Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 5, 1939 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 5, 1939
Page 9
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1 ' 6,1939 COUNTY ADtANCE. ALGONA, iers at Fenton Wind Up a Year's Contest POSTS lY FOR (ING SIDE , The Walther fphristtnaa party in iiSt. John's Luth" .rsday evening, the r'a contest enter•al The contest attendance, new ilbscriptions to the ^Messenger. Carroll cptaln of the losing of the winners. fent was a quiz and Thirty-five at- ifig Alice Dreyer, a filThe refreshments Elma Ruhnke and entertainment, inn and Edmund C, II. KLAMP, Field Representative When we stopped at Tony. Stork's, oast of Bancroft, on De- vember 21, Mr. and Mrs. Stork had just got home from Algona, who.re know is whether he caught any. We've heard fishermen's , stories before, but somehow the fish Usually got away. they did Christmas shopping, i * * * * Tony, who likes to "kid" us, said. We saw August Jlobison at Swea that while ihe was there 'he saw us ! City 'last week Wednesday. a block away Taut we wouldn't! lives away up on the northwest speak >{o him. Last year when we' corner of our route In tlmt part of • blizzards that were blizzards—and caleM at Tony's the men were the county. His little daughter was, then some . He said this was' the sawing wood; .this time that jobVwifch hinv and she said proudly was done. that she had a new sister. A few meler have three daughters, and two of them are teaching, while the other is attending the state teachers college at Cedar Falls. All three young women were at home for the 'holidays, and their mother had provided a pretty Christmas tree which was decorated in fine style. We noticed that the girls were busy, for two of them were sewing, and the other was Ironing. The "old folks" have a right to be proud of this trio of fine daughters. * » * * Joe Mayne, norhlwest of Ledyard, lives on the old family home- I stead. The Maynes are real old- He timers in north Kossuth, and Mr. Mayne can tell about some pioneer first year that he and Mrs. Mayne had no pupil In the Grant cpnsoli: dated school. They have two girls for Winter— p;C. M. Umsted, of ed briefly at H. C. ly. They were en Sn, Tex., where they Irest of the winter Llndseys, return- sit the Earl Norths. |the former Bernice Irs. Umsted is a sis- iindsey. minutes later t'he little girl wante'd One. day just before' Christmas a nickel, and her daddy gave it to'j an( j two'boys, and till now they we called at Mrs. Jos. Nurre's, east her. Then, in a 'few minutes more,! ]la(1 na( j at i ea ,gt one child in of Bancroft, and found her boys s he came back with a new pencil j ac hool every year since the school- graveling the drvleway. This was How. fine it iis that children can be .house was built. In "due time t'he some job, lor they live about 80 so easily satisfied with this and g iri s were persuaded to leave home rods from .the highway. But the ' ( that wihich don't cost a fortune. f or homes of their own, and both boys are good workers, and they, * * * * O f the boys are now out of school were humping right along. Mrs. I We called last week Thursday on j am i at home. Nurre had a new corncrib wilth that oldtlmer P. N. Sarchet, who, * * * * overhead, granary built last fall,' lives five miles north of Algona. | When we stopped last week and it has some construction lea- j Mr. Sarchet, who was up and. Thursday at Alvin iBusoh's, north- tures that are unusual. Anyone, around, said he was "feeling pretty i W e.st of Ledyard, Mrs. Busch said planning such a building might do! well now." He 'had a spell of sick-! that ner husband had gone to a y were going viai well to look this one over first. It ness some time ago. P. N. reads j f arm sa i e . She and the Children ,ch, Calif., where is the best we ever flaw. [the newspapers and keeps up to. were enjoying their Christmas *'* * * fdate .on what .is going on in the' girt0. Usually