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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, December 15, 1938
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• Consldemblc. fth t*« «r three per. temperatures 0* •*><"" normal. JFUSED USE OF LEDYARD SCHOOL- ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 15 1938 12 Pages 96 Columns Number 13 )EFENDERS' MEET HERE TONIGHT , DEPPING HEAR! HEAR] STORY fill PRI7FS Til ^ I~ : -^^^r^TT- lENRYGURVO IRE SPEAKERS Answer Charges Un-American Activities. {Rev. A. A. Depping, of Ledi in Algona Tuesday mak- •angemente to hold a meet"Def enders of, American 1 la the courthouse tonight o'clock, when. Henry Cur- Lake attorney, and Mr. will speak. : ' organization came Into lience a couple pi weeks ago .. TOS named as an un-Am"anti-racial and anti-religious member of the Dies con- r n'al investigation committee Wlo speech. ; . : | Rev. Mr. Depping called a for last Thursday .it the school to explain the ;es of the organization in , but permission to use the i auditorium was .denied, ichool Board Explains. ay of this week Mr. Dep- jirculated a petition, securing nes of 51 Ledyard taxpay- [sking that the school be us- f a meeting this week Thurs- ight. The Ledyard school Monday, and considered tltion, and also the members I at length with others In The board /.requested (epplng to-furnish a copy cf leeches to be given and al- f furnish some evidence . that slenders" were not engaged |American activities, s Mr. Depping refused or neg- to do, a member of the Isaid yesterday-ln-a -telephone psation, hence the board [refused to permit use of for this Thursday night, i stated over the phone that HEAR! HEAR! STORY FOR MR, RIPLEY'S B'UEV'-IT-OR-NOT In case you arc not wise to the latest in llm technique ol rat-killing, consult IF. T. Sa- liln, near Irviiifrton. Mr. Snbln owns Uio farm where the John ISlerls live, and there's a coriic.riii tlu>ro nndor which rats s.'t up l>oiisok«!piiiK mid maintained a happy home. However. 3Ir. Sabin didn't think i!i« Idea a SIMM! one, so one rtny recently lu> armed himself with a gnn and tried snooting it nnt. But, pshaw, shooting was too slow, so ho invented a Miredior way. Prying up a floor board he usod "a hand to foci around in the dirt below and every time lie cmn« upon a half-burrowed rat seized it by the nape of the neck and with a flick si fingers and hand broke the said neck. ' Believe it or not, Mr, Sn- bln's invention resulted in the emigration of upwards of 50 rats to rat heaven. It is feared that when this fact cets abroad the sale of rat poisons, rat traits, and rat weapons will fall off tremendously. P. S.—This story is the truth, tho whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so- helpus. BASKET QUINT IS BEATEN AT GILMORECITY ird would be glad to permit Locals le of the school building for i pose so long as ordinary ian rights were observed, ,t the action in refusal was way an attempt to censor or with the right of free pping Makes Statement | size of the "Defenders" ort has also been questioned, Play Clarion H. S. Team Friday Night, There. The high school basketeers suffered their third defeat of the season at the hands of Gilmore City, 60 PRIZES TO BE GIVEN FOR KOSSUTH DOGS Annual Parade Dated Here Next Week Wednesday. More than GO prizes with an average cost of more than $1 each will be awarded to dog owners in the Chamber of Commerce and Call theater annual dog show here next Wednesday morning at 11 o'clock. A parade of all dogs entered In the showing will be had at 11 a. m., beginning at the Call theater building, and going west down State street. The committee in charge has determined that pedigree and I breeding will not make the slightest difference in judging the animals, and the homeliest and moat ugly looking pup in the outfit stands just as good a chance of getting a prize as the one with the longest title and blue blood. In fact there is a prize for the homeliest dog in the show. There will be prizes for the longest, skinniest, shortest, .fattest, tallest, etc. without regard to kind. There will be a prize for the owner of the dog judged the best from each j town in the county, and "best" does not necessarily mean the highest-bred or purebred dog There will also be prizes for the best trained dogs in the show. In