Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 22, 1938 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1938
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tfundfwfo Mrs. CATCH 'EM AND KISS 'EM- MISTLETOE DAY TO BE FRI DAY Dogs Bark, Fight, Parade, in Annual Kids' Dog Show Cl McDougall, sort BoW>y< will bo with gall** parents, Mr. and Tubbe&lrtg, Mason City Jr and Mr4. £«ter Chubb, of and the eon Jitnmy, are com- •fthe week-end with Mr. parents, Mf. and Mrs. C. ubb • • Mr- an'd Mrs. Enrl ,1 Ottumwa, will spend tho with Mr. and Mrs. Matt Kapp, of Mrs. Waul. . arvey Stevens, Sexton, and Williams, of Al- nore of tne L ' lackeys • • > June Adele Overla expected today for Christ- wlth her parents, Mr. and t p. Overmyef. Qhe teaches .]i at Osfcaloosa . . . James, and Bob Spencer will be stmas dinner guests at J. T. annon's. James /Is now em- ed at the Hanford hotel, Ma- City, John attends the Iowa Lj«ity, and ; Bob clerks for Itaas &' Spllies. The boys' her Is spending the winter In cago. •'••••• . . »ymond Kresensky, director of P. A. writers', project, DCS nes and the Louis Kresonskys, ikato, will spend Christmas the men's mother, Mrs. J. C. , s ensky, and at the A. E. Kres. Raymond is a well- wn Iowa poet, and Louis is nclpal of the Mankato tiffh .ool. • : Ir. and Mrs. Marvin Clement i to spend the day at Jefferson h their respective parents . . . > George Stew.arts Sr. and Mr. [ Mrs. George Stewart Jr. are to guests of George Sr.'e parents, and Mrs. Robert Stewart, west Algona on No. 18 ... The W. J. lers will visit Mr. and Mrs. Te y Johnson, Clarion. Mrs. nson Is a niece 'of Mrs. Fuller. •he M. J. Strelts will be guests Mrs.' Streit's mother, Mrs. Mar- Coonan, Emmetsiburg . . . Mrs. D Richards will be at her son- *" " • . - _ -.v>«mt KibLii tuu. UIAU au.uucnij' OLU1»UUU ill's near Lone Rock . . . Dr. and the annual Chambcr ot commerce s. H. M. Olson plan the day at and Call theater dog show prizes thven with Mrs. Olson s par- j were awarde(1 yesterday afternoon s, Mr., and Mrs. P. J. Johnson Dy Major Saul, secretary of the i .The Burdette T. Agards wl 1 ' chamber, R. J. Harrington and H. 1 at Burdette's mother's at Gold- ,3 -white, judges. | The assortment of dogs ranged Ir. and Mrs. John Bieser, Al- from the massive "Duke," St. Bernna, and Mr. an'd Mrs. Woodrow ard owned by Mrs. Harold Soren- mson, Irvington, will be guests! sen, to a couple of tiny Mexican Mrs. Eva Delm. Mr. Bieser is a dogs brought by a pair of twins. "AH i *—•'"• •"'"" ^y State Unlve'rstty All •American Newspaper Eleven, 1927 ALGONA. IOWA. THURSDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 22, 1933 . JO Pages 80 Columns Numoer 14 80 PRIZES GO TOYOUNGSTERS FOIUANINES S t. Bernard Causes Excitement in the Dog World. After some 40 dog fights had been started and suddenly stopped NORTH IOWA UNDER SNOW BLANKET FOR CHRISTMAS SEASON A White Christmas after nil! Last night it - snowed, mid a llsht fall Is still descending as this Is written at 1):J!0 Thursday morning. At this moment the fall Is some three inches. Till yesterday it looked as if North Iowa would have a "green Christinas." Stories for the paper about the fine skating on the soft water pond have now been ditched, also a preamble to the temperatures report referring to snowless weather. Prediction is hazardous, but it looks at present as If winter had finally to stay. ither, Mrs. Johnson a daughter, Mr. Deim . - . Mr. and Mrs. Fred gel will be at Davenport Avith ilr respective parents. Mr. Engel i mechanic at Dau's garage "Duke" caused considerable excitement in the dog world, and the smaller pups growled defiance or barked their heads off in a vain effort to scare the menace away. and Mrs. Eldon Stoffel, with!One dog, probably with blue blood, [son Darrell, will be with Mrs. seemed to refuse to believe there iffel's parents, Mr. and Mrs. er Schiltz, Bancroft )r. and Mrs. A. J. Eason plan to nd the day at Le Mars and Orge City with parents and other atlves Mrs. Arthur Helberg was any dog that size, and ignored "Duke" completely. Itnttle in Dogdoni. A small Boston bull, throwing discretion to the winds and probably feeling doomed anyway, chal- dher children will be at Madrid lenged »rj u k e ," to the consterna- th Mrs. Helberg's mother, Mrs. tlon o£ a small g ir i tl . y i ng to hold teBurtey, and the late Mr. Hel-| the pup back "Duke" ignored the rg's mother, Mrs. J. P. Helberg n n 7g ults of the snl aller e 0 g, and ..Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Anderson,' tne llttle gjrl was a bi e to get couth the son Jerry Bob, will be • trol and pull tne yap ping dog mer guests of the Anton Ander-' away BURT LEGION DEDICATES A NEW BUILDING Knoll Post Carnival Opening Dance is DEATH COMES FOR ANDREW PETERSON, 87 Brief Last Sickness Brings the End on Monday Night. Ity H. D. Hutchlns. In the death of Andrew Peterson, which occurred rather suddenly early Monday evening, Decem- iber 19, 1938 at his''home on east North Street in Algona, after a ibrief illness, the community of Algona has lost one of its most re; spected and revered citizens. I For Mr. Peterson was recognized 'iby his host of friends as having 'ibeen a shining example of uprightness in business dealings, dependability in duty, an'd Christian char- Jty toward his fellow men. He was !.modest and unassuming yet fear- jiless in standing steadfastly for the .causes of morality and religion, [lending always his active support to the movements and organizations intended to promote them. Native of Norway. All that Andrew Peterson achieved was by his own efforts, which him to be an inspiration to Merry Christmas * A Happy New Year To ALL ""ADVANCE TWO KOSSUTH MEN HELD IN BOOKCASES Wesleyans & Elmore Farmers are Facing Grand Jury. FOUR DAYS CAR SALES IN 1938 IN DROP FROM '36-'37 Fifty Percent Slump From Records Set by Two Years. i 'Melzar A. Farrow, Elmore, and Ollie T. Kirschbaum, Wesley, were bound to the grand jury by Justice Danson Monday as the result of raids by federal agents. j Farrow was arrested by . the agents and Sheriff Loss at the , Lloyd D. Musselman farm, near Elmore when he drove into the iyard, where the officers were i awaiting Musselman, who , was i wanted to face questioning concerning last week's bank robbery at Whittemore. Farrow had a half pint of alcohol on him when he was arrested, man, 28, had heard fo'r the second and the officers believe that two time a sentence to life impris'on- cases of alcohol found in Mussel- ment, with almost certainty that man's house belonged to him. He this time it would stick. Last was brought to Algona Monday, Thursday noon he was a free man waived preliminary hearing, and till he attempted to rob the Whit- I NLY FOUR DAYS after he was free man Lloyd D. Mussel- was bound over under bond $800, which was furnished. Spiked "Coke" Found. Kirschbaum was arrested at ind is intoxicting liquor. Eleven and of temore State bank, and was foiled by a bandit-proof glass case and the steady nerve of Annette Bes... tenlehner. x ' He then became hunted and Sat- arrested at Elmore. Monday he was sentenced . one-half pint of Hiram Walker whS a^ 11 ™. of wSSey^n man t0 F ° rt M ^° n TU6Sday another bottle, as well as a bottle Sheriff Casey Loss took Mussel- to serving his life term, his FANCY SHAVE IS REQUESTED B'f THE GIRLS Promise to Go Easy on Lipstick is Agreed To. Friday's the big Mistletoe day, and all Algona male visitors are requested to please do a good job of shaving to save the tender lips and cheeks of those girls who are caught beneath the mistletoe. Algona's Mistletoe day, when sprigs of the Chirtsmas decoration are hung up in. all Algona's stores, has received nationwide publicity, and a photo snapped last year of Santa Glaus taking advantage of an opportunity, was sent out via wire-photo to papers from coast to coast. Shaving