Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 15, 1938 · Page 11
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1938
Page 11
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IB, 1938. ,j(jincf-ttricken ifcnis&t , tithe night before Christmas iifbu to the houses m t the best gift for your gitl Hid of spouse. Dockings by ROLLINS ut lowh for their wot*, ope» th»t St. Nicholas will , wee thettt,«id sister— Ijnugintheirbed*; e visions of gifts th«t dMce iough their heads. bis little hint you ctn put in outop . , ... tout shopping for women will ejust»snap. ; ichonc, ? out job as Santa ,iU be lots of fun. one thing is certain, u etch OQUQ knows, : -' • t BIT hive plenty of everything ,,but not enough hose! •Nl^O^C mm COSTUME COUICTION -..-rfas TOUT ChristfflU list (Idas fill your needs with ' :, shimmering loreliness "NS Matched Costume Jidection in assorted shades ' i in handsome x , o. isensky's &083UTM COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA. ALL OVER IOWA KII.LKI) HY AUTO last weclc Bloomfield, Davis county, Joseph Harmon, 65, of near Near Mrs. I Milton, when the car'in which sho Frank' Was riding turned over into a ditch ower Given at Wesley for Former Teacher MABEL STAGE & WOOLSTOCK COACH TO WED PAGE TttttfiStl tratz's Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Potratz, Mr. and Mrs. Al- .viri Potratz, and Mr. and Mm'Wil- der Wiehtendahl, Lotts Creek; the had been in poor health ... At Slg- ourney, John Gottberg, about 50, a car dealer, killed himself with a shotgun. He left a note but gave no reason for the act ... At his Muscatine home, 50-year-old Herbert Pltchforth, said to be dis- , couraged over poor himself in the left wag removed to a hospital. health, shoulder shot and ' y t J-'*.ly, .1.) J, .T Tfl,TlK — » *««ni-, tiAijjtu, u v ci in tu u, u LIU n — ~~ " '' '~' — -•-•" •• -...-»••' Kouba Jr. and Mrs. E. D. Ravlin nfter being struck by a car which last week: 49-year-old Clarence were joint hostesses at. a miacel-i'' asSGd and cut in t°° quickly . . . Jones, of Algona, when his hoine- laneouis shower at the former's !A . 1 Co!o ' Story county four Mex- mads trailer was destroyed by TH KICK IOWANS died of burns last week: 49-year-old Clarence paign cost $3,620 and his receipts man Hintz was re-elected to amounted to $2,151, while Govern- .cemetery committee. Richard or-elect George Wilson spent $3,524 and took in $2,680. AT l)AVENPORT~onc T. F. .tun- sen, 34, was arrested on a charge of attacking his wifj with—of all things—a meat tenderl/.er. ,~.. v » T, *uin,\j»ivjc**i«, .I-SULLO wicezv, nm g,rQ xierD Albert Potratz family, Delbert Bal- jMr. .and Mrs. Herbert" PotVatz'S geman, and Mr. and Mrs. D. Cor-]fifth wedding anniversary. J.II-HIZ was re-elected trustee, ana | Arthur Rusch was re-elected to the school board. Supper guests at Richard Fo- .....—„ aiiunu, ui [nc tormer a . ^" lu ' oiury uouniy, lour mex- home Saturday honoring Mabel Ce- , 1cans —Carlos Garcia, Reginaldo oil Stage,-Woolstock, former high ! Durante ancl h1s brother Indris school teacher here. After guests ! Dllrante ' a!1 of Newton, and Jesus had Initialed a memory dish towel i f -' avn Boza, ot Colo—when their car n bouquet of multicolored balloons |wna stnlck by a North-Western was prosontod to Miss Stage, W lio !streamllner traveling 92 miles an ae she punctured them found' 110111 ' • • • At Rochester, Minn., 15- rhymos inside which told whore to ' yeal '- olt l Charles Libersky, three find hidden gifts. At 5 the guests' weolc after an aul ° crash near his were seated ut a table decorated' in i Saint Ans sar home that killed ChristmaR spirit, and a two-course co olner P el 'sons outright . . . lunch was served. Miss Stage is' Two mlles south of Cedar Rapids .to wed Dale Jones, principal and. 011 "'Shway 218, Milton T. Hasek, coach in the Woolstock schools I a °-y ei i''-°ld salesman, when his December 28, and both will con- i car craB «ed into a bridge approach tlnue teaching at Woolstock for the 1 ns , lle apparentlv doz!ed - at t*natstFMin«Al. i W lion I \T/\n»» A »•«...