Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 22, 1938 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1938
Page 9
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JAOE EIOMT TO THOSE WHO CANNOT BE WITH YOU- SAY MISS MORGAN, FORMER BURT TEACHER, LOW Burt, Dec. 20—Mr. and Mrs : . Arle Dlttmer spent Friday at Ames, where Arle's aunt, Phoebe Morgan, is now low at her brother Clarence's. Miss Morgan Is a former Burt resident and teacher, and she taught at Sheldon many years. She was a teacher at Goldfield when W. C. Dewel, Advance publisher, (was a schoolboy there 60 years ago. She suffered a breakdown a year or two ago and had to give up teaching, spent her Miss Morgan summers here usually Mr. Sigsbee and Mr. Stewart. * All 13 members of Portland Peppy Pals Fojir-tt club met Saturday with Virginia and Mary Jan- Ice McWhorter. Mrs. Ruth'Seaton- Hicks, county home demonstration agent, attended and reviewed next year's 4-H project,' which will t>e on home efficiency. She Inter- preted'It as "learning to do work we do not like quickly in order to have more time to do work that we like." Mrs. Micks also talked on posture, courtesy, and music, and she demonstrated convenient kitchen articles which are appropriate to mate for 4-iH fair booths. Mrs. Martin Becker was named club leader; Mrs. Tom Trenary, assistant. The retiring leader la Mrs. F. A, Rlngsdorf, who was a most successful leader last year. Mrs. Ray McWhorter attended a Plum Creek club meeting at her SfiCTl6N Hi flre department ahall be exempt front the payment, in labof or other" wise ot any poll tax, the chief of the flre department Shall, on the flrst day of , January of «ach -y«*i furnish the : 0 lefk with a written list of the active member* of the flre department _^ ,,,,44 SECTION ' 12. The municipality may purchase an accident pbllcy for each flremah, covering the time at shall be r««pon»lblfi fo'r ill a'atnat(i« done to the firs appfcMlu* any flre and t6 and returning and is mother Mrs. Bert McCorkle's last by LONG DISTANCE well known In the Burt and Good Hope communities. Party for Methodist Stewards— The stewards and the wives or husbands had a potluck supper at the Methodist parsonage Friday LOWEST REDUCED LONG DISTANCE RATES will apply ALL DAY Christmas and New Year's—as well as on the Monday holidays which follow. These reduced daytime rates will save you as much as 40 per cent of the regular day rate on long distance calls within the United States and to Canada. These are the same low rates that apply every Sunday. week Wednesday. Ray McWhorter spent last week Thursday and Friday at Brltt, attending a state vegetable growers' convention. Earl McKlnnon Jr., Hollywood, Calif., nephew of Mrs. Leo Bray- therefrom, and pay for such policy out of the fire maintenance fund or the general fund. ... SECTION IS. It shall be unlawful to hinder or Interfere with any officer or fireman In the performance of his duty at a flre, or going to or returning from a fife, or while at- tndlng to his duties as a member Of the fire department. SECTION 14. It shall be unlawful for any person, drayman, express- man, teamster or other person to refuse to assist In hauling or carrying any engine, hose cart, hook and ladder truck, or other apparatus, to any flre. SECTION IB. It shall be unlawful to neglect or refuse to assist the flremen, In their duties at any flre, when called upon to do so by the chief of the flre department or assistant acting In his place. SECTJION 16. Flre equipment shall shall have the right of way on all streets In going to a flre, and every cart, dray, bicycle, motor evening. Attending: Mr. and Mrs. ton, is making a stay of indefinite A. G. Volentine, Mr, and Mrs. A. C. /Bernhard, Mr. and Mrs. Will'lam Nelson, the W. J. Lockwoods, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bahling, son Billle, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jennings, Mrs. Lillian Sheldon, Harold and Lulu Ha'wcott. length here, with relatives. He Is Mrs. Brayton's brother's son and is a member of the marine reserves. He visited the high school at Burt last week Wednesday. Hobson. Dinner Honors Anniversary— The Lutheran Aid gave a dinner in the church basement Sunday noon in honor of the silver wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kueck. Outside invited guests included Mrs. Kueck's