Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 31, 1939 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 31, 1939
Page 2
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KOR8UTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA. TOWA Basketball Attend the Kossuth County Boys' Basketball Tournament THUKSUAV, FKIDAY. SATURDAY AND MOJiDAY February 2, 3, 4 and 6 15 TEAMS—14 GAMES ALGO-VA HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASIUM Admission—Thursday and Friday evenings, loc and L'oc, four games each evening; Saturday afternoon and evening and Monday evening, two games 20c and 35c. Fina]:s next Monday evening to decide county boys' championship and also the girl's county chamiorjship. Scouts Organized at Wesley ENROLLMENT OF 22 BOYS IS REPORTED West Bend Lockjaw Patient is Better and Will Get Well Livennore. Jan. 3d—^Mrs. Walton DeWitt West Bend, reported as having Jockjaw, is a former LSver- ennore girl, OJSve, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. R, Baiier. Last week Mrs. DeWitl was tak- Weslev. Jan. 30—The bov scoals I en !l<) Rochester in an ambulance, . _ _, " 'I 1**. . organization held its first 'meeting Thursday evening, and Eldon Rav PORTLAND-BINT WOMEN STUDY MEAT COOKERY Portland Twp., Jan. 30—Twenty , ., . h<?r husband and mother ac«jm-, women met -with Mrs. W. A. Stou-' Panying. It L? reported nere that} tenberg, west of Burl, Wednesday] she »« recovering. Her brother, C.j for an ail-day Burt and Portlands ' Jin. Fcoutmaster, report's an enroll-I she »« recovering. Her brother, C. | for an ail-day Burt and Portland ment of 22. Registration cards i JL Baker. Livermore, says it Is be-'j township Farm Bureau women's were discussed. A troop scribe was I Iiev e<3 at Rochester that she does: home project lesson given by Mrs. elected Victor Muliia. not have lockjaw. Ruth Hicks, county home demon- Tbe troop was divided into ptt- Though improved she was ellll stration agenjL This was the seo- trols. as follows: i critically sick Ja.sl week-end. Her j ond lesson in this year's study and .\ 0 ' 3—Ralph Bauer. Robert O'- I ^ a ' vn? """ere closed and the rest of was on methods of meat cookery. Connor. NSel Sherman. G«raldj her bod ?" seemed more or less rigid j Meals are of two classes, the len- Studtr, Paul Lorenz, Howard Fun-! w ben she was taken to Rochester.! der and the less tender. Mrs. Hicks 1. TI ic z<m TioSievorf fhit i n f<u>4i«r> I said. Meats should be "ripened" It Is still believed that infection from a Kooth caused the sickness.; Mr.?. De Witt's mother, Mrs. nemark. Xo. 2—Joseph Johnson, Edward Johnson. James Henderson. Ed-, i "" ? - ^evmis uiuiuer, aim. ward Lorenz, Sterling Lease, Rob-; Baker, has returned to her home [to have good tender meals. ert Deikmann. | at L U Verne. No. 3—Victor Mullin, . five or sis days after butchering before being eaten, if one wishes HAVING A GOOD TIME Dress sale, overcoat sale .sheep-lined coats selling at auction prices. I am having lots of fun but not making much n/orjey. J arn keeping the clerks busy anyway. Instead of firing any I had to hire two more. Saturday we sold 300 dresses. Sheep-lined ulster overcoats are disappearing at ST.00. Men's any boys' sweaters are selling at half price. iiut the big sensation this week is men's and boys' work shoes. You will be an j axed—-delighted. ^00 pairs men's work shoes, leather or uskide soles at ?1.49 100 pairs men's