Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 24, 1939 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 24, 1939
Page 9
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K JAflttAttY 24, 1989. KO!3StttH COUNT? ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA ier Corwith Man, Railroad lENNISON, OT AGENT 1868, DIES K , Fairview, January 23 |Dannlson, Minneapolis, ght traffic manager of C. H, KLAJtP, Field Reprenentmlve Last -week Tuesday we found Mrs. H. J. 'Boettcher, east of Lakota, on No. 9, doing her ironing. Jay. He is survived by lid a daughter. Mr. Den- ECorwith's second depot ([came here in the spring om Lake Mills. From transferred to Liver- the,n to Minneapolis as Kreight agenC He has . for a number of years. IConvlth he married a John Christy, at Gar- IHears Reports— Sion'Auxiliary met last Say afternoon at the Le- Mrs. Harvey Enfield .art on the joint county jit Britt recently, and rickson gave a library Jjwas voted to -send birth| and playing cards to the ~> hospital at Knoxvllle. field read an interesting Know Christmas was car- ior the disabled veterans, fthey were helped to send heir families at home. She jfthrough efforts of the Snits many little folks file happy by receiving j gifts from their daddies. i Served by Mrs. Ethel |d Mrs. Dorothy Welter, or Girla group No. 2 met with Rosemary Beers. llghbors Install— pyal Neighbors met with na Walley last Thursday, Ruby Galloway, asslst- ess. Officers were in- irith Ethel Bonnstetter act- stalling officer: Annabelle racle; . Lowell Erickson, ttdys Studer, chaplain; Bckett, recorder; Lucia _arshal; Alma Carlson, in- ;inel; Burlette Erickson, ntinel; Abigail Maw, new Gladys Woods is rnusi- the five graces are: Mod- Jthryn Francis; Faith, Elva Igh; Endurance, Jeanette | Unselfishness, Eva Mae Courage, Rita Faye Fo- fhch was served, and Chi- Ickers and bridge played. fborwlth Man Promoted— ogard, formerly Corwith, lagent for the Bankers Life Ibeen named agency super- 1th hadquarters in Indiana, lards, who have been living lah for three years, will jftheir new home this week, and Mrs. flogard were , orwith, and lived here fast few years. Mrs. Bogard Ighter of, Mrs. Clara Patter- ICorwith. Mr. Bogard's for- •itory was Winneshiek, Al- Fayette, and Clayton Last year he won a free few York City, and this ... he and Mrs. Bogard will |a trip to the San Francisco on, with all expenses paid. Is Celebrated— IFrisbie celebrated his 84th last week Monday, Janu•Mr. and; Mrs. Frtebie's and families gathered at ae in honor of the event. Mrs. Clarence Nail pre- Jr, Friable with a beautl- corated birthday cake, and pwing brought pot luck din- Hilo Friable family, .of ake; George and family, of Mrs. C. L. Rasmussen ally, Renwick; and the Bert Corwith. Ben Friable and |llie Unger, Britt, came for friing; 'bringing ice cream |e, Mrs. Cox, another daugb- aaklng her home with her acre farm where they live in 1920. That was in !boom times, and many buyers lost their farms later, but the Boettchres managed well and kept their place. They milk 14 cows. There are three boys in the family: Leonard, who is married and living at home;,Alvin, who has been in California since Thanksgiving; and Clarence, who goes to school at Lakota. .* * * * Glenn Behse, southeast of Ledyard, had finished cleaning out his barn when we saw him last week Tuesday and was 'hauling in dry bedding for his stock. He said he was somewhat overstocked for his barn room, and so thinks of selling some of his horses. He has a fine drove, of them, including as fine a black stallion as we have seen In a long time. * * * » We called on Harm -Dontje, northeast of Ledyard, last week Tuesday and' found him doing chores. We. always 1 find him at work. He and his wife have two dhildren, a girl and boy, and both attend the Ledyard concolidate^d school. Mr, and Mrs. Dontje must be good renters, for they have lived on this same farm 19 years. * * * * Chris Olson, east of the