Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 7, 1939 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 7, 1939
Page 10
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PAGE TEN FOX-HUNTING NOW RANKS AS WINTE SPORT cotmnf ADVANCE. AJU?OKA. IOWA Some Groups Go Out With No Guns But With Dogs. Fox hunting has become the most popular out-of-door sport in the county as well as one man Fried, and Mrs. Joseph Wad- lelgh. Mrs. George St. John had charge of the program, which con- Valentine Party i s Glyen— Some 135 women attended a Methodist Aid valentine party Thursday. A two-course lunpheon was served at 1:15 with Mrs. Antone Johnson's division In charge. Mrs. Mabel Sorensen had charge of the dining room which was beauti- B iu«' fully fleeorntetl in keeping with winteri ^ a! .entines day—red and white car- Shllts, LeRoy McWhorter, "•"— centerpieces, heart vases, Conklin', A. I •Hugh Cohvell. Mrs. 0. B. I artt on The Kind of Parent I Want tot My Student. young People's Banqnet Planned— A Methodist youtig people's banquet will be served at 6:30 next week Thursday evening at tho church. Sunday school and. Epworth League members from the ninth grade up to the young business people are invited. There will be a program of speeches, music, etc., after dinner. Mrs. Ray Ander, , - ,-. , son has charge of decorations, and of two readings by Ann Ste- the Centenary class has charge of britz, a trombone solo by Donald, Johnson, accompanied at the piano by Miss Stehn, and group singing, with Mrs. Fred Geigel at the piano. Hostesses were Mesdames Frank i IVnfflc Snpper Is Scrrcd. Mrs. H. M .Olson and Mrs. Bur- dotte T. Agard were hostesses at a Tea for former AlfOMlift— Mrs. S. 0. Anderson enteft&lnec five women Friday at tea for Mrs Geo. C. Vance, Mitchell, S. D. The Vances left for home Saturday, after Mrs. Vance, with her children had visited here while Mr. Vance was attending a conference In Chi* cago. . duce the number of predatory animals. The season was officially opened by the Fenton unit of the lea.cua, organized only on January IS this year, with a hunt two weeks ago Sunday, when four foxes were killed. Last week Sunday, some 40 Fenton men were out with guns, in "" , jnd Glen Raney favored the group with a violin- cello duet, with Miss Stehn at the piano. Miss Dillon also played two violin solos, accompanied by Miss Stehn. Societies Plan Joint Party— I The Methodist W. F. and W. IT. ! M. S. societies will meet in annual joint luncheon at the church at 1:15 p. m. Thursday. Mrs. F. Earl Hm-gess will be toastmistress, and hostesses will be Mesdames H. M. Olson, W. C. Irelan, Kermit Forbes, V. K. Rising, Donald Mil- oning at the former's home, 17 men and women attending. Follow- Club Members Wear The Keyhole club met Saturday afternoon with Irene Heller al Mrs. B. A. Thorpe's. There are 2fl members, most of them high school age. Each girl la required to wear a club key, and If found without one she must pay a penalty. To Observe Founders Pay— The Parent-Teacher association will meet next Tuesday at the high school building to observe Founders day, with Mrs. A. A. Clyde Ridenour winning high. One round of ping-pong was played. Bryon Arnold and Sherman Anderson winning high. New CInb Mas Meeting— Mrs. John S. Thompson enter- charge of Paul Eigler, president! of the unit. Several women were I Alpona Barber is Married— along. Tho hunters got one fox and | Frances Johnson Fort missed one. Four drives were and Walter Ewy barber-* made, covering four sections. i ~ ' ' Ken- „ ,, „ , iruntinjr Scheme. The Lone Rock and Alsrona units have instituted something new in fox-hunting in Ko-ssuth by putting on a hunt with dogs, but without ing five women, miles north of Lone Rock, many of watching from the warmth them , •• ----- married Wednesday noon in a single-ring cere- ™ ony b ? tne Rev. W. Handy at part. „ llome o£ tn e bride's parents, -- j; ,• and Mr8 - Marion Johnson, of j Invitations for Stag Party— G j lra °re