heavy work oxfords, all sixes, at 1__£1.25 I 1 .".) pairs boys' work shoes, thick heavy soles, at Jsi.25 These men's and boys' shoes are extra specials for quick selling. Besides those beautiful dresses we are filling the bargain basement up with bargains of all kinds. Hosiery, towels., bedroom slippers, curiain'S, pajamas, underwear, and odd lots from upstairs at prices that will sell them. Our bargain basement is the bargain hunter's paradise. Last Saturday I had to turn the fan on them. This Saturday if they get so crowded I will turn the hose on them. When you men are ready for home you will find your wife in Neville's Bargain Basement. Jim mi e Neville Algona, Iowa UNION M, & D, CLUB TO JOIN FEDERATION Large Majority Vote for the Proposal at Meeting. As soon as an animal has been killed rigor mortis sets in and Ja^ts for a lime. Beef develops more rigor than pork. Raw meat is dangerous, especially pork, for it sometimes contains the trichina parasite. Nearly! half of the meat consumed in the | United States is pork. The kind of cookery applied to meats depends on the character i land structure of'the cut, as well, | as the kind and amount of connective tissue. If a tender cut is se-| lected it should be cooked so it 1 will remain tender; if it is a less tender cut. it should be cooked by methods that will increase its ten-! derness. A standing rib roast was served i to the women. In cooking it the : dry heat method was used. The meat came out tender and Kirkpatick, Edward Johnson, Irv-' ing Alne, John Bauer. No. 4— Thayer Mullin. Dwight Wagner, Fay Ward, Junior Bottom, and Lowell Erdman. >. Member.? of the four patrols directed parking of cars at the girls' basketball tournament and ran errands in the gym. Dues are K'c a month. A pass- i word was selected and a sentinel | appointed. Editor D. J. Zerbe is' assistant .scoutmaster. ] Band Committees >'amed— T-KQ committees have been ap- ; pointed by Dr. R. K. Richardson, ; band president, to look after finances. One, headed by Mrs. A. M. Lease, is to collect delinquent lesson fees; the other( Albert Reno Union Twp.. Jan. 30—The Union ! meat came out tender and Ji>cy. ,_ ! bu4^^oLrmr^ Sldlv^it^rUr ^ w^"FSS$?£^££*" THIS ""'" «•«" «"•«"! F .OM YOU, STANDARD en DBAlll women for band donations. Karl o, P r C •«•-,, ., !,_,„ „<,„„,,„' „„ es, and a sauerkraut salad Rroart' 3 FINE OASOLINES So lite with Ethyl. (premium priced) Standard Red Crown (regular priced) Sunolind . ..... (low priced) STANDARD %RED CROm women for band donations. Karl there was a large^atte'nda'nce-^ es ' and a sauerkraut salad. Bread Lake, director, must members and eight visitors. Mae an . d _ bu . tter sa n d wiches and coffee were also served, plus a fig pud- fi ,-,•„ ,- in i 1 —---• ujciuucja auu ejgni visitors. J>lae . 0 c- ery Monday ior giv- Etherington was assisting hostess ' ere a!so serve(J in? jessons during the day and The club cong wasi sune MloWd ding for Dessert Acting a general rehearsal at by roll can*on" Hot IWouldSpenl M «' S <°»'enber g casually re- ' an Extra S500. ! mark ed that a certain piece of sil- A lengthy business meeting was ! ver _*' are sfl e has is 85 years old, i held, and the club voted by a large Pieces are more than 100 regular majority to join the state federa- J ' ears ° d ' The adn >iring women ' ~— ' - agreed that the pieces certainly didn't show their age. . ... ,. :~ - "• "• >ji>i- > eua jicArtnur werp snnoimori =c Portland women attending in- K h*°ii I 8 '"', On a m ° D!hs> fur - committee to find loSM* ° ^* *^™s W. J. Stewart, lo« 6 n he haa already visued his Louis Bode gave a report oa the Fl™ 3 ^._ Phe i ps '. Martin Larsen, night. Soldier Here for Visit- Harold Luken. of the « ajsr^.