Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 31, 1939 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 31, 1939
Page 7
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JARY 81, 1989. COUMTY ADVANCE. ALGONA. IOWA Colt, Cattle Show Is Planned at LuVerne EVENT ID FOR ITH-11TH PACE SBVBN — The Com, will sponsor' a attle, and domes- February, the in tentatively set iturday, February MMS C. H. KLAMP, Field RepresenlaOvc D. K. McCall, who owns a filling i school tricks we will not "peach 1 station just north of Lakota, on °n him! No. 9, and his family are new folks in that neighborhood'. They have wasn't doing much in the "hired girl" line except to obey orders. ***** •Elao Jansen Jr., southwest of Lakota, was doing his evening chores when we arrived last week Monday. His father died suddenly a few weeks ago, and Elso said it teachers. Mrs. Hicks has a young son Robert with her. He is now 13, and he attends the school and helps Gran'dad. Mr. Hicks -spent the holidays with Mrs. Hicks and the son. He is an adjuster for an insurance company and works out of La Porte, Ind., being away from home most of the time. The Nelsons are still fondly remembered EMMET QUINTETS HOLD TOURNEY AT ARMSTRONG SCHOOL Armstrong, Jan. 20—The Emmet county boys' basketball tourna-' ment was hold here last week-end. Itzen, Arden Jongberg, Wayne Chrlstenson, Theodore Welby, all of Armstrong, and Maxine Joh»son, Blanche Wilson and Robert Twedt, of Estherville. Other Armstrong News. Last week Tuesday the Arm- j strong high school band, orchestra, boys' and girls' Glee club, glrW sextet, and girls' and boys' baskets ball teams had group picture* taken. Mrs. Andrew Opsal and Mrs. H. M. Irmiter dullted Thursday At Mrs. Carl Halvorson'fl. Mrs. Peg Benton has been ill thfc week. ( was a severe shock to find his father sitting on the bed, but,dead. His father had been up/and around in Union township," where they j 2 5-14. Estherville Seconds'swamp- There were four games Thursday night. Rlngsted beat Maple Hill | Tltonka was at home Wednesday. the station formerly operated by, He ,„ a corn sealel . ( and thc job an es , SS. d Mrs> i has been keeping him busy. ' He I him, and Mr. Jansen then said he famed , n ,i , X , . > as een eepng m usy. He m, an r. ansen en sa e Fam- ' McGa11 cam e fi'omOgden They are i Sflld th „ , th t t wag p i annlng to go to Webster that day, as usual. Ih the after- \ lived many years, and Mrs. HickaUd Emmet Consolidated 21-11. Dol- noon he lay down now and then is one of the twins who were soever beat. Gruver in an exciting 1 for short rests, and Mrs. Jansen popular among the Algona young' g arne 33r23. In the final game of '' people of 15 or 20 years ago. the evening Armstrong won from' _. ... , *,, Haifa 36-23, though Haifa was ex- j •The Alfred Zlelskes, northwest] pec ted to have the edge on the lo- of Ledyard had come home just ca i quintet. Semi-finals were! before we called Friday. They had scheduled for Friday night, aiid the' thought nothing of it, there having Herman Dreesman, northwest of! been no indication that the end was near. Only two weeks before that, this writer had a visit with th , n The O'Keefes, one : ships he works was about finished. Dreesman, Algona, Herman's hte , , , ' fathel> ' wa « spending the day at the I Mr. Jansen a good man with whom ....... farm . Enno likes to go back and „ people, work together c hiid, a little girl. of mutual we believe, are now at promises to ! near E mme tsburg. Oran and club nresldent is 6 ar t Wel A remembered a t A '-iget a little farming proxy ocoas- CIUD piesiaent is g0 na, where Oran was once a bar- 1 irth of town; sec- ber and nis wlfe often sang at irer, Dr. «. D. church services, committee, Phil * * * t aul Phillips for Albert Krosch, t northwest of 'bert French, man- stevens, is a consolidated '-school Yards, and Wai- j bus-driver out of Lakota. This ;and operator of a iW j nter has been the best for such the town men. bus. He thinks of the 1936 winter every time he sees us, he claims, fort we had to flounder' in snowdrifts in order to get to his house City soon to visit a daughter. Now he is gone. We had always found Gus J. Koppen, southeast of Lakota, was in town when we last week Monday. He saw been at Ledyard. Mr. and Mrs. Zielske have two boys who are the finals Saturday night. picture of health and have a