Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 15, 1938 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1938
Page 8
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EAQB EI&HT BIND TWO OVER ON FORGERY & LARCENY CASES Local Justices Also Hear Battery and Check Charges. bound to the ROSStM! dOtftftf At)VAN(3ft, ALdbNA, IOWA: .Wedding Dinner Is Served— Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Brandow entertained at a wedding dinner Sunday In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Larson, who got home Saturday evening from a honeymoon tour to points in Minnesota. Mrs. Larson is the former Mildred .Brandow, and the marriage took .next Tuesday evening at Clarice Amesbury's, Jessie Smith assisting. Surprise Honors a Birthday Mrs. Fred Jacob, of the Coffee Shop, -was taken by surprise last! PLAN TOUR TO PORTO R/CO J Harold CosErove Aleona was . now ' nn . e marrage oo laCO eem!er ? at ' tonkft - Teadav » », ,- luesuay Guests at the dinner were Mr.< and " --- — i~i •• wfcj i>»n.v>4l (t/J *DU1 -|,/1 JJOT3 Jtlol* : week Thursday evening, when 25' j relatives • and friends arrived to help her celeb ™te a birthday anniversary The pvisnine- wno atwnt , J. Hemhtll, of Algona, was also bound to the grand jury by Jus- """'• •• «" " » *» wedding cake as the centerpiece. • , .The couple will be at home after I {> "• ^» Officials Are jVamed— -- —° SIH.IIU jui.v uy jus- .March 1 on the farm which Mr. I 'The Royal Neighbors elected of- tice Danson, under bond of $500, Larson and his mother, Mrs. Petra lflc ers last,week Thursday evening on a charge of larceny of more Larson, operate southeast of Burt. at the Legion hall: Mrs. Nellie Van'' than $20, allegedly missing at the I — Allen, oracle; Mrs. Bernadine Al- Lensing grocery, where he had j Oesco Club Meets Thursday— ' len, vice ora.cle; Mrs. Frank Os- toeen working. Bond was furnished.) The Cresco club was entertain- trum, chancellor; Mrs. Louis Link The youth has denied knowing any- ; eel at Elizabeth Ashing's last week'marshal; Mrs. Beatrice Baldwin thing about the reported shortage. Preliminary hearings in both cases were waived. In Justice Welter's court, E. F. Jones, Algoiia, was given 14 days Thursday, 20-odd members attend- inner sentinel; Mrs. Anna Harvey ing, with Mrs. W. C. Kuhn and outer sentinel; and in 1115, »*1HI 1VX1£3. »V . O. IXUIlll UUU VMI.V-I ociltl Bessie Jergenson as guests. Roll | Hardgrove, call was answered with "Believe years. It or Not" stories. Mrs. E. C. Pot- manager Mrs. for John three Party for Kresensky Employes— juiui, wcia fcivun -i.** nays ' v * ""u sn.wi.t~». ^.10. ±j, \^, a. vi, in jail for writing worthless' ter read a paper on "What Good „,."- -;~ * «...,.™,co— checks. He will spend Christmas! M >" club Is to Me." A donation was llle Kresensky store force held in jail, and he was also behind the I ordered sent to Father Flanagan's.." 3 annual Christmas party Tues- bars on the same charge a year '• orphaned boys' school at Omaha. | , day - eve ' lln f' 16 attending, includ- ago. " (The next meeting will be on De- ns . husbands and wives. The group cember 20 at Mrs. L. A. Vipond's, nad 7 ° clock chicken dinner at Cook's, then .played Chinker-Chek in . ' . , '' s Wl1 be a Christmas par- A charge of assault and battery . brought by Elsie Steiuberger, of f nd '.' s Wl1 } be a Christm Swea City, against her husband,. ty ' with ^change of gifts. Charles, was settled in Miss We 1- • Showers for' Bride-to-Be— ter's **' ~e"«io"or'~" ", * ••. i>re-iiu[Jimi suower jast evening costs of $12.85 to get her husbandj.