Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 22, 1938 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1938
Page 8
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oMisffir LONE ROCK lef,i HarU.ii a.u<3 John Mar low Friday 10 vteat relative?; a! Oialdo. Minn.. a.ntJ Jolwi's people u.i S«sprat Minn. John had -weeks here 1 Tlw Aid &€?** Tvit.ii M r?. 't pro- Fry* nssisi "3ft"'!*""***«» Churches.' Earl Earina 1< aseSiiffigs Saturday' relatives at v»- sarrtce •wlU'h<> -was to s church,! Mrs Arie'D"iwai7r."^od Mowflny at. ; The AndiTfrw ThnmiranB tod Mrs. jEirad Thotniinn spent :Sffitiur.ttiiy ait. I 'Fairmont. luiliHwn Angus, CionneiB jtfiatihfir, tfpent the TKHelr-enfl :at thfi 1 .ipanenta;] B.. T. Angus horns. The B. T. HnbiumH, Buirt, -were Sunday > af.l-.o.rtuicm nlKttoTH at Harjy ffitib- •HOU'K. age have parsed -cm., 'wltifte tiho«e : litihe -ol'd Efaaofcer hmiBe. 'Mr. Kol-" I toew as Ittlile tihSldmen ai'e nowlilaBcn Keuenifly pirrcihBaed fjhe pool Ifa-flhers aaid nrrtilher cjf iinoir own.. hrajH Inrmerly owned by Ssuions. WEr. ;aind Mrs. Bar! fflnrart, son ^'Btey .(Toe, Mrs. >Lieo UHbent and! Peter BlbBrt; -were at. Fort Dodge i 'Sunday -wiBititng Mrs. luoniB ffii'bert,, is a patient in tibe Mtercy I M ' Fridaj Kempton, I] and hnsvs out, erf my I Wfeittemore FOMiKfr W*BbgMi SfRad. "ffiffi »?er. IMH SHOTS SBBSSB 'Wester, iDtec. 20—to 3s laaffineS I Hwea -wist Sf IPlBBte, ami -that iPnainsk. StitaSfber ^fflafl tit .here fore moped to Wart December 1 «tf'OBnrcer of i ' law ffiar rlfies, ! B.ichard Long, Mr., imd Mrs. Ber.tHMtd and _ whp.re p( , Blu , t . Wfi] , B : j. BBt -^ggjj Thuxaduy | ' H - supper eueHts at F. L. JHap", .Tatra "TOliitford was a -Sun' lihfiitp.. the of Time Among the Old Friends. Baaifoiwa. ' fangeHcal *aa«l Prestiyter-: nday sciifflols will bare pro- f r i er ,.da her« Frid-i tlie resp*c»Te churches Kathertee S;ehrii.z eireBiaK* * ffl ® oia Sunday mol] j lv -;.]. r the yoaag people will pre- Mr and .'pageant, A Gift lor the F ,, irao . ; , [Child. -were here F Lntheran jwograia 'begins Tllc s M ( - l _ 1 _ ;( ,].,.. r wiiea t3*e Aid -will hare a g _^__^_^_^^^_^^_ Lfflihsran MS enterta-hied j _, , _, ... , ~f at a. Christmas party in the school Prank FaweU .and Mrs-.i.^^ .^ Tnlmrt j a ,j,, ate-noon. The j.Mary Fries acKompaniBd *heir ! ;imjj) was decorated wKih Christmas i'twotiher., John KiorleBlii. of .Tadfeaou, jtcctturB and lights. The school (ilrild- i Jffiinn.. iio Port Kodpe em husinaBB jiren Of. Teacher Behnfce's, Teacher ;>a week u£o Tuesday,. inTeBBWL'B rooms sum-g Christmas I A giicjup of Sriands and neigfli-i./iiiipolB and were treated win)) j -boi'B "ptttherenBd at, WEUse Koppen-'H^cainflp. Members sschanged gffifE, j ' Thursday ^evemlng to helip 1 Blatee ;.p-nd hoBtesites -were Tfes. .C. C. T I jiuinfl May Eappen celebrate their ;Baa«, Mrs. Gsrhart Wehrspan. and Cii Gen. E. Blactatod. oldtime Algo-I'-biirthdayB. w^hich Twene on Hhe same;Mrs. Herbert. Zumu:«h. and Mrs. V"* 1 ' ,_ . UT,^4V,« iday:. Curds -were played during ; t'he lEerma-n Zuniarih. „.