The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1954 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 15, 1954
Page 5
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JANUART 18, 1954 — Society News — Pat Mullins. Society Editor • Phnnn AAR BLYTHEVILH! (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Pat Mulling, Society Editor Phone 4461 Kibitzer Club Has Meeting Among the club meetings yester day was the weekly bridge session ot the Kibitzer Club. Mrs. Charle Affliok, Jr.. of Steele, entertainec this group at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Afflick. Mrs. Ben Lincoln, a former res ident who now lives in Little Rock was a guest with the club mem bers. Desert was served preceding the games. Chrysanthemums and gladiol provided .floral decorations throughout the entertaining rooms Mrs. Johnny White and Mrs Lincoln won first and seconc places in the bridge. Mrs. Dicks Is Hostess to Club Members- of the Mid-Week Club were Invited yesterday to the home of Mrs. J. E. Dicks, a frequent guest of the club, for lun cheon and bridge. Mrs. Bob Logan was a guest with the group. Button, chrysanthemums in a low central design adorned the dining room table. Mrs. J. Louis Cherry took first place in the bridge games, with second going to Mrs. B. A. Lynch. Bridge Club Entertained Mrs. Bill Hadge was the guest of Mrs. William Lambert last night when she entertained members of ' the TLE Club at the Bazorback Drive-in. Mrs. J. F. Scrape woii high score in the bridge, with second going to Mrs. W. E. Cherry, and bridgo to Mrs. Lambert. Party foods were served following the games. Eleanor Smart Is Ball Queen Miss Eleanor Tucker Smart, daughter of Dr. arid Mrs. Robert F. Smart of Richmond, Va., was •elected a* queen of the recent Assembly Hotly Ball at Hotel Jefferson in Richmond. The granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Ferguson of Blytheville, fhe ha s been a frequent visitor here. ELECTED — Miss Rita. Virginia Wright and Bob Douglass have been chosen Mr. and Miss Wilson High School in Who's Who contest this week with the entire school participating. Miss Wright, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gillie Wright, is a senior and has served as football queen. Mr. Douglass, son of Mrs. B. H. Douglass, is also a senior, and serves as football captain. BridgeLeagueHasWinners'Game A special winners' game was conducted here last night, when iiembers of the Duplicate Bridge league and several out-of-town quests participated in a nine-ta>le scrambled Mitchell movement. The group met at Hotel Noble's Mirror Room. Mrs. Lillian Hassler of Memphis and Mrs. Morton Jones of Union City. Term., won first place with 41 points. Second place was awarded Mrs. V. L. Terry and Mrs. Aline La- Tura, both of Memphis with 132 Eugenia Jenkins and Cammeron both o; points. Mrs. O. w. McCutchen and Mrs. W. D. Chamblin won third place with 123 !' 2 points, with fourth going to Mrs. Mrs. Alta Steele with 122 ^ points. In fifth place were Mrs. E. B. Gee and Mrs. Russell Phillips, who earned 120'i points. Other guest placers were' Dr and Mrs. w. E. Rumble of Memphis, and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Moss of Dyersburg, Tenn. PAGE FIVB Bits of News // Mrs. R. C. Allen has returnee from a trip to Washington. D. C. and Qutmtico, Va., where she wn the guest of her son, Lt. R. C Allen, and Mrs. Allen. Lt. and Mrs. Allen, who spent the Chris! mas holidays here were accompa nled home by Mrs. Allen. Mr. and Mrs. Byron Moore hav returned home from Palm Beach Pla., tt'here they spent a tw weeks vacation. Their son, Byroi Moore, Jr., who is a member o the Apollo Boys' Choir and win spent the Christmas vacation hen with his parents, joined the grou] in Palm Beach. Mrs. Rube Carson and children Sha Ricki of Charlotte, N. C., have arrived here to be the guests ' er parents, Mr. and Mi's. Garth 'astlio and other relatives. Mv. and Mrs. Thomas Moore and daughter, Linda. Barry Ball and Mrs. Harold Thompson. Si-., have returned from Los Angeles, where they spent three weeks as .uests of Mr. and Mrs. John T, Sykes and family. They were accompanied