(Wednesday) at the home of Mrs. re eased. The cause of the quar-!.George Harris, and Mrs. Russell rel was not made public. ' --— court, after reconciliation, j Ellen Steussy was honoree at a '' evel \ Pald coul ' t |P''e-nuptial shower last evening at the store. Four tables were play. After the game a gift exchange took place around a huge Christmas tree on the upper floor. Dinner for S. S. Class—The Methodist Homebullders S. '"THE SU-NDAY REGISTER used this picture and said the couple •*• were Mrs. E. B. Hill, East Lansing, Mich,, and her father, Jos. "Shober," Algona, aboard the S. S. Puerto Rico, on which they were sailing December 3 from New York City for a year in Porto Rico. Evidently Jos. Shaben, Algona, for many years Milwaukee station agent at Hobarton, now retired, was meant, but the man in the picture is not he. Whether the woman is his daughter is not known here. She has not lived here for some years, and so cannot be recognized. Mr. Shaben, however, has a married daughter at East Lansing, and it is believed here that her husband's name is Hill. Mr. Shahen left for East Lansing a few weeks ago, .but if he knew then of a proposed tour to Porto Rico he said nothing of it. WESLEY STOCK BUYER PASSES AT HOSPITAL , ••,- ^ u . a u -i .tvj. i i*jf ciUU AT 1.1 O. -LVLlOOdl _ - —-— -«.. |.Walker, nee Norma Raney, was as- S ' clas ' s held a December social sisting hostess. Miss Steussy meeti ng last evening (Wednesday) . -- Steussy, daughter of Mrs. Frieda Steussy, Algona, will be married in the yuletide season to Lyle, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Raney, !farmers southeast of Algona. An| other shower will take place to- Sidney Lloyd. 60, Wesley, died J™! 1™**,^%.,"** , , , Monday at the General hospital, of gallstones disease, with which he had suffered during the last few years. He was taken to the hos- country home of Mrs. Mike Loss Jr. "Lows" Hostesses to "Highs" The "lows" of the O. N. O. bridge at the church, and 6:30 dinner was Carmen Wellendorf, Janet Soren- songs. Gifts were exchanged. The sen, and Jon Huenhold. next meeting will be at Dorothy „ , 4. _, T7~ ». , Wlchtendahl's. Iresbyterian Kazaar, tunch— Mrs. Pearl Potter's Congrega- The Presbyterian Aid will hold tional Circle meets today (Thurs- ite annual bazaar Saturday In the da y) at Mrs. William Dehnert's, Mrs. * iiv. .UT..3 ut. .tiic W. 11. \J. UilUgtilrnn j .-.,. " club entertained the "highs" at a I a Cnln ker-Chek party Sun- party Monday evening. The groupi day evenin S- Guests were Wllma first had 7 o'clock dinner at the I app ' Richard Chipman, the latter new Anderson Cafe, then playedi° £ Burt> Marguerite Ostwinkle, pital last week Sunday and was abed only a week. Mr. Lloyd was a stock buyer for Erwin Drewelow, former Wes- new Anderson Cafe, then "played i o£ Burt> Marguerite Ostwinkle, ley bank employe who now lives bridge at Ella Thompson's Mrs D James Logan, Lucile Dearchs, Herat New Hampton. For the last 19 ,D. Monlux won high Hostesses'be- man MoorR - flr " 1 Wnaoi w n it 0 v years Mr. Lloyd had lived at Wes-!sides Misg Thompson were Mes '_ ley. His parents were Mr. and; dames H. D. Hutchins, L. C. Han- Mrs. Meredith Lloyd, who were'.son, and George St. John Wesley pioneers and died there. served. The'members turned In old postoffice building on towels for the Harriett Ballou street. Lunch of vegetable „. Ml - a . JTUHBI- mm mra. u. r: ixiue. Nursery at a Wall Street Mission, co «ee, and doughnuts, will be sold Mrs. Ruth Kintigh is chairman of Sioux City. Mr. and Mrs. Walter a11 day. Mr ' s - R - M.I Wallace and nr^-ram Roberts were chairmen for the evening. Cresco Youth Gives Party— Thomas Vipond, one of the Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Vipond twin sons, south of Hobarton, was host at a man Moore, and Hazel Walker. Mrs. F. L. Tribon Entertains— Mrs. F. L. Tribon entertained the store force at 6:30 State and assisting hostesses will be soup, Mrs. Potter and Mrs. L. F. Rice. „ j sold Mrs. Rut Mrs. R. M.I Wallace and program C. B. Murtagh will be in The Good Hope bazaar and dtn- jner Saturday at the local Legion I hall was a big success, and the | Women netted some $80. Among goods they sold were baked stuff and embroidery work. charge. Aid In Silver Anniversary — The Trinity Lutheran Aid is observing its 25th anniversary today (Thursday) arid this evening wilt IJOUUUK. supper in the cnurcn Dase- *„„) f ._ ment. Guests will be the husbands, ^ ro ^ a children, and friends of members. Sorority Meeting Planned— The Beta Sigma Phi sorority club will have a Christmas party Friday evening at Helen and Marian Corey's. The program com- i u. Afj,ci tin L 11 ULUJ u, WJJU vv ci o SOn find LrPOrffO ^r Tn tin T^hn — — - — **** *.ui.w* it**uv;u. LHV? , - ~ — —™- esley pioneers and died there. .guests surprised the hostP«L«U wifhl^ d Chrlstens en store force at 6:30 Ia » Corey's. The program com There are five surviving broth- .huge plckage and after the T,f^' nner Monday evening at her m '"ee will consist of Mrs. Ken s: William and Richard, Wesley; i ter had un™Z ±" ±L±I h , ome ' T . here wer *. " ?