Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 31, 1939 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 31, 1939
Page 4
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Want Ads FOR SALE— 'PUREKRED OUERN- sey bull coming 2 years.— I. W. Nelson, Lone Rock. Ilp20 FOR SALE— BRICrGS & STRAT~ton 4-cycle washing machine, good condition. — Phone 17F3, Algona. 13p20 FOR SALE— <500D GRADE Guernsey bull, 2% years old.—Wllmer. Wichtentlahl, mile W. of Lotts! Creek. 14p20-21 i FOR SALT-) ACADEMY LOSER TO POCAHONTAS ON FLOOR HERE The Same Night High School Drops Game to 'Swedes.' St. Cecelia's Academy dropped a hard-fought basketball game to the undefeated Pocahontas academy team here Friday evening. The final score was 28-17, after -TTTPHT Ttnn TTnTTar-o ' Ul(J 1OOn ' S llad led at thc hnlf ' 7 - 6 n HOG HOUSES | m the first quarter a field goal pen.—Gottlieb Hansel-1 by Archie Elbert, St. Cecelia's, and T.,v n ,.,,,™.o T». phone joiie each by Lorge and Nedved, of I 13P20-21 j Pocahontas, gave the visitors a! PURE 1-IAWKEYE OR IOWA" Hv-' 4 "1 1 , eild> , ' brid seed corn'from parent /cod' ^ NoI - S -° n sank a free thr ™' COUNTY ADVANCE). ALQQNA. l^Jorth End Wrestler p0 T . 2520 I?,' v* 1 ™ ' 2529 Lu Verne. stock, $3.00 to $4.50 bu. — Carlisle, Whittemore. FOR QUALITY LAUNDRY AND dry cleaning phone 330. Agency for Paul's Quality Laundry.—Elk Cleaners and Tailors. 17u20 WANTED TO RENT — 5- modern bungalow. Available by Nolson sank a free throw, and Don Kajeaki and Elbert racked up i s'nin i ricl(l goals m tlle seco »(l Quarter, _i»l"U| while Pocahontas was limited to a field goal, and this gave the locals their 7-fi lead. Fatal Kcln.xiitlon. „ St. Cecelia's defense weakened a few minutes at tlle beginning of the second half and the visitors February 1 or March 1.—See I-T B Dobson. care Swift & Co. I!)u20 scored three short field goals in rapid succession and before the quarter ended had a lead of 18- BEAUTIFUL LAKE SHORE lots S ' The finnl Quarter was again on Iowa or Silver lake. Suitable I Illa - ved on GVG » terms, with the lo- for summer cottages or night club '' ills strivi "S vainly to overcome —Write - - - ' Minn. D. Couklln, Fairmont, 21p20 ADVERTISING COPY — THE AD- vance office provides classified campaigns on all types' of merchandise or service. —The Advn nee. WE tlle lead. Lorgo, of the visitors, was high man, with 14 points. Elbert scored nine for Algona, and Kajeski, for the locals, played a great floor game. -No extra cost. .'St. Cecelia's has a busy week 20tf; ahead. Tonight the team meets I the Bancroft high school, and Fri- pANK BAUER, SWEA CITY, pictured above, will BOYS'TOURNEY IS DATED HERE THIS WEEK-END Lu Verne and Seneca Winner* in Girls' Tourneys. The Annual boys' county basketball tournament begins this week Thursday evening at .the Al- j gona high school gymnasium, with the first game between Lone Rock and Lakota at 6:30 p. m. The second game will be between Fenton and Wesley at 7:30. These schools arc in Class B. The same evening at 8:30 Swea City will meet Titonka, and at 9:30 Burt will play Algona. These schools are in Class A. Friday evening will see Ledyard matched against Grant at 6:30 p m.; Bancroft against the winner of the Lone Rock-t,akota game at 7..JO; Lu Verne vs. Seneca at o.'rfO; and Whitteraore vs. the winner of the Fenton-Wesley game at J. o(J. Saturday afternoon at 2 and 3 oclock the semi-finals for Class B will be played, and that evening (ne finals to determine the winners in both classes will be played. The Class A and Class B win- 'r* W ' U PJW Monday evening at s.dO for the county championship, and the county championship girls team will also be determined, when the North End champion sex- tette meets' the South End champion at 7:30 the same evening. FOR PREDATORS IN THE SPRING Burt, Tan. 30—The Burt Conservation, League