mother, Mrs. Heidenwith, Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Kueck, Whittemore, and Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Jensen. for a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR College Students Come Home— Charles Hanna, student at Iowa City, came home Saturday, but Tuesday went to Nora Springs to visit his brother Walter, and Wednesday went on to Cedar Falls to get his cousin, Kathryn Elvidge, and other Burt young people f the holidays here. S. 0. Black Has Operation- Mr, and Mrs. L. N. Dittmer, their little daughter, Stanley Black, Samuel Black, Nevada, and Elsie Black, Des Moines, left Monday for Cache, Okla., called by news that the father, S. O. Black, was to have an operation. Mr. Blck formerly lived near Burt. d ai* fa enda "h'nevef jtiiyt Flre t)«pft 'tiKiefit SECTION 29. or falling to com the provisions .o ORDINANCE NO. SOT AN ORDINANCE PROVIDING FOR THE ORGANIZATION AND GOVERNMENT OF THE FIRE DEPARTMENT OF THB CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA; PROVIDING PENALTIES FOR THE VIOLATION THEREOF AND REPEALING ORDINANCE NO. THREE (3) OF CHAPTER NINE OF THE CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA: SECTION 1. The flro department shall be under the control and supervision of the council. SECTION 2. The mayor, at the first regular meeting of the council In"April of each year, or in the case of a vacancy, shall appoint a chief of the fire-department with the approval ot the council. All other officers of the department Including a president, secretary, treasurer, and assistant chief shall be elected by the members of the department and shall hold : of- flce for one year unless removed for cause by vote of the department or by order of the council. SECTION 3. The chief shall be the officer highest in command, and next in command shall be the assistant Canadian Is Visitor Here— Gilbert Johnson, of Saskatchewan, visited from last week Tuesday to Sunday at Willard StoSv's. The Russell Richardsons, Forest City, and Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Stow were also Sunday dinner guests at Willard's. School Teachers Entertained— Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Sewick entertained the school faculty and the wives at 1 o'clock dinner in the domestic science room Saturday evening. To Missouri for Holidays— Mrs. Lottie Isenberger left Tuesday for Missouri Valley to spend :he holidays with her daughter, VIr.s. Henry Anderson. I'atient is Recovering— Mrs. Carl Reynolds, who has been seriously ill with pneumonia, s much improved. DANCE Tuesday, December 27 ST, JOE PARISH HALL MOE GAYETTE AND HIS SIGHT HAWKS Other Burt News. Mr. and Mrs. G. J. F. Vogel returned Friday from Winfield Kans., where they had visited relatives. They came home by way of Grinnell and brought up their daughter Eleanor for the Christmas holidays» Dr. and Mrs. J. G. Clapsaddle visited D. D. Clapsaddle at Algona Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Dean Clapsaddle attended a party givei by the Pratt Electric Co. at the Chrome that evening. Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Watts, and Mrs. F. Franks, and Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Schweiger, all of Dows spent the week-end at George Worden's sel's. and the Rev. Geo. H. Wes OOc 3Ien 40c Ladles Money In a Hurry When You Need It! You con borrow {50 up to pay taxes, insurance, medical, dental and hospital bills, lor business or other needs, with your car as collateral—and keep right on using your car Low monthly payments arranged to fit your income P. J. KOHLHAAS Loans :: Insurance Algona Telephone 22 Mr. nd Mrs. E. C. Welsbrod, Fenton, were Saturday evening suppei Kuests of the L. A. and W. W Boettchers. The Epworth League has pre ,sented the public library with a copy of The Rediscovery of Man by Link. Dr. and Mrs. B. K. Bahnson at ided an osteopathic clinic staf leeting at Algona Monday even ig. Dr. J. G. Clapsaddle recently hac is house in north Burt insulated ew doors hung, and repairs made Dr. and Mrs| W. L. Tindall, Wo en, were supper guests Tuesda' vening at Dr. B. K. Bahnson's. Dorothy Brooke, Morningside col ege student, came home Saturda or the Christmas vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hanna •fora Springs, visited Sunday r,s. Maude Hanna's. Mr. and Mrs. Enos Wrede, For Dodge, were Sunday dinner guest at Druggist F. L. Pratt's. The Home Guards met with Joa •hlpman Saturday for an annua ihristmas party. Lloyd Steward is visiting 'his mother, Mrs. Mary Steward, and ither relatives. Mrs. Chester Sill, Algona, and a ittle daughter spent Monday at E. 2. Paine's. The Burt schools will close Friday for a two weeks Christmas vacation. 