i Card ('lnl)s Arc Entertained— FOR SALE-TWO MACOMB AND | Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Zumach one rr< l '' ' ' ' ' stove Schoby. Algona. toil, at Garner. 2 Tweet oil burning brooder i tertained their evening bridge club ;s, m good condition.—C. R.: last week Tuesday evening Mr_ And burn the blooming mid-night Ml ' s> Winkel is expected to leave • the hospital this week Wednesday and will stay at her cousin John oil For nothing but a little cash To buy the daily beans and hash. FLOORS SANDED. REFINISHED with permanent floor finish. A new improved method guarantee- J ing satisfaction.—Cowan Building & Supply Co. 3Stf and Mrs. Clarence Theesfield won! Poor r>acl! He was so ~ " Eigler was low. Dr. lneek mild and , Rusk 6 Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Widdel played for absent members. The 500 club met with Mr. and Mrs. John Gramenz last week Tuesday evening. High score was won by Mr. and Mr He'd work six days in every week, And fourteen hours every day To try to keep the wolf away. Now Father, meaning well, but dumb, Amassed a rather tidy sum LOSS TELLS OF WORK OF AAA COMMITTEE Robert Loss, Rotarian, was the speaker at last week's Kiwanis who shows feminine . customers how to Witt a husbarid—in ten easy lessons. But I warn you, ladies, that putting knock-out drops In your rival's cognac will not always work and might occasionally cost you plenty! There's a mythical kingdom of Pushtalnik, with its carnival of Roses (Bing says—"I'll meet you in the rosebowl"), but I thought the producers might have given us a better glimpse of the dancers and merrymakers. Because, in my humble judgment, there should be some good chorus numbers In every musical comedy. This IS rather old-fashioned idea, I'm well aware, but I still maintain that it's excusable. Also I think Akim Tamiroff better villain than comedian. Some of his longer speeches are pretty bad. Not as bad, however, as Ben fforts to be f ny, some of which are positively pathetic in Paris Honeymoon. As for our noble hero, Blng, I'll let you write your own ticket. He does as much as the limited plot and direction will allow 'him, but it does seem to me that producers could offer their high-priced stars something better than Paris Honeymoon as a vehicle for their talents. nflMiMi ^BHBffl^^ W W ••RMB ^^^^^^ TUES.-WE1WHS, FEB. MARKETS meeting, with Jos. Bloom as the chairman of program. Mr. Loss, chairman of the county agricultural conservation committee, explained the soil conservation program, describing benefits to farmers and detailing the moneys received in the Jcounty so far. ' Mr. Loss said that $441 800 received February 4 was' distributed StoKee^ CUU8rB ""SI' 1 to farmers at various nninta i™ +»,= 2. toCK ste . els $7.00-8.' to come home. to farmers at various points in the Redmg's at Chicago, till she is' able : county in the week of February 6. * ' 'Since then approximately $200,000 more has been received. It is expected that some three- quarters of a million dollars will be paid altogether to Kossuth Trace Sickness to i Gas Stove's Fumes Corwith, Feb. 13—A mystery has been solved at Fred Varnum's. FARROWING RATION - FEED Shower for BrWc-to-Bc- W l,o w'orke'fso hard for all he •Sargent Minral Meat Meal at Grace Weiscnhofer was honored had farrowing time. Stronger, thrift-. a ' a miscellaneous shower at Mrs. I Awoke one morn to find that he on a "' lltu ".SRners Ihursday, and Was now a nublir pnpmv •RQ91.9Q assisting hostesses were Mesdimpn ' A i™, cn „ o '^ t - IU -" 1 >. .LJO-J-I. no ! win j'ic^utiiuca i ^\_ louse, a ocrooge a natioml NEW 1939 KOZY BROODER 1 and William 6 Slfgrnan' The lifter-i a" house. $43 and up. No freight to | noon was spent at 500 at six tables | T • ' '•> "«=> "'« cause- pay. Trucked right to your door. ; and high wa s won by Mrs. Arthur I now a " source rrom which will sat so close down the cause. ier pigs. Try a trial 1 money back guarantee. Streeter was engaged to ....... the housework. Then on wash HOGS Best light butch., 180-220 _...