Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 7, 1939 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 7, 1939
Page 4
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New Wesley Gym to Be Dedicated Monday BLEACHERS AND SIAGE SCENERY ARE INSTALLED Wesley. l<V.h. 8—The dedication' of the new R-ymnaaiuni and' andi-' torinnv will talfe place, nest, weelt 1 Monday evening. A program Is lie-! ins an'nnftvtt hy Sopt. Kldon RAV-' lin, Charlcx Krans, and MM. Vee; Mnllin, the noimniuee in cttitrse. j The Woden hia;h school basket.-, hall teams will play the Wesley, tftiwis i.har. uisht. The srymn;»«innv will he open In the al't.ernoon. j Riiift-e settin&w and the five rows; of hleachers which ace alons the east, side were put. in place Tuesday. : The shower:* aru installed and all door* except two have heen hnng. The iMirtitins 1'ov the t'i'ont. ot' tile staire have heen hnn^. They are. of heavy deep wine velonr, with valance i.hree feet: hy i?;> feet edged wilh a 'i;old fringe and sfnid: em-, broidered' letter,* W. ff. 3. ' Fiamu for the approaching mat 1 -' oi' Mr. and Vfi'.«s. rohn Ric-.htev. and. Kdvnnnd Otis, son of Vfi's. Mary Otis, -.veve i-end for rbe first, time Siinday ar. 3t. .roso/ph'* Carhi-jlir. f.hnrr.h. The couple will he married [i'eornary 1!-. Ran as were also, pu-r, lulled for the seiiond time for Alice P'orhnrger, oldest riaiighwr of .vfr. and Mrs. Tom nv,rhnra;.yr. and .iYisJ.ij;-, Krieps. oldest son of Mr ar.rl .Vfr.« \i. .!. Krieps. of A!W,a. TViey \vill he married in Si:. ,IVi'!i>.r..h'.< i"ai'ho!ic chnrr.h here FV.lv- ruary 7 a;- •>, .Vo.ior.ir. They \vill live on ''.'>•'. r\rieps farm jn.it south of S' 1 .-;,v.-n. Allow: iilO women attended the p-.'e-r.iiijtial shower s;iven Sunday a;':-eiTi,jr,n in r.he lodav: hail VVfls?t«7 jfo-ypu^v*'* f^iVat. hall tea01 .>;ot. rev»nu;e Monday ni:>-';i:-. l-.eve for a. :2i--0 d.H-.'ea.i: at tlie hands •'.>' Whittemr.re hi:?]; school the-iV. hy swamping :•.!•.<> visiro.-s, .W-i:3 in a. 2;Aiiie '.hat :;ot off r.o a slow start but •'•ained momentum till v.he I'inai -.viii^r.ie wa.* hio-vn. Vv'esiey -.VAX lesdiii'; 2-l-n at thft' hai;' timd!. :>''..>;• Having ar. unrm- pvessi-j.i r-"> adva:u,*:?;<» at the And of :he first .ii.iarwr. r.oelvU '*'as hij;h sro-rer with i:'i sovr.r.*. r.railed r.y F:.Yr,v,m ar.d .Krm* <v<rh 11 fta.ch. The s^rls lost A. har.-J-fori^hi: 2-a:m« to WhitMniovft 2o-2"2. Ar. the ha.lf %>s!f? led i'.y a score of II-liV. day lasr ''.ve.sk 'v|-,iu heliMn^- her .w, ,sw.rr. rhe ;'amiiy oar, Mrs. Vrmri;: was star.din;; in I'rr.-.ir. o;' the ':.p.f If. the 2;ar3.s:<s -.vhen thft car atarwd in ?v:ar. SH-.e -A-as pinned h*t.v,•••.:::i f.h.j r : .sr anr: the sfarasje »a;i. t.'iri hnniper striiving- her !