Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 24, 1939 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, January 24, 1939
Page 5
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JANt|A|tV 24, 1939., KOSSttTH COUNTY AfrVANCB, ALQONA. IOWA TWENTV After TO HELP BOOST NEW YORK FAIR 'ANOTHER LETTER from Nellie Etahl*from France told of preparations for Christmas. Work In the hospitals was nearly over, lor the armistice had been signed and the war ended. Patients In the hospital were so nearly well that they were having pillow fights. Everyone was anxious for word to go home. * * * * BOYS AND GIRLS interested In raising aheep were to toe financed by a national organization, and Kossuth. Mlsbach was chairman for ITY-NINE FOUR BOY GOUT UNITS ifttee of Three Haffg Post is fin Charge. Algona boys were l|for four patrols at a fof Algona's Scout Troop ist week Tuesday. Qrgan- the troop was announc- (leetlng of the Algona unit ftunty Conservation League |y, January 12. |A. Danson is scoutmaster, IHardgrove, assistant. Malie T. Saul, commander of Sst, W. H. Godden, and M. 6n are the post's scout ee. A charter, dated De|31, was received January |; eligible to membership a fet be 12, or closely ap-, ig his 12th birthday. JUvided Into Patrols. oys have ibeen assigned to Fof not more than eight ——~ ••"" cmnnsu wuu uaaneia nn f noi-tnif „„ i iun , •<.< . V each patrol has an older \ of.food. ,E. W. Lu.by gave a short ^aTogs'and" aC^loKS featured. * * + * T. P. HARRINGTON had lost out in the legislature for the speaker- ship; McFarlahe, Waterloo, Mrs. H. E. Woodward, Whltte- more, has been appointed one of nine members of a speakers committee to 'talk before clubs on the world's fair, shortly to be' held at New York City. Notice of the appointment was sent by Grover Whalen, director of the fair, and Mrs. Vincent Astor, the latter head of the woman's division. Mrs. Woodward is also a member of a woman's advisory committee which met recently at the Fort Des Moines hotel. Dr. Gerald Wendt, professor at Columbia university, director of the main division of the fair, was the principal , was'speaker. elected. Mr. McFarlane is a mem- The woman's committee is work- ber of the present legislature, and' ing in conjunction with a men's 'her. of the present legislature, and ] committee to Influence the legis- he once served as lieutenant-gov- lature to appropriate $250,000 for the promotion of Iowa at the fair. The sum of $70,000 would be used for an Iowa exhibit; $180,000 for crnor. I. M. FINNELL, postmaster, had H« r S BK . inioT n 19 o 8 P> ssu . th met follow-up, advertising. Mr. Kauff- SSUT =5T;±X' stamps were not transferable. * * » * E. B. McCORKLE had been sur- The New York exposition is at present a trifle "in bad" with les- prrsed^rms^rbirtZayTy H£ ^ hand °^ 3 ' be ° aUSe »' bekahs who arrived with ' Whalm. h fl « «„„„„„,«,, «,„, ^ ,.,,„ announced that he will _„ • i Header. Division into pa- talk. ^governed largely by friend- lid location of homes. This stimulate and keep alive \also to promote patrol ac- jfroop meets every Tuesday at the Legion hall. The Hhold at least one additional each week for work to- |passlng tests for advance- jf.rank. There are six ranks: bot, second-class, first- ftar, life, eagle. Holmes Is .leader of the patrol, with Douglas Brown, tiller, Billy Godden, Boyd Jahu Hardgrove,' James |k, and paryl Sandberg as nembers. Mmebershlp Lists. iFlying 'Eagle patrol, under Paul, consists of Wallace Donald Deal, Junior Saw- |nald Dreston Thiel, and Du- llukait. ieth Baklf.n, Merlo Conklln, fNugent, Richard Palmer, |chemel, and John Stephens |p 'the Owl patrol, with Andy a leader. ' Duttoh is acting leader of blf-patrol, which consists of loldren, Bob Miner, Harlan |ook, Russell Owen, and and Richar'd Pederson. Two Advanced Scouts. is a star) the merit i * * + * SGT. EDWARD ZIGRANG, Bancroft, had written that he was with the army of occupation in Germany and had visited the headquarters of the former crown prince, which were some distance behind the battle line. He had sent I German helmets home. ! Forty-Four, Fenton, Unite to Organize Conservation Unit meeting was held at t he sc hoolhouse Wednesday A PICTURE OF the Rev Frank • to or eanlze a local chapter of the H. Wehster was printed on the ?