Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 22, 1938 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1938
Page 6
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—^—^™™»BI i § ft B. JJAMP. FteH r *» north Bta- 169. of Elmo", th6tt mov ' where «.th*y farai- '» new girl, seven i on December 10. This child- H, R. said he [ j good business. V aduthwest of La- IrpenlngWa circle saw Iday. He had built a [on the front end of his and had done a He was going to i for rapKl sawing as got the sharpening * * * * , called recently at the farm, north of Wes, un d Henry .splitting j always buay, and his lit -We wonder wheth- y better exercise than Seyenty-tlve years man had to know iid outs of wopd-spHt- eojrte nowadays do not fit to to burn wood, not stoves. / lihnson, south of La- doing his evening i' w e arrived last week has all of cribs full Insurance company he place built a new then there was not aior all of thlia year's ider had to set up a i talked some with us jons In general and j came from Germany, | will never want to go **»'.». •' : - ' . ... elcher, south of Tl- jilshed dinner and was [the noon hour radio I we called last week After that was! done t to look after his cat- He chore to care for has more than 100 Black Angus, breed. fa bunch of dandy reminded us of little * * * * ; Monday C. A. /Gut- try with a fresh drink whenever wanted. Dick k ee p s a lamp burn * * * * Mrs. Irene Studor, Weslev in formed us last Thursday that ,ho was caring for a now glr a her home/ This baby | s not her* but her brother John Kelch's The baby was born to Mr. and Mrs Ke oh on December 13, and then weighed 7% pounds. She is the first child for the Kelches The closed party at Andrew Berg's (when ot stated). The girls' parents, Messrs, and Mesdamea Carl Rath, Jos. Preston, and William Brack, and the leader, Mrs. Emll Larson, and her husband, were guests, Christmas carols were sung, and games -were played. Lunch was served, and gifts were exchanged. Mrs. Edw. Fosgren was taken by surprise last week Thursday even- Ing, when friends arrived to remind her of her birthday. Lunch was furnished by the guests. Mr, and Mrs. Maynard Jenson. entertained at pre-Ohrtstmas turkey dinner Sunday In honor of thel son Duane's first birthday, and guests were Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Jenson, the Jos. Prestons, Mrs. Victor Eckholm, daughter Lyda, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Faugust, daughter Karan, Mr. and Mrs. Emll Larson, son Lowell, Roy Jacobson, Virgil Jensen, and Roger Lin-die. bcen named , A,,, - ™ Kelch te Alfred Studer's eldes daughter, and this ls the first fine * * * * When we stopped at the Olson Bros, place, southwest of Lak'ota last week Wednesday it was near evening chore time and the cows were coming up to the barn. Even If they have rough food in the ,porn field the cows know they will get something better in the barn. There are 13 fine milk cows in the herd, mostly high grade Holstelns * * * * Anton Kardoos, east of Bancroft had just come home from one of the neighbor's when we saw him Friday. He asked whether we knew there was a new girl in the house. This baby was born November 25 —almost a Thanksgiving baby— 'and she had been named Lavon Darlene. Mr. and Mrs. Kardoes now have three girls and two boys At John * * * * Rode's last week of Lakota, and. his: were cleaning out a farm driveway. It i with dirt and water lover the road. Mr. Guti his place In excellent Lester, who had a four years,, has William Ley "farm Jest of Swea City. * * * * . [Dontje's Jr., east of. found Mrs. Dontje, | ,nd a Miss Diers, a poking up the houso- ist Friday. Mrs. Dontje gone to Bancroft , for the family was to Gait, In east y, where he has pur- The Dontjes had a •s. Dontje said every- jirell except a tractor, have brought more | shall miss this good * » * * -'••'. nan, south of Lakota, ; out the calf stall in |m we called last w.eek' i have noticed that he irns well cleaned and : shows good care.'E. [spotted horses. They 'jabrian, and he Bays 1 work horses. » * * * . . :'.. stopped at Martin feast of Titonka, last day Mrs, Brandt said Wednesday we found the son Arthur at home with his- grandfather, William Brandt. Mr. Brandt, who was 90 December 6, still looks' hale and hearty, but he does not hear well. We managed, however, ein wenlg Deutsch mit ihm zu aprechen. He said he had been in this country 50 years. After he camj he bought a section and a quarter of land northeast of