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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, January 5, 1939
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WEATHER temperatures mostly below normal. ' ie38 Named ioWa'a fifest Weekly Newspaper 1938 fo^ State 1 University of Iowa—Member Casey's All-AjneHcan Newspaper Eleven, 1927 ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 5, 1939 10 Pages 80 Columns Numb*r 16 SSESSORS MEET HERE MONDAY Reports Are Given by Twp Local Associations INTY MUTUAL JSES TWENTY LION MARK lal Meeting is to Held Here annual report of the Kos- ounty Mutual .Fire Insur- ssoclation was .mailed last policy holders, together lotlce of the annual meeting |held next week Tuesday ig at the courtroom at 10 > association shows a gain of 02 In Insurance in force, the total up to $20,499, He assessment for 1939 Is mills, the same as in 1938 937. losses dumber 141. kng 1938 the association paid i of $26,722.83: on 141 losses, which were from lightning from fire. Some of the ling losses were fire caused ghtning, but the majority of liehtning losses were from killed. largest loss of the year was Ire that destroyed the house lie H, M. Smith farm near Iron, which was insured for and was total. In addition, |tenant, Rohert Ward, had ehol'd insurance for $700. ' company had reinsurance bh brought in $3282.31, and the (^assessment brought in $36,712. : BohdS'-"pT^n,eds r >as reserve ght in $821.25, and a total of was '• collected from rental $80jOOO Bonds Owned. e association has a book val- for the home office building ted a few years ago, and in ad- owns $30,000 in bonds, and ;a bank" balance on November of $16;500.86. This makes the 5resources total $65,262,35. Dis- ements for the year, including paid, totaled $37,252.16. J. Bode is president, ! Joa ptm'an, of Wesley,, vice-presl- Hugh... Rahey, treasurer, 15. Paxson, '.Becretary, 'and D. J. ons, assistant Secretary. , Diore are Mr. Bode, Mr. Haupt- Mr. Raney, E. O. Mann of A. E. Miller, of Elmore, O. boreson, Eagle township,' and Geischecker, of Llvermore, I. L. Potter, of West Bend; be late Hugh Herman was also ector and -was also treasurer association for years. His be on the board will be filled at i annual election next week. icking Bill is Settled for $800 _ be bi]l for checking the city bke, over which a storm of Btroversy arose lost, summer, been settled, State Auditor C. i Storms accepting a check for in full settlement of the |rge of $1068 against the city, the books were reconciled at state office has not been |rned, but perhaps the cbeck- who spent the' "nine long B",here modified their bills !»e atate to reach 'the lower fig- WAR'DOC'AND WAR NURSE MEET AGAIN AFTER MANY YEARS The death of, U. ( j son [see elsewhere day's Advance] reminded Swea Cityans of a peculiar coincidence of a few years back. Mary Kline, * Pennsylvania girl, served nnrsc In France, the doctors with worked was from Iowa<;" envise she knew ho one-in this state. • A few .years later Miss Kline's widowed mother entered Into correspondence with a Mr. Anderson, of a middle-western state. Marriage followed, and Miss Kline's mother moved to her husband's Iowa town, the daughter remaining in Pennsylvania. In 1031 Miss Kline and two sisters were summoned to Iowa to help care for their mother in her last sickness. As nurse. Miss Kline was Interested to meet and consult with the attending physician. What was Miss Kline's surprise to find that the doctor was her old co-worlcer of army days, Dr. J. B. Knipe, . of Armstrong! Miss Kline's mother was Mrs. L. A. Anderson, Swea City. .. . •; ;; ' SAVINGS AND LOAN HITS A NEVT38 HIGH Statement's Footings Exceed Record of * Many Banks. Un-"Luckyl3 99 Fans In the metropolis of northwest Kpssuth have been in mourning since Tuesday night, and all their faith In "lucky 18" has been crushed to earth, never to rise again. After 12 wins straight Swea City lost, 33-23, to Plover! GRAND JURORS FOR NEW YEAR ARE SELECTED Petit