Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 10, 1939 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 10, 1939
Page 5
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10,1989, LOSE IONIANS IAT TILTS in by Score Two to One y Night. iliool wrestlers won .on the local mate •by defeating the 23^-12^, The lo- events, besides tak- » and one bout went W rkle was only local ,ll—over Rude. Orvllle forfeit, when the to produce an op- •fcle weighs in at 95 Bakken Is in the 86- won five points for Decision Wing. three points each llMerlln AJtwegg over $rome Nielsen over Ehrhardt over eg weighs in at 105 r] at 115 pounds, and |l65 pounds. The Ehr- With Rosen went into ^period before the de-r awarded. &7*™$£ nderson aM littler &MfJ|$tb. weight went their >J§$lraw, and 1% points to each team. ... a decision to J. three points in the 125 and Henry Geilen- to another Larson ,35-lb. weight. of Locals. n's KOSattTH COPNTY ADVANCE. AtflniM. W WA THIS ABE GETTING SO MODERN, PLANES PARK IN PASTURES this modern age is moving fast. Really, It's beginning to look like airplanes will soon take the place of the "mTver," Yesterday morning, aronml noon, an aviator from Swea City flew down and . landed In a Chester Dailey pastnre one and one-half miles north of town on Highway 109. Mr. Ilalley was somewhat surprised when the flyer cnme to the door and asked, "Do yon mind If I leave my. plane here! I was just going to town (Algona) to do a little shopping." JOS, KOLLASCH, 84, DIES HERE; SICK 6 MONTHS Survived by a Total of Hundred & Ten Descendants. Joe Kollasch, 84-year-old retired farmer, died at the home of his son William in Algona Thursday night, after a six months illness^, , of old age and complications. Mr. Kollasch was born June 3, 155-lbJ 1854> in Cologne, Germany, and he EConklta won a dect- came to the United -States when he "~ " ' in the heavy-' was 18 > settling in La Salle coun- * I *-^f Til T_T— —, _-._.! _'J i-it * „ i f . f* * . Alberta Grosenbach before marriage. Mike Ifantzos arrived ,. •from Chicago to be day cook at Demand's Cafe. „,; . „ ». *, Weaver has beik suffer.ng weTe'cSed^^owa rVw±E t^W^L^.,** 8 from an ftt - day evening by news of the crffl MARKETS tack of laryngitis. Mrs, Oeo. -W. Koevers, Mrs. F. L Trlbon, and iMlnnle J. Coate spent Friday at Mason City. HOGS Best light butch., 180-220 —$7.00 Mod. hvy, 220-250 $6.75 Med. hvy., 250-270 .__ __.$6.50 Med. hvy., 270-290 $6.25 Med. hvy,, ,90=325 $6.15 Best light butch., 325-350 $6.05 - --- --LJ "a *•«(•« v^j. i> i ic v» i'LlV/H/1 »» , . ---- ' -condition of the latter's sister, £ u( fhers, 350-400 ---------- jje.00 Mrs. A. P. Nelson, Britt, who haslE at * n S sows, 275-350 , , been a heart patient there three or $6.00 sows, 350-400 ______ $5.85 -j.'"">viiv i,ui_>i otiiicouiir* if • - ~, ~~« *.w ______ _tpij,ou four weeks. The Andersons re- ! £ acklng sows ' 400-500 $5.70 , .,„.... .. . « Packing eows, 500-600 $5.50 --. at Sulphur Ark. Mr. and Mrs. Clinton were Sunday dinner op . _. ., were Lighter Fort of statlon at Brltt Henry stelneri who Gengi< i Bid Gets Lotts Creek Store at Public Auction The well known Lotts Creek store was 1 sole day to NJck years had managed It, first for John Markgraf, Mien for the latter g estate. |VTr. Markgraf died The sale, held January 19, 1)38. on the premls tie the estate, js, was held to set- in which a large CATTLE Canners and cutters __ $ son, Humboldt. Mary IHIley started work 00 Anderson. Their wedding trip was day as office girt tor nT C C. ££* gf£° an *.