Ti- itonka, and this land is now owned by his children. It is as fine a piece of ground as any in the county; no dredge ditch or creek through It, and it Is well tiled. There are five children: Marie, who is Mrs. John Rode Jr.; Martin Henry, who goes by the name o£ "Doc"; Martha, who Is Mrs. Fred Boyken, Fenton; and Chris, who lives on the old home place and keeps it in tiptop shape. SWEA-EAGLE |gone to Titonka. ting a birthday, She and All of the rural schools will have Christmas programs this week Friday afternoon, after which they will be closed till January 2. The Swea Spirit of Service 4-H club had its annual Christmas rt088UTtt COUNTY ADVANCE. ALOONA. IOWA L07TS CREEK j The Hugo Faulstiches were Sunday afternoon visitors at Herman Cade's, Fenton, and the Andrew- Funks, Cylinder, were also there. . Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Lieb, with the sons Duane and Eugene, were Sunday afternoon visitors at William Meyer's, Whittemore. Messrs, and Mesdames Martin and Otto Ohm were Sunday dinner guests at Meyer's. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Wlohtendahl, daughter Dorothy, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Wichtendah'l, and the last- named couple's daughter Sharon were Sunday afternoon visitors at Kenneth Bellinger's. Mrs. Fiene, the pastor's wife, is reported sick, Marie Peril, Minneapolis, came home for Christmas with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Perti. John, Wilfred, and Dorothy Faulstich, Burt, were Sunday dinner guests at Hugo Faulstich's. Lorenz Pljahn, of the Bancroft C. C. C. camp, came home for the week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. August Pijahn. SEXTON A Christmas program will be given this week Friday evening at the church under direction of Mrs. Sim Bemis and Mrs. Drusie Noble. There will be a tree and distribution of gifts. A. L. Greenfield was sick Sunday and Monday with the "flu." The baby daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hamond has been sick more than a week with the same thing. The Aid will serve lunch at the Charles McMahon farm sale this week Thursday. The school children will give a Christmas program this 1 week Thursday evening at the schoolhouse. The Clem Cunninghams, Irvington, were dinner guests Monday at A. L. Greenfield's. The Fred Near- ings were Sunday supper guests of Mrs. Nearing's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Glave, Britt. Board Proceedings Auditor's Office, December 1. 1038 Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment present. with all members Motion by Fraser nnd seconded by Morris that a compromise settlement of $85.00 be accepted for delinquent personal tax of Arnold Schmidt for years of 1928 Wesley township, 10JU Irvlngton township, 19M, 1U31, 1932 and 10S3 I'luui Creek township, llMo, Burt township, 1'JliU, Lone lloek Ind. Burt township. Ayes: All. On rao'ton board proceeded to audit and allow bills us "per schedule of claims hereinafter written. W. W. Sullivan, postmaster, postage .................. f - J - uu Ida Larson, postmaster, postage W. W. Sullivan, postmaster, postage 15.03 5.00 [Mrs. John Rode, Tl- Tliere. They were golBK cake and a cup of 1e said that she and ne to the • Titonka I to 1896, 42 years ago. 5 then, but Is now i she doesn't look It, hair has turned «« * « — , / *en, northwest' of Tl- ned out hU chtcken- | we called last Thure- thls once a week, straw on the floor, 'to. He has a cWck- at provides hta poul- msmsa SAI.E sreby given that purer of Court the under- ptor will offer 'for sale > 1999, at 2:00 o'clock highest bidder for erty known ee the tore," including the '.'bed real estate in y ( Iowa, tp-wit; 34 roda,North •st corner of the Quarter City of Algo'iiaV'ii'giit' service 48.25 C. C. Chubb, examination pa- Delia Welter," justice of peace fees 38.25 3.50 .85 05.00 05.00 A. K. Moulds, marshal fees .85 Mary K. Sands, salary *»•«• Kvelyn A. Dole, salary Dorothy T. Shatto, salary ... Lucille Dole, salary ......... W. W. Sullivan, postmaster postage Ml J. Duffy, treasurer, vance bounty •,;••• W. S. Cosgrove, committee and session •,;;"• •;'., > ,i P. J. Heikcn, committee and ad- s«sslon 25.00 28.04 170.70 209.21 W. H. McDonald, coniinltteo and session • : - JU- Chas. Morris, committee and J. H. Fraser," committee and Mrs e . SS Ma a urfne' LoBbis!'labor' C.""Hr~Ostwinkle, C0le ° I delln- tax Henry Gettuiun, weed commissioner Kossuth County Farm Bu- rciiu, appropriation "-"MS S 1' Eckholm, local registrar I. K. Wortman, local registrar 4.00 . . , H. II. Dreyer, local registrar 6.50 2.00 11. 