Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 22, 1938 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1938
Page 10
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2_, 1938. AT LUVERNE KOSStlTtt COtNTY ADVANCE. ALQQ^A IOWA LONE ROCK Harlah and John Marlow left Friday to Visit relatives at Choklo, Minn., arid John's people at Sebeka, Minn. John had spent some weeks here visiting. •V *»„«-,, u The Ald will meet January 5 E.Verne, Dec. 20—Plans are be- with Mrs. E. M. Jensen, Mrs. V. V. ompleted for Christmas pro- J, at the Lu Verne churches. Hil have meetings Saturday ing, A w.orship service will Sven at the Methodist church, : carols; the Christmas Story, jie, Jtanior department, the song |V the Stars, by the Intermedl- and a play, "The Arrival of Shepherds." Dora Genrlch will |Jesu Bambino. Evangelical and Presbyter- Sunday schools will have pro- JiB at the respective churches' |rday evening, and on Sunday »g the young people will pre- pageant, A Gift for the Fairmont Frye assisting. Earl Earing left Friday to visit relatives at Kempton, 111., where he was to spend the holidays. Mrs. Arie Dlttmer, Good spent Tuesday at James worth's. -Mr. and Mrs. Martin Jensen, Algona, were supper guests there! E,ma Krueger, Fairmont, jBpent Monday at Heller's. The Andrew ThomSens and Mra. Knud Thomsen spent' Saturday at Fairmont. Lillian Angus, Cornell teacher, spent the week-end at the .parental R, T. Angus home. The D. T, Hobsons, Burt, were Sunday afternoon visitors at Harry Hob- s6n's. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Harris, the Everett Harrises, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Long, sons Bernard and John, and Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Hoppe, Burt, were last week Thursday supper guests at P. L. Person's. Hopo, I John Whltf ord was a Sunday after- Wads- noon and supper guest there. An 8-lb. son was born to Mr. guests ; and Mrg Glen Householder last week Thursday, and a 6%-lb. boy was born to Mr. and .Mrs. Eldon age have passed on, while those I knew as little children are now fathers and mother of their owa families and have mostly out of my remembrance. gro'wn Whittemore GEO.BLAGKFORD WRITES FROM MEMPHIS, MO. Mourns the Ravages of Time Among the Old Friends. bors gatherered at Mike"koppen'g Thursday evening to help Mike .and May Koppen celebrate their Geo. E. Blackford, oldtime Algo- birthdays, which were on the same r na photographer who had not been l|dav - Cards were played during the , heard from here In a long time, i' 6 ^"',." 8 . and lu . nch was served ' ' -\a 11/\W Sinm^firtfltifr'n et *• ti rl t .-v n n>« l« _. _. . ttiu, \j\_ J, J FIG V/lty t Mrs. Frank Farrell and Mary Fries accompanied Mrs. their brother, John Korleski, of Jackson, Minn., to Fort Dodge on business a week ago Tuesday. A group of friends and neigh- the oM Haacker house, tor. Kol- .lasch recently purchased the pool hall formerly owned by Semons. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Elbert, son ,Petey Joe, Mrs. Leo Elbert and Peter Elbert; were at Fort Dodge Sunday visiting Mrs. Louis Elbert, who Is a patient in the Mercv hospital there. Tbe Lutheran Aid entertained at a Ohrlstmas party in the school ,hall last Thursday, afternoon, The hall was decorated with Christmas .colors and lights. The school child-! .ren of Teacher Behnke's, Teacher iJessen's rooms sang Christmas .carols and were treated with I candy. Members exchanged glf tf, pud hostesses were Mrs. C. 0. i Former Wesleynn Wesley, Dec. 20—It is learned here that Frank Stfhrelber died at van Wert December 1 of cancer of | was only 49. the liver. Till some year* ago h* lived east of Wesley, and tt<m here he moved to Oskaloosa, k« at * """"ting 'a «tudio again wih her for to Je "sen wsa Hostess at , . - -„_-.., »„,„„,, _i- ulm . r O i Mrs. Nick Kop. a Tuesda y cl , ub Christmas party ? nd ln , a ™°ent nostalgic moment .pen came last week Wednesday to P rt" ! last week ^^^ at one o'clock >f ™ the lunoheon> Attending: Mr. wn .'