Letts Creek store, was hauling 'in. bedding for his stock Wednesday. Mrs. dar Falls on the market by panic's. A. G. Tuesday with Mrs. P. E. Walley. Mrs. Bud Lawson gave a book review on "In the Wilderness," by Sigurd Undst. Mrs. William Wood gave a travelog of Sweden, and Swedish folk songs were sung by the group, with Mrs. Francis Kee accompanying. Crowd Attends Farm Buy- Around 500 attended the John Deere day held last week Monday at Corwith sponsored by Risvold brothers. Free lunch was served at noon, and the afternoon program consisted of moving pictures, talks by company representatives, Alvin Risvold, and Jack Merriam. Project Lesion is Given— Eight women met with Mrs. Jack Gourley one day last .week for a home project lesson, The Cooking of Tender Cuts of Meat. Mrs. Albert Johnson had charge of the lesson. This group has planned its next meeting for February 7 With Mrs. Bernard Devine. Student Nurse is Home— Eleanor Johnson, student nurse at the Mason City Mercy hospital, is spending a ten-day vacation at her home here, recuperating from an appendicitis operation., Mrs. Johnson and Alberta Mitchell drove to Mason City to bring her home. ' Hybrids Win at Clalr— The Mullins Hybrids, local independent basketball team drove to Clalr a week ago Sunday, where they won 37-25. Olson said she was planning to visit some of 'her ifolks who live at Leon, which Is; southwest of Des Moines, near the Missouri line. * ..* * * 'When we 'arrived at C. 0. Peter- son'fe, northwest of Lakota, last week Tuesday he was doing his noon chores. 'C. 0. has not been feeling his best of late, and one of his boys has been down, following an operation for' appendicitis. The boy is at present with an aunt at Swea City and Is recovering rapidly. C. O. la not as often seen at Algona as. when he* was supervisor from the North End. He lived then at or near Swea City. * * * * E. H. Luedtke, who lives north of the Lotts Creek church, on the first place on the.west side of the highway, was feeding his chickens Wednesday, whenr we saw him. This is the place where there are so many birds. There are ifive kinds of wild geese, and another sight is five deer, which are handsome at this time of year. E. H. also has four -pairs of silver foxes. * * * * Elmer Hansen, who lives on his father's farm, south of Burt, was doing his chores when we called last week Tuesday. We always find him at work with his stock. All of the buildings on this farm have ibeen repaired and repainted. Elmer said he raised more than 2500 bushels of corn. ~ « * * * At Chas. W. Patterson's, northwest of Burt, the hired men were hauling hay to the sheep barn last week Monday. Mr. Patterson is feeding 2800 head of western lambs, and they are doing well. Charles and his brother George, the latter east of Burt, are the sheep kings of this section. In the last several years they have fed many thousands of sheep out for the market. They buy the lambs in Montana, where a brother lives. » * * * John Gifford, northwest of Burt was having a little trouble to get his Model "A started last week Tuesday, but he knows how to take trouble, so he laughed about it He said he, would probaly have to call Jim Chrlstensen, the "trouble shooter" at Burt. * * * * Jake Kockler, who lives south o Swea 'City, was at Algona Thursday. He likes to talk about the early days when he did a lot of tiling. 'This was just after he came to> this county 35 years ago. Jake claims that he made more money at tiling than he does at farming •Leonard G. Heerdt, east of Lon Rock, was getting his roughage mill ready for work last week Monday, when we called. He isaid he was going to grind feed for his cattle. Leonard has a fine herd o the ibeef breed, and they show goo< :are. Charles Morris, the Lone 'Rocl was not at borne He is away most o PAGE NINS Official, Is Dead The iReeds put up that canned sweet corn which Editor Dowel thinks beats anything put canning com-. Stevens, In northeast Kossuth, was hauling hay Friday. He is feeding a carload of steers, and it * * * * keeps busy to set feed before them. I His hay is out on the old prairie. * * * * We called Friday on Henry Jan- Burt, was not at home when we i sen and his son Eugene, who live arrived l|ist week Monday, but his! southeast of Lakota. 