great ; Surprise Flirty Given- time with their Dad. boy is now attending school. * * * ,, a were class of the Evan- soon. They own a farm in that state, some 60 miles east of 'La Crosse, and wanted to, look after it. Mrs. Koppen formerly lived In . cas held, and decls- |to divide the class ielected vice; Melvin * * * ^ esaon> 'Henry Ennen, who lives north_. , _. , . east of Stevens, said there was a R . a; E? on ? Ri PP entr °P s . n ° r t h - touch of the flu at his house. The . .u Tltonka, we found that his elder Ml . g Ennen of Minnesota, is father, George Rippentrop, had there tnis wmte] . Henry and ' hls at butchering a hog wlfe have one chlldi a 1Ittle glrl . * * * * j When we called on D. O. Friets, to converse, and we shall miss him when we are in that neighborhood. * * * * F. T. Lewis, southwest of Lakota, was not home when we called Thursday. He and Ubbe Dreesman, of Lakota, are on a western coast trip. Mrs. Emma Switb, the housekeeper, and Mr. Lewis's two sons, Howard and Laurence, were looking after the The boys said milking 14 cows and steers. We asked Mrs. Smith i g 0 h 00 l problem's! whether the Lewis boys were * * * » fighters, and she said that on thej At Pred Selberg's, northwest of contrary the/ were the most Ledyard, the men had shelled corn The elder] A week ago Monday evening the Grant velma LeVan was surprised by| friends who gathered at her homei to help her celebrate her birthday. | She received many lovely gifts and, the evening wa« spent playing' Chlnker-Chek. Present were: Miss 1 , LeVan, Lois Spicer, Ethel Wolfe, "!!? , found Mrs. . Selberg feeding her ] S, hlCk 2 n , B K She! J la f a f' ne flock - , , , Ml ' B ' S ll ber ? ^ ^e price of eggs Shh ., ey Peterson, Rose Ellen Whit- j th low for wlnter Mr _ and 1 Mrs. Selberg have two children who are attending school, and they have a blackboard at home, hanging on'the wall, where they work Berniece Hors- wcn , George Homsey, Le Roy Le Van, Daird Holland, Ernest Laur-i ] Mrs. Louise Mertz, i Lu Verne, is Dead, peaceful boys she had ever known | fa7t" wVe'lC'anI\'he7 were''hauilng| Lu Verne, Jan. SO^Friends here ^T W ^"° P ^,"l e T°^!l,, UI l;?.'9 ob . s into a building for summer received word of the death Thu«-| Mrs. Hugh Lewis and her fuel when we were j here son Franklin Thomas .were there. We had a nice visit with Mrs. day of Mrs. Louise Mertz at the | university hospital. She had been j housekeeper for B. F. Burtis two ! =lvin Mar- \_ " "-"""•- »""" -. —. ' c *••***>» ^.,^0 ,,. c „«., ~ we naQ a nlce v slt wlth Mrs housekeener for B F Burtis two The Her- h1 ° us( ? l ? see » fl ?« lle ^ sr ^°?'\ When we called oa D ' °- Friets ' short distance to the east ' Frank - Otto Richter, southwest of Elmore, years Early in the year she *£ .Teasefto *' 'llA™^^^^^ 5. P . e ?., 1 " t J!S r i Thursday, Mr. and Mrs. Richter! £££ to I^Cto f^rSmTt bat night. for thov had ways has a good time at ent ertain-, the family was getting ready to go ior uiey imu ing tms i ateat addition to the Rip- . to town, so we got little news. Mr. pentrop tribe. and Mrs. Friets have two girls and * * * * | two boys, which seems like just ttd Suits— H - c - Lunning, southwest of El- the right combination. The chil- Icard party at the more, told us Wednesday that he dren are not afraid of this writer, Si Wednesday even-' drove to Oklahoma City In Decem-; and we like to talk with them. ta from the Band Der > and was married there De-; * * * * Entertained There cember 20. 'His first wife died 'Harold Kollasch, northeast of li of bridee'and two some y ears a so. The new Mrs.; Bancroft, came out of the house Wolf and Du- ' Lunning remarked that the weath- ' .smiling Thursday and said, "We Ihlirh at bridee and' er U P nere seemed too cold, after have a new girl!" The baby was iford and Lewis having lived in Oklahoma. They born Saturday, January 21, and seldom have snow down there, she has been named Betty Lou. Mr. and that was*also Franklin D. Roosevelt's birthday. Maybe Franklin Thomas will be president some day! W. C. Nelson, the Grant consol- , o . r - and *» have two fine boys 1 : Marvin, 5, and: Donald, a year old lost Halloween.' Marvin was playing with his Christmas toys, one a caterpillar tractor with a mounted snowplow, fib at 600. The bene- its for the band. A Ipurple was not sat- the color may be though they do have "Northers." * * * * ''Last week Monday we called on and Mrs. Kollasch have another girl, Darlene June, who will be two years old on June 14. Harold Earl Mullarky, northwest of La- said he was playing the part of kota, on No. 9. Last year when we "hired girl." But he added that his called there Earl had a young dog mother was nurse, and we'll bet he who ruined this writer's shoe rub- . for Club— |1 Hanna, Fairmont, on, Morrison, and bers. Now Earl reports that he fHefti were guests soon had to ruin the dog. Mr. and sday club met last Mrs. Mullarky have two fine boys. Irs. Peter Thompson.: Earl's mother was there that day. >was based on, Iowa'She lives at Swea City, but likes to ^ of Music, and Mrs. come out to the farm now and then presented a paper for j for a visit with Earl, his wife, and ae club also listened particularly the grandboys. when we called Friday. He remarked that it had been a fine winter so far and had not taken heavy firing. There are 95 pupils in the school, and Mr. Nelson thinks they are a fine lot of children. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson have now lived in Grant nearly six years, and Mrs. Nelson said the time had passed rapidly. She has the help of the daughter, Mrs. Ber : nice Hicks, and they board the . . , ,. Idated, school custodian, was look- 1 and *»**» Plowing Imaginary ing after the fire under the boiler "" ow ° n i .° i' Dona ' d llke « to °? P^P 1 " la P s - f nd , hpe S . U1 ' , hkes j° dr i n , k " 8 a bott | e - ' M !' s : Rlchtel Mary Adams, and she he Alirona hteh schoo the Algona high school, and an operation. for treatment j A son Frank Mertz lives at Williams, and burial was made there. iMr. Burtis formerly lived at Algona, where he married the mother of W. A. and ] R. G. Richardson and Mrs. George i Johnson. Mrs. Burtis is now dead. ! living with Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Dutton for some years. Both of her parents are dead. Her father was an Algona painter. LENDING"TO FARM OWNERS SINCE 1855 LOW RATES A 26 year repayment plan A liberal prepayment privilege An unusual Reserve Fund safety feature No commission, appraisal, or title- examination costs to the borrower It is worth looking into We are their Authorized Representatives Hutchison & Hough Real Estate and Farm Loans Security State Bank Building Algona, Iowa sic from WOI. A con- i voted towards pursuits. inian in Sick— Charles Boyle came * * * * \ Earl Toothman, soutlieast of Burt, is one of our old schoolmates. Forty-two years ago, when we were boys together, our teacher forbade wrestling. Now wrestl- week from Des' lng is taught in many schools. Jrs. Boyle remained. Well,' we wrestled, too, despite the 'mother, Mrs. Harry ] teacher's ukase. We used to slip yho has been sick over to the west side of a high "the" year. Mrs. Lee | railroad "grade and wrestle there, eka, Kans., and a son We had races too, and at that time fbf the Von Draska the came. for Hofs— fthe nature of a house- held last week Mon|at the new home of Irvln Hot Contract played. Mrs. Burdette gona, formerly of Lul-guest. enssys Killed— Aaron Steussy were' Thursday to attend of a cousin, Paul iwas killed in an auto- ent near Blalrsburg. ExPastor— It' Peltzke went to Gar- visit the Rev. V. V. see a new daughter tone day last -week. Earl was a fast runner. We can testify that he was also a good wrestler. This is all we will tell on Earl at present. As long as Earl doesn't "peach" on us about Ear Corn We are now "buying ear corn Anderson Grain & Coal Co. ALGONA, IOWA BENEDICT women of the parish J public card party and |week Tuesday night. Prill be 25c, and lunch ed after cards. 'There Ding for the rest of the arion Ann Arndorfer , Simmons will be hoet- I . * |rty last week Tuesday ended, Prizes at bridge by Matt Hermann and the latter of Wesley. Jley and August Husoh- (f 500, and Edw, Arend , prize. Lunch was serv- |120. enna men have been Al Rosenmeyer doing The ice, was haule.d at near Hutchins., Mr. pnx, Seller, Edw. and djenett, and Francis 'flld the packing. Studer, of Hanna her daughter Berne tta, arried daughter, Mrs. City, and the Jat^ irere at the Pornbier week Tuesday. PROBATE OF WILL No. 4461." ' Court, State of Iowa, county, ss. January 9. pm Jt May Concern: jereby notified, That »n ;of writing purporting st Will and Testament rsen, deceased, dat- 1937, having been this ppened and read, Tues- 21st day of Fet>ru- l fixed for hearing proof fthe Court House iu Al- before the District id County, or the Clerk |»rt; and at 1Q o'clock a. day above mentioned all Crested are hereby nptl* julred to appear, and if eny tJwy havj), why sent should/not be pro[[allowed as ana tor the of .