. the Advance: Th P Mi ard Milo Ward Child. Lutheran program begins ly, when the Aid will have a in the afternoon and the people in the evening. The 8 of t unday a a program Saturday even- apent , gunday a f tern oon at „ i. Christmas sermon will be Fischer's, 'Swea City, and the sh, and the second day ser- W at E J II be in 'German Monday ing at 10:30. . enesay o the following letter to visit at the Koppen home during > . ce: . the holidays. lllam Stow ' Mrs ' Ollver Stow ' and l, Someone h , as wr ' tt f, n - "I camel Mrs. John Jennings has been in Herman ZumacTi. The Harold Kuecker family, of Algona, spent the wee k-e n d at Ralph Walker's. 'Mrs. Ferd Montag, of West Bend, spent Monday at the parental Martin Duffy's. The Fred Wegeners, In Chorus— Seattle, Corrine Hub- Kleta Finley,,Florence Hof, Alice Blgings, Maxine Smith, -Ray Stone, Mrs. Lewis Mer'. and Mrs. Irvin Chapman, r. E. R. Walter, K. K. Parks, er Peterson,. and Leslie Lan:were members of the chorus prasented a Messiah pro- _ .. ..-i,..» Twuwiif .-I** *J. ^_-4t T Ol, VJUVy »»» CI-1.U. - - ----- . — —•»-_uu__i((i_(3,3 lltlO UCCll 1 11 •BVW v Mrs - v - L - Whalen, all of Dolliver, 11 ^ "je place of my birth, and call- Algona the past week taking care M Orvftfc.. Toriv ,rt ™ !Mrs ' E - M - Jensen and Mrs; w - J - ' 6d . aloud| T1 ! e fr ' endAs of ffl y youth,,of Mrs. Milton Moore, who has been j«. Orvlcks, Ledyard, were ^ Cotton • • ..where are they?' And Echo an- ill for sometime. suests at Wal ter' Mr. and Mrs. LaWrence Dittmer i sw ered, 'Where are they?' | Mrs. Josie Goff, of Ruthven, ,, s ?. e _ and the Leonard Dlttmers were' You wil1 see Bhat l am stl11 here .spent sevei'al days in Whittemore Sunday dinner guests at Arie Dltt- • a ' ; Memphis, in the north-east cor- .last week visiting old friends, mer's, Good Hope. . ner ° E Missouir. I recently passed. Tommy Farrell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Krueger was hostess my 69th; birthday. Time passes Mrs. Frank Farrell, arrived home at a home project meeting last speedily so It will not seem long from St. Ambrose college at Dav- week Tuesday. The lesson was on I tiu * ' sha11 have reached the Scrip- enport Sunday, and will spend the cost of adequate meals. Mrs. H. i tural "measure of life." holidays In Whittemore. A. Blanchard and Mrs. Krueger are | Stranger to Home Town. I Mrs. H. C. Ailland went to Des , leaders in this section of Fenton I "I often think of Algona, where Moines Tuesday to attend the fu- tcwnshlp. The next meeting will I spent so many years. Then it ' neral a£ an old friend a£ the faffl - ibe at Mrs. Krueger's on January 17. seemed that I knew everybody and ' lly ' Owen Reese. She returned i Mr. and Mi's. Forrest Rouse and a ii knew me. For some years after h °J!?! e th e next day. Mrs. Orvllle Rosendahl, all of Ayr- I left I always tried to be "among lne John Waldron family spent were here last week Wednes- .those present" on each Memorial . Sunda with Mr. Waldron's parents, „„,, . tho .