Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 24, 1939 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 24, 1939
Page 3
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V JANUARY 24, 1939. cotiNtt IOWA land Progress Club to Study Iowa PAOBTHRrt IAMS FOR YEAR ARE 1TRIBUTED Twp., Jan. 23 — The progress club met Thurs- |;Vioia Smith, 60 women |,and roll call being ana- llh favorite radio pro- program calendars for the distributed. The theme Surprise numbers are also a tribute to honorary The latter are relieved less obligations, and they aes W. E. Grover, J. P. E. B. Dittmer, E. O. Pbelps, G. U. Fair- Id S. M. Peterson. Assist- Bses Thursday were Mes- Clyde Brlstow, W. J. Stew- fli Stott, F. A. Ringsdorf, Brayton. "Smell" a Party— iieeday, January 10, the iwinhera of north Portland irty at Alfred Godfredeon's ed Chinker-Chek and Bin- eful planning for it had erheard by a husband who ;the curiosity of some of ir males, but their urge to Burt banquet was too > resist. There they ate and oked, and heard talks, but | while they were in little rush home.'' In the end jfrlved earlier than the wom- expected, but anyhow were fty of time to eat again. is More Transfusions— |j. H. Zanke has had a let- ng that two more blood slons will be needed by her ala grandson, Gordon Calla- who is in an orthopedic The Infection reported in ilumn recently Is near., an nd could have been the re; boils. The boy visited the last summer. en Goes Visiting- George Larsen spent part , week at Waterloo, where is Clarence and Stanley live, she spent the rest of the Vith the daughters, Mrs. Rex and Mrs. Sterling Johnson veil. Mr. Larsen drove to Sunday and brought her Critically Sick— 1' Infant son at Mr. and Mrs. , Long's had bronchial <pneu-> jpast week, Sophia Schipull lping with the housework inkhlll Is Improving— Trunkhill has elowly been ig Strength since returning Corwith and Hawaii Girls Exchange Letters Corwith, Jan. 23—For the past year Gertrude Dunlap has corresponding with Elaine been Mat- sunot, of Paia, Hawal.i who is 17 years old and a high school senior. Last week Miss Dunlap received a letter and package from ' her friend. In the letter she told of their first Christmas tree in their home this last Christmas. Her father purchased the small tree for 85c. She didn't know what tree it was, but enclosed a small twig which looked very much like the OUR FELLOW DRIVERS By Mueller evergreen trees used for Christmas trees here. It is thought that the trees are not grown on the islands, but are shipped from the United States, accounting for the fact that the custom of Christmas trees is not as popular there as here. PARTY HONORS BIRTHDAY OF BURT TEACHER Luella Welske, Alvlna Haase» Amy, Odey, Julian, Myrtle, and Rtiby Cherland, Marie Carter, Martha Ruhnke, and Elmer Krause, of Fenton. Attend Sctimitt Funeral Here— Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Schmidt, of Rlchland Center, Wls., attended the funeral of Mrs. Louise Schmltt here last week Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Irwln Schmltt, who had been called here by word of Mrs. Schmitt's Illness and death, returned to their home at Davenport Wednesday. Tuesday evening. Birthday Surprises for Two- Mrs. W. J. Lockwood was honored by a group of women who went to her home Thursday to help her celebrate a birthday. A group o£ relatives surprised Mrs. Fred Jennings last week Monday evening by going to her home to help her celebrate a birthday. Creamery Meeting Dated— The annual meeting of the creamery will be held at the! I achoolhouse next Saturday. The Burt, an. 23—Alice Eighme,-high I Community club will serve free school principal, was honoree at a surprise party for her birthday Wednesday evening at Mrs. Maude Hanna's. Guests included the women teachers and the senior dinner at noon, after which a meeting of the stockholders will be held. Dolores Black, 8; Party- Eleven little girls were entertained at a party Wednesday in Other Hurt The Rev. and Mrs. Thoburn Speicher went to Storm Lake last Wednesday to attend a meeting of the Okoboji Bible conference staff. Last week Tuesday the Speichera attended a ministerial meeting at the Rev. A. H. Wood's, Good Hope. Mr. and Mrs. R. S. McWhorter, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Trenary, Mr. and Mrs. 0. H. Graham, Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Ringsdorf, and Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Schenck attended a county Legion-Auxiliary meeting at Swea City Thursday evening. , Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Bleich entertained at a 500 party Friday