Chapter met at the new Leglbn hall last Week Tuesday evening, and officers were elected: Hugh McDonald, president; Marlon Chlpman, secretary; Bleich, vice president. O. W. A predatory hunt similar to that held last year was announced for the spring months. A final report of the 1938 hunt was given, which showed that $120 In bounties were received by local hunters. The losing team, captained by Arthur Leason, will entertain the winners, captained by Jack Sewlck, hail* Movies of int^fest i< hunters and fishermen hdwrt» which ,%«!!. incli Meld 'day, A'fd* huflt for Simday", January plantted vNearly 46 women attended a Darty given by the tfldolla Stihday school class Wednesday at Mrs, P, L. Pratt'fl. Mrd. I. W. Hanson, Mrs. Wi J. Lockwood, and MM. P. 0. Stow were assisting hoetesses. Invited guests attended. The afternoon was spent at games, C. 15. to Observe Fonndlng— Next Sunday evening the Burt Christian Endeavor will go to Algona to participate In a special service to commemorate the ,68th anniversary of, C. 13. actlyltles at j lome nnd abroadfjtakota and Lone' Rock societies wlnalso take part.| ilrfhday Is Heniembefcd— Vllle Church evehlng. l! ThiSt^ ; ' ; '.'.vnriL won by a shutout :o Elmore this \v ( >,. "T to piny that ~ at C. B. Chlpmai ence went to v illlll | lia B <d ssr^.°"i;r™^!!;;?s ?»..«« -j«~. *-• and children. • i - :30. Next Sunday the lo-1 . p20|cals will travel to Varina. ' ONE MINUTE WASHER-"Silent! TI , 1<OX >ScorL 'as night" operation, built to I ™ e box M °™ »« the Friday game •<tand years of hard service. Beau-1 8 ' Qf ,, ,. tiful, erficient, convenient -\sk for I Lecelias. demonstration.—L. W. Swnnson. ' FIh( ,,. f f S ft ES°0 !*• • • ^ •"• FOR SALE—20.HEAD PUREBRED ! Nolson -'-'"'''. 1 1 Spotted Poland China brood! Harsreavos 0 0 <ows, March and April f a ,. rort -. K°u>'tney 0 0 Vaccinated. —Mike Higgius 3 ! Bodo « n •niles northwest Whittemore,' •••• Stoffel leg pavement. on 23p20-21 PONTIC SEDAN, 193!). driven 1500 Company's official's car Pocahontas. Lorge Nedved ~~_ Cannon _J HERE'S LATEST WAY FOR BABY ANNOUNCEM'NT takes it. A deal you have • Schoofs _" V"6 0 been waltinc for.—Write Conklin: Hudek Motor Co., Pontiac dealer, 322 W i 3rd s t., Fairmont. Minn. ' 30p20i FLOOKS SANDED. REFINISHED with permanent floor finish A new improved method guaranteeing satisfaction.—Cowan _ Pattee ~_~. _ ""__ 1 2 212 Supply Co. Sweu ('if.yans IVin. The Swea City "Swedes" took the local high schoolers into camp .... .Friday evening here, 26-23. The Building visitors Avon their first point with 3gtf FOR SALE—120 ACRES, CLOSE to Algona, modern buildings Possession March 1, 1939; $ 115 an acre. Good terms.—C. W. Nicou- a free throw and carried the lead to the end, though the Algonians i several times got within a point of tying. ^borough, tall center for the City's lin, Algona. ' " 20ul9-20 > « isito !' s> made 1G of s wea — (-6 points, sinkins; spvpn i CAMPAIGN IN CLASSIFIED!-We and two free throws. Coach Ftodley can supply advertisers with com- '"""' °- 1 —"- ~ * plete campaigns on any line of merchandise or service. Ask about service. — Advance 20tf this unusual Pub. Co. HOME LOANS — MONTHLY RE- "-'-•jn or straight term. Title loans low interest rates no commission. Loans for all purposes.—Algona Federal Savings & Loan Ass'n. 26u8tf AVOID THIS MISTAKE — MANY Must be out cast- furnaces are too small, forced. Result, burned ings. Green-Colonial surveys requirements first, then makes recommendations. — Laing & Muckey. ES20 FOR SALE-R. C . CASE TR\'c- tor on rubber, with cultivator; <-•• U Case, almost new on steel' 17 separators, all makes and sin- es; seven corn shellers. Will trade want notes, 6 pet.—Write Pedelty Imp. Co., Mason City. 35pl 9 coTra?,\N LANTERN! i^SiJ _*(..