«•>• jr.sr. neio-'.w the icnee. f.'a« draish at ?ic: ti'eatnw.nt!. KfiTrti'sdi came: Ilmuff tvmn NovthffeUi to spaiut x fevt- days. IJRtweeiv saniBstiava wttlV> lioi' Wesley volunteev fivemett. tained tiie town c.otinc.iT at, an oys- tev stew at the lodfeiv Hall Tuesday niifht:. ThoH, A, McMahon, tveas- urer for the fh'Buifiiv, said last week that the annual: fireman's lin IT was the most snt'.Ressfnl ever held,, r.he net profits lieins aliont NEW PREDATOR HUNT PUNNED AT BURT MEET Bnrt. Fetti- «~Btati Conservation members- enjoyed! aiv oys- fUVERNE BACHELOR FARMER QUITS AFTERm YEARS ON THE SAME FARM P. T. A. Pi-iit'lts (in T.nno.Ixtti— Mrs. T,. f>, Pl'elTer,. P. T. A, prani- dent, reported that the organisa- tion made a net. profit, of hetAveen SI:! and ^1! on lnno.lie-s served during' tlie a;irl:i' hnshet.hnll tournament last week-end. .Ifi-n. Kennedy R^c.ovfirinui'— The condition of .Mrs. Kate ICen- neily, who suffered, a iitrolce Friday. Is improving slowly. Mrs. TiT- lie. Loehi;>- and .\Trs-. ,lolin Ormshy are assisrins In c.aritis for her. hU^hiidr^r. snd ^h,vn rlrisrin's; mi sf.rnr.;<: f,y A rar that hft'dirt not.'s« : ' f.c/rr.i,-i ?. His car wa.^ harliy da.m- 1 I"?; up. Mr. V'e^'j-p; ivu-;f-i7f.r! s"rnr Mi 'nis fst.f-.f-.. '' Kay* farm at Hutr-hin*- - tiarry 'iV.c/mijson. :';:r-nv ; r who r.ft.o ,-iu .-.1 osi!-,;•; ovit ,-.?.l,: ; in Oftc^rri- 1 h^r at tna V/iii Man .'.-A farm north- 1 ^'^ r ;, f nf '''' ; ' h3 '"' ''"'•-'-w^ thft so-; Sr.;;-. la.r^.'i ^^ ^j-. i: . nr^.^l; rifii-r; of -•><-.;: ..or..-;.--.ons. Trif: Osoar John-' ft'm rarfi!!-/-, fi.-ir.t, 'will roo->--- ; onto thft Want;* fA.-r/.. wh ft r«- Mr. Ma.ntif; r,^'-. "'v/Vf^^ ;^--^.^ imc,rn-vft-; .Vfr. .V!>i..-,r;t. '" '" '' r: " B "' ' <4ttPfif] f I-p-Ar J.afcp. W>»liJinr/ .Mr arc! W-.- if- ^"i,, , .-. .. ' ' •'' '"' '•'•'•'• f-..f.'i Oth ftr Mr. and Mrs. 0. T. Zerhe entertained their evening hridsa clnh at a rt;:W- dinner Sunday evening; Mrs. fr. .r. Braley won high score pme for women, and Dr. R. K. Richardson won lirj;]> for men. 151- don Riivlin won travel pri'/.e. Mr. and Mrs. Carroll r... Johnson, of AU'ona. were snesta. .Mrs. .nilins Kan/ left hy train Sunday niajht. for ifihvanltee, Wia., where she will sta.y till 'Friday wiih Mr. I'din"., who is in a sanitarium. Mr. Knn:'. will return to Wesley with Mrs. FCunz Friday. Mrs. Thos. A. Mo.M.ihon entertained her bridge clnh Thursday afternoon. Mrs. T.eo Eleich won hi;.';h SCOTS prfee, and Mrs. Lael IV.oov. won second hi?h. Mrs. Victor r.o.>iii_>; was '>;nest. Mrs. Glen Mr.Marray. of Relmond, spent sever,5.1 days la.^t. weelr at r.he home of Mr. and Mrs. Ren H'plrins. Mr, Mo-Murray and dan^h- ter came for her Sunday. A S'irl was horn r.o Mi-, and Mrs. l'.ee Coer.:' P'l'ida.y morn Ins;. This makes a. family of fonr sir Is and f-vo hoy.*. Mrs. Co«t.7. is r.he firrm- sr Matilda. Ardnorfer. .-V son wa* horn Sunday night, to Mr. and Mi's, .faooh r.allina,-. This is their fii-s-r. child. Mrs. rolling- U rh.-! former Fi>y?sie P'o::. dau2'ht.er of Mrs. r.b.zie POT. Thursday evening th« P. T. A. will sponsor a. ••->;ame night." in the n.v\v .-;-ymnasiutn r.o which the pnh- iic is invited. Games of all kinds will he played. The F;.ev. and Mrs. Arthur Bot- t.-ir.-i and Mr. PM-.varris, hoi3,se!fr;eper I'or A, M. Kr.r,2, drove to Rsthar- ville la.