° Un % Conservation League. Ar- front p'age. He was new minister for the Baptists here. * * * * A COMPANY OF Yank minstrels Pr |ebe -Lone Rock, county president, helped, and Wm. C. Dau, Algona, showed moving pictures of wlld 11£e and conservation, also was coming to the Call. They were sce nes In the west. J. D. Lowe, ' • • "' state president, and E. V. real doughiboys who had been in France. * * * * MABEL PETERSON had left for Washington, D. C., to become a clerk In the war risk insurance bureau. She Is still in government employ there. * * * * SEN. H. C. ADAMS and Repro- Pierce, game warden in this trict, also attended. dis- ALBONIANS ARE HOME FROM TRIP TO SOUTH iMr. and 'Mrs. D. C. Hutchison got home Wednesday from Florida, where they left the elder Mrs. Hutchison with the W. F. Walkers at DeLand. Donald and his wife drove to Del Ray Beach to call on the Harold Cowans and have a swim In the Atlantic. The water was not particularly cold, Donald reports. Harold had begun setting cement piles for three houses he is to build for his uncle, Wood Cowan, the strip cartoonist. Houses ido not have basements there. No holes are dug for piles; instead the piles are driven Into the sand. No grass grows there except when the soil Is fertilized and watered. There are no cows in that section, for the soil raises no feed for them. Instead the inhabitants use condensed milk. The Hutchisons were taken with the native trees, which are pines and palms. The weather was delightful, really too warm at mid-day, though the nights were cool, and one morning the thermometer registered as low as 40 degrees above. AL60NA WOMAN TRIES A JAUNTJI A PLANE Mrs. C. D. Schaap had her first ride in a plane Sunday, when her brother, Wallace Reynolds, took her up in a Taylor-Kraft cabin monoplane which he and his brother James, farmers, and Arthur Dinsmore, all of Swea City, own jointly. The plane has space for" only one passenger. Mr. Dinsmore, who teaches economics and English in the Swea City high school, was flying north from Fort Dodge Saturday, when PAGE LOCALS ^Wlfc*" , Mrs. 0. W, Stllliiian and Mrs. T. repair garage on State street, al -I. Ghrlschilles were at 'Des Moines ter having spent most of the win ^ .1* i fi n v. * n » »* tTT.. _ .a i_ (— . .. . *• .... Friday. Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Lin nan Moinee Friday 1 , returning Saturday, t Mr. and Mrs. William Carney, Burt, and a grandson, Wayne Carney, also Burt, were Sunday dln- and road construction company. He Des I and his family are living at Irvington. Mr. Dole's place is the former Elbert garage next west of the Algona hotel, Attrood and Arline Wooster, Eagle Grove, came Friday for ner gueUs at Robert Carney's the wetk-en^ "with ^ge'nla " for tensen's. is She is a , /-«i_ • *•*••*"ra*»i.\yi \ji. iiLi , ttJlU AVi.1 (3, J, W , at Chris- Little, here, is a senior in the Al- Ruth Ann, daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. D. R. Martin, returned gona high school. 0. M. Howard and Arnold Mr, and Mrs, Lee Har.vey, of Wayne, Neb., and Mr. and Mrs. Nevans Ganhold, Spencer, were Thursday callers at Clarence Langley's. Mr. Harvey has a hardware store at Wayne, and Mr. Gan- er Anton Streit's. Mra. Smith for some years bookkeeper and reporter for the Advance. Mrs. George Johnson, Mrs. Clinton Lighter, and the latter's daughter, Mrs. LeRoy Peterson, Humboldt, were at Fort Dodge SatUr- hold is In the gasoline business. , Mr. Langley travels for the Jan-1 day ' MrSl "Khter's son ney-Semple-HIll & Co. wholesale' an D °nald Willason accompanied hardware house at