„_.,.„ -""•>. •"»" "• »-!*-«•. hoy na phot.oeraipher -who had not. been ^^j aaia ..^^ was BerTtttd . | The Harold Kueclter femily., of. ••" "ft was .bom to Mi 1 , tend Jfes. ffildnn heaird feom hene in a long time,, jt orrSBt -vsTajid, frf Pine •Cl«y-,,iiAll-gotta., spent iihe we^eli-end at; Miu-lo-w last week Sunday. - liB n - ow conducting :a stiua.0 again,. ,]«iinn., brother of .Mars. .N3ck 3£op-iJRalph -Walker's. '• Mrs. E. (! y .TwiHen -waaJwBteas at ^ n& ^ ^ rgo&Lt nostajl?: i c moni6nt uen came ;last. week -Wedn.eBday tm 1 , Mrs. Ferd Mcmtag, of West Bend. .^ , „ .., ,.„, ^^H^TaiTi.Haay 1 !Btra^ o'cS flfi w " ote uhe Mtow^S let!ter to ^tt .alt^the Eoupen horn* diirmg. Lspenl Mt>uda7 at Dbe paa^entajl Muir-j '- vranT 1 Mr^"R^hen'''%n^d l -" < '' T1 o' ; !™ ( *™ n - fW-^W.: Mr. "WB- : ^-s^etm^hafi wi-Won "I -caans i^mrl" -teto .Temtogfi has been in f — ! - " - rl ^t, P 'I!„ ^ Staw,, Mrs. O.lfeer Sttw and ™^ fie oTonJbMh and fi aia- Aigona the past ™»k taktag care .FAEM MA.CB3MEKT - IF T©n. a...i,.., UUKIJU. UU-.H. V. L. Whalen. mEl -ol IDoBrarer, ' ^ ..^ ;]B ,. iell;dB ^ my youlih, .«rf.Mrs. Mflton Moore, who 0118*6311.1 ha^e machinery to sell, or il yoa., Ledyard. ^eva '^cm' M ' ' T<!nBen "^ .'where ai-e lihey.V And' Bciho .an- ID Sor .sometime. I want to buy., an. Advance Want Ad j «« her dauphicr Myrtle guests there. To You All aoad Beist Wisfces t'osr ; New Tear Slisre Bloy HiutzeH, Manager FEoncis Smifih, Sailemnan Art Falk, Senace Man E W Y E A E aad the e^teg. The from ; , ; eek cterct day school. day vita nis ^. **,** tie choir aLnboWt. The" a program Saturday even- qT &SK 1 —- wm be Mfl'S. Josie hoHlwlB nosteBB i» at 1 iSte? riet Beatl$&*- Coiriafi 'lOeta nb3ey, x FI«<f«B«e Monday OTTD. Tlie Everett ffic.harcl- ons. Algona. Hurlhurt's. MB t. of ..dBauate meate. Mrs. H. A _ Blaai-eho."pfi and Mrs. Kruegsr are S-unday at Ora. ] fta( iera 'Go££, of Butihwen, j iuu W.UU..OBB uiiu... j. u^. =u^ >hene jspettt BCTejiaJl daws in WhiUemore „ at MsmphlB, in ;lihe nortih-^aHt -cov- last -week -v:isFtliin!g -old firiends. nsr of MisBoniac. I recen-tily .passed Tommy Fari'eia, son .of Mr. and rffird'ay:. Time pasBBH Wins. Frainik Karrell, ai-irroed home it TKilEl not .seem long 'fiitom St. Antbi'ose college at Dav- hoHda'^s in Whuttemore. »teimcer .to B«nn« ••"«-»- ''' ^ H ' C ' J&fflumd IWOT * *° "~~ of Penton '; "I nffien -tlhto!t of Mgoua, -where . . . . Mtriaes