^r. weelr Tuesday for the day. Mrs. Lester Larson came home last Saturday from the Mercy hospital a.t Ma.w. City, where she auh- Ki-hvard Johnflon, s on of Mr.' a.nd Mrs. Anthony .fohnson ha^ been under the doctor's care, sm'fftrina 4 -.vir.h a sevfiiv. head ini'ftct.ion. Alfred F:rdma.n a.nd. Ed-w. Ffild- roan wftnr, to fjea Mr/vnfca Wftdnea- day to attend a three-day liiraber- .T.en's cons-ftntion. c :arr,*y anri Kmll Goer..', and son la.'ilr, of Los-tsnr., 111., vb.itf-d last. \vse!r at William Ward's a.nd' .Ta.clc Rose Smith of Fiuffa.lo r:entftr, r,ea.r,h«r a.t the Fred Heefelrt school, ^P'snt thft wftekr-end at L. fi. Lick- rrftnft Johnson haji heen smplny- ft'rt at thft rmmanuel F-eterson hornf; north of Firitt since Wedneflda.y. Mr. and .vrrs. Oeorse Sherdian, of Clfta.r Lakft, visited with their dausfhtfti', Mrs. La.ft! Ftoot. Jnliu.>. M. Knn/ spent last weekend with his mother, Mrs. An.-. M. Kim*, a.t lifts Moines. Mr:--,. Ffalvor Florn ,Ir. ftntftrta.in- ed thft rnftmhers of her bridge club Thursday a.ftftr-noon. ter supper hv tile auieul'e Ualli liwfi wc.elt Tiiesulay eveninff, wlunv tile winners in last year's predator hunt, were entertained: by dim- losing side. Ahout 1'SO 1 were- present One hundrwt new members jsisned UP 1 for tills yenr. CapteiiiB I'or tliia year's content, will 1 be. Dun. Praaer and "Blis" Acltermum Points will lie given; Cor f03re»,[ poc.ltet gophers, atai'linga,. aniij c.rowa tfle same iiiS Uist year:. STftwIy-weilH ftiyen STlnwer-— A shower was hekf last TUGS-day evening at the "Legion ttall for Mr. and. Mrs. TBiull' Lovatiari,. who 1 were married January IS at the Little Brown church, near Nashua. F.mil ia a son of Mr.sv Anna £.ov- stad, and Mrs. Lovstart was fornv- erly Phyllis rioleman.,. of Algona-. The newlywedw will live- on tlie William Eleich farm in Plum; Creelc township-. About (50' friends j and relatives attended' the shower...; Wnnwn's f.'lnh In The Woman's clnh- met Monday! evening with Mrs. J. W, Dorrance. and Mrs. W. FF. Vogel as hoateaaea.! The program 1 topic was,. Onr Dra-l matic. T-re.rita.ge. Roll call was a; favorite drama.. Alice Eighme read' a paper, "TJeveloping the Region-al Drama," and Mrs. John Reciter reviewed the play,. You Caff's Take It With. You. Hui "v"ernev T'fansenv 9iK Verne, lleM anil; is anltrtdhg BCfe record! la tenanted) thin pusfi Sn* yaiu'9 married!. His t r «»i off remitinder of. ILu; VeviHjj. hua ii (T. — miles- nortfli farm) aale Far.mi Iffie 3fiuiclii i unnanal! for lie Urns-', imff farm) for file i 3fr. EPanaen never. | ivotlier, Sfes; A>nn» _<fl, n pioneer iedi JiiHt, before tile family moved- toj been hia home-malt-1 Eilgeiiii tiv Bes OTnihes the I'atter- re-entered' daughter TtiHSdny, andi Dralre university for tlie second' semester.. Mra. Theodore liad' lieen; ItJM' Ml •bitr.lt with' Her. visit wtthi her 1C. J.. Smith.. Tne lUiwren. rented 5Tra.. K the- north- part in. last Wedh' Stalnhroolcs, heen nving. farm near E, O 1 , Cliipu- that his Qwen Chipmaj serious operat on; hnt -was- gettii; fto In Hanilln— | The Ted Collinaona moved' last! Thursday to Hamlin. W. R. Car-; ney moved, their household, gooda: and F!'.. W. Ma.nus a.ccom-panied| him. Tuesday afternoon a shower and farewell party waa given for| Mrs, Collinson at the George [ Manus home. Mrs. Edrw. B James- Cllrl'atli John,, andi Efllhei: Thursday a.ftei Bahling home. ffuglv McDo-iald Moines- Thnraria.y bp.rmen'a. conv there, Richarl viait with her Mrs. J, (T. Tha: frotn Tt>-xa.