'Mr. Jansen there, and in the house. | was a brother of the late Burtus Sam Kuhn, of Algona, was tuning | Jansen and Elso Jansen, both of folentine, northwest of the family piano. The Volentines j whom just recently died within a do not nave to depend altogether I week of heart failure. Henry is ! having some of hla big cottonwood on the radio for good music. * * * * Domini'c Stuflick, on north Mln- brated their 18th wedding anniversary last Thursday. Mr. Christ said that his father, the late Michael Christ Sr., donated money for a young man to go through the Lu- theran seminary at 'St. Paul. The elder Mr. Christ was always sorry that none of his own boys studied for the ministry. There are seven of these sons, and they all own and live on farms on the Lakota mail route. We can. say, too, that all are jolly good fellows and good farmers, and they keep their places up in fine shape. trees cut down. He and his son live alone, but they like company. nesota street) Algona, was feeling Eugene likes to read about prize- more like himself than for some time whiin we called Thursday. His eyesj have been bothering him some of late. Mr. Stuflick is one of fights, and he can tell about all of the big fighters. * + * * 'Herman F. Wirtjes, southeast of itLakota, lives at one of tho Hamilton farms. He had tough luck last St. Benedict's pioneers. * * * * Last wjeek Monday we called on season, for he had lost 17 head of Godfrey Schultz, south of Lone cattle from sweet clover bloat, also Rock, on one of the DeGraw farms, <> hogs and a horse. Herman, how- and, he reported having received ever is still cheerful, for he had a n air mall letter from the son big crop of corn. All the old cribs in - Other Corwith News. Mrs. Dean Brown returned to are Entertained— sant evening was spent at f. Chambers home last week .y evening when the Fair- lid circle entertained. fam- id neighbors at an oyster twith 50 present, A program |d with-Henry Weber chair*\n old time barber shop Bill Johnson* Edw. Cham- Albert Bfsrriam, and- Guy pang Down By the Old Mill ' witn Mra. Merrlam accom- Chineee checkers was latter the supper. ty Purty Planned— lullins Feed & Seed Co. jld its third annual birthday |tt the Legion hall Tuesday A program has been "Uncle Tubby" Day will master of ceremonies, and jjners will include members [.WHO cast, the "Katter |nd the Cowboy Singers De- Tom G, Dyer, salesmanager (•gent & Co., of Des Moines, "ve an educational talk. A ach will be served. i's Club JB Meeting— iWQjnan's slub met last her home from the Mason City Mercy hospital last week Tuesday. Her -infant son, whose leg was broken at birth, remained at the hospital for- further treatment. A dinner honoring the birthday of Mrs. Robert Masterson was held Friday evening at the Harold Evans home. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Masterson, Margaret, Frances, and Roberta. The Lucky Seven girls, composed of seven high school seniors, held a party last Wednesday evening .honoring Jeanette Woods on , her 18th birthday. Cecil Zweifel celebrated his ninth birthday last Wednesday evening by entertaining several friends at an oyster supper. Mrs. Joe Kouba returned Friday from Marshalltown, where ehe had spent the week with • her sister, Mrs, George Downing. supervisor, Wednesday. the time, looking after county bus mess. This is his 17th year in of fice. Mrs. Morris had the Ad vance in one 'hand when she came to the door, and she remarked tha it is a fine newspaper. Poor Ca,ve Man Np Newopaper Advertise !n, Lovice Scheffelman and Ouhlap entertained their Delores Sunday school class Thursday evening at G. L. Stambaugh's. The