Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 15, 1938 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1938
Page 5
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16, 1938. COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA. IdWA C O rN /\ [Mat. 2 p. M. daily. "Pins Your an [Education SATUR. SPECIAL, DEC. 17 Matinees 1, 3, 5. Cattle Rustling by Radio, Airplane, Past Trucks Father and son fighting on opposite sides...(or a woman...for honor.., country! ^LOCALS PAGEFIV8 llandiill, butcher at the | llobert Kcmdt, Chicago, grocery, spent'the week- Wednesday noon for home, left after . having attended the funeral of his Algona as alien as he did during'it Is now 21 years since he left this the years when he was supervisor. Mr. and --Mrs. Funnemark, who farm north of Wesley, have a son col- county. He was brought up In Lotts Creek township, as was also his wife, who was Anna Wetzel and once clerked at the Long Food Shop. Mr. Heller was a and a daughter In St. Olaf's lege, Northfleld, Minn. They still deeply mourn the daughter whoLwmi C. Dau at Monday's took sick and died suddenly a club meeting. few years ago just after she had begun teaching at Wesley. guest of I Rotary Floyd Taylor, one of the superintendents In a large steel plant at naving attended tne funeral of his llp nnit «„,. w n ._ ., _ , "'«=«««=»•.» "* a, mi B e nieei ymui, »L uncle, J. T Chrischllles Mondav i, ?, ?, . ' Andrews S ot Birmingham, Ala., left Tuesday Mrs. Harry Nellander Spring Vd- 1 hom ?. i r rlda3 ; £?? VTV 1 Ka »-, evening, after a week here, visiting ' sas Harry Neilander, Spring Val! ley, Minn., accompanied him to and Kenneth are sons of Mrs. Godfredson, and each operates a vari- . i , , , sas City and Klrksvlllei Mo. Mrs. old friends, and looking after the son. She Is a sis'ter-lnrlaw of Mrs. J. T. Chrlschilles and was here for the funeral. end at Mason City with friends. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Samp, Lake Mills, and Kenneth Samp, Maple- ten, Minn., were Sunday guests of •me Andrew Godfredsons. T.palta ^.»»^»/sw L\JI «, vinn. wn.n H. sirniin-trt- - , ., . , , . a and living at'and Floyd's sister Nellie. He stayed i also visited a sis- ] at the Algona hotel. Mr. Taylor ,ter, Elizabeth Swanson, teaonsr in |grew up in Algona some 40 years] 'the Kansas City schools. Doctor ago, and he was graduated from 1 int after his wife a; the Algona high school In 1900. His ago Sunday and remained .for parents were pioneer citizens ofj heart disease H t~hY«fTTn'miTnn* fvl'm,rt="'i 1 o^" I a,V'% """mJ" 0 ,,,, , - a fcw days ' vlslti The noted osteo- Algona. His brother Guy still lives, Lucas. M?s Se McNuU h aTi eh T f %*"*£ J?" nd %,J± Mi ^ £** "l!L 0 l..*™? Z hl £. *"*>?: at Sioux City, where Guy has a Job-i ety store. S. H. MeNiitt, who has been having a difficult time of it in the last or two, is now seriously sick erly; were visiting relatives east ,,,„, „, T --- McNu U and her lors are former Algonlana. Mr. tor was graduated is ,Uin' f 8 ' J r, n(i0 Fol 'S U80n ' al '° Mlllkler b egan work in a clothing KirklviUe taking care ot him. .store at Waverly Monday.. Mrs.! Sir. mid .Mrs. L. P. Stillman and Minkler was a clerk in the ready- -located- at Along SUNDAY-MONDAY, DECEMBER 18-19 Vlhis cvcsy lionbto carries a rix- :Iica;::...and every senorita u We are proud to offer [this great pair of hits on one I program. TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 20-21 Continuous Shows Daily from 1 O'clock Mr of "f the G. W. Stiliinans here.' The I'. P. Stillmans are parents of James and G. W., and James is in the insurance business. Mrs. Sniiiiicl Batenmn, daughter .Chubb. uiive, with Mr. and Mrs. L W Bateman, daughters Patty ' and •Belva, all of Webster City, were Sunday guests of the A. A. Sterlings. Mrs. Sterling and L. W. are also children of the elder Mrs. Bateman. The Key. and Mrs. P. c. Volzke «ni Air i, r m *' R> Calif., are printing shop. F. M. Taylor was ,for many years a local justice ofj Kdgiir C. (Gig) Finnell, who had|the peace, and Nellie was a well] for a few months been serving as I known courthouse employe, manager of the local reemployment | Mr. and Mrs. Earl Peterson, of „ T ,, .office, has given up the work,|Spirit Lake, were Sunday guests! H. Lacy, Core-i having-been recalled to his job in; here at the Leo Spilles home. The! „ i, f «, i. i.j expect , ed next'the sales end of the General Elec-i Petersons are former Algonians,! week for the holidays with