* TlHit— Mrs. E. J. Hammerstrom and! hahy returned home last. Tuesday from Mission. Tex., where she had' spent several weeks with her; mother. Mr. Hammeratroni meti them at Graettinger. j will hold' its- Mrs. W, W. to be out Frid;.y after bein a number of w ed throat Mrs, W, R, ta> flfcfc. Mtfi Mr ftp Mr*. Bex AiffltH'm Stunfl Mfc. Hindi Mh)3i span* 9\m<fi«Sf a* ffii. .liieltens and! stftifiB- ftlte grerrfhm wHimi Heir DBn/niB) wnuM germl'«.. T7UH- fficnui la- ome- 01 tliw rotnnoj ssliata- faxnut aanll E same- tiitne ,1^01 t!o' Fbaiilt IDte- „ easti of &ii! Ternev wno' Ba-. some- eSteraaiv-ff lUGftudi'tt* as Ihatgc frame' House 1 wttilV JftrBB anil' maltiiiff necBsaary repaliiTS flu gBiiera-ll on> aim 1 ptacei. TOe- hww tenan* Is KoBern €liaer,, ofl Ffentonv a> hall! BrotiUer of Jwllm Bhcltes,. east ' of liown) farmer;, andl wlloi -wttBi Bi» move 1 Here MVurcll: ]).. ttcy MaawJ cfttfr Mrai. Sara) W&i«IteU ffitatt wesft. PORTLAND ,mw. *.,rt « f brother » C, C. Mr., ami Mr*. C;. E. Sflgaliee- en:eerfciliied: at four. taMea off 500 Mondiay evsning.. BfeBj family pcfee' ^ lfflw . By . Kailaanai town and 1 moved;' wd'ay.. The P'.. L..! wllom- SBey have move to tlielr i. Whittemore March.- 1.. ; received: word;] dai gllter-fa'-Iaw, Mra..j had undergone a.' in Milwaiiltee,[ g along, satisfactor- i wia a 500' ca*d! party evaning.. Five tabfea were with: f; arneT) anY ji t(JI Mr., and jfag,. Tony .Tandli ender- talnedi at four tables- ofl 500' Wednesday evening.. High prises mee« Msftetondl. M>.. anxl JMtaa;. Ha Tetue oiinwivaaifedl TTBMBaidtojr event, ad Alffradi GbdSiredijoni'k. waa. IOTWD ffod£jssdireim. Kitegadbirt;. titaigWer.' off this' F!. A. Klhigsdbrte,, te fi. Croon a aeniiouH' wnfcBj airao* aiHectiedl TJom Trena/ity retoBnedi a ago- Mondlay evenfag lirom) RoG&«3- ftett- andl iw now on a. apeciail 'd!fet. EDe 1 i'a- airf fei'fag wdta ffllcera; off 6R« iatwmftcfti. Wf.. an^di Mrff k Ray StaMfti andi Joara Tteualbfiini ca^ledl om nite |FbW»y afternoom. Mr., andi Mr3v. Ever&te Hamaav of Hone- Roclt,, were- f Uiwadiay vfaftota I at StaniMir Pataoni'a,. TBff -women! [an* aiatera.. Mr:, andi Mr,a>. Joto : .Tiennimga,. Wh.ttiienior.ei, audl Mr,:. aniS !M»a;. Ediw.. Snitta apent TUnr,3d;ay 'evening, there;. i Portliind; pupila wuni iei'glltii) gradk> county ;FL-May are Henry Zante,, CaTlsoa,. Nerftoa Wolf,. Paul andl WeMton) B'olfer andi Virginia WUorter.. For Yd* Swttt Tooth .rd Y i enjoy .66* chock-fall entfoymetit of a bos of, aeltecttedi chocolates.. Just the gflt for Tatentfr« and all th e .. LtJSBlhs 'Elumer,. Algonav Mrs. tnsen-.. Mra. K, 91. Bahring spent noon at . the Ben went to D«s f to atte-nd a. lum- snti'on- being held Weialce acompon- Virginia TLaves?,. Albert Lea, Minn., came Tuesday for &. short parents, Mr., and The Burt ' Partners'' Exchange avnual atoclcholdera' meeting a'aturif-ay afternoon at the Royal theater. Eoetcther waa able for eetoa with an infect- Carney visited; her : ft ftiTen <m Birthday— A group, of women aurpri'aed. Mrs. C>. H, Mc-Mulleti hy going to-i her home to help her celebrate- her • birthday Friday afternoon. | Dodge a. week Rimer- Ra.de spent, lajst we 3. G. H. McMulien visitors to Fort He is their scn-in-law. ago Monday. -,. of Nora Springs, ;k at C-. C. Allen's, Paul Macaul rt ., _^ OthftT