**W Wtag at ™>* 1938 - ' exipected last!S at yearlings IIII"s7.00-8 ou Fat steers Is.OtMWO Pat cows $4.00-6.00 Veal calves $5.00-8.00 Shierk, podiatrist. She is a .„„„ Bi-aduate of St. Cecelia's academy. n- A. tester left Sunday even- n on a buying trip to Chicago. The ,, TT , market opened Monday, and he ex- Mrs< Ht Ml Gillette, pected to be back .by Thursday or Mr " and Mrs - B Friday. Mrs. Steiner Is the S ° nerh °'™. of Crys- Mrs. N. 0. Freid and her mother, r*.« TT ~\* s-< «i i i i w «• j CHAIN 4.50-6.50 No. 2 yellow corn ... „.,.. No. 2 white corn ._ 4?i/' c £.j whit. o»u ___::::::::?£ number of nephews, nieces, grandnephews, and • ' terested. 'f he whole rroperty, real estate, buildings, sto< fixtures, etc., k of merchandise, vas indluded In the sale. Fred Fliig wa s au'ctioneer; Banker N. L. 200 persons 'at Mr. Gengler operate Wle st been, popular many friends etl to see . him Cotton, clerk, tended the .event. , . __„„.„„ „„ ^ Sioux City Friday for the day with Mr. and Mrs. Wm. C. DaU were £? rs ; Freld ' s sister, Mrs. B. M. Sunday evening dinner guests, of Ell ' le - , whll e Mr. Douglas transact- he Herbert Zumachs, near Whitte- ed busln ess. Mrs. Freid 1 is the wife more. Mrs. Zumach is a cousin of e S> & Ll store nianaer here, Dau. and Mr. , Douglas is manager of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Grooters, of the Cummings store. Fertile, were New Year's week-end , Mr< ttnd Mrs - H - B. White are guests at the home of the former's wltn the D - C. Hutchison children, uncle, A. E. Grooters, here. A. A Is Joanne and Nancy, while the par- uperintenden't of the Fertile e , nts are awav - accompanying Mrs. chools. . Archie Hutchison to Deland, Fla accompanied j No. 3 white oats " "2^ Douglas to; No. 2 rye """'"'" 32c . , The Albert Olsons spent Sunday w . h , ere the elder Mrs. Hutchison at Badger with the A wll snend three months ., . Badger with the Avon Soplands. wll j , snend three months with Mr. :rt C1 __ 1 _ _ . 1 . __ __ * »»••«.«» 0 ». .1 Tl*»,~ II r T71 tvri* __ W - F - Walker. The D. C. Vfrs. Sopland and Mrs. Olson are arnd . ,.. --• Isters. Mi-. Sopland, who is a re- IIutc hisons were to return in ired farmer, has been critically we - e - k or ~ ten - days - ick of late. A. L, Allen, Des Molnes, was a iiest Monday of his sister, Mrs. No. 2 yellow soy beans'IIIIII.Iroc Hennerys No. l ..." No. 2 Leghorn hens Cash cream— No. 1 _. No. 2 KG08 Mrs. W. A. 1K I turned to Bur -™. Burt Monitor, -f°° i few months ag -"° sen, of Boone. sold It to Gus -2-lc it back to her. ilU. 6 nn Sweet if,, h °me. A POULTRY Springers, over 5 Ibs. _________ 130 fire caused excitem . _________ ------- ------- ._,„ ..... ^ llc apr ngers, 4 to 5 -------------- n c Rock, was courty winner in a 1918 opringers, under 4 Ibs. _______ Q C Iow a baby bee: Mrs. C. C. Smith, Burt, is leav- ""'"Sssr^s^BSnSr^ ' Cocks ' «***>-&--1*; T , -- -««t _ -__ iHj I -*• "•«« vwiii,cv)Lt illO 9-Leghorn springers 9c animal weighe<: 1150 pounds, after , . ierschel Thompson. Mr. Allen is son3 ' Cass ' of Glendale, and' Carv- n Central Life employ, and Mr. !, r> of Vent ura, are married, .,-,-„_, Jofj : him, and he lost byi MW«. Carlaon, of Fort 1 «Sfor' three points. HI- He married Christina Salv September 20, 1877, an'd •"^i/jyiTfj^y**"!^.