and Lipstick. There was some complaint from the girls last year, who suggested the shaving as a means of reducing the wear and tear. However few of the males have a hint give the girls, nd that is to easy on the lipstick, claiming they don't want to look like a Sioux Indian on the warpath. It has been suggested that a rules committee be drafted to adopt regulations, but Major ~ Once before he had robbed e e a £ = S ±±T° a C ° la> Were f ° Und in a bank, but Governor Herring had Commuted his sentence to 20 years, preliminary an( j he was released on sood be- his possession. Kischbaum waived ?!" 1 ?f._^ r -1__ J Y? t J c " e .. .Danaon havior? Wi°th hisTe'cord iTis" now believed he can expect no future mercy. From the Whittemore at- The sales of. new automobiles in to the grand jury under a bond of a to go retary of the Chamber Saul, sec- of Cora- o'- ig ed last night. Hurt's Marshal Fined. J. Harold Cosgroye, Algona, was I 'Uciuseu iiiiu LU ue an inoiJiittLiuii •-•-» : • »onn 1^1 -U t, u i. * • * meiw« r iviu LUC wiiiuLeiiiuitj at..those who come after him, partic-Kossuth Kit a big slump in 1938 J,, ,' nowh JJ° u j lad not been f urmsh- tempt Musselman received nothing, .ularly in this age, which looks so'compared with both 1936 and 1937. "' "" ' |often for aid from government and In 1936 1039 were sold in the Asocial organizations. Those loved COU nty; 1007 in. 1537; dn 1938, up .loved him most who knew him ; to yesterday, only 531. •- '"' •' his former attempt he had opportunity to spend less than ?5. wis a large attendance at was a lal " ' ' rt dance is here, and will then go to I'Btal Lake for the afternoon and fct at A. 0. Sonerholm's. UB1 - UttBC , „** „ . b — ,— • - , „ . „ a tlr. and Mrs. Delbert Eagen will The youngster's dog collided with had, with confetti, balloons, •ndthe_day_at Erfra with their'another dog suddenly, and m^ an! and_ noisejnatorB ; The tall One youngster, dragging a be- an opening wildered looking pup of uncertain Thursday e was circling the crowd (Legion hall, anda gila time also, bound over to the grand juryji best. .1 Sales of "automobiles by months i bv Justice Danson, but on another Andrew Peterson was born m ln 19 3 8 were: j anuarv 28- Feb- 'charge, forgery, the information . , „,,_,,. .T.....,- ,.,._,. ,„ '• 63 having-been signed by R. H. Mil„„ „„„, „, Augl'J 61 '- President of the Iowa State September, 29; October, bank> Bond of $ 500 was furnished , a ,t iBind Prastgjeled, NorWay, which is , uy . last 7Q ^ from GhHsttania ™' rents. Mr. Eagen Is a carpenter instant there was a dogfight. Lead;been Cowan employ, and Mrs. Eagen 'chains became tangled and wound |ion Auxiliary a clerk at the Ben Franklin 'round legs of bystanders, who didi The new *' re ... •" nkmans, was ithe capital, .on March 6, 1851, UOLI " eight children. The family came 30. j to America in the summer of 1856,' . settling in Dane county, Wis. Kept Store 20 Years. Mr. Peterson worked hard and for heavy sales this month. DANCE PUPILS WILL GIVE A FLOOD SHOW December, to ^ nls mother, Mrs. Emma L. Cos-; Bernice Stock Aleona's dance grove, whose name, it is charged,' "*? , „„, „ ' 1 ,7 *", ,„ the anv.ii.mrt f n r^ Q rt '.teacher, will present 27 pupils in merce, which sponsors the event, ia against the idea for the present, ifavoriing the catch-as>-catch-c 1 aii; method as producing the most squeals. Some of the girls charge others with deliberately hogging the choice spots beneath the Mistletoe and not giving the other girls a chance. The girls also offer the -§ u S&e.Siioji, ^thsU*.cigaiv-smokers should not chew their cigars or chew gum before,seeking favors. Unofficial Bales. Some of the suggested rules, which, however, have not been officially adopted, include: Not more than one kiss Corn loans this month may have . the ac'cused forged. , TiroUai. a(.-.,,« m j. r>., .