as far as Yuma, Ariz. >y Mrs. Roy Gaines, who visitec •elatives there. Enrotite home, ,hey visited points in Mexico. Jerry Scrape, Wayne Moore are n Memphis today to visit Harry Moore of Ripley, Tenn., who Is a patient at the Baptist Hospital, condition is reported improved. Mr. Moore is the father of nd Mrs. Jerry Contract Club Entertained Mrs. E, P. Borum enfcertaine 'esterday afternoon at her horn or members of the Thursday Con ract Club, when a luncheon pre eded the . afternoon of bridg :ames. Red chrysanthemums formed th unclieon table's centerpiece, am ed gladioli were used at vantag oints about the gams room. Mrs. O. W. McCutchen won higl score in the games, with second going to Mrs. F. B. Joyner. At the Hospitals Blytheville tvospital Dismissed: William McKenzie, city. Mrs. Clyde Gaines, city. Walls Hospital Dismissed: Dismissed: Carl Garrett. Sulsrla, Ala. Mrs. James Twilln, Hermondale. Wasme Hplbrook. city. Mrs. Billy Barger and baby. city. Love Group Has Meeting Here Love Group members of Christian Women's Fellowship of the First Christian Church met Wednesday with 16 present at the home of Mrs, J. D. Davis when Mrs. Ben Harpole was a guest. Mrs. Freeman Robinson, chairman, presided. Mrs. Harpole gave the new constitution. Mrs. William Rader served as leader of the program, ''Christian Marriage and the Home." Mrs. Ben Henderson. Mrs, Earl S. Koontz and Miss Luella Alley assisted. A playlet was given by Mrs. Harry Bradley, Mrs. Cecil Lowe, and Mrs. James Lee Brooks. Mrs. J. P. Garrott was co-hostess with Mrs. Davis. HAT NOTE-A new note in millinery is achieved by the addition of this musical note with a monocle effect. Peeking through the musical note is Gillian Tait. a London, England, model who seems to have music on her mind. Help Yourself to Health! SPRING NATIONAL PARf. ARKANSAS Health ami happiness art al»-3>'s in season-^and there's no beittr place to give them a boost than Hot Springs! A staff of expert attendants is maintained in the Majestic Hotel Bath Department. Under their skilled treatment, you will find' glowing health and contentment replace aches, tension and worries. And remember, our Bath House is operated in accordance with regulations prescribed by the National Park Service of the U. S. Government's Department ol the Interior. Delphian Society Conducts Meeting Mrs. G. W. DillBhunty was lead- of the program, "The Culture of Bali." Wednesday morning, when members of the Delphian Society met with Mrs. J. C. Lowe at her home. Mrs. Lowe conducted a business session. "The Floating World of Ball," was discussed by Mrs. J. W. Rayder; "The Charming Balinese." was given by Mrs. Lowe; and Mrs. J P. Garrott discussed "A Million Year Heritage." "Village Life In Bali," was the subject of Mrs. Alvin Hardy's discussion, and Mrs. Joa' Ferguson concluded the program with "Recreation and Religion." Sew It From A Yard! Wayne Moore, Scrape. In Blytheville last night for the special -.vlnner's bridge game were Mr. and Mi's. Tom Moss of Dyersburg, Mrs. Morton Jones of Union City, and Mrs. Lillian Hassle, Mrs. W. L. Terry, Mrs. Aline La Tura, and Dr. and Mrs. W. E. Rumble all of Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Still will be in Senatobia, Miss., Sunday where they will visit Mr. Still's mother, Mrs. J. A. still. Mrs. C. S. Stevens, Si-., of Osceola is spending the week end here with Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Stevens, Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. E P. Still. Mrs Lanicr Reed and Mrs. Irene Brooks will spend tomorrow in Memphis. 8049 12-42 Sue Burnett So economical to sew. and easy, oo. A clever little bib apron that equires just a yard of fabric In "1 sizes. Pattern No. 8049 is In sixes 12, 4. 16, 18, 20; 40. 