««>nt, and n fl h Knudsen, chairman, Mrs. Don and after the ,f' nner onay evening at her ee w consst of Mrs. Ken' j.- uuci ai acl V lUtJg WtJIli UuTlUUCtSU. '• • — *»**««,,, a\*i*v\n. \siaoo loot yesterday at the AVesley Methodist Eiffhty-Eif*lith Birthdny Observed— evenin s (Wednesday) at 6:30 din- ^T-lll-unT* Vn- ^V>n T~> — _. A „!! i-» _ i. 1\(T»ic« TVT^«I« T^"-. J. 1 i 14 Tlfil*. T^nPTO Q TO ttl CrVlf TV* ATM V\rti*n church by the Rev. Arthur Bot- Mrs. Marie Kutschara, who lives | ner ' Tnere are eight members. torn, and pallbearers were Mr. Dre- with her daughter, Mrs. John See-lf llr ,i pi,,), ir na welow, Harry Mathas, Julius Lor- man, celebrated her 88th birthday! Mrs Earl F enz, Frank Mullin, Rudy Larson! anniversary last week Wednesday. (- es t th R and Simon Hirner. Former neighbors and other .a.... TT,-,,.?.., Chas. McMahon Will Hold Farm Auction .at the church „„„. :30, and a Christmas program will be presented, with Mrs. J. C. in charge. Mrs. C. H. will • have friends from Sexton cam7 toTuV- £* bri«XH£i prise her. Her pastor, the. Rev. g his wife were also the guests. Lunch wns 4.i,_i ;... cr n ,' "~"J" oeing second. day. Following one o'clock lunch- cn arge of a social hour. who says that he has made so , , n Mrs. McCorkle, two daughters of leaiures. A Christa ™ much money at farming that ho the honoree. Mrs. Kutschara Is PTA Program'Given Tuesday Is already able to retire (which enjoying exceptionally good health '"'- ~ . - - J - -•u **• 4 uuuj t*.wt\j l,U 1 CHI C ^YVUHJlJ.^ i »J'-'»'*'»*fa C.V\ may be joking), announces a farmifor her age. auction next week Thursday at the first place east of Sexton on the north side of No. 18. The sale Is to begin at noon and the Sexton —"*• "•"»«"" >->^ ucun.ei-» >ymi.!,t:- Ald is to serve lunch. Mr. McMa- more> and E rvln, son of Mr. and hon will offer seven horses, 12 Mrs- Har old Gatton, Fonda, Avere onttlo 51 oViQor. oo >,«„« —j _ married at ths Trinltv T.iifTiQi-o»i Par,,, Couple Wed Monday- M?s b ' v a of the club were Marvel McDowell, Ethel Banker, Anna Gill, and Vernon Spongberg. -. ._. _ — store force had a Christmas party and 6:30 chicken __ o'clock. Elwin Schlei and Elda Birthday Clnb Has Party— Struecker, Fenton. were attendants. Mrs, H. W. Post entertained the The bride had been employed at Birthday club Friday evening in J- Bode's in Plum Creek town- honor of Mrs. Esther Helberg, who Sons of Raneys at Livermore to Wed married at the Trinity Lutheran parsonage Monday afternoon at 2 ' . .„ Mrs. H. E. ,, „ ., Whittemore, gave a book re, and the high school girls' club sang under direction of Dilling. cattle, 31 sheep, 38 hogs, and a line of farm machinery. Colwell Bros, will be auctioneers, and the Iowa State bank, clerk. Mr. McMahon, who is a single man, has made no plans for the future. His . * -~ ~"~. ~«.,.i.ci brother-in-law, Ambrose Licktleg, ® p *"^° y. ear s. Mr. and Mrs. Gat- was observing an will have the farm next year, and'*"" "~" """ " " — Mrs. McMahon, mother of Charles, and Mrs. Licktieg, will continue living there. at the new Chrome Cafe (Anderson's at Nos. 18-169 junction). Other Society. The Lotts Creek Lassies 4-H club met at Ruth Meine's Saturday, and Mrs. Ruth Seaton-Hlcks, the county H. D. A., who attended, played some of the new 4-H club _ v , _.