Minneapolis '• tnem as far ^ Fort Dodge, thence and Mrs. Ganhold was with the "" '" "" '" ^ ' " same company when he lived here. Mr. and Mrs. Lambert Venteicher, their little girl, and Mr. Venteicher's sister, Mary Ann Venteicher, are leaving today for six weeks at Robertsdale In southern Alabama .with the Paetzes, who moved to that section last fall. Mr. Venteicher farms north of Sexton, but is to leave the farm this Spring, and does not at present have another farm. His and Mary Ann's parents formerly farmed i...u .. ilo . ±j. iv. iviaiLin, returned v, m ,, t „,, ,, , , „ — —•• last week Tuesday from a week's U> ° ,,, e local Howard hard- trip to St. Paul and Manitoba to war , e> w , m * tte , nd a conv entlon of visit friends. ] de , a 'ers in Shellane gas at the Ho- Mason City, January £lom three or tour Mr. and Mrs. R a y Brown, farmers four miles east of Algona, „. . ,,, . , were Sunday guests here of Mr , ., w111 , be there to iSee P res and Mrs. Glenn J. Shore. The wo-, f",„„" ,°'_ a ." ew line of Univer- men are olsters. Mnurlle Michel, junior sal gas ranges. , ,_ at the ' ,, Mrs ' A ' p - Nelson, Britt, sister of Ames State college, and Jane Ben- Mrs> H - c - Anderson here, was nett, Des Moines, were last week- Dr ° u Sht home last week Monday en "guests of the former's mother, from the state university hospital, Mrs. A. E. Michel. I where she had for some weeks Dr. and Mrs. J. N. Keneflck, with been a P atl ent. She was Phylida their sons Stephen and Michael, s °nerholm, who formerly worked were Sunday dinner guests of the at the Marigold and Morrison doctor's mother, Mrs. T. H. Kene- De 5 ut y shops here, fick, Easle Grove. Mr. and Mrs. A. B. McCall, who Mr. and Mrs. Carl Nubson, Fort a re Mrs. C. C. Shierk's parents, ar- Dodge, were Sunday guests of Mry- rived Sunday from Kenosha Wis ' E1 _ near Sexton, but are now farming 1 near Osage. John J,. Kondingcr, near Sexton, who recently had a farm sale and planned to move to southern Alabama, has changed his mind. He has to leave the farm where he now lives by March 1, and he had not been able to find another farm for rent; but now he has rented one right across the road from his present location. This is a 120- acre place owned and occupied by the Leo Millers, who have bought another farm, farther north in the county, and will move to It soon bounty Engineer and Mrs. H. M. Smith, with the latter's niece, Betty Streit, left Saturday night for Chicago, and it was understood that Mrs. Smith would enter Mer— ««r>~i I'^iv; »_>uii.uaj< &UUSUS Oi mry- *'»cu *Juuuo,y 1IUIII IVenOSlia WiS nv ^ rt nit 1 11. ~~ v ~* *>*.\,A tie Turnbaugh. The Nubsons are for a few days here before' going IprnHnn + h Sunday for °P~ former Algonians, and Mr. Nubson ; on to Omaha to visit another inptM? Performed Mondav. is n. ton finlosmnn , rinnp-Vitor MI.O T> T IT, n m i_ . -oeLty, is a tea salesman. daughter, Mrs. R. L. Virgil The performed Monday, graduate nurse who took «• »uu .jti» i^uijAtvji. ,\ *"»**v»o"i,\jij «*i o« .iv. i j, v II Ell X116'Vi Vi i • — ••--— vuwk Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Anderson, McCalls reported the roads, except I f s Uw in nft *\ Same hofi P ita1 ' ol Springs, S. D., were Thursday between Mason City and Alionii. Llll^^ " P , riv , at ? Practice at Chi- Hot and Friday, guests of Dr. and Mrs", clean as in City and Algoiia, as I cago summer. ' but had been here a few .-..— - . ***u. Jf tymsnvo UL LJI , duu 1V11 a. ««^tfc" «•» in auillllLtJI. iironlrn • '41 H. M. Olson. Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. J. T. Graham, her son, his ^ ' Vlslti "g at her grandfath- Mrs. Olson are cousins. , ( " Ift t wife, and the on to the Ames State collge for the week-end. The boys returned Monday afternoon. Helen Sterling, now an employe at the Metropolitan offices, Fort Dodge, accompanied Mrs. Lighter home for the week-end with Helen's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Sterling. Mrs. E. JT. Taylor came home yesterday afternoon (Monday) from Blue Earth, where she had been since Thursday, guest of her sister, Mrs. Charles Gier. Mrs. Taylor's sisters, brothers, and their mother, Mrs. 