11. uruycr, luuiu ij.-bio"«« , ;•" .lulln Vaske, local registrar ./ 3.00 II A Thnmnsnn. local reels-' il. A. Thompson, local regis local regls- Yocal regis- trar William Barken, trar 1.7 2.25 City of Algonn,* light serrlc* 12.25 10.00 trol Bert Shellmeyer," 'advance "patrol ;•. H. K. Mlekn, freight M. .T. Dnffy, trcas., adv. freight Tony Seller, labor Jay Goddcn, patrol George Carr, labor ; Clms. Stoddard, labor .., Haymond Nemmers, labor 10.00 .75 7.83 21.«0 82.25 30.00 36.00 45.00 "iij 111 u 1111 .1.1 cut 111 VI a, 1UUUL i * t 'lU.UW Nick Nemmers, labor ....... 54.00 Clarence Ncmmcrs, labor .. William G. Graydon, labor . John Smith, labor William F. Gronback, patrol Tom Weir, patrol Joe M. Esscr, patrol Harry Helmke, patrol ...i.. arry ,. Archie Dodds, patrol S. D. McDonald, patrol ... Hubert Mergen, patrol ... Frank J. Burke, patrol ... Ralph Markla. patrol .... William O. Ludwlg, patrol .. jw.uv Ed Fuchsen, patrol 125.00 A. E. Shellmeycr, patrol Merwln Marlow, patrol 0.00 27.00 39.00 103;25 100.10 87.50 08.75 87.50 100.00 87.50 87.60 87.75 100.00 80.30 87.50 70.65 87.50 80.10 88.45 85.05 125.00 05.20 77.00 92.00 62.00 125.00 86.10 85.05 100.00 80.45 87.15 60 00 Ciirl""Oarrotf," patrol" . '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 125 - .00 Chas. Hoffmann, labor 48.00 Doyal Sanders, labor 57.00 J. M. Long, patrol Earl Earing, patrol Mclvln R. Hawks, patrol .... Raymond Blerstedt, labor . Chester Alme, patrol patrol Arnold Delperdang, Alton Pettlt, patrol Jake Keller, patrol Leo Delperdang, patrol ... Dick Itaade, patrol Rclnder Grotnlnga, patrol . A, ,T. IHldman, patrol Robert Wood, patrol Wilbur A. Fisher, patrol .. Oliver Young, "patrol Lynn Kuchenrcuther, patrol C. H. Cooper, patrol J. II. Montgomery, patrol Ed Baker, patrol .... Clyde Sanders, patrol Roelf Miller, patrol Elmer Ewlng, patro Verno Mollmler, patrol Henry Wohlers, patrol .. Hugh Buttcrflcld, patrol Mike Baker, patrol ..... Francis Elbert, patrol .. James Kelso, patrol ... Clarence Hentcges, patrol Peter Movlck, patrol ... M. L. Worby, patrol . Lyoll W. Miller patrol ., Clifford Holmes, patrol ., R. J.. Campbell labor .... E. G. Steustrom, labor ., Hurry • Wlukcl, labor ... Olaf Oftedahl, labor A. Ncelaud, labor Will Knight, labor Karl Krebs, labor II. C. Allts, labor Fred Welp, labor 91.70 82.25 91.00 60.00 patrol .. '.'.'. . '.'. lOOiflO 91.00 69.0Q 05.90 93.80 84.00 86.00 80.50 87.50 87.50 89.42 87.50 23.55 4.00 48.00 23.55 51.00 19.50 4.03 3.50 35.70 JL 1 1UV1 tTUlpt 1UUUL i*tt*ti«t(* OiFt IU C. J. Lloyd, labor 31.50 Laurence Turmle, labor Carl I. Anderson, labor Loin Stockwcll, labor Ed Meyer, labor R. Poineroy, labor Theo Doreubush, labor E. J. Palmer, labor Walter L. Johnson, labor ... L. G. Eckholm, labor ....... Karl Stelnman, labor John Spier, labor R. L. Moore, labor Jay Harding, labor Albert Ellingson, labor J. I. Merrymun, bridge work George C. Olson, labor Henry Tjaden, labor S. A. Gardner, labor Pater N. Thllges labor Joe Mattern, labor G. W. Gundcr labor ..• Johnson Bros., labor J. E. Falk, patrol ..,., Orvillc N. Elklne, labor Arthur Pchrson, supplies ... Peterson Garage, supplies ... Mrs. Anna Dahl, supplies ... Ley Gamge, supplies J. E. llKena, labor Norton Machine Works, supplies Greenberg Auto Supply, sup- 4.50 4.50 35.40 5.60 1.60 5.60 71.25 48.00 66.00 43.35 16.50 18.00 18.90 43.80 021.46 8.00 3.50 20.25 15.00 3.50 1.25 8.25 119.40 30.00 10.55 57.16 11.70 15.35 11.42 39.32 piles 605.39 Arnold Motor piles Supply, sup- Dutch's Super Service, supplies Howard Hardware, supplies A. II. Borehardt, supplies ... Root Hardware, supplies .... Farmers Cooperative Society, Hoenk Motor Service, supplies Kossuth Oil Co., supplies ... Central States Electric Co., light service W. E. Carlson, labor Paul & Williams, graveling 21.71 18.88 2.05 1.12 3.19 12.44 6.17 56.16 1.02 35.00 5103.98 Motion by Cosgrove and seconded Walter Lo ( . 8heep km . Herman Brandt, geese killed Drain H. K, No. 1— A. .R. Eno, labor Henry Halvorson, Inbor Harry Telford, labor John .Clmmberlln, labor .... A. H.' Box, labor John Lattln, labor 148.00 .46 .70 2.03 7.25 1.68 .58 1.91 2.12 2.12 .08 3.18 AT Iowa Culvert & Pipe Co.,'supplies 142.17 If U11 (I J.IUU1111. 