„,- tir rest of the school year. .WcNleynns to College Event- Mr, and Mrs. Olaf Funnemark, wheel county, 65-year-old Prank baugh, when struck by an driven by an Illinois man Near Agency. Wapello Ams- auto Just . . a unnemark . . . Howard. Alma Funnemark' ;WUSt of MusCQ t ln e, Arthur F. Walk- and Isabel Kerrins drove to North-' 01 '' of Moscow ' Muscatine county, field, Minn., Sunday to visit Ed-',, n tllc car ln whlch he was rid- ward and Mildred Funnemark and!™ drivel1 bv Loren Llridssy, of ot),^,i .... „ ...... ^, — Musc flames; Andrew Krasuski, 01, of Burlington, when some papers on which he was sleeping in a deserted building caught fire; and'Mrs. Don Cramlet, 47, of Macedonia, when gasoline with which she was cleaning clothes exploded. At Muscatine, Mrs. Gertrude Hankins, 40, and three of her children by a former marriage received from minor to serious burns when a gasoline stove exploded. AT HIS FARM near Afton, Henry Brown, 61, was killed in a fall from a wood saw rig . . . Tom Brand, of Estherville, has retired after 55 years of railroading. He began as a lad of 14 ... Where Iowa WPA rolls stood at 33,206 on November 26, they were down to 32,981 on December 3 PORTLAND Marvin attend an annual program, "The .Commemoration of Christmas," a ™ Muscatine, went into a ditch. At and Eugene Myers, 10 and 12-year- old Dubuque brothers, found a wallet containing $45 and returned It Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Stewart were hostesses at a 500 party Friday evening, and the guests included Messrs, and Mesdames Ivan Long, Earl Shipler, Garnie Hood, Cecil Long, Mennett Trunkhill, Russell Shipler, and <W. J. Stewart. High was won by Earl Shipler, and Garnie Hood was low. Attending from here at a county Legion-Auxiliary meeting at the Burt Legion haH last week Thursday evening were Mr, and Mrs. Ray McWhorter, Mr. and Mrs.-Ted Ringsdorf, and Mr. and Mrs. Tom .Trenary. Mr. McWhorter is Burt post 'commander, also county commander. There was a large attendance, and dancing took place. Mrs. Martin Larsen was hostess at an all-day meeting Friday of he Titonka Methodist iDorcas Run- 'ay school class. Twelve women attended and did handwork. J. H. Zanke is showing improve- re «• "• "aiin. B 10 auuwmg improve- to the owner, whose name was in- ment from his recent sickness and " ~-'-'-~ -•- ----- •• home Friday for the holidays. PTA Prngrnni ] s Dated— A December PTA program will be given next Monday night, at the Kleinpetcr hall. This will be a side. Santa, they may have reasoned, likes honest boy's. THIRTY-SIX Iowa farms sold | ^^ J date under the 1937 national school students, Leo' Boyd" | farm tenant act averaged 138 acres Eugene Enabit and Harold Grell ! cost an avel ' a se of $8,658. The escaped drowning when their ice avera £ e cost of the 34 farms pur- '"••" broke through the ice about a «o^ d by Illlnols ten'ants was " a mile off the south shore * ' . the fa j' ms averaged 140 s gaining in appetite and strength. Two daughters and the husband of me of them, who have been here jince December 5, plan to leave for heir California homes late this week. These daughters are Mrs. !dw. CaUahan (Vera) and Mrs. C. i. Morris (Helen). r , acre in The farm security Esther Skow speaker onTlie program, and Christmas Carols ' ,wlll be sung. A short business • meeting will be held, and lunch will be served. Mrs Marv W«lin™,™ foot ^ ml ' a HY LAST 1VEEK-END some 70 _-- |rabbit fever caseis had been rep'ort- sne ed from 25 counties and it was »i thought the crest had not been however, only the disease have Santa Clans Treats Children— .uui i»uiiR iii-iiia L>iuiuren— .. ,, , , ••"""••" " clu "•" inree deaths from the di^piqp Vnu-n By sponsorship of the business th « n °° r **?