'Ella Patterson, the latter living at Blue Earth, had a family reunion at Mrs. Grler's last week. Other Patterson children there besides Mrs. Taylor were Mrs. Ned Brown, Emmetsburg; Mrs. Edward Johnson, Curlew; George Patterson, North Dakota; and Andrew Patterson, Mason City. Mrs. Florence Schlchtl and her son Gerry arrived Wednesday from Staples, Minn., to visit the former's mother, Mrs. J. F. Cook, a month or six weeks. Mrs. Cook has been sick, but is gradually improving. Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Cook and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Johannsen Jr. left Thursday for a month or six weeks in the South. They were to travel via Chicago, Louisville, Kentucky, and Alabama, thence west and south to Mexico City. Mr. Cook and Mrs. Johannsen are son and daughter of Mrs. J. F. Cook. While the G. R. CookB are away their employes are operating the Cook lunch room across from the northeast corner of the fair grounds. little girl and Lyle Rey- were all sick last week Tuesday Four Corners er have escaped the disease so far. The Grahams, who are retired farmers, own a small acerage Kanawha, and Mrs. Stewart's near the fair grounds. nephew, Bobby Goodnow, were Mrs. J. Clyde Smith spent the Sunday guests of Mrs. L. G. Baker week-end with, her daughters, Ev-. and the latter's son Durwood. j elyn, who teaches at Carson, and Mesdames P. A. Danson and A. Louise, at Cedar Falls. Mrs. Smith A. Bishop entertained 20 women le£ t early in the week from Oma- The Four Corners Mothers and ^ ta l^ T ;.F- «»"^ V Paught^club' meVTs'rweek legislature. The federal ment was then being through. * * » * GAI'L BEARD, Irvlngton, with Mrs. Elsie Linde- written from France that his company was all ready to come home. He had turned down a teamster job in the hope that he would get away amend-, man, Algona, 40 attending. The op- pushed ening song was Flow Gently, Sweet Afton, and roll call was answered with favorite paintings. Poems were read by Mrs. Arthur Cruik- had ne Hardgrove with most of sooner. scout, transferred . from Bgton, la. Donald Thiel was frred from Atchlson, Kans. iRaveii patrol hiked to Plum |Friday. Tl»e Wolf patrol Gerald Pederspn's Monday. ier of Algonian With Pneumonia land Mrs. Paul A. •called to St. Paul Danson Friday |by word of the critical ill- bf Mrs. Danson's father, L. Vton. Mr. Lawton, cashier brrespondence clerk in the St. fof f ice of the Railway Ex|has heen with the company |rs. For the last three weeks been a patient at the Nor- Pacific railway hospital, sick pneumonia. After passing one he had a setback, and the crisis was due Friday. Latis that his temperature is hormal, and Mrs. Danson has [that he will recover. Mr. and anson came home Monday. r erne Newspaper tuation a Mix-Up '• recent death'of Editor H. B. an, left a much mixeo>up sit- as regards the Lu Verne No paper was published ireek, and no one seems to |what is to be done. It is |le that,Mr, Harlinger, from | Mr. Coleman bought the pa~- ptill owns an equity, It is ed that several prospective i have visited<Lu Verne. Mr. an's mother,- who lived with gone to Waterloo to live daughter, and •is closed. 