Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 10, 1939 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 10, 1939
Page 4
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••y *wa. i &«: i \ v""vH J j* m . WELCOME FOR PRIEST OF A CHURCH HERE New Rector Conducts St. Thomas Sunday Services. KDSatffH QGVWm APyANcm ALQOMA, IOWA continue to teacV till the end of The Rev. A. Linnell SOhrock, new priest in charge of the St. and the Episcopal churches at Em-' met&burg, Estherville, and Spencer, held his first service in Algo" n •«"•"'-" morning at 11 o'clock ..« vuiiunj mul UI11& tit J..L O with celebration of the Holy munion.. With his father and mother, Mr. and Mrs I E. w. Schrock, Father Schrock arrived Wednesday at Spencer, where they are for' the present living. The Rev. Fr. Schrock was graduated from the Nashotah Theological Seminary in Wisconsin, with a bachelor of divinity degree magna cum laude. Born at Gallon, Ohio, he was reared at Toledo, Ohio, and Plymouth, Ind. Once Factory .Malinger. Previous to studying for P';)esthood,_ Father Schrock Taylor Daughter Will Wed— A copy of the Daily Columbian under date of Tuesday, December 27, published at Vancouver, Wash., carried announcement of an engagement dinner for Hortense, youngest daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. F. C. Taylor. Mr. Taylor was a popular pastor of the Algona Methodist church ... the last conference time he was tendlne transferred from Portland, where at eue* he had served a Methodist church Mildred for some vonv.a f« *i,~ TO__» ,,...V _ 1 . l ? lea Hostesses were Mesdames Henry Bailey, Sexton, Frank Elsenbarth, Burt, Jerome Eisenbarth, Catherine Jennett, and William Dunilap, Algona, and Miss Verla Shaw, Wes- The Four Corners Mothers and Daughters club entertained at a TtllHnnllo,,*.,,,,^ -i._ tor MIgg Showers for Mrs* rjaaen— i Mrs. Stephen Tjaden, the former Jean Marie Sarchet, *as hohoree at A kitchen shower Saturday afternoon at thd Good Hope community room given .by the Sarchet •twins, Betty and Letty, and Joyce Romstad. Thirty guests were entertained, members 1 of the Good Hope 4-H clulb to which Mrs. TJa- den belongs, and other girls of the neighborhood. i The color scheme for decorations was pink and white. Refreshments IV6TO aat*irn*$ «*«•) M^U.,* *. __*.._. NEW VKA»S DA? BftfJWB "-~«*m^ •~ "an BC.VOU a ivietnoaust church Mildt-Prt PnMWc^w "~"" C '" >OT ' ™ ci » XTs^&^^.gs^^iBbSrs -^JS^ffS'SiS^ 1 *^?^-^ of »»«*> VIUK. ana wnite. iteiresnments were served and games were play~M. ue ,.u. D , a U1U1U entertained at a ed ' The Tjadens expect to settle) miscellaneous shower for Miss * hls week at Mason City, where Jensen a week ago Thursday at i Stephen has work in a greenhouse. Mrs, Ohrls Jensen's, 60 women at-1 miscellaneous shower is being tD1 ""'" r ' m " " was spent I K 1 /?" ***? (Tuesday) by Mrs.) esses were ~ lalr Winkle for Mrs. Stephen Tja- T H ° SSes were Ind 0 Mr, he T Flr f* Mebhodlfls t °hurclt ana Mrs. Taylor entertained Sun (lay at a family