Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 24, 1939 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 24, 1939
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR WRESTLERS IN 5TH WIN; BEAT E, GUEAGLETS Two-to-One Score on Local H. S. Floor Friday Night. COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA A LI 0VER IOWA KILLED «Y AUTOS last week: Near Martinsburg, Leon Brady, 35 year-old manager of a Sigourney produce station, and his half bro- Legislature Run Not by Men But by Rules RULES FOR THE PRESENT LEGISLATURE GEARED FOR RAPID ACTION.' Weekly news letter of the Iowa Press association. The material presented herein does not necessarily conform to the editorial policy of this paper). , Des Moines, Jan. 23—The bang ot sig- j O f gaveig marking the opening of crashed the third week of the Forty-eighth into an M. & St. L. freight train I General Assembly, also witnessed ate.. The total number of bills so far introduced is more than the number usually introduced by the beginning of the third week of the assembly. LOBBY ACTIVE— The biggest and most active lob- and burned. . . Five miles north- U , l , e Joperation of a smo pth, well- j by this early in the session is __ — . nilpn ninnlltno c.tvantvillnn/1 in «*.«»..' east of Pocahontas, 50-year-old Henry Borg of Rolfe, in a truck- oiled machine streamlined jn every' unit and geared for speed. .. group of lawyers looking after the The high school wrestling squad j ciarinda, Mrs.' Carl Hughes 46-' thls machine to learn what makes nat , e ^ There ls reason - tor their won its fifth consecutive victory on year-old farm woman, when struck! jt tick would in all probability Activity because there has been in- the local floor Friday evening, this ! by a car as she walked across the ! concl ude that it is the presiding t roduce d in the legislature, in both time from Eagle Grove. The Eag-! h| Bhway_ in front of her home. j offtcew and _thelr aids, the chief houses, a bill known as the Iowa Mys- collided head. . At Maquoke- Scholl, 85-year- old widow, when she stepped in . front of a delivery truck ... At Al- te Sente; tablishing- a stiff scaled license iu ut JJUr Jiome. ""« n.^n tiiuo, me vuiei ~ ,. _, . --..., lets' basketball team played here' l£ ea , r *™ la * Ci *- Abnei< Har-' P 161 * ° C ^ House, and the secre- ?™™?*_ P ^5 vat ! on . .**• es " 11 is, DO, SLOCK ouy< the same evening. j tie, when his car The local -wrestlers lost their j on with a truck, first two matches to Eagle Grove ^ Mrs - Hannah and GVIason City respectively at the . . ... , , , , . . start of the season, but had since ; b i n , Miss Eva Robinson, 41, of in- won from Iwa Fll n . won from Iowa Fails and Fort juries Dodge, and twice from Gilmore City. The locals , w-.v W^IILI.^,, LJUl UV VVUU1U. f f , -.——..— v be wrong in his guess for the As- ees ror °hain stores operating in scmbly now in session. Iowa. Chains of less than ten stores would pay ?10 for each store, but the graduation of fees is whooped up rapidly from that till the tariff eventually reaches $560 a store, where 500 or; are operated in the! It is not men who run the legis- Do i n f lature, but an inanimate thing to Port next I " wrestling teams, so the sport is unofficial; but if the locals win from Clarion they can claim the conference championship. Clarion vi has a good team which has beaten I i ties" for^ the received the week before 1 called Rules. Picked men in each mnro when she was struck by an auto branch of the legislature do, how- !,?