'Last the News week the ischools issued a typewritten isheet called The Substitute. V ~ . » . ittemore Farmers |lk RE A Extension E. A. meeting was held at hittemore academy Friday and was attended by 126 [.Speakers were Project Supt Pocahontas county, and Coun- jent A, L. Brown. The pur- |f the meeting was to explain llscuss the rural electrifica- f>lan, with the Idea of ex'ten- " the Pocahontas line into nore territory. Mr. Brown Is that the prospect is prom- Construction may begin this r. Southern and eastern |th farmers are already hook- and the line extends as far 18,,'- s '"--' •' ' " '' Farmer* Plan Week* on Coast land ifra. 4. H, JBuukpfske, east of Biirt, -wiU leave esday or. i?hursday for> six iu California and Wasbing- ey will travel fey train, »i>4 ke visits at Loa Angeles, Battle, Wash.', besides attend- je world's fair at San Fran!A son, -will car§ for thfi farm livestook dm-ing their ab- ^ lervation »t Wgfley Elect* Cos- the A. A. STUDER, Wesley, had been knocked down by a Milwaukee train when he attempted to walk between moving cars and a baggage truck. He suffered a severe scalp wound and an injured foot. * * * * 'BUTTERMAKER Mark Dyer, of Bancroft, had resigned and F. C. Bollig, Fenton, had taken his place. • • ****"' FRANK .CHAPMAN, Lu Verne, sent home souvenirs from Italy, where he was an ambulance driver. One was a paper-Aveight made from a shell fragment which had exploded so close to him that part of it crashed through the roof of the ambulance. * * * * , KOSSUTH had subscribed $80,000 in the War Work campaign. The county quota was only ?53,700, and the oversubscription was 48 per cent. At that, 23 counties in Iowa did, better than Kossuth, the highest achieving 171 per cent. Only two counties failed to meet their quotas. . ' * * * * ' . ARNOLD AND ALFRED Kresensky had landed at Newport News, Va., and expected tfl be released from the army in a few weeks. » » * * 'PLANS FOR EVERY boy and girl in the country to have a garden to help out against the high cost of living and to aid the starving people in Europe were he- ing laid. Land had been rented for plantings in the spring. * * * * THE HIGH SCHOOL basketball team had won from Goldfield in the second game of the season. Raymond Irons, "senior, was acting as coach, no regular coach being available because so many young men .had been called into the army, * * * * •LETTERS FROM R. S. Sherwood todl of his trip to France and his Y. M. C. A. duties there. 'He was seasick on the way over, the boat having run into a storm. * * * * THE ADVANCE had carried nearly eight solid-pages of farm sale "ads" in an 18-page paper. The war had caused prices to soar sky high, and farm sales had become speculative events. Twentysix sale dates were listed for January and February. * » » * WM. E. GREENE, Algona breeder of Poland Chinas, who was lately killed in an automobile accident near Humbojdt, bad had a two- page "spread" on a eale to be held January 23. shank and Mrs. John McNeil, and a song was sung by Jacqueline Lowman. A White elephant exchange caused much merriment. Lunch was served by the hostess. The Union, No. 7 P. T. A. meet at tea Monday afternoon at the lat- he ran into strong head winds and' nolds > of the H UD clothing store, till Saturday with the "flu." Mr. was obliged to put down at Chester • went to St ' Paul Sun(J ay to attend Graham and another granddaught- Bailey's, north of Algona Going' an annual spring convention of "" v "" "' * ' to Swea City by car, Mr. Dinsmore' LeutlioldhSt^ Clair buyers; returned Sunday with Reynolds to T J ' r> all<1 Mrs> R H> Stewart, of get the plane. t.--~...i~ -_.i ™Doctor Schaap, also, who, however, has been up many times, was given a ride Sunday. The owners usually fly whenever they travel for any distance, and they always circle over the . , . , Schaap house here when they pass ter s home ' The women are mem- over Algona. Scarcely a day has be ,^ s , of ,, the Methodist W. F. M. S. „.