1UUUI >tii**iit* Herbert Ulrtch, labor Vcrn Sclmltz, labor Herman Mltsuen, Inbor Orln Jncobnon, labor II. B. Lofflon, supplies Harvey Hngcn, labor Hotsford Lumber Co., supplies Drain 11, K. No. 2— K. L. Htiber, labor ' Ben Nolle, labor Henry Halvorson, labor .... Orln .Tncobson, labor Herman Mctsvcn, labor Harvey llaecn, labor Orvllle Elkfiis, labor Drain P. A. K. No. 1— Kdwln A. Krekow. supplies Drill.i W. K. Mo, 88-89— Kdwln Krekow, supplies .... Drain IV. K. Ma. 35-89— C. H. Cooper, labor Dick Baadc, labor Farmers Elevator Co., supplies Elmore Cement & Tile Co., supplies Drain W. K. Mo. 46-104— Will Letcher, labor Klmoro Cement & Tile Co., supplies Ole O. Ilyg, labor Drain W. K. Mo. 68-180— Itock Island Lumber Co., supplies Drain Trl. Mo. 1— .Tesse Hulllngcr, labor Corwlth Hardware Co., supplies Poor Fund I)lst. Mo. 1— Dr. Janes, medicine Dr. Keneflck, medicine Dr. Bnslngcr, medicine 21.70 21.70 1.81 1.81 7.23 10.85 4.88 3.06 .77 2.24 2.01 .48 .60 1.09 2.36 3.73 .62 1.29 .15 Mrs. Ella Brlgges, care Lena Schmulcn, care Mrs. Emma Sclimelllng. care Mrs. A. 10. Bangston, care .. Huff's Restaurant, provisions Klnseth & Sou, provisions .. Joe Muto Grocery, provisions Hood's IGA, provisions .... Moo & Sjogrcn, provisions .. Cut Rate Grocery, provisions Baker's Dairy, provisions ... II. W. Gcelnn, provisions ... Belolt Children's Home, care U. S. Grant, digging grave . C. H. Llclity, rent Hugh Knncy, rent Dlst. No. 2— Dr. .Tanse, medicine Dr. Kenefick, medicine Hood's IGA, provisions ..... Moe & Sjogren, provisions . Cut Rate Grocery, provisions Dr. Crctzmcyer, medicine ... Dr. Bourne, medicine Dr. Meyer, medicine Dr. Bourne, medicine Dr. Crctzmeyer, Medicine .... Dr. Charles Jones, medicine Dr. Sawyer, glasses; Gilmore Drug Co., medical supplies A. H. Borehardt, medical sup- l')35 and 1030 Old Age Pension tax paid twice, receipts attached. Ayes: All* Motion by Fraser and seconded by Cosgrove that Ilclken be appointed to make necessary repairs on Drainage District No. 166 and No. 82. Ayes: All* i Motion by He'lken and seconded by Fraser that Morris make necessary repairs on Drainage District E. K. Joint No. 2. Ayes: All. Motion by Fraser and seconded by CoBgrove that McDonald make necessary repairs on Drainage Districts No, 83 and No. 137. Ayes: All. Motion by Helkcn and seconded by Morris that the final estimates of Paul & Williams on projects No. 451, 440 and 447 be approved. Ayes: All. Motion by Helkcn and seconded by Morris that the taxes against lots 0 and 10 Block 3 Dourtes Addition to Swea City Incorporated be suspended for the year 1037 as recommended by the Town Council of Swea City, Iowa. Ayes : All. Motion by Morris and seconded by Helkcn that the final estimate No. 4 on road work by A. 11. Eno be approved. Ayes: All. Motion by Fraser and seconded by Morris that a compromise settlement of $40.80 tor personal taxes of Orvll Hcdrlck for the years of 1030, 1031, 1032, 1033, 1034, 1035. 1030 and 1037 be approved. Ayes: All. Motion by Fraser and seconded by Morris that the claim filed by Kos- sulh county agalust the John Long estate be withdrawn by the county auditor, for reason county attorney finds claim was outlawed. Ayes : All. Nays: None. Motion by Fraser and seconded by Hciken that county auditor is hereby directed /to pay county claim of $•!,000.00 against drainage district No. 60, this credit being advanced from maintenance fund. Ayes: All. Motion by Fraser and seconded by Helken that county auditor is hereby directed to $5,000.00 from drain- Elmer Wlllmcft, sheep killed by dogs , •' 50,00 Edward Stohr, sheep killed by dogs 24.00 A. L. Benschotcr, sheep killed by dogs 16,00 Otto Engstrom, sheep killed by dogs j.. . 15.00 Dick Meyer, cattle killed by dogs 00.00 Dick Meyer, cattle killed by dogs Eugene Clnk, sheep killed by dogs , Mike lllndrlksen, sheep killed by dogs W. C. Taylor, sheep killed by Fred Lftaba, sheep, killed, by dogs ,. t Earl Osborn, hogs killed by dogs • Wni Hoeck, cow killed by dogs C. H. Wllhelml, sheep killed by dogs A. A. Droessler, ducks killed by dogs Ed V. Johnson, sheep killed by dogs °cf, Bertha Gardner, ducks killed by docs Me >gs Dillard Ulsliop, sheep killed Sheldon Merrill, ducks killed by does by dogs L. ,r. Hanson, calf killed by dogs C. D. Clark, sheep killed by dogs Fred Carlson, calf killed by dogs C. A. Derucr, cult killed by dogs L. C; Hutchlns, sheep killed by dogs Tetcr Weydert, geese killed Not allowed 160.00 24.00 104.00 10.00 23.90 26.00 0.00 25.00 18.00 8.00 8.00 8.00 8.00 21.00 Martin Krapp, sheep killed by does • .