-0 lantern, instant lighting, candle power. Save 62 Sai- sent Feed gift coupons, one in each ioo-lb. bag. Ask about it- Anderson Grain & Coal Co. ES20 used Schultz, Spear, and Long in an effort to stop his scoring, and ne made only three points in the second half. Devine was high scor- ei for the locals, with five baskets. Individual Kecords. Michel sank four baskets; Neville, a basket and a free throw, lehrson sank one basket; Lundquist a basket, two free throws; G. Fagerlund, a basket for Swea MARKETS ^ i ty. 'Wesley Schultz went out of the game for Algona; also lund, Swea City, on K. E. Douglas, manager of the Ciiniiiiingrs store, is displaying a unique birth announcement received in the mail one day last week from friends at Des Moines. Such announcements, which are in the form of a theater ticket, are becoming a popular fad in Dos Jtlolnes. The ono 3Ir. Douglas received carried the following Information : "Weight 7 His. 14« 6/. Dr. Stork's Theater. 1—Itedside scat, Methodist hospital, DCS Monies, Iowa. Carinenita and Ulen HausclnilK present "The Heir to the Hauschulz Millions," staiTing Charm ion Kay Hauschulz. One Rirl— Jan. 21, 193!), fi:55 p. m. Di.' rccted by Dr. Tan C. Robinson. Costumes by Vanta. Aew music. The management reserves the right to cancel personal appearance If the star is sleeping." HOGS Best light butch., 180-220 Med. hvy., 220-250 Med. hvy., 250-270 -""jie'no Med. hvy., 270-290 .."•"" SflVo Med. hvy., 290-325 « 6 50 . Best light butch., 325-350 _II$e'35 | Butchers, 350-400 *6 20 j Packing s ows, 275-350 _IIir~$ 6 'i5 ! Packing S ows, 350-400 _ $R 00 Packing,sows, 400-550 $580 Packing sows, 550-600 .. "j^'gO CATTLE Canners and cutters $3.00-375 otock steers $7 QQ s'oo Fat yearlings Ulllllll^.VsIg.Vs Pat steers ?S.OO-9.00 Fat cows $4.00-5.50 Veal calves $5.00-8.00 Bulls ,-—$4.50-5.50 GRAIN No. 2 yellow corn were the vie the Lii Vcrno Girls Victors. _Wesley, Jan. 30—The first of the county girls' basketball took. place Thursday ,„, , new gymnasium here I he local girls lost to Lu h ii T J?° scoro was 21 '7 at half. The local boys torious, 25-22, with 17- half. A capacity crowd attended the games, which "opened" the new gym, just completed. sures 3 ? 0a 47 fl °°, r ° f the sym mea " j-'t-w^ira ^sr tt ££ ^"-wood At the west side a fet-, loxbu, was' bulltL with a hPnvT 1 ^' l ° bo oartalned ii heavy, deep wine velour ' from the center, and fot.So^riis^ g S to be , physical trailing, plays, programs, P T A PV and oth «'' educational .Senecans are Winners. 'he Seneca q Seneca fouls. G. Pager- personal The Algona seconds won by ° er°fo hish t the rest of the 175 L OAK STORE Wednesday Special o/T r Zk) C y . JL4C «i- i i;^ s l |M "" I(1 Micod Jluc(»n, both for. J'ork Chops, end cuts, pound _ 1'ork Chops, ^ „ center outs, ]>oiin(l 1 / C Tac-Cut CuKws 1 pound Kaisin Clnuaiiiuu Q Ki-o/. loaf __ _ OC • s ''«v, —' Q <an 1UC SI'KV, ' fl <an 4yC Apricots, -g ft 1 can, peeled ... 10 C Asparagus, n can yc •Spaghetti, 2-oz. can Jelly, 14-oz^ -- Y C flavors 11 C Points were divided. Portland Boy Sees WorlcUnhe Navy Portland M ' Twp., 30— Ralnh ALGONIAN'S PIGEON IS 'CHAMP^T SHOW Lyle Reynolds, whose hobby is raising pigeons, sent two of his choice Medinas to Oakland, Calif .ImiltniMr in p . __ . . ' i. 2 white oats No. 3 white oats No. 2 rye __ No. 2 yellow soy be^ns"""!!"?^ EGGS Hennerys _. TA NO. i _;~- " No. 2 \l Cash cream— No. 1 _. No. 2 _. Sweet 2B , POULTRY Heavy stags lft . Light stags ::::::~ n?l Hens, under 4 Ibs. Leghorn hens — Cocks, under 4% Ibs. "II 6 c & ?. V6r 4% lbs —"HII7C _24( _22i live a na- January 10 for entrance in - tional pigeon show. His young hen adjudged national champion ° and the is now in n, ^y, s now in a. The fleet of which his shin Part left the California wo weeks ago. „ coast Ralph is on the writes was nH placed third. The young hen's sister and fath- ' ° w " ed fa y a man from Texas, first in the old hen groups