dinner at which the engagement of their youngest daughter, Hortense Elizabeth Tay- .. an ' d Program Thursday the church, 75 women attend- the was I o er Schrock was , with the Edserton Manufacturing s ° na Sf of the First Methodist Co. Ul ' - -«M, wu bi^ x«*j'~ rnt- .. announced. She will be- TJT he Program, in charge of Mrs the bride of Jesse Simpson JJartense Ferguson and Mrs. E J ! freshm P nt7 C*" ' l " U 7 n ' te> Re ~ Murtagh, was a "take-off" "n the ! £ *™"E ^f™ S6rved ' and Bln - acurng rs et Co., Ulymouth, five years as audi- ohui ' c ". ^ Columbia St. tor ' o 1<ostel ' of Portland. ae-off" i " dinner was held at the ,par- °'«» Congregational Sewing circle Thirteen women took pa ri f^anri «? , s au- . a . n w °™ old-fashioned clothes " tor and treasurer. He later serv- I'™" 8 d f'«d with polnsettias ho - *^ted back as far as 80 ed us manager of a company fac- y ' , mistletoe, and evergreen tory at Paoli Ind. In the World »*. An illuminated Christmas U' , S ,1'T° d i n the arm * a year u '?, eA dominated the scene. 1 " the " fantr ' on t)"°' h T' ° CCaSlon for ^PPiness er rs B J on that day was the fact that it Mu:- tagh, Mrs. H R rn«r n ' n ,"W wa8 ih ° tint Christmas in ten L ^ia ' a " d years which the Taylor - eldest Mrs. Phyllis Nao'nu^fe -nt with -•«... ......no 101 inra. aiepnen JLja- den, and there will be 36 guests. I Decorations will be pink an" white, and games will ,be played. Shower for Recent Bride— iJ& 8 ' , Harve y Larson, the former Mildred Brandow, who was married December 7 at Tltonka, was honoree Thursday at a post-nuptial shower given by Mesdames Franz Teeter, Harold Brandow and A- • ~ er's.. Thirty-six friends and relatives attended, and many gifts were presented. The color scheme in decorations was pink and white. Re- CHOSEN FOR R, EMPOWER I To Furnish Electric Service for Farm Project. By Mrs. W* 0. Smith. , ^eaiten, but k Swea City, Jan. 9-tfhe Esther- lip outwardlv n , villa municipal electric light and in; Each wrolo „ f '" all '*ll power plant has been approved as for 60 smackers ° ther 'i« source of power for the DBK went arm in ann ,'" "*" l (Dickinson, Emmet, and Kossuth), * * * " 1(!ct S rural electric cooperative. It Is AT A OATH KlMvr expected that a contract will soon youn ser eet is a record V* l__ _»_.. ... .. ' ; I Pnlinlnn « .1 ^-'-ui u till,. YKAltN "~~* *t"tlo b A a Bhori "5 1 ? 1 t *» ""Us, U'hf) to ao a certain tin,,,, one who broke fi rs , ' '"' other 60 bucks. An , VM '" to both to Join a n m the forbidden Bether. they >oy lion, but kopt t|,. u , , il, 1 n" the !," fantry ' ile still a student in the sem- •nary Rmher Schrock served as assistant at St. Mark's Church, After receivi »« his . ma t. in I'™" 8 d f'«d with polnsettias ho - *^ted back as far as 80 y ea« Mrs - H - D. Hutchins plaved « 1?' tle old-fashioned or^n, while h choir, Mrs. M. G. Bourn, -MM Hofmaster Mrs' B J ' " T i, , ' Larson a™ at the T thejbrld egroom's mother, Bu« O M* ^T° n ' eoubhe ^t of o«V ° h 1 they w111 take ™°™^ ° f the farm - a » d