Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 15, 1938 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1938
Page 6
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fttomnre •NTMKED AiS SECOND GLASS MATTER DE- oember ?'., 1908, at the postoffloe at Algona, Iowa, under the Act ,of March 2, 1879. THRMS OF SUBSCRIPTION 1—To Kossuth county postoftlces and bordering postofflces at Armstrong, Bode, Brltt, Buffalo Center, Corwlth, Cylinder, Etmore, Hardy, Hutchlna, Ltvermore, Ottosen, Rake, Rlngsted, Rodman. Stllson, West Bend, and Woden, year i—Advance and Upper DCS Molnes both to same address at any postofflce In Kossulh county or any neighboring postofClce named In No. 1, year $2.60 I—Advance alone to all other postofflces year $2.50. t—Advance and Upper <Des Molnes both to same address at all postofflces not excepted In No. 1, year $4.00 subscriptions fo; - papers going to points within the county and out-of-the-county points named under No. 1 above are considered continuing subscriptions to be discontinued only on notice from subscribers or at publlsh- or's discretion. Sub- ecrlptlons going to non- county points not named under No. 1 above will be discontinued without notice one month after expiration of time paid for, If not renewed, hut time for payment will be extended If requested In writing. 1938 — DECEMBER S M T W T F S 123 45078!) 10 11 12 13 14 15 1C 17 18 10 20 21 22 23 21 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Thoughts on the Age Wherein We Live Down at San Antonio, Tex., there is a hotel whose doors open without visible agency as you approach. Unless you are informed you are apt to take it for granted that a bell boy saw you coming and turned a button. But it isn't so; you yourself did it, or your body did, when it came within range. The contrivance which brings this about is popularly known as "The Seeing Eye." Principles of physics and electricity are involved. You can control your garage doors in like manner. Turn on your lights as you enter the driveway, and the doors open. It is astonishing to think that only a lifetime ago ,so many things that are now commonplace were unknown—not even dreamed of.. People still living can recall scores that came into general use in their time. Scarce fifty years ago a north central Iowa mother visited a city and on coming home excitedly told her children about the electric lights that made day cut of night. Her own children saw them later and remember how they sputtered. Kossuth young people may find it hard to believe, but 38 years ago there were only a few telephones in Algona and none at all in the other towns of the county except station phones. Most of the young people cannot remember when there were no paved or graveled roads. The Advance's "Twenty Years After" column lately recalled the laying of the first gravel stretches—a few rods north of the Milwaukee yards and a few rods on east McGregor. Most of the young people cannot remember, either, when there were no radios. No man ever flew in the air till within pres- buys for one's self from lisufahce companies. The Insurance company Is.wund by a contract which It cannot change. '[Tie government, on the contrary, can change Its contract anytime that congress so wills anijl the penslonnalre has to stand for It. What every student of ] tension history and human nature warned woild happen is happening In due course in the government pension business. No pens Onnaire ever enough; he continually demands more. pension schemes are hatcl hordes of actual or wou^d-be support them enthusiastic illy. business corrupts politics the pensionnaires bribe the candidates, and the candidates bribe the pmsionnalres. On the human nature sit e It's the world-old curse which re- iving by the sweat urge to escape the biblica uuires mankind to earn a of the brow. There Is no wiy to do that except by living on others, The leasoning powers of most seekers after pensiois are not capable of reasoning that far, but able. True to history, it is n :he fact is inescap- >w proposed to extend the federal old age pension scheme to 2,600,000 workers. This government agency, the national social security advisory council. But tl cil's idea. The council sjes that something must be done to appease fie pension appetite, and it wants to head off radical action by throwing a crust to the mcb. The council may win oit. No one knows just what the result will b< that there will be a coun;rywide ruckus before the thing is settled. Some senators an<3 some representatives who Inow that their salaries may .suddenly end aft sr the next election unless