42. Sige 14, 1 ard of 45-inch. For this pattern, send 30c in OINS, your name, address, size esired, and the PATTERN NUM- EB to Sue Burnett, Blytheville ourier News, 372 W. Quincy .reel, Chicago 6, III. Basic FASHION for '53, Pa nd Winter, is a complete guide planning a practical, sew-sinv wardrobe. Gift pattern printed nside the book. Send 25 cents to- jday. Valentine Motif Used at Bridge Party Given Here The home of Mrs. Melvln Halsell yesterday was decorated with a, valentine motif, when she enter- tain"rl members of the La Nueve Club and Mrs. Russell H. Farr as guest. Bed cm-nation*, tallies in the heart theme, and a dessert course furthered the theme throughout the party. Mrs. N. G. Jerome won first place in the bridge games, with second going to Mrs. Colemnn Stevens and Mrs. Ben Mac White.' the bridgo. Thursday Club Has Luncheon Mrs. F. E. Black and Mrs. R. H Kirby were guests of members o the Thursday Club yesterday whe the group met at the Country Clu for their monthly luncheon bridge game. Yellow and white chrysanthe mums were used at the table the group was seated fo which lunch. Mrs. Kirby was the winner high score, with second going Mrs. w. B. Tanner in the after noon's bridge games. Real Successful Women Lead Their Families tin Ruth Millet* Never immerse a wooden salad bowl. In general, wipe out thoroughly with a paper towel when you're finished with the salad. Occasionally you can use a wrung-out soapy cloth on them. Rinse well and dry Immediately and well. Lamp shade linings determine to a great extent the amount of light given off and its flattery. Dark linings absorb light while white linings reflect it. Pink or pale yellow linings cast the most flattering light. Vinyl plastic flooring has a nonporous surface which requires only a quick wash with soap and water. Light waxing is optional. Relieves Colds' World's Largest Seller at Wt In the January issue of a tional woman's magazine is magazine's selection of the "si> most successful women." The ar all women in public life. I'd like to ad' to Uie list ever little - knowi woman who", b; her own strength initiative and courage, h e 1 < her own famil; together in 1953. As an example I'll tell you about one par ticular w o m a l who rates anybody's list or "mosi successful" women. One day she was a full-time lomemnker. busy as she though she would ever be looking after a louse and making it a real home "or her husband and two children. The next day that picture fell apart, as though it had been made ip of so many pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Her husband had a serious ail- nent that would confine him to a lospital for at least a year. How to gather up the pieces thai, vere left and reassemble the pic- ure of a home—with the husband nd father in a hospital, the amily's income cut off. and the rightening fact that she had mar- ied early and had never held a Job? hat was what, faced her. Yet she put those pieces together ne by one. She found a job, and order to hold it, taught herself to type at night. She gave a college girl room and board for being at home when her two children come home frmn school. At night she sewed so that, her little girls could still have pretty clothes. And she kept her husband's courage up, becausse her own never faltered. Her husband is out of the hospital now, back In a home his wife held together. So this woman is my nomination for "most successful woman." You probably know of at least one woman you could nominate, too . . . some woman who single- handedly brought a family through a trying time by grit and determination. Those are the really successful women in any year. WonderMHelp /"Child's Cough For coughs and acute bronchitis due to colds you can now get Creomulsion speciallyprcparedforChildren in aoevr pink and blue package and be sure; (1) Your child will like it, (2) It contains only safe, proven ingredients. (3) It contains no narcotics to disturb nature's processes, (4) It will aid nature (o soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed ibroat and bronchial membranes, thus relieving the cough and promoting rest and ilcep. ( Ask for Creomulsion for Children in the pink and blue package. CREOMULSION FOR CHILDREN nlitm Coujhl, Clnlt Colch, Acilt (roixkilij GUESSING CAME—Here's a parlor game for those long winter evenings. This abandoned esr.j with its once-gay messa'ge, was found at the bottom of a small canyon in the Big Sur country, 301 miles south of Monterey, Calif. Of a model apparently dating from the late Twenties, the hulkj has been there for some time, judging by the height of the shrub growing througty the front floor-] boards. Let amateur scenario writers give their answers to the questions it poses: Who were,' the presumably happy ncwlyweds? Where are they now? How did the car get there? Those small 1 round holes, three between the "U" and the "S"; one on the crossbar of the "A"; another between 1 the "R" and "!'; and three in a line below the word "Married"—are they bullet holes? If so, who was the "heavy" who fired the shots? 