-.;....;, Wm. QocBche, hogs killed by dogs Albert E. Gould, sheep killed by dogs Lew Matcrn, sheep killed by dogs Tom Kllefson, sheep killed by by .dogs 16.50 and railroads within districts: Dr. 83 Dr. ,60 Dr. 5 E. I!r. Dr. Dr. 0 Dr. 12 Dr. 40 Dr. 51 piles Kossuth Hospital, hospital care 252.50 Roy Steinman, care 10.00 Sorcnson Grocery, provisions 28.60 Martin W. Geeders, damages - 35.00 Iowa Public Service Co., light service 3.06 City of Algona, light service 34.11 Port Dodge Machine & Supply Co., supplies 4.82 Globe Machine & Supply Co., supplies 53.00 Wilson Koad Machine Co., supplies 7031.72 Barton-Warner Co., supplies . 142.80 Iowa Machine & Supply Co., supplies 37.62 Bnlbach Co., supplies 1.33 Allla-Chalmers Manufacturing Co., supplies ...; 155.70 Central States Electric Co., light service ' Lone Rock Telephone Co., 1.28 19.92 II. II. Piunacll, i« ....... . ............ Adah CiirlBon, local registrar 21.00 Florence Hof, local registrar 1.50 Fred A. Diekmun, local registrar ..................... : C C. Sclmrlach, survey ..... Holiert Llesener, labor ..... l»r. M. G. Bourne, medicine . Brown's Studio, pictures Burroughs Adding Machine Co., supplies • • Mrs. Clotilda Hutchinson, 0. A. P. investigator L N. Hanson, bounty p. J. Ilelken, bounty Francis Torino, bounty ,. ( ..... • P. A. Dansou, J. P. fees ... Casey Loss, sheriff fees ... P A. Danson, J. P. fees .•-••,• Ernest G. Thiel, constable's Harold "Zimmerman', witness 1.75 13.50 4.00 5.00 2.81 900 0.50 9.25 .60 telephone service _.,. Sioux City Iron Co., supplies 9.19 American Hoist & Derrick Co., _ supplies,, ............... 33.25 Central Auto & Electric Co., supplies Standard Bearings Co., supplies Gibbs Cook Tractor Co., supplies .T. W. Steel Co., supplies Federal Spark Plug Manufae- >lle 38.81 28.24 319.63 54.23 5.80 turlng Co., supplies ....... „„»•»» Sleg Ft. Dodge Co., supplies 160.09 R. f I'. 8 Haiiaour,'' witness' 'fees .BO P 'I*: 8 Danson;"J."P.'Fees''.'.' Z.W O e P. Molan, constable fees 4.78 ^ff^BSoUrreJlSrubli ^ fees P. j. Heukcn, mayor fees .. Ole T. Molan, constable fees library Fund Florence Wells, supplies .... Holley School Supply Co., gfl()9 ''' ' 3.15 0.00 5.10 31.05 Cas C e 0 y e Lo°s I s, board" and "lodge ' __ I_ _„„_„ ...... . 1 . . I •• I *•!*•* Wl! K I.' Cromer. 1 tax accountant Norton Machine Works, labor Hugo Johnson, labor 4125 5.00 tmiii'"" 1 :•••/,• •••; 1 v I ,Y 1 iip,i Backley-Cardy Co., supplies 49.11 Lyons & Carnahan, supplies WIlcox t & Follett, supplies .. Newson' & Co., supplies ..... Central Book Store, supplies S'owson & Co., supplies Allvn & Bacon, supplies Junior Literary Guild, supp- Iowa ea pu'bi£' Reading'' Circle', 44.96 15.00 1.25 6.00 (3), {96) North, ., (30), West Pf the South W rods, 5 ft. rods, North 13 .>»., East 13' ro4» ' beginning, building and 4.05 supplies Lumber Co., sup* • • ••* U °5 ardware, supplies ^--^ F^B^tarft sW."c* •'•' 4 JI D lrVS<^-.' •supplies gig K. W._He.!se,,rent Fre* 0J •groceries} 'dryljoodV, *° ««»&», eaa and -are paints flour 1 Qtner prop- with, Topic printing oft Ke PB | ter. , .^' Wlilttemore Champion, '" Phillips' 'school "se'rvc, H 11.83 49.98 03.53 velcb Printng 'Co.,' Co., Ma P t" 'parrot't &' Sons' Co., - nlies ••_*•• ••.',**' * V,!AiiM»s piles Sg5to w £S5 M L C « -,,»- $*%^f'S$ a '•'•'•'•'• P: P! Krlethe, meetfngs S W. Blelch, meetings CT'3SsZ;§ "meeting's ... 18.36 15.13 12'.B5 8.45 8.21 21.94 . O. G. Waffle, supplies Scott Foresman &• Co., sup- •:« 100.49 Elu'on " American Lithographing and Printing Co., supplies Swaney Oil Co., supplies .... Peerless Oil Co., supplies ... 1C. &. H. Cooperative Oil Co., supplies Interstate Power Co., light service McCormick Deering Store, supplies Standard Oil Co., supplies .. Drainage Fund Drain No. 4— George Looft, labor John Welch, labor K. E. Liesener, labor C. C. Scharlach, engineer Carl I. Anderson, labor H. O. Stinstrom, labor ..... Chas. B. Chubb, engineer ... Drain E. Dr. No. S— Homer Nolle, labor Chas. E. Chubb, engineer ... Drain No. 7— 17.85 361.83 18.36 14.88 1810.05 H. A. Clark, provisions Meyer's Grocery, provisions \V. T. Pilehcr, provisions . S & L. Department Store supplies Farmers Exchange, fuel .. Standard Oil Station, fuel . Hotsford Lumber Co., fuel House of the Good Shepherd care Howard Hardware, supplies . W. G. McCullough, ambulance service James Ollom, digging grave . Theo Swalve, sent R. F. Donovan, rent Otto Nelson, rent August Huenhold, rent Guy Manotor, rent Fred E. Geurlch, rent Chas. Miller, rent Mrs. Laura Vandee, rent ... A. M. Collinsou, rent William F. Behnke, rent .... DlHt. No. S— Hood's IGA, provisions 7.20 18.00 12.00 2.02 7.14 .72 24.99 20.00 1.50 2.00 5.