[„ m the streets. . . At Arlington,'ever, draft the codes of rules, and. Mrs. ( aroline Putnam, 76, of injur- this session the rules are out-L „ ' ' 'the week before when standing in at least one thing, and SHORT ABSTRACTS— n the auto of her that la n fixed resolve for speedy s a door came open. . . | performance of legislative f unc- of Des Moines, 65- . | performance -; tions. ., The clear mandate in the rules by a car as he walk-, adopted is for curtailment of legis- aiong Merle Hay road near his• lative output and limitation of ef- "" "" ""ek ended, fatal-1 fort to essential legislation. Early, to date contin- j fixed times for the cessation of in- Ownership of real estate in Iowa would become more secure andi stable by enactment of a bill in- 1 RAISING GOATS IS PAYING HOBBY FOR A PORTLAND WOMAN Portland Twp., Jan* 23— Mrs. Del Fitch, who has for 15 years raised goats, shipped a purebred white Saanon milk goat to New Jersey last week Monday. Her goats are of extra quality, and she has made sales to parties In nearly every state In the Union. The goat shipped a week ago was the third for the same buyer. A month ago a similar shipment .was made to Michigan, and last September Mrs. Fitch shipped one to Florida. She specializes In purebred French Alpines, but also raises three otbcr. breeds, and she has 21 goats now on hand. Her herd runs from 15 to 50 head. I iod for 1938.) is?«,.•?«'' ° f the »»•-- s<r ° b F * =e - utilization of steering committees as early as March 10, fixed times for appointment of sifting commit- in date than COLLKOK i s 1V eH re- Grove. Five Falls for Locals. The score Friday was 28-14, the Algonians winning five falls for ,.,.„, ... ,„ , five points each and a decision foi . ( 1)lefecnted m Washington, D. C., a three points. They allowed three: [f 06 " 1 survey indicates. Harry) ual, and clearance of aoDronrTn decisions to Eagle Grove and one Hopkins, '12, the former WPA ad-' tions bills from committees bv forfeit. The forfeit arose because • mmistrator, has been appointed by | March 10-all point to record npr Merlin Altwegg fell on the mat at President Roosevelt to the cabinet i formance bv the fortv PiJh/h «n" oractice Thursday evening and suf-: as secretary of commerce, dies- ! oral assembly i-'b'un gen- fercd fracture of a bone in the left; ter Dliv is, '", is a member of the The Ways and Means and Ann™ arm just below the elbow., This [governing board of the federal re- nriations commit ees hi th P ininrv wild tlm fi,.of ~r n „„..!„.,„ Serve sVKlpm tTintv, T.T~..,.i.. . .. j i t- . "•«•«•» m uie injury was the first of a serious serve system. (Both Hopkins and; have been characterized ai "nnw nature that has happepned in the "^is served as business manager ' erful," and may be so yet but the" newspaper.) Mrs. : really powerful group in 'the cur- as-irent session of the assembly Debaters Win Seven of 12 Debates Held at Ft. Dodge Jan. 14 four years troduced here. Falls scored by Algona were by Bakken. 83 Ibs., who won from Olson in 5:31 in an overtime period; Nielsen, 115 Ibs., who won from Pixler in a split period in 0:57; Anderson. 145 Ibs., who won from administrator. Mrs. that which formulated'the rules b\ an Ml. is director of, whi-h the legislature is desth ed tc leater projects. Paul, work at ton speed, is assistant to Sec-! Tn the House, the rules say indi e. Also emnlnvnrt in ! vMnnlc: mnc^ «« •"„,.. , wrestling was in- lof the college Robert Kerr, '12, is the new sistaut WPA a. Hallie Flanagan, the federal theater Appleby, '13, is assistant to Sec-! employed - l ' le agricultural department are ! bills hv Hudgens in 3:20; Conklin, heavy-: R °scoe Applegate, '10 and Jack' February which weight, who won from Perdicarus '•• G anaway, '29. Earl Macy, '17 is i March -tin in three minutes; and Geilenfeld,' cnief of the 135 Ibs., who won from Varland in 17 seconds. The decision was won by Anfinson. 