666 Liquid. Tablets Salve. Nose Drops relieves COLDS, FETEE AJfD HEADACHES due to Colds Try "Bub-My-Tism," a Wonderfu liniment. chief, and In 1 the absence of both, le next officer In rank, whom the vief shall designate, shall assume ommand of the department. SECTION 4. The flre department mil consist of a chief of the flre epartment, an assistant chief and volunteer fire company of .as many remen as the council shall flx, from me to time, by resolution, but at o time shall the department have nore than twenty members. The olunteer flre department, as exist- ngr, shall be the flre department nder this ordinance but the mem- ership thereof shall be subject to he approval of the council. Any male citizen of the munclpallty over .venty-one years of age, and who r orks within the corporation limits, hall be eligible to membership. SECTION 5. All vacancies In the re department except the chief shall e filled by the members of the fire epartmer.t by election, subject to he approval of the council. SECTION 6. If any fireman refuses r neglects to attend any flre, wlth- ut submitting a sufficient and sat- sfactory excuse to the chief of the re department, or shall neglect or' efuse to do his duty as a fireman, tr obey the orders of the chief or lis proper Commanding officer, or hall leave his post of duty at a flre vlthout permission of .the chief or fflcer In charge, or violate or Ignore my rule or regulation established oy he council, he shall be subject to ixpulslon from the lire department, ilther by action by the chief of the flre department or by the council. SECTION 7. The council may adopt sucb rules and regulations In regard to the flre department, not nconsistent with the ordinances, or he laws of the state, as the council ihall deem advisable. SECTION 8. The flre department may adopt such constitution, rules and regulations, not inconsistent vith the ordinances or the laws of he state, as the members deem ad- •isable, but such constitution, rules and regulations, or changes In such constitution, rules and regulations,before being effective, shall be approved by the council. SECTION 9. The flre department shall be under the control and direction of the chief of the flre depart- nent or, In his absence, shall be under the control and direction of :he next ranking officer. Upon an alarm of fire the members of the flre department shall proceed Immedlate- y to the place of flre, with the nec- assary apparatus In their charge, and there work and manage the same under the direction of the chief, or officer in command, and use such apparatus, in the most effective manner until the flre Is extinguished and shall not move therefrom except by permission of the officer in command, and on such permission they shall return the fire apparatus to its place of occupancy. SECTION 10. Members of the department shall commit to memory the location of all fire hydrants, and be familiar with the name and location of the streets and avenues of the municipality. agon, car, a, , cycle, automobile, motor vehicle, or vehicle of any kind, on the approach 1 of any flre equipment, shall Immediately' draw up to the curb or tho side of the street and remain stationary until after the 'flre department equipment has passed. All pedestrians, except flremen, along a street on which the flre equipment is passing, shall remain on the sidewalks and away from the street intersection. SECTION 17. It shall be unlawful to park or leave standing any wagon, cart, dray, bicycle, motorcycle, automobile, motor vehicle, or vehicle of any kind. In front of the flre department building or within twenty feet of the entrance of said building, SECTION 18. It shall be unlawful for any vehicle of any kind, except vehicles driven by officers or employees of the municipality whose duty it is to be at fires, to enter tho block In which the flre department building Is situated, after a flre alarm has been sounded, until after all the flre equipment has left that block on Its way to the flre. SECTION 19. That the driver of any vehicle other than one on offlplal business shall not follow any flre apparatus' traveling in response to a flre alarm closer than five