Jury List for the January Term is Chosen. That the Algona Federal Savings & Loan association has become a big success under management of C. R. L'aBarre, secretary-treasurer, is by w'ay of becoming an old story. The public ia now taking it for granted. Mr, LaBarre has, of course, had the able support of the other officers .and the directors, who are: 1 H. R. Cowan, preside.nl; M. G. Norton, vice; M. P. Weaver, Judge G. W. Sttllman, Frank Kohlhaas, H. M. Hauberg, and W. A. Foster. The association's semi-annual statement for the period ending December 31 is now available in printed form. The footings are $732,134.42, which are a long way higher than 'for most small town banks as well as for many banks in county seat towns. The association is also carrying Bounty seat size in loans—$668,624 -^and many a small town bank would be glad to have as much "cash on hand and with correspondents"—just under $50,000. The figures for the association's December 31 statement follow: •• . iij".' ASSETS "First mortgage real es- '' ' •. Itate loans -$668,624.37 Share loans 3,140.00 Real estate sold on contract 380.85 Stock in Federal Home Loan bank 5,500.00 Cash in banks _i 49,299.10 Furniture an'd 'fixtures _ 1,487.46 Prepaid bond and insurance premiums " 395,14 Prepaid advertising 17.29 Current operating expense 3,290.21 ALL KINDS OF WEATHER FOR 1938 WIND-UP Dry, Fair, Rain, Snow Blizzard, Thaw in Two Weeks. I d Clothing is Wanted by County )ld clothing is wanted by the |unty for tboae on relief, and per- fns who have donations can call je relief office, No. 590, or the punty engineer^ office, No. 776, the clothing will be picked up. be coming of cold winter months suit in a', demand for heavy othtng. ^ ? act* About the -turday 3hopper— The Algowt Saturday Shop- I per took a holiday lay-off I last,Saturday, but will re- I snnje publication this week Saturday. For the information of outsiders the Shopper f$ ft four «r 8-page sheet the awe of one or two .beet, of th$ Advance or tbe Upper fles Hplne., It tg issued evo ery Saturday tars about by the two papers, and this is tfce ^Tllc 6 ', week, It, COB$»Mf »ews ««d the adver- of merchants and wish to promote ' , £«4 |it |S dlS" "«. boy. A panel pf 12 was drawn_.last week-end to serve as grand jurors for the new year. Grand jurori, who investigate criminal cases and bring, indictments, are chosen for a full year service. Petit jurors, who hear the cases tried, are chosen for each term of court, and a panel of 30 was also drawn a,t the same time to serve at the January term, which commences, January 23. The new grand jury panel is composed of C. O. Bailey, of Fenton; .Pearl Bonnstetter, of West Bend; E. M. Jensen, Lon« Rock; L. W. Keith, Algona; Jos. Kennedy and Andrew Larson, Armstrong; Edw. Looft, Lakota; E. B. McCorkle, Algona; John A. Nyman, Bancroft; Fred Peterson, Swea City; Henry Wichtendahl, Whittemore; and Edw. Zweifel, Titonka. There are eight women on tne petit jury panel, and the list follows: ' . Walter Amen _______ Sexton Pauline Andrews —Algona H. C. Ailts _________Tltonka W.. E. Broderson -Algona Eilert Boyken —--Buffalo Center John JF, Baas ^..Whittemore Paul Banwart ____West Bend Frank Bankson r_- —Algona Mrs. Jpe Cogley _. Bancroft Arthur Cink _ „•_ Algona Adqm Elbert — Algona Bert Galbmith — ,____Algona Harry Haase '. ..Fenton August Hagedorn. Elmore Emil Kraft Lone Rock Ray Kahler ___Titonka Anna Kayser :_______Bode Henry Lauerwald ______Lu Verne Pearl Reed ______ Algona Catherine Rahe :. Bancroft Bernice Rising ______^_"Algoha Annabelle Schan _; ___Titonka John Seefeld __ '. —!_____Algpna Joe Trpff _—.