—. , u,^.iu. *IA» ^, vj«.L IT M.U vsuiSGi T li-ig all cHilllV6i Bflry. ton will live on the Young farm Eight women attended, and the five miles east of Algona. Party for YTa-tan-ye Girls— The Wa-Tan-Ye club had an informal party Tuesday evening at Imelda Dooley's, Rachel Becker assisting. Fourteen members attend- Dec. 13—Mr. and Raney, Livermore, Livermore, Mrs. Charles , and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Sergent, Polk City, have announced the engagement and approaching marriage of their son and daughter, respectively, Herbert Raney and Virginia Sergent. December 24 has been set for the event, which will take place at the Holy Christian church, Des Moines. Iliittermakers Meeting Here. Buttermakers of Sec. 6 will hold a business meeting at the Legion hall at 2 o'clock this afternoon (Thursday). After the meeting, the buttermakers and their wives will be entertained at lunch at the M. P. Christiansen home. diverslon was bridge. Mrs. Ralph Brown won high; Mrs. James Allen was low; and Mrs. Frank Ostrum won travel. Little Girl's Birthday Observed— Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. and _ „. _ _ „_ _____ _ v »u UWA u **iii.vi_i.i*— j-i.1 A<JCIUCL.I.II uaugULcl ' ed, and the evening was spent at Mrs. Geqrge L. Miller, celebrated Chinker-Chek and sewing. Lulu her seventh birthday Saturday by Huenhold won high at Chinker- entertaining a few friends at her .Chek, and Anna Buss was low. The home in the afternoon. Guests were club will have a Christmas party I Janice Bartholomew, Lament and A MORE GLAMOROUS CHRISTMAS FOR HER! OENIX EDWARD MAWDSLEY and Fred Geigel won awards in corn exhibits at the International at Chicago. Each sent in ten ears of hybrid corn. Four Corners Four Corner: The Pour Corners Mothers and Daughters club met a week ago last Thursday night with Mrs. Clara Drayton. Opening song was "Work for the Night is Coming.' An open discussion was held on the following topics: "Money Allowance for Our Children," "Good and Bad Recreation", "Is Living of Today Better Than Living of Yesterday." The closing song was "Little Brown Church." A box was to be filled at the next meeting to be sent to the orphans' home for Christmas. The Wm. Draytons and Edw. Richs picked geese and ducks at the John Sabin home Friday and the Sabins and Riches helped the Dray- tons pick the Rich and Drayton geese at the Drayton home Saturday. Mrs. Keith Stevens has given up her school on the old gravel highway east of Whittemore and her sister, Mrs. Earl Miller, is now teaching. Mrs. Minnie Wilson, sons Vincent and Corwin and Merlin Hansen of Wbittemore were Sunday evening guests at the Edw. Rich home. James and Iris Lowman are out of school this week, James having the chicken pox. HOSIERY A box of Phoenix Hosiery con mean so much! It's the answer to many a Christmas wish . . . this entrancing!? sheer, long wearing hosiery. You make no mistake in this gift . . . every woman welcomes it ... especially when they're her iavorile stockings . . . Phoenix. U No gift wrapping worries! Every 3-pair box of Phoenix comes "ieady-lo-9ive" wrapped la ^oigeous colorful cellophane, I Chrischilles Store ,' Tuesday at Mrs. L. F. Rice's. last (Wednesday) " " ' John Storm's. There are eight members, and each member will take a gift. v The Queen Esthers had a cookie and coffee sale at the Howard Hardware store Saturday, and receipts totaled $7. There was some expense, but the girls cleared about $5. fe Mrs. Albert Granzow entertained her bridge foursome at a 7 o'olock dinner Monday evening, Mrs. W. J. Fuller assisting. Guests were Mrs. F. E. Sawyer and Mrs. H. L. Hoeuk. (Mrs. Russell ' Cook entertained her bridge club Tuesday evening at two tables. Mrs. James Allen won high, Mrs. Edw. D. Sheelan was low, and Mrs. Esther Helberg won travel. Mrs. H. D. Hutchins' Congregational circle will meet this afternoon (Thursday) at 2:30 at Mrs. J. ATTENTION! As I am getting lots of orders, would you please call before Saturday if you are planning on Fuller Brushes for Christmas presents. PHONE 126-W or M. F. AMFAHE Monk Silhouette Dress with Bias cut front, straight back $1.98 It becomes both short and tall, requires no fitting except in length...its great folds pressed