•!.», . " *" »*'•«•— 'I'lift tlmmt\n S\ff t-Wf*f*nmm ™ _ i T L passed this winter when they have not been up in the plane. P. E. O. Observes Founders Day— A feature of the local chapter BW's observance of the 70th anniversary of the P. E. 0. Founders day Wednesday at Mrs. Hortense Ferguson's was a reproduction of Friday night with Mr. and Mrs. I Hl e . first meetl ng of the sisterhood. Louis Lowman, and the opening I"" song will be the battle hymn of the. republic, roll call to be answered with great men of Iowa. A paper on good and bad recreation for children will be read by Mrs Edward Rich. A business meeting will be held. Arch Walker and the son Robert took Mrs. Walker to a Mayo hospital at Rochester last week Tuesday, and after going through the clinic she had a major operation Saturday morning. Robert came home that night, but as hisi mother was not out from under the anesthetic when he left he could not report much as to her condition. Mr. Walker, who is still at Rochester, plans to stay a few more days. Louis Lowman. shelled about 1500 bushels of corn last week and generously gave the cobs to any neighbor who would come and get them. Needless to say, he got rid of nearly all of them as soon as the shel- lar did. Most of' them, in fact, were run, into wagons or trailers and hauled right fr6m the machine. PORTLAND was done In costume 'by Mesdames Theodore Hutchison, C. H. Cretzmeyer, G. W. Stillman, Marie Amesbury, J. A. Hai-ig, R. A. Ev- Tlie Degree of Honor met last evening (Monday) at the Legion hall to install officers. The juvenile assistant, Mrs. Jeannetta Palmer, Estherville, was here to help. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Hackbarth were Sunday guests of the former's parents Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hackbarth, Dows. Mr. Hackbarth drives a truck for the K. & H. oil company. Mrs. H. M. Olson was a weekend guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Johson, Ruthven. Doctor Olson drove' to Ruthven Saturday evening' and brought Mrs. Olson home Sunday. Ella Thompson and Kathleen Evans. An old-fashioned organ Was used for music. In another part of the program Mrs. 'Cretzmeyer and Mrs. 'T. H. Chrischilles conducted a candle-lighting service. The afternoon began "with luncheon served under direction of Mrs. E. J. Murtagh, and old-fashioned cutlery, dishes, and centerpieces were used. -*- •Mrs. F. L. Pratt went to Boone Thursday to attend the funeral-of Elmer Held, her cousin's husband, and remained for a several days visit. i E. O. Chipman, daughter Vera Mrs. liillian Sheldon, and Mrs. M M. Chipman were ibuslness visitors at Mason City Thursday. •Mrs. Robert Gull, Colesburg, and her son Bob visited last week Monday at the Rev. Geo. H. Wessel's. The Busy Bee club met at Mrs Clair Winkle's Friday evening, and husbands were guests, G, W. .Bleich attended a state Farm Bureau convention at Des Moines last week. Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Kollas'ch were Mason City visitors Thursday. ^ • The Wiese brothers began putting up ice for F, L. Pratt Saturday. The county postmasters met at Mrs. Maude Hanna's Monday evening. Cor with Man's Leg Removed Thursday Corwith, Jan. 23—Pete Jacobs, of Corwith, underwent an operation Thursday at the Mason City Mercy hospital for the amputation of a leg. Mr. Jacobs suffered a severe bruise on his foot some time ago. The injury became worse, and an examination showed that he had gangrene. Mr. Jacobs was taken to the hospital, where an immediate amputation was found necessary. His condition is serious. Linnan & Lynch law at office the last week as an assistant stenographer. She is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Lanson and was graduated from the local high school last year. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Engel will leave February 1 for Davenport, where they will live. Mr. (Engel, who has been a mechanic at Dau's garage for several years, has* bought an oil station and garage there. Major Saul spoke on the pro- r City and County I * * * * GREAT WONDER I AM, Puroc Jersey boar owned by Vipond & Sons, was being hailed as world's best. Many 'breeders had come £rom long distances for a Vipond sale at which 50 sows brought an average pf^fS.50. The top was fl4QO for a, spring gilt; five sows sold at an average of $1,000 a bead; tejj sold at an, average of $810 a head, and 40 brought an average of $580 a head. Another "Vipond sale of 40 sows was to be held