-ti.fc *?• ™- *zsz*£"£5s«t rj^rfjn*.-- \>! r- r. -, ? itjf " ~t- t r "" —w-w ^-a • c «a j trmji'i. OI3 ine T •* -•.--•, —™- ».». ^tatKcut P-rinu,, 3ir. «o Mrs. rt. M. Lu- proposed club hl ? torv, which is II'" ^^' F - A - Ringsdorf, Rav ^ Mc-VS borter, Tony Jandl, C. E. SSgs" rv,iTr,.jTi e TI x' """ — 1'n/i^u.Tcvi tjuo iiisiorv, wfi!cn is «r TT^-, c ' "' "• iv '"6""u", na.v W ml"; n - an ° lherf l iSter ' P™? r ^^« favorably'under Mpcr^ ^ ?-° rter ' Ton - v Jand! - C. E. Sigs- ^hff - a ^« f SlOU2: ^ !on of a Committee of which **•. ^«or Applegate, and Martin A IJllrn Cl,-1»r A?^l_- T^.^^ Ttr T-> _ ., ... "*vil KrjrtL-cl* Fails, and a third Sioux City. Parochial .School Inspected :JUES iroin the St. Francis .-t. Francis, WL-;., came ^' « v-'jijjiaim.^^ -Mr. 1 ;. Tom Mrs. Bode is chairman. Becker. I He^^i^^^- M - «t Bitter SO."•-"-'=-- - - Mrs. Kate Dittmer, of I - <=—•- l'**l'--in JT;C,j/CCtJ\ tJ * OJ1 -If- T' r*. \ Building Personality and Bell* of I ate DlUm er, of Algona, England. A tray lunch was served m ° |I of Mrs - cla ude Siesbee, The next meeting will be a patrio- ,'1" fl!^'' ^ nuary 2 -°' and on nest meeting will be a patrio meeting, with Mary Ida Winkie Jr. , Mr-Aia'-'on tool- -i. tm """i-"", '"""' - u e-?ts were Mrs. Cecil -M—-<s~on tooi. iVem to Early on a ^li.Sines,^ iriTi PVi/fl.**- TV, ' T . -~ —W.M --«wi c _tn c,. to be hU'uil t "[- 'V-eck rL^ re Jenni t, Ferguson ' Wilma Ethering- -.- tin l..q,j,eek luesoay. ton,^ Mrs. Austin Gardner, Mrs. Girl for Louis Wingerts- Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. 8-lb. Win gert "•** \jo.i uijci, jira. -Nathan Parr, Mrs. Claude Dearchs, Avis Wilson. TK- ^ ~ V — ' '"• "^"*"ier, Church S'ight at Good Hone Jmhnfw-'"', Tbe WIn 3erts ^ «»urch night was held at the " ""•" ""• «rs. lid 'two b v- - Dd there a "' e H ° Pe colnmunil - v ro °m last, Thursda - v at her home. following Tuesday her daughters spent the day with he"r". and Mrs. Harry Putz's •-old son Jerry was sick last with a throat infection. Party for Portland 3fatron— Neighbors and other friends gave for Mrs. Edw. for is j permanent committee !>Ien af Uoan Serve Stew- Mr, and Mrs. Toi r. and Mrs. E. M. Olson for Doctor's Tests T° m Trenary went to Rochester **-w\, *._> iu \_uaige, : f-, ., *' ••*.«», w JtvuciicSier i .Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Parr, chair- ! f, nda - v b - v bu s to go through the ; i men, assisted b" * r -- j -• • Mavn r-i;mv " t clinic. Harvey Reid'," Arie rJittme"r ™F?e& j Other Portland News. Plumb, and William Dodds. The' The 1Ia »ta Larsens were Sun-! public is invited to meetings, in-i day din ner guests at Edw. Zwelf-' eluding whole families. Covered-;«?,'*• , The ***• w - L - Peterson, ofi dish lunch, with sandwiches. j s 1 Titonia . was a Thursday dinner' The Wiifi n TYv'r""'"'. IT ~ i served - The room was filled to &i est at the C. L. Phelps home -e Method,f ^H' ^n ° :rcle of f aPaCity ]ast week ' and an excel-!?