we have a fine H. G. Rieken, who owns the 'farmj county, the state, the nation, and visit with Alvin, and we were sorry south of Burt where his son Mel-1 the world. We have known him he was not at ihome. vin lives, came to Algona to live in 1 almost more years than we can j * * * * his fine home here for the winter.' count, and he has always, from Harry Tish, southeast of Swca In summer he likes to work on the j youth lo age, been Ihe type of good ] city, was firing up his tank-heater farm. Henry, as he is calle'd by. citizen that makes Kossuth what i when we were at his place last it is. week Thursday. He wanted his * * * * -fames Officers— ieijdence Palo Alto *{{'• 4-H culb met last S'day with Sonia elected officers! ices Juhl; vice, Sori- ;,eecretary, Lois Ker- LaVaun Priebe ; ;arete Barkoe; pub- Helen Kern ^Gam- In and Virginia tBer- in the music work P, H. MeeW- ;Fenton Forward 4-H numbers, Over the *; with Betty Jean e piano, and Ber- LaVonne .Newel, [fall-ley Frank, violin, fat the annual meet- ,nty Farm Bureau in [Methodist basement UNION MOURNS A PIONEER IN M'NUTT DEATH Union Township, Jan. 2 — This township has had reluctantly marked off another name on the list of the few remaining pioneers. S. H. McNutt has passed on. The McNutt family owned and operated the farm in the southernmost part of the township now owned by Ben Gould, and here Mr and Mrs. McNutt reared and educated their children who later proved worthy of such parents. After taking the common branches of study in the townsliip schools, the 'children all attended (.he public high school at Algona and were graduated with high honors. The McNutt family was ahvays active in township and club activities, also any other movements that were of an uplifting nature. Mr. McNutt, who was well read, was a familiar figure on the Union Mothers & Daughters club programs, in which he always took a deep interest. Mr. and Mrs. McNutt retired Home years ago and had since lived at Algona for several years, but their interests? remained centered around the activities of their pioneer home town&hip and t'heii neighbors. all who know him, does not look a day older than he did 20 years ago. * * * * , Henry Anderson, southwest of Titonka, was doing his chores wlien we saw him the day before Christmas. He had been staying in the house a few days, nursing an attack of asthma. But it is hard to keep such a good man indoors. He has a 'fine lot of Hampshire hogs, including some fine tooars. stock to have water which would Philip 'Schemel, wilio lives at 115 not be too cold. Harry raises Spot- South Woosteiv street, Algona, is! ted Poland China hogs, and he al- feeling^better after a term of poor', ready has 30 pigs some three health. He is pne of the old-tim-1 weeks old. He provided a warm ers in Kossuth, having come to the j place for them, and they are doing county GO years ago/ Mr. Schemel | likes to reminisce about the old! times. Ho says that when he first came to this country-he stayed will be assisted by Cora Bacon, and the program will be: roll call, Starting the New Year Right; The New South, Veda McArthur; article, Frances Gould; music, Mrs. Oliver Moe. Nurse Returns to Jolt— Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Cruikshank took their daughter Eleanor week back to Rockwell City last Monday. She is a county .here, but had herself been Jent two weeks with sinus and mastoid troubles. For a few days she was at the Kossuth hospital. She ihad been sick since December 11. Jonhsons, Gilmbre City, were dinner guests of W. C. Taylor's. The Martin Hinders family, Woden, spent Fri'day afternoon with 'Mrs. Hinders' mother, Mrs. Drusie Noble, and grandmother, Mrs. Sarah Wise. Mrs. Grace Green, Lu Verne, her son Edward, were callers at W. J. Green's Thursday afternoon and Colds HIM! Flu 'Prevalent— Ruth Gisch was sick last week witih the flu. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Gardner were also reported sick. Mike Stoffel missed the last week of school prior to vacation because of sickness. Colds have been numerous, and many people have been, and still are, kept indoors. took home Lorraine and Billy nurse! Green, who ha'd been h6re since a pa-! Christmas with their grandmother. A 7 o'clock birthday dinner party was given (w'hen not stated) at A. L. Greenfield's honoring Mitchell Taylor, Edith Greenfield, and James Brophy, whose birthdays are December 28, 29, and 31, respectively. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Brophy, Algona, the W. C. Taylors, and Leo Klrschbaum. Mr. and Mrs. William Hamond, Wesley and the Oscar Hamonds, Sexton, were supper guests of ents are Mr. and Mrs. WilHatt Evans. Students who arrived ear- Her in the week were Lucille Berg, senior at Buena Vista college, at Storm Lake, and Herald Sohuler, sophomore at Western Union college, Le Mars. Mrs. Fred C. McGregor entertain* ed a Methodist Aid Circle lost week Wednesday. Liola Berg is helping Mrs. Virgil Jenson with housework. June Larson visited Mrs. Fran* cis Sievold at Maple Hill last week Wednesday. Mrs, Alma Jacobson, Winnebago, Minn., and her children were Christmas dinner guests at Virgil Jenson'e. Mr. and Mrs. James Kuchynka drove to Des Moines week-end before last for Christmas with their daughter, Mrs. Noble Park. Mrs. Park and her daughter Frances came here with them for a short their grandmother, Wise, Thursday. Mrs. Sarah i vlslt - with friends at Chicago and could; find no work. His friends wanted. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson once oper- \ 'him to sign with a fishing crew on • ated a rooming house at iMinneapo- Lake Michigan, 'but he did not care ] lis, but they like farming better. • Kentucky— jjfde Harrison, who had Bbert Harrison's, Al|day, and visited Sat- Sjnother brother there, ft, with friends who itiiig there, for their uteville, Ky. S'he will visit at Louis- well. We noticed some new lumber and Harry said that he would build a portable ,hoghouse with it. He hitches the tractor to the hog- house now an'd then and moves the hog-house to new, clean ground. * * * * ' Geo. 0. Goeftz, south of Wesley, for that, so next day he packed up] on the Mrs. Susie Gray farm, was and left for'Iowa. .Later he had | loading t'he cow-barn manure when Walter Kockler, northeast of good .reason to be thankful that he i we called a week ago Friday. He Bancroft, was ready to go to Ban- ,/had not joined the fishing crew, for j hauls some out to the fields almost croft when we arrived Friday. He seven, of nine men were drowned I overy day. George lias 20 fine told us that trees planted north if in a storni, though they were only •. shorthorn steers, and he keeps a the yard 'had died out because of IVs miles off shore. Mr. and Mrs. j purebred roan shorthorn 'bull. This too much rain. They were Chinese Schemel's son Gene is cashier of, bull is as fine a yearling as this elms. Mr. and Mrs. Kockler have the Security State bank at Algona, j writer has ever seen anywhere. two fine boys and one pretty little and Gene's wife is the 'daughter of girl. ! M. P. Weaver, the abs\racter. * * * H- i * * * * . Mrs. John Troff, who lives at 1 Herman Goetz Sr., who lives a the north 'edge of Ledyard, said few miles west of Ledyard, was in Friday that she had been sick from; the- house when we called last high blood pressure. S'he was week Thursday. As a rule we find cheerful about it, and we talked a him doing chor.es. We talked about little Deutsch with her. Mrs. Troff, t he weather, and he thought this Holiday ('oiniiiffs and Goings— Among Christinas guests were: Mr. and Mrs. Chester 'Bailey, at the home of their daughter Mrs. Clifford Aalfs, Sioux City; Maribeth Will, Sioux 'City, at the parental Fred Will's; the Rudolph Wills, dinner guests at Chris Alt's and supper guests at William Leinin- gur's, Lolls 'Creek; at Glen Jenkinson's, -Mr. and Mrs. Austin