January 25. For the purebred livestock business "tbemwasthedays!" Knee is Cashed in Fall on Fruit Jar _ Frajjer, 40,'flon of Mr. ana Mrs. Clarence Fraser, suffered an accident Friday while skiilog po a'hill near hjs hpm<j juet aorth of the end of west State street. In ft |«U on & broken fruit j»r a gash w*e cut iu hjs left ka.e& §ftd #?pU- CBilon of $yp ?lip«i» WM'ttSffl*, Doris Long, high school teacher at Mason City, spent the week-end with her parents; Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Long. Mrs, M. JT. Buffj- worked in her husband's office at the courthouse last week. Mr. Duffy is county treasurer. Mrs. H. D. Hutchins' Congregational circle cleared almost 111 from a bake .sale Saturday at Moe & Sjogren's. . : Mr. aiud Mrs. Ralph Richards, Qttosen, were Sunday caller^ at 0. T. Solberg's: Mr. Richards op- erates-tt produce station. B. 0, Bjustropi got home Wednesday morning from Chicago, where he had gone Friday night on a buynig trip for his furniture store. Gertrude Stoffel went to Fort Dodge Sunday for a week with her cousin, ,Sylvarla Haupert, housekeeper for tfoe Rev. Father Dav- eru. Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Puffer, of Coityltb, with their son Jerry Lee, were Sunjjay guests of the L, W, GUlespie*. The women are sisters. Mr, and Mrs. Tom I. with tftejr daughter MfUjne, - - - t», ol Mr* PM Miu*l« Hfi-tlwid, Rector's Card is Calendar of Year— The Rev. A. Linnell Schrock, B, D., Episcopal vicar for northwest Iowa, uses a unique professional card. On one side is his name, followed by hia address at Spencer and the names of the four parishes he serves—St. Thomas Algona; St. Stephen's, Spencer; Trinity, Emmetsburg; Grace, Estherville. On the other side is the 1939 calendar, with Sundays and special religious days in red. Algona Girl Weds Radcliffe Farmer— The Rev, D. R. Martin, Congregational pastor, reports performance of a marriage ceremony Thursday for Gerhard Norem, Radcliffe, and Neva Colberg, Algona. Attendants were Mr. and Mrs. Selmer Norem, Radcliffe, and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Colberg, Algona, parents respectively of the parties. couple will live on a farm Radcliffe. The near Algonian Loses Illinois Relative—Mrs. Andrew Johnson, with her father, William Guy, left Jan. 16th for Streator, ill, to attend the fuh- sral of an uncle of Mrs. Johnson. Mrs. Johnson is employed at the local Cuinmings store. Enters Sanitarium— The Wesley News-World reports that Julius Kunz is/ spending two weeks at the Sacred Heart sanitar- um, Milwaukee. The nature of his ailment, if any, was not stated. For ±& last several years Mr. Kunt has been receiver of a surety company at Davenport. His family remains at Wesley, Quilting Thursday— Mrs. I{erschel Thompson eaterr ,ained nine women .Thursday afternoon at « quilting party is honor of ner mother, Mrs. Anna Allen, who Is, wending t|ie Mrs AJlea'8 ho»e is Mr. •corn C posed Algona airport at a county Legoin-Auxiliary meeting at Swea City Thursday evening. Others in attendance from here were Mrs. Saul and Mr. and Mrs. M. A/ Bartholomew. .T. W. Little, .of the Klassie garage, attended an Allis-Chalmers meeting at Mason City Thursday. With his son Merwln and W. C. Stewart, he also attended an Allis Chalmers school on new products at Mason City. Jean Pollock, employed at the Metropolitan Life offices here spent the week-end at Fort Dodge Miss Pollock, whose home is a Rolfe, took the place of Helen Sterling, who was rceently transferred to Fort Dodge. A Congregational L. O. A. Sunday school class meeting has been postponed from this week Thurs day evening to next week Tuesday evening at Mrs. W. E. Laird's Eleanor Fraser will give a book report on, We or They. Wlllard Zelgler, who is working with a Capitol Rock Wool Insulation company at Faribault, Minn, spent the week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Zeigler He was formerly employed at the Call