TtteHdffiy to atitBD'd tihe flu- tcwnfi-hip. The ne^t meeting wilH. I t>£jtju!L aw IHUUJAY j^auw-^. ^." fc -«. Mrs. Fra.nk Fta.ic aad ber moth- ; )e nif jj[,. H _ E^neger's on .Taainary IT.. Beemed that I icnsw everybody :ffind er. Mrs. Oarolme Ackannaca. -w.w-3 • Kh-. and Mrs. Forrest ErotiHe and mil knew me. For .some years affiter tiO~. f'j'l^rjT •(Ji'pTs (Jt- jjiiiua" t r\J' ^VJJJ'K C' ^^ ' - r /7\-____'-n _ TTI ;i_,:t_,i .. n ™*> A-.1-.,. -r i _jjij_ T .. 1«. ...-*». 4^Wln^1 *n -Vila "iirrrvnTl P" I V J,J. K . . e BusendaM, nJ3 -of Ayr- I l«'St I • njct-* '•r™*.'•••„ r c . x-nvjd.» ua.iit-: tu»=.i.» i.-i ;viu.». <.... «. y^j. K utrvsi'je jsuwenoanx, oiu-or jsyr- i lent Alice Bigiaiss, Ma^me =>™ r « a - Heerdt. Algona. Beulai Gladstone Hn ire, w , sre here last -weak Wedn.es- .tihose ; Ray Stoa«, Mrs. Lewis Mer- and A dela.ide Harana. £w«a City a ay Mr. and Mrs. Inns. Ckapman. teachers, s-r-ent lie -wedi-end a.t. the Ret. B. R. "Waiter, K. K. Parks, p ,,..-,,. . ^..., ter Peterson,-..mud: Leslie Laa- s ___ i vrere members of the chorus p r ^^'5. Mrs. Dora Laaihs and her MTS h prsseated » Messiah pro- c hndren spent Sunday at Paul manf i at the Rea-wick gymna-sium voigt's. Fenion, and Mrs. Vnict.-city. lay evening.'' A %*?££ nu-m'ber spent i as , : •»-«..]$ Th-orsday here Ty S i, e Sunday stepper i Verne peopte attended. Miss ^yj Der ^otier. Henry Eiiedk's. je .was •• MpraJBB soloist, and The Rar=oad B3erst,edts. and tihe -The Parent-Teacher |Petersera sauag in a trio. The i was directed by Mrs. D. J. ^^^ at r. E. isea, Reatwiefc, and Carol lardson and", Ma aCCOmJMtEjlSXS. J»e3D.DerS — TVt?e& iviuu^iii.* rvt:u-uj.t_ JAJT^ •" ^» IVJjr.S. ^WUiiUJ- jrjjtt5ijt:, jjuii.n. JW.W.- .UUIL cteana choirs and j^jjj p__ at ^ s S p eat ' i as t. -wreelr. Thnrs- .jBTrsen, and Htna. Heniry Ettsck:; *he ; o.nt Gold " day at Harvey Bath's, Ln Verne, me n\n commiiinee, Bfes. V. V. :Fry.B' ._. . + rtter,ajl of an old firiend of -tihe lam- I spent so maaiy yeaa^s. Tnen it ..^^ ©wen l&eese. She peuitmed j Dhe next 'day.. i •j.iie Jtohn Wuidron. family spent! tried H0 -.be "arn'ong fl ^ ^^ -on each Memorial -.„ n _ _, d I Sell ^ tin 'be ibotih :a duty .and \ ypsMre . ' ' ~ - _ p pt!Kr -Caldron, at j " Guillen span*, tihe weeic! H>anra ' gi SteBS| tihe May-nard Eaecks iriendBhdjpa. I "was sure to meet ^ The Raysoad B3erst,edts. and tihe ilit , ^ „,„„.. .„„„„ ..._ Harvey Pecks -were Sunday dinner met Monday evening at tihe Ihdgh its Tnmrn; ips from the ILaie and _, | chnrchas., .besides the La an(i ie people, mads np a chorus g. , La T«»e F«lts— , A. D. BJntis is- visiting her , u ter, Mrs. -VTiBard Hershe, of UUJjac , iita, Kans. Mrs. Fred Zweifel East c '.' to Des Monies Monday to it •-"•>.,: umv 'UHj.. J. 