* u i been responsible, at least in Part, ^altei S ewart Burt marsha., for heavy sales this month. [Pleaded guilty before Danson to a are to bo way. Finally the a floor show next week Thursday afternoon and evening at the New Call theater. Thirty of the 75 cars sold in De, i^arge of assault and battery, Tfle program wm be - n three ests of the John Foths. George " Julius are brothers of Mrs. h . . . Willis Colwell, who rto for the Iowa Pipe & Culvert , Des Moines, will visit his par- 8, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Colwell. )r. and Mrs. Karl R. Hoffman, ment. "i the daughter Joan, will spend | day and till Tuesday at Le-i rs with the doctor's parents, Mr. J ne VSA53SS: »™' S'S."^:"^. -^ sini-'one end. A cement floor basement is equipped with stoves, dishes, etc. ,t o Tragedy in Pri/e. n W0 rtiiwhile. wei an ^ er lots adjoining the building and entered a store at Postville, later V.. McWhorter, E. L. DeZellar, P.' . .. the waterworks department on the buying the business and conducting. A. Lonerg'an, .Algona; Mrs. Fred steWavt Volpminn niP^dS ^liitv ' take part are Joyce Aman ' Betty west This is to be made into a j t successfully for 20 years, after ,Zwiefel, Lu Verne; C. K. Kohl- Olewal1 - vo'enune pieaaea guilty. Courtne y, Emma Jeanne Ringgen- which he disposed of it and came haas, Livermore; Dr.'H. E. Wood- I -— " —"- " "-"-- T -— ..... ..... will re Sunday and Monday . . , Rita oley. Des Moines,' will come to- rrow for the Christmas week- j.with her parents, County Rec- w and Mrs. J. J. Dooley. She is in the Old Age Assistance Com- ssion, M. H. Dohertys will spend rlstmas at Des Moines with Mr. Ws parents. Mr. and Mrs. F. .Means, Villisca, who are Mrs. forty's parents, will also be at Moines for Christmas. Mr. Is a Heinz salesman . . • and Mrs, E. B, Rising, with the "Mer Marian, will be enter- at Paul C, Bell's. Mar. 10 is bookkeeper for the n Mutual Insurance com- °es Moines, will /(pend the life Her sister won a miniature set just like the one the first little girl had bought for the sister s Christmas present. She was bemoaning the fact, particular!/ when she had spent so much money, 25 cents, for the gift. The dog show was a lot of fun for spectators, and a good sized crowd" lined tne sidewalks^or the JJJ ^ lu T" here • • • John" Ferguson, |.*>t8ford employ at Rushford, .comes Saturday to spend the 'Itli his mother, Mrs, Hortense psuson. Lewis, In forestry em- « Ames, will also come. ° Ray and Harry McCorkles °n,? ay McWhorters, near rt « L be suests of the parental « McCorkles, east of Algona on • 18 ... The Victor.Youngs will , W- Yqung's- In- Plum victor, a eon of the A. W. i w in Standard Oil employ fcion a ^ Mra - B. T. Agard took t 6r £, mot ¥ r ' M ^ s - s - G - itm Mlnnea P01ls yesterday for "nas with another daughter, ^George Decker, ftprney and Mrs. M. C. McMa- TOh the Uttle daughter will be guests of Mrs. Mc- »f mother, J|rs. Elizabeth latter's sons John ' ,, . The W. , , - -?* #,. 13ie daugh- 5 - Inrin Gerber's, west of 1 ""-^ ' Va R Ness Sn'SerS.U.ri tm^ir^ leTt Tb7Le ion plans to install a fur- ^ un moil offontlvp mnpfi Inter. iSCUO the ground. This gave an etiectm/ choking that discouraged further attempts at fighting for the mo- cember were sold in the past night schools and going week, as follows: normal schools in win-| 'Chevrolets—^A. J. Krause, Fen- He also taught several ton; Arthur Collins, Swea ischools In the middle '70's, at Mos-jTom Ketelsen, West Bend; The Legion post owns three oth- ^p^ an d Postville, Wis. He then Bowman, H. A. Schweiger, brought against him by D. F. Sch- ruckus. $2 costs. by Dante obey made by parts, one of which will be iri Year cos- catch. to a on a ie town park, Hall Cost $2,000. ,to Iowa. He arrived in Algona In:ward, Whittem'ore. v,oii w.,= S2000 iNovember, 1«99, which has 1 since Fords—W. P. French, J. Drees- nau was **v ^ ^^ the home of Mr and Mrs Pet . manj E y _ Piercej A i ber |. Metzger, All-Night Parking •berg, Rosalie Swanson, Betty Jean Miller, Ann Stillman, Betty Ann c . . D j and Eula Mae Sharp; Bobby Igou On Streets tSanned (who. will impersonate the New .., , „.