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 6.00 20.00 8.00 Cut Rate Grocery, provisions 10.00 V^UL 1Y11LU VJIU^UIJ, pluvlolulla Kossuth Hospital, hospital care ." Faebenders. provisions Otto Newman, provisions ... Henry C. Nelson, rent Dist.-No. 4— A. H. Borehardt, medical supplies Kossuth Hospital, hospital cure Dr. Clapsaddle, medicine ....' Dr. West, medicine Sena Isebrand, caro Kossuth Hospital, hospital care Sena Isebrand, care M. L. Vlnaas, care Kennedy Bros. Co., provisions Finns Grocery, provisions .. Hood's IGA, provisions O. P. McDonald, fuel W. A. Murray, fuel 84.50 12.00 10.00 8.00 4.85 5.00 35.00 75.00 8.00 16.00 8.00 9.00 5.00 8.00 6.00 7.14 12.14 15.00 9.00 8.00 10.00 Mrs. August Beltz, care ..... C. H. Schrader, rent J. H. Sheridan, rent J. B. , McGaheran, rent Dint. No. 5— Smith Department Store, provisions Thavcs, provisions Fred C. Huettner, provisions Blomsters, provisions Sliusers, provisions Henry Kline, rent , W. A. Smith, rent General— Moe & Sjogren, supplies Botsford Lumber Co., supplies Tom Molamphy, labor 35.00 LuVerne Public School, gas . Robert Kunchey, rent City of Algona, light service 7.32 P. S. Norton & Son, supplies 5.10 Subdivision of Aid to Blind, blind aid 10.43 10.00 24.00 4.20 10.00 7.85 10.00 30.00 .77 4.39 age district No. 815 to maintenance fund to meet credit advanced. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris and seconded by Cosgrove tlint the following reassessments be spread upon the various tracts of lauds, real estate, highways "- the following 4 pet. Assessment 10 pet " 4 pet. 10 pet. " 1 pet. .'! pet. " 7 pet. " 1 pet. " Sub. 13 of Dr. 60 5 pet. " Dr. 63 2 pet. " Dr. 68 1 pet. " Dr. 80 2 pet. " Dr. 82 2 pet. Dr. 84 2 pet. " . Dr. 90 1 pet. " Dr. 102 2 pet. " Dr. 125 1 pet. " Dr. 128 3 pet. Dr. 139 2 pet. " Dr. 165 2 pet. and that the county auditor is hereby directed to spread the above assessments on respective lands within the districts mentioned. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris and seconded by Fraser that the county accept the insurance policy on county jail and residence from the Western Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Des Molnes and that the policy for granary and crib at the County Farm be accepted from Security' Fire Insurance Co. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris and seconded by Fraser that county redeem certificate No. 787 as same represents church property sold for taxes for the year of 193B, the amount of refund to cover certificate being $5.24. Ayes: All* Motion by Helken and. seconded by Cosgrove that W. J. Brass be given a refund of $3.00 for poll tax paid and also worked in Fenton township. Ayes: All. Motion by Helken nnd seconded by Cosgrove that the poll tax charged to Herman Brass in Fenton township be abated, reason, worked same. Ayes: All. Motion by Heiken and seconded by Cosgrove that the poll tax charged to D. C. Vogel in Greenwood township for 1937 be abated, reason,'" receipt shows same was paid to Bancroft Incorp. for 1937. Ayes: All. Motion by Praser and seconded by Cosgrove that the board proceed to audit and allow claims for domestic animals and fowls killed by dogs during the year 1938 as "per schedule of claims hereinafter written." Domestic Animal Fund Ed Weisbrod, cuttle killed by dogs Not allowed Harley Hanson, sheep killed by dogs Not allowed W. E. Quinn, sheep killed by dogs $ 299.20 H. C. Lunning, sheep killed Henry Elschcld, sheep killed by dogs Harold Nellson, sheep killed by dogs Arthur Kraft, cow killed by dogs Anna Looft, geese killed by dogs Severlu Ophelin, sheep killed by dogs Henry Muller, hog killed by dogs Thomas Murphy, sheep 'killed by dogs Gottlieb Krncht, cattle killed by dogs killed by dogs Robert M. Schoby, chickens killed by dogs R. Newton, sheep killed by dogs Adolph Oswald, sheep killed by dogs Virgil 10. Moore, sheep killed by dogs Roland H. Gabcl, turkeys killed by dogs Groen Brothers, sheep killed by dogs Joe Goraczkowskc, sheep killed by dogs Lawrence C. Dlttmlre, sheep killed by dogs Rudolph Larson, sheep killed by dogs Frank Kapewskl, chickens killed by dogs Geo Wagner, chickens killed by dogs Frtiz Yahnke, sheep killed by dogs Otto Kuudsen, sheep killed by dogs ; C. E. Dltrlck, sheep killed by dogs. Henry Scheppman, sheep kill- dogs Wm. C. Kuhn, sheep killed by dogs Herman Fritz, sheep killed by dogs Clarence Bunkofske, sheep killed by dogs Jos. J. Elbert, cow killed by dogs Thorwald Larson, sheep killed by dogs R. A. Dakcn, chickens killed by dogs Leonard Dritger, sheep killed by dogs John Kutschara, sheep killed by dogs Mrs. Bertha Dally, chickens killed by docs L. W. Kessell, sheep killed by dogs Edith McGlnnls, chickens killed by dogs A. R. Gardner, sheep killed by dogs 43.40 18.00 20.00 14.00 8.00 9.00 30.00 32.00 13.00 13.00 10.00 10.00 12.40 8.00 20.00 27.00 12.00 12.00 16.00 26.00 17.00 9.00 30.00 Harvey Steveus, sheep killed by dogs Robert Keefe, sheep killed by dogs J. F. Coyne, turkeys killed by dogs e <J T by dogs .............. 