'ROPOSED BUDGET OF EX- 'END1TUHE5 TOGETHER WITH 'AX LEVY FOR FISCAL YEAR 3EGINNING JULY I. 1955 TO 4ND INCLUDING JUNE 30, 1856 The Board of Directors of Slytheville School District No. 5 f Mississippi County. Arkansas, i compliance with the recjulre- lents of Act 403 of 1951 and of mendmenl 40 to the Constitution f the State of Arkansas, have repared. approved, and hereby lake public the proposed budget, ' expenditures together with the x rate as follows: General Control 519,897: Instruc- on $363,214; Operation of Scho uildings $47,803; Maintenance cliool Plant and Bquipme: 24,127; Auxiliary Agencies li tiding transportation) $12,00 ixed Charges $7.500; Capital On y $5,000; Debt Service $44,000. To provide for the foregoir iitlgct of expenditures the Bom Directors proposes a tax lev 40 mills. This tax levy include e present continuing levy of 1 ills for the retirement of pro it indebtedness and 1 addition; ill for the retirement of o $20.00 an from the State's Rcvolv oan Fund, for additions and Irs. Oiven this 11th day of Januorv 54. Board ot Directors, Blytheville School District No. of Mississippi Comity. Arkansa C. M. SMART, President W. P. PR YOB. Secretary. i MAJESTIC HOTEL rw com«u lK*lltnf • < I d o • f rcmaVioMl 41* t»«rh (Klllllfl • 1 1 flwln- MIM tar f*4 nth. Outstanding' Business ', Values BOTTLING .PLANT. Papuhr *>ft -it nnrh., ft countir*. 1,*nd. nrv bide., no* m D.! <Miv. couln.. S16fi.,VK). T«nn-ll.1 TRACTOR und IMPMi.MBNT BUS fnt 0 *rv. f ranch. S 150.000 unn., pood prof eve t- t.*mi, Mile.. «ii(ip. 535.100. Tenn-llO .SODA Cttlf,),. Atirac. mod, io,U nnrl lic 'lent., irp.'ir .nd H.«W.TSnn.m. NHSEI^Sl^Snfl^ 1 cnltli-.iiriflprr. pan I. Cooif mitt. SI 25 000. Ky-lOI' AirrOMonil.K AGENCY. Ko f d »lt* i-n Firm blrfe.. display room, ps body <Iinp.il5.00o iinn. t>io1 KUNERAl. HOME. !>rn, m , v .m muc.. ,urn, rhsft), norkrnom. (oxcMt* equip itock of w&to. Eit. lft».«l.fiDD. MiW-105 A UTO PA RTS. Gffl« iar n *w but.. *il*. ntw np'-^'sr WO l Tenti "(IS '' etort . (Mk « " 1s "'TOURIST "COURT. 'Trernendouj, monty- Ain., Mrwh., c)K rfn«.. V •^s'l'no.OfrO^MiM-lo"' CFtOCERY. Ann, M!r»3W.OQO;inv'tit. turn* CONTpACTIXG Bl'SIS'ES? \rrm* JI-W- 000 aim, shop, ofilec and on-lh'-iobr-quin plui nutrnai rm'enf.. SI 1.000. Ky-!0i. e l.OUt\!;n PLANT. Mod. hMcs. tnd fjmp. tor 300 liome fr*e«r«. j'l'&J.fW 'jKi'-Mo" GROCERY »nd SEtWlC'R STATION' eromns by*,. 19(3 pro!. Sin.OOO. Mod. bids.. *quii>., invent., 2-rm. apt. *'t.'i.POO. T'nn-120. GEN'ERAL STORE. Store hid*. 6-rm. ht-.. c ldK..*IC.A-I etlilip. I'nrn* ? ,iao! heqllli IWrs »»ir. til,(WO Mi-i-lQ'i ( ^CiROCEItV. Illde.. fhi.-i, ineliirfti .tor- nntt ^AlilES' A|''PARI-:r, SJIOP, Suoetb toe., fin* ill^TAUR'ANT.Vtptrnifld prof 7 yn mu-t rarlrcarr. hpallh. MwJ. pqt»p. fr.r cook, nnil srri-. au*rtKM. Above (ID 5 »creii. S150.00I), Kv-llL AUTOMpniLK AGENCV. D- Satn. 1'ly- Tnmith, OMC Irnclu, F«rtujon tractor* NVii 5S.S.OOO. Lanrl. bMt.. tqinp.. JOO.OOO. Ky-117. r .» e ATCH e E»V,nd fOULTRV FARM. O>m- b((«<U,t. cn'iltj.. 01 third, M5.000. Mm-IOfl! fOAI^BCSINESS. Opcnir* . • "">• . '",'fft o In st, JJyn niber .vii >. Cut i inc. tnn-113, FtJ?7a<"?0*n'tr'lXi othVr")nt'rrftt*. 'l bl.ljt*., i-*«p. cluan invent., 510,000. Tfnr , »*vr- F rr.5i' n 'sw"o"r r.lirinf iilier bnllilinc Inii. 10 JMO 000 .nii t0.tK)0 n*t prof. 9Z.VOOO tilui invpnt Ttnn.lOn BU11.DINO SUPPLY Bt'SINHHS. Ann f«. nl«s. l3r T Plof. Orril. 2 .rfilfd hill... Tluct o*r. "lul., invent. ?1n . MSLJMW.uhiMiioiBvenr' " t'i'tliv, un(-vV, ft invtnl' KOiTAUItAN'r Tile 1 CKNUMl.fiTO • Hrnilon.'*.i'>.[»00. 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