Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 7, 1939 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 7, 1939
Page 9
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1989. CQttNTY ApVAKGB, ALGONA, IOWA PAGE (hire Bred Sow Sale [ursday, February 9 fthe greatest artaj s of sows that will be sold In the ill be seen on the farm of John Turner, of Hnmboldt. e sows are bred to the greatest O f n ji champions, Now, gentlemen, when you see the set of feet and Is champion yon will say that he is a Poland China, contrary, for he Is the kind of Hampshire yon have for. Now he Is IT. Write for catalog. buying a sow In this sale will hare a good chance ood strong litter, because these sows were fed THE UlOVE way. This menns a balanced ration, with Serais Included. Mr. Turner mixed WALNUT GROVE I with his home grown ration and made what we may SfSleal. At the present price of feed the cost of every tdcd Is right at $18.00 PER TON or $3.25 to produce ~~ FORK. o, can benefit by feeding WALNUT GROVE MINER- produce profitable hogs. By careful Inquiry yon will ttost sucessfnl stockmen feed WALNUT GROVE MIN- est references are our WALNUT GROVE USERS. onr neighbor about WALNUT GROVE. For full par- II or write H. S. FAIN 7-M. HUMBOLDT ILENDING TO FARM OWNERS SINCE IBS? LOW RATES A 26 year repayment plan A liberal prepayment privilege unusual Reserve Fund safety feature |No commission, appraisal, or title examination costs to the borrower It is worth looking into We are their Authorized Representatives i fHutchison & Hough Real Estate and Farm Loans Security State Bank Building Algona, Iowa Sale starts at 12:30 sharp M. KM Mr. Klold R»pr*>«fntfltivi> J. M. Patterson, the dairy man! in a row of stanchions. These are south of Algona, was not feeling jail high grade Shorthorns, and his- best when we called a week they show good care. Mr. and llftlCS ALL ie late Louis R. Button property at the farm one south and % mile west of Hobarton, on ednesday, Feb. 15 HEAD OF LIVESTOCK 25 Head of Horses 2 One sorrel mare, 1 bay mare. Head of Cattle 15 11 cows, some fresh, others fresh soon; 3 calves one 2-year-old Shorthorn bull. ago Monday, and was taking an afternoon rest. We had a short visit She is look- We did not Mrs. Haag believe in keeping their buildings in first class order, as they repainted all of the buildings Head of Hogs 15 8 Poland China brood sows to farrow in March April, 7" fall pigs. About 20 Tons Alfala Hay in Barn. 10 Bushels Yellow Seed Corn, 125 RHODE ISLAND RED CHICKENS Farm Machinery, Etc. 3-section harrow; disc; corn planter with wire; |ht bob sled; triple box; hay rack; iron-wheel gon; 2-wheel trailer; New McCormick corn shell- New McCormick No. 4 cream separator; grind- ?ne; iy a h. p. International engine, 2i/ s h. p. New&y engine; pump jack; speed jack; platform lies; 4^-bbl. steel tank; small steel tank; 2 5-gal. un c^ns; milk pails; etc. Brooder house, 6x8; 2 sets breeching harness; |tch forks; and' other articles too numerous to men- HOUSEHOLD GOODS— Beds, chairs, 10-ft. din- |g table, radio, range, heating stove, dressers, VJc- |6la, fruit jars, 2 12-gal. jars, library table, book- se, etc. TERJtyS — Cash, or if terms are desired see clerk fore the sale. No property to be removed until set- ed for. Louis R t Dutton, Estate Wallace E, Me Arthur, AdminUtrator IteJk INTERN, >»cUoneer IOWA 8T4TO BANK.Clert daughter are both married.- They tractor, also live in the Wesley .neighbor- ho6d. * * * * When at Jerome Hawkins', northwest of Wesley, we always like to hear them tell us some stories. They also like good magazines to read. Henry Nelson, the Wesley rural assessor, called there Wednesday while we were there and telephoned to see if the neighbors were home. Mr. Hawkins thought it was not right that Henry had not called him by phone to Ive him a chance to hide his dog. If anyone wants a good laugh visit at the Hawkins home. Mr. Nelson holds a record for he has been Wesley township's assessor for 27 years. ' * * * * The Sparks Bros., northwest of