125 Ibs., from Briggs. Example of Fust Work. Decisions were lost by McCorkle weight 95 Ibs.; Bernard Holdren', 165 Ibs.' to Martin.' Special mention should be given ! to Henry Geilenfeld, who won by 1 throwing his opponent in only 17 seconds. Last week he won from' an Iowa Falls wrestler in 57 sec~~""-' 1,1 u , occ | -- ,. "••."t^.i.uuiii, ---CT -u** nt:>i onus. He lias lost only two events ; of 30 head of 1,400 nounri -^toovs' lo dispense with rnlR «pn«nn Hnili *« T51 1, _i ,-1.1 iom.» :., ._ x~<i.. . l t - ct:1 ' :) irt.. ~ 1>.. speed. the rules say indi cease introducing the last legislative day in compares will previous sessions. Th ni^Lun on ^-ue of absencp. tn' oration in n,o Q n ,,«^ ___,, ,. l serve on under tee. Lewis Barrett, seated in Pal administration as Coordinator ot public recreation. Numerous other Grinnellians hold minor positions. various political political buried in the early days of this is the almost total lack of rancor. If there is any bitterness it lies deeply legislation yet in the TMmr vnmnc . --..--. ... icKiaiuiiun yet in the I.VIOT >OThS: A consignment makinsr. The new regime will try XM li rif. rl ^CTinri _ I f n rl l bnnn r. n. !ii. *' 1 - J , poun stpprs this season, both to Blanchet, Gil-j sent in to Chicago by Walter Dav more C,ty, who won a fall and a , s . State Center feeder, sold ptfiT; decision. The decision against Donnie Mc- feeder, sold „,. Lllo , ,. extreme top of the market, bring- tlolw of ill!' «T3 Or , , , , Ul "'"'& vnn-iinn mg $13.35 per hundred. i o va ^ as unnecessary or coordinate, for economy or efficiency public services and func- Bovernment that the old declared were essential regime all season. Hood Grocery Here Wins a Cash Award Stores Contest for in A cash prize of $5 in a country wide canned foods contest conducted by IGA national headquarters was won by Hood's IGA Store No. 2, Algona, which satged a highly successful sale recently. "Hood's IGA Store No.2 is to be commended for initiative, originality, and splendid salesmanship," said J. Sidney Johnson, head of Merchandising - Advertising m and director of the contest. The competition by IGA store owners was the largest ever staged by national headquarters \ completely equipped, modern IGA store was first prize. There were 5<i major awards, and $1,000 in cash was distributed to ICO other winners. IGA merchants throughout the nation participated in the drive on canned goods, J. Frank Grimes, luA president reported. Lone Rockers Take j ,-oi ou 2 from Whittemore hiki " K corn from Page and Fremont, in southwest Iowa, show the lowest moisture, under 13 per cent. Three samples of Clayton county corn were high in moisture with an average of 21.5 per cent. For 1939 to date, Calhoun county farmers have submitted the most samples test. . . Fifty-four registered . On , the surface, to date, the session has every appearance ing harmonious. of be- Holstein cattle sold 7t the BurTer & Chezik dispersal sale at Waterloo brought an average of $178 rherd a sire TOD PI ' iCe WaS * 606 for A 15-YKAR.OLD .Des h . ls . h school sophomore is a i U n- fledged member of the British As- "^"•SSVStSJSZ ^^/!i=*r*?*rs son, and he full- WIET/DERS— ^ye opened this account of legislature with a statement fering to the banging of Perhaps that was the re- gavels an overstate^ ment. The gavels have not been banging, at least not yet in the old- fashioned way. New men are i Hn, gavel -wfeldlng business in hot House and Senate, and their firs attempts are feeble. But, give time and experience, the mall™ n2™\ d ° Wn to some WUe Th« w ,.iter recalls one session o th troduced in the Senate by Senator] Pelzer, of Cass county, limiting requirements for a merchantable title to real estate. Under this bill merchantable title would be complete when the owner has held the property free of claims since January 1, 1918, and no abstract of title or title deed would need go' TV, v,i farther back than January 1 1918 ' school debating teams to show title". The proposed meas- took part in a tournament at Fort ure is similar to that of the Tor- Do( lge a week ago Saturday, and rence act in Minnesota. j the locals were represented in 12 STIPENDS— ! contests ' winning seven and los- Tmn ' , ' in & five. Thirty north Central I wo measures asking for publi- Iowa schools were represented v "" statehouse salaries and pay Tomorrow evening the local team nave been introduced. One, will compete with Estherville in Dewey, would require the high school auditorium, and in „ , , u entire 'sa'ai'y list next week Tuesday will go to Emin a special booklet printed at metsburg. On February 11 the state expense for general circula- team will debate at Mason City. n omn? eWCy I™* 5 ille Publication Dates have not beeu se t for debat- h^i P te.