'JlWJil- : ii- II" WC^ iwv/.uii. •**. ****i4,! •"**•— - ..^.^v...-, =.,-..-.. ..^^ .,....„ ..„;! a.t. the Mrs. Liffie ThomjpBon., daughter . a pleasnate, i{or on itihat'day pecyple K. Parks, R eT ^ 5 jj_ Gladstone's. Tiolet La: 1 - Tvj <;Tai y^a Margai'et. .Schioeman rstar.ned to "Uhe 'Old hc-nne torom." tftiin City, was at. Arthur apem Saturday at Fort Dodg- ; " •«•— •"-"-—* -^'-'—" •""*• ''"" l!B ~i her - .• _ . , Paul Tnnnt. WTiilunn ThomnBon,. TVIason OTHJK lost, ibnt :also .to .renew ota j]^jj, oa ^gj, e Sunday v :. "W. SIcCreery's. Btttaare T?amd!t, son o£ Hierman "V^aTtfit, a ry Eies, of Eoca-hontas. 'last -weet -viisitjt Hiaele's. liice Eisele spenst -San-da-y at Ma- j pu^ 'City wiUh ^her mece. -w.no 'is a itihe ; S. A. a... bstadamt -at, 'Hanifflton 'college. . - a,™™.,, ®uy .SeplecfcBtL i owates Koltascih, of St. Bene-; e Ra.lp-h Hurltrari-s spent j^d Mrs. Arthur Prieibe. A ipte, ...j -^ngj. te ji -jr on :O T iihe -obflBr-'idiict, :has mowed Ms Jamaily in*o ;, ^..^ t ._»/ there. The B_ G. Bor- p oo * T/PSMe, w.as pi'esendied hy Uhe •••••• chardts, East Chain. MSna... -w-ere jimiAnr hish students, aind a song Stmdar supper cmests at iEmfl wms slrD ;g ;by tihe ihrgii school mteed Chriscmas <SSSf&, She 'guests at .many oldiitine firisnds. i "The 'day -wM newer be -what iv .^^ assocmtiiou lonoe "wias, -wfhen -fihe G. A B.. ~was ^^.^ ihdgh its .main, snpfcn*. There -.used to ; be -^ ^ auditorium, and "the pro- , iU )ii oj-ganiiKaHian 'caQiled Sons of "V^et- t Fraaii Mr. -and j vfl 3Srwtn! at ( or, ' chorus. A ,mem0ria)l ;day • ttlla . lda y, fensimass .goes <0n .nsn^;; .tlhere aae -no! m;nBiCi uo lpa , m ae, not | erma n in amy of 'tihfi preceffia'S Kraft's. . corus. .p, Sunday guests at tie Ban Harris w , as lingu p^esentad by e ^p • ere Mrs . j, oln j Sukalslci, of ^4 fionrt ai gr, a ,des. 'The Eome Heain. a son. William Maail- onomlcs department i selu LU Verae, as.d Mr. and Mrs. img> iSnnda'y.. iDHcaraiiiamnaE '.the 'gatawes her parents. 'The Paul Phil- olaj 1^^ Fairmont. The Lyle fife, .amd Mrs. Henry Sueck, son •<£ iad]e ^ art , Bd to ^e Boy Scouts.: Dick O'Dcnuslfls., and Mairvia. and Sa'jvinond .Nelson 'help- ^ fiM ^.g ^ o Hags or won maidseES Baerstedts a:tten'ded a e ,] ^g Maya'ard Euecks mcwe JSnnm. •' [family spent Friday at the bid Phillips bom*, Fort Dodge. -was a guest of on e , g . party for Evelyn Eiarstedi -whattemore to a faffim ;nsajr 'Swea ' ; TT O , Mae S500ffier,_Fort P^Sf- at^thT"parental E. C. Bi.er«*edt's, rjity Mcm-.day.. .graces, .as :at Al- L ^XiAC <JJ,rw**SiJi»-*» — "•* - u - • a/r_ ^Jje jJvlJ Clll^L* •*->• ^ • •*——- * ' \_-'J.L t V aU.WAJ.V*«.J.. I '**'TllIJjt yfiflJT tilXSTS "WilliS '.H, iPlrOEQ. [o£ last week. The Lloyd Phil- Bnrti Friday evening. The Albert -j^e ISfatoer Ttompsons enifier-'! . £m ^ ^^,,^33101 ffl^wexs in Hh.e unflyy-Eaaarwita,, -were Sunday ghas'grs, Mrs. Martha Eath, ai:d the t ia jnied 'last -week Thnnsday to iconrmamitty, amfl ibottti :paa?ers .piinit- ,«5 of Mrs. Jenaie PMllips. Mrs. i^tte^s sori La-wrence -were Snaday bonor of Kfcs. Tiiilil'ire Tharnpson'B •• & ^ yg^^ 3^ :affi pjnfi aia^in-s I Baumgartmer and her daugh- ^.