City. The bride was dress- 1 A t last— a stag party! Formal accessories. ler, H. R. Rasmusson, J. C. Buth- tained the Merry-Mixers sewing ham, L. J. Malueg, Harley Trout- club Friday. The club, which also man, and Walter Klamp. Musical! celebrates birthdays, was organ- selections will be played, and a ixed recently. There are eight play will be given, with Mesdames | members: Mesdames Max Miller, A. A. Bishop, W. H. Rockey, D. J. I Albert Grooters, Herschel Thomp- Hredall, H. W. Thompson, W. A. | son, Clinton Lighter, George John- Foster, and S. W. Meyer taking j son, Perry Collins, John, Thompson, and Merle Schweitert. Refreshments will be served. Chicken-Pie Supper Planned— The Congregational Woman's Association will serve a public chicken supper Thursday evening at the church. Serving will begin at 5:30. Lenten Luncheons Planned — PlftHS for tlll'PP TjPTltpTl meetine of guns. This took place last week etI ,V 1 cmbroid ered beige wool, with I invitations for th'is week Friday i C on<? were made at Sunday. Some 125 people, iuclud- f ld , accessories, and her atten-! evening were issued last week by j the St Thomas Episconal assembled, two wa ^' ^"flo Munson, Humboldt.l* celebrated Quartet consisting of j held ThursdaT at Mrs George ^ S . a l tll ; ed in £ lu . e c ™Pe with rose I fed Overmyer Will Foster, Geo. | Schlieff's. The first will be held Both wore shoulder! Washington, and Abraham "' ' Oulld Lin- March 2 at Mrs. H. E. Woodward's, hounds, but there was one bloodhound, and there were numerous farm doprs. Surrounding four square miles, the men and do!-s gradually nlovsed in towards the . ™™ Sr sister of the bride. Mr. j birthdays in February, it is un-, a son-of Mrs. Henry Ewy, j del-stood, though it is whispered I A wedding dinner! that M a matter of historical fact was* served at the bride's parents. home of the ed. In a first drive, one fox was killed. Then, covering three other sections, the hunters jumped other foxes, but fnilod to get them. Rabbits, mice, and a great many pheasants wore scared up in the course of the hunt. Too Much Territory. All who saw the dogs chase the first fox at Lone Rock feel that th.s method of hunting has great possibilities, but the consensus of opinion is that if less territory were undertaken, luck would better. Mr. Washington's was ruary 22 but just half not Feb- that. Hel Canto fllnb Program— The Bel Canto club will meet at Mrs. C. H. Cretzmeyer's Wednesday at 2 o'clock. Wallace will have charge of next A'erne Bryan, Stickney, S. D., were married at 9 o'clock Wedn°^day evening at the Good Hope parson-, ..„..„ ago, the Rev A. H. Wood perform- [ study program and will wpdrtiT,/"? ~" ng ceremonv - A the sonata form in the wedding supper was served at the for the year, From Song to Symphony, by Daniel Gregory Mason. , Mrs. Carl Vohs, West Bend, will the Burt wi'^ *»+," i °;""7.' > " ; of | P lav a violin sonata by Handel, acme Min high school, is the only j companied at " Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Portland township i- Campfire t;ronp Meets— The new Campfire group held its second meeting last week Tuesday evening at the library. Business matters were discussed, and eVeniSg''"(TuMd«? everyone picked an Indian "»—| evening uuesday) and a design. The next name meeting will be February 7 at the library, a e home of the bride's parents, seven sunsts attending. The bride, a 1935 graduate daughter of Ootlfredson, ! n . 