* ^e her daughter , been reported two in ChaTton In an Santa-Olaus paraded the bus- f" forr ' elp • • • Near Granger, O ne family and one in Centerville o«o .,H.,,of,. a ,!„,. _«i iJohn Lewis. 59-ven.r-nlri onn.l mln- —j ,., * . " L >entervine, ;of candy and nuts. Tom McMaho'i ^t underground while placing particularly skunks 'played the part of Santa Glaus.! , stlnR shots - ' He was working Eight or nine members of a newlv ; aloneuat tne tlme ' He suffered a| ALL LITTLE DALLAS Boat organized band played ' ! smasn ed hand and foot and back man, of Barnes City, wants for Dinner Celebrates Birthday— Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Giddings, Mr. i injuries. OX LAST suicide front Christmas, according to his "Dear «, and.Mrs. Milton Giddings" ' twoj°" e I °,^ nJk i 1 , led « his wife and an ''skates, cowboy" suiit" boxing gloves I sons, Mrs. Mae Harris, Mrs. Homer °. ther kllled his £ormei> wl£e before ,' , . , . I Anderson, and the latter's daugh- ;ter were Friday dinner guests at ithe Gordon Giddings home, the occasion being the birthday of Milton Giddings. Junior H. S. Plans Party— Mrs. , rope> Dcyce B -B gun foot- doing away with themselves. In, ball rifle bullets, punching bag the former case, 63-year-old Dou!s iM ounty suit and a white nonv E "f erd T^, ° £ , RBelle T' I 8 " 0 -* ^ Walt «» Daltas has T son of nfa wife, Tillie 48, as she lay in bed own who asks for that many! before turning the gun on himself, and in the, latter, Alvine DeWitt, POU THE MONTH ended Noveni 42-year-old Sioux City man, shot to ,ber 15, the Iowa farm price index - 1 """' *'— "-— !1 - DeWitt!rose five points to 99 per cent of LOTTS CREEK Lorna Faulstich, Mrs. Louis Hackbarth, and the latter's daugh- ;er Ann were Sunday afternoon visitors at the Herman Hintz homo. The Lutheran church will celebrate Holy Communion Sunday. A quarterly meeting was held last Sunday, with eelction of officers. All elders were /re-elected. Fred Meyer succeeded' Hugo Faulstich on the finance committee, and Her- dee, "Whlttemore; Mr. and Mrs. Mai jBast and Mr. and Mrs. Eriuit Thlel, Algona. The event honored Rich" ard Herbert Potratz's birthday and al AN IDEAL CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY OTTOMAN TO MATCH IF DESIRED YEARS The junior high school will have death Mrs - Marguerite DeWitt! rose five points to 99 per cent of its annual Christmas party this Douglas, 41, who recently divorced jits 1910-14 average, while prices week Wednesday night, each member to have a guest. The public him to marry Lee Douglas, and i farmers pay for then put a bullet through his ownjsteady at 121 as goods remained „._ .. _ , ~ - - i,ni« ' "" — *"- r cent of tne schools will close Friday, Decem-1 hoart • • • At Beverly Hills, Calif.,; 1910-14 average. Accordingly, ber 23, for .ten days, resuming j Robert R. Pollock, 68, and a native farmers' buying power on Novem- Tuesday, January 3. o£ Grundy county, Iowa, shot and.ber 15 was about 82 per cent of the ! \r 111 nA liii vi nnlP nn n r\n -nlr ItnnnTt TTrt nfO-lXTO T 1 Aiml Finishes Course In Therapy — \JL \J I UilUJ ViUUIlbJ) -lUlTMi, J31JUL tlil VI , ""» ^-" IT €*O OiMLI killed himself on a park bench. He pre-war level. GOV. N. G. KRASCHEI'S score. Sunday dinner guests rence Hansen's were Turkey Served nt Dinner— The Henry Haverlys, Mr. and Mrs. George Cink, son Louis, Mr. and Mrs. Louis R. Wingert, and Mrs. Agatha Haverly were Sunday ! dinner guests at Edw. Gink's, near | Woden, and a 22-lb. turkey served. I was Ptitlcnt nt Home | Mrs. Walter Grubb was brought home Sunday from Mercy hospita'i, j Mason City, where she had been a 'patient seven weeks following a , tumor operation. g ues );. Mrs. Wingert won travel Mrs. Arlo Dawson, high Virginia Benton has returned daVi with Mrs Ray wingert as club from Kalamazoo, Mich., where