other words this a dog show for the youngsters, where they can take the pup they picked out ol the alley and cajoled the family into letting them keep, and be given the consideration the dog should have. And the prizes are out of the ordinary. One of the most unusua is a prize of a fully-dressed turkey. Others include a camera, e fountain pen, electric lamps, sleds skates, boxed-candy, and even brand new dollar bills. There are GO prizes in all. Algona dog owners are warnec to keep their pets at home nex Wednesday morning, or they maj see them at the end of a rope being led by some happy young Committee Fostering Airport Calls Government Inspector _„,„ v**uu WWV1* »J UV»tfMJA4t*Vl; J t contending it consists main- there, Tuesday evening, by a deci- Jir. Depping, Mr. Curvorand slve score, 27-14. The tally was lothere, and that the main 12-4 at the end of the first quarto is the publication of ter; 17-7 at the half; and 18-14 at llets written by Mr. Depping. i the end of the third quarter. 3day Mr. Depping left the The locals showed a spurt of pep Ing .statement with the'Ad- in the third, but lost it immediat- Iwncerning the organization ely, failing to score in the final meeting to be held to- period, while their opponents ran lup nine more points. The loaals 1 a great disappointment have also lost to Emmetsburg and . north Kossuth people Webster City. . * that the meeting planned I This week Friday the locals 50 1st Thursday in the Ledyard'to Clarion for their second confer- auditorium was postponed I ence game. The Junior team, '"the school board refused!made up of students in the sev- ot the schoolhouse for this'enth, eighth, and ninth grades will also compete. Prejudice Chinred. C°a ch Findley used four players UIIAIBVU. Jn center position in the game at •OMB «f ih n .""* . Gilmore City, Lund, Hicks, Schultz, rLihlv he ' De ? nd3ra ^°f and Spear. Ragged playing and m uhp^fv we obflerv . e th a t jjlabil , ty to put the ball throu gh ivosMith lr ° B ? me i? e ° P the loop resulted in the defeat. toK c °Uity who are s £ ay start Prl day at center, to know what these pur-, ^ tho junlo r high squad are the y'Owen Nichols, John Lee Stephen, Neville, Glen Colberg, Edw. George Dutton, Howard and Bill Holdren. More this week. -» • o b t .to be anti- , W61 ' e and pro- , Pastor' , oe it was okay with the pastor and his Ranted to m a ke their de- W clarify the whole matter '^meeting the doprp were ' exists anywhere In this be Geo. H. Free Poem in New Anthology At a recent meeting of the Congregational Aid circle at Mrs. W. P French's, Mrs. Edward Hanson of Petition, It .. been it as one of her late husbands. It was doubtless one of tbe numerous poems by Mr. Free which were first published in the Advance and then traveled the country over in that accuea- other publications. The anthology who sign-id it could regarding the "De- Led- School Holiday Bates. The local public schools will be dismissed for the Christmas Ho>- and eachers full two weeks vaca- hais attacked the pre- administration. He stated that he had received 1000 circulars from Eng- similar number from youngster showing a dog will be given a free ticket to the Wednes day afternoon matinee at which oni of the special features for the day will be "Four Smart Dogs." LAWYERS TO HOLD MID-WINTER MEET The annual mid-winter meeting and banquet of the judges anc lawyers in the 14th judicial distric will be held at the Hotel Kermore Emmetsburg, Saturday evening Plates will be $1.25. Judge Garfield, Ames, Alden Av ery, Spencer lawyer, and R. J* Harrington, of Lowe & Harrington Algona, will be speakers. Mrs. Hil bert Hantelman, Fenton, accom pauied by Mrs. R. W. Newel, als Fenton, at the piano, will presen a group of violin solos. Mrs. Virginia Bedell, Spirit Lake whose husband is a former Irving Ionian, is retiring president of th district bar association. Officer will be named at the Emmetsbur, meeting. An attendance of som 100 lawyers and their wives from Humbo'ldt Emmet, Pocahontaf Palo Alto, Buena Vista, Clay, Dick inson, and Kossuth counties is ex pected. L. E. Linrian is a member of th committee in charge of plans fo the meeting. ^ < Temperature Drops to Season's Lowes The low temperature of the sea son was recorded Friday mornin when the mercury sank to only 1 above. Temperatures in the