^n^j. n;ests at WilMam Eajth's, ibirtihda's:. Afiliendmg:: Sfcs. Thorny- •• jThehna spent -Saturday and ^^ ^g 0na _ ~' ~ '"" '™- n — 1 - '••wifli tite former's parents. Mr." and Mrs. ETerert Hamna en- i _ illu ^. j! , D ,^ - , _ ^^^.^^ —^ Mrs. AasBist Gramenz, of tertame< i ^ irid-ge last week Tues mBSBSl Bart. i'tao-ught;! Amd ;onily tws Boy Scants f.Dodge.. ; day evenin.?. AtteadSn'g: Mir. ajn'd Mfe. .aind Ufes. Arentd .NBelan.4 ^^,3^^ to rfilie caffll to go to itihe *'•-• . —— ! jMrs. diaries Barri-cikmaa, Mr. am-d ^gmt .Stniday eweniins art A J.. Kee-!, cgmfi;j . gl . y ,, j i>, n ^p offlsn Tsrondsred i Has Ckzisteas Party— Mis. Victor Parsons, Mir., and Mrs. lajjifi's, Burnt. ''^ Tghfi .reasons 'to itihis 'liidaaEenee. i ProgressiTe Woman's club •, ^j.th ar Glanton, all of Algsma.. Thfi SewemtaHBiwe pearsons aittenided a^' ^^ Eriends -toe ftoaife .Christmas'party Monday ev- Hmiolph Peter family -were Sunday surprise :si3iper -w.edBiEEg ^amaanrer-, _ . ^, E at Mis. & BTBaker's. Chirst- ^aing guests a.t EtV. Haaok- . Sffi ry .dnmer ;at iihe Bnrt ^'"«.— ! "*r ^n^e mat *een 'hack .fio ^,,0 given at roll oart i.' 5 ° Lotxs Creek. D ay Less] For Xmas Foods At A & P! rand Mr»-,;Hanrey Nelson read; article on The Carols M _• to Carfetmas'! , were ssmSt amd an exchange ^_. ^^ fifts uxjk pa&ce. A contriibatioa Biagsted. I sent to tte Icrwa Children's — - «• at Des Moines. Taere -were tersoas a± tie jtoty. . -preeraan- ' -wiM be a^a 3Sfcs. Heniy this iwefc mam ga s W»ra. seated a pumse, :niad ' were iOitJher 'gSSts.. .w™ 5 eajrca ufc."^, haid an „_, parry ait Mrs. Flails, Mrs. Harry Hcvbaon ins. "last -week Wednesday. Mirs. A! i \_~'Kni€g"«T read Christmas .seteo- Good 'WSL c3al> met la-st ^j, oas ^ Mrs. La'wrence I : Thursday wStS .Mrs. Charles ^^^^i games, and giScs , Mrs.. Elmer Haaiery assistin?, ej^Saaitged. j Tflna Isfflnas. Tltere were S9 Mr> .333.1 iMj-s. "W. E. ons Sa attenidaiiisDe for a Christ.- eH tenaaifid ait donaer Friday ewen-1 ( party,-wifli carols, gflwi-PB, aaa j^g, Atuendin-g: the lioyd• •GajosseB . age of ^fes. OHicers for tie ^^ jj,. ^mJ Mrs. Y.. J. 'Gross- iwe | _g year are: Mrs. H. T. Bio- Hmldr ed -^as piay*d. Mr. :amd 3Ste. • , president; Mrs- Alvin Weber, jjgujy Seia-oeder .gnfterfciiaiLsd at_500 . Mrs. Fred Leaoz, secretary; s lm . l( iay evening in honor 'of f^f^'i . Heleaa Strftialag. treasurer. ^5^ -jfeddnag anuii'Fersary-. xiieija j - P«&sts Tlsilrf— ^Mr.