„ , • .Year), Dorothy Nichols, Marcia Swalve, Bancroft; L. F. "No all-night parking" signs Setchell, lola Schoby, Arlene Har- Blondes should not be favored. (Remember brunettes close their eyes.) Mauling permitted oaly in extreme cases under great aggravation when forfeit has to be fought feature of the event will |^ or be James Flemming, Mason City Indelible lipstick should be us- dance teacher, and a group of his ed - (After all some of these men have to go home sometime.) Girls must not occupy spots under mistletoe for some than five minutes in. any half hour. Close shaves preferred. Full "beavers" barred. young men students. Pupils of Miss Stock who will commodate county Legion and iliary meetings. Fred Lavrenz, Burt, was tne < eloyed jvrea uuvreiw, uufi., ••"-• "•---,„ ivl n e wis., in 1879. Only recently tractor, and he was, assisted b J8 ™£>£*£*_ the remark ibto;prlvl. m ^ b !!!l.l*% I i° St ^f 0 ± n f a irst lege of celebrating their. 59th wed- The hall was for unty ding ann versary Spueallng Permitted. Decorous squealing permitted as adding to the enjoyment of the occasion,, but should not be overdone. Criticisms of technique should be made privately. No more than two girls shall catch a male under the mistletoe — - - - - i at the same time Burt < and =«"/. F ™ z £?,'. T l ton : "™™J~™P*™"L™^ ii0 ^, ^™*™*£,.™^2! > JA. K ^es should be collected firm- The cost o£ and the money was raised by do^ ^^ nations in i mpmhprR Throughout the mature years of -j^iunuru owtiivQ, Daucruit; ju, .r. i *'•« «*A-*A*&HI. i^ui'mus ai&u-> octuuen, j.um ouuuu^, AIIGUC ii«.i- from Knoll post Legion meuumio. hig llfe Mr> Peterson had the com-]Smith, Lu Verne; Clifford Rings-i wer placed in the business dis- greaves, June Ann and Virginia The building is Dig enougn »> «*t- _ anions hi p and co-operation nf his dorf, Titonka; Geo.'W. Patterson, tnct the last of the week, and the Scanlan, Marlene Gillespie, Joyce, ft n »-vi m f\ A O to PAIITITV LjfifirlOll nUtl AU A™ f _ _ >.« «_ t »_ T _J.J.Jn -n i . -»rtl I f f* t -rrr . . -n .1 ' A «>1J». n « n n v.««'U41^t4-t » » « 11 i-. i >«li* -r 1 J T-V_ T» -.!_-,.„ mi J.—-, formerly Lottie Burt; Eli J. Grimm, West Bend, 'ordipance prohibiting all - niglit Janice, and Dawn Bonacker, Titon- Crowelli whom he married at Post-1 Plymouths were sold to George parking in the residence district ka, identical twins, Marjorie Dew- 1879. Only recently J. Elbert, Algona, Geo. H. Wessel, will also be enforced' strictly from e l, Sue and Nancy Hutchison, Mary narade at noon. Judging, the youngsters were tnei-s guests of N. C. Rice at the after- ing. business and social meet- noon matinee. Winners of 1'rizes. Youngsters with prize - winning re- Delbert Elmore, Whittemore; JaneBoe; Eleanor Jones; Bobby Pommerenlng Oargest dog)i, dogs were: Billy Bailey, Burt; Duane Geraldine Palmer, with He was a sou of MJB •„ y »»« -- lnterest ou ^ Ue tM home . Knoll, who is living- to Algtoa. ^ e the pa , storate O f the Of fleers, of the post aie Ray Me, Q H HolmeS( Mr. Peterson 'norter commander, who is aleo ^-^jj ^tive as superinten'.iont Haw- of tne Sunday sohpol, as deacon, Whorter Keeue, Calif.; Paunkuk; D Ce Be F a lT e ;i«ine"r;7ames Steb- Sittin: ™e Knutson; Virginia Sea 'an; Nancy and Joan Hutchl- soir Ruth Ann Behnke, Whitte more; John Haag; Frances Sorensen. . ' _ , Homeliest Dog Found. Arthur Heiffer (homeHest dog). county commander; liam vice commander; Geo: cott, adjutant; Roy Clark, ~-.= eant-at-arms. F. A. Ringsdorf is »«i, chaplain; torian. Year's eve. „«• Maynard Guderlan; Bobby S5" a V a - Q ± Joanne Chrlatmas tf fc»p father's. •fc studytog'tor *v master's tola university. Richardson; and wig; prize-winners. __ f heart It attack 1'ost Named for Soldier. The Burt post was named Active in Church. , ka. 