—• day. I felt It to be both a duty and < Mr - and Mrs - Peter Waldron, at vlolpi Tni. ' TMrs - Llllie Thompson, daughter a pleasure, for on that day people Ay ^ shir ^ . „ .. vioifit T,m- Neva _ and Margaret schloeman returned to "the old home town" Mrs - Kate Cullen s P en t the weem spent Saturday at Fort Dodge . |'f ro m far-distant places, not only f? d , wi ^ her sisters, Mrs. Fair- to bring floral offerings for loved • tia ^ a < lr Hurlburt's. Mrs. Frank Flaig and her Caroline Ackarman, dinner guests of Adelaide the CHv w., Swea City Tnr *r?h, r and her * FARM MACHINERY — IF YOU have machinery to sell, or If you want to buy, an Advance Want Ad C H R I 3 T M A 8 To You All and Best Wishes for Coming New Year McCormick Deering Store Roy Hutzell, Manager Francis Smith, Salesman Art Falk, Service Man N E W Y E A R wftawtt and! old to meet J'en'ton, were gram was directed by Mrs. D. J. stensen, Ren'wick, and ardson and Martha Elmer accompanists. Members of nwlck church choirs and lips from the Lake and Gold- Raymond Bierstedts and the is were Sunday dinner at C. E. J. W. McCreery's. Duane Vaudt, son M. J. Meuller, Sunday visitors Kuecks friendships. I was sure guests at many oldtime friends. , _. _, .. . ,. i "The day will never be what Ir MDua " e Vaudt, son of Mr. The Parent-Teacher association O nce was When the GAR was Mrs ' Herman Vaudt, and Erwin •R,,,.f ™ 0 < met Monday evening at the high it s main support. There used 'to be ' .Bargman are, both ill. Carol TvTp Mrrt^r,+T«d7fl'°'r * „ J?v SCh ° 01 auditorium ' and the Pro-1an organization called Sons of Vet-! Mary Ries of Pocahontas spent ™_°. Lyle MarloWs attended a card party pram Vas opened wlth a song- The' erans which took a prominent part several days last week visiting at Ornie Behrends home last" committee for the next meeting 1. hl the day's activities, but I have - Tofi Eiafilfi>a ' tonday evening. The Wil- Ml ., s . Arthur Prlebe , Mrs. Roy not heard of it for years. Did it die j ^ TT - T. it., •, i rnuia " , Jensen, and Mrs. Henry Kueck; the out with the G. A. R.? churches, beside, the Lu fi "*™ *$^ ^ ^.TffiSSr ^ebe! I JK ** M »»* *«"** Sunday there. The R. G. Bor- Poor W illie, wais presented by the r must tel1 y° u of ' the obser- chardts, East Chain, Minn., were j un i or high students and a song vance > or - rather, non-observance, Sunday supper guests at Emil was sung by the high'school mixed nere - At Memphis Memorial day is A. D Burtls h vlsitine hpri Kraft ' S ' • ! chorus. A play, Christmas Gifts, ^ st another day, business goes on A. u. BUI us is visiung ner, Sunday gues ts at the Dan Harris was then pre sente'd by the third the same as usual; there are no ne,, people, made up a chorus png In Verne Folks— thtAr Mrs WNInrrt TToi-aho of """""J t>"»-->..o 0.1. .."^ ~»u «_.n.« was lnen presenteQ Dy Uie Ulira '"- ~ ~° V w "• " fcitaKans ^rsFred Zwe'ifel home ' were Mrs - John Sukalski, of and fourth grades . The Home Ec Addresses, no music, .no parade, not a V^' ••S?! lfl ;._^™ > «„.,-„?_ East Chain, a son, William Maad- onomics department exhibited sew-l even a Memorial sermon in any of it to Des Moines. Monday to .The Paul Phil- sen, Lu Verne, and Mr. the Olaf A ^ red> Fairra ont. ' and The , onomics department exhibited sew ... Mrs. inK ,the churches on the preceding L y le Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kueck, son f unday. Decoration of the graves <_ j»i—*-j *.„ tne Boy scouts. her parents. fjunilv spent Frldnv rt TinAtre i """""°' «•"= •—««•"• ^,""""v,..^, «,..