day time have mostly been above freez ing. Only three inches of snov have fallen all month, amountin to only .35 inch rainfall. The rec ord for the week follows: December 7 45 December 8 37 December 9 29 December 10 39 December 11 35 December 12 28 December 13 <t2 Car is Wrecked in Skid Into a Ditch George L. Miller, local bullde and contractor, had his Pontia* car badly damaged Saturday morn ing, when he slid }nto the ditch a be was going around, a corner i Plum Creek. The top and radiato were bent, and the front whee was broken. A Mr. Bataes, plas terer, was with Mr. Miller, bu neither man was hurt. They wer on their w tejfe flow ler farm build a n. _ „, .. feow* W $»*£**! m* SEEK APPROVED EIELD BEFORE GOING AHEAD Air Mail Possibility to Be Next Step on Program. M. H. Falkenhainer was named hairman of the Chamber of Commerce committee to Investigate and dvise the board of directors com- erning the establishment of the iroposed airport. Selected to act vith him Tuesday were L. E. Linian, L. M. Merritt, George Miller \nd W. F. Steele. A wire was sent to Washington D. C., to the Civil Aeronautics Authority, asking that an airport nspector be sent to Algona to go iver several proposed sites, and give technical advice regarding the [election of a field. Committee Cautious. The Chamber and the committee are taking pains to make no commitments regarding the airport ill after other details have been tvorked out. The aid of the airport Inspector was specifically, sought to insure that the port, if adopted, would meet with the rer quirements of the Civil Aeronau- .ics Authority. When this hurdle has been met, :he postal department will be contacted for a guarantee of air mail service in an'd out of Algona if .he airport is acceptable to the Authority. Two Steps Essential When this has been secured the iommittee and the Chamber will approach the air lines for ships. If the CAA routes planes through Alona, and the postal authorities designate this as an air mail stop, the air lines will have to comply, and no difficulties are expected on this score if the other two steps are accomplished. Iowa has no , good airport at ;he present time, according to William Obele, South Dakota army flyer expert, who spoke here last NEWS STAND SALE OF AL6QNA PAPERS OVER 100 WEEKLY Algona newspapers have developed a real news stand sale at the Smoke Shop in the last two years, selling on an average 100 papers n week Lawrence Gillesple, who operates the news stand, began by getting 10 papers, and now is gelling 50 and jnoro each week of each paper. The Tuesday paper seems to be the best seller year In and year out, usually running from five to 10 papers a week more than the Thursday paper. This means that 100 families are thus added to the subscription lists of (he papers despite the already large lists of papers eroing to subscribers by mall. Mr. Gillespie's news stand, started in a modest way 20 years ago, lias been built into the •best In northern lown, and handles magazines from the popular five-cent sellers all the way to the $2.50 per issue Verve, and it Is a rare magazine he does not have in stock. The Advance will be the Tuesday paper in 1939. DECEMBER GAR SALES SOUND LIKE YEAR AGO Forty - Five are Sold in County Before " Mid-Month. Twenty-four new automobiles were sold in the past week, to bring the total for December to date to 45, which begins to sound Friday at a Chamber of Com- j like a year ago. December now merce general meeting. The whole L romlses to be the „, t month northern part of the state does notj of 1938 in aut0 mobile sales. 'MESSIAH' AT AUDITORIUM NEXT SUNDAY Masterpiece Will Be Presented at the H. S. Bldg. •Handel's Messiah, masterpiece of all music in the Christmas style, will be sung again this year in Algona, with more than 100 singers and musicians in the cast. The] program will be given in the high school auditorium at 3:30 Sunday afternoon. No admission will be charged but free will contributions will be accepted to make up a fund to cover considerable expense. The cast consists of people from all over the county, which is true also of the orchestra, which will be used to accompany the singers this year instead of an organ. Some of the cast have been driving for practice from almost the county line. • H. R. Rasmusson, high school