hundred feet, or drive into, or park such vehicle, within three hundred feet of where the flre apparatus has stopped in answer to a fire alarm. SECTION 20. It shall bo unlawful to cut, deface, destroy or injure any hose, wires, poles, signal boxes, or ny other property or fixtures belonging to or connected with the flre department or the flre alarm system, or give or make, or cause to be given 01 made, any false alarm of flre. SECTION 21. It shall be unlawful to drive or run any automobile, dray wagon, truck, locomotive, train 01 cars, or other vehicle, across, along or upon ar.y flre hose. SECTION 22. Members of the flre rom carelessness or —- r ---v^.--„*.,. orders given by.th«'»tfpefloi;oltloBr«, SECTION 28. At any flre u$on request of the officer in command of the Flre Department and Whence >ubllo safety require* It In the opltt* on of the maydr, th*-mayor way de- all as many able bodied male residents to assist the flre department as n his Judgment may bd necessary and a«y person falling or refusing to render assistance upon such request, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and may be punished accord„ Each member of the Fire Department when called out to a flre shall be allowed the sum of Two Dollars ($2.00) to be paid by. the City to the Treasurer of the FJre Department . • SECTION 30. Any person violating iply with any of ,..„ r -f .thlls ordinance shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be fined In any sum not exceeding One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) or be Imprisoned for a term not exceeding thirty days. Whenever the flne anc! costs imposed for the violation ol this ordinance are not paid, tho person convicted may bo committed to Jail until the flne and costs ore paid, not exceeding thirty days. SECTION 31. Ordinance Number Three (3) of Chapter Nine (9) of the City of Algona, Iowa, be and file ame Is hereby repealed. SECTION 32. This Ordinance Shal le In force and effect from and after Is passage and publication as pro Ided by law. Adopted and passed by the City Council of'the City of Algona, Iowa his 16th' day of Dec. A. D., 193?. ADAH CARLSON, Jity Clerk of the City of Algona, low Approved by me this 16th day o Dec. A. D. 1938. . C. F. SPECHT, Mayor of the City of Algona, Iowa. or shall waste paper, _-,—. ,, r highly Inflammable >eciafly liable to flrev^and o sltuited as <o endanger |>r r shall find Ire escapes, i*™v | "ii£»r«vj5~i"«*Sisi i loors, window*, etc;, liable to-Inter- were-with the operation of the Fir* Department, of the e grew.of .ocau. pants in case o'flre, i theOhlef i 6M iMre Departme* t shal 1. order th^wii o be removed ir remedied, ahd such order shall forthwith^ be-cortplled with by the owner/or occupant of sue premises or building, ftnd It shall be urslaflful for the owner or of arty such premises or to fal to comply with such an bl-der from the Chief of the Fire Department. .•..:•• Section 3. Tlie service of any such order shall be made upon the occupant of the piemlses to Whom ItJB directed by el'her delivering a true copy of name o such occupant personally, or by delivering tho same to and leaving it with any person In charge of the uremises, or In casejno such person is found upon tho promt ises by affixing a copy thereof In ft conspicuous place on the door to the entrance of thn said premises; when- Boln ever It may such an order premises, sucl >e necessary to serve upon the owner of'th< order may be served elther by delivering to and leavlni with the said person a true copy o the said orde{. or. If such' owner^.Is absent from iiie Jurisdiction of the officer making the order, by mailing such copy to t|he owner's last known postofflce add Section 4. at the Fire — building examined by the Chief o the Fire Department and a brie company shall not go beyond the city limits with the flre apparatus or any part thereof for parades or display without the consent of the Mayor. SECTION 23. The Chief of the Fire Department or assistant who shall have command at any flre, or the Mayor, . or any three councilman, may direct the flre department to cut down or remove ar.y building, or erection of fence for the purpose of arresting the progress of any flre, and to the same end, the Chief or any person in command at any flre, may, with the advice and concurrence of three members of the City Council, blow up or cause to be blown up with dynamite or otherwise