Mrs. trie company. Formerly he was j and Mr. Peterson now owns a parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. located at Bridgeport, Conn., but: hardware store at Spirit Lake. 1 T wi nu £ a ' Cy J 8 , th \ forme i' now he w111 be at Qutocy, HI. He! Earl was one of the few lowans Josephine Chubb, and her husband does not go to Quincy till January' ever to resign county office. He is an aviator In the U. S. naval air 1, and he will be accompanied by,was county auditor, and a good service. Mr. and Mrs. Lacy were his wife, the former Eleanor Lam- one, and his wife, Mabel Jacobson, not certain whether they would uth. "Gig" is the younger son of was employed In the office. Earl's make the trip here by plane. I M. Finnell, of the Advance shop. : father, who later moved to Call- Mrs. George L. Free will leave j Mr. und Mrs. C. T. Heller, West- |fornia and died there, once owned tomorrow '(Friday) to spend the gate, came Monday to see the lat-, w hat Is now the Howard Hard- and Mrs Alvis Hiii'rnnith«it wlnter with her daughter, Mrs. R. iter's sister-in-law, Mrs. William ware, and Earl for some years was I. , , "ivio JAUI IUU1V lllti jai- T. riltvi/invi •ur nr .l4>t n l r 1 XT r iur..~ Wot?ol wllr* la i.nnmrni.tn tr Pfnm n'-— ~1 3 i- it,- ~i TT_ 1 i tor s daughter, Mrs. Frank Loomis, Ilumboldt, to Roches day to go through the Mayo clinic. Mrs. Loomis is the former Eunice Bowman, and her husband is a carpenter. Lorraine Tierncy is expected home today (Thursday) from Baltimore, where she has visited Alice L. Duncan, Westfield, N. J. Mrs. '.Wetzel, who is recovering from a'employed in the store. He has been Free has of late been rooming at .gallstones operation performed a a t Spirit Lake ever since he left Mon- Mrs Hortense Ferguson's. She re- few days ago at the General hos- here. His mother and other rel- cently sold her home here. 'Mrs. j.pital. Mr. Heller is a grocer, and atives live in California. Duncan is the only daughter, and • her husband is a school coach. Mrs. Free plans to return In the spring. Mr. and Mrs. John S. McNown; Colwell Live Stock Auction ALGONA. JUNCTION 169 AND 18, % MILE NORTH OF TOWN TUESDAY, DECEMBER 20,1938 SALE -EVERY TUESDAY We ore very much pleased with the way this sale Is starting off, attributing most of the success to the consignors and buyers. We ore acting merely as your agents or go-betweens. At our last sale the pavilion was jammed with people, barn all filled, also yards, with live stock. We're still building more room, putting In mangers for hay, and will have water ready for next sale. Bring in your live stock where you do not have only one buyer appraise their value, but competitive bidding of all the leading stock buyers, farmers, and speculators of Kossuth and nearby counties. St. Paul buyer here last sale, buying. Sell by weight, government tested scales, or by the head, owner's option. Do not hesitate to bring your fat cattle or market hogs, as well as other stock. We will get yon a good market for same. Test us out on this. Reasonable charges are made by the head. Last sale $8,000. Yours for a bigger and better sale next time. H. M. COLWELL, Mgr. IOWA STATE BANK, Clerk. COLWELL BROS., Aucts. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1 P. M. KOSSUTH CO. D0(f SHOW AND PARADE 50 GRAND PRIZES tgona Chamber of Commerce Co-operating with the fell Theater. Prizes for best all around dog from fery town in Kossuth county; also prizes for largest, smallest, longesti shortest, also trick dogs. Minneapolis, will be over Saturday Behlmer since October 8 Miss ni S ht guests of Mr. McNown's aunt, Behlmer, daughter of Mr. and Mr« ' Mrs - G «»'ge St. John, and his Fred Behlmer here, teaches phya- grandmother, Mrs. Clara Klahr. leal training In five schools in Mr - McNowi i teaches mathematics Maryland. in tne engineering school of the Mill-lone, daughter of Mr. and Minnesota state university. He and, •Mrs. L. W. Gillespie, was at Burt hls ?y 1£e wil1 6° from here to Con- , Saturday, attending a birthday par- F ol ; d j a and Florence, Kans., for the ty for her cousin Larry, son of Mr. , nolid ays with their respective par- and Mrs. George Manus, who was ents- a year old. Mr. Manus is manager Banker N. L. Cotton, Lone Rock, of a K. & H. oil station there, and was in town Monday, accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Manus brought Mar- toy Harlan Gaard, who is in the lene home Sunday. farm Implement business at Fenton Iln Mac, daughter