-Ledyard Robert Welter Wesley Tennis C. Wllseq Algpnp, Lester Weisbrpd Fenton Lucile Weisbrod Fenton Total _— $732,134.42 LIABILITIES Repurchasable or free shares $650,463.45 Mortgage pledged shares 12,074.67 Advanced from Federal Home Loan bank 20,000.00 Accounts payable 79.95 Loans in process 10,806.92 Reserve for Accrued Interest on loans 3,904.82 General reserves: (a) Federal insurance 2,918.49 (b) Contingencies 12,319.94 Current operating income 19,566.18 H-. W. Zedmet City . Willard Zelgler -~- ________ Algona Driver Test* to Be Given Here Monday The state patrolman who gives driver's license examinations will be here next Monday, and, according to present plans, will return on that day every weeJs: till* further "notice. Driver licenses expired at the end oj( tlie yea£. Caj? J 4rJv- 1 ' Total ----------------- $7.2,134.42 Deposits with the association are insured by the government up to $5,000. Organized 20 years ago, the association has never paid less than four per cent dividends. The association is authorized to make loans within a 50-mile radius of Algona. The association has no trouble to get enough money to carry out its loan policy. Where there Is trouble, Mr. LaBarre says, is in finding enough safe loans. WESLEYAN GETS 1ST '39 PERMIT TO WED Eldon LuVerne Shaw, of Wesley, and Bernice Mae Jensen, Algona, were the first couple to get a license to wed in 1939. The license was issued Tuesday by Mrs. Katherine McEvoy, district court clerk, and the Jicense number was 7183. There were 259 licenses In 1938, which was a small increase over 1937, when 247 were issued, In 1936 the number was 235. Licenses to Minnesotans are included in these figures. In the last ten days of December licenses were issued to: OrvlUe B, Kollasch, Wesley, Elizabeth McMurray, Algona; Milton W. Weber, Harriet Osmundson, both of Blue Eartli; Lyle Raney, Ellen D. Steussy, both of Algona; Clarence R. Olsen, Mildred E. Cole, both of Mankato; Frederick E, Enz, Ruth E. Sandbert, both of Mankato; Mervyn Daunewitz, Emn_etsbm% Irene McDonnell, Whittemore; D. A variety of weather has been experienced in this vicinity since the last issue of the Advance two weeks ago. The fair dry'weather of early December, in fact the entire fall, continued till just before Christmas. Six inches of snow fell December 22, in time for a "white Christmas," and 3% inches more fell on the 24th. The day after Christmas was remindful of the winter of 1935-36 Four and a half more inches snow fell, and a strong, high wine turned it into a raging blizzard Autolsts could see .scarcely more than a block ahead, trains were late, and the bus from Fort Dodge did not come up that night. Mercury in Jfosc-D|ve. The first below zero temperatures of the winter were recorded for four straight days, the lowest last Thursday, or on December 29, when the mercury touched eight degrees, below. New Year's eve brought another •story, and Iowa has experienced the mildest weather for the first four days in January within memory of the present generation. Thawing temperatures have been recorded every day, A typical April shower, with lightning and a little thunder, was yesterday morning's weather feature, and a light drizzle continued at intervals all day, causing a goodly share of the snow to disappear. Some concern was felt last evening, when cooler temperatures caused the streets to be slippery. Two Weeks' Becord. The official record for the last two weeks follows: High December 21 27 December 22 ____26 December 22 (.15 In rf.) 26 December 23 i__32 December 24 (.05 in. rf) 29 December 25 34 December 26 (,11 in. rf) 37 December 27 (.01 in, rf) 7 December 28 27 December 29 24 December 30 8 Decembei' 31 26 January 1 ______ 41 January 2 __. ^__44 January 3 36 Low 17 CONSERVATION LEAGUE NAMES LONE ROCKER Annual Meeting Held at Lu Verne Hall Tuesday. By Eleanor Eraser. Art Priebe, Lone Rock, was 1 elected president of the County Conservation League at a called meeting at the Community hall, Lu Verne, Tuesday evening. The meeting was attended by some 100 members. Leon Merritt, Algona, was elected vice-president; J. D. Lowe, Algona, re-elected secretary-treasurer. The nominating committee, ap- lointed by retiring president M. P. Weaver, Algona, consisted of chairmen of the various units: Algona, Ray McCorkle; Burt, Hugh McDonald; Lone Rock, Alton Pettit; Lu