band and orchestra director, is directing the event, and accompan- sts for soloists will be Mrs. Sylia Gunn. Program In Detail. The program will include such Jrilliant select-ion as the great solos Comfort Ye My People, and Lo, the Angel of the Lord Came Unto Them, also the magnificent choruses, For Unto Us a Child is Born and the Hallelujah. The compete program follows: Overture. Recitative—Comfort Ye My People, Stanley Nordstrom, Le Sueur, Minn. - Air—JEvery Valley Shall be Exalted, Mr. Nordstrom. Glory of the CAMPAIGN EXPENSE STATEMENTS FILED The county democratic central committee spent a total of $777.46 In the November campaign in Kossuth county, according to a sworn statement filed with the county auditor. The democrats showed only $527.50 receipts, however. The report was filed by M. H. McEnroe, county chairman. The republican committee filed a report showing a total of $410.78 spent and $427.02 received. R. J. Harrington is county chairman. A completed list of the individual candidate expenditures during the campaign follows: Mrs. E. J. McEvoy, $87.40; Casey Loss, $51.35; W. S. Cosgrove $36.63; F. J. Balgeman, $18; J, Ji Dooley, $69.10; Carlyle M. Becker, $40.83; Julius W. Bollig, $24.33; A. R. Cru'ikshank, $29.70; H, B. White, $33; Dr. R. A. Evans SI: Edwin C. Hovey, $16.28; W. 4 Schram, $18; M. J. Duffy, $77.25; L. M. Merritt, $.00; Fred S. Geigel $102.65; J. H. Fraser, $26.63; F L. Thorpe, $53.71; Auditor E. S Kinsey, $12.70; W. E. McDonald $29.51; L. A. Winkel, $147.98; and Charles Morris, $41.84. Ihorug — And the Lord. Recitative—Thus Saith The Lord, Elmer Martens, St. Peter, Minn, ihorus—O Thou That Tellest Good Tidings to Zion. Recitative — For Behold Darkness Shall Cover the Earth, Mr. Martens. Air—The People That Walked in Darkness, Mr.- Martens. horus —.For Unto Us a Child is R/\i\n have an airport worthy of the The county treasurer's office reported Wednesday that 1045 lie- name, and constitutes a "blind spot" for pilots. The fields at enseg for 1939 had b t d Des Moines and Iowa City are not| but fewe r than a "hundred 1939 adequate, though the Des Moines truck licenses . p ena iti es do Held will be increased in the near future. Field Most Important A good airport, one that interests air line pilots, consists' 99 percent of the field. It must have runways a mile long in all prevailing wind directions so heavily loaded planes can come down and get up in the air again with safety. Pilots an'd the air lines generally care nothing about the buildings at the field. The size of the community is not important, either, for the planes will attract suitable business in even sparsely set- drought striken Dakota being in almost the tied and areas. Algona, north central part of the state, approximately midway between Des Moines and the Twin Cities, and between Omaha and the Twin Cities, is a logical landing stop -for planes to give air mail service.to this section of the state. Would Increase Population. If air mail service is installed here the government will send a group of trained radio operators and technicians to keep a radio beac'on in service. • Also to be stationed here would be a government weather station, government air beacons and attendant. An airport adds at least a dozen families, to a town when it begins operation, ahd a large field, such as the one contemplated here, would attract commercial interests such as concessionaires, piloting schools, airplane sales organizations, and perhaps even a plane assembling plant. Air IJnes do not own airports, but pay sizeable hangar and landing fees. Income from private planes, from, air schools, and concessions soon repay the original cost of the field, and bring dividends yearly on ifarge well-managed ports. Mr. Obele spoke at Rotary Monday, stressing bis belief that Algona was sitting, in an advantageous spot geographically to go after air mail by establishing an airport The Chamber of Commerce and the committee is preceding carer 8W$ flr$ ajy )tnea stopping, not apply till February 1, but autoists are urged to avoid a last minute rush. The new automobile list follows: Fords — Guy Barton, Buffalo Center; William W. Boettcher, A. G. Volentine, Burt; H. A. Lee, Corwith; Conrad Schmidt, Titonka; Dr. R. L. Corbin, Lu Verne. Chevrolets — Joe E. Traub, West Bend; P. C. Geilenfeldt, Lakota; Charles