Wesley, will move March 1 to one of C. W. Nicoulin's farms northeast of Armstrong. They already have moved the machinery. Mrs. Ruth Sparks, Dean and Howard's mother, was not home. She was one of the Plum Creek girls years ago. We will miss these folks onj our routes, but will visit them at| Armstrong, for they will live only j a short distance from the Swea City route. * * * * 'Last Thursday we were at R. W. Butterfield's, northwest of Elmore. These folks are always busy. They milk 14 cows, using a milking ma- trip each summer. This last season wild hay on the small prairie chine. This takes work to keep it they crossed the Rockies and saw .north of Bancroft. This wild hay I clean. .Mrs. Butterfield was wash- the west coast, visiting the states was very good last season, and he! ln S the utensils and Roy was) of Washington and Oregon. Mr.! had 1400 bales of hay from 401 cleaning out a calf stall at the i Dittmer has a great many nip.-'ar-ron barn. He really keeps his barn tures of places they visited. with Mrs. Patterson. ing better than ever. see their fine herd of Holstein cows this trip. J. M. is president of the county fair. * + * * Ben Bahllng, a mile west of \ day when we called. Burt, was feeding his hogs last show that they have this last season. * * * * Laurence Pingel, southeast of Ledyard, was bedding the calf stalls in his barn last week Tues- Hls' cattle good care. Monday. Ben raises a lot of fine This will be his second year farm- stock, and this year added three ing for himself. He has 33 head! of head of Black'Angus cows to his j cattle, and 33 head of hogs. He herd. He has nine head of fine' also showed us a fine English Herefords, and he milks eight Shepherd female dog. Last week Guernseys. This takes a lot of she had eight fine pups, work. Ben says he gets a great ' * * * * kick out of tending cattle and Elmer Jergenson, southeast of hogs. Ledyard, last Tuesday was feeding hia cattle. He has 90 head of cat- Last week Tuesday we called on tie on the place and they take a lot E. B. Dittmer, northeast of Burt. i of feed. Elmer has plenty of feed Mr. and Mrs. Dittmer are folks for his barn is full of hay and he that are getting more out of life has a large pile of baled hay than most people. They take a stacked in the yard. He put up the * * * * At Edw. F. Anderson's, north of Swea City two miles across the state line, we found him and his hired man hauling straw and putting it in the barn for 'bedding. Ed at one time lived in Iowa near Swea City, and still does most of his trading there. He is somewhat handicapped to work on a farm f6f he lost his left arm some yeirs agft while shredding corn. He caya hi may quit farming and sell newspapers. , .'noon n n n n on n n n a onoaa aom a nnDaa ; a.a.n.nu:a, pic- acres. Geo. E. Lanning, northeast of At. J. C. Blome's, northwest of, Burt, has lived on the William Pet- Ledyard, last Tuesday we . found: ers farm a number of years. Mr. Mrs. Blome busy washing. She told. Lanning said Mrs. Lanning us not to put this in the paper, so j now feeling as good as ever. She we won't. Mr. and Mrs. Blome are had a serious operation last sum- Jolly folks and they are also good mer. renters, for they have lived on this | * * * * farm 20 years. They said they did] We had a short visit last TueS' clean. They have a fine herd of Holstein cows. * * * * not knoV how many different l 'fiy with Arthur Kramersmeler, landlords they have had. At pres- northwest of Ledyard. Mr. Kram- ersmeler and his brother farm their father's farm. The boys have j some fine horses and all cribs are ent this farm is owned by Arthur Murray, of Bancroft. * * * James Coady, southwest of Wes- was ley> ls also mov l n & th' s spring, and : will take over the farm where! Leonard Arndorfer now lives [ southwest of St. Benedict. * * * * At F. G. Junkermeier's, west of Ledyard, they had butchered and Mr. Junkermeier was cutting up the 'meat for summer use. He is handy at this work. Mr. and Meyer, of Lakota, them. Mrs. Louis Anderson, northwest of j full of