f ' LBrsott wl11 move to " a mlle and a half I ~ — »*»»£*»*»«* vmTVt M-ll MB I * •*•• W^».l.,Il Tj |C I , expected thai a contract will soon youn S er fi et is (l ,. be drawn and that it will be for 3? SfnCan danc °. bin five years. JL e l for ench record Approval was granted by! oMic- " la s of the rural electrification administration at Washington, D, C. Bids' were alao submitted by the | Central States Electric Co., which c record ^ h f ? senerntion " f ± kl " E coko " 5 th« ™V, lows at « tnbi? * cl " e and do ^f 1 , . Wallace, sang Ml 's- Mary Patterson ing, and Mrs. bride-elect, a graduate of ° f hosteas. An ' , > *""., -1J- .years anu 0 im, Q ~ "w ™ ar se of associated mis-; ,,,.„- — " , .. & «uuu ttle ot -~. «,. uiu-cime hn< R P ,n w f romflndiaua ' he went to W '" am | tte university, Salem, Ore Deling was conduced with iteno, where for three ve-irs he' olds degrees <» ™,,,.i.. _...,.' nfps vnr,^ f ., ... ' W1U1 was rector of Trinity church, lar-' " gest Episcopal church In the state. Active in Church. Meanwhile he was a state -en- eral millenary. Father Schlock — for Mrs. 3roorc— Mrs. Herman Moore, the former Dearchs, received many a miscellaneous shower at f '"= Frank Hofius, Mrs. L. and Mrs. Aaron has been . the last four if the church or alternate to conventions school. Mr. of 1 Pacific Mr. lie Munroe, Ore., Foster is the son "of -- Mark Foster, Sm iWi, n ° f °. r °ve. the games were .....,.„ an active liocesan and communitv Father Schrock is a" •••arious Masonic bodies 'ears had been n,. 0 ];i' part in marriage. - i., Mrs. „. - Mrs. Ferguson Ihe women had a lively aiso some good-n atured' "areu Du "{fu i°" en0 rt WWch featured MM ^uiant in a discussion of the old o-cent Postage_stamps. Kasfcrn Stars Close rear- were Mr. Ann «» I Mnm Creek .Kam, uc t_ tern StaWSesday"" 6 ° f "^ Mrs. Anetr e "T7yTor H l!a 0 n^ nry^ub'had ^funu^ & ^l^ n^ ™"™*'»™. Casey ^sl£S— !«^S?~~ SsS^s^^a '•en, Robert Taylor and JoTnn?^-" :=,-~~ ?=i SsMrsii« at in 1924. ... .. ...~Moer of the Legion was Chaplain of a Legion post in I ml- sirgl? — SOH-IN4lToFMIIi HERE IN AUTO CRASH teibeth of Salem"; Mr. and Mrs 'SefS-^- 1 -'-^^ saret Ann; Hortense versity WW^SIH,^ — Some 60 persons attends ,• Place of two now ~-—-—" <•""". ~~--*~~'. ui me ,program wiill .be leK- B1 ,, ue r) v, , hvnrtovfni ™ -- "• clud »iff seven g UP ^ An ' '"" and Mrt wLS n members,. Mr. islation. ue lefe «^s^st-=;s!H:si?S3E s - Lura SandBi« A,"±_ i year Nexf w QD t m..._ Jtees ior th e; s . ome « *''iday at the former's • " >» i Hi a, iigc ock° fff o C M S P '' eSented an eTecMc Place of nf' LOSS ' Init)a t ! on took Place of two new members,. Mr. with three tables in play. Mrs. E A. Schemel won high, Eleanor Norton, St. Paul, was a club guest. llie American Legion Auxiliary will meet at the home of Mrs. Joe Harig Wednesday to listen to the Tflflln ltl*rttrmnm —c j.i- . T al Estherville was chosen by reas- vi?" ked> and with onu ., '° " need no new equipment, but the kfnrt ,f,T ral "'nutM' ciy will build lines to' a distrlb! « Sf.Tn 10 Bquand er a ublng station which the co-operT f eed n ^'i OWs for so »'e tie will erect three-f machflle c e co-oper tiye will erect three-fourths of a town ' "ear-high* u machflle jltterb ugs a good approximately hour, with a 10% Pi'omipt payment. -- will be a kilowatt discount for «"!"