°; J. e ™r.^ as ° CD ecem- es with Spencer and Eagle Grove. SWEDESCOMING FOR B.B, GAMES The annual basketball games against Swea City will be played on the local fldor this week Friday evening, both first and second teams playing. Play begins at 7:30. The locab lost to the conference championship team, Eagle Grove, here Friday evening, 38-28. Coach Findley used only the first string in the game, and Michel was the high-pointer for the . locals, with five baskets and a free throw. Devine was close behind, with four baskets' and a,free throw, Schultz jgot two baskets ,and two "free throws. Watklns, forward for Eagle Grove, was high pointer of the evening, sinking six baskets, and Me Grath, the other visiting forward, got five baskets and a free throw. I Folkendal, visiting center, sank ; thre baskets and had three free throws. The score was only 15-13 I In the visitors' favor at half time. 1 The junior varsity team went to Burt Saturday afternoon for a practice game with the Burt high school boys. Burt won, 24-16. The score at the half was 12-9 In Burl's favor. Playing for Algona at Burt were Holdren, Fosbery, Nichols, Stephens, Button. Neville, Wlllasson, Colberg, and Tibbits. Playing for Burt were Lbng, Brayton, Carter, Hnmmerstein, Graham, Thaves, Carman, Weiske, and John. MARKETS < HOGS Best light butch., 180-220 $7.20 Med, hvy., 220-240 <- ... $100 Med. hvy., 2-50-270 Med. hvy., 270-290 Med. hvy., 290-826 ffi.15 Best light butch., 325-360 $6.20 Butchers, 350r400 •-,.-:._*— Packing sows, 275-350 ... Packing sowfi, Packing soW», Packing sows, 350-400 426-650 550-600 5.80 5.60 5.50 Canners and cutters —.J3.00-3.75 Stock steers —-— $6.00-8.00 Fat yearlings $7.60-8.50 Fat steers 1 $8.00-9,00 Fat cows - $4.00-5.05 Veal calves $5.00-8.00 Bulls —$4.60 J 5.60 GRAIN No. 2 yellow corn 37c No. 2 white cdrn ___ _^.39c No. 2 white oats No. 3 white oats .... No. 2 -rye No. 2 .yellow soy beans ^70c Solberg Will Quit Veterans Hospital O. T. Solberg, who has been at the veterans' Moines three hospital weeks, at will Des be K« 01 innn ut -l-'CUeUl- nf I' , 3S and - woul <J require that the book show persons holding more than one state job. The other measure, a bill TW Representative Kuester, of Cass county, and Dykhouse, of Taking part at Fort Dodge were Elfreda Lehman, Edgar Schmiel Huby Turner, Mary Cruikshank, kleanor Thorpe, Russell Buchana Q . Jack Chrischilles, and Brooks Lyon Potter. On the team tomorrow will but ° e Elfreda Lehman, Jack Chrischil- . — .-Jlish- les, Richard Halpin, and Brooks - ; -= — ...^ salary lists at stated Potter. times for the information of the » 'public. brought home sometime this week, and will be cared for by Ellen Carlson, the nurse. He is suffering from severe sinus infection and complications. Mrs. Solberg went lo De s Moines Thursday to see nun, and her brother, Oliver Christensen, Ottosen, went down Saturday to bring him home when he is Hennerys ' ---- . .............. is c No. 1 ....................... i3o No. 2 ---------------------- iQc Leghorn hens _________ ..... 9 C Cash cream-No. l -------- ..... _ ......... 24c No. 2 ------------------ ___ 22c Sweet ------ .......... _____ 25c* POULTRY Heavy stags ----- . ............ iflc Light stags ------------------- Q7c Hens, under 4 Ibs. _________ 9c Leghorn hens ---- . _______ I~~I~~9c Cocks, under 4'^ Ibs. ____ c 6c Cocks, over 4% .Ibs. _. 