1 ™ er , s - The bridegroom, a farm-1 - the piano by Mrs. Sylvia Gunn. Mrs. C. C. Shierk will play a Beethoven piano sonata. or, is the son of Hugh Bryan, Stick- be llc v, S. D. Th . , . I T ! le newly weds will leave in c Ihirty-six members of the Burt wcek or two to live at Stickney the Conservation League were nut last week Sunday hunting with guns and got one fox. ^L™£° i w ° dr 'ves. covering a unit of Woman's Club Meets Tomorrow— The Woman's club will meet at 2:30 this week Friday at the library, with Mrs. D. J. i direction of Miss Englund.' tie i teacher in junior high. review textbook K. C. Itnnnnet Next Sunday— The Knights of Columbus will hold thefr fourth annual banquet Sunday evening at 6:30 in the Academy Hall, and the women will serve. Each member is expected to have as guest a boy or young man, his son or a friend's. The "i-ogram is in charge of L. A Winkel. Men's Club aMeet— ^^^Meets- nabobs' and a half snnaro tho next time. Roy Ollom and Cleo Black hunting on the preceding Thursday, shot a fox. breaking his right fore leg but had to track him till dark that ntsht, and from 9 till 12 the next day, before they ran him — down. They walked 15 miles. 5 More Hunts Sunday. ! = There are also reports of hunts = near Whittemore nnd Wesley last as week Sunday, but no definite in- = formation has come in. i as Two hunts were planned for Sun-' = day, February 4. The Lu Verne as and Wesley units were to hunt == near Lu Verne, using dogs but no i S guns. The hunters were to meet/ = at Lu Verne at one o'clock The Burt, Lone Rock, Titonka, and Bancroft units were to hunt in Union Slough, with Algona unit was hunts. Small Loans Up to $300 ON AUTOMOBILES UYE STOCK M>rSKHOLD FUKNITDHE, ETC "Timpt, courteous, confidential service. NORTH IOWA FINANCE CO - iunuiu. Jin men ot tile chm-oh ', r, s Dur- are invited. "*' to Upper DPS MoincH off!.-. jmiwmmmwm iiiiiiiiiiiraiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, mvmmwmmmrnmmmmmmm^ Old a Mrs. Hardy, Mrs. Nor-i Want for Bredall TU>c W ivirs. vv. ^.; meu!. inursaay evening at the several^clarinet church, and in charge of serving will be Mesdames L. F. Rice Martin Jensen, R. E. Vincent, Edw D Sheehan, T. H. Barker, and G' V Pollard. All men of the church are invited. and . will the Kind of Teacher I My Child, and Miss Dur- Other Society. Mrs. John Kohlhaas will entertain at 1:30 dessert luncheon Thursday. There will be five tables of bridge and Chinker-€hek. Mrs. D. D. Paxson entertained the Birthday club at 6:30 dinner last evening, honoring the birthday anniversary of Mrs, R. J. Keen. Bridge was played at two tables. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Pratt and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Parks 1 were hosts and hostesses at a dinner- bridge party Friday evening, 12 men and women attending. The, group had 7:30 dinner at the > Chrome Cafe, then played bridge and Chinker-Chek at the Pra home. The boys' division of the Metho dist King's Heralds met at th church at 4 o'clock Monday, unde leadership of Mrs. E. A. Genrich The girls' division will meet thi at 4 o'clock Mrs. Genrich again in charge. Mrs. C. H. Cretzmeyer enter tained at a one o'clock luncheon and bridge party Friday. Threi tables of bridge were in play, Mrs M. G. Bourne and Mrs. Richard Norton winning pfiftf, John Saul entertained th« tUjr- Ing fiagle patrol of the local Soy Scoute troop at hit hotoe Thursday evening. John, who 18 a pat* rol leader, is a «on of Major and Mrs. Leslie T. Saul. Mr. and Mrs. B. V. Pierce entertained at 7 o'clock dinner and bridge Sunday evening. Three tables were in play, Walter Jensen winning high for men, Mrs. Pierce high for the women. A radio sewing meeting of the Legion Auxiliary will be held-at Mrs. W. C. Dau'a this week Wednesday at 2 o'clock. The topic of the radio program will be "Americanism." The Delphians will meet for a one o'clock luncheon today at the Algona hotel. Mrs. II. P. Norton and Mrs. W. G. McCullough will have charge of the program, which will be on Woman Leaders of Today. The Handkerchief.Birthday club met yesterday (Monday) with Mrs. Meta Redfleld, that being her birthday. There are eight members, and afternoons are spent at bridge. , The First Lutheran Luther Lea-j gue will meet this week Wednes-' day evening at Pearl Hovey's. The church choir will practcle at 7 p.; m. the same evening. j Mrs. F. C. Scanlan entertained her bridge club at 6:30 dinner last, week Monday evening. Three tables were in play, Mrs. M. J. Streit winning