••••*»vi TIO'W "WOU t lirG 6 — ""*•*-•«--*•"•«* — «| ^.vii f uiau itftsiiSaljlost two. They have' 12 children were born, one of r(»iiaw«»,_ lre CUy twjce( and j w hom died in infancy. ;e once, and have' Came Here In 1927. and Eagle' In 1897 the Kollaschee moved to T „ „ , Humboldt, where they lived eight Iowa Palls years. They then spent five years City •T^aii Friday homnson is manaer of the Pio- P 088 . has one child > a .boy. The j Ducks live' 4V, ih«« - eer corn plant. ; 'brother is Edw. Kerr, married and! Ducks -- ' 4% 1Ds Mrs. Cyril Ventelcher, nee Gladys J 1 g at Los An geles. The Smith Paetz, is taking a vacation this ' brother « C. C. and K. J., own a de-l week from the S. & L. store, where partmen t store at Burt. Y r u — - w — — — — — —— — — — ™ — _t/V>| r3-- —». •*..*. wv •i.yuuAAUi3| O.L L13I Hens, under 4 Ibs. 9c j 304 days of feeding, a gain of 535 Leghorn hens g c Pounds. KOSSUTH WiAS THE first county in the state to go over the top In the currenl Red Cross drive, with more thar| 65 per cent of the ,, . -'- -«M. _____., _ Cocks, over 4% Ibs. 7 C Geese, live n c and.Hens, 4 to 5 Ibs." Ti c T>Virt !T\.»«T.~ u__ ,-, .. ~~ J.j.0 9c 6c she Is bookkeeper. Roberta Simp- Re Presentatlve P. j. Kohlhaas son, clerk at the store, is substl- went to Des Moln es Sunday to at- tuting for her. -- tend the legislative session His TWENTY Years After population as them. J. A. FRECH Ihe son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph dau & hter Anita went with him to Miedke, of the Algona hotel, bom spend the week with friends there, l December 31, has been named and M ^ Kohlhaas will bring her, ,, rrTTTA Warren Giles, after a brother of home Saturday and stay for the! WILLIAM HINTZ, Lotts Creek Mrs. Miedke who is manager of the w eek - end - Anita is a student in' boy, had died of the flu and pneu- P.in/iln v«« iJT»Ii_i__,« rnO QVor>llf tirn »««„«!. fi _ . *•*".« j/»vu Cincinnati Ritz hotel. the executive secretarial course of monia. Mr. nnd Mrs. Wele'rt, Thompson, ^ Hamilton .business college at Janu ary 28 to Fort Dodge for a . . ln, Kansas and ten years at Brown- " " •"-*-»»^ J-'i-iUliiUOUlli TLg- .-,.. were weekend guests of Mr. and Ma p SOn 9 itY ; * 1 . . Dermand, of the Dermand • * * * * A LETTER from Martha Mat"4 . - — -.AJ_.A», xiuili iviaitil'a IViat- Agent Brown spoke be- thews, nurse woh had joined the — _ v »...,*,»•-' u.t*u L\*n j> cctl O U/U J •• tl\Vll~' n ™. w .» w) vfj. me j_*ci iUCLliU. p A I. wt^v^iv^ UC I •• — 7 <^.u.*ut^ *y \JLl IJ-tlU. JUlIltJ(l CUB ing, Mo. They returned to Iowa in 1 .' r ,. Mrs - Ha ''old Coulter, Web- ore the Rotary club yesterday R ed Cross, had told of her cross- 1927 to live with children. Mr. Kollasch Is survied by ster City, arrived Sunday week with the Dermands. VESPER,80, ONIDOAST rs. W. E. Naudain re'••d week or so aso oi'i «"*."—* ~ ——•», J..AVJ., ATJ.XO. i\.uoi3«ii ^ n j , . **" ^wv, V.W^A CSC .Eva Glendora viper," ^^^J'**»S%«\ ^T^nfSEft. ^^ south as gained in his recent trip - ot the I ing to France. The war was then • -••-•»* ••«««.!.* j.,3 sjuiyicu My J.L -••• — — »"w*i*»»v«.u. — — —— ^wuuiib LIIJ/ children, 55 grandchildren, and 44 ilr ' nn(1 airs - Pau l -Wille were , and from ' and sta y a t New Or, great-grandchildren; one brother , unday guests of Custodian and f ans ,' £ here he attended a «a- CharJes, Bancroft; and one sister ' Msa - Gus Harrison at the Fort De- ; ,? a arm Bure au meeting. He I Mrs. Kate Schulte, Peoria, Ml I , ance state P a rk, Esthervllle. Mr . ° f crop conditions there, say- Mrs. Kollasch died two years Wllle is stin custodian of the Am- ™ g that the oorn doesn't look like' over, but the nurses had to help many wounded soldiers on the way at auction Wednes- engler, who for 15 rand-nieces are in- her husband's