D. Y. T, club met with Mrs. Clarence Smith Friday afternoon, with Mrs. Jos. Meyers assisting hostess. The Percy Moshers, of Rockford ; 111., are with Mrs. Mosher's parents, the Frank Buntings, for two weeks. (Leonard * • • * Seibolt, northeast Lakota, «had just come home-wit] two big loads of hay when w calledTlast week Tuesday. He wa hauling it from "the prairie," a they called the land where it was grown, .but it was plowed up las fall and so will raise no more wll hay. Leonard keeps 20 cows, an they are of a beef Ibreed, Bo h raises bis own feeders. * * * * We were at Earl Reed's, north west of .Burt, briefly last wee! Monday, and we had a short vlsi with Mr. and Mrs. Reed. Three o the children, Kenneth, Ruth, an Elizabeth, attend school at Bur and the eldest daughter, Faitb, at tends the Teachers college at. Ce BLANK NOTES 86—in Pad—25e —Also— Chattel Mt?. Notes Ad-ranee Pub. Co. B. B. Hickenlooper Lieutenant Governor of Iowa will be speaker at the annual meeting of stockhold^ ers and patron,s of the x Burt Farmers' Co-operative Creamery Co» " . - - • . - • " - ' -' Saturday, January 28th AT BURT HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING R. 0, STORVICK, Masou City, wUl also .Other entertainment will be provided Free dinner begins at 11; 80. program begins at 4; 30. eorge, who lives in California, iving news of a new girl, born anuary I 3. George and his 1 wife ave two other children, a boy and irl. Tie elder Mr. and Mrs. chultz liave two boys at home. On Ills farm there is an fhlch teknpts us every time we.go were filled, besides two new ones. y when the apples are ripe. * * * * Andre* Godfredson, on the unny .Silope farm next south of he Kossuth hospital, was feeding ^ is cowii when we were at his y ' lace Thursday, Andrew has a ra- lo set oh the wall in his barn, and t wa# giivng fine music. Three ats were sitting on the radio! The Henry Geerdes, south of Lakota, always meets us with a smile. He and his hired man were cleaning L.UJ.C w.. the * 3arn Friday when we saw oTchard them. Henry believes in keeping his premises clean. * * * * Michael Christ, three miles east and three miles north of Lakota, and his son Arvid were cutting up if meat last week Tues- Christ has a locker at Lakota, and the Christs put up meat in winter for summer use. They also home-cure hams and bacon. Mr. Christ took time out lired mttn explained that the ra- io provided a warm place for the ats—orj maybe they like music, mdrew ! showed us his fine Hol- tein cows. Many of them are reg- stered, and they all show good are. Referring again^to cats, he aid that at the house there were pair of Persian maltese cats, both cross-eypd. They are a strange air, and it's lots of fun to watch hem. * * * * W. H.| Patterson, southeast of iakota, was not at home when we were at[ his farm Friday. He's a ausy man these days; for he is the official corn-sealer for two town- hips, and he is also assessor in jincoln | township, this being the 26th year that he has served in hat capacity. Some record! Mr. and Mrk Patterson have three children;. Raymond lives at Spencer, where he is selling lots in a memorial park; and Lyle and 3ayde are attending the Upper Iowa university at Fayette.' e '*'*** When! we called Friday we learned that I Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Friest, ast of Bancroft, had 'been away on i short| visit at Eldora. Mrs. Friest's! mother, Mrs. C. M. Zielske, lives there alone in her 88th year, stilling doing all her work, even splitting wood.i and refusing an old ! age pension.' * * * *• Tom Bosma Jr., who lives the first farm east of W. H. 