« tn miles of line will be «b!y OO y o th fa^r^!r,b a e nd se Prv0 ed- At. nroannt +1, °oi you. (P>esent m/^ v wuensche 'cli "u ;>unMl ••• "uoautn COI these words will be are some 3200 i able. DELANO Harig Wednesday to listen to tlie' (Continued from Page 1) radio program of the Iowa Auxil-' ' 1 -2!L±L ifliy tinu to sow carnpt rmro iir.v>f«£ i Krant a divni'pp fnv o im,,,,«. n Gaylord Olson, of Terril * * 1 - Carpet rags » ,'" the reh abilitatlon V M> hos 'P itals - The n ri - e 6 • Dr °S« 1 am wiill .be leg- . a divorce for a you »e Buena 7 lsta cou nty couple. The husband ater went after his wife, who had 3ee " taken to Sac City, with the InH'nn •^-e-Mnn »T nu 'UOit!^- w «^« LU Oi iU Uliy, Wltft tllG MM V TP «• intention of patching up the diffi- .?f 1 * ^.^,. Hl , ce . and Ml ' s - Robert i^'ty, but the girl's parents would- «s,f^; «i K :^ =? £3-_ as .s^» Married— were Mrs Lu n Hnnd , esls i vear "^r i COmmittees for the' somes Friday at the f librarian, Mr and M , ^ ^ gOua a 7-30 nL W |f k Tuesda y evening' home. At tfie afternoo, p a ,-i Mrs am n -^ sZs ^' ^ Sd ^ ^*&£ « ^ h ^±'M^ % r ^ "" S «ns. ames Warburton of T C i I Temple Masonic lvil s. w. E. Laird was low Harold Bode, Patty Gillesnio ^' ' • i even!n S Party, Mrs. D. D.' Jean Guderian. Jles Pie, and S% S. Class'IVill Jtect— ' j^f igh ' and Mrs - E. W.' Monlux Jordan, husband of iiu -•• -»• I'uixuiue up me aim- culty, but the girl's parents wouldn't let him see her, he'relates. "'" though his "personal convic- m"n - s "-nti-dlvorce," and he thinks many of them could be averted and the couples reconciled, Judge De- 1,311/1 Itnllnvr^n i t-'_ , f . ° wjthinj^^™ 1168 ln BECISTEBJIHBilNE ANNUAL MEET HELD >,.*^ iuj iiiKi a i " "••««&*!. 1110 yui aoiiai convic- afternoon party, Mrs. I tlon j s anti-divorce," and he thinks John won high, and """ " f '" ---••• the --- —..^n,o icuynuiicu, judge DeLand believes that legal separation i" the only happy.way out in many i cases. two -' 1. He suuereci no 2: ,« te s; a iS":i'tr--:. .intl was new. was - -. ~. ^uvein, pastor. atl len-Jh b J' ld V vas attired m a s t ]> eet na 'navv hi« k ° f Shel3a ' Dlue ' with nayj blue accessories, and carried a bouquet of American ~ Voses and baby ' of honor, wore and county a a^^nieT^'a^-rbe played cia i mee ^^iS-ning at the churches S U 18?h e W»,. W ^, ad ™ M «d from , . - —• ««v-"oio tuuertained bridge elghtsome Friday even- in i, „„ „.._ H y Hui ^ a membei were ±«? S *S J a f..?5 a .™W y°ung —^.« into =.,-»* '.™«™p ".n-i.rt 1 i=s^^F£{« ; .s?s*s ^'attenS^Mr U SteS^ erJ ^' ^"^. Girl '" Bride""- s-S'SS -K ;£HS'sX^,£ which consisted of n Clinton h..irfn.""Vi""", " L seve « tables o.idge I-riday evening. Elsie rett won high for women- UUhoun for men. Clifton ' ter won a prize for the scon served 0 year ' R6freSh ments Mrs. E. R, of were SK™^'= L. F. Rice. -V & I). ci,,b tolfoet eni ng. Dorothy R e |f economics teach-' pi. . 