'Julia E. & Geo. L. Miller, both were adopted to permit the city Harriet Schoby, Shirley of Algona, and Albert Thilges, of snowplo'w to operate at an early and Jerry Good. 'Bode, bought Oldsmobiles. Uonor' oT George Knoll, who died iiuiiui «*• «——-o- - - inirt tPTlflllf*A RllC ta_ a Massachusetts camp m = ^-nce an A Mer- morning hour without having to ' y — T,~" " M pt jcury was sold to Mrs. Hewett,' swing out for parked cars. Follow-! Since coming to Algona Mr. Pet- ^ ^ and & Cnrysler to B lng a nignt snow tne city plow . ., ,.„ ,„ „,„,„ , nrt R. Thomas, Algona.- An Interna- gets into action at 4:30 a. m. r and in .interest _ and activity to ^iy.c^ana ^^ ^^ ^ g ^^^ by ^ by ordlnarv business hours has the (streets cleared. The _ 18. SSTJ* K-.K 2SJX3SJW in Insanity Case was his , e ,. c . and as the church's mem- Rotary Club Skips Two Holiday Dates Ghritmas falls on Sunday ,„„ post held a "feather party" last night at the new-tall .and wiU « »» jj this year, and New Year's w'll also bo Sunday, so Monday, December of "kiiow- '26, and Monday, January 2, will be generally regarded as additional holidays, when business and club or A n appeal from the ruling of street is cleared off early, and the tne CO unty board of insanity corn- snow is hauled away the same day. missloners was filed in district The customary Christmas snow court Friday by Robert L. Padgett, storm Is anticipated, and the new f orme rly Fenton,.now Algona, who regulations will be really enforced, was ordered committed to the state hospital at Cherokee that day by the board. The appeal will have to be heard before the judge at . Elbert,,i yi but without bruising. I Returning kisses optional for 'girls, tout required of the males. Office and store employes should get their institutional kissing over .with early to,give the customers a j chance. Gas Leak Threatens Lives of WeslevanS the next term of court, and Padgett is now under custody at the Wesley, Dec. 20—Mr, and Mrs jail. He was committed once be-. What I—Married Women Preferred I •Misteltoe should not be used as sales pressure. Gallant males will give preference to married woman (a strange kiss would do them no harm.) Mussing of hair-do definitely frowned upon. Removal of excessive , lipstick before collecting advised and permitted. Of cpurse, it's all In fun, but a carnival dance on New | church Friday afternoon, :iber 23, at 2:30, conducted i David R. Martin, pastor. other social gatherings will, as a (Anton G*oetz narrowly escaped as- fore because of alcoholism, and . . 'rule, be suspended. The Rotar- 'iphyxiatlon Monday morning. Mr. was later released. He was the .each year there are more than a DeVTm-'ians, who meet on Mondays, have <j 0 etz was awakened at 4 o'clock victim of a car accident some|«» w Kisses collected but strangers ' ' • ibeen notified that there will be ao iby the smell of gas. He was hard- years ago, in which his skull was are not required to pay forfeit for by Kiwanis Officers , ..,. Will Be Installed Royal Archers Wm ~— ~^ Mnci The Kiwanis club will hold a Christmas party next week Thurs- Test The Algona Royal Arch Masons meeting either day. The Wa-Tan- ,i y aftle to get out of bed, but he fractured, and a silver plate was , Yans will 'hold their next meeting managed to cal ' Arl ° Dawson, who installed at that time. on Tuesday, January 3, and this took Mrs. Goetz to the GoeU _ ..... * will be'a dinner at the Algona ho- Daughter Mrs. Loretta Lloyd's. Mrs. Shoe Dent. tel. The Kiwanlans will meet jQoetz's condition was critical for a , .. . o both today and, next week Thura- time. On Investigation at the house' Here tO DC day. lyiil lOl"***^' (.'»