- marvin, ana naymona i^eison neip- ^ ° . H C Allen was a truest of ' the Ravm o ild Bierstedts attended a ed the Maynavd Kuecks move from ' Thel ? *™ , n ? fla S s or Iron markers •%A 4-wL^ Fnrt nnri™ birthday party for Evelyn Blarstedt Whittemore to a farm near Swea °" the soldiers' graves, as at Al, mae opooner, r ore ijouge, t th parental E. C. Bierstedt's, ritv Mnndnv gona. -of /lutweek -The Lloyd Phil- B urt, Friday evening. The Albert, T he WaUe'i" Thompsons' enter-I " Tnat year thel>e was a P rofu ' Ifamlly^Kanawha, were Sunday shas ' ers Mrs . Martha Rath> and the ™ WaUei Thompsons ente \ rf beautiful flowers , n tne fe^^L^^^A 1 ^^ 3 - latter's son Lawrence were Sunday ^* of Mrs LUlle "" T'li* t Dii*toQfly» Att6Huiiis* and Alice Elsele spent Sunday at Mason City with her niece, who is a student at Hamilton college. Charles Kollasch, of St. Benedict, has moved his family Into Baumgartner and her daugh- Thelma spent Saturday and- Algona. ' ear with the former's parents son Neva the Raton ^ owers take some to the cemetei> y . , r . ad Mrs . Everett Haana en . ns and the ' R H^rt-r 01 ' leav « ^™ <* ^ newspaper |and Mrs. August Gramenz, of tertamed at br i dge last week Tues ' offices. Only one bouquet Dodge - | day evening. Attending: Mr. and m an Burt ' ' was And only two Boy Scouts Has Christmas Party— . . , (Mrs. Charles Barriokman, Mr. and spent Sun(Jay evening at A. J Nee- i ^' esp ° nded *? he cal to go to th rs. ' b l 'cemetery! I Mr*, ri>ad MV« wn Mr. and Mrs. Arend A T NM> i Ji' es P OI i u eii 10 *"e can 10 Mrs. Victor Parsons, Mr. and Mrs. fand'a~Bu~rt" " " ' ;.«emetery! I have often wondered Arthur Glanton, all of Algona. The Seventy-five persons attended a ' at toe ™ a ~* i° r /his Indiffence. ~ m Rudolph Peter family were Sunday surprise silper wedding annlver- old Friends Are Gone. evening guests at EdW. Haack- sar y dinner at the Burt Lutheran "I have not been back to Algo- barth's, Lotts Creek. ''church Sunday In honor of Mr. ,na in some years! The last time A ChrlStttiHs- -program will be andMrsr Henry ~Kueck>--A Cole-"r'was "there, I noticed IHat while given at the schoolhouse this week man gas i an t er n was presented to .inanimate objects of nature were Saturday evening. 'the honorees, and the children brought back to my memory with Mrs. Ralph ^Weisbrod sipent last gave t h e m ff4-piece dinner set. Mrs.'.great cle'arness the people were ., ,.,. , ,_ Emilie Heldenwith, .Algona, pre-i;largely-all strangers. The older sented a purse, and there were! generation I shall never meet on were other gifts. '^this'earth again. Many of my own Mr., and Mrs. A contribution TJinggted sent to the Iowa Children's The Mothe rs club had an annual at_Des Motaes. There were Christmas party at 'Mrs. Frank jFlaig's, Mrs. Harry Hobson asslst- iing, last week Wednesday.'Mrs. A. 'A. Krueger read Christmas selec- ersons at the party. Club Elects- be Good Will club met la-it ^ tions, Mrs. Lawrence Newbrough' ,k Thursday with .Mrs. Charles conduoted games , and gifts were , M r« m^o- Wm «rv .