evening. Guests were Messrs, and Maedames C. E. Sigsbee, Tom Trenary, Wyot Stott, Albert Baas, Ranney Putz, Del Fitch, and J. G. McDonald. I Mr. and Mrs. Walter Scott, Swea City, and their daughter, Mrs. A. H. Grooms, Chicago, who came to help them celebrate their golden wedding spent last week Tuesday at Charles Scott's. I The Rev. and Mrs. J. M. Doms entertained a group of young married people and the older unmarried young folks at a party at the Presbyterian church Friday even-! ing. The Presbyterian Mite society • meets this week Wednesday at the MOW T FAVORITE MAGAZINE THIS NEWSPAPER AT A mm PRICE gir.le: Erna Baars, "Leona Bahe, honor of Delores Black's eighth church; hostesses, Mrs. William Traveler* Safety Service "W« were on • three-lane highway in heavy traffic, and the dope thought I'd let him pan MF.I" two weeks ago from a Btemarck, N. D.J hospital. ' • I Other Portland News. lona Godfredsoh spent last week Sunday evennig with the Ernest Godfredsons at Algona. Mr. and Mrs. George Lanning were 7 p. m. dinner guests at Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Peterson's last week Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Sigsbee entertained neighbors at four tables of 500 Wednesday evening, and the high family prize was won by Mr. and Mrs. Wyot Stott. Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Hoppe were low. : .Mr. and Mrs. John Koestler attended the Roadinger sale, near Sexton, and then were dinner guests at William Hanson's. The women are sisters. John Koestler and Victor Fitch attended a farm sale near Lakota Thursday, and the same day Mr. Fitch sold 19 heavy hogs to Ernest Paine, Burt. ' j Mra. George Larsen won high, and Tony Jandl was low, at a 500 party at Martin Becker's Thursday evening. ChinkerJChek was also played. / Messrs, and Mesdames Ray McWhorter, Tom Trenary, -and Ted Ringsdorf attended a Legion meet- Ing at Swea City Thursday evening. Messrs, and Mesdames Lanning and Alfred Godfredson were Sunday evening guests at the Ralph Roberts home for a waffle supper. Clifford Carlson, of the Bancroft OCC camp, and his sisters Wanda and Loreen spent last week Sunday at John Koestler's. Marguerite Bueghly, Marion Hoppe, Pearl Wilson, Phyllis Brooke, Mabeline Miller, .Dorothy McDonald Zelpha Pratt, Mary Beth Coffin, La Vonne Ringsdorf, Lois Lavrenz, Virginia and Arlene Patterson, and Ruth Reed. The evening was spent at Chinese checkers. U nnd I Circle Meets— The U and I circle held its annual banquet at Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Volentine's Friday, 36 persons attending. In the afternoon a program was given, including a read^ ing by Harold Hobson; a playlet by Mrs. Floyd Duncan, Mrs. Geo. Crawford, Mrs. G. E. Brace, and Mrs. J. P. Stow; the U and I newspaper, by Mrs. J. G. Sewlck; a reading by Mrs. W. R. Chafee; and a reading by Mrs. D. T. Hobson. Party for Young People— Luella Bleich entertained th* following young people at a party at which Chlnse checkers formed birthday. Mrs. L. N. Dittmer and Mrs. C. V. Schrader were also guests. Talking Movie at Church— The Call of the Cross, a talking movie depicting the history of the Lutheran church, was presented at the church evening. last week Tuesday Conservationists Will Meet— The Burt chapter of the county Conservation League will meet at the Legion hall here this week Ringsdorf, Mrs. P. N. Sarchet, and Mrs. K. J. Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Thaves visited relatives at Lakota Thursday, and Saturday they made a business trip to Adel and visited a cousin at Madrid. A. F. Carter left Thursday to visit his motlter, who had fallen) and broken a hip at Tenn. Jonesfooro, OFFICE SUPPLIES—-FOR INDEX files, loose-leaf binders, standard j forms. Come to the Advance. 18tf the entertainment evening: Richard, Wednesday Harold, and Del Fitch and his son Avery were at Sexton last week Tuesday on a business mission and called at Edw. Fitch's. Mrs. Del Fitch and her son Avery played cards at Mr. and Mrs. John Koestler's Wednesday evening. Mrs. Everett Hanna, Lone Rock, spent Wednesday and Thursday at the parental W. D. Smith's. W. J. Stewart Is able to be 'out again, after a siege of throat infection. ROOMS — IF YOU WANT TO find a suitable room in Algona, make known your wants in this section of the Advance. BOND Typing Paper FULL 8^x11 SIZE 500 SHEETS 60c ADVANCE THIS NEWSPAPER, 1 Year And Any Magazine Listed—Both for Price Shown (AIL SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE FOR ONE YEAR) D American Boy ..$2.25 Q American Fruit Grower...... 1";7....... 1.75 Q American Girt .....:. 2.25 Q American Magazine .. 