under a wide belt make your waist look tiny —it's the most talked-of dress of the season . . . Small novel print on Spring Teal, Strawberry, or Skipper Blue around*. W.,LitU*'», and Cfrtfe Will b« ft ChMutrriiif' i>f6gfara, With e*ctmhg« The "ttenhuasiea" ttet for Wo tables of contract Monday evening at Lars Sorenseri'a. Tills orgahUa* tlon is strictly A men's club; no women allowed to play. Mrs. O. W. Stlllman entertained the Candlelight club Saturday evening at To'clock dinner and two tables of contract. The club does not give prizes. • The Birthday Club .will be, entertained at a- Christmas party Monday evening at Mrs. R. P. Norton's, where a pot-luck dinner will be served. The St. Thomas Guild will meet this afternoon (Thursday) with Mrs. Uleiin Ilaney. There will b3 a lOc gift exchange. The Congregational L. 0, A. S. S. class will meet this evening at 7:30 with Mrs. Oliver Moe. BURT Mr. and Mrs. Everett Hanna, of Lone Rock, visited /at L. H. Schenck's Sunday. The Charles Olsons were Mason City visitors Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. O. G; Schmidt, of Buffalo Center, their son Forrest, and lone Moyer were Sunday dinner guests at Arthur Leason'e. John McDonald, of Emmetsburg, visited at D. L. McDonald's Monday. He IB one of the late Mr. and Mrs. O. P. McDonald's sons. Marlon Hoppe spent the weekend with b«r parent* it .fort Dodge. Pearl Wllaon went to h*r home at Al'ta for, the week-fend, • The Anton Panrikuke, of Algdha, visited at Harold Steward's Sunday evening. Mrs, Pannkuk Is Harold's MatefY, " •, Viola Smith accompanied Mrs. Tlllle' Hanna' ahd . Mrs. Everett Hanna to Mason Ctty Saturday. Editor and Mns. Edgar Inlay, Lakota, called at Ft L. Ryerson's and E, 6. Cmpttian'fl Sunday. Mr. and Mrs, Pi t* Dremthel and Mr. and Mrs. RJ C. Deemmel were at Spirit Lake Saturday, Mr. and Mrs. G. P. KaWcott attended a Pioneer seed corn b'anauet at Algona Monday. HQSPITALS GENERAL. December 7—John Vinaas, Ottosen, minor surgery. December 9—(Mrs. T. 0. Davis, Irvlngton, boy. • December 10—W. Gander, Algona, major surgery; George Wolfe, Lu Verne, tonslilectomy. December 11—Sidney Lloyd, of Wesley, medical. December 13 — Carl Albright, Hayfield, Minn., tonslilectomy. KOSSUTH. December 13—Jacob Teuscher, Algona, medical. December 14—Ada Merrlam, Algona, surgical.- , fe^SlS.) Britt i» tnoettX O f '^he™ 1 ? 1 W ffssaasT" «>• Alfred i- ° j-rong, former former Alg ( contest you n& me judges. CnimrpR," w and others will B^ Lunch Tile l'r,™l» t , rlm „ Mio old County Pair Sandwiches Doughnuts Pie <•!„ BARGAINS ANNEX Algona's Greatest Bargain Center Right now — just before the holidays, we are of fering some of I the greatest bargains in the history of 01 r ANNEX. ChmchiL les Store outlet right b a c k of Steele's Clothing Store), Silk dresses are only $2.99, $3 99 and $4.88; c o a t s as low t $6.95; cotton frocks in color; fast prints at 98c; and hundreds of other items at real bargain prices. SHOP AT THE ANNEX AND STRE1CH YOUR DOLLAR WINTER COATS 9.75 $ X2. Real Coat Bargains . • • ^^B^^^ ' Chrischilles Store Cold, winter days are here and a warm coat is a necessity. Our! Coat prices are now reduced to January levels and selection! are the best we have ever shown at this time of year—due to the backward Fall. You'll be wise to buy your new coat now and combine savings with large selections. BUY NOW-SAVE Whether you want a plain, untrimmed sport coat, or a dressy fur trimmed (sleeyes, collor, or both) coat, you'll find just what you want in ' this great stock. A liberal selection of colors, including the popular wine and green, are here, not neglecting the always wanted black. We are getting new coats in almost daily—evidence that we feel our styles and prices are right. New blushes and boucles came In this week. They are priced right. If you want a per- feet fitting, elegantly furred winter coat^ this is the store. ANNIS FUR COATS ARE NOW REDUCED FUR COATS $59 TO $168 CLOTH COATS $10.95 $14.98 v^p 5Z2t7S ^ $34.00

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