death ehe had lived with her mother, Mrs. Bannlck, at Wilton Junction, but she now resumed re*lden6e at But and will publish the paper till 064 flndls another buyer. will continue to as He has manager, long and were highly pleas- obtain ownership. Burt Monitor Again in MacArthur Hands MacArthuf has re- to reposses the which flhe sold a to a Mr. Christen- Previously she had nhaves-, who turned Since shortly after on her boat had snt for a time. iMBRVIN CHRISTENSEN, Lone olub contest. His TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 10-11 Continuous from 1 o'clock daily JACKIE COOPER WENDY BARRIE THE LITTLE TOUGH GUYS —in— "NEWSBOYS' HOME" Fighting for the only home they knew! THURSDAY AND FRIDAY, JANUARY 12-13 Daily matinee 2 p. m. A luxurious drama. Made alluring and magnificent by an incomparable cast. Joan CRAWFORD 1 ugaret SULLAV obert YOUN lelvyn DOUGLA 'ay BAINTER asm MPi m cture members—15,730 o new district cour clerk, had beeji given a jewele past master's outton by the Ban croft Masonic lodge on leavin that town to take office. * * * * GUS HAGG, iion of Mr. and Mrs Peter Hagg, had been reported wounded in thi 1 last days of the war, with a bullet in the chest, bu was said to be improving. * * * * MONEY RECEIVED in a tag day In Algona a few weeks before was to be usei to support ten French children listed. The fathers of the children had been killed ago. The children are: Joseph, .Bancroft 1 ; Charles, Whittemore; Peter, Burt;William, Algona; John, Wheeling, Mo.; Paul, Jefferson; Edward, Purdin, " Mrs. Russell ft~ .7 ~7~:r~:~ •—«•'-• Whittemore; and Mrs. le wife of F. H. Vesper, j Shackelford, Algona Ijftdled December 31. She "ck lor some time, and ilace at a (sanitarium. _ uu i,^f ***tm \j± bilC XHU*" T •—j*» L> *\j\ji\. J11VC brose A. Call state park here. Iowa corn and that cattle and live-' Richard Keen accompanied- his st i? k Iook ' poor roommate from Sheldon to Cedar ' and strs - Walter A. Fraser Rapids last week Monday. Richard are • paren ts of their fiirst child, a who is a freshman at Coe college' ^ On U Walter Roy ' born Decemiber f y - -Uoctor Fraser is research physicist in the glass department of the Baush & Lomb Optical Co., Roch- whose names were in action. fervices were conducted City Mortuary at [1th Mrs. Fay Whalen as S burial was made in Mausoleum. The jrere In charge of past g the Grand Eyr chap- |6rder. of the Eastern was in her 80th d been in poor health (Bars. She and her hus- iln.the same house with ^audains, Mrs. Naudain ' ;pnly child of the cou- r is now 83 years?.old iuts. He Is still in fair he keeps an office in Glendale. ago Mr. Vesiper serv- iwestern agent here, icome cashier of the |ngs bank. " After some bank he sold out and pndale, where he reen- business success. at Funeral services were held . William 1 pa ;' Ten ^. M r. and Mrs. R. j. H> A ' Tnttle-got home Friday St. Cecelia's church Saturday with the Rev. Fr. Mallinger officiating; and Interment was made in the Whifctemore Catholic cemetery, where Mrs. Kollasch was buried. Six grandsons served as pallbearers: Gordon Kollasch, Algona; Paul Nellis, West Bend; Richard Kollasch, Bancroft; Johnny Keene, Charles Kollasch, and Vincent Willson, Whittemore. I he had spent three weeks,' getting !