«iBttaB, exchanged. . . .' i r --"---"- ------ r ,^ e , d °i Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Broderson eons in attendance for a Christ-J ntertalned at dinner Friday even[ party, with carols games, anq j Attendlng: the Lloyd Grosses hange of gifts. Officers for the> ahd M) , and Mrs v j Gl . oss Flvo ling'year are: Mrs. H. T. Blu- Hundred was p i ayed . Mr. and Mrs. r, president; Mrs. Alvin Weber, Henry Schroeder entertained at 500 '• Mrs, Fred Lenz, secretary; Sunday evening in honor of their Helena Stripling, treasurer, j 15th weddlng anniversary. Rela'"'••_•'• « iT i -ri t. i ' tivesi attended. lesterTaUents Visited- ( Ml . and Mrs c> w . Heerdti A i r. and iMrs. Gottlieb Hanselman gonaj andlthe Frank Flaigs were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hinis . Sunday dinner guests at Robert! t to Rochester last weekj Ackarman . S- The Henry Kuecks idnesday to call on Mrs. Louis and Mary Ann plalg spen t Satur- 1, Elmore. patient in a hospital d a t Fairmont. Marjorie Jen- s re. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Meyer • student a t Grinnell college, isj Mrs. Herman Meyer, and Mra. | t the paven t a l Roy Jensen's for Meyer, were Rochester visl- th nolldays . |s Friday to call on a relative, vis Wetzel, Geneseo, 111: h s Lose; Boys Win— Supervisor Charles Morris attended a county officers' meeting .at Mason City last week Wednesday The Bode and Lu Verne basket-, Sunday dinner guests at A. D. teams split a double-header at Newbrough's were EdW. Blanch- fle Friday, evening. The local ard( x rv ington, his sons, the John lost to the fast Bode team, Newbroughs and W. J. Reynolds, 120, hut the Lu Verne boys de- HumDO ldt, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford |ted the Bode hoys, 16-10, The Mue n er and the Lawrence New- play , at Goldfield this week:, broughs Mra A. D. Newbrough Nay- • ' spent from last week Thursday till t, m. v _r _ . m Sunday at Irvington, ,and Mrs. -t Chare- Meuiberb' Pinner— I Laurence Newbrough went down members of the Livermore' nday ^ remaln tiu Sunday , sbyterian and Lu Verne church- Mr ftnd Mrgi .Albert Thompson, had dinner at the Community Bancroft, and her daughter Donna [11 here after -morning services-. Jean spent gunday afternoon, at M. Inday 1 "after the Rev. Melvin Sut- iE B i a u C hard's. The Lloyd Hutch, Omaha, had preached at both lnsons and the A. J. Meyers family |urche/j., ] were dinner guests at Ben Luedt» .. 7T ' ^ ike's, Lotts Creek. Mr. and Mrs. V. PatteBt Improved— L. Whalen and Jack Benjamin, of Irs. Hana Holm, who suffered a Do iiii ve r, were at Hugh Marlow's Irajytic Stroke a couple of weeks and ca u ed on other friends, being |o, is improving at her home, i evenln g i_nch guests at W. J. Cot- |ra,Bjjberf returned from Fprt ton ^ pdge Saturday.", | Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Cotton and _„, ' • iMr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dlttmer at- Other JrtI Verne, , \ tended the funeral of Loute Dut- 'r. and Mrs. Elmer Emery and ton, Algona, last week Monday, •s. Helena 'SMPltag visited the I The William Nelsons were Sun- lw. Beebea, at Fort Dodge 8un-| da y dinner guests at Alton Hurl. Th,e Charles Westendorfs, of hurt's, 'Whittemore. Mr. and Mrs. 'ffllo Center, spent the day at Myron Sears, Grinnell, and their •_.... — ^. — « daughter Margaret spent Friday son | morning at I. W. Nelson's, and the Swans, Esthervllle, were Sun- s. Flora Bwey and her ["•rest' went to Reinbecfc Friday, Id Mrs. making an ex- ,ded. vtett there with a daughter eorge.'WoJf te, recovertng at -h}s ne fronj, 9 tpnsljlectoniy peri- d at tUe General hognital, A4- one day last weefe. ?ind fif. R, fc. Corbin took tter^ brother,' Hichard Bek- 19. Jris tiflwe at Alton Sunday. reon cape home Saturday. Sty? is of Wrs> Bed, Friday. farm Verne, **s been , day dinner guests there. The P. tf Christensons were entertained at turkey dinner at W, C. Belter's. Mrs. L. B. Hollister, KanaWha, _HWHHB?*^R5SSW!