$7,50 Med. hvy., 220-250 ___________ $7.35 ,'Med. hvy., 250-270 '. ___________ $7.20 Med. hvy., 270-290 ___________ $7.05 Med. hvy., 290-325 ___________ $6.90 Best light butch., 325-350 ____ $6.75 Butchers, 350-400 ____ ' ________ $6.60 Packing sows, 275-350 _____ $6.40 Packing sows, 350-425 ______ $6.25 Packing s ows, 425-550 —$6.00-6.15 Packing sows, 550-600 ..$6.00-6.15 CATTLE Canners and cutters ____ $2.75-3.75 Stock steers ------------ $7.00-8.00 i Fat yearlings ---------- $7.50-8.50 Fat steers -------------- $8.00-9.00 Fat cows --------------- $4.50-5.50 Veal calves Dulls — CAGNEY PAT 'O'BRIEN, THE MAD END KIDS HUMPHREY BOGART ANN SHERIDAN • OCOME MNCMFI HM. ^ Smi try Mowbnd Bmra • M»* br MM Mttar Plus Walt Disney's "MOTH AND FLAME" 2d HIT JACK RANDALL and Rnsty, the Wonder HorJ "WILD HORSE~CANYOy Plus "HAWK WILDER!^ . • • Serial I - For Service" Dependable Work Friendly Service! CHAIN $5.00-8.00 $4.50-5.50 No. 2 yellow corn No. 2 white corn ___________ 370 No. 2 white oats _________ ~~~22c No. 3 white oats ___ ~""lOc " ~" No. 2 day last week Mr. Varnum, ' on ! at 57c, Motal of~$I,519~62<T coming home, found his wife, Miss I Fred Behlmer farmers as benefits for observance of acreage allotments assigned for the 1938 farm program. Mr. Loss also described the commodity loan program, reviewing the method followed from the time [ No ' 2 yellow soy beans """"""" application s i made till corn loans arc received. Up to February 7, he said, loans had been made on 2.666,000 bushels of Kossuth corn industrious, but dumb, fy, • .».., ,, «i.^, AIJ.IOO Streeter, and the pet dog all sick An investigation followed, and Mr' Varnum discovered what apparently was the cause: the wash boiler On display at Hamilton Hatcher-! Bamsey, travel by " Mrs"' *Edwhi i n,^ COme ies, Bancroft and Titonka. 25 u tf Greinert. Recipes 'for tlie bride • f. COm to buy the Sasoline — . ._ nmfrt m<A»n«4^,1 rm_ _ i For somfi nnm % undoi'doc's BORROW MONEY ON AUTO OR furniture. We'll refinance your present loan, reduce payments. Confidential service.- antee, Inc., Shops Moiues. -Iowa Guar- Bldg., Des Mrs. Storber's Father Dies- Word was received Wednesday of the death of Norman Anderson, ma- For some poor chine To bring the More Abundant Life To every loafer and his wife. From Dad will be extracted sums For radios to ease the hells AUTOMTIC HEAT - IT, NOW E1S22 ; Swea City, father of Mrs. Wilfred ! 0f a11 tlle chronic ne'er-do-wells— sTe 5i /~i i • i ,» I •—"^ *•«-' M- onujYt;. JL IlfcJ lUTlPl'ni \vn c i * «-««* -UtlQ. Q, Colonial, oil or gas fired air con- planned for Friday, but was poJt-! Was °°™ Just ditioner is the answer. New low price. Terms — Laing & Muckey. __ _ _ E1S22 COLEMAN LAMP, FREE! BEAU- tiful mantle lamp, Instant lighting, Glasstex shade. Value $10.90. Free with 109 Sargent Feed pons. , - poned to Saturday because of the snowstorm. Hook & Needle Clnb Sleets— Mr - Goetsch entertained ., the Hook & Needle club Wednesday at games and lunch. Decora- inquire at Anderson aratal^'wi^ S^ub'* VaIenUne ' S Coal Co - E-S 22 | Mesdames Emma guests were STOCK FEEDERS! GET INFOR- mation at once about Sargent Minral Meat Meal. Feed protein and mineral from same bag. Results will surprise you. — Anderson Grain & Coal Co. 22 Ruske, Alfred , Meyers, F. P. Newel, Frank Eigler H,,H !?..„„, ------- ., - too u f , Freelove ond Shellby ARE YOU MOVING MARCH 1st?