* Edw " Wo!fs and the Albert the r«t ofth^Jl 7n h em t ml £ ,T- Pr< i gram was 8«ven. commun-! f«« ^ry spent last week Tu«basement th ? wll- W± C H hUrCh in *H S w 8 I" !ed by the Eev ' Al-! da ; vf ^'^^ « Ted Ringsdorfs. inn, v,c^ Wednesday. ( len H : Wood, pastor, and the Ger-! , Mrs - ^^y Spickler, Botna, spent stew was -served by the me'n. General Aid tfeet Tomorrow- I nfi. TA'fllJ^,. T»T_ * We Are Ready! FOR THE COAL RUSH IS ON Sb ° Wed movjes ° f a h d ° g show at 'Algona and of 'vlf 1 trip to the Bad ^ el to*-Bto n e park lhese BLANKETS of charge WITH PURCHASE OF EITHER OF THESE TWO ALL WHITE CORONADO WASHERS . at her Burt —«~» Shipler enter- last sum- J, a ' tned a _ t ,f°_ u r tables of 500 Thurs- much Earl tsninipr was ^ Our phones art buzzing with late orders !or c-oal delivery to titji.- our city's families over this cold Kpell. We art ready with '.'.el. stof.-^ coal yard-: aud will .supply vour '-•oai ru.-i.'j order without delay. Keep " our I'fionc .'lumber near your telephone, 2'j<j, a;,o oroer our extra htat, clean coal without extra ro.st. l'1-J-Hi.KSS "(HK.MACOL PKOCKS.SKD" Botsf ord Lumber Co. JIM POOL, Mgi ALGONA I BE AND IT WILL PAPER BANCROFT ,—"-"»..'-'uo Wednesday. | w b»e a committee was delving Attending a St. Benedict card ' re «ntly into the history of the Un- ast week Tuesday evening lon M °iners & Daughters club it '•ere Mesdarnes Mr--' ^f 3 ® reve aled that on February 11 Pfc-ffer, and Olson,' } J1J ' an even "ng meeting in the '.ecelia and Lucille 1 rn . a bas ket social was held Mr. and Mrs. Leo : ?}, ^ icljer Bros, home, and with -' «"i mree i JOO people in attendance the bas- ;Ma O' Rabe. Regina Schiltz anrt i kets were auctioned off by Joe j Lucille Vaske. Five hundred f»r • and M T, i ?f ^h" ^ a , t0tal of $87 - 50 - Ma ">' nished entertainment and M» ; and Mrs. Henry Funneraark, I of , hte . older cl "b members will re- ^ank Wilhelmi and Mrs Jn,^' Alma, and Mrs. Herman! cal1 l ? e evem - ^ was only 20 years' Baltz were winners Each S P went to ifaKnn City: a f°: »>ut imagine that sum raised to-be was presented wtth a lift" now and what it would mean to a! from the court. Lunch was served r? i, In , th f e ti£Q es the club also by the hostesses, who were Mr« purchased Liberty and Victory 1 Jos. Recker Sr Mrs Tnm v ,». ll £, d .-S d A»»y »"»r a^nk, Mr, ^'^1^ £ Mrs. Jos. and Marg THOUSANDS OF BLANKETS AWAY DURING THIS SALE! MAKE YOUR SAVINGS NOW! wajM^&s-sSs' • G^Je h ^-^^' doFe - tu "»« - --* -..*^«, aiiu Osterkarnp went to Mason rhur, da; , to cal , on Mre . nu L d r,rm patient at Mercv tivitfes for the soldiers. Annises are Algonlans Xow— i Quinn. lion ° d> eraiu dtalers ' coiiven- CoroMdo Hectic Washer, Model CORONADO GASOLINE POWER WASHER attended the Editor and Mrs. D I carne for her. He and hisTamHy, j nave the same house the eldei -Nutts lived in there some ago. left Sunday 1 sick."'^ ° f Mr> Tjaden who a '^ Frances Winkel was ,. at the Fox & Winkel offices in Algona, and- Henry Swanson and Carl Fran Iff »Pent from Wednesday Mil Friday at Des Moines, a'M n dn"a Farm Bureau convention." " . -Mrs. Francis Haunt force was at Des Moines hospital and her drove to North- T '""""> r Mrs. Halvor Plom Jr will en ' o THE WORLD'S GOOD NEWS WJU come to your home every day through THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCI MONITOR <4w International Daily Ne m p a p e , * Name. e Tb, ««.„« 8clence Monltor for .&^^ <i^, if WITH »«ne as fee blanket* dei^ed .bov? 1111 * >M ? lu »«!? BUnket % the {..- Blanket fJLQ9S % » If^P,

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