Gardner, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Gardner, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Cruikshank, daughters, Lewis Jenkinson, Donna Joan ;mrl Joan, daughters of Stan- Icy Gardner; Charles Ulfers, at Emil Stoffel's, w'here also were Monday Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Stoffel. Lakofca Christmas Dinner at Gould's— A family dinner wa's served at Ben Gould's at Christmas time, with the Donald Cooks, the Keith Strayers, and the Jens Sorensens, as guests (the Albert Goulds were supper guests); at Sylvester Arn- derfer's for dinner were the Philip Roethlers and the Jos. Arndorfers, Other Union News. Mr. and Mrs. George Kohl and their son William were Christmas guests of the daughters MaTiel and Lulu at their Algona apartment, where a Christmas tree had been •set up. The Albert Butterfields were guests last week Monday at Albert Gould's. The Earl Taylors,! the Claude Dearchs family, and] Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hofius were with Mrs. Garret Dearchs at. Algona, and the Robert Leasons were at F. S. Thompson's. Novel Christmas cards were received by friends of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hend.ricks, Garnelt, Kans. Mrs. Hendricks was Lillian Moline, who met her hus'band in short course wovk connected with the Ames extension department. Their cards show views of their home, their rock Garden and pool; herself arid her husband, and an adopted daughter. Mr. Hendricks is a county agent. Robert Ryno, Fort Dodge, came,! at Christmas time to vsiit his cousin, Robert Bode. Donald Bode was at the Ryno home at Fort Dodge during the school vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gould, son Kenneth, and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gould had an oyster supper at Kenneth Strayer's last week Wednesday evening. Jane and Betty Dearchs were guests during the holiday vacation of their aunt, Mrs. Frank Hofius. John Gisch shelled corn last week Thursday, with Bob Runchey in charge. Laurence Gisc'h sold cattle last week Monday at a satisfactory figure. SWEA-EAGLE East Seneca Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Peterson left last week Monday for two months in California with Mm Peterson's aunt, Mrs. C. J. An'der- son, Alhambra, and were to attend the rose parade at Pasadena on New Year's day. Ellis Jongberg is at the Peterson farm 'while they are away. Elmer and Earl Berg drove to Clarksville a week ago Friday for Mr. and Mrs. Roy Osborn drove to Knierim Wednesday to attend the funeral of the latters grandmother, Mrs. T. W. Rike. The Frank Fishers, of Missouri visited j at William Osborn's Wednesday. The Osborns, Mr. and Mrs. Leste.r Osborn, and the Frank Fishers drove to South Dakota for a week end visit with a sister of Mrs. Wm. Osborn, and Mr. Fisher. The sister is Mrs. Elmer Letcher. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Henrickson, Ringsted, Called at 0. R. Patter- June Larson, who teac'hes there, and brought her to the parental I Emil Larson's. They also brought! sons Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Jer their sister Geneva, who teaches at Rockwell and came to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Berg. Lucille Evans, who teaches at Alden, was also here. Her par- aid Godden spent Wednesday eve ning at Paul Voight's, Fenton. The Lutheran young people met' at John Cherland's Thursday evening. SEXTCiN who is a hard worker, has raised may be a mild winter. One indica- a big garden every year, but nowl' tion is that there is a ys Celebrated— _, „ ..... .