Burt jS - P. F'. Ki'iethe took her -week. Birthday is N. T, Morness and daughter Doris daughter, Mrs. Harvey Nichtem,. went to Cedar Rapids' SaturdaJ-i nftai- Swea Cit evening to spend Sunday with Ein-1 Mr. and Mr ar Mornesa, who waa celebrating' were buainesa- his birthday. sy assisted Lotto Creefc creamery the part of last G. P. Hawecitt attended a at the-; latter 1 hog. sale at Melbourne last week: Tuesday. Ear Corn We are now buying ear conr Anderson Grain & oal Co. ALGONA, IOWA ENTIRE COST OF THI l.^ at .V-i If Irf. LOANS $5O and Up f>o you nf:f:(J money to IJHJ- auto or truck Hc^nsc, pay es or for winter COULD BE PAID CC.C. FOR BY THE TAXES OF THE BREWING- INDUSTRY! l^lTSZA^™^"*****™ "'3M miHion dollars xpentures (, tra lh« Civilian Con.^rvation f>,rj,» for the facal j, Ihe brew-ing imluUry pay, over a million dollar* a ,| 1938. ay in Uxeg. Our liberal credit plan pf-r- in its UH to take care of the neerj.s of most every borrower, married or .single. Terms arranged to conform to your Income. * * * v Lrf>ans made on Furniture, LiveBtock, or other personal property Autos refinanced— reduced Investigate our Quick MONEY CItKDIT SERVICE with-out obligation. What Beer contributes to the rebuilding of America would fill a great volume Algona -uenena . J. KOJILHAA8 32 Agency- Over 400 million dollars in taxes every year. Over 1,000,000 job*. A market for 3,000,000 farm acres of produce. The brewing industry would like to preserve for itself and the people the many ' economic benefits it has created in the past five years. Brewers every where realizethat this is a question bound up with the proper distribution of their mild ami beverage through retail outlet: acter will-be a credit to the Obviously,the brewers But they can—and will—co the local law-enforcement aut will cooperate with i every gro ap critic—to the end that retail) give no offense to anyone. wholesome whose char- community, can en brce no laws, •cc operate with Jjorities.They i —friend or beer outlets ~~ == ^=SS5!S—5-? Beer. .. a Beverage of Moderation" =^ FOSTER'S February ^jgppii ^GSKnllV im Ml 1 :!! Old Fashioned Bargain Days! These Prices Effective at Once and Especially for Old Fashioned Bargain Days February 6th - llth. The Greatest Furniture Values of the Year! I Dining Room Suites $69.50—8 pieces—genuine walnut bufFet4-table 5 straight and one arm chair $49.50 $ 135.00 8 piece Duncan Phyfe Suite _ $45.00 5-piece Walnut Dinnette Suite Small Payment Hold Goods for March Delivery or Later Free Truck Delivery _. $86.50! _$29.50 Living Room Suites Outstanding values in Kroehler made suites $ 137.50 —2-piece mohair suite -$100.00 $ 105.00— 2 piece mohair suite _$85.00 $98.50—2 piece figured velvet suite _ _ $7950 $62.50 Studio Day Bed " " " '^ggQ $49.50 2-piece Maple Suite .[__.__ "$ 35 [o6 $35.00 \ Bedroom Suitri Latest designs and finishes f\ f\ s\ Q \J\J ' ™~J* t \*i1£^{*fb TA/O li%ii^ f* * \_ * « * ' ' 00 $69.50 Genuine Walnut Waterfall $89.50 Genuine Walnut Suite $28.50 Vanity with bench to matbh • ~r ' v * T .$39.75 .$52.50 .$69.00 $19.75 * $45.00 -«•-» . •- - - ^•F-f^f, ^.-«_^.p,..i. * oster Furniture . . *^-^wp^ ^/, o «. ">

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