— Remmeber the old address of your newspaper is as important as the new address, if you want to while the tf receive the Advance news is news. .Sevonty-tliird Birthday Honored- Mrs. Albert Wolfgram was honoree at a party Thursday night in honor of .her 73rd birthday anni- I- was RELIABLE MAN WANTED, TO call on farmers in Kossuth county. No experience or capital required. Make up to $12 a day — Write McNESS CO., Dept. F Freeport, Illinois. 30p22 CAMPAIGN IN CLASSIFIED!— We can supply advertisers with complete campaigns on any line of merchandise or service. Ask about this unusual service. — Advance Pub. Co. »n , at 500, with three tables in play High was won by Herman Krause and Mrs. Sophie Bleckwenn and Fred Jentz was low. mi S ,», Rolfe — lie W R. Wolfes have moved to thirty years soon. A moral lurks along the hall In all this fancy fol-de-rol, And it is this, that any cheat AVho says you ought to work to eat Is simply nuts— and out of his head; Sit on your tail or stay in bed, The Government will see, by Gad, That you get your's from chumps over the burners of a gas stove that, no air could reach the burners, and this caused ens fumes which filled the house. Brothers are Made 'Dads' on Same Day Swea City, Feb. 13—The stork delivered babies to both Butterfield brothers Thursday night at an Algona hospital. A 7%-lb daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs George Butterfield Jr., and an 8V 2 lb. son to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Butterfield. like Dad. TODAY IS VALENTINE day. . e o ' swore was Rolfe, where Mr. Wojfe is opening 1 wonderfully good-as soon as he ' " ~ Only one store had the penny "iu- sulaters" so lustily purchased and mailed not so many years ago The day of the valentine, all lacy and drippmgly sentimental, seems to have gone. It left during the twitchy-twenties, killed by the jazz age, of which the youngsters now m their teens know nothing It was killed by bootleg gin, ' age d three minutes, or alcohol and near- beer which the victim swore was wnnH^i.FiilU.. j "a« Woman, 93, is 111. Livermore, Feb. 13— Mrs. Hans Brovold, who is 93 years of age, and who lives in the home of her son Ole 'here, is again confined to her bed and seems to be gradually loving strength. Mrs. Soren Sorenson, of Gruver, a daughter, came Thursday evening. brought candy hearts to the meeting in honor of the approaching valentine's day The Rev. D. R. Martin, new pastor of the Congregational church, was admitted as a new member. Mr. Martin was a Rotarian when he lived at Albert Lea THE POLICE ARE looking for EGGS 69c Hennery* -------------------- i 5c No. 1 ----------------------- 14 No. 2 ------------------- _ llc Cnsh cream — -24c -22c No. 1 No. 2 II-IH" Sweet III~_ POULTRY ""^ Heavy stags 10c LiCht stags -._ 07e Hens, under 4 Ibs. ~_ g c Leghorn hens IIIII 9c ____ Cocks, under 4% Ibs. 6c youngsters who have been strip- ! Cock s, over 4% ibe. "70 Ping parked automobiles of radi- ! Go6S e, live ----------- ~_ 8c ator caps, and windshield wipers Hens . 4 to 5 Ibs. ' 1 """"'" " breaking headlights, taking bulbs,' bending license plates, etc., and ransacking parked cars. One > car in a private garage was stripped, and government instruments 1 have been molested. A im'ORCK WAS granted to Joanne Kathryn Huskamp, Lakota from Le Roy Wm. Huskamp by Judge Hudson Wednesday. Huskamp was charged with cruel and inhuman treatment. Ducke, live, 4% ibs'.I " gc Ducks, live, under 4% Ibs. ~"~6c Hens over 5 Ibs. •___ -13c 9n ' WES , LI!Y creamery made 23,000 pounds more butter last year than in the preceding year. The creamery's 16th annual meet iiig was held one day last week. J. U Skow i s president; John Loebig vice; Vincent Doughan, secretary- Air studer, treasurer; P. G Engen, buttermaker. HOSPITALS THE . a shoe repair shop The Paul Cornelius family has the house vacated by the Wolfes. Lloyd Corne- 20tf Ftmton League js Groninc. Fenton, Feb. 13- The Fenton chapter of the county Concorvation Lea League " ow '>as HOME LOANS — MONTHLY RE- duction or straight term. Title 2 FHA loans low interest rates, no commission. Loans for all purposes.