any building or erection for checking the progress of any flre. SECTION 24. It shall be the duty of the chief of the flre department to exercise'a constant supervision over the flre department apparatus and buildings belonging to the city and used for flre purposes, and shall see that the same are always kept in good order and repair and that the flre trucks, engines, hose hylrants, and ladders are always ready for Immediate use. He shall attend all fires which may occur in the city and all orders given by him at any flre to any assistant, or other member of the company, shall be strictly obeyed. In the absence of the chief or his inability to act, his duty shall be performed by the assistant highest In rang present. In case the chief and his assistants are absent then the duties of such' officers shall devolve upon the Mayor or the Chairman of the Flre Department Committee. SECTION 25. It shall be the duty of the Chief of the Fire Department to examine monthly the condition of all fire apparatus and buildings for storing the same and report on the last Saturday of April and the last Saturday of October of each year to the Council the condition and amount of all flre apparatus, and a list of names of all members of the department and shall recommend suclv supplies as may be necessary to keep the company in efficient condition. SECTION 26. It shall be the duty of all firemen to attend all fires promptly and to obey all orders of the officer in command while on duty. Ii\ case any officer or member of the company shall be gulty of djs- obedier.ce of orders of the officer In command or neglect of the same he shall be reported to the City Council by the chief officer on duty and the City Council may deny such member the exemptions provided for flremen, and tl;e Company may expel him from its membership, and if said Fire Company and its officers shall neglect their duties, the Council may at ar.y time deemed by It expedient and for the best interest of the public disband said flre company and resume control of a-11 city property in possession of said company. ORDINANCE NO. 258 AN ORDINANCE PROVIDING RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR FIRE .INSPECTION, PRESCRIBING PRECAUTIONS AGAINST FIRE, CONSTRUCTION OF CHIMNEY FLUES, USE OF COMBpST- IBLE MATERIAL, THE KINDLING, MAINTAING OR ASSISTING IN MAINTAINING ANY BONFIUlfl OR OTHER EXPOSED FIRE WITHIN THE LIMITS OF THE CITY, PROVIDING PENALTIES FOR THE VIOLATION THERR- OF AND REPEALING ORDINANCE NUMBER TWO (2) OF CHAPTER NINE (9) OF THE CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA: Section 1. The Chief of the Flre Department of the City of Algona, Iowa, shall, as often as may be necessary, Inspect all buildings, flre escapes, slandpipes, premises and public thoroughfares- for the purpose of ascertaining and causing to be corrected any conditions liable to cause flre, or any violations of the provisions of any Ordinance of the City affecting the fire hazard. Sectlor 2. Whenever the Chief of the Fire Department, or any member of the Flre Department, shall statement of premises and maintain or . record shall be kep Department of eacl the condition of sue the orders or ; recom mendatlons trade with reference t the same. assist In malntalnln Section 5. No person shall kindle any bonfire br other exposed flr within the flro limits of the City of Algona, Iowa| , Section G. No person shall kindle, maintain or assist In .maintaining any bonfire ,or other exposed flro within the corporate limits of the CItv of Algona, Iowa, and outside of the flre limits of said City within twenty-five fM of any building. Section 7. No person, flrm or corporation shall keep, store or cause to be kept or stored any empty boxes, waste paper, straw, hay, shavings or ther combusllble rubbish or material of any kind li any store or building, or upon any street, or in any alley, or upon any premises owned by them or under thilr control except that empty boxes and barrels may be stored in basements or other rooms If in the judgrrent of the Chief of the Flre Department they are so stored ilCS'fW6p¥f^" ififtade limit! ___ "«* k?