high. «• . , , *r •:- ••' ' , ' You Need Coal Now With Lots of Quick Heat The rest of the winter will have a lot weather ups and downs. • Your fires win f, be pushed and checked frequently It takes a good coal, such as our BLUE STAR coals to do a good job conditions. These two brands contain lots of heaf onoii trolled and HttlP. ash. *•«"• easily c Fill your bin now with one or the other fn,i ruary and March. ur ' PHONE 229 F. S. NORTON & Sffl BARGAINEE! at the guns The invited for both Younj? Mother Dies __ as New Child Born 1 Mr. and Mrs. John Foth were at Mason City Sunday helping in funeral arrangemnte for Mr. Foth's niece, Mrs. Fred Becker, the former Rosalind Lappe, Bancroft, who died Saturday at Mercy hospital there from hemorrhages following childbirth. The baby a girl is living, and there three other girls six, four, and two raspective- ly. The funeral services were held at 9:30 this morning at a Mason City Catholic church. Mrs Becker's parents are both dead. Mr Becker is in Decker employ at Mason City. SHE SAID I Like LONG'S because they deliver quickly. And you can depend on their quality foods at no higher cost in price. RIGHT NOW SALE Big Sunklst California Navel Oranges 12c per dozen Small size lOc dozen Algona's Most Progressive Dry Goods and 1 Apparel Store I The Chrischilles Store 1 HUB CLOTHIERS To give you the Greatest Opportunity you've had m years-Everyitem is an Extraordinary value. It's the end of the season and we are determined to move these goods out. They are price to sell. Boys' $2.85 Blue Melton wool Zipper Jackets, age 6 to 16 __. H Read these items carefullly as a final GRAND are 5* and Ladies' Silk and Wool Dresses "• Blankets, Large Sized and Very Low Priced y-^ *> 2S »> 25% Wool Blanket, 72x90 5% Wool Blanket, 72x84__ swade Sport Dresses in'nlg'n's'haleT'and small sizes, $7.95 values for «, One ruck of this fall's Silk and ' -$3.35 $2.45 98c Men's Grey Work Sox doz. $1 $1.00 ^•M All Wool Mufflers 39 C Men's best heavy fleeced Union Suits You can Carve Yourself a Slice of Bargains robes for 79C Men's 65-75c silk ties 2 for $1 Men's Wool liner MitU Men's Red Plaid Winter Caps; fur in bands, all grades for Corduroy j 59c some wonderful bargains, all sizes __price Misses' and Ladies' Winter Coats 4Hnd8 »»8e«lHuBliCoata, sizes 20, 42, and two -. ese are real buvs for only 821 7<i Australian Seal Fur Coats ( '' Extra fancy ripe Tomatoes 15c per lb., 2 Ibs. 28c LONG'S GROUND BEEF Many times better than th common run of Hamburger BUY NASH'S COFFEE Silverware FREE EGGS WANTED ^ Big Quart Jar of Dills only 25c Drink Apple Juice Wearwell Sheets, 81x108 _ Wearwell Cases, 42-inch ° Tequot Sheets, 81x99 __ ~ 22c each Pequot Sheets, 81x108 1'equot Cases, 42-inch _~_~_~ Curtains and Zlon Men's $8.50, 40 inch Sheeplined Coats $5.95 ^^^^^^^^^^^•^•^ BBMMM 8 inch black knit Shoes, all sizes 16, -79c BE $19.75 I PinNegligees and Underw Price Long's Food Shop as Loomtog two-piece ear Snow Suits and Sweaters i SaJ.SS*^- ortedp.ai.sand i Men's Whipcord Boot Pants cot. flannel Gloves 5c * • I All men's $1.25, $1.50, and $1.65 lined dress Gloves £4 «| A Pair 91.00 Barton's lOc size black or brown Shoe Polish Red Kap blue chambrav Work Shirts Men's heavycotton rib Union Suits, 98 quality 67c 25 pair young men's Wool Slacks, regular $3.50 and $3.95 grade $2.39 A " $5.00 Gossard CombinVt1on"Ga7m;mr" d ] s 7 0 -- t Y- $1<25 ued models in fine satins and brocades _;$ 2 . 98 ii 100 _ Piece Goods, Toweling Miscellaneous Plaid Lined Jacket, size 16 Bradley Scarlet H 18-in. all Linen Stevens Crash, 5.95 Men's 2-buckle Work Rubbers, red sole, $1.45, $1.65 value Wool Sox, Pair Shoe Laces ..." Suits, ages $3.19 $1-49, sizes 4 6, 8, only ___ Men's extra heavy Sweat Shirts 69c winter Poo Fancy ' 0ng ^r 68 ' stripes 59C men's 25p fancy issSojf, 6 pairs $1.00 the * 8 Q ALL CHILDBEN'S COATS AND SILK AND WOOT DBESSES DBA8TICALLY mvm _ ilM ^^^ I£UTHQU>, Clothier •*•**«» s 9

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