their records on pension demands are approved will propose radical amendments, and these will not be down And after the battle Is ov< other one just around tlie hands and household dome ficiaries under the present have votes. But the heck of it is in this casa eholders also have vote in case they employing farmers and hou.' votes. And how will they have to put up real cash f(r pensions? Imagine the suffering of a senator or representative dependent on votes as he sweats before this problem! What will bj do? Will he put the public weal first, and dimned be the consequences? Great guns, what a funny Idea! Timely Topics Mr. Eicher, the southeastern Iowa congressman who backed. Wearin, new has his reward, the president having given „. ,. P .. „ ,, , Iowa used-to have a 35 uph motor driving ent lifetimes. Kossuth people not yet 50 years limit> but improvement-in automobiles made it pointment; but there appears to be some question whether he can keep i not confirm. Mr. Gillette can hardly be expected to be cordial, and with Gillette in the presen split. They could prohably .pointment, but consideratio is of nony may prevail. old marveled at the first automobiles brought | ridiculous, and the law w to the county. Almost the whole galaxy of! there is talk of a new limii farm machinery has been introduced since the Civil war. The gasoline engine was new 40 another source come.' years ago. Nobody had an oil-burning furnace. Indeed furnaces of any kind were rare—maybe not one in Kossuth less than a half century inph—a mile a minute. Wiat does the state safety council have to say asout this? And, incidentally, what do you think? The most dangerous thins;, in the long run, The present Kossuth hospital, built by t fl at will 1 face America in c.ise of involvement aO nie 50 pounds onto the most prominent nor>se A. Call ns n r^iaHni *,vma ...tMI i™ J In another great war will net be the chance of „_ ,„ . ~ • x ^_ * L /,. ago. Ambrose A. Call as a palatial home, still has its fireplaces. No Kossuth family had an electric water- fceater till within a few years. No housewife had an electric vacuum cleaner, an electric range, an electric mangle, an electric flatiron, 1: an electric toaster or waffle-iron or percolator or mixer, an electric sewing machine, not even an electric doorbell. Even in our own day many a rural home and some town homes do not have electric lights. Aged grandmothers can remember when candles were the only means of light at night. Maybe some can recall when stoves for heat in winter were new. Isn't it blood-curdling to read that as late as the Civil war there were no anaesthetics? For an operation a patient had to be strapped or held down. Isn't it horrifying to, know that nothing was known of antiseptics? Millions of women died in childbirth because doctors did not know enough to wash their hands or sterilize instruments. Operations then unknown now save hundreds of thousands of lives. People 60 years old can remember many deaths from "inflammation of the bowels." Today a simple operation for appendicitis, if performed in time, prevents "peritonitis. 1 So, likewise, in dentistry. If one had to have a tooth out it was "grin and bear it." The first anaesthetic, developed about Civil war time, was called laughing gas, and the discovery was a countrywide sensation. There were no orthodontists. If one were born with crooked teeth or a receding jaw, one had to go through life that way. Indeed orthodontia for the correction of dental malformation is still so new that you have to define the term when you use it, or many people will not understand you. This editorial could go on for columns, in fact for the whole page, without making more than a beginning on the subject. Any reader having the cue, can add to it. What a wonderful, wonderful age we live in! No Caesar no Napoleon, no absolute king or emperor evei had, or even dreamed of, the thousands boons that we, who would have been as dust under their feet, enjoy today as a matter of course . . . What will It be tomorrow—aa. hundred years hence, 500 years, a thousand years? Ah .would that, like a Connecticut yankee, in re verse, we might know! gets New ed every year, and and peusionnalres The pension government; the proposa/1 of a is Is just the coun- HODGEPODGE Webster—A ste.tr. of tqrlons Ingredients; A mlxtntc. I wish I could Take each small lad And lass, and buy The thingfc they wish. I wish I could See toys through glass, With eyes ashlne and Thoughts enthralled. I wish I could Find, hope anew in Watching that first Touch of some new toy— A train, a-bike, a Bled, A doll, a car, a