Verne, C. B. Huff; Wesley, Vee Mullin; WMttemore, Otto Hahn. President Thanked. A rising.vote of thanks was extended to Mr. Weaver for his services to the league. \ Business included secretary's and treasurer's reports, read by Fred Timm in the absence of the secretary-treasurer; discussion of the finances of the league; observance of wild-life week; and suggestions for the 1939 Field day. County dues were fixed at 25c a memlber a year, as last year, and Mr. Weaver urged that they be remitted promptly, s o that the strong central organization already built up may be maintained. The financial statement for the year showed that though the receipts from the annual field day September 18 were less than anticipated, due to inclement weather, tfie amount of ammunition and equipment, as listed in an inventory, will make expenses for the 1939 Field day materially lower. Among, the items -Inventoried- 'are 1200 feet of film recording Field day and other conservation activities. Earlier Field Day. It was urged that an earlier date for the annual field day be selecj- ed, to avoid the possibility of unfavorable weather. It was announced that the officers are looking for a permanent location for the celebration, where traffic can be adequately handled and equipment need not be reassembled every year. A committee will be appointed to make plans. . Attention was called to Wild Hfe Restoration Week, which will be observed nationally March 1925. As was done last year, wild life stamps will be sold. Members were cautioned to make remittance to the treasurer of the county league, to insure payment of a commission due the county organization. A gmall percentage goes into the state federation's fund, and the major portion to maintenance of the national organization. To Observe Week. . It is expected that local units will observe wild life week again this year. Last year the Burt unit sponsored a. WHO barn dance frolic, and Algona had bird specimens in stores. The League decided to conduct a spring hunt for predatory animals and birds, after the same plan as was followed last year. Each unit will sponsor a hunt, giving prizes to individual members for the greatest number of points attained, and the county league Many Needy Families Aided by Gifts During the Holiday Season Many needy families in Algona were made happy this yuletide season as the result of donations from Algona churches, the Legion Auxiliary, the Woman's Relief Corps, and various business organizations. Antoinette Bonnstetter, local school nurse, says, however, that the donations this year were not as great as usual, and that a few families had to be disappointed because there were not enough baskets to go around. But here are some examples of the good deeds done this year: One public spirited man in Algona completely clothed an Algona junior-high boy, and a kind woman gave a basket of food, etc., to a family of nine. The Relief Corps sent money to dress a little kindergarten girl, also to buy a Christmas basket for a family of eight. This family is not on government relief. The Wa-Tan-Ye club gave two baskets, and the Beta Sigma Phi club one basket, to needy families. One man sent $5 to Miss Bonnstetter with the instruction, "Use this to make some little children happy." Miss Bonnstetter thought of two boys, one in kindergarten, one in the first grade. Both of them were ill-shod. She asked: "Boys, M I were to give you something to make you happy, what would it be? (She expected the answer to be "toys"). Instead, they both piped up with, "We want boots!" So, it was boots that they got, and there was not a happier pair of boys in town. Upon hearing this story ,th e giver of the boots made arrangements to give the boys hot lunches at school for six weeks also. Who said there weren't any good Samaritans in this town? LAKOTAN GETS S300 FINE AS DRUNK DRIVER 12[will give trophies to the units 25 era 1 licensor wjlj not tUJ Father Stricken, < nrali"i»-H'« *«j*«!i ?