^ te D ^ Wal ter Fraser here and of at, supplies ready to start the New , ??l e Frasei> . who is winter- w was a Rochester girl. Mr. and airs. J. H. Fraser drove f™ 68 la f' week Monday to take DATES CHOSEN FOR THE 1939 'GLAITSHOWS Dates for the third annual exhibition of the Algona Gladiolus so- and ciety are August 16-17, Webster W. He retired Gillespie, Friday. once a Titonka till active in the same IVORS ARMING IEFENSE OF U, S. past commander of .was speaker at a eting of the Legion rlday evening at the declared that intelli iig is necessary on prtob ^defense of our country "d peace. He deplore* it^ao many ill-consid is receive great sup 'as an example the Ltid |dum bill and the neu |e believes that a deft ange plan of .prepared- Ivy, army, and the air Ihould carefully continual rebuilding ement rather than apas- idlsproportion'ate I'scares, [ ; L. Lai-son had charge •'ion box; Mrs. Anton >f a quiz on government by Mrs, Tom Halpim; isident, Mrs. L. W. Fox, fa quiz on the legisla- |ms o* the Legion and ry, ~. w . — .-p. fert Escape 'ly G»t Fumes Jan. 9—Jack McDonald, president, announced _ —™_^ tw . U(>C4A o tntr i\t3>v 4 i. T»T_ tmci «e now travels for the £ at Phoenlx - Ariz. Walter A.'s Northwestern Drug Co., Mlnneapo- ' ' US. ' I . ra ™ w °- P'eW. Marion. N. D., th , „ — —»^ ^ m^o and Alvina Olson, Verona, N D o. r son Ken neth back to Iowa were married Saturday at ' the ™ ' ' ' i i-lnity Lutheran parsonage by the Ref. P. j. Braner. Henry Schep-p- mann jr. and Helen' Ohm witnesses. State college. Their daughter Arlene went with them, but was taken on to Des Moines, where she is In the employ of the Equitable Assurance Co., New York. Arlene had . Mr. and Mrs..E. R. DeLano with C ° me home the day before Christ- their children, were week-end ' mas ,' and was un able to return to guests of Mrs. DeLano's mother ' !J°f? e l r1lle ,i'' becau »e of an attack Mrs. W. C. Clark, Hubbard, and Ot £f ^ T . ' Mrs. Clark came here with them 1 * Ko » ertTc - Carson, who travels THANK! For your wonderful comments on oui- 25th anniversary in Algona BARRY'S fer a short visit ...... „, DX gas and oil employ. Mr. and Mrs. Preston Mr. DeLanoS — Biscuit Co., was called to Minneapolis headquarters a few days ago and trans- mu . fhe A. A. L. (aid association for Lutherans) met last evening (Monday) at the Charles Geilenfel home, north of Algona. jfrs. Id jrd were grinding feed a shed adjoining the |tor. Alfred had a head- it up town for aspirin when he got b^cfe he pther three men suffer- rbon monoxide gas. A and they old Diggers 938 ,..,". At the November meeting of the society August 12-13 were set, but when the state society picked the same dates for its annual show at Cedar Rapids. The schedule of the local society will be ready for mailing February 1. For this show the Algona club is purchasing its own medals— gold, silver, and bronze — for the sweepstakes prizes. Four trophy cup» will be awarded again given respectively by the Kiwanla | Druggist club, the .Rotary club, the Cham- Mrs her of Commerce, and the Junior S i 8ters Chamber, as sweepstakes prizes, . president, conducted business meeting which was fo n™ *y C Wnker-Chek and cards JiernJetn Simonsina, Rock Va here with her uncle an , Already buK> prizes amounting to $350 in value have been promised by commercial growers in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Oregon, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Iowa. Membership dues paid to F. A. Bunting include membership in the state, society, McDowell Again on GallupJUraw Poll John G. McDowell, b'gh school principal, and J. F, Overmyer, rep- senttog the Algona Rotary club, gave a program at the December ?2 meeting of the Britt Rotary club. Mr. Ovewnyer spoke brief ly on the importance of Rotary attendance, and Mr. McDowell repeated a talk he had given recently before the JocaJ dub on poJls of - ...