ball— And see a little Heart unfurled.. I wish I could, But know I can't, But wish, for I would Feel so dog-goned good. •—Oscar Oswald. T H E M 0 VIE S ByT.H, C. ol the eternal love triangle, In this case the* rich and neurotic patient. Once—wlien tho voting and rl3- AfiGIfeltS— Walter Wanger, with his'Custom- ary flair for detail and locale, has | j ng doctor accepts a dinner Invitft- glven us, in Algiers, a picture of, tio n t o the home of the richest g r 1 unusual interest, at the same time,In England, and the wife picksi up a variation of the triangle love .the n«ws»aper and aeea tor hus- plot and a pyschologlcal study of ..band's name linked with that of the effect of a beautiful woman on i the "siren," I expected the_ usual the mind of man. I.American procedure n suchcliie- ' Pepe le Moco (Charles Boyer) is matte cases—domestic fireworks, Lord of the Casbah, mysterious na- .with the wife putting on a three- tive quarter in Algiers, hideout for ringed circus, criminals and scum from all corn-j Instead, it was a relief to note ers of the globe. Pepe is a French-1.the English touch of subtlety, man, and through his veins still manifested 'only In the Irritation of runs the patriotic blood of his na-'the husband at his wife a constant live country; hut he Is satisfied '.reminders that he Is now worship- with his circumscribed life In the ,ping at the Shrine of the Dollar Cabash, where he Was himself Instead of the Noble Ideal. sought refuge from the tolls of the I liked the climactic line—prob- But it is certain ed without a fight. r there will be an- corner, for farm Jtics are not bene- law, yet they, too, TODAY, DECEMBER 15, is a date of Importance to every American. It Is the anniversary of the adoption of the Bill of Rights, as important a document as was ever penned by man, and incorporated into the constitution as amendments. These item's are a direct preventative of dictatorship in this country, If enforced. Walter Winchell, Nazi-hater deluxe, In his Sunday radio talk, gave his two most important: "1. Congress shall make no law respecting, an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press; or the right of people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances." "8. Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishment inflicted." No Other major nation has such paragraphs incorporated in the national scheme of government. In Germany and Italy both are violated daily. The first is violated entirely, with per- lecution of Jews and' Catholics because of re- igion; prohibiting any spoken or written wins n re- law; and he is satisfied with his ably the high spot of the book, native mis'tress (Sigrld Gurie) till j.whlch I have never got around to Hedy Lamarr (Ecstasy Austrian read—when the wife refers to the star)' appears on the serene. Hedy | Citadel as something which one is ailso French, and through her feels when one does an act of veins runs a passionate blood. | kindness and humanltarlsm. We After that the fat Is in the fire .reach the pinnacle not by money, for poor Pepe. The monotonous; hut by good deeds. When one .life in the Casbah pales, and he'etorms the Citadel, one eventually leaves the quarter in! moral victory;, and the search of his new love—'but on'iy, calls, poignantly, that her days of to find the iron hand of the law i happiness, and her husband's, .closing in on him. Se he ends his'were the days when service to hu- unhappy days with a bullet in his manity was their goal. This is a heart as a ship carries Hedy back fine moral lesson without the to sunny France. | curse of thick, soupy morality There is a good deal of hokum'.which we in this country are all about this Algiers. Too many of too apt to include In our cinema the characters are drawn from the efforts. rmges of fiction rather than life. ! Robert Donot portrays the con- yet there is always something in- | vincing and dramatic doctor — a terestlng about an old world "na-!trifle too dramatic, perhaps, while live quarter" with its crooked | Rosalind Russell plays the undor- streets, narrow alleys, and myster- standing and patient wife. And ious passageways. Life can be '• when I say "understanding" that's painted on such a canvass with a just what I mean, because if there rather sweeping stroke without In- j is one single characteristic wh'.ch terfering with the pleasure of the moment. Hedy Lamarr, 'the girl who ap- every doctor's wife should and must have, it is just that. The Citadel is a powerful, stir- thoughts against the Nazi theory; prohibiting [ fling in Hollywood. When they .tried to put clothes on Gypsy and peared