*ft ' *»»_ * Alton Prputz, Tracy, Minn., Ethel Rpwejl, Ahjlret, Minn.; Jpbn W. Einmert, Mason, City, Lois A. Graham', Burt,.,. ', TWO Judges WPJ Install, Joint instaUajapn, of Pru4ence !Lo4se. No, ?05 4. ?V A. M. and Prudence Chfptey No f 7A will b? ** 22 Murtagh Commends His Assistant for Comptroller's Job Governor-elect Wilson has announced appointment of C. Fred Porter as acting state comptroller to succeed C. B. Murtagh. Mr. Porter has been assistant to Mr. Murtagh since creation of the comptrollership. in 1933, and Mr. Murtagh recommended his appointment. From a source other than Mr. Murtagh it has been reported that he was himself offered the place, but, being desirous of de- devoting all bis time henceforth to the Security State bank here, declined. Mr. Porter received an 'acting' appointment pending action by the legislature on continuance pf the office. He has served in the statehouse some 22 or more years and is a republican. Honor for Judge DeLand. Officials and lawyers in Buena Vista cpunty recently gave a dinner in honor of Judge James DeLand, whp has retired after some 20 years on the bench in this dis-, trict. The chair 4n which he presided as judge in the Buenp Vista scoring highest. Acting on the suggestion of the Algona unit president, Ray McCor- gle, the league voted to Instruct the county secretary, J. D. Lowe, to suggest to the state senator and the representative that the bounty on gophers and starlings be reversed. The 5c bounty on gophers makes it impractical to trap them except with the Jncent- ive of prizes in a predatory hunt, and the lOc bounty on starlings is considered unnecessarily high, especially in view of the fact that it is so much easier to hunt starlings, and as a result, in many counties, funds for payment of the bounty are early exhausted. Following the business meeting, moving pictures were'shown by Wm. C. Dau, and a Dutch luncb was /served. courtroom presented tp hlr&. Dennis Pi»tt -Pennis Pratt Jhaj bjs hsme s%e confined. IT *t ,w>e*. Mr. P-r$it *;jl*£jtfttff -— ' .,. Fri4*y „_ pne^pn^/fej£ jyas Tfh improving '" *~ "" Woodmen to Install Next Monday Night The, Modern Wpodman will have installation of officers Monday evening at 8 p. m. They are Vernon C. Casler, venerable consul; Wm. R. Seipmann, adviser; Bert Bald- Win, .clerk; Paui L. Richardson, baaker; Melyln L. Sills^ escprt; Charles, Hoffman, watchmen; freg ftunge, sentry; N.'$J. Bartlett, trustee. -4» oyster stew will be Berv § d alter ^e meeting. FtyllirU .i-MPSS'!!?*'*^ Mjnded H Brj Tbe •WW b< , jay hall, eveajBg at prer West Bender Draws Four Months for Bootlegging. Spencer J. Cox, of Lakota, was fined $300 Friday on a charge of driving while intoxicated after 'he hod pleaded guilty before Judge F. C. Davidson. Cox ran into a gasoline pump at the Harold Godfredson station at Lakota the day before Christmas, and if he pays the repair costs on the pump damage he will be given credit on his fine, which he is laying out in jail. He is also to receive a $25 credit for the week he spent in jail waiting for sentence. He is serving at a rate of $3.33 per day. As an additional method of reducing the time he will have to spend in jail Judge Davidson is to allow credit for any work Cox does at the request of Sheriff Loss. Jakob Marty, of West Bend, was given a four-month jail sentence Saturday by Judge Davidson after a plea of guilty to a charge of bootlegging. Of that period two months are to be suspended on good behavior. New Judges Sworn In. •Sunday marked the close of the terms of Judge George A. Heald, of Spencer, and Judge James DeLand, of Storm Lake, and the beginning of four-year terms for Judge G. W. Stillman, of Algona, and Judge Fred C. Hudson, of Poeahontas. Judge Stillman will have Matthew C. Grier, of Emmet-burg, as his court reporter. Mr. Grier had recently been court reporter for Judge Heald, and has served a long list of judges for a period running more than 40 years. Judge Hudson is having Harvey Kittleman, of