««. J.ICOLUII Lubker. *>« ^ j. ^ ", —"~ -*»" o.m* Liauo- .with a small son, moved Monday to ~, P ,^ to anot her territory not yet Sioux Fallls. They had been liv-' deoldne0dn upon - He came to Algona ing in the A. E. Michel tenant' l J30 .and he will leave In' a house on east Kennedy street, and : We - ?_ r two> Mrs - La »"son will re- Mr. Lubker traveled for a fruit' m , am here tiu Jt is k nown where while he was here. the new home is to .be. Phalip ' ~ Lindberg, WJlliston, N. D will haye this territory, and he expects to bring his wife here soon. The annual business meeting of voting members of the Trinity Lutheran church was held Sunday. Officers were elected: elders Wm C. Dau, Robert Liesener, Robert Bell; secretary, Gerhard Wittkopf; treasurer, Edw. Hackbarth; trustee, Arthur Gade; member of pnm°°ul )0ai ' d ' Hugo Gade; "nance committee; J. G. HHardy, Carl Paetz, chief ushers; Gerhard Wittkopf; janitor, Reinhard Lieb The treasurer's report showed a satisfactory balance on hand. _Edw. D. Sheehan got home Wednesday from Sault St. Marie M u£"« Where he had spent a week With Rosanne Brown, 11-year-old girl who has lived most of her life with the Sheehans. She suf-- lered a skull fracutre in an automobile accident last October and was not released from a hospital to which she was taken till week before Christmas. She is now able to toe up and around, but will have to remain under a specialist's care for some time. Her mother is em- plloyed at Sault St. Marie. J. It. Roadiner, ,who is having a sale next Monday, and his family, plan tp leave the following Wednesday for a uew home in the Fail-hope neighborhood in Alabama. Fairhope is located on the Gulf, but they will be at or aunt, Dr. an d Mrs. F. C. Scanlan Miss Simonsma is a junior In hig school, and her father, Bernar Simonsma, is a brother of Mr Scanlan. Jos. E, Lynch, with whom L. E Linnan has formed new belasllvingwlth and Mrs. Lynch are public opinion, Gallup poll. particularly the Three at the P, O, Victim, of Cold. Three employee at the postoMlce were sick with colds last week fferold Uwright, clerk, was o« 4«ty Tuesday and Wednesday. Har* and Henry Guder- re, oil all week, and ^ e njjett» Harris , and rW 9 ubstttuted on the routes and f B. Whselock deliverr, parcels. ry an, city Margaret Llchter, who is taking nurses' training at Fort Dodge came home Friday for the weekend with her father, and Helen Sterling, who was lately transferred to the Metropolitan offices at Fort Dodge, also came for thi week-end at home. Itr. and Mrs. w. J. Sigafoee, For*, Dodge, with the daughter Ruth •Aon, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Frost Algona, were last week Monday dinner guests of the W. H K amps. The Sigsbees are former Algonians, and Mr. Sigshee conducts a plumbing shop. Mr, and Mrs, E. F. Rahm, of Des Moinesj with their son Claire,-were Sunday guests of the Philip Schem- fh 1 ' <^? B " Ranm ** a daughter of the Sohemels. Mr. Ranm has for the last few years been in State Treasurer Wegman'0 office. Claire attends Drake university, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hagg, W | t h two children, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Nielsen, eon Glenn, and Matt Lam« ' S 1 ^ A1 eona, an.4 Mr. and Mrs. Herman Pooch, Liyermore ^ re J 0>c i°<* $wner guests c* Mr, apd Mrs. Alphonee Berte, near St Joe, Thursday evening. Fra*ee, Suther- late was brought here last week Monday for a