10.00 ... T .............. W. H. King, sheep killed by dogs .............. ...... John Klssner, sheep killed by dogs ..................... Alfred Grill, calf killed by . doss ................... A. E. Weaver, sheep killed by 5.00 s 00 5.00 C. F. Schultz, sheep killed by dogs • David C. King, sheep killed by dogs James Weydert, sheep killed by dogs , M. H. Sanders, sheep killed by dogs Mrs. E. H. Rosier, geese killed by dogs S. A. Gardner, sheep killed by dogs L. H. Junkermeler, sheep killed by dogs Alfred Miller, chickens killed by dogs L. J. Larsen, chickens killed by dogs Arthur Clnk, sheep killed by dogs Glenn Reece, sheep killed by dogs 1S.W 7.00 10.00 20.00 20.00 10.00 .20.30 54.00 15.00 20.00 15.60 14.00 7.00 30.00 10.00 30.00 15.00 20.00 2.00 8.00 7.00 8.0* 22.50 24.00 7.50 30.00 120.00 8.00 10.00 4.50 40.80 8.00 28.00 3.00 35.00 10.00 RESOLVED: That the county auditor Is authorized to issue warrants for all bills allowed at this meeting as "per schedule of claims hereinbefore written." Motion by Helken and seconded by Cosgrove that a paupers notice be Cosgrove that a paupers notice be served on each of the following named persons: Ben Hellman; H. O. Nail and family; Albert Anderson; Mrs. Nettle Bracket and family; Geo. Simmons and family; Mrs. Hllbert and family; L. E. Marks; L. K. Johnson and family; Pierce Duckett and family; John Miller and family; F. Mayland and family; George Braton and family; Mrs. Robert War* and family; Ed Fitch and family; Richard Vanderllndcn and family; Ed Fosnaugh and family; Mrs. August Sprank and family; August Sprank and family; Louis B. Davenport and family. Ayes: All. On motion board adjourned to call of the auditor. E. S. KINSEY, County Auditor. Ear Corn We are now buying ear corn Anderson Grain & Coal Co. ALGONA, IOWA 12.00 10.50 4.00 15.65 36.40 45.05 10.00 2.25 15.75 Cha'sT £'Chubb, engineer ... 10.00 Drain No. 20— „.,, Dick Baade t labor *•%> C H. Cooper, labor - No. 81— , nm Welch,..labor _._ 10.M 1.20 6.00 ^.00 ,,00 plies 26.45 27.35 plies T. B. Fund Dr. J. B. Winkel, tuberculosis ..----- George Looft, labor Drain No. 38— Ubbe Meyer, labor Ellert D. Boyken, labor ..... »• C. H. Cooper, labor '• Dick Baade, labor e ' Drain No. 60— George Looft, labor John Welch, labor Homer Nolle, labor »-'<° Fernley Nolle, labor, f-gj ChaS. E. Chubb, engineer ., 4T.S5 Alex Evans, Supt., gas County Farm- Clarence Baunbover, labor .. Lloyd Steward, labor John Hennlng, labor Walsh Electric Service, supplies Laine & Muckey, supplies Botsford Lumber plies upplii Co., sup- Frank L. Miller, light service Lousing (Jrocery, provisions Cut Kate Grocery,- provisions Dr. Bourne, medicine A. H. Borchardt, medical supplies Poi & Wlnkel, veterinery work Algona Ice Cream & Candy Paclory, locker rent ...... K. D. James,' medical supplies Fred Park, expenses ........ Howard Hardware, supplies Globe Machine & Supply Co., supplies ...,.,-,.. Kossuth Oil Co., gasoline ... Olewein Chemical Co., sup- Standard ' 'che'mlcai Manufacturing, co., supplies ....... Missouri Kansas Chemical Co., 46.23 50.14 49.15 50.00 62.04 15.15 2.14 15.06 35.62 30.65 3.50 1.W 133.70 20.06 11.06 25.16 , 20.00 7.50 2.98 Drl T TGlbsbnY 'tubercuYoVis Dr. culosls Institute Fund 35.00 30.00 3.00 * .iw*. -fcsty o; ftWj$"ihfifc * 8 '.'or. Ity^rVVju ^3S»«M» .ffXStiU&Jft , Martin Meyer meetings S * p Powrs, meetings C O* Peterson, m ««4? B ^= T' H' Holcorob, meetings ' • • H > u y ~s-\ • • s*'^!,"^'^ vSWfe&l" 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 ,8.00 8.00 8.00 8.00 4.00 1.00 4.00 4.00 P ii. tSrlstenson,. »^w>« iis8a«9"3«5ifc H aS H y Creumeyer. comnT. fees p" A' Danson, comm. fees - - Dr. B. 