nude In the much discuBsed i ring story of the struggle of medi- Ecstasy foreign picture, has a | cine against the forces of organ- beautiful face, an'd she photographs I Ized groups who sit in complacent lusciously; but she reveals little smugness and oppose every for- jharacter in what you can eee. iward step. Maybe she will suffer the same Fate as Gypsy Rose Lee, who is now back in her original role of "stripper" after only a mediocre him an SEC ap- ;—the Senate may Mr. Herring sides state democratic hold up the ap- party har- s repealed. Now A state senator propase 55 mph. suggestion of 60 any assembly except Nazi assemblies. The 'fine" against the Jews is a notable example, ,o say nothing about what goes on in concentration camps, in the way of punishment, of "omething that could not occur here as long, as the bill of rights is maintained. What we in this country must do, and must teach our children to do, is to continually guard against elimination of the constitution by any method, or for any laudable reason, whatsoever. ***** SHIRLEY TEMPLE is to receive four sling shots from admirers as Christmas gifts. Bet Shirley will never be able -to use them as they were intended. THERE WAS A THOROUGHLY disgusted woman on Algona's main street Saturday evening. A shoe lace had become untied and in front of one of the hardware stores she stooped over to tie it. Just at that moment a large dog came along, and thinking the woman wanted to play the dog playfully pouncsd Two Wesley Babies Christened Sunday Wesley, Dec. 13—The infant daughter of Dr. and Mrs. H. II. Raney was baptised Sunday afternoon, St. Joseph's Catholic church and was named Julia Mae Francis. Ann Zittritsch, Algona, sister of m . , . i , ., ,, , Mrs - Raney, and Dr. M. I. Llchter, There .s an unmistakable English Burt were sponsors. Kenneth is touch" about The Citadel, adapt- j the glven narne of tne lnfant son ed from the successful Cronlnnov-1 O f Mr . and Mrs . wilbur Loebig, make her a "lady" something failed to click. Moral: be natural, be yourself. Don't try to be something you ain't. THE CITADEL— el, which has been stirring up the literati for some month's. It seems to be absence of props and settings, superb acting by the entire cast, including the extras, and emphasis on detail. There's a different treatment of the same theme In different countries. Witness the entrance of the "third" party and he was also baptised Sunday with Gordon Loebig and Elizabeth McMurray, the latter a sister of Mrs. Loebig, as sponsors. ROOMS — IF YOU WANT TO find - a suitable room In Algona, make known your wants in this section of the Advance. defeat but what will grow out of the struggle for victory in the way of limitation of liberty. For war demands concentration of authority, and such concentration tends to hang over in peace; and once a people b to dictatorship, it is hard to like vice, "a monster of so f e hated needs but to be see^.;, yet seen too oft, first endure, then icomes accustomed break away. It is> ightful mien, as to As the Pension Act Comes Up for Tinkering Something will be done to the social security act this winter—or next spring, or nex summer, depending on how much of a free-for all fight congress gets into. There must be genuflection of some sort in- response to th pension craze. • It can't be let go by the board because so many senators and representative were elected on pension promises. This shows one of the big differences be tween government pensions a_4 pensions on imiliar with her face, we ity, then embrace." Liquor by the drink in sti ilked in the newspapers of uestion before the legislature this winter, le liquor interests had hetter do some in- msive thinking before they back that one. 1 he W. C. T. U., on the other "hand, ought to et behind and push. Noth evive prohibition sentiment could be devised, owa once had state prohib tlon, and can have t again. Plain Talk, Des Moiues, rnor Kraschel hit the well ead when he told Jim Far thinks that Gov- known nail on the ey the other day at Jhicago that the reason the democrats lost owa on November 8 svas that the voters sim- ly returned to their own party. "Iowa Is 70 er cent republican," he d< e true, but now that the raters have learned iow to switch, the repuh lot to take it for granted. ears at least the only safe G. O. P. path wll be the straight and narrov. Opinions of Let's Mind Our Chrn Business. Rock Rapids Reporter—Che belligerently inclined individual who is c Sam should "slap Hitler's remember that it was aboi.t 20 years ago.tha »ve were bringing our troops home from oray into European troubles, and