^d'Mrs. C. W.. Heendt, A1-! . and Mis. Gottlieli Haasebnan raTl ., BTt( i Tie Franik Flai'ss_ A Wish and an Appreciation To Our Thousands of Friends and Casiomers At tM-s time of the jear "we pause im appreeiatiKDim to yosm wluo Taiave •ccsa- •• triil»iiated so iMineik toiriiig "time year ijnitst .elosiiag, t© ; onnr laapipaaaess and sat- 11p;r{-ri,«xni r,in*i JiteLLtfUt LJJv'llili* Teiinar frieiuidsiaip fats naieant Ba©ire to tos t-toaaa. aaaeire eoaaaMieireial relatitas, iim»d mik weak words we ai : e tryiiHg to -eKDanroy a .sincere "OSANK YOU aM to wisik for yona amd ywffirs a T?eTT M-er- ly CHnds-tHaas amd :a •pearonas^New Year. A. & P. Sfntt ">«d i" :B3tEAB, • •• • !(»-oz. loawes TJioie 3E& - CKE3ES-E, lib. ll,\JJLA\y*!*•*• 17c Ctiet WSfiams FLMS, . 9Q C ' ^ ** C 1 Mr. and Mrs. Cliarles Hinz | last -week nesday to caCQ on. Mrs. Louis Slmone, jwutJeat in a hospital pe. Mr. and Mis. Ernest. Meyer i Mrs. Herman Meyer, aad Mrs. 1 : Meyer ware Rochester -nsi- • Friday to ca33 cm a. relative., Ill iinmer guests -ait BicxDer •s. Tne Henry EuedE smd«nt ait KSrinneilll .cefflega,,'&•.; Bisy Jensen s liar, . Charles Stems KdtTES, (pfag. —- EEI3L, . Cliees* Jb. For Tlie :1 Hkai .e^ery Peis'Oiia Appreemtes Are Gifts THAT LAST B«f» Wto — day- Bode and LB Vcrae iastet- 1 teams &$& A doaile-Jafader a.t Friday «m«W. T^ tocal lost » t»e iasi B«te tau^ but fise Ltt Vena* boys de- . diiamer g-nasts w. Bftw.. TV/TT 'iirnt^ JMtrS ;QlJEfifiCQir! -***- nTffffiSjnxfl^ti^, J*"- **""• ^« i ^' ii ' i • «te JUlBeOter and the UraraBBoe »;il «*C^S. M* A. a Mw*ran^|J Irona Hast wset Tinnmsdayjam; P. ' I'lSSSBE, -ax* Liu LSweraffloire , - Xsas Tree I^gfets S :QH a string 29c to L25 -2 for 5c HEATEES remarai ifflt Mrs. JEiSTY ^E^ AGO a ,-aadi dl d noieos. 3k tol » |« ecfc daek »O!a":S vonh. cossimi% it fas .sm^: ^E iasaad ins -gc^ F 01 ^^ ^ it agm-raftis siiiroe «fc» aapMiw* « a MV - | BEET 3TOIS, a »&. .BeaA & lErBsaiSfcer yood ISSxers Lamps JB. POTTEET ^ rtErifefiff ifinwwer sic, W. C. BOTBHT'B- ^ i ^ S ^flwSismer, 3taawaw.i L fcenner -onomcir iaid-^fffl: -m. aao jAffinaffi am pracel f HTC.. .. Sac. if it. AawnTtt jpse TjCTmr cat aaew life j Ol 'JDeaiaas ifflsw in* Ccc a tmniMM aoiJ^c. i Lf?? *ftf«» 14* Party ELECHUC UGHT HXTORES WOULD MAKE A!* E&C1UJOT PRESENT FOR ANY HOME At OET store ywa wiS Sod fte «<% ^«$)irte stsock ©f %M fbri»B«s » *is seeti(m «f ^fee sfcate—(see ttM»bitfaw3Nw1iBiy--ft»«r wW ' ^ •'-1.L' 'I _j£_iLi-?_S ,—. /"'A afl -^i ..-r." ^} i i i - THOXJHE Mia HE an miiui iP4s*:> f :. ->.^^fc^^^^:^br ; ^A^^^| ^irM . <•-?••>,; V^^N _ ^ ,4-" Ifs \U,.'»-'.j-3i,jaS

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