^ Enjoy your Xmas Party December 85, Aim WM> ye^s Kre Arties »t BAY PAREE HUE CLUB HAND'S • FIFTY YEARS AGO a small oil company first opened its doors. It sold good products. It had a policy of giving people their money's worth. • That company'now distributes the most popular gasolines and motor oils in the midwest—because constantly it has sought and found ways to make its good products still better, and unfailingly has passed those improvements on to its customers, not at higher prices, but as extra values! • Today Standard does it again--this time with an improved STANOUND, the lowest priced gasoline in its line, • Today STANOIJND is a new and better motor fuel—yet at no advance in price! 0 Try this economical new gasoline. See if it. doesn't give your ear, new life and power! P Standard Oil Dealers have it.* Get a tankful today. Pay Less For Xmas Foods AtA&P! Gelatin Desserts SPARKLE Rich In Pre Fruit Flavor. O i»4-oz. 1 9 f» O pkgs J.4L Vegetable Shortening CRISCO, Z S-lb. can tl A. & P. Nut and Iced Raisin BREAD, IQf* 2 16-oz. loaves '•*- **'*' Whole Milk - Mild American CHEESE, 17 f* Lb._ .1 / C 1 9 /* •*• & ** Soft-a-Silk Cake FIOUR, 294-lb. pkg. - — Dromedary DATES, 7H-oz. pkg. — Dromedary, Citron, Orange, Lemon PEEL, 3-oz. pkg. ----- T- Chedder Cheese 7/ MKL-O-DIT, J4-lb. pkg.-i Brazils or English — 1 Oft WALNUTS, Ib. -------- Xt/C/ Paper Shell PECANS, Ib. - Heinz Assorted SOUPS 9C/» 2 W-oz. cans &** ** Except Clam Chowder, Consomme, or Chicken Gumbo, 18-oz. can 16c Mello WHEAT, 28-oz. pkg. — Ann Page Baking 7 g* POWDER, 4-oz. can • ••+' Fancy Co. Gent or Gold. Bantam A. & P. CORN IQt* 8 No. 2 cans X t7t/ Northern Llnen-ized TISSUE, roll -—,-. .17 e 6c CRANBERRIES Lb 22* ORANGES Size 200, doz. 19* GRAPEFRUIT Dozen _______—, 29* BEET SU<iAR 100-lb. bag --..$4.S4 10-lb. bag ——-SO* [n the Shell—Mixed fSf...;.__-S.5c None Such Mince MEAT, , 9K * 9'9,6>. pkfiTS' -—--—*'***' BOKAR— Vigorous and Winey COFFEE ' r '• 9K* 3 1-lb. bags -._——-tfvl uu) teilUsfX ITMMRI Oil• A&P FOOD STORES The Employes of the Great A lantlc and Pacific Tea Co, wish you all a "Merry Christmas" dUe~to cold relieved by „ _____ .... ..... ., flret pleasant swallow of Soothes all the way down then aet§ from within. Weal for children. 35c. •run vi HE QUICKER, TnuAlnC BBTTO, NOTICE Oon * e ^ OUJ> 5tw«— b»y " a bottle of THO3CINE--- yo» «e not *^^Y^ T* r DSUG STOW A Wish and an Appreciation To Our Thousands of Friends and Customers i At this time of the year we pause in appreciation to you who have contributed so much during the year just closing, to our happiness and satisfaction. Your friendship has meant more to us than mere commercial relations, and with weak words we are trying to convey a sincere THANK YOU and to wish for you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. 161 Chet Williams fti-» Lyle Reynolds GIFTS For The HOME That every Person Appreciates Electrical Appliances Are Gifts THAT LAST Xmas Tree Lights 8 on a string 29c to 1.25 Lamps—2 for So I ITOASTEES \ HEATERS [ROASTERS Hamilton Beach & Mixmaster Food Mixers Lamps I. E. S. FLOOR LAMF3 DESK LAMPS POTTERY LAMPS Hotpoint — Westinghouse Electric Irons Hoover Vacuum Cleaners Automatic Electric Toastmasters ELECTRIC LIGHT FIXTURES WOULD MAKE AN EXCELLENT PRESENT FOR AN Y HOME At our store you will find, tbe onjy eojnpjeie stock of light fixtures in this section qf the state—see them before you buy—rknow wha,t you get. II ^ ^f'^-"''' AS ,' ** H r-">~ •t&&-:-;l^'i-W ^M^;< l '<'^-''-< '.N' ; ' 1

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