that the countries of the old world-—with the exceptioi of little Finland, which has he loan we made in 191? and 1918 to hel] .hem carry on—are either !ace" or openly thumbing when we try to collect. Warning for Earl Hampton Chronicle—Earl Miller seems to b< heading for one term as se m the meantime he will hive his tail feathers pulled out so that he will /eseinble a real bob tail. It's lucky for him tint the primary elec tion is not next week, inst ead of last'June, as his name would be familiar to the voters in a at that time. Mllle his annihilation o different way than it was may have ideas that justif the present efficient highway patrol set-up but he will have to apriso the public of tha fact in order to regain the prestige he has los since election day. Can h3 do it? Why Gillette Wns Elected. Manchester Press—Senator Guy M. Gillett manages to nose out Dickinson by less than 3,000 votes—one of the closest races for a ma jor place in Iowa's history turns shows that Gillette must have been vot ed for by many thousands republican nominee for s ture had a majority of 85,000 votes, yet Gil lette worms through with was it that gave Gilletto those republica votes? One thing only—iis vote against th president's court-packing scheme. That on act Of independence of I residential dictatio gave, him six aijor^ years :a the seaate. Jtfot bad te stores has been late and may be a ng more certain to dared. Which may leans will do well For the next few Editors nvinced that Uncle ears down," shoul: and is paying back putting on a "poo their nose at us G. Sillier. iretary of state, and A study of the re- of republicans. Th ecretary.of agricul one of 3,000. Wha on in view. Down went the woman, and the og thought this was to be fun, and pitched in ith fake growls. The woman thought she was eally attacked, and scrambled with the dog or a moment or two, and finally reached her eet. Thoroughly wrought up she aimed a kick t the pooch, which nimbly sidestepped, while he loosed shoe went skittering across tlie •alk. In the race for the shoe the woman by a narrow margin, and used it as a ammer. The dog was convinced- and ran own the street, while the woman put on her hoe in peace, but muttering strange sounds nder her breath. ***** IF MR. MILLER, new secretary of state, bought he had a mandate to change the high- vay patrol he should read any of the weekly newspaper editorial pages for the last week or two. He'd change his mind. Definitely in avor is the highway patrol. RUMOR HAS IT that Wilson will reduce the lumber of state employes, through coopera- :ion with department chiefs, by 25 per cent. If ;ie does, and keeps on, he'll be reelected eas- ly. ***** HE WHO WAITS till the last moment to do his Christmas shopping will find the picking slim. FOR SALE—HAMPSHIRE pigs.—Hugh Raney. WANT TO BUY—<3OOD USED TOY electric train.—Phone 745J. (g) MAiLE J HAVE A NEW WELDER AND 7pl3-14 am prepared to do all kinds of welding reasonable.—C. A. Heard, . 17pl3 •• r - *' - i^r»' :~v;, i, jg *i <»<^tfittte-' jfpr^^^/ am^ W FttE-HOUDAy 1 Arc you minding your budget? \ —then you can't possibly pass up these holiday thrillers. Made to be admired ,., to fit into your plans perfectly, afternoons or evenings. MADE TO SELL FOR MUCH •SMORC THAN Juae in Time f of Chriatmtu VUTO LOANS — REFINANCING, payments. — FOR SALE— 80 ACRES, fair 1m- ' Proveinents, close to Algona, $120 aa aore ' Good terms - Possession March 1, 1939.— C. W. Nicoulln, Al- 19ul3 ' U CHRISTMAS OFFERING! Values at a Price 1930 Chevrolet Coach, in good shape 1935 Ford 2-door, heater and defroster 1935 Pontiac Six De Luxe Sedan, heater and de-1 froster __i._______ ) 1935 Buick Sedan, heater and defroster J 1936 Pontiac Six De Luxe 2-door sedan, heater! and defroster 9 1936 Buick Sedan, heater and defroster _ 1936 Buick'De Luxe 2-door Sedan, heater and ] defroster -•, .___ $549, 1936 Pontiac Eight De Luxe Sedan, radio, heater, and defroster $531, 1937 Olds Eight De Luxe Sedan, 6 wheels, radio, heater, defroster $775, 1937 Olds Six De Luxe Sedan, radio, heater, and defroster $66 SEE THESE CARS BEFORE YOU BUY LIBERAL TERMS AND TRADES BIRUM-OLSON CO. Phone 121 YOUR BUICK DEALER 401 East State Street Algona, I FOR SAUE - DUROC BOARS.- P. M. Christenson, Lone Rock. H OGS MAKE QUICK GAINS when ollotC _ corn is balanced with Sargent imR <SAT v A TTOW r»TTnnr> Mlnral Me at Meal. Contains all es- POB SAljE — A FEW DUROC ential gl . ow j ng elements.— Ander- enui ' Anfler Jereey boare.-Marty Bros , Lu son Oralu & Verne. 