'M. Wallace, «" witness fees Drain No. 78— Ray Welp, labor Drain No. BO— George Looft, labor ...... John Welch, labor DralB No. 83— Theo Dorenbusb, labor ... Ed Meyer, labor R. Pomeroy. labor ,. George Looft, labor John Welch, labor Edward Feldick, labor ... Drain No. 88 — Chas. B. Chubb, engineer Bdwln A. Krekow, sup. ., Drain No. 00— 540 14.00 74.87 8,15, 26.85 4.25 Farmers Cooperative Assocla- ' tion, supplies ,•• Sgl'IJ H B McMurray, labor ..... 325.00 RESOLVED: That the county au«- llorls hereby authorized to issue warrants for all bills allowed at this meeting as "per schedule of claims hereinbefore written." On motion board adjourned to December 8th, 1938. FARM AUCTION I am moving to a different locality aud selling my farm goods at the farm five miles north and three quarters mile east of Algona, and four miles south of = Burt, on •Thursday, December 29,19381 = SALE BEGINS AT 1 O'CLOCK LUNCH WAGON ON GROUNDS 4 Head of Horses 4 55 One roan gelding 8 yrs. old, wt. 1700, sound; one roan gelding 11 yrs, old, •= wt. 1450, sound; bay gelding 4 yrs. old, wjL 1450, sound; bay gelding 12 yrs. old, Wt. 1300, sound, County Auditor AUDITOR'S OFFICE n-oo o'clock A. M. D« c - „ 18 » T. B. Fund D^ H E. Woodward, tuberculosis inspection .......... tU r j j, fl j. I. MerrymaS, bridgei wgrk . 3.00 3.00 4.10 48.70 212.40 ££foVorenbn" 8 b, labor, <$% I d P M o&: a fc-:::::::.:::: tfl C C Scharlacb, engineer ... 89.75 B B, Liensener, labor 12 - llu George Looft, labor ...... John Welch; labor Drain No. W—. Dick paade, labor ......... C. H. Cooper, labor 12.00 14.00 12,25 2.00 -oo o'cloc . . - • Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adJourimeut with all members pr Mo e tlo'n by Helken and seconded by Morris that the official Bond of Chas. H. Talor, soldiers relief cpmmUslon- tnd seconded 25 Head of Cattle 25 Con Clarence Ben NoUe, labor labor uff, labor 1OT.20 C. — .... labor u, ri» ^vvjf c*» »M Drain No. 102— George Looft, labor ........ John .Welch, labor Drain No. 114—• Chas"• H. Chubb, engineer ... Drain No. ll«— M. B. Wagner, labor ........ Farmers Cooperative Association, suppUes ............. pjnueru "cooperative Assocla- . tion, supplies Orajn No. 1SS- 7.00 30.00 21.90 2.30 .77 oo by Heiken 'that a transfer of M7.20 be made from the c.punty . bridge fund to the maintenance fund, and that [218,82 be transfered from the county •ash road fund to the maintenance fU Motio i n ye by Morris and seconded by Cosgrove that the assessment on the Drain No. 13S — , ~, m C.C. Scharl»cb, engineer .... 27.0C D m T.iocpnpr. labor ........ o.W 1 Webster, Engineering rd •supiiy'co.V Wp^ joe Schalier, 07 L. Huber. Itftseo damage* lapojr 15,00 129.60 W.W „. E. Id'esener, labor Drain No. 190—. George Looft, labor .. *, •John Welcii, labor ... C. stinstrom, labor E..G. -SUnstiom, labor .«•:..«, Drain H. K. NO. 8-W— Cnwi; A. Anderson, tajMW .. Farmers Cooperative dp,, sop- Bites 6.8C 2.« 8.76 SO. 7.68 1-99 STBJ 38100, due to error In assessment, That the county auditpr be and, 4f hereby directed to abate the amount of valuation on 81381,00. This being ?ecommendeo by township trustees of Buffalo township. Ayes; All. . Motion by Helken and seconded by Fraser thai the delinquent poll ta* against Dwlght Parsons for the year 1637 be abated as recommended by the city council of Aigpna, at regular $sslon November 28, 1938. Ayes; All. Motion b y Heifcen and seconded thai 'the- following Otf roved: J. H. Sheridan. iJPeace, Greenwop I A»yW*«» V **• <**.«»«(>-•* n ..; Continuation, or Ben ond of' WiUJ*» Shjrley: and M. F. cflTt*; Justice^ peace/f5«M», Ayes- A.H" , = , Eight Shorthorn cows, fresh in January and February; 1 white face cow; 1 = white face calf; 1 Guernsey cow; 12 head of young cattle, mostly white face; 2 white face cows to freshen about February 1, 15 SHKOPSHIHE EWES, TO LAMB ABOUT APBIL 1 50 WHITE LEGHOBN CHICKENS, MOSTLY HENS AND PULLETS Farm Machinery, Etc 30 tons alfalfa hay; 800 bu. corn in crib; 20 ft, ensilage in 14-ft. silo; 38-ft. ,jseyTjIarris Kewanee grain elevator, complete with wagon hoist and jack four years pldj set breeching harness; 2 saw blades 24x30; in. one good saw; F-30 Farina!! tractor; McCormick-Deering co-n pick,er, used three seasons; Farmall cultivator; Bradley gang plow; singHe-row cultivator; 24-ft. grain elevator with horse power; 2rsection harrow; drag cait; I4tchfie!d manure spreader; McCormick-Deering cream separator, with mo or; 16-ft, feed bunk; 2 8x16 ft, hog houses; 6x8 ft. brooder house, and some chicken coops. TERMS; See your banker. No property removed until settled for, ^9jj^^f-': -. ^BUWP^r ^^H^^ ^W^^^W^W ^BI^I^P^Bk^BW' "SlieWFY

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