•Jhk, . FARM SALE As I have decided to quit fanning, I will sell the following described property at the farm located five miles north of LuVerne, six miles south of Sexton, five miles east and three-quarters of a mile south of Irvington, seven miles west of Corwith, and three and one-half miles east and a mile and a quarter north of Galbraith, on . Thur s. Feb. 2 Lunch Served on GroundsBeginning at 12 o'clock Sharp 49 Head of Livestock 49 5 Head oS Horses S One bay mare, three years -old, in foal, wt. 1400; bay mare, seven years old, in foal, wt. 1700; three year old red roan mare, wt, 1100; red roan, three year old, wt. 1400; red roan four year old mare, in foal, wt; 1500. _ ,'".'• ' y- , ; M 17 Head of Cattle 17 Fourteen extra good milk cows. Also three heifer calves. 27 Head of Hogs 27 Fourteen brood sows and 13 feeder pigs _ FARM MACHINERY "" F-20 Farmall tractor, Farmall two-row cultivator, two-bottom 16 Massey-Harris tractor plow, McCormick-Deering corn planter with truck and 160 rods of wire, four section flexible drag, Mc'Qormick-Peer^ ing end-gate seeder; McCormick-Peering single row cultivator, 'Moline single row cultivator, Case two-Trow cultivator, 8 ft. John Deere grain binder, John Deere 16" sulky plow, 7 ft. disc, John Deere mower, sulky rake, John Deere manure spreader, potato digger, 36ft. elevator, McCor- npek-IJeerang £4 hammerniil]., MpOormiick two row eprn picker, high wheel wagon with^ box, mp: pails, galvanized steel tank. Other articles too numerous to mention. Nine guineas, cream separator, three sets of harness, hay rack and two low-wheeled iron wagons and feed bunk. ' TERMS—Cath or »ee your banker More i»b» UCSUI Because of ill health and dissolving partnership we will hold a closing out sale on the Dr. Janse farm 2 miles west on county line road and 2y 2 miles north of Lu Verne, or y 2 mile east, 2 south, 1 mile east and 1/2 mile south of Galbraith on gravel roads. i-. SALE BEGINS AT 12 O'CLOCK NOON FEB. LUNCH WAGON ON GROUND Head of Cattle 22 Eight head of cows, to freshen soon; 4 heifer calves; 2-year-old heifer to freshen soon; 1 coming 2- year-old roan Shorthorn bull; 6 yearling steers and 2 heifers. ' ! i 6 Head of Horses Black gelding, smooth mouth between 1400 and 1500 Ibs. Roan gelding, smooth mouth, between 1500 and 1600 Ibs. , Bay mare, 7 years old. Bay gelding, 6 years old. Suckling colt. 8-year-old bay mare. 6 10 BROOD SOWS 1O CHICKENS Exceptionally good Barred Rock pullets; 9 do/. Barred Rock liens. Some beau hay in mow and in stack. 3 tons alfalfa in mow. Farm Machinery, Etc. McCormick - Deering Farm-All tractor, 1928 model, new pistons and sleeves last year, McCormick Deering "Little Wonder" 2-bottom 14-in. tractor plow. / McCormick-Beering 2-row tractor cultivator. 8-ft, tandem disc. McCormick-Deering 18-in, tractor plow, almost new* 8*ft. John Deere spring*tooth harrow, 8-ft, McCormick binder. McCormick corn planter, McCormick harrow, 4-sec,, 20 ft. John Deere end-gate seeder, 36*ft, King & Hamilton elevator, with power and jack. 8-ft. horse disc, 2-row John Deere cultivator. 1-row John Deere cultivator. Emerson sulky plow. (5-ft, McCormick-Deering mower, practically new. 5-ft, McCormick mower. 12-ft, sulky rake, weeder. Minnesota side-delivery rake. 6-in. burr grinder. John Deere hand corn shelter. Stoughton manure spreader. Bob sled. 2 high wheel wagons with boxes. Truck wagon and rack, rack practically new. Spring wagon 3 sets of harness. Brooder house, McComb brooder stove with pipes, 500 chick size. Hog waterer. 2 sots of throw boards. 16-ft. ladder. Platform scales, up to a half ton capacity. Cow-boy tank heater. Royal Blue cream separator. Cream cooling tank. Pump jack, 240-egg incubator, Gas engine One-Minute Electric washing chine. Extension dining room table. Monarch Malleable range, Cook stove, in good condition. Other articles too numerous mention, to TERMS—Cash, or make arrangements with your banker, No property to be removed until set* tied for, < ¥W Meyer & wr

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