of Mr. and with Albert Mitchell. Mr. Gaard, Mrs. D. L. Leffert, and Meredith, 'Who Is a graduate of the consoli- daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. P. dated school at Cylinder, where his Richardson, will come home next Parents live, attended an auction- Tuesday to spend the holidays with .eering school at Austin, Minn., this theri parents. Ila is a senior, Mer- 'fall and at present is assistant edith a freshman, at the State coir auctioneer at the new Colwell sales lege, Ames. Mrs. Richardson will pavilion, just north of Algona. | go after the girls. John Bishop, student at the state Richard Keen, freshman at Coe university, Iowa City, will come- college, well-known for his tenor home Saturday to spend the boll- voice, will take part in The Mes- days with his parents, C. & N. W. slab. Sunday at St. 'Paul's Metho- Agent and Mrs. A. A. Bishop. Ruth dist church, Cedar Rapids, whera 'Bishop, daughter who teaches in he sings in the choir every Sunday. ° n e of the university schools, and His parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Maude McBroom, sister of Mrs.! Keen, expect him home sometime Bishop, will come Sunday to spend j next week for the holiday season. Christmas with the Bishops. -Miss! The Sorensen grocery., noted for McBroom is principal of the ele-' clever window displays] ha's'anoth- mentary school at. the university, er pretty one this year. Santa ' Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Hortsman, of Clans and his reindeer (but on u Iowa Falls, with two daughters, fast-moving electric train!) can be Mr. and Mrs. F; L. Hortsman, ofj seen going around the world (a Rockwell City, and Mrs. W. C. j globe in the center of the tfack), .Clark, Hubbard, were Sunday and piles of "snow" surround thei guests of the E.-R. DeLanos. The. expedition and make it seem real- Messrs. Hortsman are brothers of iMrs. DeLano, and they are both Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Amfahr, with plumbers. Mrs. Clark is their their children, accompanied by mother. Mr. DeLano is employed Mrs. Z A. Clue, Goldfield, spent here with the DX oil company. the week-end at Jesup, visiting rel- Mrs. Herschel Thompson got atives: the Joseph Schulers, the home Sunday from Ankeny, where Leonard Kurtzes, and the Frank she had been ten days, caring for j Schulers The Mesdames Schuler her mother, Mrs. Anna Allen, who are sisters of Mr. Amfahr. Mr. Am-, has been sick. Mrs. Thompson will fahr is a local Fuller brush sales- return to Ankeny next Tuesday and bring her mother here. The ry and Isabel Thompson son Edourd will also Greenberg, students at Iowa City, come home that day from Ames, will be home tomorrow (Friday) where he is a junior at the State for the holidays with their parents, college. Mr. Thompson is in Pio- W. C. Dewel and Mr. and Mrs. Joe neer Hibred Seed Corn Co. employ Greenberg respectively. Fred Kent, here. student at the Kemper Military Olaf Funnemark and his young- school, Boonesville, Mo, will also er sofa, a Wesley, high school boy, arrive and will be met at Mason were Algona visitors yesterday. Mr. Funnemark does not come 'TIS THE WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS AND ALL THROUGH THE STORE Kid Leather OPERA Very dressy , and comfortable. of mi Jfor Wmtn *"»* J$ &&g$$^ c har »"»s tes*ar,> CHIN . EAsr IOWA THE GREAT BARGAIN THEATRE m F ^^^^ Leather sole, leather I in«<l «mp. ...Blaqk,llueorwine, Warm felt IHIGH-LO Always popular. Mad« of 28 ounce warm fell. Padded chrome sol v Gray or bro Here's a lovely open toe slipper with an Oriental atmosphere Black, wine or blue. Comfy platform sole. OPEN TOE D'ORSAY THURS. THRU SATUR. December 15-17 This dainty »'Fausi" *" -"--i to «.th« blue or red. $ATIN P'ORSAY liar we.t of Wichita betton ot hii owngo ft" Big 4- Way Program Second Feature ' SUNDAY AND MONDAY December 18-19 —in— "THE STOBM" Plus Last Chapter DICK TRACY SERIAL and No, 1 Chapter New Serial «HAWK WILDERNESS" "TPESDAY, WEBNES., THURSDAY, DEC. »4i.99 Daily matinees 2 p. m., prices 10-26c. We dare you to see the 2 Aorroj pictures on one WU. 2 Grand Features gecond Feature JACKIE COOPER ROUT. WARWICK —in— "GANGSTER'S BOY" Story of a high school athlete ready for West Point appointment with hopes blastr e<l when he is found to be a son of a gangster. l*fe ro. with a PURPOSE WOMEN'S PAJAMAS Lovely satin striped, plain silk and rayon satins and novelty printed crepe. 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