__. firs. C. F. C. Laage en- her doctor Wants iher to let up on grove, and another is that meadow ^dinner Thursday eve- work, an'd she says she is going to! J arka are sticking around. We find that a 'harder job than work- seem to be having more sunshine ing. •' • : * * * * |r of the J. A. Schwartz birthday annlver- 8&thers attending were I.W. E. Laage, the rest John Karels,- northwest of Ban- so far than in most winters. * * * * iartz family, and Axel--croft, was doing his chore^vhen we arrived last week Wednesday. Ledyard. •— '— 'He has a barrel well covered with •••^•^ ;y is Given— straw around the outside in which , Is Mitchell entertain- he mixes feed for his hogs, and it jihg last week Wednes- .i oo ks like a good idea. John has 'Jing: Mesdames Ole 93 hogs in the feed lot, and they;| ,Raymond show goo'd care. Mr. Karels can! never be president, for he is not a native of this country. He came to the United States from Holland, 1 Which has sent us many other 4m- "migrants who make the best kind I of Americans. We talked with him j | some about the old country, and he said that where he came from.') there were gates on every main highway whiioh crossed a railroad track. The gates are closed before I a train comes by, and even people I who are walking are not allowed,! to cross the track till the train ' has gone by. 'Something of .that sort would save a lot of lives in our country. * * * * Last week Wednesday we ha'd a We called last week Thursday on !. A. Junkermeier, northwest of Loren Sachs, who operates a Citizen's Service oil truck, drove to Oelweln for 'Christmas with his ^nc mun;u- Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sachs, robin in the who recently moved there from here. •Mrs. J. E. Smith attended a meeting of past matrons of the Eastern Star at Buffalo Center Thursday evening. The Earl Grabaus were entertained at dinner at the Stephen The Loyd Stevens have returned . to their home at Mapleton, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Barney Erdmann, and | after Christmas and next day with t'he Albert Goulds; Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Liclnter were at Laurence Gisch's; Lucile Bode, Fort Dodge, was with her parents last week Sunday and Monday, and on Christmas day all were at the parental John Lamuth's, Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Junker- Powers home Thursday evening. M. & I). Club Next Week— The Mothers & Daughters club will hold its first meeting in 1039 at Delia Troutman's, Algona, next j spent Christmas with their daugh- week Thursday. Mrs. Troutman ter, Mrs. Fred Nearing. The Ferris Mrs. Steven's mother, Mrs. Sarah Wise, and with the Harvey Stevens, north of town. Other guests of Mrs. Wise .were the Strother Wise and Fred Jones families, of Plymouth, the Mack Wise family. Mason City, the Martin Hinders family, Woden, Junior Noble, Titonka, and the Henry Phillips family, Algona. M.r and Mrs. Henry Glave, Bri'tt .•Mitchell, j|iam Alderson, Edward ~ G. Berke'land. mi Made Aunt— • yge Boettdier has re- "jncement of a new her brother Myron Hear Burt. An 11-lb. arie, was born Satur- er 24. Jos. McGoverns— ^ Jos. McGovern, are parents of a 10-1'b. »rn Saturday, Decem- McGovern ,is the. for- 1 Weisbrod, Fenton. list State— Irs. John Light left , . „ or Long Beach, Calif., short vislt wlth BerfCarr, nortii- fwlll spend the rest of west of Bancroft The Can- son * returning in March. 'George and one of George's boys ' Farmers, Attention! / '••.,. McCormiek Deering Day came wMle we were there, and we learned that this "boy /had received a boy scout jack knife, which he showed to his granddaddy. Berlt, who likes to tell stories, told us one about a fellow wtoo went fish- home his IN'l'ON XKW8 inian Johnsons spemt Beryl Bromley's, Fair- tie Ira Bromleys, Clln- tbeen. there, came here husons for a visit till, -ing, and when he got The Ira Bromley's are wife asked toim if the fish had parents, The Les- ibeen biting good, whereupon he told her they were biting so fa'st ', he- had to go behind a tree to bait ihis hook. But what we'd like to etsch, Des Moines, Christmas with her r, and Mrs. George g'nt back last week farold 1 Newel, second Monday, January 9, '39 Bancroft, .were din- st week Sunday at! a week ago Saturday were Mr, and Mrs, Gay Twa'ite, Rockford, 