*• "rf "— - •*. *»W »«.. O —-™. —^ — ^T,- --day evening for their Kweens, and wou gecond in the state in a recent included In the program will be efficiency test at the Masonic Tem- the installation of officers of the ple> p O rt Dodge In which 32 chap- club and D. E. Dewel as lieuten- (ter g entered. Marshalltown plac- ant-goveruor of the division, which e d-first, and Missouri Valley was includes clubs in the northwest third. The awards will be made, corner of the state. A, L. Long is a t the next grapd chapter meeting the new president, 0. B. Lain?, the at i p wa City. Algona's team con- new vice president, and R. 0. Har-: 8 i s ted of ten members; Herman rington was reelected secretary at wise, Sexton; W. H. Freeman,. L : the annual meeting some weeks p. Rt oe> Homer Anderson, A. W. Bebrends, R. H. Harvey, M. J. McCall, D. D. Parson, T. H. Holmes, and D. P. MonlTix, all of Algona. ago. Dwight Webster and Fay Miner, both of Algona, were arrested The local public schools closed Green has been teaching in the near the Northwestern tracks late f Or the holidays Tuesday and will Mason City schools. She is her- Tuesday night by Night Marshals not reopen till Wednesday morn- self a. Mason City high school grad- McGinnls and Moulds. • The pair j ing. January 4. Coach LaWreucc uate, and she was also graduated were carrying a sack, but on see-|FJndley is spending the holidays at Cedar Falls. The DeSarts will lng the officers dropped it and]here and will conduct practice for live here. P, 0, Will Close Monday. The postofflce will toe closed all Home Decorations Judged Next Week The Kiwante dub committee' day~Moadfly." There will be no city, 1udg£ff the holiday home decorat*- or rural deliveries Np Incoming tog contest has adopted a judging mall will be worked except sperial Sals as follow^: Originality 30 per deliveries and perishables. All out* cen£ appropriateneal 30 per cent; going mall will be worked a* us- illumination 2,0 per oentj aad art}4- uai , * ^~ _ . " j _^LM MH%t**««ar^mnnr *^^^"™*^^^B^^^^^ , and the re- I 1 H. S. ' wrestling team Had a Yen for Coal Landed in Jail It was found that there was an am-; •imonia leak in the Frigldaire. C, R. DeSart, manager of the shoe'department at the new Christensen store, is to be married this week Thursday to Helen .Jeanette Greon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. tried to get away. On questionin; they admitted that they were en- route to help themselves to coal. They were lodged In the county jail over night, and yesterday Mayor Specht gave each of them a 30-day suspended sentence and entered judgment for the oosts on charges of attempted petty larceny. Plea for the Needy. Tb.e Algona Wonjan'e • club, distribute Christmas baskets of food t« possible of the local needy Satur- the basketball squad everyday except Saturdays and Sundays. The locals lo&t their first four games-, but the poach bppes.to turn the tide after the, holidays. New Deputy Clerk of Courts Named Tracy Holtzbauer has been, nam,- dfSPUty clerk of courts to r , Permits to . LicenBe^ to wed have been issue4 over duties January 3, and is to five couple?: Ferman Heinen, In the cleric's office learning h«r I,,u Verne, Imelda, Foert«pl|, Wes- new duties. JJrf. Alma r ley; Ch»Tles F. Helaen, Lu Verne, 4eputy for §ever«l years, i Marie Poftrst«ph, Weslsyj Clifford efitectlve Ja,nuaryJ.' ^ H. Haass, Alvlfta Latvbs, both being caught under the mistletoe. Mrs. Moore Better; All Children Came Mrs. J. M. Moore, who suffered a stroke a week ago Saturday, is reported much improved, * ( Her children,' 11 son's and one daughter, .were all here last weejt, but most of the children, who live 'out of towij left Tuesday, Ralph t -0'- Hickory, Tenn,, and Harold, Peca* tur, 111., leave today (Thursday), but Louis, Syracuse, N, Y., :wili stay till January 5. Leavin home Tuesday were Clair, pelier, Idaho; Wood, Salem; Ore".; Wdlljam, Quincy, HI,; and B, Moore, Dunlap. Mr. and Moore, have four other 8,049, Jflon, Earl, Marc, and Janjes",' ' here, and. the 0;nly da Mr|s. K p. Gardner, «Wp. Tfre J? chjldrw had,"j| picture taken, " -,> i. ^

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