theater here. Raymond, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. Hentges, Algona, is now at Ca- marlilo, Calif., near Los Angeles, visiting his sister, Mrs. Harry Lau- ritsou. He will he there four or five months. Another sister, Irene Hentges, }s a waitress in the Hotel Algona. A Funk family from Estherville has moved to Algona and has the tenant house on east Kennedy street owned by Mrs, A. E. Michel. There are two children at home, one a senior in high school. Mr. Funk is a new employe at the local Chevrolet garage. Seven sub-district Methodist ministers and their wives held a conference last week Tuesday at ;he Good Hope parsonage of the Rev. and Mrs. A. H. Wood. Towns represented were Burt, West Bend, Titonka, Wesley, LuVerne, Algona/ and Good Hope. Mr. aud Mrs. W. H. Klamp spent from last week Wednesday till Saturday at Waterloo with Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Seward, Mrs. Seward is a cousin of Mrs. Klamp, and Mr. Seward Is a postoffice em- ploye there, Mr. Klapm manages a local Phljlip's 66 station here. Mrs, Leo Splllea went to Rochester Wednesday for three weeks of treatment for sinus infection. She fa reported doing well. Her sister, Mrs. Helen Pingman, West Bend, la taking care of the Spilles home. Mr. Spilles i? partner M) the Kohlhaas & SpUles hardware. Mr. and lift, c tertained their bridge club Sunday evening «l three " ha, and was thence to go to Marysville, Wash. This is where Leon Stock lives, and his father, A. H. Stock, is visiting 'there now David Phillips, now of Council Bluffs, was a week-end visitor here, and his wife, the former Barbara Moyle, went to Council Bluffs with him, after having finished the semester's teaching Mrs. Phillips taught commercial subjects, and Mr. Phillips was formerly speech and economics teacher here. • Word last week-end from Helen Kuhn, who is spending -a three weeks vacation in Ohio, said she was in Cleveland as she was writing, but expected to go to Lima this mid-week and would be there a week and a half. She added that she had seen Bill Robinson, the Negro movie actor, in person at a Cleveland theater. Helen is the bookkeeper at Swift's. Mr. and MJS. C. R. Pommerening went to Rochester, Minn, yesterday (Monday) afternoon. Their daughter, Mrs. Glenn Swanson, of Fairmont, is to have a major operation there this afternoon (Tuesday.) Mrs.'Swanson is the former Clara Pommerening, and her husband is with a graveling crew. Mr. Pommerening is employed at the Greenberg's Auto Supply. The Arthur Wards have bought a 120 acre farm 3% miles southeast of Britt and will move to it on or before March 1. Mrs. Ward came from the Britt-Garner neighborhood, and her people are farming there. Mr. Ward i s a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Ward, who farmed many years in Union township. The Wards have two small children, both boys. Mrs. B. R. Yeoman was taken from the Fort Dodge Mercy hospital Friday to a Dubuque sanitarium, where she is now under treatment. She was accompanied by her husband and by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hudson, Fort Dodge. Mr. Yeoman is a salesman for the Pratt Electric company here. Mrs. Yeoman entered the Fort Dodge hospital for pneumonia. TUES.-WED., JAN. 24-25 Continuous from 1 O'clock A MERRY MOOT tILAUCHTIlud IOVE.'! THURS.-FRL, JAN. 26-27 Mat. daily, 2 p. m. Plus Barber College Comedy News Betty Boop FOR EVERY NEED! Your family can depend on us for so many little .daily needs as well as its really serious emergencies. No request is too ' difficult; no hour too inconvenient! Phone 318 BARKER S had ? o'clock dinner at WU- cafe, followed by *t» rd# %t Swaason Jwme. W. fc. Jensen for »sp; Mre, SATURDAY, JAN. 28 Continuous from 1 O'clock Expose of practice of unethical .lawyers! Plus OUR GANG COMEDY "PRACTICAL JOKERS" Also "SMALL TOWN IDOL" NEWS "Crime Doesn't Pay" Jfews SUN.-MON. 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