Storm Lake, as his reporter. Mr. Kittleman was formerly reporter for Judge DeLand. Stillman at Humboldt. Judge Stillman is taking the terms of court assigned to Judge DeLand for this year and Monday opened his first term of court in Humboldt county. The first case set for his term is the controversial appeal of land owners in Humboldt-Kossuth drainage district No. 2, and a large array of legal talent has been engaged for the trial. Judge Stillman will not hold regular term of court in Algona till next September, but he will be available here on week-ends for signing of orders and other court procedure. He closed his partnership with E. J. Van Ness lost week and his place in that firm lias beei taken by Allan Brunson, with the new.firm Van Ness & Brunson. Mrs. Ogren Said to BeCriticaUy Sick Mrs. R. L. Williams, wife of a IP cal physician, left via train from Mason City a week ago Saturday for San Antonio, Tex., to look afte her mother, Mrs. Albert Ogren, i gona, who is seriously sick at hospital there. Doctor Williams re ceived an air-mail letter Wednes day from his wife, saying tnat eh found her mother in critical condi tlon- The Qgrens farsjed years near lak,pte.., Fp? the 6, W. BLEICH, BURT, HEADS FARM BUREAU The county Farm Bureau held its annual meeting last week Thursday in the Methodist church basement, with 75 in attendance. Edward Youngwirth, of Whittemore, vice president, presided. G. W. Bleich, Burt, was re-elected president; Joseph C. Skow, Wesley, was elected vice president; Wayne Keith, Burt, was re-elected! secretary, and George Wallentine, Ledyard, was elected treasurer. Mrs. Jerry Heetland, of Lakota, was named home project chairman, and Mrs. Ray Miller,, of Td- onka';"" county " 4-H girls' club hairman. Annual reports were given by drs. Ruth Seaton Hicks; demon- tration agent, County Agent A. L. Brown, Mrs. Heetland, and Mrs. rliller. Wayne Keith gave a report n the national Farm Bureau con- ention which he attended recent- y at New Orleans. Tie Rev. Joseph M. Doms, of 3urt, was afternoon speaker. Mrs. William Weisbrod, leader of the 'enton Forwards *4-H club, rought down several girls from he club to give musical entertainment. RATE OF PAY IS FIXED BY SUPERVISORS McDonald is Named Chairman for This Year. The annual meeting of assessors will 'be held at the courtroom next Monday morning beginning at 10 o'clock, and plans for this year's assessment will be discues- ed and a base for personal property adopted. The board of supervisors at the first meeting of the new year Tuesday fixed the payment schedule for the assessors for this year. 'E. H. Beardsley, Algona asses- or, will receive the largest amount for covering the city of Algona, and will be paid $420 for about three months work. Other town assessors will be paid as follows: Bancroft, Joe, Cogley, $96; Btirt t O; H. Graham, $82; Fenton, W. C. Stamer, $64; Lakota, A. E. Ogren, $87; Ledyard, Harry Schoeder, $44; Lone Rock, W. G. Flaig, $40; Lu Verne, D. C. Ellis, $67; Swea City, Guy Bone, $122; Titonka, Pearl Ricklels, $67; Wesley, Ihno A. Gerdes, $87; Whittemore, Frank W. Elber.t, $78. Assessors in townships will receive a slightly larger pay check for their work than the assessors in towns, because the township group will have to travel from farm to farm to make the assessment. The schedule for township assessors follows: Buffalo, Ray E. Hansen, $142; Burt, Wesley Bernhard, $123; Cresco, Eleanor Potter, $131; Eagle, Roy Pehrson, $87; Fenton, Fred C. Wegener, $139; Garfield, Mike Heliderscheid, $142; German, Robert Bunkofske, $142; Grant, W. L. ., several yejrs. they. ba,Y% yinterej at 0rande Courtf, Sag. where gb,ey had y- VAN NESS,BRUNSON FORM PARTNERSHIP Allan Brunson, who has t>een here since last fall, has entered a aw partnership with E. J. Van Vess, succeeding G. W. Stil'lman, ivho took office Monday as judge f the district court. The new firm name will be VanNess and Brunion, Mr. Brunson was graduated from he Algona high school in 