Stuflick, Lu Verne; H, O, Larson, Buffalo Center; William. Ward, Earl Angle, Wesley; A. J. Krause, Fenton. Plymouths — Zelba Brown, Henry Bros., Don E, Boevers, L. E. Stephens, all Algona; Mrs. J. R. 3chutjer, Titc-nka; Louis Wittenburg, Lu Verne. H. R. Zumach, Whittemore, bought a Dodge; Nick Thilges, of Whittemore, an Oldsmobile; E. A. Wedell, Algona, a Nash; Pioneer Hi-Bred Corn Co., Algona, Dodge; ' Geo. L. Miller,' Algona, M. C. truck; R. L. Krantz, Titonka, and Bancroft Implement tional trucks. Co., Interna- F. L, Thorpe Named New Masonic Chief Prudence lodge of elected officers at the an Masons annual meeting last week Thursday evening. F. L. Thorpe was elected worshipful master; Wallace McDougall, senior warden; Paul Wille, junior warden; D. L. Leffert, reelected secretary; D. D,, Clapsaddle, treasurer. B. B. Norton was made a member of the temple board for two years, and George E. Johnson, former worshipful master, for a three-year term. D. D. Monlux is retiring worshipful master. -*• Three From County ,To G, Q, P, Banquet County Chairman R. J. Harrington, H, B. White, and A. J. Bereus, the latter of Bancroft, were the only Kossuth politicians to'attend tbe »t;ate republican dinner at Des COONCIL WILL CONSIDER CITY HALLPROJECT Sites Near the Plant to Have Edge in Selection. Proposals for a new city hall will be discussed at the regular meeting of the city council to- light, it was Indicated Friday vhen four councilmen and Mayor Specht attended an open meeting of the Chamber of Commerce at vhich the project was discussed at ength. The Kiwanis and Rotary clubs recently filed resolutions of ap-. proval of a new city hall with the council, and the Chamber of Com- • merce was expected to file such a resolution, passed Friday night, with the council today. Site Causes Discussion. Much of the discussion concerning the proposal deals with the site. When originally conceived as a fitting memorial to the late- Jos. W. Kelly, the old Call theater site was. the only one consii- GIIMORE CITY WRESTLERS TO GOME TUESDAY Mat Fans See Chance for a Contest on Equal Terms. The high school wrestling team will meet Gilmore City on the lo cal mat next Tuesday at the high school gymnasium. This promis es to be one of the best matches. of the season, for the two teams are fairly even with the main strength of both In the lighter weights. Gilmore City won fourth in an invitational meet at Eagle Grove, Born. Offertory and Prayer. Offertory, Prayer—The Rev. F. C. Volzke. Pastoral Symphony. Recitative—There were Shepherds Abiding In the Field, Mrs. M. A. Sjostrand. v Recitative—And Lo, the Angel of the Lord Came Unto Them, Mrs. Sjostrand. Recitative—And the Angel Said Unto Them, Mrs. Sjostrand. Chorus—Glory to God. Air—He Shall Feed His Flock Like a Shepherd, Mrs. Opal Bourne. Air—Come Unto Him, Mrs. W. W. Sullivan. Chorus—Behold the Lamb of God. Air—JHe Was Bespied, Mrs. A. E. Michel. Nordstrom Again. Recitative—He Was Cut Off of the the Living, Mr. Nord- , and Algona was cply a point or two behind. But the visitors have a veteran team, since only a few of last ye a r 's team were graduated Land of strom. Chorus—Lift Up Your Heads, ~ O Ye Gates. Air— Why do the Nations so furiously Rage?, Mr. Martens. Recitative—He That Dwelleth in Heaven, Mr. Nordstrom, Air—Thou Shalt Break Them. Mr. Nordstrom. Chorus—Hallelujah. Air—I Know That My Redeemer Liveth, Erna Baars, Burt. Chorus—Worthy is the Lamb. Indians are After Silyer Gray Scalp The Silyer Gray bowling team led the league by only one game this week, as the Titonka team is only a game behind. The standings up to yesterday follow: Silver Gray 24 Titonka — 23 Botsford , 22 Farmers 18 Nipk's ______ — ____ ___: ___ 18 Wesley ------- , --------- 18 J. C. C. ---------------- 16 Courthouse ------------ 14 Burt ----------------- ' 11 Verne --------------- 8 9 10 11 15 16 18 21 a new (Bud) Anderson is- member of the Algona squad, weighing in 145. Exhibition matches will take place before the regulars start the bouts. Highlight of the evening will be the match between Landmesser, Gilmore City, and Jerome Neilsen, Algona. The visitor won all-state ranking last season. Neilsen won a decision in the match with Mason. City Friday evening. These boys are in the 115-lb. class. Landmesser weighed only. 