couple pf weeks with «nn ^Stter Mrs. Harpld Joanson, Mrs. Johnson is employed at the Marigold Beauty Ihop; ifc at the jKiaseie garage. "^ ^W WHer, <rf were gueste last, week ftt B. R! Robertsdale, a small town a little farther north. Mr. Roadfnger expects to find a small farm for rent :ljere. There are seven children in the Roadlnger family, five "girls ind two ,boys. The eldest girl prances, went down recently with the Emmet Paetzes, and is still there. The Paetzes rented a 40- acre tract, and they have written back that they like the country. Baby Is Baptised Here, -y Gottfried, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Miller, was bap- teed at the Trinity Lutheran Jhurcht Sunday. Minnie Winters, 3mmetsb U rg. and Elmer Strieker, Wesley, were Another Dress Sale Mrs. Tribon will hold a dress s|ale. In Neville's Bargain Basement Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, JANUARY 12, 18, AND 14 $1.00 wash dresses at 49c, fancy dresses, 89c Children's Little Dorothy $1.00 dresses, 49c Pajamas, and several other articles of ladies' wearing apparel. These are RE D HOT BARGAINS, goods. All new, late styles, s ;andard Plus "YOU'KE AN EDUCATION" "SEA MELODY" COMING SUNDAY AND MONDAY, JANUARY 15-1« ERROL FLYNN BASIL'RATHBONE "THE DAWN PATROL" TUBS.-WED., JAN. 10-11 Put this one on your "must see" list. 2nd Feature * * * * DOROTHEA KENT ANDY DEVINE —in— "STRANGE FACES" THURS. THRU SATURDAY January 12-11 2nd Feature CHARLES STARRETT WEST OF SANTA FE Plus SERIAL MAGAZINE NEWSPAPER PQR RTONT- HOUSE aad lota Immediate .possession, CaU Advance. "PR W-PS boar, y«scinat«|, C. Carlisle, WWtteaa^e, Your whole family will feel better Iressed and clothes will last longer, if you allow part of your budget for Dry Cleaning in our mpdern plant. More and more smart people are learning the dry cleaning economy. Modem Dry Cleaners THIS NEWSPAPER, 1 And Any Magazine Listed—Both for Price Shown (ALL SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE FOR ONE YEAR) n American Boy S'25 CD American Fruit Grower .".*.'.*.',' TVS C] American Girl f% \\ 2 '25 D American Magazine ......! 295 D American Poultry Journal '.'.'"'.'.', 1.65 O Breeder's Gazette. ' i/c« a chad Life f :...!..""!! s'on P Christian Herald ... M ........m]|[j.° 3.45 d Colliers '] 2.50 D Country Home , , !!!!!! 1.65 » Q Etude Music Magazine ,.,..!!"! 3^00 O Farm Journal ,,...,,.,....1 1.65 D Home Arts Needlecraft.......,,.,.,' ',',. 175 O Liberty Magazine ....,,,,,,. 2^5 n look Magazine (26 issues)..,,.,..,.., a.4i D Love And Romance...,,,,.,,.,......, 2.00 D McCall's Magazine ,...,...,"] 2.'(>0 Q Mechanix Illustrated ,.,,,,.,,....,,.. 2.25 D Motion Piaure Magazine.,,,,.,,.,...* 2^00 D Movie Mirror »«•«........... ' 2~00 Q Open Road (Boys),,,.,..,,,.,.,,,,... 2 '.00 O Parents' Magazine ..,..,,...,., 245 D Pathfinder (Weekly) ,.,, V ,, fa U Photoplay ...,..,t»»..s.»,..,..,,,,., 2,95 D Physical Culture ....,,..'.,..,,..,,,,, 3,95 Q Pictorial Review ,.,,7T.".r... 2,00 Q Popular Mechanics .W??;; 2.95 D Redbook Magazine ..^".TTR??...,..,., 2.95 Q Romantic Story ,.. ,V»?r« flf,', ........ 2.00 D Successful Farming ,.*'??»';•»i.V?"..... Jl.75 P The Judge »7?!frtW.?." 2.2$ P True Confessions ...?Pj?py;??ty...,»., 2.09 P True Experiences /.yJKW^.V.,...,.,. 2.00 P True Ronuoces , M .WAV.'..,'»•.. 2,« P True S«oty ,,,,,'!7ffSfpffff!'^:f; t ,,.,. 3,35 P Wonwn'. World .....?;??..„„,„,,, 1.75 £UiSM£ COUPON AND MAIL TODAY Check Magazine De*i«d Afco*t Tbu. (X)

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