she -- — .has completed a course in occupational therapy. Following the Christmas vacation she will go baclc to work at the same state institution. at Law- Mr, and cam- ,.f ,TOR IMPROVEMENT!,* As Long As 20 Months to Repay II you need $50 up, we con provide it quickly, confidentially — arranging easy monthly repay• ments out oi income up to 20 months. No endorsers required— lust your own signature and security. Hava the advantage oi out local service. P. J. KOHLHAAS Loans :: Insurance Algona Telephone 22 A GIFT of MAGIC LUXURY At Half the Price You'd Expect/ \ H OLLYWOOD dramatized It— movi« stars glamorized it—and lucky you will idolize itl Play in it-loaf in itl You'll nevtr tir« of its luxurious comfort—it* casual swagger. A Christmas gift almost too grand to give others! An <OQC unbelievable value for only•. W Cnormeui'brac*!*! I)»VM, lull <ul oWlti thai button on bleuM, color fort Crown Totted rayon— •lack* doiod wHh (lppv._Copin. WIna and Nwy.Sb« 12-20. Rresensky's Upholstered in beautiful heavy pile suftone velvet in the following shades—Plum—Mahogany—Blue —Green—Gold. "FLEXSTEEL" SPRING CONSTRUCTION Look underneath the chair for this extra value — There is nothing to cover up or hide in a Flexsteel Chair., Insist on seeing the inside of the chair you buy— Mrs. Orland Anderson, Thompson. Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Dusold, Mason City, were at John Richter's. Julius Studer, Andrew Gollner, Ernest We'iden, and Leo Arndorfer. spent several days last week at' Omaha on business in connection with the K. & H. Oil Co. . | Gesina Shutter, public school teacher, spent the week-end with her parents at West Bend. Clifford Munson was with his. parents at the same town. ' Katherine Doran, R. N., sister of Mrs. H. H. Raney, left for home at Chicago last week Thursday, af- • ter two months here and at Algo- and Mrs. J. T. Meurer, 'W 1 »« a >iS*SS w W ! SS w WT6P'W'W 1 ^ The Perfect Gift For Yourself AN ew OfSh oes New arrivals in our shoe department, shoes for now and early spring. Enjoy your holiday season in smart, comfortable, good looking shoes. ua son Both llasUoteer Tennis Vfln — , Wesley's basket ball teams were' Mr. uuu. »».». «. -. «-- , •-—. 'both victorious in games at Ver- Jimmy, and daughter Cheryl Ann " non Pnn-nHdated Friday night, the visited the A. M, Lemkees at Irv- boys winning by a score 23-21; girls, 23-17. Wesley Youth to Mnrry— Banns of matrimony w lished for the first time the pub- Sunday nsnen tor IIIB iiifi im.». --••—•• ,for Orville Kollasch and Elizabeth JMcMurray, Algona.^ Mrs. Seller Has Operation— I Mrs Tony Seller is at an Algona hospital, recuperating from a ma- Ijor operation performed one day I last week. 1 Other Wesley News. Mrs Dan Froehlich, St. Benedict, . and her son Dan Jr. wer % Mn0 '^ y EI dinner guests at Irene Studei s. VMrs Ben Dorr, St. Benedict, spen day last week at the Studei YEAR GUARANTEE Also a complete line of Flexsteel Living Room Suites with same construction and same 25-year guarantee. You'll save by doing your Christmas shopping at Richardson's Furniture - Company 1 ' A City Store With Country Prices" ington Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. George Sheridan, of Clear Lake, were Sunday dinner guests at their daughter Mrs. Lael Root's. . ., The L. L. Leases were Sunday guests at Mrs. Lease's 'brother Leonard Gesme's, Bmmons. Bernadine, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Simon Hirner, was abed part of last week with the flu. i Betty Hauptmann is clerking at the Charles Kraus store during the Christmas rush. i MAKE SURE IT'S 666 Liquid. Tablet^ Salve. Try «Rub.My-T|sm," a 1 liniment relleTes COLDS, FEVEB AND HEADACHES e to Colds a Wonderlnl A new crushed kid, lattice gor<? pump in black or wine. AAAA to B width, 4 to 9 sizes. 5.50 pr. 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