'ii v-^utiuimus leacii- this week Thursday evoniiiE at Mrs. Laura Woito's. evcliln S at - -- I11LU AH v-ujioj . "-" that never should happened. After the hysteric .subsided the young people saw ,the,r mistake and went to the divorce court, he explains. They were still young enough re- carried a report of the stockholders meeting of : report said: The Thei following officers were elected for 1938: Gardner Cowle Cow fT a f d troasu ''er ?^! S J r -', v l ce President; T«r,i ' ltiB president Ingham, vice .president™ acks ' e ^ .president; assistant secretary;' were per pei ° ol , ock a re g ular sup- t , ' ..^ t, ij wtJUS, „ n } " ;°, rt wedding trip to Red will m a 1re , ° with here. ° , ^ ,_ wl _ . w^,j. l\oll C3.ll "\viin hrt «*, L """ Gould win ,.«o^ ._ ' . lu . fiances * . **»*«. c^ 1 eft S|= E^'S -SK Mrs Albert E. Grooters enter _tnp to Chicago.^ bride is a graduate of the i "'[T . :ademy and of Gregg! 1)cl l'l'ian s Discuss a Onootin.. 's^^^s^^^f^^s^ Chicago. Air. Smith. l°. tel - Mrs. H . E. Wn±^i lgona , ^"jore acaaeni iS?£ Cllic ^°- ^f- Officers Installed • ^TwoJwUH^j^Jii^. wj^ ™»f-i-,C=S ^?«-= «- 3 ~5^ Sf mmmms. --., ~..u ^.lUOll, SOI Mrs. _Mark Shaw; of ..... Wesley, Mr. Smith hotel Mrs. H 7 E . WoodWarT youth, is ajWhittemore, who had charge ^ :vr ~?^ aa-'-Ba-jS: SH^I^g ley, secretary- treasurer; Ml": _ -»i* t -nAclL-tl U~ Mrs J. P. sto . re, I Henry Getunan, 0. G • " 'or Democratic Uromen- democratic women of »'aS=»« w »s »^_ , - itVUC » Ol tne NOIW Qlrn^ and a served. doing handwork" o-course luncheon was =""»>»' club •"- "-j vjBLtman u G- M,.^ T-H".""' ae °riue WOI-P n fi i formerly oppnniori v, 'uoin lamed at n Hnor, ^.v, •"• 1 . c * cuier- ^^'mm rtyf «»».?'•&„?! s~ ;„«*"=• .I.JS.SE sai'ffl&u. 1 ??- U w": Ii J ; T» S| ' *«DO»«W, j.ilu'J, M%lT" M ««"w• 5SS i""'- c "« LO... uA. L K S: - -^=^—irss—- tta ^ :i r , r?;r ^ auci : Union Boys are En J»™ 4to a, toll ™"« *>««.- K"?f' ?•»»«'?«nS'pS ^ Tourfauhe South [-£'£ fHl^SlH? S°£fl?P^i''K'^ Vera was Brotherhood at 8 o'clock. T n'th^'T'" " aa iueen 'Prepared Tho anniversarv »v,,?T°- el s hirthday ---no great done," he states. ., 6 . D Prohibition Blamed. F 'Ki" 1 . Fred ' A " "tSe"* , -- -Edition to the war hysteria "mu GuirPn f Ha t> * , •-»** S ome e p, ya0 ce ng wir Ple ,? VOUld £0 Sr-^JHte" piUi SgifSiS ladyT'bigo^TcLo 1 '" 0 "^ *MW& huf U1 b«"y, comes not n a, 'las's^sil but 6 omen e w definitions' ^$*^ into the new slanguageVeign^ '^he^ v ' <S< ? ciallam " moans n,- - v ^' "* you have two cows vn one to your neighbor ' Under "communism" S've both to the ment, which gives v ou some of the milk. ' Under "fascism" yoil kp mu ?i™' bull hei' Also It might be added fo, h , CaS6 you give 'he bull ] 01 being a bull and not taki" E the slack In ""«•—'-- uuull s f nor appreciates i: means to him and t o from foreien innrio have sought this co^ntr/S a ar Lord,.I know I s hou B bothering .You now You've got enoueii tn pity— wk.1 LUCIUS HARRIS DIES " CALIFORNIA HOME shall her first. £s°^~ c x -• v«t i,. OQ «;. ^ ' a PPreciation of th sacredness of marriage," he Jv< lon«g People No Wor sc . Using his more experience on th measuring than those of Me '" cpal P«i8wm for flub.