respectively. pigeons had to com- from both placed M T? Mr. Reynolds' tbo the wa "" a States, Canada, and the 6 fl , — »J * l* 4 I (*L _ City after leaving Cuba filnp is probably taking part in !'c war maneuvers in n 1Q r n ,f mimic ibbbean. He maneuvers in the Car- ship to be sent back to the'Pacific coast and he thinks he will also see the world's fair at San Francisco New Watch Repair Service is Offered Paul llamill, jeweler at the «tore, is opening for many Borchardt every year. of from -1,000 to 5,000 birds Will Christensen, Fenton pig- eoner, sent four of his Argent Me- dma. s to the show, and all of thorn won i -8c lie Hens, 4 to 5 Ibs. _ Ducks, live, 4% Ibs.. Sc Ducks, live, under 4% fbs. 6 c Hens over 5 Burt's Basketeers Beat 'Grimes Quint Burt, Jan. 30— Friday evening Eddie Stewart, former Burt school high best The .ez to champion. It is expected that this year state baby pigeon show will was the a be i,, »i — u«uiv nui lie n Algona next summer. Dates and details will be announced lat- years drug Draws Record Crowd Dance a_t_Ljvermore Livermore, Jan. 30—An tendance or between broke all previous records Dreft, laundry, Peas, No. 2 «iH yfted SALE 0] 0 ^ 21 C Y o is c i ~ 10 C 10 CAN athlete, brought up the Grimes basketball team, of which he is coach, to play his home town team The two teams were pretty evenly matched. The score was 30-10 at the half, but Burt forged ahead in the last half, and the T ^ S 'rf e ^ Vas 20 ' 14 in fa vor of Pn i TI ' e , Burt Re *rs and the Curlew Independents also played, and this was a close contest The vteitors led 19. 17 . at the half, but Burt won by a final score of 32- Lu Verne, Armstrong Lose atWest Bend Bend from score was B n! 21 ' wiTini55Sm55S il S'-«=.^,i : 18p20 TI ^ ^ R ™P T PIANO. Bafd- Jan. 30—The West boys basketball team won S4 J er "£ v Friday evening, hiEh nnlnt ? 6rt C ° llinS niMi-point man for the w Baker, Lu Verne, scored 14 lor the losers. The local irir tette played Armstrong here "the" same night, and won, 53-19 Ger- w^^/^^J Points^- went to years ago. winning 16-14. Friday first Thursday ni 0 . 4l , from Lone Rock, night Seneca won from"Grant 5931. and Ledyard from Lakota,' 42- Played -Saturday nigh?"* Lntntn winning from Grant, 20-11 £& Seneca from Ledyard, 48-40. Candies James Drug Store THE REX ALL STORE S-VCXj. S 'Hopkins Ends Years as Agent Wesley, J an . 30-rBen Honklns reached hi s 46th annlveiwy M Wesley's Milwaukee 'station agen? n ! e ?" erisd . ay - -° n las ^ Septembfr f,fn w " in Milw ^kee employ full 50 years. He fif st 6e rved 14 months as apprenticji, and was transf St - at t IOned &t C> l linder befc of /-ii, *VGsi6y, HB W8s bo 1*11 with h^ pints' tofc^ J^ WANTED - WE HAVE VACA^-. cles for two men with car*. Men elected must be able to leave A?' gona and travel outside counties" Guaranteed car allowance plus n'y ni^?^ 310 ^- 666 Mr Lowe ny night after 6 at Mrs. W. eck's, 801 East State ona. g es Frank Sctuffer Ufe cas . J. Har continued last a Cosgrpve, foreerv I0rgeiy - •+• ,., , •-. *j Bride. Wesley. Jan. 30—Verna daughter of Mr and '' Brandt, ~ ley, aid J. u ^ was given for' her a"t hei- Sunday to A Mae <3u Wes Herman Bode. last week's Garner Leader Ported birth of a 9%-ppund dau tei to the Rev. and Mrs V °V Schuldt, Garner. The been named Karen baby has p-Qn lllr-j ^.I_J. , - . T* ' SENSATIONAL HALF PRICE SALE Every ues! HALF PRICE pastor at Lu Verne the Garner Metbodtet% Our Better Dresses Including "Brucewood," "Univers- Distinctive Styles are to be seen in this group S a "ST^.$8 Outotanding Value. smartly styled garments. A " $10.95 values. Now ......... $ 5>4g $ 7.95 values. Now, ,' and 'Sterling'. ' °rintze»i CoaU -ell lor *5».76. -S-v^V Sate proe Fur $29.89 S81e rice $19.88 Sport Cost, and Snow Suit. Our entire stock of

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