105 pounds last season. . The matches will be the last school event till after the Christmas and. New Year holidays. Algonians on the team are: Orville Bakken, Don McCorkle, Altwegg, Nielsen, Deal, Geilenfeld, Holdren, Samp, Ehrhardt, Anderson, and Conklin. Five Pewits to Wed, marriage licenses 25 haye. Two New Teachers To Be Named Soon Names of two new Algona teachers will not be released till sometime next week, according to Supt. 0. B. Lalng. One will take the place of Barbara Moyle, commercial teacher, who will be married to David Phillips. Mr. Phillips is now teaching at Council Bluffs, having resigned from the Algona faculty some months ago. Both are from Grinnell. The second new teacher will replace Dora Carson, who resigned to teach at Elmhurst, 111. Her place has been filled of late by Mrs. Wm. F. Steele. Miss Carson was principal of the Bryant building and taught the fifth and sixth grades. Kathryn Carlson is temporary principal for the rest of the school year. - * Holiday Schedule for Papers Made The f9llowing schedule for publication of the two Algona papers has been adopted. Both papers will be issued next week at the usual times.. The week between Christ- Since that time suggestions have been made to include tho present Dehnert hotel, the Wadsworth lots across the street north from the Advance, the Legion hall lots, and the two lots adjacent to the Pratt electric store on east State.. •It is believed that the decision will lay between the Call theater, Dehnert and Wadsworth sites because they are close to the electric light .plant, and the city officials,' particularly the superintendent should be within a short distance of the plant. Would Clear Fire Ruins. No opposition'has yet been voiced to erection of a new city hall,' most of the discussion centering around the site proposals. Many favor the Call theater location as a way to clean up the ruins of the fire a couple of years ago, but others say this location would be valuable for a retail business and should not be occupied by a city, project. ' The cost of the Dehnert hotel might be prohibitive, it has been stated, and the same is true of the Wadsworth location. However if the hotel or the Wadsworth home could be moved to a new 1 site, leaving only the lots, the cost might then be within limits and these sites be more attractive. Present Quarters Crowded. The present city hall is ba'dly crowded. Proposals for increasing the fire department, and employing a full time fireman have had to be postponed till quarters- could be secured. Future plant expansion will have to include the present city hall location. Cost of tho hall will depend upon the location and the type of building erected. Plans have not yet been formulated, and till a complete set of plans and specifications have been . drawn little can be told about design. The project would have to be submitted to a vote and would have to be favored by 60 percent of the voters. LIQUOR STORE SALES ARE UPJNNOVEMBER October sales in Algona's stata liquor store were $6,859. Business was better in November, totaling $7,254. The Bancroft store had sales of $4,357 in October and $5,104 in November. ' The Livermore store sold $4,158 worth in October and $4,494 worth in November. The West Bend store's sales in October were $2,287, and in November $2,473. Emmetsburg's October salea were $7,292, and the November sales amounted to $8,729. Forest City October sales totaled $2,706; Nov ember, $3,507; Esthorville, $6,024 and $6,714 respectively; Britt, $3,733 and $4,046. ' Two Des Moines stores sold $52,in in issued in the last week: Selmer Koaulng, Myrtle Bjerke, Friday night ha,t all fe«t« applicants ha4 to Richard D, <?touj;h, of Mankato; fermgp 811 and $31,125 respectively November. Total state sales „ October exceeded $986,000, and in November jumped over a million. Of 650 Cook Books Qnlyj20jire Left The Methodist W, H.. M. S. has bad extraordinary success in sale of the new cookbooks. Mrs. S; W.' Meyer, who had charge of the yen- ture, reported Monday th^J of J5Q" copies printefl by the Advance she had only. 20 left. Aflvertti§|! more than covered the " sale of the books at was clear profit. . mas and New Year's the Upper Des Moines will be issued ' on Wednesday, ' Advance

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