111., their son an'd Mrs. Twaite's sister. The E, K. Johnsons and the Cla- the army, returned to rence Wegeners were Christmas Monday, after the dinner guests of Mrs. Kate Wegener, Algona. Florence Weisbrod and Edtih Ijaage, Des Moinesi teachers, went back Monday, after a 12-day vacation. Nine Legion Auxiliary met at with b.er P ar " Sti' Mrs. Charles Newel.' Seward, Neb.,' I the holidays with her Hey. aiid Mrs. R. W. eturned to her school I Leona Baago, who [her parents, Mi 1 , and t siago, has returned to [ajfter a week's vaca- Mrs, J, G. Water- at Delmar Cooper's, ay. The Edwin JOS" ae, were at Edward ay, Jkfr, and Mr*. Leo, Donneliison, went fl after a few days here Mrs, George Boettoher'e Wednesday arid tied comforters. W, E, Stoeber and his son Wll r fred were at Minneapolis Thursday on a business mission. aeon Bridge club lenry Reimera Friday, were Mrs. Ray rs. J»a»l Eigler. High u. by 1&% Jlarrjr Mja. Ttets. Welabrod, daughter DonaM visited . ft SALE of Taylor Estate Property Free Movies Free Movies Here i$ something to look forward to— a big party for you and your family at our expense. Free Movies at 1:30 p. m. at LEGION HALL Free Prizes and Free Lunch after Show Sponsored by the r ^KPpSP^^PJPPP'r'r ^^ WP^P^ ^jf t4WB?f t / /*t'* <\ ",Q T' * „, "* «' *t. + ' „ *_,•• , ... <nrv.••"*• w " *-tT • v ' v'f n'ijrp; ^L^tfe,^ TORES TOUR FRIEND AT MEAL TIME FRIDAY A3fD SATURDAY, JANUARY C A?TD 7 MUTTON SALE Mutton is most wholesome and easily digested. At our special price for this week-end mutton is also economical. For varied inoiius serve Roast, Mutton, Mutton Chops, or Mutton Stew with vegetables or dumplings. MUTTON, whole or half. Pound 9c FRONT QUARTER MUTTON. Pound Oc HIND QUARTER MUTTON. Pound __ 10c Fresh Pork Roast BONELESS Fresh Pork Steak Lit., 16c and 25c Pound BIG AND RING BOLOGNA. Pound lac PORK SPARE RIBS. Pound -15c "Morning Light" Sliced and Halves i e acnes -$ 0 . ^ can T4C Morning Light Peaches are luscious, mid-summer cling stones in a good syrup. Replenish your pantry supply of peaches at our special price for this week-end. Swedish Rye 24 . ounce loaf Made by the exact formula used in a big b'akery in Stockholm, Sweden. Light and fluffy and a rich rye flavor— excellent bread for a dutch lunch. Morning Light Corn 2 No . 2 cans 15C Thousands of thrifty shoppers know that the corn packed under,this label js not just'ordinary corn. A "cream style." narrow grain corn that is especially nice for scalloped corn, griddle cakes, and corn fritters. Fancy Prunes 13c 25-lb. box $1.47 2-lh. cello bag — Large, meaty California Prunes. A sweet prune that requires but little sugar. Buy them by the box at the sale price for pie, sauce, and prune whip. Oyster Crackers 19c During the cold months of January and February is when oyster spup is most enjoyed. These crackers are the small round kind. Buy one or more caddies at our special price. Salmon Steaks Large Flat Cans 25c Thick steaks cut from the best part of Alaska Pink Salmon. This fine flavored salmon is excellent to serve cold as it comes from the can. Council Oak Cocoa 2 LU. c.. Best for a beverage and for general baking purposes cause of that rich chocolate flavor. Use Couoncil Cocoa when yon make your next Devil's Food Cake. 16c be- Oak Council Oak Coffee 6?C Those who drink this delicious blend do not, pay for expensive cans. Ground fresh when you buy it. Exchange the empty bags at Council Oak and start a set of dishes. Superb Oats Large Package 15c Superb Oats are mjlled from large, white oats. The special prcie of 15c per package applies to both the regular and (mid; cooking. ' . Red Super Suds 17c Try Bed Super Suds for washing dishes the easy way. The directions are found on the package of Red Super Suds, THE WORLD'S GOOD NEWS will come to your home every day through THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR An Inttfnatioiul,

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