7 C Geese, live __________ . " 9,, Hens, 4 to 5 Ibs. ______ ""lie Ducks, live, 4% Ibs __________ 9c Ducks, live, under 4% Ibs. ____ 6c Hens over 5 Ibs. ______________ J3 C NEW MONEY FOR YOUR OLD THINGS Your Discarded Fnmlm* Piano, Radio, Bicycle, Tools' Ice Qox, can l.c sold win,' A^WANT AD IN THIS NEWSPAPER TUES.-WED., Last Two Days 2 Grand Attractions released. EUGENICS— Measures, identical in character have been fi, ed in House and Senate by legislators interested in guarding the public health. One 0 being made towards loca"tio"n"of Rotary Club Hears Airport Talk: Sau 'Major Saul gave a short talk a the Rotary club luncheon yester , •--• i'««*iv/ iicellLil. UllP A •-»*•. WAI. j ua\,\ requires medical examination of ^ n ° O11 on the Peeress which both contracting parties to a *""" J ' ' riage before a license another, blood tests of mar- is issued; expectant airport several disease; the third, reports inP«i S h - department o£ hea lth local boards of health of unregistered social disease sufferers RE ORG ANIZ ATIOX— is here. He explained "tha airline companies are in- 111 a site, for the Omaha Minneapolis line and others cros. at this point. The Major was at fat. Louis a week ago and made t C011ftact 0 fthe there with the Mid-Continent president company n i who Promised to consider the pro- taalrSass'SSS'a.s-ss introduced a project for a model home is ion in the Se"nato anS wouifellm" ^™t OI f d r ation and sa ^ that „«*„ ^ . . I1U woum elim- iyt materializes help will be need- nate the parole board as a OB1Jar . ate part of government and merge te ,^l I ? n 2.y lth '»e state boafd with the omj and smc e then he has read everything about heavenly bodies ducmg unexpected results e, grinding the ° f Ke0kuk ' the respect of both en STATK rule in ex Whittemore, Jan. 23—The I one Rock school basketball teams •3d Wnittemore's boys -md Here last week and won a 'iames were The local boys'hadThe Lone Roc' 1 '' orgaillz ation or bested at the half, 14-11, but the score was IS-fg, 'and* again he final quarter the teams w tied, 21-21 ; Dut mas-minutes', ertime period Lone free throw o ;; month; ( 2) establishment of' tHe merit system for the patrol; ta tlle action ' !;„ ... u '. e ln teiition. When pat- " ' Proposed: (1) Pay at least I ... -.1 —_ (.'OXTESTS— - ,- Tfhe !' e are three contests districts * eats >n the House; none 1 Senate. Unlike former diction " vx , ltillo ^mj - ; n , j , -" «- utio jyatrui , ~*"- Ltii cu UOntest^ nvfii* lore's boys and girls I ^^ lt J lle Present 10 districts ^, eats ln the House; none in The a°|o«bl U e!ffier eW Sgl3«V V - ^^^^^S^^^^l ^^ 3. close, therefore excit- "abotte n " H hll . dl8h attem P l to,° inc '""-e into the sutticK of '.• s ,; s f ol : e ™* 21-18. oS:! f J h « admmtetratlon's re- ?,'«« 'or the contest. « fn° f Program." Hminary. . contests as a pre- Jhis committee report- on Contest Committee There are three contests for the louse seats in the legislature, and Reprpsentatlve letter Ales.-l, couty la' Governor Wil- , an i „ ----- - -u> c ,,, 0 r W n epresemative Kohlhaas haa been f" co , mplalnl »S that no democrats appointed on the contest commit- 1 ave ,. been appointed chairmp, , „? contest commit tee for one of them. This one is •n Scott county, which includes Davenport, and the vote there was exceedingly close. The democrat -ame out ahead by only 18 votes vir Kohlhaas, who was at home last week-end, expected to be at Davenport several days this week. There are four other representatives on the committee and fhere are 30,000 ballots to go over. Party Given Tuesday The Bridgette club met in Jiue Room of the Algona ™' }V?i' a oue o' cl °ck lunch- ion and bridge party. Mrs . w j fuller was a club guest. Mrs. E, DeZellar won the high the of committees, chairman of Personal disappointment himself ex- was nursing Ayr 26th Geist, c . . ' — — •*wbuu. Jlilii 1 his 1914 model T Ford ' consecutive time. score ' , cre '"d Mrs. C. W. Morck was second.' Mrs. Neville Loses Sister. Mrs. J. W. Neville left Monday uorning for Sioux Falls, S. D to ;ttend the funeral of a