1924, and received his law degree from he state university in 1930. He also holds a bachelor of arts de- tree received at-the state univer- ity in 1928. From 1930 to 1933 he practiced at Mason City, and from 1933 till this fall he was in the legal department of the Federal Land Bank, of Omaha. Mr. Brunson was married at Omaha, to a Butte, Neb., jirl, and they have one child, Mary 3% years old. They are at home n the former G. A. Brunson house across the street south of the Methodist church. Ex-Algonian Heads Garner Lions Club Last week's Garner Signal reported election of Geo. L.' Free to the presidency of that town's Lions club. This is a service organization similar to Algona's Rotary and Kiwania clubs. Mr, Free, who has a Garner drugstore, formerly clerked in the James drug store here. He Is only son of the late George H. Free and of Mrs Maude Free. The latter's home is still here, but she is spending the winter with the only daughter at Weetfield, N. J. George Jr., a university graduate, was a member of the Sigma Nu fraternity there His wife is the former Marie Paine, whose father was the late Geo. W. Paine, pnce pwner of the present Barker drug store here Mr. Free bought his Garner store two pr three years ago. Unjon GIrJ to Union Twp., Jan,. 3— Lucil Dearchs, Union girl, eldest daugh ter pf Mr. and Mrs. Claud* Dearchs, will become the bride o Herman Mopre this week Friday Wr. Mopre is employed at the White Rose ga_ station at Algpna, Reynolds, $87. Greenwood, Marvin Vaske, $128; Harrison, L. A. Barslou, $112; Hebron, Oscar Frandle, $116; Irvington, Lawrence Hutchins, $148; L.e.dyard.^jQjin.. Hartshorn, '-_?.11PJ_ Lincoln, W. H. Patterson,' $116; Lotts Creek, Andrew Elbert, $131; Lu Verne, Ed. Chambers, $120. ' 'Plum Creek, Hollis Benschoter, $112; Portland, W. H. Stewart, $112; Prairie, Otto Wolf, ' $148; Ramsey, F. H. Mescher, $112; Rlv- erdale, William Hammer, $112; Seneca, Joe Crowley, $139; Sherman, Chris Gales, $120; Spring-^ field, L. H. Junkermeier, $94; Swea, Milton Carlson, $131; Union, D. C. Gardner, $139; Wesley, Henry C. Nelson, $139; Whittemore, George Baas, $139. W. JE. McDonald was named chairman of the board, and with Chas. Morris was sworn in. The other three memlbers of the board still have a year to serve on their present terms. Supervisor Heiken, W. A. Dutton and Mrs. Roy Keen were named as the old age pension board. The board named the Kossuth County Advance, the Algona Upper Des Moines, and the Bancroft Register as official papers for the year. TWO ARE FINED ON ON TRAFFIC CHARGE Harry Sonkey, Bancroft, was hied a dollar and $2 costs in the Danson court for driving without a icense. Arrested on the same charge were George L. Miller, Al- ;ona, and August Huschka, of St. 3enedict, but their trials had not )een held yesterday. A charge of assault and battery brought by Velma Hewitt, Swea ity, against her husband, Clyde Hewitt, was settled the day after ihristmas, when Mrs. Hewitt for^ gave her husband and the case was dismissed. C. B. Bergen, Fort Dodge, * was fined $10 plus $3 costs Friday "on a charge brought by a patrolman of driving his automobile at ' 60 mph in a '25-mile zpne at Whit£e*. more. The fine was paid. Delia Welter found the holidays quiet in her justice court, With, only a wedding 1 yesterday, when she united Arlie L. Banwart and Eva P. Zaugg, both of West Bend, in wedlock, Witnesses to the marriage were Leah S. Zaugg and Eda Zaugg. Rally Planned Here for Epworth League A sub-district Epwqrth Leagu£ rally will be held Sunday at the local Methodist chur.ch, seyen, towns taking part, Tbe Bef, ~~ V- Schuldt, pastoy of the dist church at Garner, will principal speaker, "phe. will begin at 3 p. m. and con; in the evening. Towns- e<J wiU be Burt, Titonkji, Lu Verne. West Bend, and AJgpna. Child J8 Bora. Jtn. tH»fir. w>4 Hugo Boekjenjan are, parents 4 — **«« fy$ |«rn, , v.g 4». ,C*Se of Tfce east , , ed 94 Christmas day •••--

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