corn. They also built a new ™ ere t ° erc , ]° , helI L th Ledyard, has recently cut down crib. . Me y er te their daughter. * * * * At J. J. Lickteig's west of Wes- some trees that were dead. Mr. Anderson lives on one of the late Frank Wiemer farms. He raised ley Wednesday, on what they call a lot of corn, and they built a new tn e "Apple Treat" farm, we found corn crib on this farm. * * * * C. A. Haag, northwest of Ledyard, and his son were in the cow they now have electric lights. They, . are on the new R'EA line. These ;" mg . The Albert B. Wests, north of Ledyard, have remodeled their 1 built a new barn the years and are now the They folks showed us the family picture they had taken recently. This is a! hoped this would finish their improving. They aim to keep their jaiu, emu ma ouu were in uie uow uiey nau. taKen recently, mis is a > ; . ,, v barn last week Tuesday when wet fine picture. There are-five boys! p ce * * * * came there. They have 17 cows; and four girls. The oldest son and WHITTEMORE NEWS [Held "from Last Week.] The home economics girls of the public school served a four-course Thursday evening. The guests mg was spent at cards. Evelyn Voigt won high, and Gertrude Meyor was low. Lunch was served. The Algona Lutheran Aid asso- We called Friday on Martin Geerdes, northwest of Swea City. This is only a half mile south of the Minnesota line. They bought this farm a few years ago. They have four children, two boys and two girls, and the two older children attend country school. . * * * * >R. E. Johnson, southwest of Ledyard, who is mein deutscher friend and likes to talk deutsch, is always dinner to the high school teachers; elation entertained the Whittemore full of fun. This is one of the were Alice Kain, Margaret Greteman, Nettie Sammin, and Supt. and Mrs. Frank Rochford. 'Mary Urich, Duncan, and her son branch Wednesday evening. Guests -i a te Frank Wiemer farms consist- were Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Jessen,' j ng o f 320 acres. Mr. Johnson has son Ralph, Mr. and Mrs. William lived on this farm six years and j wood with a saw mounted on Roeber, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Rusch, they built a new corn crib to make Joe visited another son, Paul, here, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Zumach, Mr. room for the big crop. Wednesday. I and Mrs. George Schultz, Mr. and * * * *• H. F. Mittag, Lone Rock, was a! Mrs. Hugo Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. 1 We called Friday on Marshall business caller here Thursday. I Walter Struecker, Mr. and Mrs. El- Prescott, northwest of Swea City The A. C. Andersons, Bancroft,! mer Bell, August Roeber, Albert across the state line about two have moved into the old Carmody; Lauck, Louis Greinert, August miles. This is the first place this residence. Mr. Anderson recently, Vaudt Jr., Rudolph Berninghausen, winter where we have found the purchased the 'August Schatt- 1 and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Braatz. driveway drifted. He lives 80 rods schnelder blacksmith shop. | The evening was spent at Bunco from the highway. He and two o. •Mrs. Leo Swanson was hostess and Chinese checkers. Lunch was. his neighbors were ready ^ to saw to the Tuesday bridge club last served, week Tuesday. Following one „__ o'clock luncheon at the Iowa ho- ' ' tel the women played cards at the Swanson home at three tables. Mrs. Peter Schumacher won high, and Mrs. Anthony Schmitt won cut. Theodore Bierstedt purchased a' new Chevrolet Friday from Poirot & Schattschneider, and Leroy Elbert has a new Chevrolet truck. Relatives gathered at Mr. and Mrs. George Meyer's Friday evening to help Mr. Meyer celebrate his 55th birthday. Attending:'Mr. and Mrs. Herman Meyer, daughter Gertrude, Mr. and Mrs. William Meyer, sons Ernest and Alvin, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Meyer, Mr. and Mrs, Lawrence Meyer, the Herman Volgts, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Heidenwith, son Ellsworth. Mrs. Dorothy Sobers, son