10(2)11-13 Co. (13) FOR SALE-JAPANESE HULLESS FOPR SALE-PUREBRED Spotted popcorn. Really pops. -— Merle, f ola » nn ^ Ch ! na rboars ' vaccinated, 9pl2-15 p e * 18 and $ 25 eacn - — Howard William, 4% miles west of junction SEE D.! 1 ^ and 18. 23pl3-14 Wellendorf. FARM SALE LUNCHES. J. Freeh for your sale, 812 E. Elm st. 12pl2-13 ONE-MINUTE WASHER — FOR farm washdays. New One Min- FOR SALE—TWO GOOD HOL- : utes powered by easy starting gas stein cows.—R. P. Leason, four I engine. Ask about easy term nlan miles south, Burt. 12]>13 ,—L. W. Swaneon. (13) FOR SALE -40 BUFF ORPING- HOME LOANS - MONTHLY ^£« c i io , n or stralght term - Title 2 FHA loans low interest rates, no commission. Loans for all purposes.—-Algona Federal Savings & Loan Ass'n. 2 6u8tf INSURE YOUR SEALED CORN WITH I. S. BOHAXKON, Df HUTCHISON BLDG. 9(g)13 FOR SALE— PURE BRED POL- and China boars vaccinated, % mile E.- and 3 north of Hutchins. Roy Wiseman. 17-p-lO-lS WONDER WHAT THE youngster who Is as- .ured by Santa Glaus thinks on Christmas morning when he finds not what he ordered, but what his parents thought was good for him. Wonder what the youngster who comes from the poor home thinks of Santa when the Saint forgets him "entirely. A disappointei child's face at Christmas time is a terrible thing. Gladly would people help make any child happy if they only knew. * * * • * MAGAZINE SALESMEN were making tho rounds the first of the week offering "free" magazines—all you had to do was pay 10 cents a week. They still think there's a sucker born per minute, and sometimes they're right. The same thing hold true for that fellow who gives FOR SALE—OANARIES, WHITE, ington pullets, 60c Charlie Egel, Irvlngton. FOR RENT—GOOD MODERN 6- room house. Close in; $25 per month.—C. W. Nicoulin. 13ul3 STEAM - HEATED, FURNISHED apartment for rent. Available December 19.—Bjustrom's, 10ul3 FOR SALE — BLACK POLAND China boars.—Wm. Maaedam, 4 miles northwest Lu Verne. 12pll-13 FOUND— STRAY PIGS. OWNER can have by paying for care of pigs and this ad.—Oscar Egesdahl, Algona. Route 1. 19(2)12-U 1937 CHEVROLET TRUCK, long wheel base, good as new. Good tires. Priced $400,— Dale Craven, WANTED-^-MAN TO GO INTO AN established, profitable business without investment. No signers required. Car necessary.—Write S F. Baker & Co., Keokuk, Iowa. 25pl3-15 MAN WANTED FOR 800 FAMILY Rawleigh route in East Emmet and Northwest Kossuth counties Permanent if you're a hustler — U l R awlelgh'a, Dept. IAL-10. Freeport. 111. _ B'OR SALE, BARGAINS-40-ACRE farm, |40 acre; 240 well improved farm, ?75 acre; modern dwelling, with acreage, at bargain. All near Swea City, No trades— C F Berggren, Swea City. 30(2)12-13 Poland China boars; the good rugged, easy-feeding kind. Good bunch to pick from. Cholera 1m- Titonka. 16ul3 you a cheap job of out-of-town printing or anything else. There's a hook somewhere, and the buyer is on the hook. ***** IF YOU HATE a wise crack, a suitable- poem, or whatnot, send it in. You need not sign your real name. But contributions must be short. They must not deal with personalities, and must not be used to get even wi^n somebody. They must appeal to a wide group nf people. If sent in, and not used, they would fall in, the above "no-soap" class Ideations. ' ***** WHAT A BELIEF It is jtpt having radios Saturday afternoons $1arinf forth to exciting tones that Whoosis is in the cjear 904 lojrt § yard for dear old Alma '.'wttSF?" ' ' yellow, and green. Hartz Mountain Rollers.—Mrs. Joe Meurer, Whittemore. 14pl3-14 TWO SPOTTED POLAND CHINA boars, vaccinated, price $25 each. —Wm. Nelson, 3 iniles northeast Lone Rock. 16pl3 FOR FURNACE OILS AND DIS- tillates call Albert Grooters, phone 226, or Skelly Station, 805. Prompt service. 15pl«-14 FOR SALE—PUREBRED HAMP- shire fall and eprlng boars. A large group to chooee from.—Joseph A, Skow, Wesley. 17Xeow)3-15 Studer, Wesley. , see them -t once. Ben 32 (2) 10-13 FOR SALE - CHESTER WHITE spring boars and two Oxford rams, price $20 and ?25.— S. A. 2£ a ?S I -*_ / °.? 1> '» wort* intersec- three quarters 27ul3 west. i miles ls FABM STEAB ALGONA ? M ' 136 acr <«- 2 Algona, 90 acres tillable. Balance good blue grass pasture. Nice improvements recently repaired and painted. Adapted for ivestock or dairy farm. ..COME TO TOYTOWN Q. T. Drinking and Wetting Dolls .. ___^__________ 25c,49c,l Dolls of all kinds lOc to $U Teddy Bears, Pandas, etc. _10c to$lj Toy Dishes _ _ _ lOc, 25c, 49c, f Toy Telephones 25cto Games of all kinds _ 10c to! Comb and Bru.h Sets _ , 25c to! Manicure Sets __________-10ctof Large Selection of Tree Ornamei Tree light sets .,„ ___29cto Big Selection 1 of Christmas Cards Chri.tma. 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