2.95 Q American Poultry Journal...;.......... 1.65 O Breeder's Gazette 1.65 tU Child Life .1.. 3.00 Q Christian Herald . ........'........ 2.45 tU Colliers 2.50 Q Country Home ................ 1.65 >Q Etude Music Magazine................. 3.00 Q Farm Journal ................ 1.65 '• Q Home Arts Needlecraft......;.... 1.75 Q Liberty Magazine 2.45 D Look Magazine (26 issues) 2.45 Q Love And Romance .'.. 2.00 Q McCall's Magazine 2.00 Q Mechanix Illustrated .' 2.25 D Motion Picture Magazine..... 2.00 n Movie Mirror ..........T............ 2.00 d Open Road (Boys)......*..;:".'/.';..... 2.00 Q Parents'Magazine ...' .'.T7.';. T;'........ 2.45 D Pathfinder <Weekly)'ITSWyj^.Tii'..... 1.80 n Photoplay ' ?."i'JK-»KiJS?l .... 2.95 n. Physical Culture »'«V«j^w M^.tyffl.. 2.95 n Pictorial Review .. . fl J5V?Ww?. fi . n . fit... 2.00 n Popular Mechanics'.,'»'»!f,?P.'.'i?lyj "?j .. . 2.95 n Redbook Magazine'•••Wjjjjw.'wj•'•"••• 2.95 Q Romantic Story .. ,77V??»?«. l.'.'.'i. .... 2.00 O Successful Farming iy»t?Ct'.nj!J?J IT... 1.75 D The Judge .'. ij»»?Vyiyt^ i'.... 2.25 [] True Confessions . .',_ t vjV»» ll ,'.?J'.^.'?.... 2.00 n True Experiences . .yjt'.'.?;. 1 «."?.''" 2.00 n True Romances ..". .T,'jyi^-iT. . '. 2.00 D True Story r.'.7.f.';'J."'.".'.f 2.25 D Woman's World ".'.T..'. 1-75 Fill OUT COUPON AND MAIL TODAY Check Magazine Desired Above Thus (X) Gentlemen: I enclose $ .for which send hie yout newspaper for a full year, and the magazine checked. Name «v»» • Town ••'••• '» . • • » •*>'<Vy>> ."V. .".State. .. Prices above quoted apply only when Advance is mailed to Kossuth county or bordering postoffices. For other postoffices add one dollar. USED CAR VALUE The Low COST Oi Being Right! A Sure Measure of Used Car Value In the purchase of a used car—it costs far less to be [right than wrong. We believe we can save you money-now and in months to come. We are in business to stay, with a good reputation to protect. The owner - confidence we ho 1 d could not have been built on either unsatisfactory merchandise or unfulfilled promises. With us, you are taxed no premium to play safe. Our used cars prove exactly as represented or we make good with you. From first to last—you are cash ahead when you buy your used car from an organization deserving your fullest confidence. We will serve you at a saving. FIGURE IT OUT FOR YOURSELF SPECIAL 1937 Ford $395 PLYMOUTH • 1934 $185 CHEVROLET 1932 $145 1936 DODGE TRUCK Excellent. Not a dent or scratch inside or out. Must be seen. Dual tires. The High COST Of Being RENEI iNTEED Everything about a Renewed and Guaranteed used car has been conditioned to Ford factory R&G specifications. You'll like our prices, you'll like our easy terms, you'll find just the car you want in our big display of many makes—so come in today. In buying a used car it's so easy to save a dollar today at the cost of many dollars tomorrow. If you are wrong at the start—trouble seems to follow trouble as one expense follows another. It's expensive for us to allow a customer to make the wrong choice-that's why we insist you have a thorough understanding of the car you select. We'll make you promises we can and will make good. That's the surest reason you can't go wrong when you come to us for a used car. 1935 FORD TRUCK A snap. 1935 FORD DE LUXE TUDOR Gray, New tires and heater, motor like new, I 1938 FORD TUDOR Black* low mileage. Clean as a button. Hoi air heater and trunk. 1 1937 CHEV, MASTER Deluxe coach, new Royal Master tires, heater, and clean throughout* 1937 FORD COUPE Black. Heater and defroster. Excellent finish, good tires. 11936 OLDSMOBILE SEDAN This car has had splendid care. Speaks for itself. AH equipped. 1937 FORD TUDOR Blue in color, has heater and is another with low mileage. 1937 FORD TUDOR Black. Heater and defroster. 1938 FORD DE LUXE COUPE Gray color, has radio, heater and defroster* Could not tell it from a new one inside. 1935 FORD TUDOR Black, with trunk, good tires, and is clean inside. MAKE US AN OFFER 19|5 CHEV. TRUCK Dual tires. Grain and stock rack. A good farm truck. 1937 FORD TUDOR Gray. Good tires, with heater and defroster, 1935 FORD DE LUXE TUDOR With trunk, Runs perfect and hat a heater and wonderful finish. 1933 FORD TUDOR' . Motor and tires are good. Inside Has'had splendid care* \ Phone 434 Terms Algona, Iowa fl 4 ' ''• « ft v Sales and Ser '*'••,, ' ?"-. ~^\v j - ^ . rlv - -ft •^ r •* * >: y\ y* \ ••\ r^ r ^ r^t i . i fe j 1 L A fc j k-ct.ifc.Ji.jlLj^.L.^ < \^«'i^i «, ,- ' -T.'i,,;-- '," ,,/ ;i ,',X-: - „, ' << "< rJ ~ .-S J , - •' ' ' ;';> , Miii^^ »t"

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