Ralph, Mr. and Mrs. William Roeber, son Melvin, Mr, and Mrs. William Ostwald, all of Whittemore; "Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Bruhn, Depew; Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Greinert, Fair- vine, daughter Verdell. The even- LEDYARD Mr. and Mrs. Henry Selberg entertained neighbors and friends Wednesday night, and 500 furnished entertainment, ,!Lunch was served at a late hour. Mrs. Harriet Matzener, who suffered a, nervous breakdown several months ago, had a setback on Friday, and was ordered' back to bed. Monday night she was taken to Algona, where she entered the KJos- suth hospital for treatment, ... •. The Sacred Heart sponsored a card party at the church parlors a week ag.o Monday night. Mrs. Jack McDonald won the high score in bridge, Charles Hilferty won the door prize, and Fred Darnell won the high score in 500. Several from, here attended a shower honoring Lena Bauman at the parental Bauman home at Lakota last week Tuesday night. The Arthur Zielskes entertained Geo, Hagge, the Raymou Barslou- family, and Mr, and Mrs. Richard Zielske, Walter and Elmer Zielske, at -a -waffle supper last Wednesday evening in honor of their daughter Marilyn's fourth birthday. ••Mr, and Mrs. Reynold Buscb, of Ringsted, were Sunday dinner guests at Alfred Busch's. Fred Baumaa received word Tuesday of the death of 'his father, Wm. Bauman, at Lakota. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ennen, Lone Rqek, Clayton Fischer aad children, Lakota, were at Alfred Scha- dendorfs a week ago Suuday getting acquainted with the new, eon Alfj-e'd William. The Forensic Board had ths 'Dprbtby Bennett players piesent the play, "Art at Ita Best," a week ago "Tse^d&y Burning a!t 9 G'QCfc. 'A large number of Lj54ya'rd" fcetball fans went'to l*l(»t» $ to vilest the Closing Out Sale! Two and one-half miles straight west of Whittemore Friday, February 10 5—HORSES—5 48—CATTLE—43 These cattle are all in good condition. 12 FALL PIGS—EXTRA GOOD 50—WHITE ROCK PULLETS—50 Pull line of farm machinery. Joseph Eisele COLWELL BROS., Auctioneers. FARMERS STATE BANK, Whittemore, Clerk. ***** BARGAINS BUY ANY ONE OP THESE 3 FOR ketball fens weat to Lakqta a wee& ago Monday night to wttiWSf the gsmi. tH» I^flyayd boys lost » IrtMBBWt"?*^ '31 Chevrolet LWB1 i T, dual tires '31 Chevrolet SWB, HT, dual tire* '33 Ford LWB HT, dual tires '36 International €-8 301% T LWB Dual Tires with stock rack 37 International D-2 HT with iy z ' pick-up body '34 For,d iy z T LWB single tires, hot water heat '35 Dodge, truck 1% T LWB dual tires, heater grain box '35 Dodge coupe, clean, a bargain Gome in. See these trucks. Get our prices Manhattan Shirts Drastically Reduced For This SALE! Fine Shirts that sold for as much as $2.50, all slashed to one low price... a price that you can't afford to overlook! This sale begins at 8:30 sharp, Wednesday morning... Be early, get the best selection! All sizes, All fabrics High Quality Twills, Cheviots, Broadclothf, Chambrays & Madrases Left from Season's Selling. nun on nonon cin ninononononnoannnin nan naa a n Old Fashioned BARGAIN DAYS Specials MAGAZINE RACK or SEWING CABINET only LINOLEUM REMNANTS Values up to $3.00 going at $1.OO A BIG FLUFFY $1.00 FLOOR MOP FREE WITH EVERY 9x12 ARMSTRONG RUG AT REGULAR PRICE OF RUG To all New R. E. A. Electric Users and all others considering Electric Refrigeration. We have just purchased the Balance of 1938 Norges available from our distributor at a Mg discount and while this shipment lasts we can save you from $25 to $30 on a fine NEW NORGE We have sold the Norge line for about 9 years and can truthfully say we believe there is no better refrigerator on the market. See them at once* This shipment will not yast and there will be no more when tbese are gone, ( ^(IPPP ^PW^PIP^ ^^|^^ ^^^Pfl(Mr^P^^^ ^^^f- ^^^r^t^ ^^^^- "^^ffW^ ^^^&^^^^ ^^^^ 4 ^ t • - Furniture ComiMmy < ,, |1( , ^^ ^^^^w mf^^ w ^^*fjr, •^B J^^J^T ^^^^fl^KJ *w?f^ : ^Pr. * * * j *

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