'Patter- will his father's farms, where his brother Louis n^ow lives. This farm • is at the south edge of the hamlet ' of Stevens^ northeast of Lakota. Tom said he would .be near a graveled road. Where he now lives there Is only a dirt road, and every time it enows it is badly drifted. We shall miss this family on the Lakota route. * * * * Ernest-Busch, 1% miles west of for a short visit -with us. Mrs. Mrs. Christ was preparing jello for dinner. This good couple cele- Annnnl Meeting January 28, 1989. NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING OF STOCKHOLDERS AND I'ATUONS NOTICE IS 'HEREBY GIVEN that the regular Annual Meeting of the Stockholders and Subscribers to Capital Stock of the Algona Cooperative Creamery Company, acording to Article Ten of the Articles of Incorporation, shall be held in Algona, Iowa, on the last Saturday in January, 1939, for the purpose' of election of directors for the coming year and for receiving and, if approved, ratifying and confirming all the acts and proceedings of the Board of Directors of the corporation done and taken during the preceding year and for the transaction of such further and other .business as may properly come before the meeting. ALGONA COOPERATIVE CREAMERY COMPANY. M. P. Christiansen, Sec'y and Treas. son's,, southeast of Lakota, move in the spring to one of For Sale 30 Tons Good Baled Alfalfa HAY Stored in Barn. F. W. LANGEEMAN Swea City, Iowa Ear Corn Wei are now buying ear corn Anderson Grain & Coal Co; ALGONA, IOWA USED TRUCKS and MACHINERY —TRUCKS— '36 International model CS30 LWB iy 2 ton, | reconditioned. Good. '3,4 Ford V-8, LWB, Good condition '37 International C, 1 Pick-up exceptionally good '3^1 Chevrolet, LWB," li/a ton, cheap '3p Ford V-8 LWB 1% ton cheap '31 Chevrolet SWB, 1% ton, very cheap . ' ' .—TRACTORS— Regular Farniall with rubber front Regular Farmall with all steel llcCormJck-peering 3-bottona J4" plow , ' TFo-roJw Farniall Cultivator ). 344 Letss combination roughage mill 50 Ft. Endless Canvas Belt IfeCprinick-JDeering 2-row horse drawn cultivator . McCwmkk-Deering Store B. R. HUTZELL, E. State Street Farmers are invited to attend our FREE Monday, January 30,1939 10:00 A. M. NEW CALL THEATRE Arthur Lake as Leroy Bagley and victor Potel an Axel, looking under cow, In "The Tuttle Tugger," Admission by Bring the wife and boys along and have a big day with us. You'll enjoy every minute of our program. Admission is by ticket only. If you don't have tickets, or need more, ask us for them. They are FREE to farmers. KOSSUTH CO. IMPLEMENT COMPANY Phone 850 J. W. DAW, Mgr. jpiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiuiiiiiiiniiiiiiin CLOSING OUT FARM AUCTION Having rented my farm for the coming year I will hold a closing out sale at niy place, one mile west of Burt on south side of. the Lone Rock county highway, and a half mile west of the highway No. 169 paving, on 2 = SALE BEGINS AT ONE O'CLOCK LUNCH ON THE GROUNDS 15 Head of Horses 51 Consisting of pair of mares, wt. about 1650 Ibs. each, 7 and 8 yrs. old, sound and in foal, a brown and a bay; team of coming 3-year-olds, geldings, a sorrel and a bay, wt. dl:out 1300 Ibs. each, broks and gentle. One gray mare, wt. .-100 Ibs., in foal, > 120 Head of Cattle 20 gf Two milk cows, 8 head of springing heifers, 3 calves, and rest are stock cat- 53 tie. These are all Shorthorns, good red and roans. • 12 Head of Hogs 121 Eight Spotted Poland China brood sows and 4 Chester White brood sows. These sows are bred to farrow in April. Farm Machinery, Etc Wide-tire wagon; one hay rack; Emerson 5-ft. mower; John Deere sulky 16-in. plow; grain drill; 4-sec. harrow; John Deere corn planter; single-row cultivator; 16-wheel disc; spring tooth har'row on wheels, like new; disc cultivator; one disc Tower cultivator; McCormick-Deering spreader; Del/aval separator; one Babcock milk tester; hay loader; 2 individual hog houses, size 10x12; 6 steel stanchions; dehorner; emery wheel; 2 sets of 'harness, one is extra good; scoop board; cross-cut saw; hay ylings, 2 sets; tools; forks; and other items too nun\er- ous to mention. TERMS — Cash, or make arrangements with bank. No property removed until settled for, Mrs. Bertha M. Koester BURT BANK, Clerk, W. J,

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