sister, Mrs Mrv_ Mrs. Emery had been a frequent Algona visitor. most valued , . • •*** jjaa ," gold county 58 years. GUTTJiOUKG, Clayton couiitv clanns to be the'first^own in the v. S. (or the world, for I" Ida and Scott county contests, the victory for | narrow, and were recommended „„ strlctions a s to scope of "'° committees were are their activities (Davenport) margins of »ent his own i s likely to meet w th ser Babe a Month Old Has an Operation 2 ™* Mrs. My- and Mrs ' Mai- y Stew~ Academy Playing at Whittemore Tonight The St. Cecelia academy basketball squads go to Whittemore this evening for games , wlth th e Vhit-, f aCad | my ' Veraojl Nelson, I forward, will be out of the he was sick over the This week Friday the Pocahon- and hose AIsona - an, hose games are expected to be the ' high spots of the season for local ' academy f ans . The j , JO ^ unciefeated so far this season, bu? •eon, 5 ° Ut to break ex Pected that be ln the Ver- Games with Wesley scheduled for liday W ere postponed, announce- I of a new date to be made 1 LETTER A Welcome •tofKe lormer Befiidewt Ledyard Girl Weds Algonian Saturday Betty Louise, daughter of Mrs Harriet Matzeneij, Ledyard, be-, came the bride of Don W. Johnson I Saturday at Mason City. The Mat- xenens are former Algonians, and the new Mrs. Johnson formerly worked at the Anderson cafe here Mr Johnson, whose home is at Ft Dodge, has been at Dutch's Super- Service for the last two years Whittemore Youth Buys Burt Monitor Burt, Jan. 32-Mrs. Ella MacArthur has again sold the Monitor. William Heller, Whittemore, being the new owner. He is a young married man with one child and has had experience in newspaper work, though this is his first venture as publisher. «is wife is a daughter of former supervisor F. Whittemore, and -his sister operates a beauty shop at Ledyard, fof ° fflce an- County Farm Inmat Dies; Heart Disease hrt had Frederick Wilson, 81, died Sun- couut y f arm, where he lived since 1934. The cause of death was heart disease. Funer- not be dated till M Wl, H fl ' 0m relatlves Mi. Wilson had a brother and sis er at Maquoketa, and a son at , son a Waterloo. The body is at Merritt BOXES-ALL - STEEL to protect your valuable papers Or Patient Improved The condition of Mrs. J M Moore is now reported fairly good! one is able to be around the house Part of the time. A Mrs. Lindsay is staying at the Moore home. , HOSPITALS January GENERAL, 18-Mrs. Asa at the Advance. I8tf . Warner Ledyard, major surgery January 19-Marlin.Altwegg, Algona, fractured arm January 22-William and Jean Champion, .Irvington, medical January 23— Vernell Ludwig Ottosen, tonsillectomy THUBS. THRU SATUHBAl| Western "HONOR OF ^HE WEST" Co-Hit | "MYSTERIOUS MR. MOTO»| Plus "HAWK WILDERNESS" ADS For 'SALE IN OUR NEXT ISSUE You Get a Better USED CAR from A Buick Dealer Colwell Live Stock Auction ALCOW. „„ weeks. committees without re- inquiry, appointed to com- within two TUESDAY 1938 ertn mat- a Chinese check*« c- IF YOU HAVE ° ur want veal stage to matured stock classes from 1936 Olds Six D. I ' o qy ftt _ _ _ L$549.00 1936 Pontiac 8 w£s£^ft* J"? fi ™ **** $469.00 lent condition e Luxe Seaan, in excel- 1936 Pontiac 6 De Luxe 2 " " " "" ------- ~ ~ " — $495 '°° " »-. and^i 1 i^£^ D ^^^*^'™» the feed lots ers for same. buyers, Sometimes they i back A good market for any class sows, boars, and market hogs vaccinated. ""- • sale barn. nd other market buy- the farm for finish. up with grain. Hogs, feeder pigs Methods ?£ Need Not Be Followed in Advertising ADVERTISE HERFI. but don't expect prices get it anywhere. We run h a ago ' value can't 1928 Buick De Luxe S^» -------- -^ - - _ _ -$349,00 mechanically Sedan ' ve ^ c ^an, good shape 1929 Buick 57 Serie« nl V o~ ~, ---- " " •" ------- ' ^ wonderful sh^T ° C Luxe Seda «> new 6-ply tires, 89.00 b^tart ; «pid''4e» H. HCOLWELjU Mgr? Binim-Olson Co.

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