^ e ^ oraa »^ club B=S,-«- - «: SSrf-w^ls B ^S,- «s « la a1» ^"»K —^.^r i-^ffis«^5 - 9—Two Union OTorlda" Thev'T T°'' a tour to Chevrolet coach nnri 1, •>rovisions S - ?. nd ... tlle y took O'i'HKR SOCIFTY s,~ v =?vs.-sii tSwn.-sLsrs =f»S SHs^ 'iway two months niiTit"""" """ " e Sv^^s^r- 1 " ^^S35^ onored -s near the hin An „ \. , ° ffj±fcss-~KHK: Br 'dge and "500" s^=^,:"s?;= arfi^s&.-w: rf«. St. Benedict wa 8 Ran'T' where tney v4edV. He. anH *!<„„ T ,r,,. .. ttaney S f>niioi,, iir j ,. _ 1UI • .«*»«. >T,-r Mt , BMW raurasd will have charw of th"' BaDCrof _ The jwti." "LI "^F:^^ 31R?Wr3£-ft Planned in County •their presen sta?e misdeeds ins ^ v developed are publl- years to hostesses ' Th7 "' ^ VOIZke as ,„ wil1 The Methodi s rw% Kr " S ' John Jamison holdin arms S _-, Of Monica, two postal were married Wash., • sobbing mother dead child in her . — - , wa ® Playing on a bomb" burst! 11 Mad '' ld When the that young man against a stone wall BW. His wife stands (11 ;, to hi'n. Ready .. fire! ... r.,,,1 nKs for America, dear u od. Amen!" » * * * t BAIH ng - h Hortense j Harris h as country. -—. ui. Mrs. . Algona. Mrs. relatives in the Independent Title for Corwith Quint n ed he - ~—«n cu tt Daa •as then taken to the .•oepltal, Fort Dodge one was set. ' — ~ ™ kA14O Mesdames ~~ M S . •-> ««»r feature bath- tn",.i es on Southern beaches o fh a double naln ^ the neck havl t middl e-aged oldsters who nave to stay up north. c]a ^ N| J j *HAT* PICTURE of a gal ing a football as. puWioity"for* 'game was "sumi^ has certainly Chang- old days, All tie . was wave flags In Dt ^" and s< l u eal with de- at the wrong moment. * • * * I/IKE sudden death, . villains who are really and 'hair-raising serials clolse an installment J in a iheck of a ~ ain'l't «""" ln on a'nioat any ra- l ^our when t^ 1 ^ the feVen ' Dg ; heir evening program. "Dick and similar paper novel years ago were mere ' l comparison to tie "iu. -But there is little radio thrillers will lead "" more than did the to Riches'* dime nov- M j-— p fle tb)ng --. ./ins in the vWlain '„ -~ a life lesson there, Senator Herring, who "°"°""~ u *~ never " J .Verne Man Lose. ; Broker. i n Ye ar| east of Lu morning "than,!, \ ord u yesterday Sibley^IliXdSed^s 61 ' A1 ' bert Walters lilfti...^.**. 6 »• »• Mr. for "" Mrs. Chj |was by A. Grill 'Barracks, the f » 8 mean nl .? er80n Singular pronoun, meaning «n, e and . w ^. h g u g over .» t Q "^, father J1 ves at tending the fuueral were John's aunt," CaUed to the Coast. Sn^cett^^^O.Wat. •Vrffr-w!. * swwwS&Sf'fl* /wtnl _i- ^T"? JrVfoOIlB r«*/teM AtT-T Hw»»tt|-ian a township

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