«j»<*fjjtf Ifc any' barrel, r other woodsn receptacle or any wooden floor, or •t*lh»tiarty wooden irtltlon ? ln ari*r,BulidlHg. c \ Section 10. The Chief 6t the Flre Department shall at all times have he right td §nt«f Anft, theatre, or ther, place .of ftmtisenient, and ail arts thereof, at any reasonable time, nd especially when occupied by the ubllo, In order to Inspect the samo or the .purpose, (if preventing fires Nf fof tli*ipurpose of IbspeotlnR the i'6 apparatus In i\tch theatre or jlftce of atnusftment and It shall be inlawtul for ,any persdn to refuse .dmlnslon to gUch;off!<!er to any such mlldlng. - ^i' Section 11, ; A11 persons usrng a citv tove In any t house, store, shop or 1 other buildings within the city, shall lavei »' ;metfti: plate 'or platform or Mtone, brick, sheetilron, zinc or earth under said ,stove and extending at east six Inches beyond that part of .He' lower plate that'fronts the door of said stove; and all stove pipes at their intersection with any . floor, jartltlorr or 'celling through which :hey pass, shall be made to pass :hrough'.an'earthen or tin ventlator, or other fireproof material, and shall be at last six Inches above and beyond the partition of the building through Which they pass. •Section 12. No stovepipe ,br metal chimney flue shall be permitted to pass through the roof, window or side of the" house or building, unlcsx special permission be granted by resolution of the City Council. Section 13. All chimney flues shall bo built of well-burned whole brjck, the walls not • less than four Inches thick,' and the Inside surface well covered with a coat of plaster. And where said flues shall pass through the ridge of the roof they shall project not less than two feet above'' the ridge of tho roof, and when such flues shall pass through the slopy of the roof, they shall project not less than three feet from the roof of the building in which'the same aro. built, measuring from the top of the chlmfrey to the-nearest point of the 14, No person shall set ownor by . y December, A. D i 9c ,, tk '« UlK ., M «ny famous sports credit m in THK zinc. Virtually every AMERICAN BOY from roof. Section as not to IMC exploration, 01WI flying, science, travel nnlmals, are well ' stirring stories, THB AMERICAN BOYi nil newsstands at 15c at L scriptlon prices are $15j! . - „ ... >' eal ' or $3.00 for flre to any chimneys for tho purpose lonWrlho O i mn i, 7'-'l of cleaning the same,-except In the i su » sclll) e simply send yoir] day time, nor then, unless It Is rain- address and remittance toI Ing or there Is snow on tho roof of AMERICAN BOY in ™J tho house. • v< •",..., ^ . . ._'> ««i-J Section 15. The Chief of tho Flro Department shall be allowed fifty cents (50c) per hour for the time he is employed in performing li!n duties as Flre Inspector ot the City of Algona, Iowa. , Section 16. Any person violating or falling to comply with any of tho provisions of this ordinance shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof-shall be fined in any sum not exceeding One Hundred Dollars (1100.00), or bo Imprisoned for-a term not exceeding thirty days. Whenever the fine and costs Imposed for the violation of this ordinance are not paid, the person convicted ''"unpt, cuurtwms, i may be committed to Jail until the service. Blvd., Detroit, Mich. Small Up to •ease the danger of flre. I flne and costs are paid, not exceeding Section S. No person, within the corporate Units of thls>Clty, shall stack or keep In a stack, any hay, oats, wheat, jtraw, or other grain or fodder, within'sixty (60) feet of any house or other building used .as a dwelling or for merchantllo pur- thirty days. • Section 17. In qase a person, flrm "or : corporation'-, falls or refuses to obey orders-made with reference to the condition of any building or premises owned by them or under their control, as provided In the fore- NORTH IOWA Fi •••it to l'|t|MT Do 12.1 "Just The Place to Solve Your Christmas Problem" BlUStROM'S FURNITURE^HOME APPLIANCES EASY TERl €liest of Drawers Here's a handy addlttf] any kitchen as low as STUDIO COUCHES These Couches, dozens of them, were made to A * * _ ^ sell at $59.50 and $66.50—we made a fortjinate 544.50 t Pre-Christmas buy and they aro going while * in _ M they last at $49.50 MAYTAG WASHERS with round tub __$59.50 Model 32, electric $89,50 square tub (exchange) Beat "Old Man Winter" to the Punch! PORTLAND Mrs. C. E. Sigsbee won the high bridge prize at a benefit card party at Burt Friday evening, and low at 500 was Mrs. Roscoe Stewart. The parties are .sponsored by the mothers of Burt band members to raise money for a bass clarinet. 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