— Algona Federal Savings & ' "" -•- Loan Ass'n. more ai ' e 100 ° f . r fox hunt was planned for Sunday, the fourth sponsored by this this chapter. 26U8U at dinner Us in honor — McFall _ entertained got his breath. There were those wenty-five-centers, with beautiful pictures surrounded with curled stiff paper, overlaid with a punched paper lace pattern than would make an ideal doily for grandpa's beard, so grandma said to tease the blushing recipient. They were killed off by the automobile, the paved road, the "modern treatment of childhood the sex pulp maggotzines, and the «"* " .", lol ? gh - u - hurts attitude. EASTERN- STARS ai.e at Burt today for a school conducted by Mrs. ,,?°JJ nBon ' wlU be a 6:3 ° Grove, to- PORTLAND GENERAL. Feb. 7— Verabel Ulfers, Algona, major surgery. 6 ' WILLIAM RADIG DIES AT 81 IN CALIFORNIA ueer, at Pasadena, Calif., Saturday" February 4. The caU se o " death has not been reported. Funera services were conducted at Pasa dena on the following Tuesday; and burial was made there ^ te n^ ly ,, yea J? ?/ far ming in Titon- k»h > , on- ka, boy; Mrs. Everal Adams Algona, girl; H. B. Bobbenhouse, of Des Moines, minor surgery Feb. 10— R. . Buns, Woden, major surgery. The Earl Shiplers entertained neighbors at five tables of 500 Sat- wn won in, CLASSIFIED COPY - WE HAVE: hi ,. t , i;< _- - — <m a u a library of classified copy on „, '"d^ Guests were Mr. and practically all lines of merchandise or service. Special copy prepared in campaign form without extra charge. Tell us what you wan.t We'll have it prepared — Maybe it's better. Maybe. IOWA'S LEGISLATURE hours last week spent and Advance Pub. Co. 20tf W. and n —~~i.t, trcit; ivir. aim M- ° 1 ' f °' daUKhter E ' dith rs es ' ° r ele °trocute governor of Texas set CORWITH Some neighbors and other friends gathered at John Nelson's Thursday evening for a surprise farewell party. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson were presented with a well- filled purse by William Puffer. Ice cream and cake were served.'The .Funeral services were held at St arys Catholic church, Corwith, Thursday for Margie Ryan Des Moinea former resident 'here who lied[following an operation for ap- nnnHI'.ltl*. ni. . i •. ,, , J lived here all Bliz/nrd Cancels School Friday— 1 here was no public school here Friday because of the snowstorm winch blocked roads. MOB? S schools were closed also. Other Fonton. talned the Evening "S '"club ihursday night at four tables wit . h «ve substitute players: Mr' *"1 51™- ?P«ond Stoeber, Mr.' rpph« ' oea Gerhart. High was won by Weber Yager, and Dr. E. W. Ruske was oendicitis. Her life ti] She low. The Oliver Stoebers visited Wednesday afternoon at Robert Padgett's, Algona. Elsie Willrett Al gona, called at A. R. Willrett's the same day. Mrs. Will Weisbrod attended a meeting^of the county council of Mr. execu- for one pardons ahead 30 days a scheduled tion so the condemned could be terrified and tortured for 720 more hours—so long, yet so short. Many would believe in the elimination of capital punishment but thing—governors! The granted by Kraschel during'"the ast days of his term have caused no little comment. If we could only be certain that life imprisonment meant just that. POPE PIUS*ta dead. Within 30 days again the crowds will watch the chimney at the Vatican for the smoke that signals the termination of another ballot-just as they did " ye f T B ago. Pope Pius will be one of the most famed of the wear- first for hto U ettort8 n8 to toS p7omoto £!L Ce J n ,, a war-mad world. Mem- i •,, — 'High prizes were by Mrs. W. J. Stewart and btewart, and low bj Ivan Long an d Garuie Hood Shipler r'?. and D. M spent Sunday at Le Rov Burger's, Burt. y Mr and Mrs. Ross Elvidge en^^ d J r ^L^ nelghbora at Mon- qnri y Sunday dinner at Earl Shlple KOSSUTH City gif~ Ml ' S< R- - Swanson - Swea «?Jl eb 'n?r M J S - Fred B utterfield, Swea City, boy; Mrs. George Butterfield. Swea City, girl; Mrs. He- yo Boeekelman, Titonka, medical ^S fc '.2^i; Hol SS: , on Jean Mitchell Algona, surgical and emigrated his country are the Allowing chil- Dorothy Laabs, Theresa Puersenl Besides the 13 children there " when they're cared for with fro- you all-'round MODERN DRY CLEANERS Algona WE DELIVER Phone 537 THIS are Ponton Man's Fatter Dies. Fenton, Feb. 13-nE. J. ceived a telephone call from a brother at Charles , ° f re Citv * week with the flu ^ , gro "P. of ten young folks en- w y i Skatlng at Union Slough Wednesday evening *»ousn Clare Wolf, son of the Edward the priesthood study ' . came one day last week for ;.hort visits with, relatives, Mr Galoway with his sons Clarence and Serenw, whom helped wrth a closlng^ut he education at Doms home at Burt Tuesday. W. E. Stoeber and her daughter Gladys went to Des Moines Wednesday and Mr. Stoeber attended a hardware dealers' convention till Saturday. Rose Weisbrod returned Friday from three weeks at her brother George'a at Bajmer. . by many many others in feeling that the world has lost a friend * * * * •«3 1 v VELE» i ast e e- end saw the snow plow fill up that nicely shoveled-out driveway But S™ ere few , kicks ' That snow- Plow means a lot of difference reet ' takes on mi nu minutes to shovel out the drive- But the shoveler help feeling wistful about it week week of the H M "waukee a Monday to take postgraduate, nursing at there. Attending the Methodist tea at Burt last week Tuesday were Met dames Clyde Bristow, Del Fitch, yy ana F. A. Ringedorf. Wvott Stott, and Sumner Parsons, the latter being one of the hostesses The Wm. Throndsou family, bes Moines, were at Del Fitch's two weeks ago and bought a 3-year-old purebred white Saanen milk Mr. Throndson bought three last spring from Mrs. Pitch. Letha Mann and Le Roy Lee visited a week ago Sutfday with the former's grandmother, Mrs. Nel- The Algona Auction Co. "ion m Algona every Saturday. Saturday, Feb. 18 Don't forget we wiU run our regufcr Saturday ^es the around. year Kossuth county. March to the 1st °' "«•* herd « th " 8eHing at your good our $600.00. WiU have some f or Saturda Br t as we have buyers every day g to Don't forgret that we handle the Machinery. Be sure and look at ,vlth SO in. draw bar and « h, cattle o, anyUUn^ ^ you want ^ Open Every Day. Sale Barn phone 77 R«, DK on «tock at X;80 p. m. 7 ' Bes ' Phone C. O. RIDDLE A SON *"** r horses, WEEK-We are featuring Globe Dutch Oven and are giving LIBERAL TRADE-IN ALLOWANCES and extremely EASY TIME PAYMENTS with NO CARRYING CHARGE. We invite all housewives to S ee our Dutch Oven Baking Demonstration. Saturday, February 18th few "DUTCH OVEN" RANGE WITH YOUR OLD STOVE^ Regularly Sells For A genuine "Dutch Oven", «an«e for tte price you: would.pay fpr ajPordinaryj range. ^See these outstanding features: Full Porcelain, Oveii^-eiz^ J 8' x 19'; Extra; p^fS? /JJ? Boj? Oversize roushed (Sxjking Top; Insulated with Rock Wool for **sfiSS^3sSSSS»J5^

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